Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Grandpa




We have composed this beautiful Birthday wishes for grandpa to make him smile on his birthday. Grandfathers are rear asset let celebrate them today.

Beautiful Birthday wishes for grandpa

1. Happy birthday grandpa, you are the best grandpa in the world, I thank God that I still have my amazing grandpa around, wishing you good health and long life. Feel good and enjoy your day grandpa.


2. Grandpa, you are the greatest man I have ever seen, no wonder we have a wonderful father that look like you. I’m very happy to see you add another amazing year today. Happy birthday grandpa. It’s going to be a beautiful celebration for us today.


3. There is no better way to describe my grandpa as simply the Hero of all time. Grandpa thank you for the solid foundation that you have laid in this family which is the root of the joy and success that all your children and grandchildren enjoy today. We deeply appreciate your effort and the time you have sacrificed to have a nice extended family like us, happy birthday grandpa and more beautiful years for you.


4. Happy birthday my dearest grandpa, you are such an amazing and a wonderful person. You made me feel the joy of having a loving and caring old man like you. I have never had boring moments in all the time I spent with you. I wish you I can spend more of my time with you. Wishing you a wonderful day and many happy returns.


5. Happy birthday grandpa, today you are 70, may the Lord add many years for you, in good health and prosperity. Thank you for the love and care you have for me, you are my guardian angel and my best friend, how happy I feel to have a grandpa like you. I love you, dear grandpa.


6. Happy birthday to my lovely grandpa, who happen to be my best teacher, you are not just my grandfather, you’re my hero, and you are endued with much wisdom and strengths. I want to grow up and look like you; your life is filled with beauty and love.

7. I’m happy for you grandpa, today is your happiest day, wishing you many happy returns, happy birthday grandpa. You are just an amazing old man; I’m happy I still hold your lovely hands and play them. You know the feelings in my heart better than anybody. Thank you for always been there for me.


8. Happy birthday to my wonderful grandpa, you mean more than the world to me, I love you with every breath that comes from me. Wishing you long life and wonderful time. Enjoy your day and feel good.


9. Not every grandchild has the golden opportunity of meeting their grandfather, dear grandpa, happy birthday, and thank you for always telling me that I will be a great man. For the firm belief that you have on me, I will never let you down. Wishing you a wonderful and joyous day.



10. Happy birthday grandpa, I have never met a fine man like you, you are so caring and loving. Thank God that still keep you with us, you are an amazing source of inspiration in our life. Wishing you more wonderful years ahead. I love you, grandpa.


11. I will keep all the wisdom and the lesson of life that you have thought me, you are a wonderful man, happy birthday my dearest grandpa.


12. Thank you, my grandpa, for all the beautiful time you shared with me, you tell me beautiful stories of the olden days and you make my childhood an interesting moment, even now that I have grown past childhood you still held my hands the same way you use to do in those beautiful days. Happy birthday, day grandpa, I love you so much.


13. As a young child, you make me see the beauty of the world, you teach me everything that I should know early in life. You are a great man, and you are my lovely grandpa. Happy birthday, grandpa, have a lovely moment.


14. I’m so happy today for my dearest grandpa, you have added another wonderful year today, and you still look great! I wish to spend all my life under your care; you are a great teacher and a mentor. Thank you for grooming me into the best that I’m today, without you grandpa I will not be here. Happy birthday, grandpa!


15. The beauty and the success of our family were shaped by you grandpa, we owe you what we cannot pay back because no amount of gift or gratitude will be measured what you have done for us. Wishing you long life and God caring, happy birthday grandpa, have a lovely time.


16. If I have to trek a hundred miles to be home to celebrate this beautiful moment with my lovely grandfather, that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Grandpa, you are a great man! I have never seen another man like you, thanks for the knowledge and wisdom you shared with me, it has helped me to cope with life. I’m wishing you a marvellous birthday.


17. Once upon a time as a little boy when I will be playing with your hair and count the number of grey hair on your head, these are the most beautiful moments of life for me. There is this purest love I feel you have for me, a love that I have never found anywhere else. Thank you, grandpa, for the wonderful moments you spent with me, you make my childhood a memorable time for me. Wishing you many happy returns, happy birthday grandpa.


18. It is going to be celebration non-stop today, my wonderful grandpa is 80! Happy birthday, grandpa! Wishing you all the beautiful things of life, more strength and energy for you. I love you.


19. Hurrah! Grandpa is 80 today! Happy birthday, grandpa, thank God for your beautiful life. Wishing you more years ahead.



20. Our dearest grandpa is celebrating his 90th birthday today, wow! Grandpa, you still look great! Happy birthday to you, wishing you more wonderful years to come.


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21. Happy birthday, dearest grandpa, you are the true hero of our life. Wishing you good health and many years to come.


22. Happy birthday grandpa, you are the only truest and trusted friend I grew up with, thank you for always knowing what I’m thinking of even if I couldn’t say it out, you read my mind perfectly and carefully attend to my needs. Thank you, grandpa, I’m indebted to you. Wishing you a fabulous celebration.


23. You are so compassionate and caring, you are more than the entire world and the treasure that it contains to me, and you are my dearest grandfather, wishing you a joyous birthday and many happy moments to come.


24. O Lord thank you for sending a wonderful grandpa my way. Happy birthday grandpa! You are the best grandfather in the world. Wishing you more happiness and good time in life.


25. Life is good to have you around grandpa, now you are 100, you still look the same way you look 20 years ago. Thank God for your beautiful life, you deserve every good thing of life because you been good man throughout your life. Wishing you a joyous birthday.


26. If every home has a wonderful and caring grandfather like you, the world you would have been a better place, you have been a source of happiness to everyone around you, and you touched many soul positively, that is why you are loved by everybody. Wishing you many beautiful years to come, happy birthday grandpa.


27. Happy birthday to happiest grandfather in the world, I have made our life beautiful, you planted the seed of happiness and joy in our life. Thank you, grandpa, for all that you been to us. Wishing you more years and beautiful life. We love you, grandpa.


28. Dearest grandpa today is the happiest day in your life, I’m happy to be part of this amazing moment. I’m going to have a special gift for you today grandpa. I love you.


29. Hurrah! Grandpa has added another beautiful year today. You are still looking great and wonderful. We are going to be having more fun and wonderful moments together today. We love you.



30. Dear grandfather, I want to use this beautiful moment to let you know that you are the best grandpa in the world. I’m fortunate to have a lovely grandparent like you, you are an amazing man. I wish that I can grow up to be like you. Happy birthday and happy moment for you.


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31. Grandpa, if can you can see through my heart, you’ll see how much I’m happy to be celebrating this special moment with you. You have brought a lot of beauty and happiness to our life. we owe you many thanks and appreciation. Happy birthday to you grandpa.


32. Millions of kisses and hug from me to you my wonderful grandpa on this special day, you are the treasure of my life, thank God I have a wonderful grandpa like you, you are so good and friendly to me. You made my life beautiful, happy birthday to you grandpa and many wonderful moments to come.


33. Happy birthday grandpa, we share in your happiness at this beautiful moment, we will always love you and be there for you always. Have a joyous moment.


34. Happy birthday to you dearest grandfather, you have brought some much bundle of joy and happiness to our life. May the good Lord increase your years of stay in this world with much happiness for you.


35. Hurrah!! My grandpa has just added another year of happiness into his amazing life, happy birthday to you grandpa.


36. Grandpa, I am so happy to celebrate this special day with you, happy birthday you to my grandpa.


37. Happy birthday to my only special grandpa, I wish you more happiness and long life.


38. Happy birthday to my awesome grandpa, I wish you all the best and have a joyful birthday.


39. Grandpa, I’m happy to see you add another year today, I pray it brings you happiness, happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandfather


40. Honestly, grandpa, I wish I could be there to celebrate this special day of yours with you, happy birthday to you sir.


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41. May you receive lots of smiles and laughter on this day, happy birthday grandpa.


42. As this day comes may it relieve you from any pain and sorrows, happy birthday grandpa, I love you so much.


43. I so much love this special day of yours and it will be a great honour for me to be the first to wish my grandpa a lovely happy birthday.


44. It’s so lovely to have such an amazing grandpa like you and I want to wish you the best and amazing happy birthday to you, grandpa.


45. Enjoy the fruit of your labour as you witness this beautiful day of your grandpa, happy birthday to my happy grandfather.


46. It’s so nice to have you by my side grandpa, you’ve always been so kind and you are the best grandpa ever, happy birthday to you grandpa.


47. Happy birthday to my grandpa, I wish you all the best in life, have a lovely celebration.


48. I want to wish that superhero of ours who has made a great impact in our lives and have being a great councillor for us happy birthday.


49. We are so happy to celebrate this wonderful day with our grandpa and we wish you all the good things in life, happy birthday, sir.



50. Congratulations grandpa for adding another year, we are happy to celebrate it with you and pray it should be filled with beautiful things, happy birthday.


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51. May you experience more of this beautiful year to come, happy birthday grandpa.


52. Hello grandpa, guess what? We are coming over to celebrate this beautiful day of yours and we are bringing lots of present and gift for you, happy birthday grandpa.


53. Happy birthday papa, wishing you lots of happiness and joy on this special year.


54. Smile, happiness and laughter should be your companions on this day, happy birthday grandpa, I love you.


55. Hello grandpa, may you be blessed with so many wonders as this day come to pass, happy birthday.


56. Hello grandpa I want to be the first person to wish you a joyful happy birthday and I pray you to enjoy your beautiful day, happy birthday.


57. May you age gracefully and accomplish all your good dreams, happy birthday grandpa, have a nice day.


58. Happy birthday grandee, have a wonderful time, we love you.


59. We are hoping to see a bright smile on your handsome face as you celebrate your lovely day today, happy birthday grandpa.



60. Happy birthday to my big papa, hoping to see you with a cute smile, have a lovely day grandpa.


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61. We love you and will always be there to make you happy grandpa, happy birthday to you sir.


62. Thank you for supporting me and making my dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday, grandpa, enjoy your day.


63. Happy birthday to you grandpa, I pray your day should be filled with many goodies and surprises, have a joyous day.


64. To my beloved grandpa, I’m wishing you the best on this very day, happy birthday to you grandpa.


65. On this day I pray your heart should be filled with warmth, joy and happiness, happy birthday grandpa.


66. Thank God you’ve successful added another amazing year of happiness into your beautiful life, happy birthday, my dear grandpa.


67. My beloved grandpa has added another year, I pray GOD to make it possible to continue to live with us in good health and in happiness, happy birthday sir.


68. Happy birthday to my dear grandpa who’s the hero of our life, have a good day and wonderful celebration sir.


69. Grandpa, you are truly a gift from God, your words of inspirations are my strength and your success inspires me to be a great person in life as you are, happy birthday to you grandpa.


70. You really help me to remain steadfast in the vicissitude of life; my heart is always with you every day of my life, and will always be grateful to you, happy birthday to the happiest grandfather ever.


Birthday Greetings for Grandfather

71. Grandpa, now I really believe that it’s my turn to support you and make you happy, I am really proud of you, happy birthday to my greatest hero grandfather.


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72. We express our gratitude to God for keeping you alive and in good health, grandpa you are great! You have helped us accomplish all our dreams and we will always be there for you, have a lovely happy birthday.


73. Thank you for being my strength, I will always be there for you as you’ve been there for me, happy birthday grandfather.


74. Happy birthday, grandpa may you continue to live in the beauty of our eyes, have a wonderfully happy birthday.


75. We are so grateful that we’ve been given a supportive and wise grandpa, happy birthday grandpa; we have the best fun with you.


76. Happy birthday to my super grandpa, we looked forward to this beautiful day, and thank God we are celebrating these special moments together. May this day be the best and most amazing day of your life, have a great time and wonderful years ahead.


77. Grandpa, I want you to know that I love you so much and I will always continue to pray and cherish you, happy birthday dearest grandpa.


78. My dear grandpa I always admire your beautiful life, you are full of knowledge and wisdom, wish you can live longer so that I will continue to tap from your wisdom, happy birthday! Have a joyous time.


79. More wonderful years to my awesome granddaddy, I love you! Happy birthday!



80. Hey big papa how are you doing, hope you are doing well, I pray this wonderful day of yours brings you lots of smiles and happiness, happy birthday!


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81. Happy birthday grandpa, may you have many more years to come.


82. Dear grandpa, you are the greatest inspiration in my life; I cherish and love you, happy birthday grandpa!


83. Happy birthday, grandpa, I wish you all the amazing things on earth, have a lovely birthday!


84. Happy birthday to my great papa, may you be blessed with more life and sound health, have a lovely day.


85. Happy birthday grandfather, have a lovely and memorable day, I love you.


86. Dear grandpa, you are so wise and amazing! I wish to be like you when I grow up, happy birthday grandfather, wishing more amazing years to come.


87. Wishing you a long and healthy life Grandpa! We love you, have the best happy birthday.


88. Thank grandpa for raising such a wonderful family like ours, we love and admire you so much, happy birthday to the best granddad ever.


89. You are a great and wonderful man grandpa we are very fortunate to have around, we will always follow your footstep; we are proud of you, happy birthday to you.

Heartwarming Grandpa Birthday Quotes

90. I wish you a long life, we still need you and we will love to spend our entire life with you grandpa, happy birthday.


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91. May each day of your life bring more smiles and happiness as you celebrate this special day, happy birthday grandpa!


92. I feel so happy to be here to watch how my lovely grandpa would blow out those candles on your sweet birthday cake, happy birthday sir.


93. Happy birthday to you grandpa! Have a joyous day.


94. Thank you for being there for me grandpa, you are the one that made me who I’m today, I really appreciate, happy birthday to you great one.


95. You are a great man grandpa! You have set a great legacy which we will always like to follow; you are such a wonderful man. Happy birthday to that great man.


96. I would love to be that smart and courageous man which you have always want me to be, I am wishing you a lovely and wonderful happy birthday.


97. You are a legendary grandpa who has being so hardworking, have a great and memorable day sir, wishing you many more years to come, happy birthday to grandpa.


98. Happy birthday, grandpa, enjoy your beautiful happy birthday and all the good things it brings, happy birthday sir.


99. Grandpa thank you for being my greatest mentor, I will forever be grateful to you sir, happy birthday to that greatest grandpa in the world.



100. You’ve been there for me throughout my life, thank you, grandpa, I pray that you have a blessed birthday filled with happiness and joy.


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101. I hope I can be great and hardworking as you were grandpa, I’m really jealous of your achievement, I hope this special day of yours will be filled with smile, happiness and joy, happy birthday to my hero.


102. Grandpa, you deserve the best gift ever, I am really grateful for your proper upbringing grandfather, I am so glad to have such a loving and caring grandpa, I wish you lots of joy and happiness on this very day.


103. May the good Lord make you stronger and lift you above your enemies’ grandpa have the best birthday ever, I love you.


104. Enjoy this very day beautiful happy birthday with your family and loved ones, happy birthday to my successful grandfather.


105. I pray your birthday your day should be as amazing as you are grandpa, happy birthday to my amazing granddaddy.


106. Grandfather, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you for all the love you’ve shown to me, I am wishing you all the good things in this life, happy birthday.


107. Grandpa do you know that today is a very special day to you in case you forgot but just remember that I will always be there to make you happy throughout your lifetime, happy birthday.


108. Grandfathers do? You that you are the rock that beholds our house and we wish to make you happy always, happy birthday.


109. You are the most precious treasure in our life, happy birthday to that great person in my life.



110. Happy birthday grandpa, your happiness is contagious and I fill so warmth to see you happy always.


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111. You are the light in our lives and I will always want to make that light shine more and more, happy birthday grandpa.


112. Hurrah! To my grandpa who has just added another year to his beautiful life, happy birthday to my papa, love you.


113. Happy birthday to my old papa who has just clocked 70, wishing you all the best in life as you age gracefully, happy birthday grandpa, have a joyful day.


114. I am so happy for you adding another year of glory, happy birthday grandpa enjoy your day and have an awesome happy birthday.


115. You are the best Father and grandfather in the world, happy birthday, sir.


116. Today is your birthday grandpa; I am wishing you all the good fortune of this entire world, happy birthday sir.


117. Big time celebration, it’s our grandpa birthday so it would be more pleasant to wish you a warmth happy birthday to my wonderful grandpa, more years and happiness for you big papa.



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