Top 100+Cute Thinking of You Quotes for Her or Him

Cute Thinking of You Quotes
Thinking of you


Top 100+Cute Thinking of You Quotes for her or him is beautiful collections of lovely quotes to show how much you miss that special person.


You would find here some beautiful way to tell your loved one you are thinking about them, he/she means so much to you so you have to let them know how much you love them.


Life is beautiful if you have someone special to your heart; prove to them that you love them and that you appreciate who they are in your life. If you don’t have anybody that means a lot to you, then start appreciating the little things your wife, girlfriend, husband or wife has been doing to you, you would know that they are special.


Cute Thinking of You Quotes

1. You live in my heart, so I think of you every minute. I love you so much.


2. You have all my love for you, it is so sweet to spend my life with you, just you for me alone, forever I would be yours.


3. The best time of my life are the moments I’m in your loving arms and the more I think of the beautiful moments we share together the better I feel about our life together.


4. Just wake up this morning and thinking about you already, you are always on my mind.


5. I know tomorrow would be more beautiful for us because your love has found a beautiful place in my heart.


6. I want to live with you forever, you are a sweet thought to my heart, I love you so much.


7. Sweetheart, you are so wonderful to me, you are always on my mind.


8. Thinking of you is good to my heart, your love is like a sweet song to my soul, I love you so much.


9. You are my beautiful life, thinking of you is my favourite hobby, I love you so much, my sweetie.


10. Honey, let’s play more so that I can have a lot of pleasure in my heart when I think about the beautiful moments that we spent together, I feel like I’m in paradise with you.


11. You would always be my beautiful world, you would forever live in my heart, I love you.


12. You give me the joy to think about you, thank you for always being my beautiful thought.


13. The more I think of you the better my heart feels, I want to keep you in mind for the whole time.


14. I get better when I think of you while you are away, thank you for always making me feel happy, I love you so much.


15. I have searched my mind and I ask it what is it favourite thing; my heart says thinking of you is her favourite; you are the sweetest part of my life, I love you.


16. We may be in different location right now, but I’m sure we are thinking the same thing because you rule in my heart all the time.


17. All the beautiful words that you have ever said to me becomes sweet memory in my mind, thinking about you, I love you.


18. If anything has ever made me feel better, it is your sweet thought that filled my heart, I feel so joyful to think about you, good afternoon.


19. Every day is a sweet memory for me because I get to think about you in every second that passes, I love you.


20. You are the first on my mind in the morning, afternoon and at night, goodnight my beautiful soul.


21. When I’m sad, I think of you, then I get better, you the charm of my heart.


22. In your eyes, I found deep affection, in your voice I found soothing, and in my heart there you live beautifully, I love you.


23. If you can see through my heart, you would know how much I love you, I keep you at heart, I love you.


24. When I miss you, I just think of you and everything becomes lively, you are my beautiful thought, I love you.


25. You may be miles away from home now, but the beautiful memories that you left in my heart kept me warm, I miss you.


26. Just thinking about you, you mean the world to me, I love you.


27. I have been thinking about you since the beginning of the day, your love blossoms in my heart like a rose flower when touched by the morning sun. I love you.


28. My day is incomplete with you or without thinking about you; you make everything beautiful in my life, thank you for being so wonderful to me.


29. A cheerful heart is built for me by you, you are my beautiful moment, I love you so much.


30. You are the best and you are so dear to my heart, how are you feeling, hope fine, I wish you well. I miss you my dearest. Just thinking of you my dearest wife.


31. I will wait for you until the end of life. You are a beautiful life. Thinking of you and miss you.


32. I can feel you your absent my love, I know that without you my day is incomplete. I miss you.


33. Am so happy to have you in my life, with you I am a happy woman I love you, dear. Miss you badly. I can’t stop thinking of you; you are my dearest and sweet wife.


34. I miss you. Everything about you is so loving, you are my love and my sweet wife.


35. I know you are fine, please do that is the only thing I care for know, I missed


36. You amaze me each time I think of you. I am missing you so much, and am so lucky to have you, how was your day, hope you had a splendid day. Enjoy the rest of your day, I miss you.


37. I am assuring you that you will be fine over there, just remember to think about me as I think of you too, I love you.


38. You are a wonderful person, you deserve everything good in your life, am hoping you are fine and I want you to be at peace someone cares for you, my dear. Missing you so much.


39. I miss you sweet husband, the only man that Keep me smiling, I feel cool and thank God you are fine and doing well, hope to see you soon. I love dear.


40. You are the dearest of my heart, happy to be in your life, you are the only one I have been thinking of all day, you are so special, have the most enjoying moment over there, I miss you


41. The one special person in my life is you. I miss you.


42. How are you today, I want to know how you are, I care a lot and wish to see you soon. I miss you.


43. It’s been a while hope you are fine, missing you so much and call to be sure you are alright.


44. I miss you dearly, am so happy to have u in my life have a wonderful day. see you soon


45. You are so important in my life; I could not sleep or eat without you. Hope to have you back soon. Miss you my dear.


Thinking of You Quotes for Him/Her

He/she means so much to you, you think about them even as you just departed now, he/she is your paradise, then these love messages is for them.

46. If all wishes would come true, I would wish that your sweet thought never left my heart for a blinking of an eye, I miss you.


47. It is tough without you here, but I keep the memory of you all the time, I miss you, my angel.


48. A memorable day is the one that I kept you in my heart, you are everything to me, I love you.


49. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, know that I’m thinking of you, I love you.


50. You are beautiful, so I think about you all the time to get better in my day, I love you so much.


51. Your sweet thoughts are food to my soul, thinking about you, I miss you.


52. You would ever remain my all-time best, thinking about you, I miss you.


53. I feel so good to think about you, have a cheerful night, I love you.


54. You are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with, just a little thought about you, leaves me with endless joy, you are my paradise, I love you.


55. The joy of my heart is when I close eyes and think of every beautiful moment that I spent with you, It brings sweetness to my heart to think about you.


56. If everything goes away, my love for you would always endure forever, thinking about you, I love you.


57. You are the solution to every one of my trouble, just a thought of you wipe my tears away, you remain my beautiful heart all the time, I love you.


58. You made shed tears of joy when you return home every day, you have ever been the joy of my heart, I love you with every beat of my heart.


59. You are a cheerful lover, you live in my heart like a hero, I love to think of you in every tick of the hand of the clock.


60. If I can turn back the hands of the clock, I would repeat every beautiful moment that we share together, thinking of you, I miss you.


61. You are the beautiful memory that pops up on my head this morning, how wonderful I feel to think about you, I love you.


62. At every sunrise, I think of your beautiful smile, you are the warmness of my heart I love you.


63. You are the sunshine of my life, you are the sweetest thing in my heart that time cannot erase, I love you.


64. I love you so much because you are the sweetest thought that filled my heart every day, you must be angel heaven.


65. As the SUN rises today, your love rises in my heart and never fall, good morning.


66. You filled my heart with happiness, you brought a smile to my face every single day that passes, you are my superhero, I love you so much.


67. Let your heart feel that which my heart feels, it is a great pleasure to think about you, thank God I have you in my life, I miss you.


68. I will keep in touch with you time to time, don’t worry I will be so close checking on you. Hope you are a fine sweetheart. I miss you.


69. I am just passing by, I felt I should see you; I could not pass by your place and not seeing your face. How are you today I miss u.


70. I am so bored thinking of you, I am so weak because you are far away from me. I miss you, my lovely wife.


71. I wanted to know how your day went and how you are doing. I miss you dearly.


72. You are always in my mind, and I will never stop caring for you the way I do. Hope to see later. Have a nice day. I miss you.


73. How do you do today, I can’t wait until you are back to tell you that your love is driving me crazy. I miss you, sweetie.


74. I need you back darling, you are my soul mate, I can’t do anything without you by side. I miss you so dearly.


75. I am thinking of you sweetheart, my loving husband, you are the best ever. I love you.


76. I want to hold your hands now, kiss you and feel your arms around me, darling wife. Thinking of you but, you are so far from me. I miss everything about you.


77. Thinking of you my sweet husband, I miss you.


78. I can’t stop the thinking, you are all over my head, I can’t think straight. You are my superman, my love will not cease from you.


79. I kept thinking of you. You are all I love, you are all I ever want to be with, you are dear to my heart, I love you always.


80. The only sweetheart I know, you are my special man, I think of you all the time, what can I do without you. I need you soon.


81. I am very excited to hear from you, but I have been thinking of you all through the night, you are my all in all. I love you.


Thinking of You Inspirational Quotes

Get your love inspired because you love them and they love you too, little words as we have here can mean a lot in every relationship. I love it when I get an inspired love message from my love, what about you. I’m sure you like it to too, then send one special message to that special person that makes you smile.

82. Let your life be great, forget about the troubles of today, think about the beauty of tomorrow, thinking about you, goodnight.


83. You are the hero of my life, I’m solidly behind you, go for gold my love, good morning.


84. Your thought is a beautiful food to my soul, arise and shine today, the sky is your limit.


85. You make me feel joyful to think about you, I pray that your heart is filled with harmony.


86. You make my heart think of you all the time, wishing you a beautiful day where ever you.


87. May your love be full of happiness and peace, you have brought so much joy and harmony to me, soar high, touch the sky today, I love you.


88. At the beginning of today, your beautiful thought crop up my heart like a blessing from heaven, thank you so much for making me feel so great, look up to God, and your days would be beautiful.


89. If I have only you left by my side, then I know that I still have everything with me, you are my beautiful world, thinking about you now, I hope your day was as great as you are, miss you.


90. You are the powerful unseen happiness in my heart, how do you get to flood my life with so much happiness, thinking about you, thank you for everything that you have done in my life, stay great.


91. You are the hero of my life, you make me appreciate life in every second that passes, even when you far from me right now, I see your lovely smile from my mind’s eye. I keep you in my heart, you always deserve a better place wherever you are, wishing you success and a beautiful day, I love you.


92. You are a beautiful soul that everybody would like to meet, I’m so lucky to be catchy of your eyes, deep in my heart your love has found a beautiful home, I love you so much.


93. Count on me, I would always be there for you, your thought has never left my heart for a single moment, you are always on my mind, I love you.


94. If there is only one place I wish to spend the whole of my life, it is in your lovely arms, because of you just a beautiful memory for me every day.


95. When I thought I have loved you so much, how wrong I was, your love kept pouring in my heart like the water from a broken dam, I keep a beautiful place for you in my heart all the time, I care for you.


96. When I need to get warm in cold weather, I just think about you and I get better quickly, you are the most beautiful thing in my heart, be your best today.


97. I’m just thinking about how you had made my life a better place, your sweet thought never leaves my heart, you are paradise.


98. Let there be peace and sweetness in your heart as you rise up from sleep this beautiful morning, I want you to know that you are always on my mind, I love you so much.


99. In every beautiful moment that passes I don’t escape thinking about you, thank you for bringing paradise to my heart, I love you.


100. Just you have loved and care for me, I care for you so much too, you are the joy of my life.


101. Sweetheart good afternoon, I’m just thinking about you, so I have to make a quick check on you, hope you are beautiful out there, make yourself a perfect day, I love you.


102. A beautiful day is the one that you live in my heart, I hope I’m on your mind too, wishing you the best.


103. You are the gardener who makes my soul blossom like a flower touched by sunlight in the morning, thinking about you in a very pleasant way, you have my love forever. I love you.


104. In the rising of the sun, there come a beautiful thought that springs up in my heart, you are my morning beautiful thought, you rule in my mind all the time I love.


105. Like a gentle sea breeze that spread calmness around the face, you thought hit my heart in every single moment that passes, I feel like I’m dwelling in paradise with you, you are a beautiful world, I love you so much.


106. You are a special gift to my heart, you are from heaven above, I cherish you and adore you, thank you for being my everything.


107. I can’t stop thinking of you, you are so special, and I will keep you deep in my heart. I love you.


108. I am so happy you are in my life, I need you always by side, I have been thinking of you, all my life is you, I see you every day in my dream. I miss you.


109. You have changed me into a better person; I think of you so much, I love you.


110. You have been on my mind, I wish you are here with me; I am missing you so much. Thinking of you all through the day.


111. I am so lonely because you are not with me; you have given me so much joy and happiness in my life that I can’t stop thinking of you. You are the best.


112. What a sweet world with you, you have all it takes to be a true and trusted love; I am thinking of the entire wonderful moment shared with you, I am so happy you are mine. Do have a great day.


113. You have been on my mind since morning, I am not thinking of any other thing except you, you are so dear.


114. Thinking of you my lovely girl, I miss you.


115. My sweetest girl, you are so dearest and loving, how are you, hope you had a wonderful day, just thinking of you.


116. How precious you are, can’t wait to see you this morning, hope you had a beautiful night, good to hear from you, you have been in my mind.


117. I have been thinking of how beautiful you will look while the sunset; hope to have you by my side all through the day. Just thinking of you.


118. Having you in mind, my sunshine, the day is bright and you alive, happy to hear from you now and always.


119. Thinking of you dear, how you have been, I need to know, hope great and strong, wish you a successful day my dear. Just thinking of you.


120. I want to pray for a profitable and peaceful day for you I’m glad you are looking bright this day, I just can’t stop thinking about you, Have fun dear.


121. My sweet love, having a beautiful moment with you is the best thing I have because you are happy, hope you find more happiness today. I have been thinking of you.


122. My baby girl is looking like a newborn baby, your skin shines like stars every day and you can’t stop being in my in mind, and you are my good news girl.


123. I just want to be in your arms all day; I love this feeling, the feeling of protection in your arms. Have a sweet time; you are at my heart always.


124. I don’t want to let you go, I have been thinking of you every minute.


125. my sweet potatoes, you are all I think of all through the night. You mean a lot girl, life is beautiful with you.


126. I am so happy you are in my world in my existence, you are so dearly and love to be around you all the time, and I won’t stop thinking of you,


Thinking of You Friend Quotes

Good friends are the best assets anyone can ever have, they are your beautiful world, they help in making your dreams, and aspirations come true. Think of that special friend in your life and send them one these special thinking of you quotes.

127. My heart swims in endless joy when I think about you, thank you for being such a wonderful friend.


128. You are so nice and beautiful, you are the kind of friend everybody would like to have, I was so lucky to have you as a friend, I care just the way you care for me too, I would keep you in my heart.


129. If we have more people like you in this world, the world would have been a wonderful place, you such a marvellous friend, thinking about you gives spread beautiful smile on my face.


130. You are not just a friend, but the hero of my life, I pray for you as your thought dash through my mind.


131. You are the memory that would never depart my heart; I have never come across someone as special as you have.


132. I may forget other things, but I cannot forget a beautiful friend like you.


133. Some people are so much sunshine to other people’s lives, and that is who you are to me.


134. For all the kindness that you have shown through the storm in my life, I think of you every day, thank so much my dear friend, you live in my heart forever.


135. I may not be seeing you in my physical eyes, but my heart sees you as an eye does, thanks for bringing sunshine into my life.

136. In every passing day, I remember your good gesture, may God bless you all the time of your life, you are larger than life in my heart.


137. In my heart, I keep a special place for you because you are the sweetest memory of my life.


138. You are one friend whose true friendship I can never forget, you leave in my life forever.


139. You touched my life in a way that no one has ever done to me, though you are a friend, to me, you are more than a friend, you a true brother and comrade, you would forever be in the heart.


140. Dear friend, you one special that can never leave my heart, every now and then my heart wanders back in time, and I smile at every inch that I think of you.


141. Hello Dear, I have been thinking of you so much today, hope you are having a great time out there?


142. You are a true friend, a friend to count on, a friend that lives sweet memories in other people’s lives, may God bless you wherever you are.

Thinking of You Today Quotes

Every day is a special day to think of that wonderful person in your life, send him or her any of these lovely quotes to show them how much you love and care for them too.

143. Today is your special day, I sleep with your thoughts in my mind and I wake up this morning still thinking about you, wishing you a memorable day, good morning.


144. My day is incomplete without you in my heart, just saying hello. I miss you.


145. You are my everyday beautiful life, thank God I found you, may your full of sweet memories.


146. How perfectly you fit into my life, I cherish you every day, wishing a beautiful day.


147. You are the peace of heart, you are my paradise, I wake up this morning thinking about how your day is going to be beautiful, I love you so much.


148. I live for you every day, I’m happy and wonderful because I have you in my life, let the sunshine of today illuminate your heart with my sweet love.


149. Every single day count, because you are in it with me, you have never left my heart in a single minute. I love you.


150. I have opened my heart to accommodate all of you, thinking about you now. I miss you so much.


151. The most exciting thing is knowing that you are fine and healthy, you are happy and that is all I want to know. I think of your happiness so much.


152. You deserve every beautiful thing in life, a beautiful girl like you needs to care for, hope you are fine my dear. Thinking of you.


153. You are so wonderful, so don’t allow yourself be stress today, enjoy your feel yourself, you deserve it. I will always have you in mind. Thinking of you.


154. My girl, you are looking so good and I assure you of a happy day, your thought is everywhere in me.


155. Thinking of you, you are so fine and dearest to me I miss you.


156. I want to be the first to say good hi to you, I have been thinking of you all day, and the first to know how you feel this morning because am the right person in your life. Hope you had a good day.


157. I will not stop thinking of you, you are in my mind all day, I love you.


158. I wasn’t to settle with you in life dear, you are in my mind always, I am so happy you are mine.


159. Thinking of you is the best I could do for a day, I enjoy having you in my heart and mind all the time, I love my boyfriend.


160. I love you always around me, you are the only man I love on earth, and you are so dearest. I love you.


161. I won’t let you out of my sight again; I will go anywhere you go. I think of you all the time. I love you.


162. You are all I think of day and night, every second of my life is all about you.


163. You are my sweet love and I will keep thinking of you, you alone own my heart, I love you.


164. You are so attached to my heart that I can’t let go for a second, you are the best man ever. I love you.


165. I will not allow you out of my sight any more; I can’t believe you out of my sight. You are my one and only, always in my mind.


166. I wish to see you as I always think of you, I am so happy to be in your life. I will not stop the love in our life.


167. Let’s be happy together, your love is so magical, I can’t stop thinking of you, and you are my super brave man. I love you so much.


168. I love everything about you, am so happy you are mine, you are forever in my mind, I love you so much.


169. You are all I need in my life, life is worthless without you, I have been on you since morning, how I will see you are what I think of, you are my dearest, I miss you.


170. I am not letting you out of my sight, you are the best of all, I think of you all the time.


171. I have been thinking if you will come and see me now, you are all I think of. I love you.


172. I love you so much, you are my pride, I will not stop loving you till the end of time.


173. I will hope to have you in my dreams, the way I think of you, I cannot do anything without you. you mean a lot to me.


174. I have been so close to you, you are the man I will love forever, I am so glad I found you, you are always in my mind


175. I think of you as a duty, you are all I think of all day and all night.

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