Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages

Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages
Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages

Congratulations on your Retirement Messages are best collections of retirement messages that you can send to your family, friends, colleagues, boss and to your teachers.


One of the most challenging periods in life is the period of active service, they are the time when every struggle to survive in our daily lives, thus it a very beautiful time when one gets to retire after several years of active work. This period of retirement form another phase of life, be part of the joy in his/her retirement by sending him/her lovely congratulatory retirement messages and best wishes.


Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes
Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes

Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages for Mom

1. Congratulation on your retirement Mom, you have served your duty meritoriously and it the time to rest and enjoy the fruit of your labour.


2. Dearest Mom, the time has come for you to have a break from the hustle and bustle of work and life, you have always been an amazing mother and a hard-working woman for all the time that I have known you, you are retiring to happiness and joy, wishing you a well-fulfilled retirement, congratulation.


3. I’m happy for you mom, congratulation on your retirement, you have succeeded in two fronts, at home, and in your lovely career, we are ready to take the baton from where you stop, stay with us and enjoy your life.


4. Mom, the best of life for you is yet to come, you now sit back and enjoy your life, and you have contributed your best to your work and it the time to rest, wishing you a successful retirement.


5. You deserve all happiness and all joy, you have served your country well and it is time to take a break, take a break into peaceful life, you have always been a wonderful mother, we love and cherish you all the time, congratulation mom.


6. I have always wondered how much strength and energy you have, you use to sleep late and wake up early in the morning. You make sure everything goes well at home before leaving home to work every morning, and with the plenty encomium pouring in for you, it shows how much success you have been at work too, we are proud of having a great woman like you as our mother, wishing you a lovely retirement time.


7. Dearest mother, congratulation on your retirement, and never be afraid of what lies in the future for you, God will always take great care of you, you will be happy and joyful in retirement.


8. No more running up and down for you, no more pressure and anxiety to meet up with office deadlines, we are very happy for you mother for a successful career goal and achievement, you came, you saw and you have conquered, your retirement will bring you peace and joy, congratulation.


9. There are only two mothers in the world, you and others, you are truly a superwoman, we will emulate your beautiful footsteps, sit back and enjoy your retirement time, you will find everything wonderful, congratulation mom.


10. Congratulation mama, you have done all your work well and now it is the time to retire well. We will make it a beautiful moment for you, you have done a lot for us and it is time to relax and enjoy your life too.


11. It is a beautiful day for you mama, we are going to be having you 100% to our self, you always been a great mother, congratulations on your retirement mama.


12. Mama as you take a break away from the hustle and bustle of work life, I wish you a very beautiful retirement time, you deserve the best, because you have given your best in your career.


13. It is a blessing for us to have a beautiful mother like you mama; you have always been there for us. You have succeeded in bringing us up in a beautiful way, and you have also achieved huge success in your work, now that you are retiring, I want you to know that you are retiring into happiness and sweetness, we will make every moment of your life memorable for you, congratulation great mama.


14. I want to use this opportunity to congratulate a superhero and the only woman worth celebrating. Thank you for all the big support and unforgettable times. I love and will continue to cherish you.


15. Love is the feeling you have when you are internally at peace knowing someone so priceless is behind me. Your long time in service is nothing else but a gift to me for taking and looking after me and supporting me no matter what.


16. There are times you need to look up and give thanks to God for having such a wonderful woman I can call mother. You have never hesitated in going out of your way in making sure I was happy. It’s a good time to feel happy and fulfilled and to celebrate a strong woman who is retiring after so many years. I love you and will always cherish you.


17. Many nights I pray for more blessing for a loving mother who has given me many moments of uninterrupted happiness and joy. You have always been there for me through the years; I wish you all the blessings and tranquillity in the world as you finally retire. Love yours.


18. It is not your birthday nor your anniversary but it’s another time to celebrate the best mother in the world. A woman who has given me love and hope guidance and share the challenges all through my growing years. I’m wishing you a very big congratulation and all the best that life will bring.


19. There isn’t another way I can say thank you for everything you have done for me, but to keep kneel down every night and pray to God to protect you for me. Congratulations on your retirement, I hope you have many more years of adventures ahead of you.


20. I only want you to be happy because it is all you have done for me all my life. I want you to know that I will always be here to support you on any. Congratulations mum, I love you.

21. I have always admired you as a great mother, Congratulations on your retirement, wishing you a wonderful life.


22. As you retire from service today, may you only witness happiness and good tidings from today. You are an epitome of care and affection and I can only say I will always be there for you when you need m most.


23. You deserve all the blessings coming your way in this time of your life. You have been my only reason to make it through all my years of existence with you love, care and affection. I love you and wish you much good luck and happiness on your retirement.


24. Dear mom, I want to wish you a very big congratulations on your retirement. I wish to use this medium to appreciate all the wonderful things you have done for me. It’s been so many years of endless love and care that I have always receive from you. Thank you for everything.


25. A time to call it to quit on national service is also a time to be happy and look back on all the achievements you have had for the past years, I wish you a happy retirement mom.


26. Congratulations to a great mentor, a wonderful woman and an amazing teacher for her retirement. You have lived a great life and you should be celebrated at every moment, thank you for always been there for me.


27. There can be no other reason to be fulfilled if my mother isn’t celebrated, congratulation mom for your great achievement, wishing you a memorable retirement.


28. A big thanks to my mother and for making me happy for so many years. You have done a lot for me and showed me with love that mere words cannot describe. I pray for you to spend your remaining times in peace and happiness.


29. Dearest Mother, you are a woman to care for, a woman to understand and appreciate, a woman to love and cherish. A woman to respect and always listen to, a woman I call mother. Congratulations on your retirement, I wish you much happiness in every moment of your life,


30. Congratulations to you for a successful retirement and want to use this opportunity to appreciate everything you have done for me. It is indeed a priceless gift to have a caring mother like you, now you will have to sit back and let me care for you.


31. You are the one who has taken care of me all through the period of my life. You provided for me whenever I asked and you supported me when I needed you most. Thank you for all these beautiful things you have done for me, congratulations on your retirement.


32. You have every right to smile and be happy for a well-fulfilled life. You deserve every blessing coming to you for your doggedness and hard work all these years. I just want to say happy retirement to you, may God continue to protect you from me.


33. I’m wishing you a very happy retirement life to a superwoman and a guardian angel of my life. You have always been there to guide me true this uncertainty life. I can never repay all the things you have done for me, congratulations to you mom.


Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes
Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes


Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages for Dad

34. Dearest dad today is a great day for you and us, it is your retirement day, it means that you will be home with us tomorrow. It means that we will be having a lot of fun together, it means that we will be seeing you more than before, stay back and enjoy your life dad, you have done a lot for us, congratulation.


35. We have always known you as a great father, you would always make sure that we lack nothing at home, you really took good care of us and we are grateful for all the things that you have done for us. Now it is your retirement time, and it going to be a beautiful time for you because we are prepared to make the rest of life a wonderful moment and a joyful time for all of us, stay back and enjoy your life, congratulation dad.


36. As a little boy, I watch you as you leave home every day and come back late in the evening, you have always done this for over fifteen years, that is a lot of work dad. I’m filled with excitement when I know that it is the time for you to take a break and rest, congratulation dad, we wish you a beautiful retirement time.


37. Hurrah! It is a celebration for us, great dad is retiring from work today, congratulation dad, you have achieved a milestone in your career, and you have also succeeded in building a lovely home like ours, we cherish and admire you, relax and feel good dad.


38. You are retiring to good health and lovely life, you have always been a great father since I have known you, thank God for a beautiful service to the country and to humanity, we are proud of you dad, congratulations.


39. It is time to rest very well dad, no more early morning rush and late-night arrival, it is going to be great fun for you and us now that we will be spending much time together, congratulation dad, wishing you a beautiful time ahead.


40. I have never seen a wonderful father like you dad, you are a superhero both at home and in your workplace, I know that everybody is going to miss you in your office. But to us, it is a great thing, because we will share lots of intimate time with you, we love you, dad.


41. You have served greatly for 30 years, what a glorious service for you dad, now we are just entered another beautiful moment together, and I promise you that you will enjoy every bit of your time in this period of your retirement, congratulation dad.


42. Congratulation on your retirement dad, thank God for the great success, not everyone that started in about thirty years ago get to this beautiful end, wishing you a wonderful moment.


43. You are free from the mounts of paperwork and the crazy traffic jam that you face every day, relax now and enjoy your life, happy retirement dad.


44. It is really worth celebrating with you dad, you are the hero of our life, congratulation on your retirement.

45. God has opened a new chapter in your life today dad, congratulation on your successful retirement from service; it is going to be a happy time for you.


46. Happy retirement dad, you have always been an epitome of beauty in our heart, now we will be having all the beautiful time together, life is just beginning for us, relax and have a great fun dad.


47. There is time to work and time to rest, you have done the working dad, it is a beautiful time to take a break and rest, big congrats to you a great dad.


48. You have retired well; it is going be fun and happiness for you dad, happy retirement.


49. However, you have retired today, but you have left your footprint in the sand of time, congratulation dad, wishing you a joyous retirement.


50. Dear dad, you have build bridges and mend walls; you are a great example that everybody should emulate, congratulations on your retirement, wishing you happiness and peaceful life.


51. You have taken great care of us, and now you are retiring, it is our turn to care for you and make you smile congratulation dad, we will ever be ready to be at your service now.


52. Dear dad, great men like you never completely retire from service, because your rich knowledge and great mentorship are always needed, but you can do that from home at your comfort, congratulation dad, wishing you marvellous time.


53. Now you are going to be having enough sleep time and better rest time, it is retirement to happiness and great fun, congratulation dad.


54. Dad, you have always been a man of great vision, and hardworking, you will be missed so much by your institution, and for us your great children, it is the happiest time of our as we are going to be having a lot of beautiful time together, a big congratulation to you dad.


55. I can see much encomium pouring your way dad from friends and family, and that is exactly how great you are in many minds, a man of great virtue and achievements, you have retired well, congratulation dad!


Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes
Congratulations on Your Retirement Wishes

Congratulations on Your Retirement Messages for Boss

56. I have served under different people but you have always been exceptional sir, wishing you a beautiful life as you retire today sir, we are going to miss you so much.


57. You have served the company in a very great way, your contribution to the growth and development of this organization can never be forgotten, happy retirement sir, wishing you well for the rest of your life.


58. Congratulations sir, you are retiring greatly, this period will bring you great moments in your life, and we are going to miss you.


59. It is hard to believe that you are retiring sir, it has become reality, and we are really going to miss you and your wealth of knowledge, wishing you a beautiful life, congratulation.


60. As you take a step into the next stage of your life, I wish you happiness and joy for all through your life sir, thank you for being a great boss and a great mentor, I will miss you well sir.


61. If we can do anything to keep you with us, we will have done that, we wouldn’t have let you go, but since retirement means happiness and peace for you, we will always wish you well in all your future life, congratulations sir.


62. Congratulations on your retirement sir! You will always remain in my memory as one of the greatest assets this company has ever had, wishing you a happy and peaceful retirement.


63. Special thank you to a great boss who always carries everyone along and builds a winning team in us, your beautiful work will always remain in our mind, wishing you well into a beautiful retirement time.


64. It is a great honour to have passed through a great man like you, you have been a sources inspiration to many of us in this organization, and you have influenced a lot of knowledge in us that we can never forget you, thank you, boss, retire well.


65. Your great contribution to this company is acknowledged by your beautiful work, you are one of the greatest assets that this company has ever had, sir you are leaving a beautiful legacy behind, congratulation and wishing you good health and prosperity in your retirement.


66. I have always counted on you for everything I need to know in my work and in life, thank you for being a great mentor to me, congratulations sir, your retirement will bring you happy times with your friends and family, I will miss you greatly.


67. Retirement is happiness, retirement is joy, that is what I’m wishing you, boss!


68. You will be fine and beautiful now sir, no more paperwork for and no more ear-deafening blaring of motor horns and traffic jam in the early morning and late evening, it is going to be peace and happiness for you, congratulations sir.


69. Congratulations on your retirement sir, wishing you all the best for the rest of life.


70. You are moving into a life of sweetness and happy time, relax and enjoy the rest of your life in peace and in harmony, congratulations sir.


71. Congratulations on your retirement sir, life will never be the same here without you, you are more than thousands of bosses, we will miss you, sir.


72. Happy retirement sir, the company will miss a great asset like you, we will still be consulting you for many important issues, retire well sir.


73. You are a real asset that every organization would want to have around, I hope in the nearest future we will find another person like you, congratulation on your retirement, wishing you a happy life.


74. I have often wondered how we will cope here in our department without you, you have always been the sources of our inspiration and great achievement, all the gold medals go to you sir, wishing you a beautiful retirement.


75. You will be remembered for your great virtues and understanding, everyone around here we talk good about you, sir, wishing you well as you retired into happiness and greatness.


76. No one can take your place as you leave this organization, you have left a big shoe that no one can wear, hope we will live up to your expectation one day, happy retirement sir.


77. A big congratulation to you sir, this is well-earned retirement that you have, you have taken this company to a glorious height during your time, and we will never forget your beautiful work.


78. Your great mentorship will always remain with us, though you are leaving us in this organization now, your great work and achievement remain with us, congratulations sir.


79. You are leaving behind a beautiful footprint that would be difficult to erase in a long time, we will miss a great boss like you, sir, farewell in your retirement life.


80. Congratulation sir, no more overwork and overtime for you sir, you can relax and enjoy the fruit of your hard-earned labour, wishing a beautiful life.


81. You are always a listening and cheerful boss, we will miss you, sir, wishing you a beautiful retirement time.


82. You make our dull day a bright one, you always lead by example, you prefer to lead by doing the work not by sitting and giving instruction, by this, we lean greatly from you boss, wishing well as you retire, congratulation boss.


Retirement Wishes
Retirement Wishes

Best Retirement Wishes for Colleague & Friends

83. You have been a great friend and a wonderful colleague in the office, now are taking a beautiful break from the busy life of work and stress, congratulation on your beautiful retirement, wishing all the beauties and the fun that retirement brings.


84. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Here you go back home to relax and enjoy your life in peace and harmony, wishing you a very wonderful retirement life, thank God for your successful career.


85. You started work a year before me, and you have to retire a year before me, I will miss you a lot, I wish that we retired the same day so that I don’t have to spend a day here without you, wishing you a sweet retirement life, stay back and enjoy the fruit of labour.


86. I have always known you as a dedicated and hardworking colleague whose present always motivate others to work hard, though you are leaving us behind in the company your good work and a marvellous relationship will always remain in our mind, farewell.


87. Dear friend, your retirement actually means great freedom and a beautiful moment for you in your life; you will now have a beautiful time with your family and friends, congratulations!


88. Happy retirement, no more the rush to work, no more traffic jamb, no more late-night homecoming, and no more annoying boss dishing out instructions, you are free to live and enjoy your time the way you want, it is going to be a great moment for you, congratulations!


89. You are one of the greatest co-workers I have ever worked with, those days as members of the same are the most memorable of my experience in my career life, you are such a huge inspiration to everybody that has worked with you, wishing you a beautiful retirement time.


90. I know you love golfing and fishing, now it is the best time for you to enjoy your hubbies and feel good, happy retirement, wishing you a memorable future.


91. The hard life of shuffling plenty of paperwork every day is over for you, no more overtime and running to catch up deadlines, congratulations! It is going to be a great time for you.


92. We will miss a great inspirational and funny worker like you, you have always made every dull moment a beautiful one, endued with great skill and knowledge, you have remained as of the greatest asset this company ever had, farewell to a beautiful fellow like you.


93. You deserve every moment in your life happy, you have worked too hard to reach this level, and it the time for you to retire from the busy side of life, retire well my friend and enjoy the rest of your life in peace and harmony, congratulations on your wonderful retirement.


94. You are one of the pioneer workers of this company, you started the company from the scratch and now you have taken it an amiable height, your name will be writing in gold in the good record of the organization, sit back and enjoy the fruit of your work, congratulation on your retirement.


95. Congratulation on your retirement friend, relax and enjoy the rest of your life in peace.


96. Retirement is a beautiful time that every worker looked up to, yours has come at a better time; enjoy every bit of your life with your family, a big congratulations to you.


97. Make the best of your retirement life just as have made the best of your working life, congratulation on the news of your retirement.


98. Every moment you will spend in your retirement will bring you peace and harmony, congratulations!


99. I’m wishing you the best time of your life as you retired today, congratulations!


100. Every news of retirement comes with happiness and joy, it means that you were neither dismissed nor sacked from work, it translates that you have served meritoriously and it is time to rest and get the reward of your service, congratulations my dear friend for a successful ending.


101. The time has come for you to sit back and enjoy the beauty of life at this moment of your life, it is going to be a great time for you, congratulations on your retirements.

 Retirement quotes
Retirement Wishes

Retirement Messages and Wishes for Teachers and Mentor

102. Thank you for moulding into what I’m today sir, I heard of the news of your retirement with great hope and happiness for you, you have served the school greatly, you have helped build a greater nation, and you produce stars among your fellow students, congratulations sir, wishing you a beautiful life.


103. I can’t forget everything that makes my moment great in high school, you are one of the best teachers we have then, you touched my life positively with your simple way of life and the inspirational way you impact knowledge on us, I know every moment of your retirement will be great for you and your family, congratulations sir.


104. There are only two teachers in the world, you and others, congratulation on your retirement sir, wishing you happiness and joy.


105. You are a super teacher, a great mentor of all time, you have helped me to achieve my dreams, congratulations sir, wishing you a memorable retirement.


106. You have tutor us well sir, now it is the time to take a beautiful break and rest, wishing you well in every moment of your life, happy retirement life.


107. You have the gold medal for you, and you have left a beautiful footprint in the sand of time, you will always remain one of the greatest teachers the country has ever had, a happy retirement sir.


108. Congratulations on your retirement sir, you have achieved much in your service year as a great teacher, you an icon of great knowledge, your good name is inscribed in gold in our heart, wishing you all the beautiful things in life.


109. There is leadership, and there is Abraham Lincoln. There is creativity and there is Mark Zuckerberg. There is music an there is Michael Jackson. There is mentorship and there are you. Happy retirement to the greatest teacher I have ever known.


110. There are times where we have to sit down and give thanks and to appreciate a gem like you. Today, you retire from great service and the world should be unhappy because we’ll be missing a great teacher like you, sir.


111. Happy retirements to a great mentor my dear teacher, you are an important part of my learning life and I can only be thankful because your advice and guidance have been valuable to me. Good luck with your new life sir.


112. It has been a long and tedious journey of learning because of the demanding nature of learning, with you been my guide, I ventured through the journey in ease. I wish Farewell in your retirement sir and thanks for all the support.


113. You have made me a better person as the year flew by, hearing the news of your retirement isn’t a thing of sadness but one for appreciation and a doorway to many of the happiest moments ahead. Happy retirement leader, I will always cherish you.


114. I made mistakes; you were there to keep me motivated and focused. A big heart and a pure soul like you will find peace and harmony in life. Congratulations on your retirement sir the school will really miss a professional like you.


115. You are just another proof that there are still good people in this world. You are one of my biggest inspirations and it makes me happy that you are finally retiring. Retirement is a time to be happy and look back on the beautiful part of life.


116. May God give you all the strength and guidance to keep battling your challenges and wearing a great smile in life. Happy retirement sir, I wish you all the very best in your new phase of life.


117. You have always been a motivator for me and it makes me happy that you will be having a beautiful rest after so many fruitful years. Good luck on the new adventure.


118. You have lived a life filled with honourable and inspiring moments and these are moments I cannot forget but I can always hold on to cherish and look back on.


119. I think of the times when I needed help and you were always there to guide me. I will always remember you as a great teacher. To a gem of a teacher, I want to wish you the very best on your retirement.

120. With you, my life has been easier as you continue to give me the focus I needed to be great in life. Thank you for all the good times and I want to wish you all the best in your retirement.


121. I can only pray that more blessings come your way as you take another step in your successful life. You deserve the blessings coming to you and I wish you many more years ahead.


122. I used to think that there is no such thing as a complete motivator and a perfect leader. You are a rare gem. I want to use this moment to thank you for all the support.


123. I want to use this moment to thank you for everything. It has been a truly great ride having you as my leader, mentor, and motivator. Happy retirement to you and I hope you enjoy your next years in peace and ease.


124. A teacher is someone much more than just advice and guidance. A teacher is a friend and an ally. Thank you so much for all the knowledge. I will always value them because it has been important for me. I wish you happy retirement years.


125. I want to wish you many memorable years as you open a new page in your wonderful career. Thanks for all the great moments.


126. When I have you, as my guide, it has been a great joy and inspiration for me. You have given me the reasons to keep learning and remain focus until I achieve my goals. Thank you, sir, for taking the pain to put me through all hustle of learning, I wish you a beautiful retirement.


127. To a great person and a wonderful teacher, I wish to congratulation you on your retirement. May God give you the strength and guidance you need as you keep going.


128. I’m wishing a happy retirement to one of my favourite teacher, a mentor, and a great inspirational leader. I wish you success in your new adventures and many others to come.


129. Thank you for all the great years of guidance and pieces of advice. You are really a gem of a teacher. I’m wishing you a successful retirement.

Retirement Blessings and Wishes 

130. You have retired today, but you will never be tired in your life, congratulations.


131. A beautiful life is just beginning for you at retirement, congratulation.


132. This retirement will bring you happiness and joy, wishing you a memorable time.


133. May God continues to bless you all through life, every moment shall be grateful for you, congratulation on your retirement.


134. You will continue to receive great light and success in all the affairs of your life, you are retiring to peace and harmony, congratulation.


135. Happiness will continue to follow you wherever you go, this moment of retirement will bring you a lot of good, congratulation.


136. As you have served well in your year of service, you shall also be served now that you have retired, wishing you a beautiful life.


137. Life is just beginning for you now, great times lies ahead for you, relax, be happy and enjoys your retirement.


138. You will find every moment peaceful into your retirement, congratulations.


139. Your heart will find eternal peace and joy as you retire today, congratulation.


140. Good things will continue to come your way even as you retire now, congratulation.


141. You will find joy in your retirement congratulations.


142. Rejoice and be happy, today is the day of your freedom, congratulations on your retirement.


143. Retirement means spending beautiful times with your family, wishing you joys and harmony.


144. I wish you good health and long beautiful life into your retirement, congratulations.


145. The Lord will make everything easy for you in your life, congratulations on your beautiful retirement.


146. Every step you take in life shall bring you good, relax and enjoy your beautiful life, happy retirement.

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