Good Afternoon Quotes for Him/Her


Good Afternoon Quotes for Him_HerGood Afternoon Quotes for Him_Her
Good Afternoon Quotes        


Looking for that killer good afternoon quotes for him/her to blow his/her mind, you are in the right place, we have carefully chosen our words to make him/her smile when you send one of our messages him/her.


Life is not all about work and no play, even in the middle of the day when the sun is high up, you can still find a beautiful time to remember your loved ones. This singular act of always sending him or a lovely message in the afternoon could go a long way to seal your love in his her heart. Words like, ‘I love you, good afternoon’ are so simple but could leave a deep affection in his/her heart.

 Good Afternoon Quotes for Him

1. Just one kiss from you leaves endless happiness in my heart, you are the gift of my soul, I love you so much. Good afternoon.


2. May your day be full of endless blessing, you will work less and receive more. Good afternoon.


3. Ignore all the pessimists who never see anything good about life, life is good my love, and it is more perfect for me when I think you are still there for me, good afternoon.


4. Forever is not too long a time to be in your arms. Moreover, forever will I love you with all my heart. Good afternoon.


5. When I say I love you, I mean I love with all my life, it either you or no one else. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


6. I will always be here for you until you return, where ever you go and how long it may take I will never leave you, I will be here waiting for you. Good afternoon.


7. We may not be in each other’s arms now, but thank God, we share the beauty of the same sunshine, good afternoon sweet love.


8. Like the beauty and the radiant of the sun, so shall light radiates wherever you go, good afternoon.


9. Your life will be full of splendour like the sunshine; you will succeed in whatever you do. Wishing you a marvellous day.


10. It gives me joy to think about you, how are doing over there my love, hope the sun is not too hot. I miss you.


11. The more I see you the happier I become, I will heading straight to Chicago right now to see your face. I miss you.


12. Just want us to spend some time together at the cinema this afternoon, over a cup of popcorn, how beautiful would that be.


13. Be my date this afternoon my love, chose a place of your choice I want to make today the most memorable day of your life. I love you.


14. It is a great day; I hope you are great over there. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.


15. Stays cool my love, it is a lovely afternoon, I know you will be fine over there, I miss you.


16. Wish that we can share this afternoon together over a cup of chilled ice cream, how beautiful would that be.


17. Good afternoon my king, just thinking about you now, how is your day? Hope fine? I miss you.


18. The sun is high up and hot, a pray it brings coolness and calmness, it may be hot but you not feel the heat. Good afternoon my sweetheart.


19. In the hustle and bustle of today, there lays by the corner your magic number this lovely afternoon. You will be as successful as the brightness of the sun; God will make your day marvellous, good afternoon my love.


Cutest Romantic Good Afternoon Quotes for Him to smile

20. The memories of the beautiful time we spent together still lingers on, I hope your noon is full of splendour and happiness, I wish I was in it with you. I am missing your love, good afternoon.


21. When I think about you, I feel hopeful of a better tomorrow, our life will be as bright as this lovely afternoon if we spend it together. Your love has always flourished in my heart; I will always love you until the end of time.


22. Dearest, I miss you so much, please come soon today, I will sweep your feet off with my undying love for you. You make everything perfect in my world, without you, life means nothing to me. I love you, have a wonderful afternoon.


23. The same sunshine that reaches you there is reaching me here too, hope you are not too tired, may the Lord form a canopy above you that will give you eternal shade wherever you go under the sun, you will continue living in the glory of God. Wishing you joyful noon.


24. May your life be like this beautiful afternoon, thank you for all the care and love you always showed me, my heart, my love and my life all belongs to you. Wishing you a marvellous day.


25. Every morning when you leave home, I pray that the Lord bless you with a fruitful day. Hope you are having a great time this lovely afternoon, I miss you.


26. Thinking about you, I am lonely this afternoon, I feel my noon would better if you were in it with me. I miss you.


27. Dear love, I don’t want to be alone this afternoon, I need you by side, I want to see your face, I want to hear your voice, and I want to feel your pulse close to my heart. Please come home, I miss you.


28. Keep your head high my hero, life is for those who can smile and laugh over it little troubles and move ahead, do not be stressful, smile and think of the beautiful evening we will share together. Good afternoon, catch ya, later.


29. Dearest, I keep the best love in my heart for you now and always, I pray the Lord to cool your body this lovely hot afternoon. I miss you.


30. There are beauties and splendour in the great illumination of the sun, look deeply into the horizon you will realize the glory of God in your life. Thank God we are alive this lovely afternoon, that is one of numerous blessing upon us.


31. I am sending you a piece of my heart filled with love and affection for you this lovely afternoon, hope the ferry will meet well. I miss you, my love, wishing the best of today, good afternoon.


32. Goodness, wellness, love, and success are the things I wish you this lovely afternoon. I miss you, my superhero.


33. You shall find favour and help wherever you go this lovely day; your life will be as bright as this beautiful sunshine. I love you.


34. A lovely good afternoon to my angel, just thinking about you, I want you to know that I love you so much.


35. May your life be full of endless blessing from God, you have been a wonderful husband to me, no amount of thank you is enough to show my appreciation. Good afternoon my love, feel good and enjoy your day.


36. The choice I made to be with was a marvellous choice, day after day, hour after hour and minutes after minutes, my heart is filled with the joy of knowing you, and your love is making me crazy. Hope you are having a marvellous day, I love you.


37. When I close my eyes, I dream about you, and when I open my eyes, I see you in my inner eyes even if you are not here now. You have been running on my mind all day and all night, I cannot help thinking about you. I miss you, wishing you a sweet lovely day.


38. May God Almighty give you the strength to carry on this lovely afternoon, may you be astonishing and marvellous as you do your work, smile because I am smiling for you.


39. Good afternoon, my love, hope you are doing great out there. May your work be made easier for you this lovely afternoon, God’s favour and care will always be with you.


Sweet Good Afternoon Quotes to Make Him Happy

40. My love for you blossoms with every sunshine, if you can see through my heart, you will know how much of my love and affection I keep for you. The light of my love for you never goes off.


41. The world may cease to exist again, but all that matters to me is to be with you wherever life takes us, and I believe that would be paradise. Good afternoon my joy.


42. I am lost in your world, I am deeply in love with you, do you realize this? I miss you, good afternoon.


43. I will be crazy all over you when you return home today. I will build a castle of love over you tonight, I miss you my dearest, please come home sooner today.


44. I will always be your happiness and joy forever. Hope your day is brighter this sun? I love you.


45. If I held you in the hand and I take a long stroll under this scorching sun with you, I will never feel the heat of the sun, as far as it is you that I’m seeing by my side, everything looks marvellous and beautiful to me. I love you.


46. My life is fulfilled and my joy is high because I found a special man like you. You are the hero of my life. I love you with all my heart. Wishing you all the best this lovely afternoon.


47. I wish I could come over there to do part of your work for you so that you can take a beautiful rest this lovely afternoon, I miss you.


48. Hello my superman, can I come over to kiss you? That would be so crazy if you would permit me to come, I will make your afternoon swells with beauty, I am always your darling wife, isn’t it. Good afternoon.


49. May the sunshine of today bring endless joy and happiness to your life. Success will trail you in whatever you do today. Good afternoon, my bundle of joy, I miss you.


50. To the hero of my life, the sun may be hot, but I will always wait here for you to cool you in the evening, don’t worry about the hustle and bustle of today, thy Lord shall make your day splendid. Good afternoon, I love you.


51. Just a check on you to know how you are doing this lovely afternoon, no matter the condition you are now, try to smile and cheer up my love, everything will be Ok. I love you.


52. I miss you, my dear angel, hope you are great this afternoon.


53. Good afternoon my love, work and play a little because all work and play make Jerk a dull worker.


54. Your output this afternoon shall be astonishing, you will always outshine the splendour of the sun, and your stars will keep shining brightly.


55. It is a beautiful day and a lovely afternoon, may you always find happiness in your handwork. Good afternoon my love, I miss you.


56. I wish that afternoons were also nights, where I will always be close to you, I miss you love, hope you will be home soon.


57. I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have a beautiful treasure like you as my husband, wishing you joy and endless love this lovely afternoon.


58. Dearest, do you know that I’m charmed in your world forever, and I love every bit of the feelings of being in your arms. Good afternoon.


59. You will forever remain my dearest; nothing will separate me from you. Good afternoon.


60. I keep falling in love with you repeatedly, woo! I love the feelings that flush over me when I’m in your arms, hold me more, you are dearest to my heart. Have a joyful afternoon.


Romantic Good Afternoon Quotes for Her

61. Dearest, I have never told you this before, you are the secret behind my smile and my joy, my life is sweet because you are in it with me, thank God, I found you. Hope you are having a lovely afternoon over there, I love you. See you soon.


62. Since I have you, then I have everything in life. Life offers me a beautiful gift in you, I deeply love you. Keep this in your heart. Good afternoon.


63. If I could sneak out to meet my lovely angel this lovely afternoon that would be great. Just thinking about you as I dashed through my work, there is no perfect day without in it you. Good afternoon my angel.


64. You are always on my mind, you have left your love permanently stamp on my soul. I love you, I miss you. Have a marvellous afternoon.


65. The beautiful moment that we shared together, keep me company when you are not here with me, I will adjust until I see you again. Hope you are having a swelling day.


66. If I have a choice, I will never spend a minute alone without you by my side, you are so lovely and special to me, my heart finds eternal peace when you are around me. I miss you, my love, have a lovely day.


67. The sweetest moments of my life are the time that we spend together in each other’s arms. Looking at your face, gives unending satisfaction, holding you make my heart blossom, and hearing your voice takes me on a short journey to paradise as if an angel is talking. You are my joy and my world. Good afternoon my angel, I miss you.


68. Every little time a spent with you is big in my eye, I a minute with you gives me a day of happiness and joy. Good afternoon my special angel.


69. If I spent the whole day in your arms, I will never be tired of you, you are one special person that has all my heart. Hope you are doing my fine this beautiful afternoon my dearest. I love you.


70. Your life will always be full of God blessing and love all the time. Thank you for being my endless joy. I love you.


71. You are my good news, whenever I think about you, happiness filled my heart. I love you.


72. If loving you so much is a crime, I am ready to commit this beautiful crime and take my jail term. Stay with me because I love and care for you so much.


73. Your love is deeper in my heart, it will take an eternity before anybody can see the end. I want to be the one that will continue to whisper this sweet word on your ears ‘I love you…’


74. If you can get a microscopic lens, please get one, place it on my heart, and you will see the invisible particles of love and deep affections that I have for you. I will always be there for you.


75. God knows why He brought you my way that fateful day that I met you. God knows that our life will be full of joy together, thank God I found an irreplaceable angel like you. You mean the world to me. I love you my dearest, have a wonderful day.


76. Thinking about the beautiful moment that we shared together is my hobbies; I am doing that right now, so I want you to know it. You are sweet, you are cute, and you are gorgeous and marvellous. I miss you, good afternoon.


77. If the world comes together to snatch you away from me I will never let you go. You mean more than words could express to me. I miss you, good afternoon my sweetheart.


78. I may be away, but my heart is always with you. I will be back soon, wishing you a beautiful day.


79. Life will cease to mean nothing to me if you are not mine, but now that I have you, life is everything to me, I will do anything for your love, stay by side. I love you.

80. I will always tell the whole world wherever I go that I am in love with an angel. I miss you, my love, coming home soon. Have a wonderful day.


81. There is this sweetness in your voice when you talk, maybe I am the only one capable of hearing it, and I love it that way. I miss the whole of you, good afternoon my sweet love.


82. Life will never be the same again if I had let you go that wonderful day I met you, I thank my God who gave me the courage to approach you. Now my life is full of joy and harmony because I have you, you are a priceless angel. I love you.


83. I have to excuse my self to send you this message, clients are waiting for me, just want to say, ‘I love you, how are you’.


84. They said lovers quarrels and fight but ours are made in heaven, you are my perfect lover. I love you.


85. I will be home soon, missing you, just to say how you are doing this great afternoon.


86. Good afternoon, my angel, hope you are Ok. I am missing you. See you soon.


87. Hope you are above board this lovely afternoon, I miss you.


88. May your joy be splendid as this afternoon is, see you soon, I miss you.


89. Just a quick check on you this lovely afternoon, hope you are fine.


90. Every minute that passes, I am eager to see your lovely face, hope to be home today, good afternoon my sweetheart.


91. I minute without you is like a year of missing you, I miss today so much, good afternoon my love.


92. You make me smile broadly when I think about you now, you have been a beautiful part of my life, I love you so much, good afternoon my


93. My life is beautiful ever since you came into it, nothing can stop me from loving you always. You are the joy of my heart. Wishing you a wonderful day, I miss you.


94. Hi love, wishing you a beautiful day, packed with lots of beauties and love, you make my world paradise on earth; thank God that I found an angel like you. I love so much, enjoy your day.


95. When I think about you, I think about a sweet and lovely girl that is mine, living with you is like a dream come true, because I have dreamt of you long before I found. You are my dreams come true, I love.


96. A day with you or a minute without having your thought in my heart, I feel as if a vital part of me is missing, you make me complete, so without you, I am incomplete.


97. I have seen different faces, but no single one is as beautiful as you are, I have heard a different voice of many women, but no voice is sweet as yours. I have never found another woman like you; forever I will be yours sincerely. Good afternoon my angel.


98. Good thing happens every day to different people, but my goodness is you, finding you give me special satisfaction and joy that I have never felt before. Thank you for bringing a lot of brightness into my life. I love you, have a joyful afternoon.


99. Life would have been unfair to me if I didn’t found you, you make everything lovely before my eye, and my heart is always pleased to be with you, hoping you are having a wonderful day at home. I love you, see you soon.


100. In every minute that passes, I think of holding you tight without leaving your side, I will be Ok forever if I can hold your hands every time I think about you; I will always be by your side because you make feel cool. Good afternoon my most gorgeous angel.


 Sweet Good Afternoon Quotes for Her

101. My life is full of splendour with you, I will always make yours look like a paradise full of beauties and harmony, I promise to love you forever, I will keep to this promise, wishing you a marvellous afternoon.


102. You will always be the girl of my heart forever, I will never stop loving you, I will give you every token of my heart, and for you, I will be forever and ever. That is a line just to tell you how much I love. A happy lovely afternoon to you, I miss you.


103. Do you really know how I love, the love I have for you in my heart is like filling the gap between heaven and earth, I cherish and have a special place for you in my heart. Have a joyful day, see you soon.


104. Just thinking about you, I feel like holding and kiss you like never before right now, could you please come over to my office, so that we can take some minute off. I love you.


105. Good afternoon my lovely wife, I feel like doing some crazy things with you now, I miss you.


106. I can’t just concentrate this afternoon, I am on my way home now. I miss you.


107. Dearest love, life offers me a beautiful gift of you, my heart found a peaceful life with you, just one thought about you make me feel so happy. I will always bring joy and happiness to your life too. I love you, have a beautiful noon.


108. I have been counting my blessings ever since the minute you step into my life, forever I will be yours, have a wonderful afternoon, I love you.


109. I have a better offer for you today my love, dress up and look charming as always be, I want to chill out with you this lovely afternoon, I want to hold your hands and kill you with millions of kisses, get ready now, I love you.


110. Thank God, I have a lovely wife like you, that when I think of, I smile graciously, your love has entirely captured my heart; I will be yours forever, good afternoon.


111. You are my complete happiness, to be in a great mood I have to know how you are feeling ever minute, hope you are looking sweet and lovely this beautiful afternoon, I love you, see you soon.


112. The joy in my heart cannot be quantified, knowing that an angel like you is waiting to receive me every moment I returned home, gives me all the happiness in the world. You are indeed an angel to behold, I have never found another special woman like you, and I will always be there for you all through my life. Wishing you a lovely afternoon, I miss you.


113. Life may be tough, but with you by side, I do not feel anything tough, life may be sweet but having you around is sweeter, and life may be full of ups and downs, but our life is stable together. God makes our life easy together, you are more than the treasures of the world to me. I love you always my angel, wishing you a marvellous afternoon.


114. Hello Dear, I want you to know how much I love you, this afternoon your thought keeps me cool, hope you are thinking about me too.


115. Knowing you are blessings for me, I want to spoil you with endless love, stay with me and enjoy interrupted supply of love from my heart. Have a lovely afternoon, I miss you.


116. Just one kiss from you make me feel so good for the whole day, I want to kiss you several times a day so that I can feel sweeter than I am feeling now. I love you; hope you are enjoying your beautiful noon.


117. All I ever pray for and want for me to be with you forever. Good afternoon my sweetheart, I miss you.


118. If my Wi-Fi can connect our lips together every afternoon, that would be great, I love you.


119. I feel you every moment I think about you, you can leave my mind; you are my darling wife, missing you this lovely afternoon.

120. You are the greatest joy that ever happens to me, you are my good news, I feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world to have a lovely wife like you, everything about is wonderful, thank God I found you. Hope to be home soon, wishing you a joyful day.


121. I can go well without eating in a day, but an afternoon without thinking about you is like a bird without wings. You are always on my mind, good afternoon.


122. If I keep you on my mind throughout the day, an hour of work look like a minute, by this I’m always on top of my work, I work better keeping you at heart, you make my world sweeter. Good afternoon.


123. I wish to walk beside you forever, I wish I to make your world a most memorable world, I wish to love you, as you have never experienced before, give me a chance, I wish to blossom your heart. Good afternoon sweetheart.


124. You always on my mind, day and night, I can’t just stop thinking about you. My love for you is to infinity. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


125. Sweetness is what I feel when I think about you, I won’t feel sweeter because I will be thinking more about you, you are the girl of my heart, I will love you forever. Good afternoon.


126. You always left me speechless every time I am your eyes. I want to confess something to you, you make strangely wonderful every time I see you, your love is renewed and blossoms in my heart when our eyes met. You melt my heart with endless love every sing moment; I will always love and care for you until the end of time.


127. There is no time limit of my love for you, if you can see through my heart, you will know the level at which my love has grown for you, for you I will be, good afternoon.


128. Every sunshine brings the assurance of my love for you, I will never leave you and I will never break your heart, you will always remain as the woman of my heart.


129. Deep inside my heart is where I keep your love, it blossoms and flourishes inside there, no one can remove it, the taproot of your love has gone deeper into my heart, the sweetness will be reaching you wherever you are. I will always make you happy for the rest of your life, good afternoon.


130. Dearest, never be afraid of spending your today and tomorrow with me, I promise to be the joy in your heart forever, I will never hurt you and I will never break your heart, this promise I will always keep. Hope you enjoying your day.


131. I will be there when you call me; I will be for you today and forever. I love you.


132. I still feel the same way I felt the first time I set my eyes on you every time I see you. The first time I saw you I said, gosh! What an angel of a human is this; I still feel the same gosh today. Every moment I see you I fall in love deeper with you, you are not just beautiful, you are also so lovely and caring, I always tell my friend I have an angel as a wife. Good afternoon, I miss you.


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