Funny Fishing Captions and Quotes For Instagram

Funny Fishing Captions and Quotes For Instagram: Fishing captions are great for fishing enthusiasts, anglers — or even people who aren’t into fishing that are getting into the humour of it. If you are looking for funny fishing quotes or captions to post on social media or share with friends then this article is for you. I was adding captions to some pictures on Instagram and think these fishing captions were hilarious so I thought I would share them with you.

Funny Fishing Captions and Quotes For Instagram

Don’t fish so much as catch.

The best thing about fishing is doing it with these cool people. Fishing with friends is always better than fishing alone. Be sure to practice catch and release when fishing, and be respectful of the environment.

If it’s fishing, you’re after, our venue is a place that will hook you

Hook, line and sinker. We’re taking a trip back to our favourite place on earth. It’s fishing season!

Some days, life doesn’t get any better than fishing with Dad and catching fish.

Tight lines, anglers! Fish on!

Gone fishing.

When your dog is as obsessed with fishing as you are.

When you want to catch a fish so badly. #saltwater #offshorefishing #charterfishing #corsoffshore #boating

“I fish in order to live, not live in order to fish.

Good news, we’ve got you covered. Our rugged line of fishing and boating gear is designed to stand up to the elements and endure even the toughest conditions.

Get your heart started with a day of fishing and discovering the seafood-rich waters of Virginia.

Plan your next fishing trip this weekend, and tag us in your pics!

Time flies when you’re just a tiny salmon and your daddy is teaching you how to be big and strong.

It’s a fishing thing.

I so much enjoy fishing – Try it yourself with the finest fishing gear for a test. Good luck!

The time of year to fish is anytime with the Bass Pro Shops®️ rod and reel set


Funny Fishing Quotes

Catching great moments from the sea.

Feels like I’m fishing for compliments

The fish aren’t the only ones rising to the top.

Captain, I think it’s about time we put our lobster traps back out in the bay and see what we can pull in today!

Caught from the shore. #fishing

If you love the water, if it calls to you, if you feel a sudden need to be near it, you’ll understand.

Swinging for the fences as we say here in America.

Nothing is more fun than the sound of a reel screaming as the fish runs with your bait. So, get out there and catch dinner.

Let’s make a wish and cast our lines into the water. This may be a catch of a lifetime!

Time to go deep-sea fishing with a Coronado rod and Shimano reel. They don’t call it the #deepseafishingcapital of the world for nothing.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a quiet morning on the lake. Just you, your boat, and the intended catch. Now it’s time to bait up and drop a hook!

Lucky enough to have the whole day to catch some fish — or should we say some #lunkers.

Complete chaos here! Cast net malfunctioning, boat’s missing, and the rain just won’t let up! BUT this family and I are determined to bring home the fish. #noexcuses

Float fishing in the Gulf this weekend? Catch me texting away on my new phone. Here’s a feelin’ to carry around with you all day while you’re out on the water. #feelthethrill

Remember the first time you were peace-cool? That feeling you had when you finally caught your first fish. Time to beat that feeling.

There is no better place to be the water’s amazing and the fish are delicious!

Catching some vibes today: Let’s talk about cast nets, a bit of a throwback to our initial content. But we’re really excited about them because they’ve changed the game for all kinds of fishermen.

While I love to fish, there’s no place I’d rather be than on a boat with friends. #hokerenvy

There’s always a fish. There’s always a chance.

When you see the same charter captain a couple of times, you move up to boats with TVs and satellite radio. #freshfish #bigdrum

I took my two oldest boys fishing this weekend and they caught three–count ’em, THREE–fish. The three fish were one first-time catch each, which, in my book is a pretty successful day.

Always fish responsibly – your karma depends on it

We get our kicks out on the water. Where do you?

I don’t always fly fish, but when I do…I’m with my bros on the Tippecanoe River.

Be a time detective and identify these banned fish by their tail.

Let’s cast a line and catch the day.

May the best catch win.

We’re going fishing. Does anyone have a boat to rent? #SaturdayVibes

Catching the big fish is a moment of intense focus and concentration. Swiping right might give you a match, but catching the Big Fish gives you an unforgettable experience.

How is it that no one has made a fishing app yet? There needs to be something where we can go fishing around local lakes and get fish delivered right to our door.

Chumming water: it’s what we do. #Catchandrelease #staysaltyourwholelife

Tackle this weekend with a tackle box full of fun at the lake with friends

Perfect weather for fishing. And knitting.

When you make the catch of a lifetime.

Capturing the feeling of a dad fishing with his son

Crank up the music, crank up the angler spirit, and get off the couch for some quality fish time.

August 9th in Alaska is the day of the year when most halibuts are caught. How about this weekend? Let’s go fish.

Life is too short to fish with bait that doesn’t taste good Catch our Catfish Sticks in stores every summer.

Lonely fishing in the middle of a cloudy day. #

What kind of fish are in the sea? It’d be nice to find out; except that it involves putting on a wetsuit.

When you spot the first fish of the day, it’s always a thrill. Especially when it’s a beautiful cutthroat trout like these from Montana’s Madison River… #FWF #FlyFishing #ReelFlies

We are over the moon celebrating the return of salmon to the rivers this month! River Salmon fishing has been AWESOME with all three species.

Scooting out on the water for a little perch action this weekend. Here’s to a successful weekend and keeping our sassafras in one piece.

We do not make fish, we produce them.

You had me at #‎fishbowl #‎fishing

Do you love fishing?

Sometimes the best fish stories start with a little friendly – and less than gentlemanly – competition.

I’ll admit it: I’m a big fish story

Fishing is fun…unless your kid doesn’t want to fish. Then it’s sort of like the dentist. 😬

Just keep fishing till you find the right subreddit. #great_captions_for_instagram

Be a fish lover. Fish for compliments. Compliment a fish and the fish will love you back.

Hook, Line and Sinker. Don’t forget the bait.

“Fish for people who want to meet you, not the ones who just want you to catch them fish.” —Andy Stanley

Hey, kids! Fish on!

Dad jokes are a hassle, but fishing with dad is priceless.

Been catching much? #funny #captions #fishfulthinking

Life is like fishing. You see the most interesting things right before the line snaps.

Fishing is hard.

At the end of the day, it’s just fishing. And that’s okay too.

Laughter is the best bait. – W.C. Fields

When you fish, you have a dream. And it is a beautiful dream. You see fish that are of unimaginable size and of all different colour scales. You imagine the catch that is going to be on your reel…

Last week a fish was caught a rare fish. I don’t know what it is called. But the taxidermist told me if he had any brains he would have realized he was hooked, and given up.

We should have caught something by now. Maybe we’re fishing from the wrong planet 🌎 #boatlife

I was so excited I went right out and made a reservation at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Make sure you cover all your fishing bases this weekend. Enjoy a day on the water and tackle any tasks that come up in life.

Summer is over! It’s time to go fishing.

When a fish fights with a fisherman, the fisherman usually wins. 😎

Good fishing 🎣, dude! The early bird catches the worm.

Got a big fish at the end of the line? Share this with someone who is in need of a little inspiration.

Fishing isn’t a matter of life or death. It’s more important than that.

Growing up in northern New Jersey, most of my friends didn’t fish. I used to stand there with my dad and dream about adventures like these, though it took me years to realize that they’re attainable.

Why is every other fish a bass? -Dakota Fanning

How do you catch a fish? Put a hook in its mouth. How do you catch a walnut? Crack it open.

Laughter is the best bait and trolling is an art.― Garrison Keillor

“Fishing is the only industry in which you get up at 4 a.m., work until late at night, and spend all your time thinking about going fishing.” -Carl Parker

Life is a fishing trip, with a great big hole called the world to set the hook in. – Robert Bramson

Everything tastes better when you’re fishing. Even a whole pineapple on a stick. 🎣🍍

If they call ‘em fish, and they wiggle on a hook, you bet your bottom dollar I’m a fisherman.

How many fish does it take to see a dentist?

I’m so ready for this thunderstorm. Let me tell you about the fish I caught, bro.

If you don’t have a sense of humour, fish is not the thing to study.

When people say you can’t catch fish if you don’t use bait, you tell them this guy did.’

It’s a fishing season, and my poles are ready.

Keep Calm. I’m a fisherman.

What’s fishy about fishing? Nothing. Unless you don’t bring home dinner.

My mom always told me, “Don’t fish where the fish aren’t for it makes you look like a fool with a hook in your mouth.” 🎣

Is fishing really what’s for dinner? # humour

By the time you get there, it’s only halfway fishing.

“I’ll fish anywhere, but if it’s not biting I think I’ll move.” – Burt Reynolds

Funny Fishing Captions and Quotes For Instagram
Funny Fishing Captions

Fishing Captions for Instagram

When it comes to finding the perfect fishing spot, good things come to those who wait.

Sometimes the fish are just feeding on baitfish. So, you can sit back and relax for a while, look them in the eye and observe how they move until you feel like fishing again.

Good times in coastal towns call for wild-caught salmon.

Doesn’t get much better than this view. #onthebeat #beatingtheheat #fishinglife .

We’re just a bunch of fishing buddies who like to make fun videos.

We laid out the nets and got our hands wet for you. We never caught a fish this big, so don’t be surprised if you feel something tug at your heart when you see our biggest catch yet.

My fishing partner took all the fish today #nofilter

There are lots of fish in the sea, but this one is my catch of the day. #fishpic

Trout season might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up catching fish—on the water and off!

I can’t wait for you to catch ‘them all – the fish, that is.

No fishes here, just some fish story. Be sure to check out the original post to see this great photo.

Whatever your destination may be, I hope you find it and more.

Fish on,

Throwback to when you went fishing without a care in the world. Image can be from the place you fish or whatever feeling you want your followers to have when they see them.

Somewhere out there is a fish that dreams of being hooked by you. So cast that net!

There is a place where the fish are so friendly, you’ll want to bring them home with you and treat them as a part of your family.

Focus on your catch. Fish for a good life.

Keep your eyes peeled on the water, and you’re sure to hook a big one.

Hey, everyone, listen up! This salmon is for eating, not for fighting!

Like this. It’s a slow mountain morning, but the fish are biting. So, if you want to catch your meal, grab a net.

Tight lines! You never know what you will catch.

Making you wish that Labour Day didn’t end? We’re feeling the same way. Now, back to real life. #

Throwback to the summer when we were happy and had no idea what life would throw at us. #nostalgia

Fishing is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be sweet!

♥ ♥ As fishermen, we know there is nothing like the thrill of landing a whopper.

This is the kind of day when you skip work and go fishing.

The Pacific Northwest is a fisherman’s paradise. But when fish are few and far between, you have to go hard after those who’ve gone before.

Let’s be honest. There is nothing more exciting than hauling in a big catch!

Fish on! The sweetest time of year is coming. Whether you’re going after salmon, steelhead, bass or bluegill. We’ve got the gear for you.

Going after them, one cast at a time. #catchandrelease #neversinkit

“Grab the rod. You never know what’s out here.”

Only a free mind and an inquiring spirit are needed to comprehend the universe. – Albert Einstein #fishing #caught_and_cant_keep

Cast your bait into an adventure

It’s Fishing Time! We’re not just fish. We are THE fish. ★

Even if you’re not down there with them, we hope and love that every fisherman is having a good day of it.

Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high…let’s go catch us a big one!

So many reasons to get out and go fishing this weekend. # TackleTour

All summer long we’ve been looking to the heavens. Now it’s time to look down to the sea.

Thinking about heading out for an early morning fishing trip. Picture it.

Saturday morning: fishing + coffee

I know I said that I was done fishing, but it’s Canada Day, and the Lonnie came through for me. #nojoke

There’s something about fall river fishing trips that make your heart happy.

Spring is a great time to get out on the water

Nothing better than that first tug on the line. We’re proud to be the ultimate fishermen’s resource.

Whether your catch of the day is big or small, the memories are always bigger. Enjoy our fishing trip with family and friends, and bring home some great before it’s gone.

It’s time to go fishing, but not just fish. Throw in a ball of string and some bait, and you have your next great adventure!

Even if you keep the fish or not, fishing is still a worthy endeavour.

Ready. Set. Fish.

Catching a different kind of fish this season. What ideas are you going to use?

What’s on the hook today? A #fly-fishing adventure, of course.

It’s time to think about new fly-fishing rods, reels and lures for the coming season, and all the fish they might catch.

I’m not a fisherman, but I do enjoy the outdoors which is why I go to Rugged Camping. The people there are always so nice and helpful.

Nothing beats fresh fish – especially when it’s caught and cooked within the same hour

Think you have what it takes to be a fisherman? Well, that’s great — but you don’t.

Wednesday, September 13th is National Fishing & Boating day. If you are a sports fisherman or a recreational boater, Help protect America’s waterways by purchasing your fishing and boating licenses today!

If the ocean were made of tequila, I’d spend all day fishing.

Hey there! How about nice fishing to start the day today?

It’s not just the luck of the fish that create a day worth catching. It’s camaraderie.

Lazy days #fishing

No wall that can hold us back from a good catch.

Keep calm and fish on.

There’s something in the water. #‎TeamFreeRideNshk #‎Catches

Catching fish, and other adventures on the water.

is an angler’s paradise with an endless supply of fresh fish to catch.

Fall is coming. Are you ready for a fishing trip?

Adventure is out there on the ocean—if you’re game. (Tag a fishing buddy.) ★

If you have a boat in your garage, do you call it a car? No, you call it a boat. If you have a trout farm in your backyard, do you call it an aquaculture operation? No, you call it fishing

Fishing for the catch of the day.

I’m grinning cause I caught the big one! #alwaysbefishin

There’s nothing quite like a day out on the water to make me feel at home.

Sometimes the best things sink to the bottom of the lake. Is it in there?

The most you’ll catch all season.

Making a fishing rod look cool and making anglers look like heroes.

You know it’s going to be a good day when the first fish you catch is grander.

Captions can also feature images like flowers or animals

No matter where the water is, or how it looks, there’s always a reason to get outside. #fish #fishing

Enjoying one of the best Florida Keys deep sea fishing charters that ever were #FishingChartersFloridaKeys

You never know what’s hiding in the deep. Popping up on you” is a fishing term!

No matter how old you are, there’s always something new to learn on the water. And the people who love it know you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy it—you just have to get out there.

Beam me up with these fresh spring catches. Yes, that’s the new catchphrase for this season.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the fishing season.

Rise and shine, it’s the fishing time!

Tackle boxes full of lures and watch us wrangle the perfect catch for your table.

It’s always a good day for ice fishing #IceFishing

There’s something about the sound of the river that makes you want to drop everything you’re doing and cast a line.

It’s finally Friday! Are you ready to cast away the last few days with a relaxing day on the water?

If it doesn’t get better, you’re doing it wrong. Catch and Release

When the fish are so fat, they swim away. #saltlife

Striper fishing is the place that stripers fish best.

Luring in the weekend like, it’s time to go fishing.

Who doesn’t love a good day of catch and release fishing? #fishing Captions

Fishing is a sport for those who like to be alone, not because it requires a lot of skill but because it makes you think about things and forget about time.

Bring home the biggest catch of your life—and some friends. Join us at Lake Anna for a day of fishing fun on Saturday, September 22.

Hi folks! Fall is in the air…and it’s making anglers fishy! Are you planning a fishing trip this fall? Tell us about it on our page.

Curious to see where fish are biting? Check out our real-time weather.

Time to go fishing!

Get behind the lens this weekend. There’s so much more to our oceans than meets the eye. For a closer look at how we protect wild fish, check out our Instagram story today.

Capturing the thrill of fresh fish on ice.

Fish or cut bait. Which one are you going to do?

I can’t put my phone down. I need to catch the biggest fish of my life before this sunset


Funny Fishing Picture Quotes

So, I thought about getting a fishing license and then caught this monster.

What a great fishing trip! Maybe next time we should try a beach.

Sometimes when my friends from New York come down to visit, we go fishing together 🎣

Stop fishing for excuses and just reel in that dream. Everybody is your reason to win.

Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted – all white fish with a black stripe make my heart go pitter-patter.

A bad day on the lake is still better than a good day at work.

If you’re not catching fish it’s because _ _ _ _. Do you want to know what that reason is? *laughs*

Hanging on by a #hook or two. #bass

We’re getting our shrimp on 🍤 # humour

Catch and Release – lots of laughs with these funny fishing pictures.

You’re just fishing through the Internet, nothing to see here.’ Or is there?

It’s time to lay down your fly rods and go back to work so you can pay for all this fishing gear.

Fishing is relaxing.

Enjoying the day on the lake with the one you love is like fishing in a shark tank. If you wait long enough, something big is bound to bite.”

How’s your spring fishing going? Hope you’re not getting tired of them yet. 😝 #fsaatb

Monkeys love catching fish but when tossing them in the air they occasionally drop one.

Outdoor time is so much better than indoor time! The kids are fishing and having fun while the dog watches them turn a stick into a dog toy.

A spa-like treatment after a day of fishing. What could be better? #lakelife

I’m not the only one with the fish-face. 🐟

You’re not the only fish in the sea, but you’re my favourite fish and I hope you’re ready to get caught. 😉

It’s hard to catch fish when you aren’t wearing pants. #CatchFishWithoutPants

Two things anyone will tell you: one, two fish don’t make a meal. And two, if it moves, don’t touch it with your hands.

All we need is a plate, some #catchoftheday, and some amazing company. And maybe a nice glass of wine on the side.

Especially in winter, when the days are short and the nights are long, fishing stories serve as a much-appreciated reminder there’s at least one other person out there who’s survived that blizzard.

There are days when you just have to get away from it all because you can’t catch a damn thing.


Bass Fishing Quotes Funny

The thing about bass fishing is that you can’t win it by yourself. You can catch fish alone, but not the tournament. It takes a team to win that top prize!

The bass are getting bigger and the fish are really biting.”—Sammy Lee

Get your boat in the water, grab a Bassmaster gear, and get ready for an epic weekend of fishing! #bassmaster #fishon #bassfishing

Little boat, big pond. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and heading offshore for some bass fishing.

No wind, no sun – just you and the fish – it’s the way we like it.

Wishing you a great day fishing on the water, even if you are on the computer!

The flies are out and the fish are fat. Ha! If you haven’t noticed, bass fishing is a hobby that doesn’t ever seem to lose its appeal. September fishing is going to be great! Good luck and good catching.

What’s better than pulling big bass out of the water? Big laughs with your friends. #bassmaster #fish_nguns #BoatLifeAdventures

Just when I’ve stopped fishing, that’s when the Big One always bites.

Catching the first fish of the morning on opening day is just one of those things you dream about.

Dream big. Fish small.

Crazy Good Fishing. #bassfishing#fishingpic#fishindaily#fishy#fishyme #catchandrelease#catching#capture#caves#cave

Let’s go fishing 🐟 #bassfishing

When bass fishing, I don’t think anything can replace hard-core practice and determination. Bass fishing is more than just a hobby for me, it’s a way of life.

This dude is a fish killer, let’s get him! #bassfishing #fishkill #teamtaylormade #wmba

It’s easy to get in a fishing frame of mind in the early morning. Just wait for the sun to rise, then tie on a big Fly Rod & Reel combo with open-face Bass fishing Rods.

Want to hook some fish this weekend? Make sure you know the right bait for the job. Good luck this weekend!

That feeling when you hook a monster fish.

The bass fishermen who find the most success are the ones who study the most.

This will be Minnesota’s most-watched bass tournament of the year.

Have an awesome weekend. Stay safe and catch a couple of fish. 🎣🎣

This is the best time of year in fishing and outdoors in general. The water’s warmer and summertime hatches like golden stone, sulphurs and midges start showing up in plentiful numbers.

Fall is in the air… and here in Louisiana, that means fishing in the crisp, cool air on a breezy lake.

Taking bass fishing to its finest…

What a day, what a catch. #bassfishing #itsyourturn

Well fish. This is any anglers dream out here on the bass coast! #bassmastersclassic #bassfishing #dreamday

Do you fish? If so, this is the ONLY fishing-related page you will EVER need. Fishing puns for days! You’re welcome 😉

With every nibble, you’ll feel the rush of adrenaline, so reel ‘em in and brag about your finest catch on Instagram with #baitsquad.

We have caught over 10,000 fish here. BUT…none of them were this big.

Did you see anyone else on that fish?

It’s time to get on the water.


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