Deep Love Letters for Her/Him

Deep Love Letters for Her/Him
Deep Love Letters for Her/Him

Deep love letters for her/him is a classic collection of love letters that you can send to your lover to make her/him fall in love deeper with you. We hope to revitalize your love life with the choice of the romantic words we use in these messages


Romantic Deep Love Letters for Her

1. Dear,
Do you still remember the first time we met? It was a moment of magic. I could still feel the shivers in my spine when I tried to remain calm. I think of you anytime I eat, walk, run, and sleep. I think about you anytime I am alone. You are the first thing I think of when I plan to make a decision. Girl, you’ve always been in my plans in anything I do. I adore and cherish you and you alone can make me as happy as the happiest man on earth. I love you.


2. To a special one,
I’ve always thought that love was just an overreacted fantasy filled with contrived emotions and a never-ending web of feelings. I used to laugh at the ones who and called them crazy. Then you came into my life like an avalanche. Attacking and conquering my heart with plenty of joy, love, and happiness. You are the greatest gift God has given me and every day, I continue to give him gratitude for putting all the stars in your pretty eyes.


3. Hey Babe,
I stayed up all night watching the stars’ glitter over the unending skylines. It instantly reminds me of how your kisses, touches, romance, and hugs that keep me warm through the night. I woke up marvelling at the sun and remembering how your smiles, laughter, attitude, and words bring me the light. You are enough reason for a man to put a ring on and settle down. Everything I need its already found in you.


4. My One in a million,
I’d swim through a thousand seas and cross a thousand deserts just to see your smile. If I’ll have to fight in a hundred wars to see you again, I won’t hesitate a bit. If I’ll have to climb to the top of the highest cliff to be in the warmth of your arms, I won’t bat an eye. You are more than special to me. I love you with all the strength in my mind, body and in my heart. You make my life much easier while you take my breath away.


5. Lovely Bella,
You shine like a million stars in the night when you wear that black dress. You dazzle when you walk, compel when you talk and shine when you smile. You are easily the prettiest girl in the room. Loving you is like travelling through space, going to places I’ve never been and marvelling at things that defy nature. Loving you is like the diamonds dear, it shines brightly and it’s difficult to break.


6. My love,
I had a dream last night, that I met someone special, someone, who changed my life and has a great smile. I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a dream at all. I looked at my bedside me and found you sleeping peacefully beside me. You do a million and one thing that brings amazement to my life. Loving you is happiness itself.


7. Queen Jenny,
You bring me nothing but joy, happiness, and bliss. You make me discover the true meaning of care, love, and desires. You give me the strength and understanding to keep moving when the going gets a little tough. You make me think of the wonderful possibilities that we could have been together and sharing the same home. You complete my love!


8. My dear Rebecca,
Before meeting you, I used to fantasize about how my perfect woman will look like. People would say there is no such thing as a perfect woman. What else do I need from a woman when you are here making me happy and special? Showing me affections and caring for my well-being. What else do I want when you are right here in my arms kissing and cuddling? A lady perfectly built for a man like me! I love you.


9. My Angel Liz,
Anytime I think of you, it’s not just a thought; It’s a deep feeling I have inside of me that I value. Anytime I say I love you, It’s not just the words, it’s a way I try to express the undying love I have for you. Anytime I kiss your lips, it’s just not the taste, but the way I do it, it’s the way you do it and how it makes me feel. You make my life worth living.


10. Special One,
The love I have for you grows with every second that passes. It is something I find impossible to explain but all I do is keep being thankful for the feeling because it makes me happier every day. I keep thinking about you and the possibilities we could share together. My greatest wish that it never ends. When I think it’s impossible to love you more than I do, you always find a way to prove me wrong.


11. Princess,
The more I keep loving you, the more I get to understand many things about the world. There are billions of people on earth but it takes just two to create a feeling so big and beautiful as the one we have for each other. Take my hand and let’s elope to the skies and watch the stars come out and guide us through the night. They are the best examples of how the feelings I have for you glitter and shine deep inside of me.


12. A gem called Betty,
Look into my eyes and you’ll understand my feelings for you. Touch me and you’ll know how much you mean to me. Kiss me and you’ll know the length I can go just to make you smile. Hold me and you’ll know how determined I am to protect you. Stay with me and you’ll know the best things I can do to make me happy.


13. Nora,
When the first sunlight appears through my window in the morning, it explains how beautiful your eyes can be. Then I hear the birds singing merrily under the canopies of the trees, I then remember how beautiful your voice is. The wind begins to blow past my skin and I can recall how soothing your kisses and touches make me feel. I meet and talk to other people during the day there is no other reason why I shouldn’t choose a woman such as you. I know how much you mean to me, that’s why I want to see your pretty face again.


14. Dearest,
When we are having a bad a patch, I’ll be there for you. When you happen to fall I’ll be there to catch you. When things go dark I’ll always be your light. I just wanted to remind me of how important you are to me. Take my heart and listen closely, it’s my feelings whispering about all the happy moments we spend together. I love you now and forever.


16. To the flower called Rose,
You sparkle elegantly when the sun shines on you. Your lips are always filled with sweet words and your hands are filled with care and a gentle touch. Your mind always makes the best plans while your heart is filled with kindness and affection. The best partner any man can ever ask for. You’re indeed the special one for me. Thank you for having me in your life my delicate flower.


17. Angel,
A second spent with you is like many days spent in the heavens. Your presence alone heals the wounds in my very soul and keeps me from forgetting my worries. Loving you keeps me going and it gives me the power to only love and care for more. Loving you feels like a miracle and to me, you’re an angel sent to save me from my self. I want to keep knowing you because I can’t seem to get enough of a beautiful feeling.


18. My brightest star girl,
I wish for you on many nights, hoping for a friend and a companion for as long as I could remember. I had a lot of sleepless nights thinking of the possibilities been happy and fulfilled with a special woman. The woman of my dreams. She who would stand by me when the going gets tough and she who will only shower me with love and affection.The reason I will wake up in the morning and have no fear of facing the world. You make me smile and you rule my own world.


19. Babe,
It took me months to understand how amazing a person you are. It took me weeks thinking about how gorgeous you are and it took me days to ache for your warm hugs and kisses. But it took me just a second to fall in love with you. Since the moment you enchanted me with your love castes an unending spell of care and affection meant for only you, I didn’t realize the way time had flown past so fast. You are more than special to me.


20. My Love,
When you are by my side, I wouldn’t want to blink so I wouldn’t miss any sight of you. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your words which is as sweet as your voice itself. I then feel the urge for your kisses and touches because it gives me memories I carry and cherish till I see your pretty face again. You are my princess, my queen, my angel, love, my everything.

Deep Love Letters for Her from the heart

1. You mean the world to me…..

I have been finding it hard to sleep because of something I needed to tell you that I have not been able to tell you, but now I find the perfect opportunity to let you know how much you mean to me. Do you really know that you mean the world to me? Do you really know how much I love you and how much of my life depends on you? Ever since that beautiful day you told me you loved me and want us to live together as husband and wife, I have always imagined how life will be beautiful spending it in your arms. I think about you, morning and night. And most especially at night, I always have a sweet dream about you, and my heart is always sweet just a little thought of you. Now that I have let you realize how much you mean to me, I’m sure you’ll understand that my love for is pure and sincere. I will always love you forever.

2. You are my dreams come true…

My Dear Love,
You are my dreams come true, I have been dreaming about you ever since that beautiful moment when our way crosses, we are destined to be together by divine provinces and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Everything has become beautiful ever since I found you, like magic, some many things that use to difficult for me became so easy when you came along. I’m the luckiest man in the whole world to have a lovely angel like you as a wife. You make everything around me beautiful and wonderful, so with you by my side all that I have ever seen is peace. Thank you for all the love and care you shower on me, you are indeed my dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.


3. Thank God I found……

My Dear,
Every single day that passes I thank the LORD for giving me a priceless gift like you as my wife; you are more precious than all the treasures of this world. At first, I thought I was a character in a romantic love story and that you and I are acting our part, but what I’m feeling with you is real. I never knew that an angel like you still exist on this planet earth, you are so caring, loving, peaceful and romantic. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I don’t a wonderful person like you by my side. In fact, you are my everything, I will always hold you dear to my heart, I will continue loving you till deaths do us apart. Thank you, love, I deeply appreciated all that you have been to me. I love you.


4. You are my sweet melody….

I have listened to so many kinds of music by popular musician, but none of their voices captures my heart like your voice, you are my sweet melody. I was so fortunate to have bumped into you that fateful beautiful afternoon, I thank my star that makes our way crosses. You are like a pearl of a rose flower to me, so tender and lovely that gives a pleasurable scent, the type that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Life became better and sweet when you came along, I can’t hide it anymore and I have to let you know that you are the most special and lovely girl in the whole world. I love you with all my heart, and this I must let you know.


5. I will always love you….

My dear wife,
You mean a lot to me, no matter what the condition is, I will always love you. I have come to realize that you are the only one that loves me unconditionally; all through these tough years, you have always stayed beside me. You urge me on when the going was tough, like an angel you are always there to support me. what else can I offer you to show deep appreciation for the pure undeserved love you have for me, you are one in a million and I want you to know that my love for you will never diminish, I will always love you, I will be there for you when you need me most. I love you.


6. No one makes me feel better like you….

I have had contact with so many people, but no one makes me feel better like you do to me. You make me feel so comfortable and lovely when I’m with you. Your love is making me feel crazy about you; I never knew that I would be so lucky in life to have found a lovely wife like you. Thank GOD that never others the insight to see in you what I have found in you. You make just a perfect wife; no other woman is like you in the world. You’re the jewel of my eyes and the treasure of my heart. I love you.


7. You are the queen of my heart….

Dear Suzanne,
Every time I think about you I feel joy, you are the queen of my heart. I can’t live without you. Each and every second that passes, your sweet thought always occupies my heart. When I found you, I know I have found a soul mate that will stay with me forever. I will always love you beyond the limit that any soul can comprehend because I realize that no amount of love is too much for you. I promise to always put a lovely smile on your face. I love you, my angel.


8. I thought it was a dream but it is real….

My dear Anita,
When I wrapped you in my arms, I thought I was dreaming but it is real. I thought I was still dreaming because I have always been dreaming about you every single day for more than a decade. The first time I set my eyes on you, I know you were the one I use to see in my dreams, like a miracle you became my lovely wife, and every other thing about my life became beautiful, you are not just the most gorgeous lady I have ever seen, you are also the most lovely, caring and romantic wife that ever existed. You are an angel sent from above to shed light in the world. And thank God I’m your host. I love you so much, my dear Anita.


9. Life is sweet with you, honey….

my sweetest love, it gives me joy and happiness to drop you these few words of how I feel about you, you are the best person that exists in my world, the only source of my happiness and the reason I live, I will always want to live in this world only as you remain with me. but that day that you seize to love me please take my life because there is no reason being alive without your love, you are the mother of my future lovely kids, I want to see your look-alike around me, my life revolve your love please don’t stop loving me my sweetest honey.


10. You are the pillar behind my life…

I am the luckiest, what do you think? , I have you as a wife, you of all women in the world is mine, I will keep thanking God for preserving you for me, I will give you everything you ever want, you keep me going strong day by day, you made focus and fulfil for your trust and understanding, our love will always stand firm and strong, no one can come in between us. My wife, my strength, my heartbeat, my love. Life is sweet with you, my money my body is for you and only you because you are the reason behind it.


11. The woman of my dream…..

I have always wanted a tall, fair, gorgeous and GOD caring woman, thank the good I found you, you are all that I wanted in life. You are the woman of my dream. Let me tell you how I feel when I’m in your eyes, I feel cool, special and happy, that kind that I have never felt before. I’m just OK to have a lovely woman like in my life. I promise to always love you all the time, cause your happiness is my joy. I love you.


12. I will do anything for you….

Nothing will be left that I wouldn’t do for you if it is within my strength, I will do anything for you, because I love you so much, and why do I love you so much? I love you so much because you are the only one who stood beside me when the going was tough, many of my friends deserted me when things were difficult and tough for me, but you, you have always remain beside me, you gave me hope and a reason to smile every day, you’re like a mother to her child. You stood solidly behind me and inspired me all the time; I must say I would have given up on life if not for your positive mind, and those wonderful supports you gave me. I will always live to appreciate a marvellous woman like you’re your kind are rear to come by. Thank my sweetheart, I love you.


13. I will make your living a paradise…

Dearest sweetheart,
I will make your living a paradise on earth because you have always been my sources of joy. You’re a wonderful woman; I have never come across another woman that is as lovely as you are. Ever since I found you that beautiful evening, you have always been the shining star of my life, you showered me with too much love and care, my heart is over is filled with the joy of finding a wonderful angel like you. All that I can do for you is to make you feel like the feeling of being in paradise. I love you with all my heart.


14. Trust me I will never break your heart….

One of the very first reasons that would make someone not to be totally in love with another person is the fear of being a victim of heartbreak, but count me out of this, because I will never break your heart. My love for you is genuine and sincere, trust me I will never break your heart. You are so special to me and more precious than anything in this world, you are my lovely angel, and how can one break the heart of his angel. Be fully assured that your love is safe in my heart and I will never hurt you, I love you so much.


15. I will always blow your mind with unending love…

You deserve all the good things in life, you a priceless charming angel. When I have you I know I have gotten everything that I wanted in life, because nothing it is that I don’t find in your heart. You enrich my living and make me feel very special like a king. I will always blow your mind with unending love because loving you so much is the only way I can show due appreciation for all the things you have done for me. Be assured of one thing from me, my love for you will never die. I love you.


16. You are the shining light above me….

My lovely wife,
You are the shining light above me that illuminates my life; I thank GOD that blesses me with a special woman like you. Your make my imperfection to be perfect because of you this special way of making one feel better even when I have known that my action sometimes may be wrong. You are so accommodating that it seems you never get hurt even when you are annoyed; I have never come across a peaceful person like you.
In the darkest time, you are the shining light in my heart, you inspired me to greatest. I will always make you happy and hold you close to my heart. You will always be proud to have a husband like me all the time. I love you.


17. It is a beautiful evening….

Dear love,
It is a beautiful evening out here and I need you by my side, I can’t just think straight right now because all I ever wanted now is you, I miss you so much. You remember that first day that we met; it was a beautiful evening like this, that day was the most memorable time of my life. You know how I fell into that puddles of water by the roadside because I missed my step when I was captivated by your beauty and it wasn’t funny to you, you turn around and help me up, it was the greatest moment of joy for me. Thank GOD that made everything that way, because it was the beginning of this our blissful relationship, I don’t think I can live a minute without you, my heart is fond of you, I love you, my dear, you are the greatest thing that has ever happen to me.


18. Nothing ever amazes me like you….


You are my best friend and yet my lovely wife, you are the most astonishing woman in the world, and you just know the right thing to do every situation. Nothing ever amazes me like you. When I’m sad you know how to make me happy, you wear a lovely smile on your face, the type of smile that is irresistible even to the hardest of hearts, you are so soft and tenderly disposition to life. Your calmness always put you in the best frame of mind even when there is chaos, you are simply phenomena to behold. Thank GOD that gave me a charming woman like you. You are as precious as water is to the fishes to me, I will always love and adore you.


19. I will always make you smile…..

Dear Love,

The joy of having you is enormous; I will always make you smile. Trust me with your heart; nothing will ever make me hurt you, because I feel the pain more when you are sad, so how can I bring sadness to upon myself by hurting you. You mean greatly to me, I have never felt this special way before until you come into my life. Life is joyous and amazing when you are here together with me. I love you with all my heart.

Deep Love Letters for Him
Deep Love Letters for Him

Romantic Deep Love Letters for Him

1. To my knight in shining armour,

For all the beautiful and unforgettable memories, you have given me, tonight I want to take you on a trip to my world. We’d use the air flight “ME AND YOU” airlines and we’d fly through a thousand planets filled with your care and protection. Many places were our beautiful kisses and hugs are being made and hundreds of regions were our love and unforgettable memories lay waiting for us. The love I have for you makes me notice the little things; like how the stars’ glimmer at night.


2. My One and Only,

I asked God to send me the best boyfriend in the world, but He sent me someone different, instead, he sent me a wonderful man, who has become not only a true friend but a passionate lover, a caring protector who I can’t live without. I still ask Him to give me the strength to be by your side even at dark times and to grant me a longer life to enjoy your love and be with you till the end of time.


3. My Hero,
I love you and you love me. I feel happy being in your arms and with you, I feel free. What I have right here in my heart for you, is far beyond the normal eyes can see. When I’m sad, thinking about you has always been the key. You make me feel fulfilled and then you complete me. You make me much better than a woman can ever be. I love the way you take charge of things and the way you handle every issue in our relationship. I love you because you are more than just a man I love.


4. Dear Arthur,

When the going gets tough, I promise I’ll be there for you. When you happen to fall, I promise I’ll be here to catch you. When things go dark, I promise I’ll always be your light. I just wanted to give you a quick reminder of how important you are to me. Hug me tightly and closely listen to my heartbeat. Listen to the feelings whispering about all the happy moments we spend together. I love you now, forever and beyond.


5. My King,

I’ve seen, met, and spoken to a lot of uncountable faces in my life. You bring good tidings and surprises to my life and I’m always thankful I chose you out of the billions of people living on earth. I enjoy and cherish every moment we spend together which always feels new and fresh as it unfolds. If the chance to choose comes again, I’d still chose you and a hundred more years before I can think of someone else. I love you all the time.


6. My Superman,

My very own superhero who never wants to see me cry or sad. My own protector, guardian, and solicitor. You give me dreams which chase away the nightmares and you give me beautiful moments that take the bad ones away. I feel extremely happy when I’m around you and every moment of it always seems to get better. If I had a dollar for every single moment you made me feel special, we’ll both be the richest couple on earth. My heart beats for you, honey.

7. Heartbeat,

In times were feelings and emotions are hardly shown, you still find your way in constantly showering me with them. I chose you out of all the boys I’ve met in the past and it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with. I feel great been choked by your affection, beaten by your confidence and tortured by your love. I can’t wait for the times where we share the same kids and live in a big house and live happily ever after.


8. Harry,

A single touch of your skin when you caress my face can make all my worries go away and just one feel of your embrace can brighten my day. A little of your smile could make simple moments better and the sound of your voice can bring many strips of joy to my heart. What is this called if not crazy Love? Which I have for you.


9. My dear Josh,
Could you recall how we met on the first day? Sitting under the shelter of the bus stop while the rain poured away. From that beautiful night, my sad times have been less, my worries have reasonably dwindled by a mile, my sorrows have disappeared and my joy has indeed multiplied. You are like a blessing from God above. I used to remember the times I pray to God to give me a great surprise. A surprise such as you.


10. Dearest,

You are like stars among the dark skies at night. Like valuable jewels hidden in sacred caves treasures underneath the earth and the red roses lost deep among the dark forests. My love for you is like the sun, it shines every single day. It’s like the trees, it keeps growing and spreading every day. Sometimes it feels like the oceans because it runs forever. I’m currently covering my eyes hoping this makes you smile.


11. Babe,

I felt happy, fulfilled, strong, and motivated long before I set my eyes on you. Then you came into my life and touched my emotions and all those feelings felt empty and dull. Your laughter became my blood because, without it, my heart found it difficult beat. Your smile became my air because without it I couldn’t breathe. Your kiss was now my peace because, without it, I found it hard to sleep. You are the queen of my emotions. You are more than an angel!


12. To the love of my life,

Before meeting you, I felt lost. My life was dull and completely dreary. And then everything changed when I found you. My angel, my heartbeat. You sweep me off my feet and took my breath away. My mind became a home for you and happiness began to fill my heart. Stranger feelings came along but all I did was let them flow. It was like a dream come true. I would never find anyone like you.


13. My heartbeat,

There can be no feeling as cherishable as the one in my heart. Your smile brings the light that guides me. Your laughter heals the soul that makes me live and your words amp up the feelings that make me love. It is a wonderful feeling that you give me and I’ll always think of many dreams and possibilities we could share. If only I could be with at all times and talk, laugh and be in each other’s arms. I love you always.


14. George,

When we are together, you take my breath away. When you smile it brightens my day and when you look into my eyes, all my problems vanish. I miss your sweet kisses, your sweet hugs, your sweet voice, and your sweet love. Have a wonderful day my sweetness-this message is meant to tell you how much you mean to me, how much you’ve changed my life and how much I’m willing to go just to see you happy


15. My Love,

Waking up and seeing you beside me is happiness. Been in love with someone as lovely as you is like staring at the heavens and counting the stars. You beautify my dreams and desires and you are the special one I’ve always wished for. I want to be in your thoughts all day and night. I want to kiss you again and again and whisper my feelings to your heart. I found out that the reason I feel special is that I’m been loved by someone even, more special. My one in a gazillion!


16. Dear Adam,

I want to be your eve, your love, your wishes, and your dreams. I want to always brighten your day like the way you brighten my life. I want to always sweeten your day like you sweeten my life. I want to always inspire your day like you inspire my life. I want you to always smile because it is just one of the sweetest thing about you.