Exam Success Wishes Prayers/Good Luck Text Messages

Exam Success Wishes Prayers /Good Luck Text Messages
Exam Success Wishes Prayers /Good Luck Text Messages

Exam Success Wishes Prayers/Good Luck Text Messages: exams are times of great expectation, fear and anxiety, be part of the exam with your loved ones by wishing them well, praying for them and inspiring confidence in them. You would find the most beautiful exam success wishes prayers/good luck text messages to send to your loved ones in this lovely article.


Exam Success Wishes and Prayers

1. Success is coming your way as prepare to write your exam, you have always been a hardworking and diligent person, best of wishes to you.


2. All the candles that you have burnt in the course of your study will not be in vain, wishing you the very best of luck as you are about to begin your exam.


3. May you find your exam simple and easy, wishing you good luck.


4. An exam is a test of knowledge; you will never fail this test by God’s grace.


5. I know that you have read hard for this exam, may God bless you with a retentive memory to remember all that you have read as your exam approaches.


6. Good luck and wishing you success in your coming examination.


7. Wishing you the best of luck in your exam, you will come out in flying colors.


8. Don’t fear, you have prepared well for this exam, you will come with a good result.


9. May all your effort come to fruitful as you are set for your forth-coming examination.


10. Best of wishes to you in your exam, you find all that you have read.


11. I’m wishing you swift success in your exam, be calm and hope in God, all that you have labored for will never elude you.


12. May your effort be crowned with sweet success during this examination, best of luck.


13. May God reward you with sound victory in your exam, smile, and look good.


14. Your sleepless night will not be in vain, wishing you astonishing success.


15. Read hard, do your best and God will reward you with the best result, good luck as your exam approaches.


16. I believe you have prepared well for this exam; every paper you write shall be easy for you, wishing you the best of luck.


17. Every minute in the examination hall shall be made perfect for you, I trust you will do well in your papers.


18. Be confident, look smart, and relax to write your exam with great enthusiasm, your success shall be total this time around.


19. You have always been an intelligent student; your success is not in doubt, wishing you God help during the exam.


20. This exam is very vital to your passing out, I believe that you have not left any stone unturned, good luck and best of wishes.


Success Wishes and Prayers for Your Exams

21. God help and favour will follow into the exam, your effort shall be crowned, good wishes for you.


22. I know your expectations are high during this examination, you will never be disappointed, and your untiring preparation shall be distinctions.


23. You shall fly high in your coming examination, every effort that you have put in shall be rewarded, and your result shall be outstanding.


24. Believe in yourself and rely on God, all the effort you have put in for this exam will not be futile, it shall bring you unimaginable success, good luck.


25. As you attempt every paper during this examination, your memory shall remain fresh and sharp, and your result shall be excellent.


26. Good luck all the way, you shall smile at the end of each paper that you write.


27. You have sacrificed so much in your studies, now that it is time to write your exam, wishing you a sounding victory, good luck.


28. You are always marvelous, good to hear that your exam is at the corner, wishing you God’s help and wonderful performance, good luck.


29. It is time to prove your worth on your final exam, I always have an unwavering belief in your ability, I know you will come out with an outstanding result, best of luck to you.


30. May you be in good health and suitable mind as your exam approaches. Wishing you get the highest score ever in each subject, good luck.


31. Hurrah! It is your final year exam, fly high, the sky is your limit, good luck.


Good Luck Exam Text Messages

32. You are close to your success, good luck on your coming exam.


33. This exam shall be the best ever for you, your good performance is sure, good luck.


34. Everything that you studied in the preparation for your examination shall be fresh in your memory, good luck to you.


35. Your performance shall be outstanding during this exam, wishing you a beautiful time, good luck.


36. Wishing you well as you prepare for your examination, good luck all the way.


37. An exam is a joyful period to prove what you have learned, wishing you a refreshed memory during your examination, good luck.


38. You are about to crown your effort with an enormous victory, wishing you a magnificent performance in your exam, good luck.


39. Every moment shall be beautiful for you during your examination; you will perform high in all courses, good luck.


40. You have always been an awesome student, there is no doubt that you will triumph in the exam, wishing you good luck.


41. Sound victory will come your way this coming examination, read hard, and good luck.


42. The reward for hard work is a success, I know you have gone through a lot of pain to study hard, your success is around the corner as you are about to start your exam, good luck to you.


43. Your star will shine in this examination as it has always shone in every other one, good luck.


44. You will come out with ‘A’s in all your paper as you begin your exam, an outstanding student like you deserve much more than that, good luck.


45. You have done your best by studying hard; now expect the best result during your exam, good luck.


46. You have always been a dedicated learner and a courageous student, success surrounds you as take your exam, good luck.


47. It is time to unfold your talent; you are an incredible student, good luck as you settle for your exams.


48. The light of good knowledge will never stop shining in your heart, go for gold, go for your exam, good luck.


49. You will make a wonderful success in your careers tomorrow, you have been an exceptional student in your years of study, good luck as you are about to write your exam.

Good Luck Text Messages for Exams

50. You have open several pages of your books, you have prepared greatly I know who you are, good luck to you in your coming examination.


51. Your mind is full of the thought of the exam that is approaching, never fear; you will make it through, good luck.


52. Success is knocking on your door, open it with a marvelous performance in this exam, wishing you the best of luck.


53. Luck shines on those who have prepared for it; you merit all the goodness that awaits you in your life, good luck with your exams.


54. The best moment has come for you, it is exam time, take advantage of the beautiful moment that you have, success all the way.


55. You will write more and never get tired in this exam, wishing you the best of wishes.


56. I’m Wishing you a better grade in your forthcoming examination, best of luck to you.


57. Beautiful moments await you after your exams, take time and do your best, good luck.


58. I trust you; you will come out in flying colors in your exams, good luck.


59. You have a huge reward for passing your exams well, I’m sure you will not want to miss these beautiful opportunities good luck.


60. Working hard is a sure way to coming out with the best result in your coming examination, wishing you all the best.


61. I’m always proud of you, and I know you will do well in your exam, have a wonderful moment, good luck.


Exam Motivation Wishes and Messages

62. You laid a wonderful foundation in your studies; success will not elude you, best of wishes as you begin your exam.


63. Get up and get down to work, success is the reward of constant hard work, good luck on your next exam.


64. If you want to be great in life, you have to be committed and hard-working in your studies, as your exam is around the corner, you will need to remain focused, wish you the best.


65. Work hard today and enjoy tomorrow, for the great work of today are the success of tomorrow, good luck with your exams.


66. Be exceptional today and walk into greatness tomorrow, good luck on your coming examination.


67. The harder you read the simply your question becomes, but try to rest and reflect on the beautiful things of nature, that make an impression keen in your heart, good luck on your exam.


68. If I have one thousand candles I will burn them studying hard, because I know that, my sacrifice today will be my joy tomorrow, wishing you a sounding success in your exams.


69. The good things of life come with unwavering commitment in every good thing that you do today, I can see greatness coming your way if you will grasp this opportunity, good luck.


70. Focus on your study now, this is the only great opportunity that you have to make a difference in your life, good luck, and wish you well.


71. Don’t ever give up on your study, keep reading, keep trying, you will come out with a good result, wishing you well in your exams.


72. Life doesn’t usually offer you a second chance, take your first chance today and make the moment counts, good luck in your coming examination.


73. You have come close to your success now, tidy up, and be an exceptional student good luck.


74. Your chance to soar high is here, read hard and get a better result, good luck.


75. I have always looked at you with great astonishment; you will remain in the stead of life for a long time if you continue to be focused, good luck.


76. Good luck, a good time awaits after your exam.


77. Look deeply into the future; ask yourself this pertinent question, ‘where would I want to be tomorrow’? The foundation of your future life is laid today, good luck.


78. You can soar higher than you ever believe, you can make A’s instead of B’s and you can do better in this exam if you work hard and you are optimistic, good luck.


79. Be tough on yourself, don’t skip classes, and you will be unbeatable in your test, good luck.


Inspiring Messages and Wishes for Exam

80. If you want to walk with kings tomorrow, start by studying hard today, wishing you well in your exam.


81. Men of power are feared; men of wealth are envied and only men of knowledge are admired, good luck on your exam.


82. You will pass this exam with an incredible result, good luck.


83. Arise and shine, it is your time to shine, good luck as you prepare for your exams.


84. Read and glitters like the stars in the night in your exam, expecting a great result from you.


85. For every topic that you have read, shall be useful to you in the exam, wishing you the best of luck.


86. Every moment shall be great in your life, good luck with your exams.


87. Read and rest every moment shall bring you good, good luck with your exams.


88. Do your best and leave the rest for God, your best shall be great. Wishing you the best of luck in your exam.


89. Take your exams and move on to the next level of your life, good luck.


90. Make sure you have overwhelmingly prepared for the exam and your questions shall be so cheap for you.


Best Wishes for Exams cards

91. You are the best; you make a good result, good luck on your exams.


92. “Keep calm and study like Granger.”


93. Success is on your way believe it, be ready to receive it, best of wishes in your exam.


94. Read hard and you will be successful; this exam shall make you see the light of tomorrow.


95. It shall be sunshine for you when you receive your result, wishing you the very best as you get ready for your exam.


96. You have always made us proud; this exam will bring you superb success, good luck.


97. It is the peak of your study; you will in this your final exam, good luck.


98. Don’t feel nervous you have been preparing for the exam, take them as they come, good luck.


99. Your hard work will pay off soon, approach your exam with all the confidence in you, you are sure to come out great.


100. Let the fears be out of your mind, be positive and you will make sweet success in this exam. Best of luck.


101. You have studied hard over the years for this examination, may your expectations be fulfilled, wishing the best of luck.


102. Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind; approach this exam with lots of hope and rightful heart, see you at the top, good luck.


103. Remember to Keep focused and do your best, I wish you resounding success.


104. Be calm, do not panic, success is sure to be yours in this exam.


105. Success is the price of every hardworking, you have worked hard, be sure to get a wonderful result in your exam, best of luck.


106. Best of luck in your exam, be outstanding in every subject.


107. Always make sure you do your best and make us proud, good luck.


108. The result of hard work, patience, and perseverance will be great after this exam; you will come in flying colors, good luck.


109. Dearest, I know you have prepared so well for this exam, nothing will stop you from flying high, best of luck.


110. Don’t be nervous, stay calm and everything will work well for you in this exam, good luck.


111. Exams are taking a step ahead goal, it is something to be approached with high expectation, be happy for you will soon ahead to next level of your study, wishing you a mighty success in this exam.


112. Make this exam a memorable one for yourself by making it a breathtaking success, good luck.


113. You have always been the best in your class, so the time has come for you to shine again, wishing you the best as prepare for your exam.


114. If you keep to these rules, you will perform great in your coming exam, read, sleep well and play a little, good luck.


115. Dearest, I will be there at the end of your exam to celebrate with you, good luck.


116. Sweetheart, give your best shot in this exam, the sky is your limit.


117. Wishing you lots of brightness ahead, good luck on your coming exam.


118. Keep your head high in this examination, work hard and will you get a wonderful outcome.


119. Believe you can it in the top best position in your class; work hard and you will be successful.


Cute Wishes for Exams cards

120. Wishing you calmness and composed all through the exam, good luck.


121. Dearest love, you have really burned the midnight oil, now the exam is at the corner, and fear nothing for you but excellent performance, wishing you all the best.


122. Let your mind be full of positivity for in this state of mind your exam will be made easier for you.


123. My sincere prayer for you during this exam is to come out in flying colors, good luck.


124. Good luck on your exam, but be careful not to be too nervous in your first paper, I know you will fly high, I trust.


125. Your exam is just a week ahead, hope you are fully prepared by now, wishing you God infinite help.


126. You are the best; I love you, wishing you well in your exams.


127. Your success is very important to me, wishing you greatness in your exam.


128. I know that exam times are a period of a sleepless night for you, you will be compensated with outstanding performance in your exams, good luck.


129. Be calm, the ball is in your court, you have prepared so well for this examination and everything is in your favor.


130. The exam is a step further for you, writes well, and be ready for your success, good luck.


131. In your exams, everything will work in your favor, best wishes.


132. Good morning my sunshine, hope you had a great night? Your exam is starting today, wishing you a smooth beginning, good luck.


133. Your exam is four weeks from now, I’m sending this message as a reminder, start reading now, do not wait until the last minute before you do, wishing you a brighter day.


134. Make sure you are ready for your exam, and then free your mind from all stress; you will be shining like a star, good luck.


135. The purpose of schooling is an exam, and the exam moves you closer to your dreams, good luck.


136. When I say good luck, I mean, write well in your exam, I love you.


137. Exams may not be as difficult as we have thought sometimes, it is just a matter of mindset. Approach your exams with a positive mind, and the sky is your limit.


138. Aim high, reach for the stars, best wishes on your exam.


139. The joy is in the journey, you have come so far in your study, and have positive hope the exam will be easy for you.


140. Send you a lucky charm this exam, you will be excellent in your performance.


141. You are marvelous in your study; I know you do your well in your exams, best of wishes.

Exam Wishes Motivation Quotes

142. Read, pray and be courageous, you will make it through the sky is your limit, wishing you the best in your exams.


143. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” Nora Roberts


144. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier


145. Read hard, “Make the most of yourself, for that, is all there is for you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


146. “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”


147. If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison


148. Exams are a test of knowledge that you have acquired over the years, relax when you get to the exam hall, think deeply and you will remember everything that you have read, best of luck.


149. Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing.” William A. Ward


150. Think of the bigger picture of your life tomorrow, work hard today and be amazing in your studies, the best of wishes in your exams.


151. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”


152. Never allow the past failure to stand in your way to success, get ready to go for the best shot, good luck.


153. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Chinese Proverb


154. The first step to success is to believe that you can achieve success so you will, best of luck on your exam.


155. You create your success by working for what you want, good luck with your exams.


156. Read hard, don’t give up, remember the words of Thomas Edison “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


157. Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” David Bly


158. Don’t stop reading until you are naturally satisfied that you are fully ready for the exam, but do this earlier before the exam, to avoid rush reading. Good luck.


159. Fall nine times and stand up a tenth. Never! Never! Never! Give up, good luck.


Exam Success Motivations

160. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill


161. Learn well now, then forget the pain and remember the lesson, good luck.


162. You are capable of great things, good luck with your exams.


163. Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller


164. It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein


165. Read, practice, and go for the exam, but know ultimately that failure is part of life, but strive to pass all your subjects, good luck.


166. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”


167. Be positive, don’t always feed your mind with what could go wrong, but feed it with what could go right, best of luck in your exam.


168. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela


169. Be ready for your exam, believe in your ability, you are capable than you know.


170. Nothing good comes easy, but the time spends to achieve a good thing is worth it good luck.


171. Start reading now, remember “procrastination is the thief of time”


Exam Wishes Quotes

172. Don’t forget you’re the good life that you wish to live tomorrow, prepare for it today, good luck with your exams.


173. You will make it through if you make hay while the sunshine, work hard and you will among heroes and kings, good luck.


174. If I could be there with you I will tell you one more thing, read, sleep, and play for all are part of the game of life, best of wishes.


175. Free your mind, face the reality, and you make it to the end.


176. An exam is the result of your study, be ready to make the difference, good luck.


177. Hard work pays off, you will reap the fruit of your labor soon, wishing you the best of luck in your exam.


178. Read hard, God is with you, good luck.


179. Never mind what you have not covered, what you have read is sufficient for you to pass this exam, good luck.


180. When you plan, God plan with you, never fear this exam, you will be successful.


181. Never underrate those salient points in your study, keep them in mind, good luck.


182. Every great man that you know begins just as you are now, believe that you will make it through and you are halfway successful good luck.


183. Aim for the best in this exam, best of luck.


184. Set your target right, but make it realistic, see you at the end of your exam, wishing you the best.


185. Every big achievement in life begins small, take your stride one after the other, your exam will take you to the next step of your life, be ready, best of luck.


186. Remember God in all that you do, and He will help you remember everything that you should know, best of wishes in your exam.


187. Let me in whatever way I can help you to pass your exam, I’m willing, good luck.


188. Write your exams well and come out let’s celebrate, best of luck.


189. It is going to be a wonderful exam for you, believe it, work hard and you will find everything easy.


190. Marvel at the beautiful sunshine, marvels at the beautiful stars, and marvel at you beautiful future, work for tomorrow today, be excellent in your study and make exceptional result in your exam, good luck.


191. You will make a big difference in your exam because you have prepared well and you deserve the best, good luck.


192. May God reward your sleepless night with an excellent result as you prepare to begin your examination best of luck.


193. Your exam date is fast approaching hoping you reading well, wishing you a successful exam.


194. You have diligently done your best by reading hard to pass your exam, the Lord will complete the remaining part for you, best of luck.


195. Your effort will not be in vain, you will achieve well-deserved success during this exam, good luck.


196. May God gives you smooth understanding and retentive memory to help you pass your exam; you will come in flying colors, best luck.


197. Everything that you have deprived yourself in other to pass this exam will bring you happiness in the end; you will come with great result, wishing you the best.


198. This exam is another great opportunity for you to shine greatly again, do not leave anything untouched, do your best and you will be happy with the outcome, good luck.


199. Prepare well, be optimistic and the sky is your limit in this exam, good luck.


200. You can fly high if you wish, get ready, read hard, and you will be triumphant exceptionally in your upcoming examination, best of wishes.


201. Success is the collection of diligent preparation and hard work, your effort will be not be lost, and you will come out with the best grade in your exam, best of luck.


202. God has seen your effort and He will recognize you, wishing you well as are about to begin your exams.


203. Be hardworking, be persistent and hang on tough, you will succeed in the end, good luck.


204. Read hard, ask a question and be inquisitive, you will make a better result in your exams, good luck.


205. Exams time are best of times, it the peak of the moment of your study, get prepared and be at your best to pass your exams well, good luck.


206. Hold on to your dreams, always remind yourself of what you want to achieve in life, your study is the stepping stone of achieving your goal and an exam is the gateway to achieving it, study hard and get ready to hit the roof, good luck.

More Beautiful Exam Wishes

1. I want you to go into that exam hall today and do all your best. You have been one to study hard and pass. I wish you all the best.


2. Throw nervousness out the window! Take the exam peacefully and calmly and you shall pass with flying colours. Good luck.


3. You have done tremendously well updating your notes, revising, taking tests, and extra hours in the library. It is just a few more days for your exam and I am sure you would do well. Good luck.


4. The sky shall be your stepping stone. You shall pass this exam with As. You shall reap all the labored nights of study. All the best my dear.


5. Perform great in your exams and a bright future would be in view! I wish you all the luck dear.


6. Write these exams with full confidence! And be certain of an awesome result! All the best!


7. You have studied hard. You have perfected it. You have prayed. So go into the exam hall without any form of fear, for I too will be out here praying for you. Good luck.


8. Discard all the negative thoughts and second-guessing and have a clear, positive, and optimistic mind. Do well in your exams.


9. You deserve to step out of the exam with a huge smile of relief on your face. So now is the chance to make that happen. Have a good one!


10. Exams are not time to panic. It is time to keep calm and do all your best. I wish you success.


11. Good, better, best; you should never rest until your good is better and your better gets best! All the best my love.


12. Pencils? Check Pens? Check Positive mind? Check that two because you are going to be awesome in there! Good luck on your exam.


13. Do you know what day it is? It is the world’s calm day! Yes! So remain calm and write your exams well! You have passed already! Amen! Be great!


14. I had a good dream today; you were in it, I will tell you all about it only if you finish your exam with a huge sigh of relief! Do well, my dear.


15. May the good Lord bless this day for you as you take your finals. May your pen and pencils overflow with the right answers. May you not find it hard. Amen. Good luck and excel!


16. Wishing you the best as you approach the exam, be optimistic, the sky is the beginning of the


17. Good luck with your exam. I want you to perform well and score good marks all through! Be great today.


18. Today you have got a chance to pay back to your parents, tutors, friends, teachers, and siblings. Today is the day you make them very proud! Stay calm and prosper!


19. I know what your best looks like, so you just go ahead and give today’s exam your best shot! I have massive faith in you! All the best.


20. You are going to pass with flying colors because you have been diligent and hardworking, and you have thoroughly prepared for this exam. So go be awesome!


21. If all you get any questions wrong, just know that your correct answers will outshine your wrong answers! Amen. I wish you all the luck in the universe, my dear.


22. This exam will be your stepping stone to your success. Good luck and I wish you all the best.


23. Do not be doubtful, but be moderately confident. Do well in your exams and do not forget to dot your Is and cross your Ts.


24. Cheers to the academic queen of her class, and of her time! I want you to know that I will be here praying for you as you take your finals today! Good luck.


25. As the exams gradually approach, I want you to pay attention to all your notes and revise your test questions carefully. I know you will pass! All the best.


26. Just as exams are around the corner, tensions and anxiousness also build all over. But do not worry; you have been a good student from the beginning of the year and I know that your hard work will pay off.


27. Come on boy! Give it all the best you have got and made not just everyone but yourself proud! Good luck!


28. Keep calm and study for your upcoming exams. Good luck and I wish you all the best!


29. Approach each question with composure and positivity. There is no need to start having doubts about your abilities. You are awesome! Good luck.


30. Your name shall be at the top of the list! Your teachers shall praise you. Your parents shall be proud of you. Have the best of exams dear friend.


31. Give no room for doubts and mistakes. Keep calm and you shall surely do well today! Good luck with your exams! You can do this!


32. As you sit down to take the exam, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think about the bright side, and pass your exam with flying colors. All the best.


33. I pray to God that He provides you with focus and strength to give it your best in the exam. I wish you a successful one.


34. Do not let the tensions create a problem for you. Put all your fears aside and be confident. You will surely do well. All the best.


35. Stop being scared of what could go south. Be strong and think of what you can achieve for your future to come. All the best.


36. “It always seems impossible until it is done” all the tension will be over soon. So give room for possibility and make it happen! Good luck with your exam.

Exam success Msg for Sister

You have been a wonderful sister all your life, you are very smart and intelligent, I have no doubt that you will do well in the forthcoming examination, I’m wishing you the best of luck.


There are little words in the dictionary to eulogize you, a sister like you is rear to find in the world, a million good wishes for as approach your final exam, good luck.


Dear sister, I have been praying for your success at the beginning of your program, now that your exam is near I wish you all the best.


Don’t be afraid, you are destined for great things to come, this your exam shall be easy for you, good luck my dearest sister.


Exams are a test of knowledge; I have no fear because I know that you have acquired sufficient knowledge to perform excellently in your coming exam, best of luck dear sister.


Remain focus never give up on your study, the sky is the beginning of your limit, good luck with your exams.


Bravo sister, I have always known you as a hardworking person, in this exam, you soar like angle, excellent performance, good luck.


Read hard and rest well, don’t worry you would make it through the hardest journey, good luck.


It may seem that you have not read enough books, or prepared well for the exam, but don’t worry you have done all things that would make you perform excellently in your exam, put your trust in God, you will find everything easy, good luck.


You will smile and rejoice after taking your exam, I have asked God to make it easy for you, good luck sister.


Be ready for your exam, be confident, take each paper as they come, God would give you retentive memory to remember all that you have learned, good luck.


All that you have labored would never be in vain, wishing the best as you take your exam next week.


Relax and take your time to study the questions before attempting them, God would refresh your memory for a better result, good luck.


There is no limit to how much success you can achieve, I’m always very proud of you, go for gold, good luck in your coming examination.

Exam success wishes for brother

In a moment like this when your exam is at hand, read harder and trust God, but rest and play a little to refresh your mind, good luck.


I nurse no fear that you would perform excellently in your exam that is at the corner, be at your best, good luck.


I dreamt of a great man like you a long time ago, my dreams for you are fast becoming reality, in this your last exam, you would break the record, we shall celebrate your grand success, good luck.


Take your last chances well, be above board, don’t leave any stone unturned, good luck.


As bright as the moonlight in the night, so shall shine brightly in the coming examination, good luck brother!


Take time to reverse your books, be calm and remain focus when you get to the exam hall, you will remember all that you have read, best of luck.


I have never come across a person like you, you a unique person brother, as you are going into your exam this coming week, I wish you nothing but a huge success, good luck.


Best of luck of brother, write what you know and be careful in the exam hall.


I have a beautiful crown for you when you return home, take time and write your exam well, good luck.


Dearest brother, you are among the few people special to me in life, I have my hands open to heaven to ask God for a blessing for you as you prepare for your exam, good luck.


Cast every doubt out of your mind, you have really prepared hard for this exam, you come out in flying colors, best of wishes for your exam.


You may be apprehensive thinking about your exam, but don’t worry all that you have read would come out, just take your time and answer each question as they come, good luck.

Exam Success and Wishes for Girlfriend

You are my dream come true, and your exam would be easy for you, smiles good luck.


Don’t worry my love, success is yours in this exam, good luck.


I have always had unshaken confidence in your ability; I know you would do well in your exam, good luck babe.


Dearest, I want to know that I’m writing this exam with you, as you would be in the examination hall. I would out here praying for you, good luck.


I know that your exam is at the corner, brace up, it is a beautiful opportunity to soar high in your career, all the best.


The beauty of learning is in taken an examination and coming out best, I don’t wish you anything less than excellent performance, good luck my dearest.


I see the light at the end of your tunnel, shine brightly in this exam, good luck my sweetie.


Dear love, all the candles that you have burnt and all the sleepless night you had gone through, your effort would never be in vain, wishing best of luck.


The journey may look long tedious, but you have climbed to the apex of your study, as you prepare for your last examination, good luck.


I place you in the hand of the living God, go for your exam, you would shine brightly, good luck.


This is the day that you have prepared for; you would surmount all obstacles as you take your exam, good luck.


At the end of your exam, you would be as happy as ever in your life, best of luck my love.


Don’t be tired, remain focus on your study, you would be outstanding in your exam, good luck.


We would celebrate your undaunted success, after the exam, good luck.


Be my success story, good luck as face your examination.


I would count your trophy with you, best of luck in your examination.

Exam Success Wishes for Boyfriend

You are the best, you would come out with the best result, good luck on your coming examination.


You are my sweet melody; go for A’s, good luck.


Dearest, it is the time to prove you are the best, be meticulous during your examination, best of luck.


I have never doubted your ability to come out with the best result in any that you do, you are gifted with sound knowledge, as I look forward to the fourth examination with you, wishing the best.


You have always been a superhero; this examination would be a problem for you, best of luck.


Every book that you have studied would be proof for your sound performance, I’m very optimistic that you would perform excellently in this coming examination, good luck.


We shall celebrate your victory after the examination, wishing you all the best.


I have always admired you; you have proven to be the beautiful light that shines brightly in my heart, wishing you the best as you approach your exam.


You have burnt several candles, you have sacrificed your sleep at night, God would crown your effort, good luck as you are about taking your examination.


Best of luck to the best man in the world, your exam would be made easy for you.


No matter how hard or difficult the questions are, you would find the answer to them all, good luck on your exam.


My heart follows you to the examination hall; I would be a guidance angel, good luck.


Take away your fear, you would make it, just be steadfast, I’m praying for you, best of luck in your exam.


The questions would be cheap for you and the answers would come in handy, good luck on your exam.


It is going to be a beautiful moment for you, I’m wishing you the A’s in this coming examination, good luck.


Exam Success Wishes for Best Friend

I have never seen a good friend like you in my entire life, you have my prayers for you as you take your exams, good luck my dear friend.


For a wonderful friend like you, I wish you well in your exams, good luck.


If I have a magic brain that would retain everything that you would wish to read for your exam, I would happily lend you, but for now, I don’t have that, I would pray for your success as you read hard to pass your exam, good luck.


Never give up in studying hard for your exam; you are almost there, good luck.


You would scale through all toughness; you have worked hard, wishing you the best of luck in your exams, good luck.


Dear friend, by next week you would be taking your exam, I just want to wish you all the best, good luck.


For every book that you read, the question would be set from it; your effort would never be lost, good luck.


I have confidence in your strength; you have always been a very hard-working person, best of luck in your exam.


There is a reward for hard work, and your reward shall be a sounding success in your exams, good luck.


For the love that binds us together, you are just a friend but greater than a brother in my heart, I’m wishing you good luck as you set to write your last exam, good luck.


You have done a lot of hard work to pass your exam, please rest, and put your trust in God, you would triumph, best of luck.

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