Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes

Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes


There are moments when we fall sick, what you need to do for your family, friends, and colleagues at this time are showing some care by sending them some beautiful get well soon quotes to make him/her feel better or get well soon memes to put a smile in their faces.

Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon Quotes

Get Well Soon Quote for Mom

1. This could be a blessing in disguise telling you to take a little break and have a rest. You work too hard. Get well soon mom.


2. The whole house misses your voice in the air. Your absence alone makes this house a home. Please get well soon mom.


3. How are you today mom? I have missed you so much at home. I want you to know that I am fervently praying for your quick recovery. Get well soon!


4. Your illness weighs me down, and to think that you are lying on a hospital bed is unbearable! You can fight this mom! We wish you a speedy recovery soon!


5. Every day I pray for your fast and easy recovery. Make sure you do what the doctors and nurses tell you to do! Get well soon mama!


6. Mama! I am so sorry I have not been able to come to visit you yet! But you are always in my heart and in my prayers! I miss you so much. Please have the quickest recovery ever!


7. I know you have always hated hospitals, and I know how hard you are struggling right now. I just want you to know that we all are praying for you and wishing you a quick recovery. We love you, mom!


8. The saddest moments are when I wake up and I do not get to see you or hear your voice. I cannot wait for you to come back home, mama! Please get well for us.


9. The house feels empty. It is no longer home because you are not here. Have a quick recovery mom. I love you.


10. Today, out of so many days, I really do wish I had some sort of magic; so I can make all your pain and sufferings go away. But I can only pray to God that he makes you feel much better soon. I wish you quick recovery mom.


11. I miss your warmth around the house and your special cooking amongst many other things! Get well soon mama! I love you.


12. Dear mom, we miss your show of love, care and understanding towards us every day. Home is not the same without you. Please get well soon.

Get Well Soon Quotes/ Quick Recovery Messages for Dad

1. Your pieces of advice are really missed and needed every now and then. Please come home to us. We all miss you especially mom. We wish you a very quick recovery soon.


2. Your seat at the dinner table has been empty for quite some time now but it already feels like years! It makes me think of you. Get well soon dad, and come home to us.


3. Dear Dad, you have always been a strong-willed man and that has inspired us in so many ways! We trust you to fight this ailment too! I wish you a quick recovery dad!


4. Hey daddy, how are you feeling today? I feel terrible that you have been hospitalized. Your grandkids miss their awesome grandpa! We hope to see you soon! Get well soon dear dad.


5. Everyone at home thinks this could just be a well-deserved bed rest and a break from your entire all-around hard work, and I totally agree with them, dad! But we miss you around here. Get well soon. We love you so much!


6. I miss all your stories and the life hacks you always dished out. Your helping hand has been missed around here. Please beat this sickness and return home to me soon enough! I miss you, dad.


7. My prayer has always been that may God always guide and protect you. My prayer today is that He cures this illness for you. Amen! Hope to see you at home soon dad! I wish you a speedy recovery.


8. This shall only be a blessing in disguise. A stepping stone in well being that will only make you stronger. Get well soon dearest dad.


9. Dear Dad, I just heard that you have been hospitalized and I feel so sad about it. I will be flying in to check on upon you very soon. Just make sure you do as you are told by the doctors and nurses. Get well soon dad.


10. As long as you continue to be strong, you take your medications as supposed to and at the right time, you stay positive and you bear in mind that we are all here for you, you shall be well. Amen get well soon papa!


11. May the Good Lord send down his angels to guide you and protect you. No evil force shall overcome you. May God heal you, and cast out any evil that may be preventing your wellness. You shall bounce back to us stronger than ever!

Get Well Soon Quotes / Quick Recovery Messages for Brother

1. Hey dear, I never thought your absence could mean so much to me because we tend to disagree a lot! But I have really felt this absence and I really wish you get well soon! I have missed you.


2. I bumped into your game’s coach and he told me how the team has been falling behind since you fell ill. Everyone needs you back on your feet already man! Get well soon. I love you


3. As dad always say; “where there is a will, there is a way!” Have the will to overcome this illness and you shall. I wish you quickest recovery bro.


4. You are always in my prayers, and I hope that you recover soon enough to resume being the pain in my neck! I have really missed you around and I love you. Get well soon dearest little brother.


5. Your bed in our room has been empty for a long time and I am beginning to get uncomfortable sleeping alone. Do what you have got to do to fight this illness. I trust you, big bro! get well soon.


6. Mom and dad miss you so much. So quit making their lives miserable and get yourself back home!! You are in my prayers and I wish you quickest recovery.


7. Hey brother, the whole neighbourhood has been asking after you. They want to know when you will be discharged from the hospital; I guess they really miss your troubles. I do too! I wish you a quick recovery! See you soon.


8. I trust that you have still got your high spirits and sense of humour even on your sickbed the whole ward must have fallen in love with you too! But hey, we miss you like crazy and we need you home. Get well soon brother.


9. Dad really misses his best friend. Now he has no one to talk about sports and wildlife documentaries with. Please get well soon bro, and be strong. We promise to visit tomorrow. Reply to this message with what you would love us to get for you. Love you!


10. Your absence has created a vacuum that is almost impossible to fill. Everyone back home wishes you a speedy recovery in good health and strength.


11. You are constantly in our prayers and thoughts; in fact, we are preparing your room and we are enthusiastically awaiting your Ernest return! Get well soon bro.


Get Well Soon Quotes for Sister

1. My dear sis, this is the first time we have had to be apart for so long, for a very long time now. I really miss having someone around to tell my secrets to and advise me. Do not worry your pretty head though; I will be here praying for you every step of the way. Get well soon!


2. The house has become just too quiet since you were hospitalized. We really miss your upbeat and positive vibe. Mom has missed you especially. Know that we are all right here praying for you. I wish you a healthy and speedy recovery.


3. Ever since you were a child, you have had this phobia for the smell of hospitals and drugs, and I feel terrible that you have been there for a while. But not to worry dear sis, follow the doctor’s orders and you will be back home before you know it! Get well soon.


4. I woke up with a lot of things to tell you, but to my disappointment, you were not there. I miss you so much, little sis. I will make sure to stop by on my way from work today. Get well soon.


5. My prayer is that God will miraculously heal you from the illness so we can go back to how we used to be! I wish you a fast and smooth recovery.


6. If only we could trade places right now, but we can’t. And neither will the doctor allow me to lay in bed with you. I wish I could make you feel better in my own little way. Have a quick and hitch-free recovery dear sister.


7. Close your eyes and feel my warm hugs and kisses alongside my prayers of your speedy recovery. Stay strong little sis, my love is always with you.


8. You have been having a difficult time being hospitalized for the last few days, but you still glow through it! I see it as a sign from God that you will be back home to us in no time at all!


9. I feel terrible that I can only do little to help you feel better, and I might not be able to frequently visit you at the hospital, but bear it in mind that I will always be praying for you and keeping in touch. Get well soon my dearest sister.

Quick Recovery Messages for Friend

1. We all miss your happy and smiling face around the house, especially [name]! Please do us a favour and stay positive okay? We are all solidly behind you in prayers. I wish you the best and quick recovery.


2. I hope you are heading to the doctor’s advises, and not giving the nurses a hard time! Do not worry, I will tell the doctor not to give you the bitter pills; I know that would make you feel a lot better. Get well soon dear friend.


3. Hey pal, try taking all your time to regain all your strength and health. Make sure you are also loaded with fruits and always hydrated with water. I hope to hear that there is an improvement when I come over tomorrow. Get well soon dear.


4. My friend! How do you feel now? I heard you underwent surgery. I am so sorry I wasn’t there at the beginning, but trust that I will be there till the moment you will be discharged! I hope your wounds heal faster than ever. Get well soon.


5. May the Good Lord send down his angels to guard you and look after you. No evil shall triumph over you. May God restore your health, and eject any evil that may be hindering your wellbeing. You shall bounce back to us stronger than ever! Amen!


6. I pray that the next day brings you fresh hope of better health. I also pray for your speedy yet miraculous recovery! Remain blessed.


7. I hate to see you down dear friend. I know you to be strong, so please fight this illness just as fiercely as I am praying for you over here. Get well soon!


8. Hey dear, how are you feeling today? I may not be present but I am praying for you. I will visit soon, bearing goodies and good news too! So remain calm and recover quickly.


9. I think we actually do miss your mischievousness around this place! Please come back to making my life miserable in your own unique way. Fight this illness just as much as you fight me on our worst days. I wish you a very speedy recovery my best friend. I love you.


10. You are always in my prayers, and I hope that you recover soon enough to resume being the warmth of our home! I have really missed you around and I love you. Get well soon dearest mother-in-law.

Get Well Soon  Quotes for Boss

1. The office premises haven’t been the same since you got ill. I feel sad when I realize the fact that I would not meet you when I get to work this morning. I hope you feel better soon ma.


2. Dear Sir, take the time to feel better and recuperate. Do not worry about the company. All hands on deck to make sure of smooth sailing. We all miss you around here and wish you a speedy recovery.


3. You might think that we are happy about your absence but we are not! We actually miss you around here more than we thought we would! Your entire team is eagerly waiting for your Ernest return. Get well soon sir.


4. This morning, I made your morning coffee just the way you like it but then I remembered your seat has been empty for a while. I am really in tune with your schedules and I really miss your pace of work around here. I wish you the speediest recovery ma’am.


5. Take a break sir, and remember you are no longer a boss in the hospital. You have a new boss and that is your doctor! Please do as he says; rest well and take all medications so you will be back on your feet soon enough to resume bossing us around! Get well soon.


6. This ship of ours has been without a captain, but we all know that our captain needs his recovery, and well deserved rest. We want you to know that we haven’t stirred in the wrong direction and we are holding the fort! We all pray for your quick recovery sir.


7. Almost all the members of the board showed up to your office today. They send their love and prayers to you; they also brought flowers! Everyone needs you back here sir. Have a quick recovery.


8. You have always been our source of inspiration and strength; and our pillar of support. You have trained us well so we ensure you that we will return the favour by being your pillar and strength too. We shall keep the ball rolling and expect you back to us soon! Get well soon sir.


9. It has not been the same since your absence. We miss you and we pray for you to get back on your feet. We know you to be a strong man, always winning! So triumph over this illness too! We wish you a healthy and fast recovery.


Quick Recovery Messages for Girlfriend

1. I wish this illness would let you go and come to me because I hate to see you down. I miss your happy smile, I miss your laughter, and I miss everything. Get well soon my love. I will be here praying for you. I love you.


2. I miss my best friend, I miss the person who used to criticize me when I was all up in my head, I miss my soul mate. Please remain strong and come back home to me my love. I wish you a speedy recovery.


3. It breaks my heart seeing you go through all this pain and difficulty, especially knowing how much you hate the smell of hospitals. Follow instructions given to you by the nurses and doctors okay? And you will be out of there soon! Get well soon babe.


4. I wish the doctor would let me lie in bed with you all day and keep you warm with my hugs and kisses. I will always be right here if you need me, no matter how sick you become. I love you too much to let you fight this alone. Get well soon sweetheart.


5. I promise to always check up on you at any given time, I promise to always call for an update on your health, I promise to tell the nurses to take good care of you special and I promise to bring you your favourite food and smoothies as long as you promise to try to get better sooner than later. I love you, babe.


6. The doctors may bring you large, smelly, bitter pills; but I will always bring you kiss and hugs when you need it! Get well soon and take good care of yourself baby. I will see you soon.


7. Now that you are ill, the colours in my life have become so dull, the light in my life is dim and there is no more sunshine in my sky, rather it is darkness and cloudiness, please get well soon for us my love.


8. It feels empty, it feels cold, it feels quiet, and it feels dry. My world has no rainbow either does it have any ray of sunshine. I pray to God to restore all of the good in my world; I pray for you to be back stronger and brighter than ever. Get well soon my love.


Get Well Soon Quotes for Boyfriend

1. I can’t sleep knowing that you are out there lying sick. I wish you the very best of recovery soon, please let me know when you need me for anything at all. I love you.


2. You took really good care of me when I was sick; all I want to do right now is to do all I can to make you comfortable all through your stay at the hospital. I will be there every minute of the day cheering you up, get well soon my love.


3. I was watching your favourite show today and it wasn’t enjoyable at all without you watching it with me. But I will make sure I tell you all about it just so you won’t be missing out on anything! See you later today my love. Recover fast!


4. You are strong, resilient, determined and hopeful; you have always been, and it is one of the numerous reasons why I love you so much! So I know you can fight this! You are stronger than this illness. I wish you speedy recovery honey.


5. I guess this illness wants you in bed just as much as I want you out of bed and in my arms! But the good news is; we are going to defeat this illness anyway and soon enough! I miss you badly my love. I am right here praying for you. I love you and get well soon, please!


6. If I could, I would give up everything to make you feel well again! I know you are a strong man and you can get through anything! Just remain positive and hopeful that you will recover fully and get discharged soon. Have a speedy recovery my darling.


7. I have made so many plans for us; something for you to look forward to and fight through your present difficulty. So get well soon my dear! I cannot wait for us to execute these plans.


8. I was walking through the park this morning and I just suddenly felt a wave of sadness all over. I miss you so much I had to walk through the very path we did the last time we were in the park together. Your absence is really killing me. I wish you the quickest recovery yet my love.


9. Dear God, watch over him as he is ill and in pains, make him healthy and happy, remove the worry from his heart and grant him ease. Amen. Get well soon my love.


Quick Recovery Messages for Mother-In-Law

1. I am patiently and eagerly waiting for the gleam of your eyes to shine in my home, bright as ever once again! Get well soon for you have an awesome life ahead of you! Lots of love and hugs!


2. Mom, you have always been a strong woman. I know you do not feel well, but know that we have faith in your strength and you can beat this! We wish you a quick recovery!


3. I am calling upon God every instant your healthiest and speediest recovery. So take your medications just as you should, and you shall be well. I am eagerly waiting to hear your voice again. Please get well soon.


4. The house just feels so empty without your voice and laughter filling the air. We really miss you here especially your grandkids; they keep asking for you so you can read them all the fun stories. Get well soon for us mama! We love you so much!


5. It has only been two days since you were hospitalized, but it feels like ages already. I cannot begin to imagine how upset and sad you must feel right now. But not to worry mom, we shall come visiting with lots of goodies, hugs, and kisses. Get well soon.


6. I cannot wait to see you active, positive and joyful like you always are. My wishes for you are; long-lasting health, and successful life ahead. Get well soon mom.


7. Close your eyes and feel the warm hugs and kisses of your grandchildren alongside my prayers of your speedy recovery. Stay strong dear mother, my heart is always with you. Get well soon.


8. I hate to see you down dear mom. I know you to be a very strong woman, so please fight this illness just as severely as I am praying for you over here. Get well soon mama! Stay cheerful!


Quick Recovery Messages for Father-In-Law.

1. We are all missing the happy vibe that your soulfulness brings to our household. Everyone has not stopped singing your praises since your absence, and they cannot wait to welcome you back home. Get well soon papa!


2. I have faith in your strength. You shall defeat this illness hands down! I pray God sees you through, and direct your doctor in choosing the best treatment plan for you. I wish you a very speedy yet smooth and sure recovery dad!


3. Today may be painful and difficult to go through, but tomorrow you shall regain your full strength. I wish you a quick recovery dad.


4. I hope and pray that each passing day brings you much more closely to a healthy and immediate recovery. May good health find you, and stay with you forever, Amen. Get well soon!


5. Hello dad, I just got the terrible news of your health. I hate to see you feeling so down. Here’s to wishing you a very speedy recovery. You are always in my thoughts and my prayers. I pray that the Almighty looks after you all through it.


6. You shall get better soon. You shall bounce back to us stronger than ever before. You shall get to experience the pleasures of being healthy once again. Amen! We love you and cannot wait to have you back!


7. I hope you have the well deserved and the best care from the nurses, doctors and everyone else around you. Have a speedy recovery dear father. We are all expecting your Ernest arrival home.


8. May the Almighty send down his angels to visit you on your sickbed and help ease your pains and worries. Feel good soon dad, your friends and family are really determined to welcome you home soon.


9. I miss your warmth around the house and your special war worries amongst many other things! Get well soon papa! I love you so much.


10. Dear daddy, you have always been our source of motivation and strength; and our pillar of support. You have raised your children and grandchildren well, and we cannot seem to get enough of you, dad! Please get well soon for we need you around here now more than ever.

Get Well Soon Quotes Prayers

1. I was heartbroken when I heard that you were under the weather, don’t worry you will get better and stronger by tomorrow, get well soon.


2. When we are sick, the LORD seized this opportunity to wash our sins and all the hazards in our body away. Don’t worry you are coming out of this sickness pure, brighter and stronger.


3. I learned that you are not feeling fine, may the LORD be your strength, get well soon.


4. Please rest and get better soon by the grace of God.


5. No one is immune from sickness, I pray that you get well, quicker and better.


6. Take time to feel better, don’t bother about the work, I have taken care of everything, get well soon.


7. Sickness is a time for the rejuvenation of our body, you be refresh and stronger at the end, get better.


8. After pain comes to relief, your relief is near, get well.


9. I saw your picture on WhatsApp, I’m happy you are getting better and brighter, see you soon.


10. More energy and strength to your body, get well soon.


11. Don’t worry, you will get better soon, take time to rest properly.


12. I’ve prayed for your speedy recovery, wish to see you bounce back soon.


13. Hope you will read this text and smile, please smile you are great, get well soon.


14. We wish you a more speedy recovery, get better dear.


15. Don’t worry about the sickness, you will get better soon.


16. I know you will be great when you return, I’m always with you by thought, get well.


17. I can’t wait for you to be back to your feet, we miss you, get well soon.


18. The smell of medicine will soon be over, take time to rest well, get better.


19. Life is preparing you for a greater tomorrow, this is the sacrifice that you have to make now, wishing a speedier recovery.


20. The joy of seeing you again will be great, I know you have gone through a lot, but don’t worry, you’re already better by now. See you soon.


21. Life is never in one way, there is time to be sick and time to be well, you are only in one phase, you be great in the next phase, get well.


22. The beautiful of time are those that we spent with you, we miss you, hope to see you on your feet soon.


23. Life is a phenomenon, it changes every second, may the next second be your healing time, get well, get better and stronger.


24. I’m hoping to see you on your feet tomorrow, I kept a lot of beautiful things for you. see you soon.


25. The joy of life is to always see that you are in great spirit, you are a very good person. Hope to meet you tomorrow in great heart.


26. Your body and your soul will be great tomorrow, get well and get better.


27. Hope to see you in peace and joy soon, get well with a great mind.


28. Though I don’t always want to see you go through pain but be rest assured that the LORD will take of you, you’ll get through this better and lovely, get well soon.


29. It is celebration time, I know you are already on your feet, more energy and strength to your body.


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30. Don’t worry life will be more beautiful for you when you leave the sickbed. Wish you a speedy recovery.


31. Be firm, be hopeful, your time of recovery is here. May the LORD bless your heart. Get well love.


32. I have asked GOD to give strength to your body and our prayer is answered, hope your great and better by now.


33. Ever since the time you were in the hospital, all of us are also sick you, but I know you are better now because I can feel your presence around us now.


34. Our life is incomplete without you, we miss you so dearly, hope to see you on your feet soon.


35. May the LORD increase your days, may your happiness and joy be multiplied, you will come out of this sickness brighter and stronger, get well my dear friend.


36. Praying that you get well quick and feel the joy of being alive and healthy. We are waiting to celebrate with you.


37. You are a dear friend, we hope you will get better soon, we miss you.


38. I hope to see your beautiful smile and laughter, your life will be great again, get well soon.


39. The dream of holding your hands and taking a beautiful evening stroll together is near, get well and get better, wishing you quick recovery.


40. Send you lots of love and prayers for quick recovery, I wish good health after this healing, no sickness again.

Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes

Get Well Soon Messages

41. May the LORD send you a beautiful gift of good health today, rise and receive your blessing, the healing is here for you.


42. By the grace of GOD, you will rise and be well again.


43. My dreams use to come true, I dreamt last night that you on your feet again, and I’m very happy to see you, get well, get better.


44. Getting better is all that I’m wishing you, your life be filled with beauty again.


45. Heartfelt message sent your way that you’ll soon up and you’ll shine again, wishing you a quick recovery.


46. Life is more beautiful when you are around, this period is only a period of rest for you, get well, get better and more beauty locates you today.


47. Sending you lots of kisses and affection, I hope they will put a smile on your face, get well soon.


48. When you are sick, I’m also sick, you are too special to spend a day alone, I’m with by heart. May the LORD heal you.


49. With heartwarming and hope, I’m sending this beautiful message to you, and I know you will overcome this time by GOD grace, don’t be down, your healing is near, get well soon.


50. I feel like spending all the time with you on your sickbed because you are a very special person, and I couldn’t, but I’m always praying for you, you’ll be better soon. Love you.


51. Cheer up and be happy your healing is here.


52. I miss you, get well soon.


53. I don’t know how life will be without you, I wish a speedy recovery. Love you.


54. More strength to your body, more beauty to your soul, wishing you a quick recovery.


55. I pray that you’ll get well soon my beauty.


56. The house has been still and quiet ever since you were admitted to the hospital, we miss you so dearly, I’m sending you lots of love and goodwill message to make you smile, please smile.


57. In times like this, we can’t wish you less than better health and quick recovery, may the LORD be your strength.


58. You’re the beauty of my life, my life will be empty without you, I wish you a speedy recovery, love you.


59. I remember your last words the last time we met, you told me you will always keep hope alive in every situation, please keep hope alive, you’ll get over this ill-health soon, get well.


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60. You are so special, don’t worry the LORD will take care of you, you’ll bounce back again healthy and wealthy.


61. This sickness has taken your sorrow away, that is a beautiful exchange, smile at this beautiful message for you, your heart will be filled with joy and happiness again.


62. All that has befallen you will bring you goodness at the end, you shall look back and rejoice, the LORD is testing you with this sickness and I know you’ll pass the test. You will come out great and happy. We love you.


63. My family and I are sending you a heartfelt message to wish you a quick recovery from this ill-health. May the LORD restore your health for and all this is good shall locate you. Get well soon.


64. Don’t think about home and all that you have left behind, everyone is great and we are praying for a speedy recovery. I have always take care of your pets. Your lovely dog Jack just gave birth to four lovely puppies, they are very fine, I know you will like them when you see them. Wish a better sound mind.


65. You will be healed of this illness, all your sacrifice shall be crown as a success for you. We share in your pain and we understand that it is a trying moment for you. But we are sure and hopeful that the LORD will see you through, and your life shall be filled with happiness again. Get well soon.


66. I’m hopeful and optimistic, that you would walk again, don’t burden your heart about what the doctor had told you. Your bones will be healed by the grace of GOD and you shall bounce back again. Get well soon.


67. I have never lost trusting GOD for you, you are under the care and love of the Almighty and he will not let you down, smile and receive your healing.


68. Put your trust in GOD, your miracle is on the way, you will bounce back to life soonest, wish you well.


69. With open hands and smile, we will receive you in our arms, you be well again, love you.


70. You the most lovable and cherished, your heart is full love and hope for others, we wish you a speedy recovery.


71. Arise and be healthy, all that is good will locate you today get well my dear.


72. You’ll get out of that hospital soon, I shall walk by your side by the beach, I shall thank GOD with you for bringing you back into my arms. I love you.


73. Don’t worry you will survive, you’ll be triumphant over this sickness, see you out of the hospital soon.


74. After every hardship comes relief, your relief is on its way. Wishing you a quick recovery.


75. Nothing matters to me right now than to see you rise up again, be hopeful and put your trust on GOD, you will be well again.


76. I understand the pain you are feeling, I share in your agony, but remember no condition lasts forever, GOD will heal you, you will be happy and lively again.


77. May the LORD replace all that you have lost for you, get well soon.


78. Don’t fret, the LORD is in control of your life, you get better, you will survive. Wish you get better soon.


79. My dream is to see you smile again, please don’t be down, the pain will soon be over and you will well again.

Get Well Soon quotes
Get Well Soon

Romantic Get Well Soon Quotes for Him/Her

80. I feel like kissing all the pain in your body away, and I’ll truly miss them away, you will be well soon.


81. My love, I wish you a quick recovery.


82. My dear, you are the one that makes me smile every day, I pray that you get well soon, so that we can be happy together again.


83. I know my LORD will bring back your health, he is the hope that we will continue to hold on to.


84. Sweetheart, I have a beautiful message for you, your sorrow and pain will soon be over, I dreamt that we celebrated with you after your healing. Your healing is on the way.


85. You’re the beauty of my soul, you will survive this moment, we will be thankful to GOD and I will hold your hands and smile again.


86. I will come over and cool your face with a kiss, you will get well now, love you.


87. I will touch you and your sickness will disappear, just believe it and it will happen.


88. I can’t wait to see you out of the hospital, I miss you so much.


89. Life is cruel, why do have to fall sick, but don’t worry you’ll back on feet soon.


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90. If you fall sick I will also be sick with you, please get well sooner, so that we can happy together.


91. The greatest blessing of life is when we are in good health and great spirit, may health be restored with great spirit.


92. Life greatest gift to me is you, don’t worry my joy, you will be ok, you will bounce back.


93. If I’m asked to make one wish in life, it will be the wish of good health and never get sick again for you. Get well, my love.


94. The blossom of my life will soon be bloom, get well I love you.


95. With every minute that passes, I pray that the LORD restores your health.


96. Your kind and for this, the LORD will not forsake you, you will be well again my love.


97. I bringing you much smile and happiness to brighten your face. Get well, my love.


98. Life is beautiful when you are around, I can feel the pain with you, I wish you a speedier recovery.


99. I wish this sickness will be transferred to me, I can’t watch you go through this pain, get well quick my love.


100. You are just too special to me, I can’t spend any more minute with you, get well soon my dearest.


101. If I can collect all the germs that cause you this sickness with all the treasure in the world I will do, I can’t watch you go through this pain every day, but I have asked GOD for help and I’m sure he will get you up soon.


102. Please don’t cry again my love GOD will heal you soon.


103. Please be strong honey, you will be ok.


104. The tears will not stop wailing down my cheeks, I’m crying a tear of joy because very soon, I know you will be back on your feet.


105. I have never seen a beautiful angel like you, you are just too good to be touched by anything that would cause you pain, I want to be the one that will receive all your pain if I can. My love, you are not alone, GOD will make you happy again, you will survive.


106. I will send you my kiss every minute to make sure you are always happy, you will be back happy and healthy soon.


107. I have spent all the night prayer asking GOD to heal you, I know my LORD is good and HE will answer my prayers.


108. Smile and be happy, you be well soon.


109. Tell me what I can do to make you feel better, the joy of the soul always makes you happy. Get well

soon my lovely angel.


110. If I could reach GOD in heaven, the first thing I will tell HIM is never to let you sick again, it pains me to see you in pain. Get better, my love.


111. My best wishes for you is good health, long life, and prosperity.


112. I will celebrate with soon my love, you will be out of the hospital in a few moments, thank GOD that answered our prayers. Love you with all my heart.


113. Nothing makes me feel good better than your sweet words, you’re a very beautiful companion, I can’t be happy if you are not around, I wish you quick recovery.


114. Remember the last time I was sick, you were all over me, praying and taking care of me, I have been fortunate to have an angel like you in my life. And now it is my turn to take care of you, I will not eat until you eat and I will not sleep until you find sleep. And I pray that your pain will be over soon.


115. O thou sickness! why are you troubling my sweet love? I ask GOD to remove you from his blood and nerves and any other place that you are hiding in his body. Be heal my love.


116. Hang on tough my love, you will survive, we will be happy together once more. I love you.


117. I hope my words will make a difference, I hope my smile will brighten your face, I’m so much in pain because you are in pain too. By the grace of GOD, you will survive.


118. I’m sure you are getting better each day that passes, I love you and I wish you will be on your feet soon.

Get Well Soon text msg
Get Well Soon Quotes

Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery

119. I can feel the pain with you, thank GOD for a successful surgery, I know you will get better every minute. Love you.


120. May your surgery bring you relief, may the pain go with the surgery, you live and glorify God Almighty. Get well soon.


121. Surgeries are corrections, may this sickness be corrected and never come back again.


122. I sympathize with you, and I’m as well happy for a successful surgery, I wish you a speedy recovery.


123. I wish that GOD make your recovery time shorter and quicker, happy to see you smiling today.


124. Hope you are recovered quickly after your last surgery, I wish you sound healthy body and more beautiful life to come.


125. I’m sending you all the beautiful things of life, we are happy to hear of the success of your last surgery we pray that GOD gives complete healing and never fall sick again.


126. After the surgery is a relief, may this relief find a beautiful place to stay in your heart. Wishing you a quick recovery.


127. You are very bright and happy now, I thank GOD for your beautiful life.


128. I want you to know that during your surgery we all awake and praying for your beautiful soul, we thank GOD for a prayer answered. We will be coming over later in the day, wishing you a speedy recovery.


129. I hope you did not feel much pain during the surgery, thank GOD you will be leaving the hospital soon. We wish to see you in great spirit.


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130. More strength to your body, hope to see you fully bounce back soon, that will be very wonderful, we’ll celebrate these beautiful moments with you.


131. We are happy, God had answered our prayer, you are back from the theatre successful, not many people were so lucky. Congratulation and get well soon.


132. We are happy everything went smoothly without any problem; your life is more precious to us here. Hope you are recovering very fast, see you soon.


133. I was very happy that the surgery went successfully, I’m glad you’re are alive, I can feel much relief by now, you will be out of admission soon. Get better.


134. Just want to send you this heartfelt wishes after your surgery, thank GOD for your life, you will always remain successful in all that you put your hand. Get well quick.


135. I’m delighted to hear that you are doing great after the surgery, you are so blessed. See back soon.


136. Every moment that open my eyes that night when you were at the theatre, I prayed that your surgery will be successful, thank GOD that it was successful and you are recuperating very fast. I love you.


137. Your life is full of delight and happiness, more happiness to come your way after this successful surgery. Please rest well, we hope to see you soon.


138. My family and I are so happy to hear of the beautiful news of a hitch-free surgery, we are coming over to see you later, get better.


139. It’s joy all over me, you have finally made it through, what a happy moment for us here, hoping to be with you soon. congratulation for a successful surgery.


140. Thank GOD you are back again to your feet, it was easy. Get better quickly.


141. Tell me whichever way I can come in to make you feel better, it is a very beautiful moment in our lives, you are alive hale and hearty.


142. Sorry to hear that you have to go through all this pain, but thank GOD that the surgery was successful congratulation.


143. The beauty of life is when you think it was over and GOD said it not over, your living has a purpose and you must fulfil that purpose. Thank GOD for your life after the surgery. I’m very happy to be part of this beautiful moment.


144. You went through a lot of pain and GOD said it is not over for you, you survived a dangerous surgery, what a happy period for us, we are celebrating your beautiful life with you. Congratulation.


145. The pain is gone the relief is here for you, what a wonderful time. Quick recovery dear.


146. Happy to hear that the surgery was successful, be hopeful and positive as you recover fully, GOD had made every possible for you. Congratulation.


147. I’m happy the pain is gone and the best moment is here for, stay positive and enjoy the rest of your life in good health.


148. This called for celebration it is not easy, not many survived this kind of surgery. Congratulation, get better soonest.


149. It so delightful see your cheering face at this kind of time, get better quick.


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150. Your face radiates with beauty like a full moon as it shines in the night, thank GOD you made it through the surgery, it so wonderful news to hear. Wishing you fast recovery time.


151. The best day in your life is today, you have made it finally, you are alive and kicking well, what a miracle. Congratulation.


152. Sending you my best wishes on this beautiful day, I’m so happy that you are alive and healthy. Enjoy the rest of your life in peace and harmony. Get well quick.


153. Lots of love and happy moment are coming your way after the surgery. More years for you in good health.


154. It is a touching moment and thanks GOD you are alive. Congratulation.


155. Thank GOD for your life, please relax and get sufficient rest, we will take care of that you have left behind in the office.


156. Everybody was so happy for you that you survived this dangerous surgery. It is really a wonderful time. Get well soon.


157. Our prayer for you has been answered, you are back, stronger and healthier. Please don’t bother to do anything that would put your health at risk at this moment, take a good rest will handle all the task.


More Get Well Soon Boss Quotes

158. Big boss, get well soon, we miss you.


159. I have worked under a nice boss like you, I sincerely sympathize with you over your ill health, get well soon boss.


160. More strength to your body, get better and get well soon sir.


161. You a wonderful boss, get well quick sir.


162. My dear boss, I pray for total healing for you sir, hoping to see you soon.


163. Some times sickness comes because GOD has a special plan for us, be calm sir, you’ll come out stronger and healthier. Get well sir.


164. You are weak now, I know you will be stronger by tomorrow, quick recovery sir.


165. Don’t bother about the task you left behind, I’ll take care of everything, quick recovery sir.


166. I’m sorry to hear about your ill health, I wish you a speedy recovery sir.


167. Take your medication and rest well, you will soon overcome this sickness, get better sir.


168. Everybody is missing you here in the company, even our clients always ask of you, we wish quick recovery sir.


169. All my prayer for you is to get better and enjoy the rest of your life in peace sir. Wishing you a timely recovery sir.


170. Sir your health is very important to us, no one can fill your vacuum, we wish you a speedy recovery.


171. All of us are praying for your quick recovery, get well soon sir, we love you.


172. You are a special person to us, everyone talks good of you, you are a special boss, get well soon sir.


173. We are missing your wisdom and your sound counsel, we miss you, sir, we wish your quick recovery.


174. Dear boss, I’m happy to hear that your health has improved greatly, God will help you bounce back again. We will be happy to see you return soon.


175. You are a great mentor, sir, even in your absence, every worker followed the instruction you left for us. I wish you a speedy recovery.


176. We can’t wait to see you, get better sir, we really miss you.


177. Take your medication and rest sir, you will be better soon.


178. I always remember your words, sir, you have always told me to be focused and I shouldn’t fear anything, I know you are a stronger person, GOD will heal you, get well soon sir.


179. You an amazing boss, your presence is a fortune for our company, we miss you, boss, get well soon.

Get Well Soon Quotes
Get Well Soon

Funny Get Well Soon Quotes for Him/Her

180. I heard you not feeling too well, get well soon my dear friend, your work is waiting for you. but think about them, they will wait to get better.


181. At least this time you can rest a little, all work and rest make Sammy a dull worker, get well soon.


182. No one to disturb me till you get back, rest well and get well soon.


183. I have saved my money lunch which I always buy for you, get well soon.


184. We miss your trouble here, get well soon.


185. Get well and get to work soon.


186. Please don’t get well soon, get well now.


187. They brought a nice cake and some pizza for lunch today, but I collected yours, I don’t need to pass it to you because I know you cannot eat them, miss you, get well soon.


188. When one is sick, your sins will wash away, so your sins are wash away today and forever, get well soon my good friend.


189. You will get stronger after this sickness, get well soon. we miss you.


190. I have been lonely and bored, I know the person I’m missing is you, so please get well soon.


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191. I always like to be in your company, you are a very good co-worker, get well quick my dear friend.


192. Hoping for your quick recovery soon, we miss you here.


193. I’m sorry for you over your ill health, don’t worry you’ll bounce back, get well soon.


194. Getting sick is a natural way that our body some times need a good rest, just take a good rest and don’t bother about other troubles out here, get well my friend.


195. I was told you are under the weather, hope you are getting better by now?


196. The doctor you need to rest, please take time to rest well.


197. You are sick, I hope you can still eat your favourite meal, if so then you are getting better, thank GOD.


198. I love to see you rest but not to see you sick, however, you have to be sick so that you can take your deserved rest. Get well and get back to work my dear friend.


199. Please get well soon, I’m tired of doing all the work at home. Just joking, but I still wish you will be on your feet by tomorrow.


200. Get well quick so we can go fishing together.


201. My dear friend, please get well soon, I’m missing your sense of humour, you are great fellow, life dull here with you.


202. Life is cruel with you around, please get well soon, so that you can always be around.


203. I never knew that you can get sick too, you are always showing your muscle around like a superman as if you are so immune from sickness, but now I know that you aren’t that Superman I thought, anyway, gets well soon my troublesome friend.


204. Sorry, you will soon be ok, just endure and get enough rest.


205. Sickness is the time to show appreciation for wellness, get well soon my beautiful companion.


206. I have some formulae to make you get better quick, just don’t think of anything, even the loads of works that are waiting for you, just sleep well and rest well, you’ll get well soon.


207. There is only one wish for you at this time, get well and get to work soon.


208. I know you tired of those smell of drugs, but don’t worry it will soon be over, get well now.


209. You are a good fellow, I don’t like to see you sick, please get well soon.


210. Don’t bother about the weakness now, you’ll be strong by tomorrow. Get well, my dear friend.


211. I could feel and share in your pain, get well my dear.


212. I hope your sickness is not very severe, I know you will get over this soon. Best wishes from me.


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213. A kind man like you shouldn’t be sick, if I can I will take the sickness from you, but don’t worry your healing is here, get well my dear friend.


214. Dear friend, please take your medications and get well soon.


215. We miss your jokes, we wish you a speedy recovery.


216. More strength to your bones, get well my good friend.


217. God wants you to take a rest, rest and get well soon.


218. I share in your pain and trouble, best wishes to you. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Memes

Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon Quotes-Get Well Soon Memes
Get Well Soon

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Get Well Soon Quotes
Get Well Soon

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