Top 101 Cute Good Night Text for Her-Him

Cute good night text


Top 101 Cute good night texts for her-him are a beautiful collection of good night text messages for your beautiful soul mate. Don’t let her/him sleep without thinking of you, just scroll down and find the one that delights among the ones we have written below, good night to you too.




Cute Good Night Text for Her

• You are my heart when it beats, you are my though when I smile, you are the sweetest joy of my heart all the time, good night my Angel Eye, I love you so much.


• Every time that I think that I have a beautiful heart like you, my heart overflow in joy, I can’t think of a moment that your thought doesn’t cross my heart, good night, sleep tight.


• The first day that I saw you, I knew there is a beautiful treasure buried in your heart, now I can see and feel the treasure in your heart, it’s your care and undying love for me. Thank you for making my world beautiful, thank you for everything you have ever been to me, I love you, good night.


• As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, may you find every minute into the night marvelous, you have all my heart forever, good night my baby, I miss you.


• What more do I need in life when I have a beautiful wife like you, you touch my heart every day with your unending care for me, good night my cute eye, I love you.


• My world is going to bed now, do you know that I feel so great just to so good night to you, I love you now and always.


• You have built your love in my heart; see how beautiful I look every day because I have you in my heart, words cannot express how much you mean to me, good night my queen.


• Deep my heart is where I keep your love, as you lay to sleep this night, I say good night to you my angel.


• Life was so good to me when it chose you as my wife, the day I found you were the greatest day of my life, ever since then, I have loved you more, I promise one thing, my love for you would never fade away, good night.


• I’m thankful that we made it together to see a beautiful night like this, may the Lord keep us safe to see another beautiful day tomorrow, and our love last forever, good night.


• Everything that you make me feels ever since the time that I met you are beautiful, I want to be the one that you would think of and a cheerful would spread on your face, good night my lovely heart.


• I’m deeper in love with you every day, I love the beautiful atmosphere when you hold my hands and whisper your sweet love to my heart, I want to hold you forever in my heart, good night my beautiful heart.


• I don’t care what tomorrow would be as long as I have you by my side; I know God would take care of us, good night.


• I pray to spend all my life with you because I love you so much, good night.


• You make me perfect when I’m with you, all of my troubles disappear the moment you appear, I wish I can spend every second of my life with you, good night, wishing a beautiful sleep.


• As the moon emerges this night, I say good night to you my sweetheart, and as the sun rises tomorrow morning, may I say good morning to you as well.


• Prepare your beautiful mind to catch the night’s sleep, never leave any stone unturned, fall into a deep and sweet sleep, good night.


• Every night that I fall as I start dreaming of you immediately, I have never been so blessed before in my entire life until I found you, good night my sweetheart.



• One thing makes me happy every day, which is thinking that I have you by my side, good night my ROSE.


• Among the women of the world you are the most beautiful, I love you with my heart, good night.


• You catch my eyes that very first day that I see you thank God I never missed you, good night my sweet mama.


• Gold may shine, but they don’t shine like you shine when I see you, you make every moment a joyful time for my heart, good night.


• Let sweet sleep envelope your heart this night, I pray that my Lord sends his angel to guide and protect you, good night my dearest.


• When I think of you, I think of a beautiful future for us, you are everything that brings light to my world, good night my sweet wife.


• I learn beautiful things from you, I learn how to care and how to love, good night my heaven.


• Just one kiss from you would suffice to make my night blissful, that how special you are to my heart, good night my cheerful heart.


• Life is good to me that it bestows me with a beautiful heart like you, thank God for the day that has gone, and I pray for a beautiful night for us, may I dream sweet of you, good night.


• Good night to the most beautiful heart in the world, good night to you my wife.


• I love the kind of life I’m living with you, you are so cute and lovely, heaven was born in your heart, good night.


• I’m near to paradise when I sleep beside you, I love it when you hold me tight every night, let my heart be your playground this night, good night.


• When I look deep into the future I see a beautiful life for us there, I have never imagined that a beautiful soul like you still live, how wrong I was to have thought so, you are the purest beautiful tender heart that I have ever met, thank God you are mine, good night.


• My beautiful angel is about to sleep, may the Lord make the journey of the night beautiful for you, see your love face tomorrow morning, good night my sweet baby.


• I can’t sleep without saying good night to my beautiful heart, you make everything wonderful when you came into my life, I love you with every single beat of my heart, goodnight.


• My day is incomplete without you, just as my night, I want you by my side always, I miss you so much, goodnight sweet baby, dream sweet of me.


• When I’m sad I just think of you and smile, thank God I found you, you hay always been the joy of my heart, good night my angel.


• Every single day that passes, your love grows in my heart, I can’t imagine a world without you, goodnight my love, wishing you a happy night rest.



• If the rest of could not find you, then you were preserving for me. I value you so much, you are a beautiful gift from heaven to my heart, good night my sweetheart


• Your love is cute to my heart, I see you everywhere that I go, and I dream sweetly of you every night that comes, I love you so much, you mean everything to me, good night.


• I would always be there for you, I have vowed to love you forever, and you are my special heart, good night my baby.


• You have been running in my heart all day long, now the night has come, and I’m sure to dream of you, let the cool breeze blow my love into your heart, good night my sunshine.


• You lit my heart with the light of your love, I can’t forgive myself if I don’t love you more, and may God bless you with a beautiful night, goodnight, Mi Lady.


• Life was tough and rough before I found you, but when you came into my life, everything becomes beautiful, there is no doubt that you are an angel from heaven, I would always be there by your side when you need me most, good night.


• The world would have been an empty place for me without you, my heart cherishes you so much, good night my angel heart.


• You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, nothing would make me stop caring for you, good night, and may God bless your heart.


• Every single that passes, I thank GOD for keeping us safe to see another beautiful night like this, go to bed with a lovely heart, I have prayed to God Almighty to bless you with a wonderful night.


• You everyday joy, everything that makes me smile has a trace back to you, good night my moon.


• Dearest, it is to the delight of my heart to tell you that you are so special to me, I can’t think of a moment that I don’t pray for you, and as you close your eyes to sleep this night, may the LORD vanish all the sorrow in your heart, good night.


• Happy to know that my love if fine, the darker the night the intense the sleep, sleep without fear, my Lord would guard you, good night.


• See you in a beautiful morning tomorrow, refreshed from the night sleep, sleep tight my angel, good night.


• Things have never been so beautiful for me until I found you, you are the sweetness of my heart, I love you, goodnight my love.


• I have been looking for a beautiful word to capture how much you to me, let me just say you are my all, good night my sweetheart.


• Every time that I think that I have seen the best of you, I’m amazed to know that more beauty hides beneath your heart. I’m the most blessed man in the world because, I have an angel as Wife, good night my joy, may the bless your night.


• Living with has thought me how to love and care because you are so lovely and caring, have a good night kiss from me, good night my star.


• Like the moon, you illuminate my world. Like the honey, you sweetened my heart, you are the angel of my heart, I love you with the last drop of my blood, good night, may the Lord restore our soul tomorrow morning.


• Let the moon shine your heart, let the star glitters in your soul, let you dream sweetly of me this lovely night, goodnight my cutest eye


• When I look into your eyes, I see my paradise there, you make me feel happy when I’m with you, and you are not here, you filled my heart with your sweet memories, I can’t live without you, good night my butterfly.


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Cutest Good Night Text to Her

• My cinnamon is about to sleep, may the moon cool your night if it is hot, and may the Lord send his angel to wrap you in the merciful wings, dream of me too, good night.


• I don’t need another love again, I stop searching for that special woman the day I found you, and every night that comes before I sleep, I say thank God I found you, may we be by each other side tomorrow, good night.


• Every night single before I sleep, I use to refresh my heart of the beautiful words that you have ever spoken to, thank you for being my greatest inspiration, goodnight my beauty.


• When I hold your hand in my palm, I forget all the troubles of my heart, and when I kiss your lips, my heart feels so blissful as if taking in a journey to heaven, I just want to know that you are so special to me, good night.


• Every single moment that passes your love blossoms in my heart, like a laden full moon in the ocean. I love you with all my heart, good night, and dream sweet dreams.


• Good night my love, I want to assure you of my undying love for you, I promise you that I would be by your side forever as far as I lived


• Loving you always make feel so good, being with you gives me so much joy, it is going to be you and I forever, good night my princess.


• I want to be alone with you somewhere tonight, we would on angel wings, you and I would go on a special trip to paradise, good night.


• Get ready to cruise the night with me in dream Land, let the moon shines brightly to illuminate our path, good night my blessed soul mate.


• You are everything that is beautiful that I can see and think every day, life is cherishing ever since I found you, look up in the sky how beautiful the moon shines, your love shines Mori than that in my heart, good night my dove.


• Let me tell you how you are before you sleep, your eyes are so cute and lovely, your lips, succulent and tender, your teeth sparkle every time you smile, and your smile so heavenly to my heart, you have me as yours forever. I have fallen in love with you, goodnight my dream girl.


• As the moon shines that how my love shines for you, you are everything that I have ever dreamt of in a woman, thank you for being my everyday joy, good night my sweet candy.


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Cute Names to Call Your Wife/Girlfriend at Night

• My Night angel: this means she is as beautiful as the angels of the night.

My Moon: this means she shines like the full moon.

My glittering star: she is as shiny and glittering as the star in your heart.

My dream: this phrase means she is the one you always dream of.

My Angel Eye: her eyes are the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen.

My Daisy: this means she is beautiful and tenderly.

My Sunshine: this means she makes your day beautiful.

My Bright eyes: this means she is so cute in your eyes.

My Lamb: this means she adorable

• My All: this means she means everything you can ever think to you.


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Cute Good Night Text for Him

• Good night my king, may the angel of the wrap you with their merciful wings, see your charming smile again tomorrow morning.


• You know how difficult it is for me to fall asleep without hearing your sweet voice, I miss you so much, good night my Cuddly.


• Your sweet thought is always an expression of joy to my heart, I cherish every moment that I spent in your arms, for tonight I want you to sleep tight and dream sweet of me, good night my handsome.


• You make everything beautiful in my eye, which is why I love to spend every moment in your arms, I wish that I’m right there by your side now, good night my knight in shining armor.


• I can’t think of a single moment that you are not in my heart, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, good night my sweet Kido.


• You are lovely, you are caring, you are everything that a woman would desire in a man, thank God you are mine, good night my Sugar-Lips.


• I want you, the whole of you with me all the time; I can’t imagine a world without you, I want you to know that you mean so much to me, good night, my Super-Star.


• You are the joy of my heart every day and every time, life is so beautiful because I have a wonderful man like you as my husband, I’m the most blessed woman in the world with you, good night my Prince Charming.


• I don’t mind how long it would take to wait for you because it worth waiting for you even if it is for a whole lifetime, I miss you, good night my Ecstasy.


• The first day that I set my eyes on you, I knew that you are my Mr. Right, ever since you came into my life, everything looks so beautiful, I’m going miss you so much for the hours that we would be sleeping, but I’m sure to dream sweet of you, dream sweetly of me too, good night.


• I think of you a million times a day, there are no seconds that passes without having your sweet thought in my heart, I love everything about you, good night my All.


• You are too handsome for my heart, you are cute for my eyes too, and you so caring to be with, above all you are so romantic too; I love you, good night.


• Every time that you smile at me, I feel if I’m seeing an angel, and you’re really an angel incarnate, I would spend every moment of life with you, I want as mine forever, I love, wishing you a wonderful sleep.


• Sleep tight and dream of a beautiful world for us, you make everything beautiful for my heart, thank so much for your care and love, good night.


• A day without you is like a thousand-year of loneliness for my heart, you make me happy every time that I’m with you. I chose you out of all the millions of other men in the world because you are the most special of them all, good night.


• Loving you make me feel so good, being with you and holding your hands are the most adorable thing to my heart, goodnight to the King of my heart.


• Please kiss me before you fall asleep, and if you can’t, just text me and tell me how much I mean to you, my heart just can’t beat without you, good night my Hun.


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Short Cute Good Night Text for Him

• Leave your worry as you sleep tonight, good night my beautiful heart.


• May you be wrapped in God’s mercy, good night.


• I miss your sweet conversation, good night my intimacy.


• I want to be the joy of your heart forever, because I love you, good night.


• You are the choice of my heart, good night my hero.


• Everything becomes beautiful when I found you, good night.


• May your body be refreshed as you sleep tonight, good night my sweetheart.


• Good night my sunrise, may I see your beautiful face tomorrow.


• Life is good, and you are lovely, good night to you my amazing heart.


• I care for you as much as you cared for me; nothing would make me stop loving you, good night.


• You glitter in my heart like the night star, sleep tight, good night my dear.


• Making you mine forever would just be perfect, good night.


• I wish that I’m in your arms now; I miss you, good night.


• I love all my time with you, wishing you a joyful sleep, good night.


• You are the best that has ever happen in my life, good night my angel.


• I chose you among the rest because you make me complete, good night my Charming.


• Let sleep now and meet at dreams land tonight; I would be waiting for you, good night.


• Everything you are to me is just beautiful, like moonlight, you brighten my world, good night my Dear Heart.


• If I want to smile, I just playback your conversation in my heart; I miss you, good night.


• It is cheerful to live my life with you, good night my angel heart.


• You inflame my love for you; I’m happily in love with you, just to let you, good night, sweet dream.


• Thank you for loving me, and bringing happiness to my heart, good night.


• Do you that every night before I sleep I use to thank God I found you, good night my Night Light.


• I dreamt of you for a decade before I finally find you, you are my one and only, good night.


• I want to spend eternity in caring hand, good night my joy.


• I never believed that a beautiful soul like stile lives until I found you, good night.


• Cheer me with your sweet voice before I sleep, waiting for your call, I love you.


• The world needs more of you to make it a beautiful place, thank God I found you, good night.


• Dearest, thank you for your love, you are so precious to me, good night.


• When you look into the mirror you see your true reflection, you are just as beautiful as you see in the mirror, good night.


• Smile and accept my sweet good night greeting to you, I love you.


• I would always love you with my heart because you are my beautiful world, good night.


• If you dream of me, know that I’m dreaming of you too, you are my heart, good night.


• Good night my Captain of love, kiss you in your sweet lips.


• Good night, remember that I would always love you no matter what happens.


• I long to see your beautiful eyes tomorrow morning, I would miss you for the hour of the night, good night my angel.


• Good night my perfect world, thank you for always being my joy.


• When I look into your eyes, I see nothing but happiness, good night my Romeo.


• You teach me the true meaning of love, good night.


• You give me eternal joy to be with you, good night my love.


• Being with you is the most beautiful choice I have ever made, good night.


• I don’t want to imagine a single moment without you, I love you so much, good night my shining light.

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