Cute I Miss You Quotes for Him/Her


Cute I Miss You Quotes for Him_Her
Cute I Miss You Quote                            

Cute I miss you quotes for Him/Her is beautiful collections of I miss you quotes, finding the right words to express your feelings of how much you miss your loved one could be a herculean task, but in this post, we have made it easier for you.


Cute I Miss You Quotes for Him 

1. Dearest, if there is anything I will ever pray for is never to miss you again, stay with me and never go without me because the pain of missing you is excruciating.


2. My life is empty without you, I miss you so much, please come back home soon.


3. I can’t sleep last night because you are always on my mind, I miss you so much.


4. Wishing that you would be here now, it is hard to live without you, I miss you.


5. Life is like stagnant water without you, my heart has found a permanent attachment to you, living without you is a torture to me, please come back soon, I miss you.


6. When you return this time around, I will never let you go without me again, you put me in prison when you travel, everything seems disconnected from me, I miss my king.


7. Nobody has made me feel so good in life the way you do, living without my angel by side, is like living without oxygen, you are the joy of my life, I always want to be where you are, I miss you.


8. Dearest, I have come to realize that life would be meaningless without you, my heart stops working the moment you say goodbye, never say goodbye to me again, go with me wherever you go, I miss you.


9. When you go, you left the sweet memories of all the beautiful time we spent together, this has kept me warm until I see you again, I miss you my dearest.


10. I am sending you this messages to let you know how much you mean to me, you are the king of my heart, you went away with it the day you left home, please bring back my happiness and joy. I miss you so much.


11. Life will be more beautiful if you never have to say goodbye to me, I always want to see and hold you every day of my life, you mean so much to me, you are the only man I have ever love with my whole heart, I miss you.


12. I’m a broken wings bird, I can’t fly without you, I miss you.


13. Tell me how to cope without you, I have tried all the formula and none seems to be working, I miss you.


14. You are always on my mind, hope you are thinking of me too, missing you.


15. I will be waiting for here at the seaport until you return, I will gaze my eyes on every ferry that passes perhaps I might catch a glimpse of you, I don’t want to return to my lonely home, I will stay here until you return, I miss you, my love.


16. How long do I have to suffer without you, you left without leaving a word, I miss you so much.


17. You left with my happiness, smile, and laughter the day you decide to go, I know you love me, and you would not want to cause so much pain like this, please come back soon, I miss you.


18. I tried to forget about you for a while, but your memory keeps coming back to me every second that passes, it is difficult to let you out of my mind please come back, I miss you.


19. The moment I think that you are not here beside me, my heart is soaked in pain, living without you has been so hard for me to bear, you are my everything, I miss you.


20. My heart has grown fond of you; it aches painfully when you decide to go away. Please come back to me, I miss you.


Emotional I Miss You Quotes for Him 

21. The more a spend my time with you the happier I become and the less I spend my time with you, the most sadness I feel, bring my happiness to me, aren’t you want to see me happy? I miss you so much.


22. It is over sometimes now and I have not received a single message from you; hope all are fine over there? I miss you a lot.


23. My nights are still and chilly ever since the time you left, my days are boring and dull without your traces, my heart is heavy in pain, I need you right now, come home now if you are reading this message, I miss you so much.


24. The moment would be the day that I would hold you tight, I look forward to seeing your handsome face soon, I miss you, my dear king.


25. Do you know how fishes feel when you take them out of the water, I feel worse than that when you are away, I miss you, hoping to see you soon?


26. Please come home sooner, I miss you so much.


27. I remembered every beautiful moment that we share together, how I wish that you would stay by my side forever and never say good-bye, I miss you.


28. The joy of seeing coming back home is more than the joy of parting, hoping to see you come back soon, I miss you my darling.


29. You have always been a wonderful and charming husband ever since the time that I have known you, every moment of my life spent with you was joyful. Wishing you well wherever you are right now, I miss you so much.


30. One of the reasons I don’t want to miss you is because I can’t just live without you, hope will board the next flight home now, I miss you so much.


31. A lonely life is all that you have left for me when you go, you will need to see how bad I look right now, everything stops working well since the day you decided to go, please come back, I miss you.


32. You are my hero, I can’t do anything on my own without you, you make me feel this way because you have always been there for me, hope you will be back soon, I miss you.


33. I misfired when I allow you go, I shouldn’t have let you go alone without me, now I have to face the world alone, a day without you is like a year to me, I miss you so much.


34. Every single minute that passes, I’m counting down to the beautiful day that I would see you again, I miss you, my hero.


35. Honey let me tell you what happens to me when you left, I stop everything that we use to do together because I can’t stand the emotion that overwhelmed me when I do them alone, I always think about you, hope you will be home soon, I miss you.


36. Last night was so chill, I curdled my pillow and covered my self with the thickest blanket, but none of this could stop the cold, you alone are capable of varnishing the cold that I feel, it feels so good to have you by my side, I miss you.


37. I love you with all my heart, please come home soon, I miss you.


38. After you left the other day, I reclined to the corner of my room, and sobbed in painful tears, why did I ever let you go, now I’m missing you so badly.


39. If I say, I’m missing you so much, that would be an understatement, I missed you so, so much. Hope will be back soon.

Do U know how much I missed U quotes for him               

40. If God asks me to make one choice that would never fail, I would make a choice of never to live alone without you. Wherever you go, I will go with you; I can’t stand the pain of missing you. I love you.


41. If all the world gathered and stay with me I cannot find you in there midst, the hadn’t solved the problem of my loneliness without you. I miss you.


42. Ever since you go, I lost my apatite and I lost my sleep, I can’t do anything without you, hope will be coming home right now, I miss you.


43. Tell me if there is anything I can do to stop missing you so much, you have stolen my happiness since the time that you left, please bring it back to me, I miss you so much.


44. You share in my happiness as a much as you share in my pain, I miss you.


45. The world is so empty for me without you, you make my world beautiful, missing you means missing all the beautiful moments that we share together, hope you will back very soon.


46. You linger on in my heart, I can’t live without you, I miss you.


47. Walking back home alone on a lonely road after seeing you off, I can’t hold back my tears, I going to miss you so much, I love you.


48. How much more time do I have to wait for you, my heart is dying, please come back soon, I miss you.


49. I tried to adjust back to life without you, but I couldn’t, my life depends on you, I’m happy being with you, I miss you so much.


50. My heart desires to see you, my lips are eager to kiss you and hands want to hold you tight, I miss you, my sweet angel.


51. It is now very clear to me that I can’t live without you if you don’t come back home today, I will trek to meet you wherever you are, I miss you so much.


52. Every night I keep you at heart before I sleep, I dream sweet of you, and every morning I pray for your protection and your safety. I miss you, my dear love, hope to see you soon.


53. Good-bye, my love, take good care of yourself, I’m going to miss you. I keep the good memory of you.


54. It’s hard to say good-bye, because I know I going to miss you so badly.


55. Who will wipe away my tears when I cry? Who will always inspire me the way you do? Who will warm me in the night when the weather is so chill, who will be by my side when I open my eye in the morning. I going to miss you so much my love, I would suggest you go with me on this journey.


56. Sometimes we may disagree so hard that it would seem everything is falling apart, but that makes our relationship great, we learn and adjust fast, you are a man with a great mind, I miss you a lot, please come home soon.


57. Ever since you went away, part of me go with you, you stole my heart with you, I can’t just do anything right, I miss you, please come back to me.


58. I miss all the jokes and the laughter; I miss all the single moment that we spent together. I love you.


59. I can put through on anything, but I can’t survive the pain of letting you without me, I will miss you so much.

Cute I Miss You Quotes to Make Him think of You

60. I thought I will adjust to life without you, but I tried my best and I discover that my heart had gone far in love with you. I miss you, please come back to me.


61. Every moment I think that you are not here with me, I feel series of headaches that last for a long time, safe me and come back, you know how much I love you, I miss you so much.


62. If I have to write down the agony I go through when you left, I would have exulted the whole ink and paper in the world, I miss you, my love, hoping to see you soon.


63. You are the height of my happiness, life is boring without you, I love deeply in my heart, I miss you, my love.


64. Whatever the decision you have arrived at, remember to put me in your plan, there is no happiness for me without you, life is too short, let’s stay together in our happy moment, I love you.


65. You are giving me a little time, I need to spend more time with you, you know how much I love, I miss you every single moment you are away.


66. Stay with me my love, don’t leave me in this lurch, your love has found a beautiful place in my heart. I love you so much.


67. I will always be there for you; you have been a wonderful part of my life for so long, I miss you.


68. My heart finds true love with you, you are all that matters to me, every moment you are away I miss you so much, please do not stay too long to return. I love you.


69. In your going and coming I ask God to make your way smooth for you, I miss you, my love.


70. I will be waiting for you here until you return, I will not go home alone without you, I will hang on tough here waiting for your beautiful come back.


71. Life could be cruel sometimes to me wait for you for so long a time, it is the most crucial moment of my life, I miss you.


72. If I lose all that I have in my life and I have only you left, then I have not lost anything, you mean so much to me, I miss you.


73. I pretended all this while that you left, that everything is ok, sweetheart I have to confess that I miss you so much, I can’t continue to remain here without you by my side, I hope you will come home soon. I love you.


74. I can withstand everything in life, but I cannot withstand the painful feelings of missing you. If you are reading this message now, please come for me.


75. My heart can no longer hold the pain of missing you, you mean so much to me, please come home, I need to see your beautiful face again.


76. You are more precious than the entire treasure of the world to me, my heart loves you so much, I miss you.


77. The day that you left and I carry on the scarce of the wound you left in my heart, it never heals, only your coming back will heal my wound, I miss you.


78. It is not enough to send me lovely messages over the text, all I want is to see you in the physical person, I want to feel and touch you, I miss you so much my darling.


79. If I could hold you tight and never let you go, that would have been better for me, I miss you, my angel.


80. Dearest, I miss you, thank you for always been there for me, I pray that my Lord will guide your way.


81. Goodbye, my love, I will recline to the room and wait for you until you come, I will miss you.


82. I miss you, my love, it hurts me so much, such that I can’t eat well again, all I needed to be Ok right now is to see you return home tonight. I love you.


83. I know that the joy that I would feel when I see you cannot be described, you make everything beautiful in my life, I miss you.


84. I will hug you like my life depend on you when you return, loneliness has caused me so much pain, I love you.


85. You are always on my mind, my heart skips with a heavy thug every time I think about you, I need you here my love, I miss you so much.


86. You have been a great source of inspiration and joy to my life, thank you for your kindness and your unending support, I love you.


87. I hope you miss me as much as I miss you too, you make me feel marvellous every time you are around, I miss you so much.


88. When you left, you took away my joy, I don’t live without you, please come back, I miss you so much.


89. You are so caring and nice to me, I have never found another person as lovely as you are, I miss you so much.


90. I always dream of you day and night, life has been so joyous spending it with you, I never wanted to spend a minute with you, but I understand this journey is important, I miss you so much, wishing you good luck.


91. You and I will always be in each other’s arms forever, I will wait until you return, I miss you.


92. I have the belief that you would be fine wherever you are, I miss you.


93. No distance can take your love away from my heart, you may be far from me right now, but you are always evergreen in my heart.


94. I carry you in my heart every single moment you are away, your love will never continue to flourish in my heart forever. I miss you.


95. I’m calmly awaiting your sweet return, I miss you so much.


96. When you told me you will be away for some time, you tear my heart apart; I know I’m going to miss you so much.

Cute I Miss You Quotes for Her

97. I want to use your absence as an opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me. Without you my days are lonely and my nights are cold. Come back to me my dearest.


98. They said absence makes the heart go fonder. No wonder life hasn’t been easy having you only in my thoughts. I miss your smile and everything about you.


99. I used to think if I lost my eyes, I wouldn’t be able to see. But I have come to realize that you are the reason for me to see the good things about life. I love you and I miss you.


100. Many nights I wish to be your pillow so you can hug me when you feel lonely and sad. I miss you.


101. I was going to miss you so much but the words refuse to sit well within me. I love you and no matter how long we are going to be apart, I want you to know I will always be waiting for you.


102. Love is not just a feeling, but also a language and an impression to care for. You are my inspiration I miss you so much.


103. You are over there and I’m over here but you’ll always be in my heart. It is obviously can’t always be with you to kiss and hug you tightly, I miss you.


104. I want to use these trying times to reflect on the memories we have shared together. I am glad because it keeps me company whenever you are not by my side.


105. I love you because you are my fairytale and my dreams. Without you, living is impossible and I miss you with all my heart.


106. Many nights I’m up thinking about your beautiful smile. I feel empty without your presence and it’s something that makes me love you even more. I miss you, babe.


107. I think of you and it gives me enough motivation to live by the days. I will always be here waiting for you. I love you and I miss you.


108. My days are long and my nights are even longer when you are not here. It’s no wonder because you are the only person that lightens my life.


109. It’s not my fault I call you so many times a day. It’s not my fault I think about you so much. It’s not my fault I love. I can’t wait for the time I see your beautiful face again.


110. I think a lot about you and I love it. You make me happy and I always feel blessed. What more do I desire in an angel like you? I miss you and I can’t wait to come back.


111. I used to think I could survive without you until the day you left. You have given me enough joy to keep wanting for more.


112. There are no other words left in the dictionary to describe how marvellous you are. I miss your smile and I miss your voice. I miss your silly stories and the funny way you smile.


113. Since you left, my days have multiplied and my joy is subtracted. Your presence is the only thing that keeps me going. Come back to me and make my life complete again.


114. I didn’t realize how important your wisdom and inspiration has been to me until the moment you said you were leaving. You have no idea how bad I’m going to miss you.


115. I feel lonely and hopeless without hearing your voice for such a long time. I miss you with all my heart and I want you to know that I will always be here waiting for your return.


116. What happens when someone has his gift taken away from him? It’s exactly how I feel with you so far away from me. You are the apple of my eye and the reason for my happiness. I miss you.


117. There are many times I wished you were close to me, So I can hug you and feel you, So I can hold your hands while we take a walk or watch the stars glitter. I can’t wait to see you again.


118. I used to think the sun rises in the east but knowing you, I found out that it indeed, rises in your eyes. Without you, no light exists in my life and that’s why I can’t stop missing you.


119. Its been 54 days and 14 hours since you left. Yes, I have been keeping count of the number of times you made me feel lonely. That’s how crazy I am over you.


120. I made a fantastic plan of how I am going to love you when you return. I miss you with every cell in my body.

Cute I Miss You Quotes For Her to make Her think of you

121. There can be no other way to express the way I feel about you. You have always made me complete, and it’s something I feel I have taken for granted. No matter how impossible it may sound, I always want to be with you. I miss you.


122. You make my heart weak, loneliness and disarray since you left. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but all I can say is if need you back soon.


123. Many nights while you are gone, I get worried about you because I can’t see your pretty face once again. I am fast losing my appetite as well as night’s sleep. I hope you will be back soon.


124. Tough times are not just a time for life struggles and dismay, but also a time to grieve over missing a beloved one. You have taken the light away from my life and that’s why I miss you this much, please come back, I miss you.


125. I love you, I adore you, I cherish you. I value you, and I miss you so much.


126. I took a break in my life the moment you went away. I saw no reason in trying to live life and be happy. All I need is for you to come back soon.


127. I love the way you have made me feel over the years. Life has been hard since you left me and it becomes more difficult. Come back to me babe, I miss you.


128. The colours of my life have faded away and all I can see is a world full of dullness and insipidity. I want to use this moment to tell you how strong you have made me feel.


129. What can be worse than seeing you only in my dreams and memories every day? I can no longer feel my heart and body because you are not here to hold me tight.


130. I miss your warmth and your smile. I miss your touch and your delicate kisses. I miss the scent of your hair and the taste of your lips. Please come back and rekindle the fire back into my life.


131. I miss you until the end of the universe. Your love is magical and every other thing feels secondary. I am going to be patiently waiting right here for your return.


132. Love automatically becomes sweeter missing you. I have no other way to explain how bad I want to see you right now. I miss you and I only ache for your return.


133. The many days you are away, I begin to understand that missing someone isn’t a time to grieve or gloat. It’s a time to reflect on the memories we share and how it is important to cherish it.


134. I make many bad choices in life but none matches the choice of me not kissing you goodbye for the last time. I miss your lovely smile babe.


135. In good times, we rejoice and are thankful. In hard times we stay strong, in sad times like this, we can only wish our loved ones well and patiently waited to see them again.


136. I feel the whole world crumbling before me as the days past by. My days are longer and my joy is shorter. I can no longer wait for your return because I need you and miss you very much.

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