Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend

Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend
Cute Phrases


Cute phrases to say to your girlfriend are the beautiful sentence that we have carefully written for you to send to that special girl to make her smile.

Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. You are the joy of my life; you are the only girl I have ever loved so deeply, I hope to spend the rest of life with you, loving you as you have never felt before. I love you.


2. You make me believe in love, I never knew an angel like you still exist in this world; I will always give you all my love till the end of time.


3. Dearest, you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, I’m so lucky to have a wonderful and lovely girlfriend like you in my life. I will always keep you close to my heart, I will never hurt you.


4. You are the reason why my smile gets broaden every time I think of you, you made my living enjoyable, I wish to hold on to your hands forever without letting you go, I’ll stay beside you and love you forever.


5. Every moment I spent with you gives me unending joy, I pray we will live longer together in this world, and be united together in paradise when we depart this abode.


6. You are my sunshine, thank you for coming into my life, I love you.


7. I never knew I will find true love, but when I found you, I believe in true love.


8. I pray for endless life with you, because you mean everything to me. I love you, my dear girlfriend.


9. My day is incomplete without you in it, I can’t live a minute without you. I love you.



10. You are made for me and I’m made for you, thank you Lord for giving me a beautiful angel like you.


11. In your eyes I see hope, in your voice my spirit is taped to live, living every single day with you is like I’m dwelling in paradise already, I love you, my sweetheart.


12. A day without you is like a fish taking out of the water, wish that I can be in your eyes forever, I love you.


13. Do you know that you are the most beautiful and adorable girl in the whole world? I love you, my princess.


14. I’m drawn to you, and forever I will remain yours.


15. You are my smile and my happiness; I will always be your endless love.


16. I have always try to figure out what it is that so much attracts you to me, but I found billions of answers. You are my special angel.


17. I thought I would never found another love again until I met you. You are truly an angel sent to me from above.


18. You are so an incredible girl thanks you for all the love and care you have for me, I will never make you regret the first day we met. I will always make you smile.


19. You are the sweetest thing in life, I love my dear.


20. Life is good having you around, I don’t want to miss you even for one second.


21. I’m forever grateful to my Lord, who brought a beautiful angel like you into my life. You make everything around me beautiful ever since you came into my life.


22. I have never met another girl as special as you are. You are my dreams come true.


23. All I ever want in life is to live with you forever.


24. No matter what the time brings, I will always be by your side. I love you.


25. The world become a better place when you were born, you are a wonderful person.


26. All through my life, I have prayed for a good woman like you, thank God I found you.


27. You are the nicest person I have ever met; I love you more than you ever thought.


28. My love and affection for you are intact, no Lucifer can put asunder.


29. I will do whatever will put a smile on your face; you are too precious for me to hurt.


30. I will never let you down; I will always love till the end of time.



31. You remain the number one in my heart; my love for you is infinity.


32. You are cute and hot, that is the kind of wife I want. I love you.


33. Whatever happens, I will never diminish my love for you.


34. You are the only apple of my eye; it is either you or no one else.


35. You make me feel great; with you, by my side, I know the sky is my limit. I love you.


36. You are the miracle that turns on every light in my life; you are my angel from above.


37. You are the light that drives out the darkness in my life; you brought goodness into my life. I love you, my dear queen.


38. I love you, my dear, you are just too wow!


39. Everything about you is good, thanks for bringing unending happiness into my life. I love you.


40. You are the rain that refreshes my life; you always make me find a reason to thank God for blessing me with a beautiful girlfriend like you.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Smile

1. This text is to make you smile when you receive it, hope you are smiling reading it now, I love you.


2. You are such an amazing and lovely girl, I promise to make your life beautiful forever, you will never regret you met me.


3. Hi dear, you are so cute, I love you.


4. You are beautiful, I have never met another charming, lovely and wonderful girl like you. it is you and I forever.


5. My world is beautiful because you are in it, thank you for being part of life. I love you.


6. Today you are my girlfriend and tomorrow I want you to be my only wife.


7. It is you I ever want, please be with me forever.


8. You came and furnish my life with your love, you are always on my mind, I can’t live without you. I love.


9. You are the only woman I have ever given all my heart.


10. You mean everything that is good to me, you are dreams come true.



11. I can never love another girl apart from you. you and I forever.


12. I will be your shade in a sunny day, and I will be your umbrella in a rainy day, I will always be that hero that you dream of, I will continue to love you with all my life.


13. Thanks for giving me a piece of your heart, I will never break it. I love you.


14. Hi my girl, I cherish and love you.


15. Hello love, just agree to be my wife, I blow your heart with sweet love that you can never find anywhere.


16. You are the joyous thing that ever happens to me, God bless the day you became my girlfriend and now my wife.


17. Life is beautiful because you are mine, you are the most gorgeous woman in the universe.


18. Hi sweetie. I love to hold you and kiss you right now, you are a marvellous wife.


19. Know one can take your place in my heart, you are the beauty of my soul.


20. Thank God that I found a soul mate like you.



21. Whichever way life goes, I will always remain glued to you. I will never leave you.


22. It is you or no one else, I pledge my love for you till eternity.


23. Your smile is a balm that soothes my aching soul.


24. Wherever you are, I will always find you, I can’t live with you.


25. You and I a made be to be together forever. I love you.


26. You’re the last I hope to see before I sleep every night and the first I pray to find by my side when I wake up every morning. Please be my lovely wife, not only my girlfriend. I love you.


27. I love to hear your beautiful voice now, how are you love?


28. I think of you every time, love you.


29. My life has been so beautiful ever since the day I met you. You are my sweetest story.


30. No perfect words can describe how special you are to me.



31. You are more precious than all the treasures in the world to me.


32. You are my priceless angel, I love you.


33. I always feel better when I think about you, thank for being my perfect love.


34. You fit perfectly into the picture of a girl that I ever want, so lovely and full of life. I love you.


35. My dearest angel, ever since I found you, I have been so happy, you are truly my living angel. I love you.


36. I will always want to be by your side, I love you.


37. I feel like a king to have a queen like you, you are my wonderful angel. I love you.


38. You are so beautiful, you make my life great, thank you for coming into my life.


39. You bring happiness and joy to my life, life is great to have you with me.


40. I have never seen another smile as soothing and charming as your smile, I love you, my dear.

Beautiful Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 

1. You are the balm of my soul, I love you, my dear girl.


2. You mean everything to me, I can’t live without you.


3. You are the only girl I have ever given all my life to, I have always been afraid of heartbreak, but with you my feelings are different.


4. I have never felt distressed by you, you are truly a rear angel.


5. Dear girlfriend, do you realize how much I love? I love you more than anything in the world.


6. You will be my first and all everything forever. I love you.


7. You look just too perfect and compatible for me, thank God for making us a soul mate.


8. You are so beautiful and charming girl, I love you.


9. I wish to whisper these sweet words in your ears forever ‘I will never love you less’; ‘I will always love you higher’.


10. Life is joy and you are my joy.


11. All I really want is you. I need you right here by my side.


12. There is no way I can face this life alone without you. You are my dearest queen, my sweet crush.


13. I have waited my whole life to find a special girl like you.


14. You so cute and an amazing girl, I love you more than you can ever imagine.


15. I love to kiss you, I like the tastes of your mouth, it is sweeter than honey.


16. A woman like you is so rear to find, thank God I found you.


17. Life wouldn’t have been sweeter like this if I hadn’t found you.


18. You are the stars that make life shine.


19. You are the moon that illuminates my life.


20. You are the sun that keeps me warm.


21. You are the angel of my life. I love you.


22. I love you, and I will always love you.


23. You made all my days filled with fun and beauties.

Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend in the Morning

1. I want to be the first to wish you good morning, good morning my dearest angel.


2. Wake up honey, the day is awaiting you with a handful of blessings.


3. I would love to be the one that will always be the first to whisper the word good morning to you every morning.


4. I would love to always wake up beside you all through my life.


5. It is another great day; this morning is just as fresh as you are, good morning love.


6. Thank God that my angel is awake to see another beautiful day, I love you.


7. Great morning! And another beautiful day for us, good morning love.


8. Your morning smile is all a need to energize me for the day, good morning my love.


9. You are truly made in heaven for me, you make feel paradise on earth, good morning my angel.


10. Your heart is pure and good, I have never found another beautiful soul like you. Good morning.


11. Hope you had a great dream? May your day be filled with happiness.


12. Wake up my beautiful angel, it is another wonderful day for us to enjoy together.


13. Thank God for a beautiful night, and also for the blessed morning, good morning.


14. All I always pray for is to be awake together in each other’s arms, good morning my love.


15. Hello girl, this morning is just as beautiful as you, good morning.


16. May the peace of this morning continue to find your heart throughout the day.


17. The night is gone; the morning is here, thank God for preserving our soul.


18. The morning is a beautiful beginning for us, Good morning my beautiful girl.


19. Every morning is perfect just thinking about. Good morning love.


20. Hope you are awake love; I’m awake too, hoping to see your beautiful face today. I love you.


21. Each morning that comes brings us a new beginning and new hope, and my hope is to be with you forever.


22. Another beautiful morning has come, feel the freshness of the day my love, it is always great to be in your eyes.


23. When you close your eyes last night, I prayed that the Lord restore your soul this morning, thank God for a prayer answered, good morning my love.


24. Every morning reminds me of how fresh you are. You are the most amazing and loving girl in the world.


25. Good morning my love, you are too special to me, every morning reminds me of your beauty.


26. Dear love, now you are awake and I’m happy.


27. I wish that I’ll always wake up beside you every morning; you look gives me joy and hope to face the day.


28. You’re my dreams come true, good morning love.


29. My morning is incomplete without you in it, good morning love.


30. The joy of having you as my girl is always fresh with every day that breaks. I love you.


31. Your smile is all I need to begin every day with a great mind.


32. You are my hope and my dreams come true good morning love.

33. The beautiful song of the birds on the rose flower by my window reminds me of your sonorous voice, which always set my heart on fire. It is so passionate to hear you speak. Good morning.


34. You are so beautiful to behold, thank God you are my girl, good morning love.


35. You have been the sweetest part of life; thank God you are awake this morning, wishing you a beautiful day.


36. I hope your night was full of beautiful dreams for us, and I pray that this morning brings you lots of love and peace.


37. You were the last on my mind last night and the first on my mind this morning, good morning love.


38. Thank you oh…Lord for the gift of life for my dear love.


39. I love to hear your sweet voice every morning; you always set me on a good mood for the day.


40. There is no better day for me without you in it.


41. You are the reason I wake up in the morning, and I say thank God because I know you are always there for me.


42. The beauty of life is when is discovered that you are awake this morning.


43. In the rising of the sun, I hope to be with you, and in the setting of the sun, I pray we still be together.


44. Every day comes with its own bundle of joy; my bundle of joy is when you awake by my side.


45. Life had really been good to me; it gifted me with a precious gift like you.


46. I never believe I will found an angel like you, so flawless and loving; I thank my star that makes our way crosses.


47. Your love has grown deep in my heart, nothing can ever wash it away, I’ll always love you till my last breath.


48. You left a beautiful fragrance on me that I always carried throughout my days, it is so sweet and comforting.


49. I will always love you; I will never let you down.


50. I wish I could stay with you forever and never die, and after we are dead, I wish that we will be united together in paradise. You are the only one I ever love with all my heart.


41. You are my blessing and my joy, I love you.

Cute Paragraphs to Say to Your Crush

1. Never doubt my love for you; no mortal can love better than I do.


2. I’m sincerely for you forever, no other woman can take your place in my heart.


3. Like the colourful flowers attract the butterfly, that is the way I’m attracted to you, you are the flower that blossoms in my heart.


4. I will cross the deepest sea, just to catch a glimpse of your face, I love you.


5. Through the thick and thin, my love for you will never diminish.


6. You are truly a blessing for my soul, I love you.


7. The more I see you the more I love you, and the more you are away the more I still love you.


8. So many reasons I love you, but above all, you are so accommodating and enduring. Thank you for never let me down.


9. You always look cute honey, I love you.


10. Honey, hope you always remember my sweet paragraph for you, ‘I will always save my love for you’.


11. Tell me what I can do to crush your heart. I mean to make you feel cool.


12. Do you mind if I take you out today love?

11 Choose where you wish I take you to today, I’m ready to lavish all that I have on you.


12. You are the only one out of the millions of the girls in the world that I love you.


13. Nothing can make me leave you; you are just my favourite love.


14. In your eyes, I will be forever. I love you.


15. As the sun rises and fall every day, so as my love for you remain intact.


16. Don’t underestimate my love for you; I love you more than you can ever comprehend.


17. I need to take a break with you; I want to take around all the beautiful places in the world.


18. Hi love! Thinking of you now, I love you.


19. Honey! Guess what, I love you.


20. You are the real reasons why I’m grateful to be alive and full of joy.


21. My joy multiply when you came into my life.


22. Thank you for loving me, you make my world sweeter.


23. You are my best everything. I love.


24. I don’t get close to a girl easily, but all that changes when I found you.


25. I’m always thinking about you and I love it this way.


26. My Dear wife, wish I can sneak out of this office now, to plant a passionate kiss on your sweet lips. I love you.


27. You know how much I love you, I can’t live without you.


28. You are the reason I’m happy every day, I love you.


29. My life is shaped beautifully because I have you in it.


30. I wish can smile you smile right now, I’m sure you are already doing that.


31. You are everything that matters to me. I love you.


32. It is you or no one else. I will stay with you forever.


33. Do you remember Romeo and Juliet? I would treat you better than Romeo to you.


34. Sometimes I just ponder on why I love you so much.


35. I will do anything that will bring endless joy to your life because I know how special you are to me.


36. You are special, you always make me smile, tell me the secret.


37. Very a long time I have always admired you secretly, thank God that you are now my girlfriend, my heart can now find peace.


38. Please always tell all that I can do to make you happy my love, I will always do more.


39. I will always be better for you than you ever thought.


40. You never regret loving me. I love you so much.


41. Sometimes I feel like what if you were not my girlfriend what will happen to me? Life would have been so dull, because I know I can never find another girl better than you.


42. You are so good for my liking, you are flawless in all that you do, and you are my lucky star.


43. My dearest love, don’t be afraid of what the future hold for us, my love for you is to infinity.


44. If I have not found you, I would have remained a single man forever.


45. Thank God that brought you into my life; you are the only girl I love with all my heart.


46. My love belongs to you forever. I will never make you miss any iota of happiness.


47. Dear, you have infected me with incurable love.


48. I will always be your canopy when the rainfall, and in the scorching sun, I will be the umbrella above your head.

49. Every time you smiles, you just make my heart melt, your smiles are full of magic.


50. Trust me I will brew you the sweetest wine in the world that would never intoxicate you. I love you, my girl.


51. My love, please permit me, I want to take you around the cutest spots in the world.


52. I will always give you all my heart. I love you.


53. Every time I looked into your eyes, your love is always renewed in my heart.


54. Life without you is meaningless. Thank God I have you by my side.


55. No one can come between us, I will make you happy.


56. You are one special girl that I would never let go. I love you.


57. You are just perfectly made for me. I’m the luckiest man on earth to have an angel like you as a wife.


58. From the deepest of my heart, I truly love you.


59. It makes me happy just to hello to you.


60. You have the most beautiful voice in the world; please call me now I’m missing your sweet tune.


61. You are the most cheerful girl I have ever seen, I have always been happy with you.


62. I just want to be with you for eternity.


63. I will bring you all that I beautiful. You are so marvellous.


64. You are the sweetest girl in the world. You make my world a wonderful place; I will always be there for you. I love you.


65. I have no reason not to love you, and I’ve every reason to love you.


66. Whatever it is that will make you happy, that is what I will always do.


67. I promise that I will never hurt you; I will always love and make you happy.


68. You are the most jovial person I have ever seen, thank you for making my world interesting.


69. Honey, I just want to come home right now to give you one lovely kiss. I miss you.


70. I’m just crazy about you, I help you know? I love you.


71. I won’t see right away, I’m missing you.


72. I know from the very first time I met you that I will never be able to leave you because you were the angel I always see in my dreams.


73. You are so cute in everything you do and say, I love you.


74. If you leave me for a minute, I feel like you have left me for a day, I can’t just be ok without you. You’re my special girl.


75. Life picks up ever since the day you agree to be my girlfriend, you must be an angel sent to me with a beautiful gift from above. I will always love all through my life

76. My life is complete with you by my side; I have never felt so good in my entire life, like the way I feel when I’m with you.


77. I never believe there is true love until I met you. You are truly the most charming and lovely girl in the world.


78. I want to take you to the altar; no one can take you away from me.


79. I want to be the one that will put that beautiful ring on your hand, you are a sweet angel.


80. In your heart, I found peace, because you are so peaceful and understanding.


Long Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. I have travelled to so many places, I have seen many girls, many were my friends and some of my colleagues, no one of them has ever got my attention when it comes to love affairs. I never knew that I was keeping myself for an angel like you. Thank God I found a special girl like you; I will forever give you all my love. I love you.


2. My dearest love, you mean everything to me, I have been dreaming of you for over a decade before I finally met you. I use to carry your picture in my mind everywhere I go. That first day I saw you my mind was so peaceful, it was the happiest day of my life. I want you to know that our love is made in heaven, and I will always love you.


3. There are moments when we have to say all the plain truth, I’m so sorry that ever since I met you, I have never told you what I’m about to tell you now. Do you know that you mean everything to me? I can’t just breath well without you by my side, I’m a fish and you are like my water. I love you.


4. The more I really want to fathom out the main reason why I love you so much, the clearer it becomes that I will never be able to find out. Because there are more infinite reasons why I actually love you, I can’t hold on to any of them. I love you with all my life.


5. When you talk I never want you to stop because you have the most soothingly beautiful and sonorous voice in the world. And your smile is so charming, it could melt the hardest of mind, I have feels weary of spending all my time with you. You are my special love. I love you.


6. Life was so good to me that it brought a wonderful woman like you to me. I have never been so happy like this before, ever since you came into my life everything about my life became great. Thank God for giving me a beautiful soul like you as my wife.


7. For this short moment I have spent with you I have found out how special you truly are, no particular words can describe you. God has made you special for me; I will never let you down. I will always love you.


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