Top Inspirational 100 Car Wash Slogans And Quotes


I have compiled an amazing list of my favorite top inspirational 100 car wash slogans and quotes for you to use. Many of these are the best 3-word-slogans I have ever seen. Let us know what you think of my most inspiring ones, or if you have heard something better drop me a line in the comments below!


 100 Car Wash Slogans And Quotes

The Car Wash with The Instant Shine!


The carwash with the drive-through!


We are wash wizards.


We keep you clean, dry & protected.


Just like your first kiss.


Water or money, you decide.


Your car wash should have all the power of our service.


It’s your car, wash it when you want.


A clean car is a happy car.


We clean dirty cars fast.


Super-Cleaner car wash isn’t just for cars…


The car wash with the frothy bubbles, so close you can lick them.


If you want to maintain your vehicle, clean it regularly.


We go the extra mile to make it shine.


Guaranteed to blow and buff, or we give you your money back.


1 2 3 4, wash me today.


You’ll never have a cleaner car!


Where can you drive through and get your engine cleaned!


Leave a lasting impression someplace cheap.


These colors won’t run!


Bring back the shine?


All washers washed here!


We’re always open and we never sleep.


Optimum results, utilizing minimum static.


“Beyond Dirt”


We Wash Dirty Cars.


The clean carwash way.


The extra mile for your car


We specialize in creating… CLEAN!!


“You Are On Your Way to A Sparkle-Dy Car!”


No job too big. No car too small.


We clean like we care.


Nation’s Largest Car Wash.


We wash the rest. The best car wash in town.


Always Clean. Always Fresh. Truck Wash USA.


Nothing cleans like a Mountain Fresh car wash.


Make your ride shine.


Clean, Shiny, Happy.


The best things come in small packages.


Mop & Glo.


Where we take pride in a job well washed.


We love our cars, but not when they are dirty.


Gleam and glow! Shine and sparkle! Clean and wax your car with us!


Our service… is better than yours.


Cleanliness is next to godliness.


We strive for perfection.


Hurry in Today.


Always open.


Shine More… Get more People into our car wash.


Cleaned by steam, washed by rain. Carwash Ltd.


We clean your car and your mind.


Someone’s Gonna Get A Great Wash Today.


Love your car again.


Cleaner cars. Brighter days.


Our Customers Love us!


Car wash. More cars clean. Same time, saves money.


For that new car look.


Unlimited Washes, All You Can Wash.


“We keep you clean and we’ll make you shine”


These colors don’t run.


Exceed your highest expectations.


”Make it sparkle”


We put the clean in clean.


I want to be, where the action is!


The car wash you can trust.


Date him, Dump him…but do it in a car wash.


Water plus a little soap equals a a lot of satisfaction.


Make it Shine.Great value under the Sun.


I wish I’d washed today.


We’re number … one!


When the fun begins, The Finish Never Matters.


We clean.


Water for Wheels.


The Ultimate Wash Experience.


We Clean Them Like They’re New.


In for a dollar, in for a wash.


Always open. Never crowded.


Grime be gone.


Professional Car Washing, Low Prices, Free Vacuums.


That Will Make Your Car Look Its Best!


Fast, friendly, thorough.


Go Green,Get Clean


When it rains, we shine.


Wash me, wash me now, make my day.


You can run but you can’t hide.


Wash. Rinse. Sparkle.


Our aim has always been to provide complete care in a clean, cheerful environment.


The difference between ordinary and exceptional is just a little extra care.


Let’s stickey together.


There’s nothing like a fresh car wash!


Wherever your journey takes you, we’re ready to take care of your car!


“Clean as a Car Wash!”


Quality Services at Unbeatable Prices.


Premium Quality.


That Was Then…This Is Wash Time.


We beat the Best!


Car wash clean as a whistle.


Daily Car Wash.


Our window cleaning & car wash services add value to your business!


A clean car is a happy car!


We do it right or they don’t walk away dry.


Satisfied, guaranteed.


That was a close one!


If you’re not first you’re last


Every day, the same as the last.


Car wash. Where a good car begins.


Cleaner. Brighter. Nicer. Action Car Wash.


Clean and shiny cars.


We wash … the ones that matter.


Try us once, you’ll never go anywhere else.


A soft touch, A new look.


Free Vacuum with Every Wash.


We deliver perfection.


Cleaner, Quicker and Cheaper.


When nothing else gets you clean, try hot water.


First Class Job, First Class Results.


Clean cars, clean conscience’


The carwash with the power to clean.


A thorough wash – gotta have it.


These are the stains only you can remove.


When you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Cleaner, Tougher…Simple!


The best service… the fastest result… guaranteed!


I Shine for You!


Courtesy & Professionalism in Quality in everything we do.


What will your car wash say when people pull in?


Professional car wash, clean your car the right way, highly recommended car wash.


We wash more cars than anyone.


“Wash so nice they’ll ask for more”


Our service is second to none.


Be our guest! The washing is our best feature.


Soap, water, and elbow grease go a long way.


Patrons drive away happy.


Prices are so low, they’re unbelievable…


A clean car wash is an instant makeover.




Water Plus Soft Soap, the car wash that gives your car its color back.


Awesome wash. Even awesome prices.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


We do it by the bucketful.


Splash. Shine. Squeegee. Squelch. Squick


It takes more than water.


Soapiness! Poshness! Shine-osity!


I Wash, You dry, Your car is beautiful.


Always Guaranteed.


We do windows!


“Touch of Water…The Touch of a Maid”


We are committed to providing you with the very best car wash & detailing.


All America Loves a Clean Car.


Quality Auto Washes are the key to success.


Complete auto beautification.


The Cleanest Touch In Town.


What else would you wash?


Clean is not an option.


Come on in


Best by the Buck!


Cleaners clean cars, great wash makes it shine


We wash cars that others can’t.


Cleaner Than Your Average Car Wash.


The drive through car wash with the extra shine.


Thanks for making me look beautiful!


It cleans so well, they have to wipe it off.


Car Wash Quote And Captions

Car wash. It’s more than a car wash.


A clean car is a proud car, but a clean car wash is a proud car wash. And we’ll make you proud of yours next time you visit us.


What kind of car company would we be if we didn’t like #CleanCars?


Every day a clean car is a good day.


Nothing cuts through the shine of a freshly washed vehicle like gritty sand.


It’s not always easy to feel confident in your own car’s appearance. We can help change that.


Swipe right for smooth driving left for smooth driving.


No problem can’t be solved by two buckets of water and some soap.


In the end, all you can hope for is a clean conscience.


A fresh paint job can make the biggest difference in the world: to your car, and you! #ucarswash


Autumn just doesn’t seem complete without a good car wash.


It’s a good day to get your car washed, the weather’s just right!


No matter how busy your life is, it never fails to find a way to do a carwash on a Sunday afternoon.


Wash your car with the best car wash products that give your car a perfect look! #washandshine #bestwashproducts


Wash away the week while you’re getting your car spick and span.


I’m not just a car wash, I’m a lifestyle.


Car wash weather—it’s the perfect day for a mini-vacay


We know sometimes you want a personal touch at the car wash, we got it. Our new wax techs go above and beyond to make your car look better than new.


Cars are one thing, but people are another. People sometimes need more than just a car wash.


In the carwash, an uncomfortable reality becomes a blast of clean fun


Clean your car, clear your head. #MotivationMonday.


Funny Car Wash Quotes And Caption

Wash your worries away with $10 off an Express Detail!


Today’s lineup: Effortless, Sassy, and Extravagant. All cars are named Delilah.


The road to success is always under construction.


When you speed through the rain puddles, it rains harder.


Rainy days make Mondays better.


Clean machines create clean thoughts.


Give yourself a shiny new look for fall or winter…or any time of year!


Car wash season is quickly approaching. Are you ready for the shine?


They told me to wash my car, I said “How much?”


Washing cars = cleaning minds.


Scrubbing cars in the hot summer sun could be exhausting. Wait, is someone singing in the background?


Your car will be sparkling after this deal!


These #Autumn breezes make me want to give my ride a good cleaning.


Squeaky clean doesn’t have to be a dirty word.


We’re open for business.


Let us wash your troubles away.


If you feathered out, now is the time to flock back in. = wash it.


Happy #Monday. See you at the shop for your car wash.


Now: #washeverything.


Treat yourself. At Germain Motor wash, you are at the right place to be taking care of your car with professional care.


Getting your ride back to pristine with the best car wash in Northern NJ isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity.


Try a new look with a touch-less car wash.


Our little secret—PureWater Car Wash has already done it for you!


Your vehicle’s rain-soaked exterior reveals its true character. Take the day off and get it spruced up. We promise you’ll like what you see.


Washing your car in the fall is the best way to welcome cooler temperatures.


My ride needs a good scrub. No time to baby it, pro’s online now @xxxxxxx


When it comes to fall, don’t you just feel like…. cleaning? Make it a bucket list item and get that car cleaned up this season.


Wash on, wash off! Drive-in for a [insert service] [insert bundle] and get a limited time [insert coupon].


Looking good never felt so good. What are you washing this weekend?


Sometimes all you need is a little touch-up


Because when you’re having a bad day, it just makes things better.


Don’t be the car that doesn’t get washed for sale day.


When the weekend feels far away, but your car just got a wash.


Summer showers will be coming soon! Stay clean and dry with fresh car wash coupons at


This fall, warm up with this steaming hot deal. Wash your car before it’s too cold to get outside.


If you’re unsure about how to wash your cars, you’re not alone.


My car needs a good scrub, but I’m too busy working on my tan.


Nothing is quite as refreshing on a hot summer day as a clean car #sharethelove


Keep your ride looking like this for years to come. Get a complimentary wax today!


Just washed my favorite ride


Major kudos to all of you who help #cleanup the world


Reach for the stars and keep your car clean with a trip to Cali Car Wash – Los Angeles – Santa Ana.


These warm, sunny days are the perfect time to get your car washed.


You’re always in for a treat when you come to wash your car @autobodyspa !!


Need a clean car? We have you covered.


Funny Car Wash Quotes

There are 365 days in a year. Unless you clean your car more than once, there are only 235 days for it to get dirty. By law, that has to be at least one week.


The smooth feel of your hand on the wheel, almost like your hands are gliding over the finish of a perfectly clean car.


Dirt doesn’t stand a chance against #MothersPolish.


It’s like having a brand new vehicle at half the price.


Any time of year is the right time to spruce up your ride!


Be you, there’s no one better.


Need a little touch-up? We buff out the fuss so you can shine!


Start today. Use a coupon or a shop and save pass. There is always something in it for you to get your car washed at the local car wash mega center car wash chain.


The crisp fall air is the best! When was your last car wash?


Just like a new car, you can make your car’s interior sparkle again by washing it on the regular. #AlwaysKeepOn


Helpful tip: Make sure to remove any large items before entering the car wash.


Wash, wax, and shine your ride to its brightest while keeping it clean inside.


Some things are best left to the pros. Let them do the dirty work, so you can drive away looking like new.


Headed out for a weekend of autumn adventures? Don’t forget to take your car through its routine at the @real_world_auto


“All that needs cleaning needs love.” — Maya Angelou


Last week it finally felt like fall. This week, it looks like winter. We’re happy to help keep your ride looking mint all year round.*


Brings out the best in your ride, with just one drop


The beach is always better when it’s washed.


Snow chains are essential in the winter, but they can make you drive more slowly on dry roads. Make sure your wheels are clean before you hit the road.


Here is a crowd-sourced list of amazing quotes about car washes and shiny cars.


Car washes are the new weekend boot camp for this car enthusiast.


We’re all about giving you a car wash. Something life, something refreshing…something MOST DEFINITELY NOT ROUTINE.


Car wash, coffee + bagel with a beautiful day ahead.


Enjoy a clean car and a clean conscience with a car wash from Mark’s.


Feeling the breeze down [when you get out of our car wash].


No matter how dirty your car gets, you can always wash your troubles away.


Washing your car at the end of the warm summer days is one last thing to enjoy before the cold winter weather sets in.


It’s under the hood that we notice the most, but it’s easy to forget all the good stuff when you’re cruising down the highway in your car. Give your ride some love and stop by. We’ve got you covered


Start of the weekend, wash your car & get over 120,000 miles without breaking the bank #saveonamerica


Cleaning the biggest investment you have, is priceless.


Wash time was never so sweet. #SparkleLikeASuperstar


Remember everything is better with a fresh coat of water.


See what a flash can do. ##tintflash ##clearwater


That fresh feeling is just around the corner. Car wash turns 30, and we’re celebrating with $1 car washes all day long.


Nothing clean like a car wash fresh off the line.


Before you take your car to the car wash make sure you are prepped for that detailing.


Never underestimate the clean power of a well-detailed car wash.


Pretty cars in the fast lane (of our car wash).


Washing your car will not only get rid of the dust and grime, but it will give you a head-to-toe bath and make you feel brand new. #washyoureverything


When your car is squeaky clean, it’s time to get dirty. Go big this weekend with all-new Lava™ Wash with black wax protection.


Making a difference in a world that’s full of it.


Wash your worries away with $2.99 today!


This is a car wash. Wash your car


Wash away the dirt of winter, spring is almost here


Treat yourself to a better clean with a premium wash from Jim’s Car Wash. We’ve been the #1 car wash in town since 1966.


Life’s only truly dirty when you’ve forgotten about carwash time.


Roll out your stress and drive away dirty with a fresh car wash every time! *Happy car washes*


Enhance your ride today at any of our car washes within the city. Visit us now, and enjoy car wash services at their finest!



Car Wash Quotes And Sayings

We can’t put our finger on it, but we think the new pine tree smell at the car wash makes you so much cooler.


Let us make your car more than just an average ride.


Clean car, clean conscience.


Let’s #KeepAmericaShiny. Unless you live in Utah. Or Australia.


There’s something about summer that makes people feel free, happy, light. Let us do the same for your car!


Celebrating all car makes and models.


Just washed my car—time to polish it with a cold beverage.


Wash, wax, and shine your way into the weekend.


Shake off the stress before hitting the road this weekend.


Get clean down to your core with this month’s wash. Good things come to those who scrub.


No matter how dirty your car gets, we’ll always make it look shiny and new. Call now for a wash!


Created to inspire beauty, trust me with your car, I can handle your shine.


Brush it off with us this weekend.


Washing cars is like a musical score. A symphony of foams and sprays. #SparkleAndClean


If you’re happy and you know it, wash your car.


Wanted: dusty cars that need attention.


Your car has been there, done that—but really, who has time for those things?


Sometimes even a top-level cleaning doesn’t make a car sparkle as you want it to, but that’s ok. It just means you’re going to have that much more fun driving it!


Clean it as you mean it.


May your weekend be so so fresh and so so clean.


Sometimes, the best things in life are so simple. And that’s exactly how it feels when you walk up to our newly built car wash.


I’m never washing my car again. YES! So many happy cars come through the Vroom detail center every day, and for them to say they will never wash their cars again is HUGE!!!


Rainy days are the best for cleaning! #cleancar #rainyday


We’re supposed to move through life with a dirty car, pedaling to get by. Nope, not anymore.


Endless summer isn’t nearly as fun as an endless hot wash. #KeepItClean


No matter how good it looks, always make sure you get all the dirt off.


You’re never fully clean unless you’re wheels are too.


Summer’s almost gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like it lasted forever (until Labor Day anyway).


Let’s get this shine started!


Spring into a CLEANER future by visiting us at your neighborhood car wash. -Ultra Wash Car Wash, the #1 car wash in orange county.


Hands down the best car wash ever


Bumper to bumper—our touchless car wash provides a clean, detailed look


We love the weather for car washing. It’s finally warm!!!


When you wash your car, the job isn’t done until you take a moment to admire it.


A summer’s day is perfect for a car wash. Summer is not.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve been working hard on our app to make clean even smoother.


Sometimes the only way to get clean is to get wet.


If you wanna spread sunshine, you gotta be the windshield. -Carwash


In a world full of complicated things, the car wash is here to simplify everything.


Spoil yourself on this holiday weekend with a car wash!


Turn back time with regular car washes. Our wax specialist can strip away years of built-up grime, restoring your paint job to its original brilliance.


I don’t care how dirty your car is, as long as you wash it at Ron’s.


We wash your car like we wash our hands


If you can’t wash your car, park it in the shade. #washyourcar


Your car is all yours now. Wash it, wax it…oh, and if you like what you see, check out the rest of our Instagram page.


As we clean our cars we can clean our world.


Always wash your car after a day of hard work.


Nothing but the best for my car.


We love a clean car as much as we love a kinda dirty one!


Behold the power of the almighty wash. Not even Mother Nature can withstand it.


Finish the weekend strong with a thorough wash from Intrigue Touchless from one of these locations.


We Want You to Have the Best Car Wash Experience, Always!


Clean is the new black! We’ll make your ride look brand-new for under $10.


Cleaner than all the other cars on the road.


There’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to car care!


We are not ones to blow our horns, but when it comes to making your car look great, we’re the best there is.


When you take time to clean, your car takes less time to clean.


Leave the dust behind, don’t forget this spot or that spot because you cleaned it all off.


Like a nap in the sunshine.


Car washes are time machines—transporting you back to a day when things were simpler.


Life is a car wash. You drive through the easy stuff and walk around the hard stuff.


Wins all around with our Surf and Spray Wash: dries shines and cleans your car without the chills of winter.


The best feeling in the world is the feeling of a clean car.


The gleam of a clean car says, “I’m not afraid to lean in.”


Cleaning your car is a task, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.


Wash your worries away. #motoring


Just washed your car but you’re still shaking the water off your hands.


Planning my weekend car clean, wondering if I’ll get away with #NotDrying# before the rain comes.


When you’re this clean nothing is holding you back from anything.


There’s no such thing as a ‘clean car’—there are just cars that haven’t been properly cared for. Treat yours right with [car wash chain]!


For a super smooth summer, try a professional car wash this weekend. #washingon7


Get your ride looking dirt-free at the touch-free car wash.


Boots, ketchup & suds. Fall has arrived. #gocarwash


We’re guaranteed to remove 100% of the dirt and leave your car feeling like you just got a new one!


There’s no such thing as just a car.


Wash it like it’s brand new.


If you think you’re having a bad day, go visit our Bayside location—this washer has seen it all.


You can’t go wrong if you stay clean #Beenieseason


You can’t take care of others until you get things taken care of for yourself.


We don’t just wash cars, we create amazing experiences you’ll never forget.”


What’s better than a car wash?


Love your car, don’t let it go to pot. #washitlikeyoudo


You don’t have to work hard to keep your car looking good. Visit us for a service today!


When you wake up in the morning and the rain’s coming down…wash your car, don’t take it out to dinner & a movie.


Don’t only prune your plants, be a good car waxer too.


Good things come to those who wash.


If you can dream it, we can clean it.


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