Apology Letter to My Love

Apology letter to my love
Apology letter to my love


Apology letter to my love is the best collection of irresistible apology letter to girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, and to your husband.

Apology Letter To Girlfriend After Fight

You have deep regret in your heart for having a fight with your girlfriend; you really love her and don’t want to lose her, don’t waste time, send her any of these apology letters to make feel you are truly sorry and regretted all that has happened.


1. Love, they say is a beautiful thing that never breaks. But there are moments when things go awry and one has to take the bull. I have indeed missed your pretty smiles, your laughter and I do miss your warm hugs and your kisses. I’m so sorry for everything that has happened and I wish to do anything to make it up to you. I miss You.


2. We had a small fight and now I feel miserable for not looking and thinking a little deeper. You are special to me and I was a fool for not realizing it better enough. If only I could remove the memories of that horrible night of the calendar and it would never have happened. Then I can be in the comfort of your arms once again. I’m really sorry.


3. I’ve made many unforgettable mistakes in life. But none of them surpasses this. In my soul, I carry a heavy burden that I can’t seem to hold any longer and I’m fast loosing my grip. I can’t live, eat, breathe or smile with the thought of the possibility that we might never be together again. Please forgive me and let’s come together again.


4. I shouldn’t have called you those names or yelled at you. I shouldn’t have stayed too long to send you this. I shouldn’t have spoken too harshly and thought too spontaneously. Babe, I’m willing to cross a hundred desert and climb the tallest mountains so I can find your heart to forgive me. I’d do it twice and do it again. Distance might keep us away for now. But Words might keep our thoughts together and love binds our hearts forever. I’m truly sorry.


5. I found it impossible to forget all the wonderful moments we’ve had together. The laughs, the jokes, the emotions, the tears, the hugs, the kisses. I found myself bashing my head against the wall thinking I had taken all those moments and threw them all away to the dust. Please come back to me so we could make more of them. Come back to me so I could show you how stupid I was. Come back to me so I could prove to you how I’m willing not to leave your side ever again. I love you, I can’t live without you.


6. My life seems to have to take a pause since we separated. As time went past me, my life began to go downhill. During the days, the sun has seemed a little scorching and the nights much darker and I find it difficult to sleep at night. Even If I do, I dream about you and the cowardly things I did to not deserve your love. I miss your voice, as do I miss your thoughts and companionship. I miss everything. I realized I had messed everything up and I’m willing to take all the blame so I could see your amazing face once again.


7. You’re over there and I’m over here. It’s a feeling I can seem to bear. Losing you is indeed my worst nightmare and my greatest fear. Letting another day go by without apologizing I wouldn’t dare because you left me with nothing but tears. But in your eyes, I want to stare because our relationship is strong enough to be repaired and our love is always big enough to share.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

You know you have hurt her; a lovely apology letter like these will make think twice by reconsidering you back into her life.


1. I woke up today with a pain I didn’t recognize and then I realized it was a pain of hurting someone really special. Someone willing to stay with me forever and love me unconditionally. I was like ripping my heart of my chest and stabbing it with a knife. It took me time to understand but it was the unending thoughts of your smile that broke me into a thousand pieces. I’m sorry for hurting you and I only wish you could take me back into your arms.


2. There can’t be anyone who understands me as you’ve always done. No one believes in me as you do. There is no one who supports and inspires me like you always do. Since the day you swore not to ever speak to me again, everything about my life now feels dull and colourless. My heart now beats differently while you are not around me and it’s a feeling that aches my heart. It’s a price I deserve to pay for hurting someone as special as you. Find it in your beautiful heart to forgive me and even if it’s a hundred years, I’m willing to wait for you.


3. Your eyes did shine like a million stars in the sky and your smile was brighter than the moon itself. Your face felt like watching the beautiful skies at night. Looking out the window, my nights seem darker more than ever and there can be no pain as losing you. Many other nights I imagine the pains you felt from all those things I said and I wish you can find forgive me.


4. It hasn’t been up to a week since you left my heart and now it finds it difficult to beat that keeps me alive. I became lost in my soul with nothing to do and nowhere else to go. My biggest mistake was never getting into a fight with you but simply swallowing my pride and saying I’m sorry. It aches me with the thought that you will be fine without me or someday forget me. I might make mistakes in the future but leaving you again will never be among them. I love you and I need you back in my life. I’m so so sorry.


5. Many nights I cried wishing I could be your pillow as you hug and punch me all night. My nights had become cold and lonely and it made me realized how foolish a man can ever be. I admit I couldn’t handle our love so big and pure. I admit I was a coward for not been strong enough to accept my mistakes and I lashed it all on you. You who’ve always been there to care for me and make sure I was doing alright. You who was the only one who believed me and stood by me. I don’t know the number of words that will be enough to make you know how much I feel sorry for hurting you. I love you.


6. A soldier wouldn’t survive without his gun, while a lion won’t be able to survive unless by its might and s bravery. A fish can’t survive out of the water and the earth can’t survive without energy. Hurting you was like the first phase of destroying myself into million pieces. I’ve never been this confused and heartbroken before even though my thoughts used to be free and happy when you are around. Now my mind is full of only dreary memories and scenarios of you. It has made me realize that I love you even more and I can’t survive without your presence. Please come back, I miss you dearly.


7. I met and fell madly in love with you and my life changed forever. I didn’t know how much my feelings for you were until you left me. I realized that it has grown more than ever. I really miss you, my love. Please back so we could start all over again. Close your eyes and tell me what you can see. It’s how dark my heart lives without you.


8. Meeting you came as a blessing and an overnight achievement. I was marvelled by your beauty as much as how good you make me feel. I made a mistake and it was a burden so heavy I couldn’t carry. Many times we quarrel and many times it was more unbearable than the previous. I want to tell you that somehow I have found the strength to love and care for you better. I found the courage to be with you and cherish you forever.I’m sorry for everything and promise never to hurt you even if the words might not be as convincing. I love you more than ever. Please come back.


9. What was I thinking when I uttered those horrible words to you? What was I thinking when I pushed and shoved you away? What was I thinking when said I was leaving you? I feel horrible just by remembering the tears you shed and all the empty days we spend apart. I was all my fault for not loving you enough. I care about you and I‘m willing to do more to make sure the affection we share grows bigger than ever.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Ignoring Her

1. I can stand on top of the mountains and scream out to the world that I’m the saddest man alive. You gave me everything when I never deserved it. Joy, bliss, laughter, and understanding. But there I have been a knucklehead and not appreciating those moments. Now I find it hard to think and sleep knowing you are no longer mine. It’s scientifically impossible to live without someone like you and I can’t say anything more than I’m sorry for being a jerk. Forgive me and please have me back.


2. Once upon a time, I met someone really special and then I fell in love. She constantly became part of my thoughts and the main reason for my happiness. Then things went a bit awry and I made so many mistakes. I felt I had hurt her and all I want from her is a listening ear. I want her to forgive me and forget everything I had put her through. I know it’d be difficult to.


3. It is my sole responsibility to always hold you when you fall, light up your mood when you are sad, and always be there when you feel lonely. I’m sorry I haven’t been there since we had that fight. I miss your voice and your touch. I would do anything it takes for reconciliation even if I have to swim an ocean of a thousand miles. What more can I do when you already filled my heart with unimaginable wonders.


4. When I used to have a bad dream, I’d wake up and see you by my side. When I have a bad day I’d come home to you and all my problems go away. I’d get angry and then you calm me down with your words. But love happened. I messed up and took things quite too far. I just want to say I’m sorry for the tears and sadness.


5. I never understood what beauty really meant until the day I saw you. I never knew what affection felt like until I got to really know you. Loving you sometimes confuses but it keeps growing inside of me. Those are the reasons I can’t seem to forget your face in my thoughts and I keep seeing you in my dreams.


6. Finding you was like discovering a box of treasure buried underneath the earth. Knowing you feels like learning a great knowledge. I begin to imagine losing all these over a silly fight and I feel it’ll be something I’d regret for the rest of my life. Please take me back let me have that feeling once again.


7. There can be no feeling as cherishable as the one in my heart. Your smile brought the light that guided me. Your laughter was the medicine that healed my soul and your words always give me hope. I admit to that I’ve been a jerk for not understanding you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart even though these words might not be enough. I miss those wonderful feelings that you gave me and I’ll always be thankful for it.


8. Ever since I put a ring on your finger, my life had instantly changed and it keeps on changing. You have successfully filled my life with amazement wonders and surprises. Stay with me and I’ll love you forever. I’m sorry for hurting you my dearest.


Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Lying

Lying is really a bad thing, especially to your loved one, it is a betrayal of trust, you regretted your action and you want to apologize through a letter to her. What we have below may save you time.


1. Lying to you was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. I felt empty and dead inside when you told me you never wanted to see my face again. I spent the sleepless night thinking of how to live without you. I never meant to hurt you. How could I do that to the only one who has made me so happy. Someone who has made me forgot my sorrows as well as my worries. I just want to sincerely apologize for the wrongs I’ve caused you. I’m so sorry, I love you, I need you.


2. Been sincere is one of the most essential duties in a relationship. Yet it feels like the hardest. Especially when it happens for a reason. I would never lie or do anything to hurt a woman as amazing as you. I admit it was a huge mistake and I promise not to attempt such a thing again. I love you till the oceans dry up. I love you till the sun stops coming to visit the earth. I love you till the mountains cease to exist. I love you till eternity and beyond. Please smile for me.


3. A woman who completes me and makes me feel special. I did it to protect you and never to hurt you. I believed in fairy tales because I had you. Impossibilities were broken because you were always there for me. When I was down, I felt a lot stronger thinking about your beautiful face. Loving you was magical. Without you, I became lost, confused and heartbroken. I saw you when I went to bed to sleep, and in my thoughts, you lingered all day. All I need is a touch of your heart so you could forget the bad past that threatened to separate us. I know it’ll take a long time, but it’ll always be worth the wait.


4. I met you and I believed in dreams. But losing you felt like a nightmare I couldn’t bare but cried all night. How could I have done all those things to hurt you? I felt possessed and confused, not sure of what I was doing. I pray someday you find a place in your heart to forgive and accept me back. I need you in my life more than ever. I’m sorry love.


5. My love for you is like the sun, it shines every single day. It’s sometimes like the trees, it keeps on growing. Sometimes it feels like the oceans, as it runs forever. I miss the times when I used to feel like a king for been with someone so unique. I miss the times where I feel like an adventure as I discovered new special things about you. It made me nothing else but happy and fulfilled. Babe, I’m willing to do anything to have those amazing days back to our lives. Please smile for me.



6. I couldn’t think of a better way for God to give me the sweetest gift I can ever ask for- ‘You’. You came into my life and changed everything I never thought was possible. I felt destroyed and broken into a thousand pieces for jeopardizing such a valued opportunity. I made mistakes in the past but not as stupid as this. You could shoot me, hit me, strangle me, but please forgive me. I cherish only two things in this world, you for a day and you forever.


 Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Cheating

7. The love I have for you makes me notice the smallest things; how the leaves kiss each other when the wind blows and how the stars’ glimmer at night. Losing you ended many things I used to believe in, the wonders, magic, and love. I wouldn’t want to throw away everything over a stupid mistake I made. Before I met you, I was out searching for love but then I found you. I dedicate my life to you, my sweetheart. Please give me another chance and I promise not to let you down again.


8. You were the reason I’d wake up in the morning and face the world. You made me smile and you rule my every world. I miss your lips always filled with sweet words and your hands always filled with care. Your mind was always having the best plans and your heart was full of joy and affection. You were the best partner any woman could ever ask for. Someone so special and at the same time sweet and understanding. All I want from you is a smile so you could brighten up my day and your heart so I could find that space so you could forgive me and accept me back.


9. The moment I see you again, I promise to love you even more than before. I promise not to break your heart again. You are the one thing that makes me happy on this earth. I wasn’t myself when I thought I could live without you. It certainly feels like my whole world has gone dull and quiet since the night you left my side. I think of just one reason not to say I miss you with all my heart but couldn’t find any. Please give me a chance my love. I can’t wait to witness your crazy laughter once again. I really really miss you.


8. Here’s my heart. Take it along with you while you are away. I don’t need it. The safest place is with you. I messed up everything we had together. Everything that made me whole. Everything that gave us beautiful memories and made me alive. You left as my princess and when you return I promise to make you my queen. I miss you so much already.


10. We were separated and I never stopped loving you, the more I get to understand many things about the world. There are billions of people on earth but it took just a zing of my heart and glimpse of your pretty eyes to create a feeling so beautiful as the one I have for you.

Apology Letter to Boyfriend 

1. I will never repeat the same mistake again….

My dear,
I’m truly sorry for what had happened between us, I have learned all the lessons, and I will never repeat the same mistake again. You know I love you with all my heart and you are the only man I have ever loved this way. I discovered that we are human and we are prone to make mistake sometimes in life, not because we have the cruel intention of hurting the other person, but because some of this things can happen spontaneously, I really appreciate you and you have been a wonderful person in my life. My life will not be complete without you, and truly apologized for all that happens, please forgive me and let’s continue our relationship together, we are better together than being apart. I love you.



2. If you don’t forgive me I will be forever unhappy….
You are my happiness and this I have been feeling with you for so long, how come now that everything is crashing on my head, I never knew that that singular action of my will cause you such deep pain, ever since that day that we argued over the issue you have developed cold feet ever this relationship. You know that even if we quarrel now, I will rush back to you in the next few minutes, usually in my heart I really don’t want such moments to happen, but a little issue like this is important for the growth of our love life, and once we are able to iron out our differences now, it becomes a formidable foundation of our tomorrow. It is better we are together than being apart because it is beautiful together than being alone. If you don’t forgive me now I will be forever unhappy.


3. I apologize because I know I was wrong….
Dear love,
It is not time to throw the blame, I admitted all the errors, and I sincerely apologize for my mistake. You have been my everything, and life has been beautiful ever since we became a close friend. The few days you stay away, are like hell for me living alone without you. I’m like a fish out of water without you. Don’t you want to hold my hands any longer and sing those beautiful songs for me? Don’t you want to hear the whisper of those lovely sweet words I use to say to you? We are better in each other’s arms than in the arms of another person. I apologize because I know I was wrong. I love you, my dear.


Cute Apology Letter To Wife 

1. My biggest mistake wasn’t having a fight with you but taking too long to realize how grievous the mistake was. I was blinded by the hallucination that I could live without you. Losing you for a short while knocked me completely out of life. I find it hard to eat or think, to sleep or live. You gave me beautiful gifts in those lovely children and wonderful home. I miss the better days and would do anything to have them back. I wish you could only forgive me.


2. I couldn’t think of another better person to raising the kids, preparing breakfast, running the home, and waking up every morning. You’ve been nothing else to me but, caring, affectionate and completely supportive. You happen to do all these at the same time with relative ease and it gives me more nightmares that I’m losing someone so special. I besiege you to please find even if the tiniest place in your heart to forgive me because you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


3. My greatest wishes used to be the wealth and treasures of this world. Now it can only be having you back into my miserable life. I have tried deleting and washing away all the moments I have hurt you, I won’t just go away until you forgive me. I feel empty deep inside of me and that is clearly an understatement. I painfully realized I used to have the greatest treasure right by my side and I lost them all for being silly and proud. I want you to accept me back and I promise to love you even more than ever. I can’t live without you.


4. My greatest enemies now are my past actions, emotions, and even my thoughts. I should’ve never had stormed you out of my life. I felt I should’ve taken a deep breath and listened and I feel haunted by all the words I said that made you cry. Do not let it tears us apart, do not let it be a shortcoming so we could overcome today’s storm so it can guarantee our happiness for tomorrow and beyond.


5. I never knew how loneliness felt until this past few weeks. It’s really unbelievable how I’m alone. Waiting for the day you’ll come knocking on my door. Patiently waiting for the day you’d forgive me for everything I have done to you. The more the days go passing by, the more I feel deep remorse within me, and the more my life look miserable. I need you to save me from all these unbearable agony and sorrow. I knew I hurt you and I deserve everything coming to me. But I can’t seem to bear this torture anymore. Please talk to me, pick my calls so I could hear your lovely voice once again, you mean everything to me. I love you.


6. I did things I shouldn’t have ever thought of doing. Things that separated us from each other and brought me pain. Most of all, I hurt you. I’m so sorry for disappointing you. I have no problem in carrying this heavy guilt I have inside of me. Dear, if only you could give me another chance, I promise to triple my efforts in making sure our relationship worked, I now realize my mistake, and my heart with regret and I’m ready to correct all my past mistakes. I can’t live without you my love, I need you, I cherish you. Please forgive me.


7. To err is human and to forgive always lies deep in the might of our hearts. If I had one wish to turn the hands of time so I could take back those words and rewrite history. All I’m left with is a bitter lesson I can’t live with. During this time of healing, I’ve known better and I’ve succeeded in becoming the best of myself for you. You’ve been a real gem in my life and you should always deserve a better place.


8. I’m truly sorry my love, for letting a little incident come between us and separating us for such a long time. Right now I could do anything to put all those things behind us. I miss the times we talked and laugh at our jokes and never get tired of each other. As long as we share that wonderful feeling called love, as long as we are united and strong, we’ll grow together and conquer all storms together. Find it in your heart to forgive me and I’ll show you what undying love truly.


9. It’s so hard explaining how sorry and broken I am for hurting someone so precious to me. Life has become harder to live, my nights became longer when I go to sleep, and my thoughts have been filled with unbearable thoughts of losing you. I’m ready to give up anything to hear you say “I love you” or “I forgive you”. I want to amend your broken heart and the feelings that bind me to you. Give me one more chance to prove it to you.


10. My offence has made me weaker and there is nothing I could do than asking for your forgiveness. I’ve made numerous mistakes in the past but none could be compared with the one that keeps me away from you. At first, I thought I wasn’t strong enough to handle the heartbreaks in your absence and I got weaker with time. Missing you is more than just a sad feeling. It’s like torture and punishment even the strongest man can’t bear. All I ask is your forgiveness and your presence. Let’s forget those sad times ever happened and we could build a future together.


Deep Emotional Apology Letter for Wife

11. I can’t seem to have peace when I know your hurt all because of my foolish decisions. I only hope your heart can listen to my sincere apology. I hope one day the memories we share becomes a reality once again. I hope one day we could listen to our favourite songs or have a dance together. I hope I can see your smile or laughter again. I hope I could speak and hug you again. I hope you accept me back into your heart.


12. Every single day passes by like a shot to my heart that never misses but bleeds. Living it wounded with a lot of holes. All I need is your presence to fill up the spaces left by you. I made certain decisions that brought no good to our relationship. Decisions that threatened the priceless affections we had for each other. I felt so dejected that I found it impossible to sleep and eat. I realized I love you even more than ever and it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with. Accept me back into your life and my life will never be the same.


13. I don’t want to sink like the Titanic or crash like a train no more. I just want to still be your one true love. The one you come running to when you need a tight hug, the one you turn to when you need help, and the one that holds on to you when you fall. I want to be the only one who makes you smile. The only one who makes you happy when we kiss and touch. Bring me closer to you so that I won’t digress any more. I cherish you more than a thousand pieces of jewellery because you are the most valuable thing to me. I miss you.


14. Hey dear. I know mad you are right now at me for what I’ve done. I was callous and selfish but I never did those this with intent. I was so stupid not to see how important you were to me. How soft your hair was and marvellous your smile can be. I took many things for granted and now I can’t seem to think straight. Please, babe, don’t forget how our love first started and how miserable I was falling in love with you. I promise to be a better lover, a better man just for you.


15. Hey, it’s me again. I know you must be really mad at me for hurting you. I know you do not want to listen to me or whatever I have to say. But please all I ask is for your heart. The heart that was so pure and innocent that I unintentionally took advantage of. The heart I broke but would do anything to amend and protect forever. Babe please forgives me for everything. The things I did and the things I failed to do. The things I said and the things I never said. I was weak and unwise. I made mistakes and I’m determined to correct them more than ever.


16. Don’t push me away or give up on me. Don’t dethrone me as the king or denounce me as the hero I was once meant to you. Don’t ignore me or leave me like this because I don’t see the reason why I should breathe with the slightest possibility of losing you. I did love and cared for you with all my strength. I don’t know where I got it wrong. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough; maybe I should’ve loved you more. Please love; give me another chance to improve. Just one more chance to show you how much you mean to me.

Short Apology Letter To Husband to Reconcile

1. I wish we were having a little laughter as we use to do, having a pillow fight or playing around. I wish we were hugging tightly or having a romantic dinner right now. I wish we were talking or having a nice time right now. I wish I never made you angry or made you cry. I wish I never yelled at you or banged the door on you. I wish you’d forgive me and forget the foolish actions I made to cause our separation. I wish I loved you more and had little more patience. You made me believe in love when I wished for someone special and you came into my life. I wish God grants me one last wish so we can be together again.


2. I pick my phone and want to call you, but my feelings incessantly block my urges to. Sinking me in the sand of guilt. Guilt that I can’t keep carrying any longer. Drowning me in the deep waters pains and choking me with the fingers of regrets. I didn’t realize how sadness felt down here until I tripped with silliness and fell into this abyss of loneliness and misery. I missed everything about you so unbearable towards can’t describe. Invite me back to your heart so we can remake those wonderful memories. I’ll be here on your Porsche outside waiting for you to open the doors of your heart to me.


3. I just can bear to pay the price of not being around you. The thought of your smile can’t Sometimes I think l have finally overcome my worst fears because it is nothing compared to the situation of losing you. Come back to me babe, so I can get to see your handsome face again. Falling in love with you was easy and it still somehow changed my life forever. I didn’t know much my feeling for you were until you left me. I just realized that it has grown even more than ever. I really miss you, my love.


4. Your eyes do shine like a million stars in the sky and your smile is brighter than the moon itself. Looking at your face gives me happiness like watching the beautiful skies at night. I want to feel your gentle touch once again. Sometimes we quarrel; sometimes we love up in each other’s arms. I chose to spend my life with you, my love. I miss you more than I miss you a second ago. Nights I look out the window wishing you’d come back to me. I miss you more than ever.


5. I cried for many nights thinking about the mistakes I made. Pondering on the possibilities that we might never be together again. I never meant to hurt you neither did I mean to make things difficult for us. I’m ready to take the blame, all of it for I’m left with no other choice again. I’m left with just a slim hope of you accepting me back into your heart. You’ve always been my drug. I’ve always needed your presence when I was down and now I’m down and can’t get up. My life has come to a halt.


6. I get the fact that you don’t consider me worthy of a listening ear. I went out of control and I became difficult to even myself. I made certain decisions that I never should’ve. I uttered words that only deemed disrespectful towards you. I realized that I had my own problems which were nothing but obnoxious and annoying. Dear, all I need is you top open your heart to me once again. I’ve faltered and gone astray. Please don’t push me away. Give me another reason to live again.


7. The apple of my eyes and the man of my dreams. My brave knight in shining armour as bright as a thousand stars. I understand I did a lot of things to make you angry. I know you must be mad at me right now. How can I make it up to the one who gives me every reason to be happy and inspired? The one who’s always protected me and stood by me. Forgive me, my love. Save me from these horrible times of sadness and loneliness. It’s you I want to be with. You and no one else.


8. No matter how unbelievable things are for me, I’d never meant to hurt or make you sad. I was so dumb and thoughtless, that I concede wholeheartedly. I want to be close to you right now. More than ever. I’m deeply sorry for everything I’ve done to cause our separation. It was my entire fault. I should have done more to make us happy. I need a chance even though I do not deserve it. But all I want is for us to put those times behind us and grow old only together.


9. I want to be with you right now. To pour all my heart to you. To give you everything I have left inside of me. To love you more than ever. To kiss and hug you tight, to feel and caress the warmth of your hair. To lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat. I miss the days when you give me ample reasons to be happy and no reason to be sad. That wonderful feeling is what I foolishly took for granted. All I’m left with right now is sorrows, loneliness, and regrets. It’s hard living like this and I can’t bear it any longer. Please accept me back into your life as I have nowhere else to go.


10. Nobody understands me as you do. No other believes in me as you’ve always done. No one supports and inspires me as you do. I feel like I need some of that now that everything feels dull and colourless. To err is indeed human and your forgiveness is the only thing I need. My heart beats entirely different when you are not around me and it’s a feeling that tortures. Come back to me while I wait for you.

 Sincere Short Apology Letter to Husband

11. A sincere apology to the man of my dreams. I overreacted and made a fuss towards everything without discerning how much you cared. I want to say a big sorry for been rash and inconsiderate. I let my emotions come in between the special bond we have together. For that, I want to say a very big “I’m sorry”. The words sound heavy in my mouth but it’s a feeling I have to deal with, a cross I have to carry for hurting you.


12. You’re over there and I’m over here. It’s a feeling I cannot seem to bear. Losing you is indeed my biggest nightmare. In your eyes, I want to stare all day and night because your love is always big enough to share. I’ve missed everything about you. Your smile and your soft hair. I do not choose to be far away but near.


13. I couldn’t believe how I lived without you for all these past weeks. Dreaming about your forgiveness all night but wake up to an empty bed and a dejected life. Wishing every day you’d change your mind and come back to me but then I realize I’m lonely and my soul is dead. I did things that were never meant to be. I said things I never meant to say. You didn’t deserve any of that. I’m deeply sorry; please find it in your heart to forgive me.


14. My mornings are no longer good. So as are my afternoons and nights. My days are no longer happy and my life is nor more filled with wonders. I might deserve everything coming to me because of the awful things I did. But I know I don’t deserve to lose you. How can I explain better how much I feel been away from you? I want us to be happy. Protected from the storms that threaten to keep us away from each other. It’s all I ever crave for. I love I have for you has never faltered and it never will.


15. There is no other way I can write this to you other than being totally honest. I feel very ashamed for treating you in such a selfish manner. I took advantage of your kindness and affections. Saying a mere “I’m sorry” can never be enough. Buying you gifts won’t cut it. Sending you a thousand messages won’t be enough to show you how far I’m willing to go, to make our relationship work again. I’m ready to cross the deserts and swim the oceans so I can hear you say “I love you “once again.

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