Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents

Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes
Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes


Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes are beautiful collections of anniversary messages that you can send to your lovely parents to make them smile. Our parents are the epitome of our heart and the beauty of our soul, happy anniversary wishes to you Mom and Dad.

Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents

1. To my angel parent, you have a source of happiness and happiness to my life, I love you, Mom, I love you Dad, happy wedding anniversary.


2. Your marriage is made in heaven, you have always been a perfect couple, I have never seen you quarrel in one minute, you a wonderful parent. Happy marriage anniversary to Mom and Dad.


3. Today I pray that the Lord continues to bless you with good health and many happy times together, I’m proud to be born by a lovely parent like you. happy marriage anniversary to Mommy and Daddy.


4. I’m so happy to part of your celebration today Mom and Dad. You are an amazing parent and the best parent in the world. Congratulation to lovely parent.


5. Thank GOD for my lovely parent, your union has been a wonderful one, I wish many beautiful years together.


6. I want to grow up to have a lovely family like Mom and Dad, you are so lovely and nice. Thank GOD for your life, I’m very happy to say happy long-time marriage anniversary.


7. My dear parent, today is a wonderful day for you, I’m happy because you are always a happy couple. Thank GOD for well-fulfilled life. congratulation to you my guardian angel.


8. I wish you all that is good in life. you have a source of joy and inspiration to your children and the society as a whole. You are a rare gem. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.


9. I pray that the love that bound your heart together will never be severe. We have learnt all that is good from you. happy anniversary to my Mom and Dad.


10. To my lovely parent, to the best parent in the world, I’m wishing a very happy wedding anniversary.


11. Your life is full of beauty and peace, you are a good example to be followed, I’m proud to have a parent like you. Happy anniversary to you.


12. You have always been by each side through the thick and thin. You are truly a wonderful parent. Happy anniversary to my lovely parent.


13. I watch you held each other’s hands like two lover’s birds, I’m proud you Dad and Mom, thank God thank for this beautiful love that you share, it has been a sources peace in your heart. Happy anniversary to you, you are the best parent in the world.


14. My dear lovely Mom and Dad, your silent expression of love goes a long way to instil a love for humanity in my heart. Staying with you have thought me how to love and be caring to all mankind, your hearts are full of love and beauty.


15. Dear lovely parent, you are the pillars that have held this family together, you have instilled love and discipline in all of us, may GOD continue to protect and bless you. Happiness for you now and forever. We love you.


16. I’m happy to be sending you this lovely message on this beautiful day. I thank GOD that both of you are alive to witness this marvellous day. Your life has been filled with lots of beauties and you have sacrifice’s a lot to be together to make this beautiful relationship work. I want to grow up to be like you Mom and Dad. I wish you a heartily happy wedding anniversary.


17. Dear Mom and Dad, in your heart I found what true love looks like. Your love for one another is so strong that it has kept you younger and strongly bond together. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you throughout your period of stay this world.


18. Hurray! Dad and Mom are 20 years together today, let the whole world join me to wish my lovely parent happy wedding anniversary.

19. Dad, Mom, my prayer for you today is, may GOD almighty continue to preserve your love for one another in your beautiful heart. May you live a fulfilled life in good health and harmony…amen. I’m proud of you. Love you.


20. Thank GOD that made me your son, you are simply the best parents in the whole world. I’m wishing you a heartwarming happy marriage anniversary. Love you Mom and love you Dad.


21. I’m happy with you Mom and Dad, you wither the storm and sail through the tide to get to this level. You are such an understanding and a caring parent, GOD carefully chose the two of you to be together because He knows that you both have a beautiful heart. Many happiness for you today and always, happy anniversary to you my sources light.


22. I have learnt a lot about how a couple is supposed to live peacefully together in marriage. Thank you, father and mother, for showing me this beautiful example, you are a perfect couple, and a role model, I wish to be like you when I’m married. Happy a beautiful wedding anniversary.


23. Dear Dad and Mom, with you I have learnt that true love conquered everything because you loved each, you have stayed with others, even when the going was tough. Best wishes to you on this beautiful day as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.


24. To my lovely parent, thank GOD who had guard you through to this beautiful moment. You have always been there for each other all these beautiful years you have been together, it has been easy, but thank GOD you chose to sail through life together, loving one another.


25. Thank you, Mom, thank you, Dad, I’m great today because of your love and care for me. I don’t know what gift to send to you on this beautiful day of your wedding anniversary, but I’m sending you a beautiful gift from my heart-love for you.


26. It’s another beautiful year together, you have chosen to live together in peace and harmony, may the LORD continue to protect you and bless you with good health and prosperous life together. Happy wedding anniversary, Mom and Dad.


27. Today another year has been added to the beautiful years you have spent together, despite all the challenges, thank GOD you are still together and peace and harmony. Wish you, Dad and Mom, a happy anniversary together.


28. Twenty years of living together in peace and harmony, what a glorious time spent together. I’m happy for you Mom and Dad. Happy wedding anniversary.


29. Happy anniversary to our lovey parent. You have always been a great couple and wonderful parent. Growing up under your guardian has been full of beautiful memories, you are simply an amazing parent. We love you.


30. If all couples in the world are like you, the world will be wonderful, you are so understanding and peaceful couple. Happy for you my lovely Mom and Dad, happy anniversary.


31. After more than a decade together, your love is still fresh for one another. You are so wonderful as husband and wife. Congratulation to my lovely angels.


32. You are a great couple no doubt, as your daughter some time I’m jealous when I see you play together like a young couple, I want to have a family like yours, please pray for me. Happy marriage anniversary Mom and Dad.


33. Dear Father, dear Mother, your life is so beautifully spent together. I’m happy to be a part of this beautiful celebration. Happy anniversary to you, Mom and Dad.


34. To my lovely mother and father, I’m wishing you a beautiful wedding anniversary. I’m happy to be part of the celebration, you are both a great parent. I love you.


35. Despite all your difference, you have never allowed it to affect your beautiful relationship, we rarely see you quarrel, you are such an amazing parent. we wish more glorious years together in good health. Happy anniversary to my lovely Mom and Dad.


36. Your type is so rear, you are the type of parent that every child would pray to have, I can’t but thank GOD for a life well spent together, may the LORD continue to bless and strengthen your relationship together, best wishes for you Mom and Dad.


37. Thank you, mother, thank you father for all the care and love you have shown me, you are such an adorable parent. I’m happy that today mark a memorable day in your relationship, happy marriage anniversary.


38. My dear lovely Mom and Dad, I thank GOD for you for your lovely life, you are a very good example of what a lovely couple should be. Your great virtues have endeared family and friends to you. I wish you a very happy and memorable anniversary.



39. Dear Dad, you have always been a great inspiration to our life, you thought us all that we should know, and above all, unity, I can see the unity between you and Mom, I love your adorable life.


Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes
Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes

40. Happy wedding anniversary to two great individuals who have always remain above board in everything they do. I have never seen a parent as great as you, you are so caring and lovely, I pray the LORD to continue to flourish the love of one another in your heart. I love you both.


41. Thank GOD for you Dad and Mom, your marriage is a blessing to the world. You are not only loved by your entire family, but the world also loves you. I can see all the beautiful encomium pouring down on you, you are such a successful and wonderful parent. Congratulation.


42. If I have to choose a parent million times, I will choose you, again and again, you a real hero, congratulations to my lovely Mommy and Daddy.


43. I have been with you for over fifteen years and I’m the third born of the family, I have asked my brothers if they have seen you fight they said no, what I glorious marriage life, so beautiful! I’m wishing you more beautiful years to come, it’s exactly twenty-five glorious years of togetherness today, and more love and affection still filled your heart, this is what true love is. Congratulation to Mom and Dad.


44. My greatest joy today is that both of you are alive to witness this beautiful day together, I’m honoured to be called your son, happy anniversary to you Mom and Dad.


45. My greatest Dad and Mom your life is so full of beauty and richness, every day I pray that you will continue to live together in peace and harmony as it has always been. I’m so happy for you, congratulation to lovely Mom and Dad.


46. I thought that it was only young couples that sings a love song for one another, my Mom and Dad always sing a love song for each other. Your life is a living example for any couple who wish to live together in harmony. I’m so blessed to have you both as a parent. Happy wedding anniversary, I love you.


47. Thank GOD for this beautiful union, Dad, Mom, you are blessed with lovely children and both of you have been living a success both in your careers and family life, what a huge blessing from GOD. I’m happy for you, happy anniversary.


48. Thank you to my lovely parent who showed me early in my life of how to live a successful family life as husband and wife. I will always keep all the lessons I have learnt from you in my heart so that I can have a successful home like this one you have built. Happy anniversary.


49. Every second I spent at home, I always admired my Mom and Dad, I have never seen husband and wife so understanding and caring for each other. Happy beautiful anniversary.


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50. Thanks for raising me up as an adorable child, you are also an adorable parent. Your life is a good example for others to emulate, I’m proud of my adorable parent, happy marriage anniversary Mommy and Daddy.


51. Happy couples produce happy children and happy family, this is a great day for Mommy for and Daddy. Happy anniversary to the best parent in the world.


52. You gave us unconditional love, you both are a great parent and lovely husband and wife. We thank GOD for you, for a beautiful and wonderful life spent together, it has been over twenty years of blissful married life. Happy marriage anniversary to Mom and Dad.


53. I have noticed one thing about you Mom and Dad, the older you get, the stronger the love in your heart for one another. You are two great couples, I wish I will grow up to be like you. Happy lovely anniversary.


54. There are certainly challenges along the path of this glorious journey of married life, but you have risen above all obstacles You tolerated and loved each other all along, you are indeed a super Hero and Heroine. I love you Mom and Dad, happy wedding anniversary.


55. For better and for worst you have always remain together, you are a good example of true love, I love you Mom and Dad wishing you a lovely anniversary.


56. Happy wedding anniversary parent, you both mean a lot to me and I will always pray that you find peace and happiness together. Congratulation I love you.


57. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary, Mom and Dad, the most loving and caring parent in the world. Wishing you love, happiness and good health.


58. I am so happy to have you as a parent, you have been so wonderful and caring, wishing you love and happiness today and forever. Happy anniversary mom and dad.


59. Happy wedding anniversary parent, age with grace. Wishing you more years together and long life.


60. My parent has always been my strength, my shadow and my everything, am so happy to see you both in love and happiness, wishing you all the good things in the world. Congratulation on your anniversary.


61. Congratulation, today marks the day you both agreed to be one, to love and cherish each other and to live in peace and harmony, may the good memories it comes with last forever. Happy wedding anniversary.


62. I am blessed to have you as a parent and to witness this special day of your life. Wishing you many more years together in love and good health.


63. Congratulation to a loving and caring couple that smile together, play together and work together. May you live longer together in good health, peace and in harmony.


64. This special day reminds you of all the good times you have shared together, the loving, the laughter, the playing and so many loving memories in the past. May you find yourself adorable again. Congratulation and happy anniversary Mom and Dad.


65. My loving and caring parent, who have always wish me good and ensure I become successful in life I use this opportunity to pray that you find peace in your heart, love and good health as you age together. Happy wedding anniversary.


66. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary parent. may these beautiful moment keeps you strong in love and long life, wish you a happy anniversary.


67. Marriage is full of challenges and ups and downs. It takes two to tangle; you both have been patient and strong in life to overcome all challenges. Wish you more love and a happy anniversary together.


68. Understanding is the very important subject in marriage and love to keep the ball rolling, may you continue to find love and understanding in your home. Congratulation on your anniversary.

Cute Happy Anniversary Wishes for parents

69. The best way to be happy is to love and be love, cherish and be cherished, care and be care for. May you be happy today and forever.


70. I am so happy to witness your wedding anniversary mum and dad, wish you forever happiness together. Congratulation.


71. Dear parent, you have successful live together in love and understanding; wish you many more years together without misunderstanding. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary.


72. Congratulation to my dear parents on their wedding anniversary, long life as you grow older. Wishing you more strength and love.


73. I am delighted to have you as a parent, you have been there for me and I pray God to continue to shower his blessings upon you and the entire family. Happy anniversary.


74. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary the most caring parent, may these bring many more year of celebration and laughter together.


75. Happy wedding anniversary to the most loving and adorable parent of the year. Come rain come sunshine I will always be by your side dad and mum.


76. Your hearts are filled with beauty and love for one another, thank GOD for a life well spent together in peace and harmony, congratulation to my lovely parent. I love you.


77. I use to marvel at the reason why couples fight or separate, I’m so lucky because my parents have shown me how a couple can live together peacefully. Daddy and Mommy, you are caring and understanding with one another and to the children. Happy anniversary to you.


78. Happy wedding anniversary to my lovely Daddy and Mommy. Thank you for making me believe that there could be a beautiful marriage like yours. I will carry this lesson with me to build my relationship in the future. I’m proud to be called your son. I love you both.


79. Congratulations to my awesome parent, despite all the hurdles that you have faced over the years you trudge ahead like a soldier in the battlefield, with a deep love for one another you overcome every trouble together. I’m honoured to be part of this beautiful moments and I will cherish you as a lovely parent forever. Once more congratulation to my guardian angel. I love you.


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80. After a long year of being together, you still held each other’s hands and smile together, you value and respect each other greatly, and above all, you show real love and care for one another. We are lucky children because you are a wonderful parent to us, we love you Mommy and Daddy and we are happy to be part of this beautiful celebration. Happy anniversary to you.


81. Every time I’m at home, I feel like I’m in paradise already. Congratulation to my lovely parent, you have succeeded in building a peaceful and lovely home, where love and care reign in our heart. Both of you are looking great as if you are still in your thirties, and you are already in your fifties, what a great and beautiful life. I love you, Mom, I love you Dad, have a beautiful celebration.


82. I will write a book on you so that other couples can learn how to live a successful marriage life, because of your sacrifice and commitment you have built an enviable relationship together. The very peaceful serene that enveloped our home is courtesy of your love and care, you are such a wonderful parent. Happy marriage anniversary to you. I LOVE YOU.


83. I have been hearing about broken homes, we are so lucky because you have chosen to live together peacefully sacrificing everything to make sure this relationship work. Thank you, MOMMY, thank you, DADDY, for never allow us to go through the pain of a broken home. Happy marriage anniversary to you.


84. Hurray! Today Mom and Dad are twenty years in marriage, a big congratulation to the most inspiring parent in the world. I love you.


85. Dear Mom and Dad, I love you so much because you have taught us how to love. You are a real-life hero and heroine because you have succeeded in touching many lives positively, your generosity is not between you two alone, but to the entire world, I’m the most fortunate in life to such an amazing parent. Happy wedding anniversary.


86. Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for your understanding, you have chosen peace instead of rancour, you have chosen love instead of hatred and you have chosen the path to success instead of failure, this is why your marriage has become a huge success. Congratulation Dad and Mom and happy beautiful marriage anniversary.


87. Congratulation on this beautiful day to my lovely Dad and Mom, you are made for each other, and pray that the LORD continues to protect both of you, mores blessing and good health for you.


88. The success of your marriage is truly an inspiration for us, we have learnt a lot of beautiful things about your life, thank God for you Mom and Dad for this special gift. Happy marriage anniversary.


89. The strong bonds in our family are the foundation that you laid, you have made it and we will learn from your good example, we will follow your good path. Congratulation Mom and Dad on your wedding anniversary. I’m happy to be a part of this beautiful celebration. I love you.


90. Dearest Mom and Dad, you are ever looking younger and beautiful every day, so many people have been asking me, what the secret is? I told them it is love. I have always marvelled at your simple disposition, you take life so easy that people thought you don’t have any problem, this is the secret of your beautiful love life and peace of mind. I’m happy for you. Happy anniversary to you.


91. To the beauty of my heart, to the one that cares so much for me, you never gave up on me when I was facing a life-threatening illness. You both have lived a beautiful life and I’m happy to be alive to witness this beautiful day of your 40th marriage anniversary, I wish you more beautiful years together in good health. I love you Mom and Dad, you are the best.


92. If have to make another choice for another parent I will make the choice a million times by chosen you as my parent. You are both an angel sent from above, and I’m happy that your marriage is a gift from above too. Happy wedding anniversary to you.


93. If my mother was a moon, then the father is the sun, mothers shine brightly and illuminate the darkness at night, while the father’s heart serves as the light that brightens the days. You are both a lovely parent, I love you both. Wishing a happy anniversary together.


94. Many days have come and gone, and each day filled with its own challenges, there is no completely good day as there are no completely bad days, in your good days you smile together and in your bad days your hold each other’s hands tight. Your life is filled with lots of beauties my dear Mom and Dad, and I’m happy for you for the choice of living together peacefully all these years. Happy wedding anniversary, I love you.


95. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing us a good way to live together as a family, I will always live by your great examples, congratulations, you both have lived an exemplary life.


96. Not every marriage has the opportunity of surviving even for one year, yours have lasted for thirty years, I’m happy to be part of this beautiful celebration. Happy anniversary to my lovely parent. I love you.


97. Thank GOD for bringing me from this beautiful home with a lovely parent like you, Mom you’re an epitome of beauty that everyone will want to have as a mother, Dad you are a very compassionate person, no wonder mama smiles every time she is around you, congratulation you have both succeeded in building a lovely home. Happy marriage anniversary.


98. A very happy anniversary for my lovely parent, I pray that your days be filled with beautiful memories and lots of good things come your way, you are so specially made for one another. I love you both.



Cute Happy Anniversary Quotes from Daughter

99. Thank God for this lovely relationship for you Dad and Mom, you have a beautiful heart that endeared you together. I’m wishing you long life in good health and beautiful moments together. Happy anniversary to you.


100. As I flip through your photograph of over two decades ago during your wedding, I can’t but to thank GOD who has protected you and join your hearts together in love and in compassion. Dad, you are truly the hero of this home, Mom you’re the heroine of this home, you both have made an imperfect life perfect, I’m happy for you today, Wishing you a lovely anniversary together.


101. O, LORD! I thank you for these beautiful moments for my lovely father and mother, today is marking the 20th anniversary of their marriage. Thank you for being with them and never let them down. Bless them with what will soothe their heart and cool their eyes, all bounties are in thy hand, amen. Happy anniversary to you Mom, Dad.


102. Happy anniversary to the happiest couples in the world. I’m happy to be at home to celebrate this beautiful moment with you Mom and Dad. I love you.


103. You are the greatest parent in the world, you have made my life beautiful, I feel like I’m the one in your shoe. Your life is so beautifully spent together. Happy anniversary to my lovely Dad and Mom.


104. The greatest joy in my life is to watch you as grow from cradle to adult and still feel the same way about you the way I felt you twenty years ago. You haven’t changed this great feeling you have for one another. You love and respect each other and you are two great lover birds and companions, I thank GOD for a beautiful life you are living, wishing you more years together in good health, peace and harmony. Congratulation on your anniversary Mom and Dad. I love you.


105. Thank GOD for a beautiful dream come true, my dream of having a lovely parent who loved and cared for one another. You do not only love yourself, but you also love and care for everyone around you. You are an amazing parent. Wishing you more joy and happiness today and forever. Happy anniversary.


106. How time flies, it exactly 25th anniversary of your wedding today, and you still look young and beautiful Mom and Dad. It is the evidence that you have lived as great companions in peace, love and harmony. May the LORD continue to guide and protect you through your lifetime. Happy anniversary to you my lovely guardian angel. I love you.


107. Despite all the stormy and trying times, you did not leave one another. Your marriage life is a good example for every new couple to follow. You have shown us how beautifully husband and wife can live together in peace and harmony. I’m proud to be your son. Happy married anniversary to my amazing parent.


108. Dear Mom and Dad, thanks for making me believe in love. You have shown that love resides in the heart and it does not depend on age and time. Your love is an everlasting love for one another. Happy marriage anniversary.


109. Dear Mom and Dad, when you take your vow to be together about two decades, you have made a perfect decision, I think you both are specially made for each other by the almighty GOD, thank GOD that you never aloe that opportunity pass by without realizing it. I’m happy that your marriage has reached a beautiful level like this. Wishing you a happy anniversary and more good things come your way.


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110. Hurray! Today is your 40th wedding anniversary, gold medals for Mom and Dad! I love you.


111. Happy! Marriage to my lovely Mom and Dad. Wishing you many lovely years together.


112. Happy wedding anniversary to the best mother in the world. You are truly an amazing mother I wish you all the beauties and goodies in life.


113. Happy anniversary to the best father in the world, you are really a super hero father, thank you for all the care and love. Wishing you a most memorable day.


114. This is wishing my lovely parent a special greeting on this beautiful day, you are thirty years together today. I’m very happy for this beautiful union filled with true love and care. I wish you more years together in good health and prosperity.


115. Congratulation dear mama, you have succeeded in building a beautiful home, where love, peace and happiness reigns. Wishing you a memorable anniversary.


116. Congratulation to my lovely papa, you are truly a very great man, you always stand taller among other fathers. I’m happy today is the 40th anniversary when you have been together with mom in peace and harmony, wishing you more beautiful time together. I love you both.


117. The joy of knowing that today marks the 50th anniversary of your marriage is lovely, I know you have sacrificed so many things to have come this far in this beautiful relationship, you are truly a good couple. Wishing you mom and dad a memorable anniversary.


118. To the most beautiful parent in the world, the hero and heroine of my beautiful life, thank you mother, thank you, father, for teaching me all that I need to know in life. All that I’m today I owe to you, my lovely parent. I’m using this great opportunity to wish you a happy lovely anniversary.


119. The joy in my heart today is very enormous, I’m happy to know that my lovely parent has been together for 40 years today, what a beautiful union? I love dad, I love you, mom. Happy anniversary.


120. Dear father, thank you for the love and care you have been showering on my lovely mother over this year, you are such a kind and good father to all of us, we thank GOD that brought you us as our father, I can’t think of another great father like you. Happy wedding anniversary to you.


121. Dear lovely mother, I appreciate all the love and care that you have given to father all the periods of your beautiful time together, you are such a lovely and a caring mother, with you our home is incomplete. Wishing you a very happy anniversary and memorable day.


122. The joy of knowing that you are always there for one another make me feel great and better every single day of my life, I have seen other parents quarrel and separated, but I have never seen you exchange a single abusive language even for once. This is why is I’m proud of you, wishing you a lovely anniversary. I love you.


123. Dear Dad, you are a very special man, your heart is filled with love and care for your family, I don’t know how our life would have been without you. You are a source of inspiration to all of us. Wishing you a beautiful anniversary.


124. Dear mother, no words is enough to eulogize you, you are the most beautiful, caring and lovey mothers in the world. You loved and care for us even when you have to sacrifice your own time and happiness. Your mentor and guardian have been useful to all of us, you are truly a special mother, no one can take your love away from my heart. Wishing you a splendid anniversary together with Dad. We love you.


125. For every second that passes I pray that nothing will separate the two of you, thank you mom, thank you, dad, for keeping to your marital vows. It has been a beautiful time for you in this beautiful years you have been together. I wish you good health and prosperity for the rest of your life together. Happy anniversary.


126. It’s joy-joy all over, Mummy and Daddy are fifty years together today. Happy marriage anniversary, I love you.


127. Thank you, LORD, for this beautiful time in my family. Mom and Dad are one year added today. Congratulation Mom, congratulation Dad, you have been a source of happiness to me.


128. It is really a blessing to have you both as a parent, you are so wonderful and caring. Wishing you a memorable anniversary.


129. Happy anniversary to my one and only parent, you truly a super father and mother. I’m happy for you. have a wonderful day together.

130. The secret of your looking younger day by day is your happiness. Wishing mom and Dad more happiness. Happy beautiful marriage anniversary.


131. May the Lord bless my dear mother and father as we celebrate of your married anniversary once more today, smile and be bond together in blissful love of God.


132. I will always be thankful to you and pray that you live together in many beautiful years to come. Congratulation mom and dad on your anniversary.


133. May all your dreams come true together as you age with grace and happiness. I love you with all my heart, you are the best parent that I couldn’t find anywhere.


134. Thank God for the lives of both of you, knowing how beautiful you have live together as husband and wife over the years, I wish you a more beautiful year ahead. Happy anniversary parent.


135. Happy anniversary. You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to be and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.


136. Hoping that the love you shared years ago is still as strong today as it was then, bringing you much joy, love and happiness to celebrate again. Happy anniversary!


137. Remember the yesterdays, plan your tomorrows and celebrate your today! Happy anniversary to a lovely parent.


138. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. Happy anniversary to my lovely Mom and Dad.


139. The institution of marriage has taught us the core values of life, which no other institution in the world can teach. I am happy that you have lived together in peace and harmony all these beautiful years. Happy anniversary mom and dad.


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140. May the biggest of challenges in your life be limited to making every anniversary better than the previous one. You are a very special couple. Happy anniversary to you both.


141. Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence. The life you live together is an epitome of beauty. Happy anniversary to my great Mom and Dad.


142. I am the biggest gift for my parent after their marriage as they become the biggest gift for me as a parent. Happy anniversary loving parent.


143. I am really glad to have you as a parent you have stayed strong in your love and overcome obstacles together. Happy anniversary mom and dad.


144. I believe in true love because of you two, and I also believe in trust because they have been no form of infidelity in your marriage. Happy anniversary loving parent.


145. Over the years, you took good care of your children. You manage to stay strong together in love and peace, may you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Happy anniversary.


146. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad, have fun as usual. Kisses to both of you.


147. I wish you more love and happiness, more grace and good health. Congratulation on your first wedding anniversary.


148. You have never left each other for one day; instead, you stood by each other as the day passes. Love you both and happy anniversary.


149. It took love, trust, wisdom and patient to be with one another. You are my role model and wish to be like you. Happy anniversary.


150. My awesome mom and dad, seeing how both of you get along day by day makes me feel happy and comfortable. I love you both happy anniversary.


151. This is not just the anniversary of your marriage, but the anniversary of all the hopes, dreams and ambitions you nurtured together. Happy anniversary. Lots of love Mom and Dad.


152. Today is for you both, as every single day of the year revolves around you both. Today is that day of the year when everything will rightfully revolve around you. Happy anniversary mom and dad.


153. Congratulation Mom and Dad, I wish you well, I am successful today because of you both, I am wishing you the best and I promise to do all it takes to make you happy in your lives.


154. The romantic love story of your life and how you became husband and wife is something I will tell my own kids someday, parents like you don’t come one’s way. Love you. Happy anniversary.


155. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary, mom and dad. I will forever love you and cherish you all my life. Thank you for all the things that have done for us in life, our joy is not complete without you.


156. Wish you love and joy in your heart today and forever, on your anniversary. Happy many more years together.


157. It’s been so many years together, in laughter, love, sharing and enduring in each other. May you love more, smile more and endure each other more. Congratulation parent.


158. There is only one thing that keeps marriage that is love and trust, I will learn your way of life to have a relationship like you guys parent. Congratulation on your anniversary.


159. Happy to celebrate today with you as a family that cherishes every moment shared together, I will always cherish and appreciate the time spent together with your parent. Happy anniversary and congratulation.


160. I will always pray for you both for a long life because the world is filled with love and joy with your presence. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary parent.


161. I have a song for you Mom and Dad today is a blessed day, a day to look back and see how far you have come. You have really achieved and attain success in life. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary.


162. Am the most exciting person to be born from both of you, the love you both share and happiness revolved me as part of you. Thanks for being my parent. Congratulation today and forever. Happy anniversary.


163. Love to you Mom and Dad for your kindness toward each other, may you find yourself adorable and responsible as you age together. Happy anniversary.


164. I have lived in the garden of love all this while as I grow up I have learned the importance of love and living in peace with one another from both of you. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary, wishing more beautiful things in life.


165. It takes a patient heart to find true love and happiness, you can only celebrate an anniversary when you are married and live together in peace for years without misunderstanding. Thank God for today parent, Happy anniversary.


166. I will stand by you in sickness, in health, in richness, in poverty. Till death do us apart that was an oat you both took and sure you really stick to that oat. Congratulation on your anniversary parent.


167. You face one challenge or the other, so many misunderstanding and quarrels yet you allow love to overcome every storm. Am happy for you both parent as you celebrate your anniversary together today. Congratulation.


168. Congratulation mom and dad is yet another anniversary together again. You simple just the best couple in the universe. happy anniversary.


169. So many people admire your way of life and many kids wish to be your kids. Am so lucky then to be your kid, I love you and wish you a happy wedding anniversary Mom and Dad.


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170. Just like yesterday, I have grown up to also be a parent too. I hope to emulate that very special way of life of you both. Happy for you both. Congratulation and happy anniversary.


171. Since I was born I have not seen you fight or separate for one day. may you always be happy with each other and accommodate yourself more in love. Happy anniversary.


172. I thank God for the gift of a wonderful parent like you, I pray that you spend more years in happiness and joy, happy anniversary.


173. Lovely people deserve lovely wishes, may you find endless favour in your relationship. Happy anniversary parent.


174. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Happy for you guys hope to get to your stage someday.


175. You find love in yourself and God has favoured you with children and wealth. Wish you long life and good health. Congratulation on your anniversary.


176. We shall party and celebrate a great anniversary for great people like mom and dad. They have been so wonderful to the family. Congratulation mom and dad.

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