Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Him (2021)


A good afternoon text is sometimes the best way to boost your lover’s day, and below we are presenting you with some cute good afternoon messages for him to make him smile.


Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Him

1. Good afternoon my sweetheart! I hope your day is going beautiful. You are the air that I breathe, the only thing that doesn’t make me sick. You give my life purpose and light. My heart beats every time I see you smile. I love you more than anything in this world.


2. Good afternoon sweetheart! It’s not that I don’t like the weather, but I miss you. I just wanted to let you know that every minute without you is like one minute less I have to spend with you. You are my love, my world, and everything in between.


3. Hi, I hope you had a lovely morning, have a good day, and I miss you lots. When I’m with you, time stops having no meaning, the sun shines brighter, and the waves are softer. All my thoughts are of you; I can’t wait to see you again if only time would pass quicker. Love You!


4. Hello, my love! I hope you’re having a great afternoon so far because I sure am. I just wanted you to know that I’m really into you and was thinking of you earlier.


5. Hello Darling. How’s your day going? I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. When I close my eyes, you are all I see. I can’t wait to get home and hug you tightly to me. I love you. xoxo


6. Your love is like the sunshine; it warms my body and soul. Your hugs are like the water to a flower; they keep me alive. I am so lucky that you are mine; every minute we spend together is a memory I will cherish forever. I hope every day of your life is as beautiful as you.


7. Dear love, I hope you have a wonderful afternoon, taking the time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Please remember to take a few moments to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Have a good afternoon!


8. It’s a beautiful afternoon. Gonna go for a walk and call you on the way. Thinking of how much you mean to me is what keeps me moving. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait till the night!


8. Hey Baby, I hope your day is going well and that you got my text. It made me smile so much when I just saw you on my screen. I’m so lucky to have met you, and I cant wait to see you tonight.


9. I love you so much, my sweet Darling! After a long day at work, it’s great to come home to your smile and your warm arms. I hope you know how very much I love, need, and cherish you.


10. Anything I do without you is incomplete. You are my present and future. As long as we are together, everything else will fall into place. I LOVE YOU!


11. Good afternoon, sweetheart! I hope your day is going well so far. Are you doing something fun? I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and missing you. You are my sweetest thought of the day, and I can’t wait to see you later. Remember that you are loved and that my heart is filled with your love.


12. Hey there handsome! I wish I could cuddle up against your chest and fall asleep. Since you’re on the other side of the world, I have to settle for a good afternoon text. I hope you have had a great day so far!


13,. Every day with you is like a dream come true. You make me feel so special, loved, and happy. I love you forever. Have a great afternoon!


14. You’re still the one I want to kiss goodnight. You’re still the person I want to meet up with for lunch; because I love you.


15. I am so excited about our next year! Let’s go out on a day, anything we want.


16. Hi, I hope you are having a great day! I want to say thanks for always being there for me, as my prince charming and lover. The only thing that matters is our love, give hugs and kisses back.


17. I was thinking about you all day. From the second I hit the alarm clock this morning, I have been thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are such a unique and wonderful person that every time you smile, my heart beats faster, and my stomach melts.


18. I love being able to go to work knowing that I’ll be coming home to you at the end of the day. It makes me so happy to know that I can see you again and again. You are the man of my dreams, the one person that I can’t even imagine myself living without.


19. Good afternoon handsome! I hope you had a lovely day.


20. I am busy with work right now. I think of you all the time when I get a few minutes of alone time to myself. I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than seeing your cute face every morning. You mean so much to me, so many beautiful things. I can’t stop thinking about you and what a fantastic future we can all have together!


21. Your smile is the highlight of my day. To see you happy makes my heart sing. I love you.


22. I feel so lucky that an angel like you fell from heaven. When I see you, my heart skips a beat, and butterflies fill my whole body. Your kisses make me melt. I love you with all my heart.


23. When you woke up this morning in my arms, you made me the luckiest girl on Earth. I hope you know that. You are everything I have ever dreamed of. May this day be the best day of your life!


24. Good afternoon handsome! I’ve been so busy today that I’m just now getting a chance to send you a text. It’s crazy how we have such busy lives these days, but it also gives us time to spend with our loved ones. I can still hardly believe you are real, and we get to spend every day together. I just wanted you to know that I think about you every hour of the day and don’t get tired of thinking about you. I love you with all my heart.


25. Hi Darling, it is just afternoon, and I’m not at work, but I feel swamped. I remember the first time we met and everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for being the man that I love so much. A simple good afternoon is not enough.


26. Good afternoon, sweetheart. It’s been a beautiful day, and I think about you often. Thanks for being in my life


27. Good afternoon, my love. I hope your day is great so far. I can’t stop thinking of you.


28. As the sun sets and the evening sky changes colors, I’m thinking of your face. We don’t see each other as much as we wish we could. Life will get in the way from time to time, but we can’t let it stop us. I know you are out there thinking about me. It is a nice Sunday afternoon outside, so think of me and feel free to text!


29. Good afternoon my love. I am so happy to be spending the day with you, doing something simple like this. Do you know what makes me love you more? The fact that I can spend every single day with a man like you and wake up right beside you each morning. You are my world and the best thing that has ever happened to me!


30. Good afternoon. I just thought I’d say hi and let you know that you rock my world. Ten toes and ten fingers worth. It means a lot to me that you love me the way that you do. I can’t wait to see you again!


31. Let’s go for a walk; I want to spend time with you. It’s nice outside, and walks are always romantic. I will hold your hand and lead you through the park as we talk and look at the clouds in the sky. I love being around you; let’s enjoy this beautiful day together!


32. I can’t get you off my mind. Throughout the day, I think about how lucky I am to have you around. You are always there to make me smile and to be my rock when times are tough. You are so wonderful; you make me feel complete. All that I want in this world is to be with you and share our lives.


33. I love you! Thank you for the way you make me feel. You are a blessing in my life every day. I am so glad we are together. Every night I can’t wait to be in your arms again. I love you so very much!


34. Hey baby, it’s me, Ryan. I was checking up on you and making sure that you are having a wonderful day. I cannot wait to see you tonight; I hope everything is going well. Have a good afternoon!


35. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. I love you, and I will text you at a later time.


36. Good afternoon! Did you know that each time you smile, it’s not just your face that lights up, but mine too? I love every smile. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


37. Hi Sweetheart. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Just wanted to check in, see what you’re up to, and tell you how much I love you. Have a great rest of the afternoon!


38. Today I am sending a kiss to bring a smile to your face and will bring you much love. I am thinking about you and care about you so much.


39. You are my little ray of sunshine.


40. Did you get my text this morning?


41. Every day, I love you more and more. Each passing day makes me fall in love with you a little bit more.


42. Our friendship grows, and our love grows deeper. You bring such joy to my life.


43. I’m so glad we found each other; when I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat. Now I can hardly wait to see your smile in the morning, evening, and night!


44. Good afternoon sweetheart.❤ I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I can’t stop thinking about you. I hope you are having a nice day, and I just wanted to let you know that my heart is always with you. Thank you for being mine!


45. Hey honey, I just wanted to send you something fun to make your day and brighten up your afternoon. I love you so much. I hope you have a great day!


46. Good afternoon handsome.


47. Hey baby. Did you have a nice lunch? I am so sorry I wasn’t there to share it with you. I would have loved to see your face light up from the candlelight on our dinner table. I wish you were here, but I hope you had a lovely day regardless.


48. I’m just sitting here in bed, looking at you, and all I can think is, ‘I love you.’


50. You make me happier than I ever thought possible. No matter what happens, no matter how tough things get, our love for each other will always win. I am so lucky to have you, my best friend. We are a team for life!


51. Your love has been my lighthouse during storms; your strength has been my light when I’m at my weakest. Thank you for being my rock, and thank you for showing me what real love is.


52. Good afternoon handsome. How are you and your day going? Mine was great until I realized it would be nice spending it with you. It is 2:21; I am missing you already.


53. I just started thinking about you, and I realized we’d been together four months. I love the way time flies when I’m with you. I love your smile, and your laugh and the way you always say thank you. You know just how to make me feel special, and I can’t imagine life without you!


54. Good afternoon my love. How are you? I hope not too busy at work; even with this snowstorm coming in tomorrow, I am here to bring some cuteness into your day. When you get home, don’t forget to give me lots of hugs and kisses!


55. When I first met you, I never thought we would be here today. It has been an amazing love story since the very beginning. You have always made me laugh, think, and argue. You inspire me to become a better person every day. You are my best friend, and I would love you forever if that were possible. I am so lucky to have found you in a crowd of people. I do love you!


56. You are the most fantastic person I have ever met. I love your beautiful smile and kind heart. You bring joy to my life that I didn’t even know was possible; you are indeed a blessing. I love you!


57. I was always so picky in the past, but since I met you, I haven’t been able to stop smiling. You light up my life and make each day better than the last. I love you even more than before, and that is a huge accomplishment because I love you so very much!


58. Hey Babe! I’m just thinking about you and wanted to say good afternoon! I Just wanted to tell you how much I love and adore you. Every day you make me happier than I could have ever imagined.


59. I look forward to more years, decades, and centuries with you by my side. I hope you have a great afternoon and hope to see you soon!


60. Good afternoon my love! I hope today is super exciting for you!


61. I hope you had a wonderful morning; I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. Just sitting here thinking about how perfect you make me so happy. I hope it’s a great day for you.


62. Good afternoon my love! How are you doing today? I hope that you had a great morning and that this is the beginning of a fabulous week. I just wanted to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing you later. I hope your day ends well! -Shannon


63. I love you. I hope your day is going well. I just wanted to say that. I think of you all the time and am thankful for the time we get to spend together. You are such a great dad. Your work is amazing!


64. Hey handsome, I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see you later! I hope you have a great day!
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Your kisses are the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, your hugs make me feel safe when I am scared, your hold on me is what makes me feel important. Baby



Funny Good Afternoon Quotes to Make Him Smile

1. Hey, it’s just a little note to say I love and care for you! You are the most amazing person I know, and I hope you know it cause it doesn’t pass my lips enough.


2. I’m having a pretty crappy day!! I want to forget everything and cuddle with you. I can only think about when I saw you last…it seems like forever ago. When we kiss all of my worries disappear and the only thing that matters is that I am in your arms again. I love you!


3. I wish you were here right now, I just want to kiss you. I love you.


4. I never stop smiling around you. Or laughing. I just can’t help myself! You make me feel so good and loved and cherished. And for that, I feel so very grateful! I love you!!


5. I’d give you the stars if I could. You are all that I think about and dream of. You are my present and future. Thank you for loving me, always & forever!


6. Life is too short to be anything but happy!


7. Just a quick text to say I am thinking of you! Have a fabulous day!!


8. Hey Babe, what’s up? I am bored at work. How about a kiss?


9. Hey, I was just thinking about you. What are you up to today?


10. As long as you love me, I will always want to be by your side. Your friendship, your embrace, and your kiss. All the while, your special love gives me a reason to become the best man I can be. I love you, baby!


11. Hi sweetheart, it’s your favorite girlfriend. I hope you have had a great day at work so far 🙂 I haven’t heard from you today, and I was starting to think that maybe you were trying to stay out of trouble. Well, no one can hide from me! I adored these two pictures of you at the luncheon yesterday.


Good Afternoon Captions for Him

12. Good afternoon. Are you ready to take on the day?

13. A bright day is just right around the corner! _ ◽⃘✲◾ ☀

14. It’s one of our favorite times of day: Happy Hour 🥂 #GoodAfternoon

15. Fact: You’re more attractive when you smile.

16. When people see us holding hands, they think we’re friends 🤷🏼‍♂️

17. Every guy just wants to be understood.

18. Good afternoon from the best city in the world 😃

19. A little humor *thumbs up* (👍) to brighten your day. 😊 #

20. Everyone has problems, but only a few are lucky to find a friend like you.

21. After a busy morning at work, it’s nice to take a deep breath in the afternoon. ☀️☕

22. Good afternoon; here’s a little love from the afternoon.

23. 🤓 Good Afternoon ☀️☕️

24. Good person 👨 with a good heart 💞 who is funny and real!

25. Hey, a great afternoon. How about you? 🤔█

26. Hey, Be good today because I am not! 😊

27. This is cute; I’m getting a coffee that will complete me.

28. There’s nothing better at the end of a hard day than to come home and find the one you love. #TrueStory

29. I’m happiest when I’m with you.

30. I must have done something right to deserve you in my life. Good afternoon, beautiful… 😉

31. 🌶️ Good afternoon, sunshine ☀️🍂🌼



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