Funny Love Memes/Funny Love Quotes

Funny Love Memes/Funny Love Quotes
Funny Love Memes/Funny Love Quotes

Life is fun, life is interesting if you know how to make him or her smile on just a little lovely or funny love message you send to him or her. Funny love memes for him/her, funny love quotes for him, are carefully selected message that you can send to him or her to put a broad smile on your partners face. Put some fun in your relationship by sending one of them to the one you truly love.


Funny Love Memes/Funny Love Quotes for Him/Her


Funny Love Memes
Funny Love Memes



Funny Love Memes/Funny Love Quotes
Never above you never below you, always beside you.


1. I have looked around the world, I have never found someone like you, you are just specially packed for me, I love you.


2. Thank you for the permanent smile that you have planted on my face, you too loving! Love you.


3. Every moment I think of you, I always additional degree higher than I love you before, no one my world more beautiful like you. thank you, I love you.


4. You are charming sweet love, every time I looked into your eyes, I see pure love in it. I love you too.


5. The beauty of the world emerges from your heart. You have a very beautiful heart, that’s why you are so good. Love you.


6. You are the only man whose hands I melt under, no one would ever touch me except my beloved you. You made my world beautiful. I’ll always be a charming angel.


7. You are loved and so you loved more, this your love for me makes everything me beautiful. You are so special to me. love you.


8. If I have to be in arms without doing anything, it so great for me, I prefer cuddling you palms than even the food that I eat.


9. I have never thought I would find someone like you, you came into my life and my everything becomes so beautiful. Thank you.


10. Life is so good to have you in it. I believe we were destined to be together. I have never been in peace and harmony than the peace I feel when I’m with you, you are my angel from above. Love you.


Funny love memes/Funny love quotes for Him/Her
You & Me forever
Funny love quotes for Him/Her
The couples who farts together stays together


Funny love memes/Funny love quotes for Him/Her
In France, they don’t say “I LOVE YOU,” they say “JE TAIME”


11. Behold a charming handsome man that is mine, I thank GOD that brought you my way, you are so good and beautiful. You have always loved me and wash away my sorrow with your flood of pure love. Thank you for all the care.


12. Thank GOD it is you that was chosen for me, you are so perfect in everything.


13. My charming superman, I love you.


14. I have tested you many times by trying to annoy you, but you have passed all my test, you are indeed the real man of my life.


15. You are my complete half, I lost my half before I met you, thank good LORD that made me found you. I’m now a complete woman.


16. You are good news, I met you when I was nothing, and now I was something, you are my hero.


17. Paradise is what I feel when I’m in your arms.


18. I will never allow anything to hurt you, you are so special to me. I love you.


19. I have endless love for you in my heart because you have made my life beautiful.


20. Every minute I spend in your arms is beautiful.


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21. To chose to be with you for the rest of my life means that I really love and appreciate you.


22. Love is blind because when two people are in love, they tend to ignore each other’s shortcomings.


23. I watch you as you drink water from that cup carefully, I want to place my mouth in the exact spot where you place yours, why? Because I love you.


24. I don’t know what I can do without you. I want to always be in the direction of eye. I love you.


25. The most bless time of my life was the day you told me you love me, and I love you too.


26. I love you more than, a cat loves to sleep.


27. There is no better world for me without you in it.


28. I wish to be in paradise with you. I love you.


29. Your smile kills my agony. I love you.


30. My sweetheart, I love you.


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31. Darling, you are the beauty of my soul, I love you from head to toe.


32. The most beautiful hands I have ever held in your hands, the most charming smile that I have ever seen is your smile.


33. You mean a lot to me. Thank you for being part of my life. I love you.


33. The best moments of my life are the moment that I spent with you. You are my hero.


34. Every time I see you, you are always looking charming and handsome, you are an angel sent from above to make my world beautiful, thank GOD I found you.


35. I promised I will be yours forever.


36. Sweetheart, I wish to old with you, you’re so beautiful for my soul.


37. Love is truly showing someone how much important he is to you. And I want to let you know that you are the treasure of my heart. I always ask the LORD to bless and protect to forever.


38. The sweetest thing to me that I have ever tasted is your kiss.


39. They say love is blind, but ours is not. Ours is pure love.


40. I never believe that I could fall in love with anybody, until when I met you, with you I can fall in love over and again.


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41. They said we should love a few, because you can never trust anyone with love. But I told them my case is different, I will love you much more, and trust you with all my whole.


42. Honey, when I said I love you, I said so from the bottom of my heart. I’m not joking. I really love you.


43. They also said love is dangerous but I have not seen any danger of being in love with you.


44. For each kiss you give me, I’ll give you much more. You are the beauty of my soul.


45. Love is complicated I know, but I have seen no complication in loving you. You are my sweet darling.


46. I want to hold you tight through this cold.


47. I would always want to be the first of everything. I love you.


48. You are sweet chocolate, I don’t need any other chocolate except you.


49. You are the sweetest sugar in my tea. I love you.


50. Dreams comes true, thank GOD that I have a beautiful you in my life.



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51. True love is not devoid of troubles, but true love can endure through troubles. You are my true love. You are endurance.


52. Through the thick and thin I shall be by your side always, I will never leave my beautiful love.


53. I love you with whole of my heart.


54. In my dreams I always see you.


55. You are the apple of my eyes.


56. Staying with you, I find out that all my dreams come true.


57. You are my true hero.


58. You are the joy of my soul.


59. My life has found peace being with you.


60. It is you I want to be with forever. I love you.



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61. You are jewels of my heart.


62. You are the flower that blossom in my soul.


63. For you I will be forever.


64. I will endure every pain with you and share every happiness with you.


65. I’m not afraid of facing tomorrow with you, because I know that in our tomorrow we will be great together.


66. Tomorrow hold a lot of promises for us. I love you.


67. You are the real reason I looked at life and smile. You have always been the source of joy in my life.


68. The joy that I feel when I’m with you cannot be quantified.


69. Life is better when we are in it together. I pray we grow old together.


70. The joy of this life is when I know you will go out in the morning and you will come back home in the evening. I can’t stay a day without seeing you.



71. I think the purpose of this life is to spend it together.


72. Life is much more good if I can open my eyes in the morning and discovered that you are still there beside me.


73. I have seen many relationships go sore, I have seen many people never happy about their relationship, but ours is ordain by GOD. I love you.


74. Love! thank you for all the care and the love you gave. I love you.


75. I wish you more strength to your strength, more happiness to your happiness, more beautiful things to come your way, and above all more love between us. I love you.


76. We prayed for this beautiful relationship and GOD granted our request. I also pray that our soul will be joined together in paradise when we depart this world one day. I love you.


77. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you’re the beauty that sooth my soul.


78. You have promised to love me till the end of time, I will also be yours forever.


79. Whatever anybody says about us, does not matter, as far as we are a mile above them in our heart.


80. Life is kind to me, life is generous to me because it has brought you my way. I love you.



81. Whatever happens tomorrow, I will always have you on my mind. I love you.


82. The best moments of my life are the time I spent in your arms, I wish that life will keep in each other’s arms forever. I love you.


83. I have never been afraid of the harsh weather because I know that in every cold, you warmth me, and in every heat, you are my coolness. I love you.

Cute Funny Love Quotes for Him

84. Because of the way you carried me, you make me fall in love every day with you.


85. I wake up every day loving you more. You are always on my mind.


86. Ever since the day I met you, my life has changed positively, you have brought a lot of happiness to my life. I wish I can hold in your arms forever. I love you.


87. My sweetheart, thank you for coming into my life, thank you for all the beautiful love you have showed me. And above all thank you for always being there for me when I need you most. You are indeed my real superhero.


88. No perfect words could explain how I feel being with you. I’m lost in your world, I wish to be yours forever. I truly love you.


89. I’m so happy to see you every day. And all days are special to me because of you around. Love you.


90. You know I love you so much as you also love me, please don’t ever leave me because I promised to be with you forever.


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91. You made me smile even when I’m sad, what kind of a special angel are you! you always sweep my sorrow away with sweet words of encouragement. I will forever be with you so that I can find more happiness.


92. I know there are ups and downs in life, as there are no perfect relationships anywhere in the world but wait a minute there is this perfect thing about you, your smile is always perfect.


93. They said no one can be trusted, but I trust you because you are unique and different form them. I love you.


94. You have always been straight forward, you never say something and say another thing later, I love you for this.


95. I love this our combination, we are so madly and perfectly in love together.


96. Don’t say because I’m scared of losing you, you want to walk away. I’m scared because I believe that we can’t live without each other.


97. Sometimes I just love to mess around with you, because I know that you are the only one who tolerates me.


98. Sometime I may annoy you a little or much, but since you said you love me, you have to learn to love my whole.


99. Sweetheart I can let go of everything, but not you.


100. I can be calm, but I’m very jealous to share you with anyone else.



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101. With you by side, I have forgotten the sorrow of the past.


102. You are the sweet poetry of my everyday life.


103. You come and erase my hurting past memories away. I’m wearing a new look because of you. thank you for coming into my life.


104. Everything I do to upset you never upset you, even when I knowingly want to upset you, you are never perturbed, what kind of an angel are you? You understand my every move and you’re always ready to surprise me. I love you with all my heart.


105. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been without you.


106. A broken heart is worst than a broken bone, my heart is one, but I have more bones that can support me when one is broken, so I hope you will not break my irreplaceable heart.


107. Grow old along with me the best yet to come.


108. I want you, all of you, just the way you are, even in subtraction or addition, its just you that I wanted.


109. Love lets tango our love together.


110. I have never regretted knowing, you are the super man hero of my world.



I want to be your hardest goodbye, so you don’t have my heart and one day you feel like saying goodbye.


112. Thank you for all the meaningful things you have added to my life. love you.


113. You are just the best, you make everything better when you are around.


114. Honey don’t worry for every pain that you feel, I have a pain killer that will kill all your pain, so you see why you have to love me more!


115. The fact that I’m easy going does not mean that I don’t make trouble sometimes. So, honey prepare for my troublesome times.


116. If you need me, you will need to need all my troubles.


117. I love life because I’m spending it with you.


118. If you love me, you have to love who I’m, not what I’m.


119. You can fade love because its only true love that can endure everything for a longer time.


120. I love to be the only one that would put beautiful smiles on your face every day so that you can always rush home after work.



121. You taking my breath away with immeasurable true love.


122. Life is good, life is interesting if you can spend it with the one you love. just like I’m in your arms now.


123. I will always give you a space in my heart. Love you.


124. The coolest thing to me is that your beautiful smile that reveals those whitish glittering set of teethes.


125. I love to be called yours forever.


126. You are so honest and charming, I love you.


127. The more hour I spend with you the fewer problems I think I have.


128. You are a good man. I wish to be your lovely forever.


129. I’m yours, sincerely.


130. First, I was scared to love but now I’m happy I allow you into my life. you are my dream come true. I love you.


Funny love memes
Funny love memes


131. I need all the ink in the write about how sweet I feel about you.


132. My greatest wish would not have been to be the richest billionaire in the world, but my wish would be to be with you forever.

133. No matter what happened I will never forsake loving you.


134. There is doubt that this our love is fed by the angels and nourished by GOD. because you make me happy all the time


135. Generally, life is a risk, but I wish to risk everything to stay with you.


136. True love is never to say goodbye even in death. That’s the kind of love I have for you.


137. Ever since I met you, you have always shown to me that there is nothing to fear in life. where love rules, every other thing bows.


138. Life glows in the heart with you.


139. The moment of sorrow is gone, my pain vanishes ever since GOD brought you my way.


140. I was told there is no true love anywhere, but I have found true love with you.


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141. I marry you because I love you, not because I love not because of your wealth, ok if you don’t believe me, give all that you have as a charity. And let’s spend the rest of our life together.


142. No true love comes without pain, I’ll always endure any pain with you.


143. You have won my heart already; my love is now yours forever.


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