Funny Good Morning Messages for Him-Her


Funny Good Morning Messages for Him-Her
Funny Good Morning Messages


Funny Good Morning Messages for Him-Her, are collections of good morning messages that would make him/her arise in the morning with a smile.  It is so beautiful to start your day with a beautiful heart? Good morning!


Funny Good Morning Messages to Husband

1. Hey! This is to inform you that there will be a one-minute silence to commemorate the loss of the mosquitoes I killed last night for you! Good morning.


2. Today will be a great day. There is a chance that your boss will sleep off in the office today and would not go on with the dreaded meeting! Good morning my sweetheart have a burst of beautiful sunshine.


3. The morning is eventually here! Despite how many times you hit that snooze button of the alarm clock! Good morning dear husband.


4. Morning love! Make sure you have a bright and clear day and wear your glasses all through to ensure that though!


5. Good morning baby! Smiling faces pancakes awaits you at the breakfast table!


6. It is that time of the day when your mind wants to be ready, but is antagonized by your body- which just wants to sleep a little more! Good morning.


7. They say sleeping is a form of art, but wake up and come enjoy the live and physical art at your office desk! Good morning


8. The busy day is about to begin!! Let the drums roll! And be sure to enjoy the party love!


9. Don’t you just hate that transitioning from dream life to real life?! Me too honey, me too.


10. Yay! It’s Friday! Thank God it’s Friday! Oh wait, it’s not Friday yet. Then I guess it’s good morning then.


11. It is the time to wake up to all your phone’s notifications and voice mails! Good morning dear husband!


12. Have an amazing time with your boss today my love. Try not to pour out your morning frustrations on him!


13. It’s a good morning today! It is daybreak, but do not break down! however, you can take a break from work.


14. Good morning my dear husband! What a bright morning! Oh, wait I have got to confirm that statement because I haven’t seen the daylight myself!


15. They say a smile creates greatness in personality and so does a wide-open pair of eyes in the morning!


16. You made it through the night! So get up and reward yourself with a cup of hot coffee.


17. You might not have a chance at not waking up but you have a choice at tea or coffee!


18. I know I am the best thing that has happened to your life, but don’t just stare! Say good morning!

Funny Good Morning Messages to Wife

1. Hey! I give thanks to God for sending me an angel by my side every day, but I am keeping this angel to myself forever! Good morning my wife.


2. I have an enormous love for you, but I have got so much hate for the alarm clock that had to interrupt my sleep! You have yourself a good morning.


3. Good morning my love, I hope you have a productive and profit filled day! And do not forget a percentage commission to the person who wished you this!


4. Wake up to a beautiful morning my dear wife! Get out of bed and soar! But give me my own share if inspiration, because I need to get out of bed too!


5. Good morning! You are the best thing to have in the morning. Oh, I was referring to my cup of coffee!


6. Coffee break? Or pee break? It really does not matter! I just seized the opportunity to say a big good morning to you! Love you!


7. Good morning and give me all you owe me! And I mean your beautiful smile!


8. If you cannot be reawakened by your hot morning coffee than you are not making it hot enough! Good morning my darling wife.


9. Honey I know you broke your favourite morning coffee mug yesterday, but there are a dozen other mugs to pick a new favourite from! So no excuse today! Good morning love!


10. Baby you were going to take over the world yesterday, but you overslept! Do not postpone again today!


11. Good morning! And welcome to another day of stress and challenges! Enjoy every bit of it! I love you so much, honey!


12. Today is world pretend day which I made up all by myself! Because I feel the need to just have a cup of coffee and pretend like I know what I am doing this morning and for the rest of today!


13. I bring forth good news today: a cure to the morning allergy has been found! You just need to get out of your room and take deep breaths outside the house.


14. It is called a new day, and not apocalypse nor doomsday! Good morning and have a good day!


15. It is so contagious! I mean your smile in the mornings! Wait what the hell were you thinking!? See you later babe!

Funny Good Morning Messages to Boyfriend

1. Life is full of battles, and so is waking up in the morning!


2. I woke up today with the best morning eulogies meant for no one but you, but I have totally forgotten them! So I will just say GOOD MORNING!


3. Good morning my love. Enjoy both sunny sides; the one outside your window curtains, and the one on your breakfast plate!


4. You have only got five minutes to stay fully awake and get ready for your day. And your time starts now!


5. Good morning there! I have got a surprise for you; just make sure you get back from the meeting with your boss alive! I love you.


6. Who else thinks good morning wishes are overrated? Well, definitely not me! So have a good morning by the way!


7. The number of times you hit the snooze button is directly proportional to the number of times you are likely to turn out lazy! So wake up already!


8. Yesterday must have been cancelled, but not today. So wake up my love!


9. I have caught you making silent promises to your bed not to leave it. Your relationship with it might be strong, but my need to push you out of bed is stronger! Wake up it is daybreak.


10. I know you tend to be nocturnal, but mornings can be perfect. There is coffee, sunshine, and my good morning kisses!


11. A lot of people do not live by their motivational quotes, so no speech for you today honey!


12. Wake up today and get the chance to go on full concert mode in the shower! So inspiring right?


13. Mornings might happen by itself, but you need to make the morning happen to you. Good morning my love.


14. Good morning darling, today I turned out to be sleeping beauty, so I need your kiss to wake me up this morning!


15. Yesterday I was at 40%, and today I am at 50%. I hope to be at 100% by the end of the week! Anyways, see you later my love.


16. Good morning lazy! I am sure you must be hovering around for leftover pizza by now! Have a good day!


17. Good morning and have a nice nap! Just because I know you are planning on going straight back to bed.


18. I hope this good morning message doesn’t reach your way into the afternoon! Have a good day!


19. I wake up every morning to see your face, it really means blessing. You are my joy and my life revolves you. Good morning love.


20 Let me the first to fill your morning with love, care, and laughter, you are so dear to me, I care a great deal.


21 I appreciate your morning smile; you are irreplaceable in my life, I pray for many mornings with you. Good morning.


22. You are all I dreamt of tonight, I saw you looking so handsome, I gave my hands to you to hold tight and never let go. Hope to wake up with my hands on your chest, love you and have a wonderful morning.


23. What a bright morning we have today because you are at home today, you are the sun I see, the air I breathe, good morning my sweet love.


24. Every morning the sun makes a compliment to your handsome face and your cheerful heart, you are the dream of many ladies, I will be with you forever. Good morning love.


25. I want to let you know the space and position you belong in my heart but you may not understand the level at which you held in my heart, wish you a beautiful morning and a wonderful day.


26. You have shown me the reason to be happy, you teach me, love, in the purest form and I will give you all my heart for the rest of my life. Good morning my hero.


27. I can’t afford a day without you, you are so dear to me, and wish my morning is always with you to start a new day and happy day. Good morning.


28. To have you in my life is a great feeling and I will not want to take that for granted, you mean a lot to me. Have a peaceful morning.


29. You could not believe it but my heart sings a poem for you this morning, say you love and believe my love for you. Have a beautiful morning.


30. Good morning to you is great to be alive, you are so blessed and good things will always come your way, have a wonderful day.


31. I wish the morning don’t go away, because you look so fresh and handsome every morning, keep looking fine am so proud of you.


32. I want you to have it in mind that you have got a special gift, and that gift is me, I will be the special lady in your life that will make you smile every morning you see me. Good morning sweetie.


33. Love you, my dear, the morning is so bright and you deserve a good message, you are special in my life and I will give my heart, my body, and soul. Have a loving morning.


34. Good morning my sweet love, thank God for another day, another beautiful morning again, with you, life is beautiful and I’m so happy with you, lucky girl I am. Good morning.


35. Even the worst weather cannot spoil my day because my love for you grows every day by day, and stronger. Have a happy morning my Mr Handsome.


36. Keep smiling every morning; I love that beautiful smile which gives me inspiration and motivation to be who I am today. Good morning my love.


37. The best thing in life is to always wake up with loving people around you every morning, especially with you. I love you every day. Good morning.


38. I wish I can extend the morning so I can have a lot of time with you, you are my joy and my happiness. You are so loved, good morning.


39. What a special morning we have today with bright dew, I love morning because it’s so calm and cool and being with you at this time is loving.


40. Love to say good morning first to you, you are so important to me and I can not go along with my daily activities without wishing you a loving and successful day. Sweet morning my sweetie.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend

1. Rise and shine my dearest! And I mean, at the same time.


2. The time flies from the point the alarm sounds, so when you sit for breakfast, but why does it seem to crawl when you are at work?! Have a good time babe.


3. The morning starts when you are still fast asleep and isn’t that ironically wonderful?!


4. Make sure you get out of bed today and do not keep hitting the snooze button into next week!


5. Mornings can be a time that mood swings do not require an explanation! Have yourself a moody-free day!


6. My roommate said I sleepwalked to the phone to make a phone call last night I guess I was trying to say good morning to you, but just a little too early!


7. Enjoy the view of the lands from your window at sunrise! But do not sit there all day! Get up and have yourself a good morning!


8. I know you love your bed more than you do most people, chiefly in the morning. But you have to get out of bed anyway!!


9. ‘Wakii wakii’, rise and shine, you just became a day older again today, good morning!


10. Nothing can be more annoying than the loud and blaring sound of the alarm right? Well me too!


11. I doubt if it can be called a ‘good’ morning because the part that you have to face reality when you are still sleepy is not good!


12. All I ask of you this morning as you wake up is to sit upon a chair with your back straight for fifteen minutes! Do that and there is no stopping you!


13. Mornings can sometimes feel like a mid-life crisis, except that you are not middle-aged, and it is only for a few hours in a day. Good morning.


14. It is time for you to wake up with energy and positive vibes! I had all of my yesterday so today is your turn!


15. This morning is really going to be a good one to you because you never stress about anything and you will forever be relaxing!


16. I am not sure what I am doing awake myself but, good morning to you!


17. Have a good morning, but as for me, I will do that after two cups of coffee.


18. My heartthrob, hope you are awake, just to say good morning to my loving girl, you are so nice to be with. Good morning has a splendid day.


19. You are my everyday dream, I don’t want to miss a day without dreaming of you, hope you have a bright morning my girl.


20. Having you in my life is the best thing I could ever have, you are so pretty, do have a loving morning my dear and a fruitful day.


21. I long to see you first in the early hour of today, you are the luck I have so having set my eyes on you, I will be successful. Good morning my baby girl.


22. I wish you that special thing your heart desire, you are fun to be with and I will always want to be around you, good morning my dear.


23. You are the reason I want to wake up, to see your beautiful face and have a sweet and memorable day with you, you are good at making someone happy. Good morning.


24. Hello, good morning, I want to say good morning to my darling girl, before anyone tells her because she is mine and I will not want anyone taking my place in your life.


25. To the most amazing girl in the world, and the most pretty I say good morning, sweet morning and happy morning to you my dearest girlfriend, you deserve everything good this morning.


26. Good morning, just to say sweet and loving morning to my sweet angel. You are so dear to me and you are my best girl. Good morning.


27. Good morning sunshine, keep sleeping I would text your boss, to let you have more hours of sleep added to the night sleep, trust me it would work out.


Funny Good Morning Messages for Friend

1. I think the alarm clock wants to come in-between the relationship my bed and I have. Good morning


2. Do you know that the more you lie on your bed you are prone to have bedsores? And no one wants that. So get up, and good morning!


3. It must be a double dose of difficulty for you to need to get out of bed and be awesome all at the same time, but I know you can do it! Good morning


4. Hey, you are awake! The assassins must have been unsuccessful! Enjoy your morning dearest.


5. Did you roll over your bed to the hard floor with a loud thud? Well, I would say that is a ‘little push’ for the morning!


6. Have a bright and smiley morning today, but make sure you brush your teeth first!


7. There are no such things as monsters under your bedpost; rather, you will turn out to be the monster if you refuse to get out of there this morning!


8. Today, I pray turns out to be sweet to you; like Brussels sprouts tasting like brownies, and broccoli tasting like strawberries!


9. You might feel like you do not have to get up today but dear friend, NEWS FLASH: you do have to get up!!!


10. Hey! Had your magical cup of coffee already? If not, you had better do because you need all the magic you can get today. Good morning.


11. Good morning, get up, dress up, and make it look like you have a hang of what you are doing today.


12. There are days that one doesn’t just feel like staying pretty and that is because they intend to lie on their backs and faces all day long!


13. We wake up like a troll, but it is called a night of beauty sleep! So much irony!


14. Hey, I know you have no problem with the phrase ‘rise and shine’ right? You just need lots of time. Lots and lots of time to make it happen!


15. Start your day with these: you are amazing, and you are delightfully brilliant! Now, tell me how wonderful I am so that my day can officially start too!


16. Very good morning to my excellent friend… in sleeping!


17. Here is to you as you wake up to face real life! As for me, I will be heading straight back to bed.


Funny Good Morning Messages for Him

1. With you I want to wake up, I want to wake up to see you first, how beautiful life is to sleep and wake up by your side. Good morning my darling husband.


2. What a morning with you, you are always in my heart, love you and wish am your only sweetheart, love to see you, my husband, Good morning.


3. You will forever be in my mind. You are so wonderful that I can not compare anyone to you, you made me understand the meaning of love, and you are the best lover ever, good morning my dear husband.


4. I want to love you forever, I want your love too, I can die without you in my life, so please I need more of your love and affection. Good night.


5. I can climb the highest mountain to scream your name my husband; your love is sweetening my heart. Good morning.


6. My sweetie, having you is the biggest thing that has happened to me, you are all that matters to my life. I will always love you, my love. Good morning.


7. You are all I think of, I sleep all night and dream of you, you can’t imagine how I feel about you; even words can’t explain how I feel for you. Good morning.


8. My sweetheart, what can I do without you, you are my joy and my hope; I will love you tonight, today, tomorrow and forever. Good morning.


9. My husband doesn’t leave me, I can’t leave a day without you, you are the one I love and you will always be my number one. Lovely you, you are my true love, you inspired me, you give me all I ever wanted, you are so handsome. Good morning.


10. My love, how was your night, I will forever love you and be close to you, call me whenever you are lonely, I will be there for you. Good morning.


11. I have been thinking about how life will be without you, you are all I see in my dreams, and hope these feelings last forever. Have a peaceful morning love.


12. I will love you, my husband, till the end, you would not understand the way my heartbeat when am with you. The man behind my happiness. Wish you a good morning.


13. I love you yesterday, I love today, I love now and tonight, I will love you tomorrow, my sweet husband. Good morning my love.


14. Handsome husband, you are making me go crazy, your looks and smiles kill my nerves; you are just the one I want and love. Good morning.


15. The only one I keep talking about, you are incredible, and your touch and kiss take me down there where I really like to be. You are my source of happiness. Good morning.


16. It’s another night and I like the way you look at me, I like the way you say my name, I like everything about you, you are my everything love. wishing you a wonderful morning.


17. My husband, honey pie, sugar bunch you are amazing and deserve the best, let roll in love and swim in the ocean of love, I will keep my promise, don’t worry, am all yours forever. good morning and Love you.


18. my love, let the light of love on and I will keep the light of love burning, the love you have always wanted is yet to be explored, you are my everything, I will never leave you, love. Wish you a good morning.


19. I am indebted to you, I can’t be if there is no you, you are so amazing and wonderful, you are my dream come true, love you, darling. I wish you a super good morning.


20. My love, let me be the woman that will care for you, the woman that will give you everything you want I, the woman that will hug and kiss you and the way and manner you want is me, just let be the woman in your life. Good morning.


21. You and I are meant to be together forever, you owe my heart and I will love you for that, you have occupied the empty spaces in my life, my love for you is forever. Good morning my love.


22. It’s a lovely night and I will love you forever, I will never love another, the way I love you, you are the only one I think, you are my everything
More Funny Good morning message for Her


23. The best wife ever, the true and sincere lover, the best chef in the universe, good morning my love. You are all I wish for. Have a wonderful day.


24. Good morning my lovely wife, you are irreplaceable in my heart, life is incomplete without you. I wish you a peaceful morning.


25. What a great morning, you are looking bright this morning, and beautiful, hope you had a wonderful night. Good morning.


26. Happy to know that you woke up well and sound, you are all I think of all through the night, good morning my lovely wife.


27. My best friend, my wife you are my darling, a night without you is like a million years without you. Good morning and have a blissful day wife.


28. Just to sleep and wake up with you by my side is all I care about; having you by side first in the morning is a lot of good luck, thank you for being there, good morning.


29. Good morning my sweet wife, you are looking so excited this morning, am glad you are, so wish you more happiness today and a day of success. Good morning love.


30. Having in my life is the best thing that has happened to me, you are my joy, my life and I will always love you, good morning my dear wife.


31. Can’t wait to see your loving look in the morning you are the woman of life, my heartbeat for you, knowing YOU is a blessing for me. Good morning.

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