Good Evening Blessings/Good Evening Quotes

Good evening blessing/quotes
Good evening blessing


You would find the most beautiful Good Evening Blessings/Good Evening Quotes here to send to that special person to make their evening beautiful.


Good Evening Blessings/Quotes for Husband

1. I wish you a relaxing evening today. May your heart be overflowing with the serenity that comes with the sunset.


2. May you experience God’s unflinching love tonight and always. Enjoy a chilled evening, my love.


3. Have faith in GOD and rest peacefully, for Tomorrow’s triumph and conquest will surpass every disappointment and failure you experienced today, amen. Have a pleasant evening.


4. May God be your refuge against the evils of the evening. May you triumph over any form of negativity around you. Have a flawless evening my love.


5. I pray that this sunset takes away your hurt feelings, troubles, and worries. And may the rest of the evening be filled with peace and laughter.


6. The good work the Lord has started in your life will not stop until it is fully accomplished. Have a good evening, my love. God’s got you, my dear!


7. May this evening bring rejuvenation to you, may it hold so much hope and will for tomorrow. Have an amazing evening rest.


8. Good evening to the most amazing husband that has ever lived! May this evening bring you peace, joy, and the much-deserved rest.


9. This evening is a chance to let go of the day’s anxiety and exhaustion. I hope you enjoy the coolness it brings to your heart, my dear.


10. I wish you the very best of the quiet evening as it creeps in. May God protect us from the unseen of the night


11. As we retire for the day. I hope that God answers our prayers, and give us the chance for a better tomorrow. Good evening honey.


12. May the blessings of this evening locate you. May your hard work bear sweet rewards. May you be shielded from all evil forces. Amen. Good evening my darling.


13. Just like a veil gradually covering up the sun and revealing the evening, may you be guarded and guided, may your flaws be hidden and protected.


14. In all your wholehearted hard work to make your family a proud one, may the good Lord shower His blessing on you. Have a worthwhile evening as you retire today.


15. Dear Lord, as we start this evening, we trust in your dependable love. Please guard us through it all, and make us the dwellers of paradise. Amen. Good evening my all.


16. This evening, let us take a time out to appreciate God for all His good plans in our lives, for the evenings provides us with a chance o say thank you.


17. Quit worrying about what has happened, and enjoy every second of this cool and beautiful evening. Enjoy your evening my darling.


18. May the Lord carry you in His arms and keep you safe from all jeopardy. Have a beautiful evening, my sweetheart.


19. May this evening be productive enough to give you a lead on what tomorrow might bring and what to expect from it. Have a good evening my dear.


20. Good evening my love. May the ultimate Guide, Sustainer, Protector, and Forgiving see us through the evening and into the night.


21. As the day draws to an end, may God help our affairs of the day, and that of the night. May He grant us a good night’s sleep, and a good day tomorrow.


22. As you lay down to rest for the evening, may your strength be renewed. May you be rejuvenated to face the days ahead. Rest well, my love.


23. Have a restful evening, my love. May you find the grace to forgive every wrong done to you today, and may tomorrow bring with it brand new hope and a great new start. Good evening my love


24. As God has blessed us with the gift of a beautiful sunset, may he equally bless us with the good fruits and returns of the day. Good evening my dearest husband!


25. Let go of every disappointment you went through today, tomorrow will surely be better by His Grace. Do have a peaceful evening my love.


26. As you lay down to rest for the day, I pray that no weapon created against you shall thrive. You shall win through over every evil and the Almighty God shall avail for you. Good evening my darling husband


27. May the angels of the Lord watch over you as you retire for the day. Good evening my love.


28. May all the choices you have made in the day bring you joy and peace. May all of your expectations be met. Good evening my hubby.


29. May your evening be filled with rest and serenity. May you shine brighter and better tomorrow. Have a good night too, honey.


30. The Lord will form a boundary of protection around about you. Good evening my beloved husband.


31. The pathway of the virtuous will always shine brighter and brighter. Today’s glory is nothing compared to what the next day will bring. Have a beautiful evening, my darling, and have a good sleep too.


32. May this day turn out to be an additional interesting page to the journal of your life’s journey. And may you get the chance to someday, revive these remarkable moments. Good evening honey.


33. May the unwavering shield of God protect you, and His peace constantly reign on you as you bring to a halt your activities of the day. May He also protect your left and right all through the night and till the morning. Have a good evening my love.


34. I pray that the good Lord grants you success in all your endeavours of the day, and bring serenity to your evening. Enjoy your evening my darling.


35. We have reached the evening thanks to his Grace and Mercy. And as you sit to plan for the next day, may He guide your steps and guard your decisions. Amen. Have a good evening.


36. As we appreciate His guidance and protection throughout the day, lets us take time to appreciate his blessings as the sun goes down. Good evening dear husband.


37. May the Healer, Leader, and Mender of all of our affairs be with us as the evening emerges, and even when the night fully comes. Good evening my beloved.


38. We thanked the Lord for the bright and radiant morning sun, and the beautiful breeze, now let us thank Him for the peaceful evening and the beautiful as the view of the sun as it sets in between the clouds. I wish you a marvellous evening.


39. As you rest for the evening and get ready for the night, may you be veiled by his love and protection from all forms of evil that may try to cause you harm. Amen. Good evening my love.


40. Good evening my darling, as I send you warm hugs and kisses I want you to know that I am right here praying to God to guide and protect you all through. I hope this makes your evening better.


41. Having an evening that I get to hear from you, just makes it much better. I do hope you have an awesome evening too yourself. Remain blessed my love.


42. As the evening approaches, may we not have to experience any type of ruin, disgrace or defeat. May God increase our strength in many folds. Amen. Have a good evening my dear husband.


43. Feel blessed this evening, because every sunset is a chance to rest, and then prepare for a fresh page the next day. Good evening!


44. May the keys to your success be handed over to you this evening, so you can go ahead and open your doors of opportunities tomorrow! Have a rewarding and delightful evening my loving husband.


45. I pray that the faith you have in God remains boundless and untouched. And I pray that it takes you far away from failures and disappointments. Amen. Good evening my love.


46. Evenings are a time to sit back, relax and realize that tomorrow deserves another better shot. May His favour be with you through it all. Amen. Have a cheerful one.


47. May you have to narrate every day as a good tale. And may the story of today be gratifying and be like a melody to every ear that listens to it. Amen. Good evening my darling.


48. You have made my day a wonderful day, God bless you as you rest for today.


49. May you be among those that will make the most out of their time. Have a good evening and I wish you an out of the ordinary day ahead.


50. Never-ending potentials, positive vibes, and amazing strong point. These and more are what I wish for you my dear husband, on this breezy evening.

Good Evening Blessings /Quotes for Wife

1. As the day fades, I pray to Almighty God to shower his blessings and mercies on you. Good evening dearest wife.


2. Never be discouraged by the failures of the day. Keep on working hard with your faith in God intact, and the sky shall be your starting point. Amen! Good evening my darling.


3. May this sunset bring you good memories and good moments so you can cherish them for the rest of the night, and for the rest of our lives. Good evening honey.


4. As the sun goes down, may God dispel the darkness from our hearts, and may our hearts be filled with eternal and everlasting light. Good evening my darling.


5. Here’s to wishing you have a splendid evening today. And just to let you know that I have got you in my thoughts, my heart, and prayers. Cheers my love.


6. May the Lord who darkens the day, and turns the darkness into a bright morning, be with you as you have your restful evening. Amen. Have a delightful evening my sweetheart.


7. As the sun sets, may God’s favour envelop our household, your relatives, and your friends. May your heart be filled with His love as you rest for the evening.


8. Be rest assured that the good tidings will come your way today, and remain yours forever, for this is what I pray for you. Good evening darling wife.


9. Just as you pulled through the struggles and storms of the daytime, may God fill you with the strength to overcome the anxiety of the nighttime. Enjoy a well-deserved rest this evening my darling.


10. Give no room for fear and worry this evening for the good Lord that you serve and worship will never let you down, and He will never bring to you anything that you cannot handle. So have yourself an awesome and chilled evening my love.


11. May good news and sweet fruits of your day’s labour be your portion today. Amen! Have a good evening the love of my life.


12. The best things are yet to happen to you. I pray, may this evening be as beautiful as the love God has for you! Good evening my darling.


13. Do not give up on your dreams. Any ordeal left unconquered today has a chance to be conquered tomorrow. So lie back, and have a stress-free rest this evening.


14. May the goodness of the Lord that followed you throughout the day today, remain with you all through the evening, and into the night. Amen! Good evening honey.


15. May this evening bring you nothing but absolute trust and the purest form of gladness, laughter, and delight. Good evening my wife.


16. I pray that the blessings of the Lord Almighty never miss your doorstep. I wish you joy and happiness this serene evening.


17. May the downpour of this evening wash away your anxiety and anguish, and then restore refreshing thoughts and smile on your face. Enjoy your evening my dear.


18. Best wishes in anything that you have laid your hands on, and in anything that you intend to do for the evening. May the Lord keep you away from regrets and sorrows. Good evening my darling.


19. May the LORD convert your failure to success, your negative to positive, your nay to yay, Amen! Enjoy a good evening for you are well deserving of it.


20. Always remember that God knows all your worries and he is looking after you. Have faith in Him and watch your darkness transform into the light! Amen! Good evening honey.


21. You are truly blessed beyond measure to have reached the evening in sound health and wellness. Be a blessing to anyone, and everyone else around you. Good evening babe.


22. A very good evening to you my dear wife. Remain with your arms wide open and embrace the blessings and peace that comes with. Have a beautiful one!


23. Your presence in my life is worth thanking the Lord for. You endlessly put smiles on m face, and I pray that the Lord that sent you to me, be with you all the time and keep you safe for me. I love you. Good evening my wife.


24. May the rest of your life be adorned with God’s amazing blessings, gifts, and grace. Amen to that! Good evening my darling.


25. It is evening and we have the gift of life! This calls for a celebration! Cheers my beloved wife!


26. My darling wife, I pray that from today onwards, each day becomes your moment of harvests. Do have yourself a wonderful night ahead. Good evening.


27. May your blessings and favour from the Almighty, never be cut short. Good evening dearest.


28. The good Lord shall make you soar. May your hands hold more harvests than it has ever held. Amen. Good evening darling.


29. May your blessings become increasingly multiplied as you rest for today, and may you be filled with reasons to rejoice when you reminisce. Good evening honey.


30. Today, I pray that favour comes when you seek it and help comes when you need it. Have a chilled and enjoyable evening!


31. As I pray for the positive things to happen in your day, remain cheerful throughout the sundown! Good evening baby!


32. Make the most out of the evening and even the night. My thoughts are filled with you, and so I pray to God to bless you and see you through. Good evening.


33. My queen, waking up to see you around every day is truly a blessing in itself. May your day be as marvellous as your presence is to my world. Amen. Have a blessed evening dear wife.


34. Dear honey, I pray that may you live long to take pleasure in many more beautiful evenings like this! Have a blessed one!


35. As the sun vanishes and the blue skies fade out, may God grant you an amazing evening my dear wife.


36. The afternoon is over; it’s a beautiful cool and breezy evening, a time to rest. So rest beautifully. Good evening baby.


37. I have the utmost faith in you. I trust your amazing abilities. You’ve always wowed me and I’m sure today will not be an exception. Good evening baby.


38. Your beauty is just as soothing as the evening breeze. I pray to always have that in my life. Amen. Good evening my dear.


39. The world is a much better place with people like you in it. Now is another evening to expect remarkable news! Good evening dear beloved.


40. You are impressive, you are brilliant. Hold your head high. Be on the top of your game, and rise today. Good evening.


41. You have had a positive outlook throughout the day, and I pray that you have a positive outcome as you retire for the day. Have a wonderful evening dear wife.


42. A good way to start your evening is with a soothing smile! And your beautiful smile will make a good start of the evening for everyone else around you. Good evening my love.


43. We might be clueless about what news this evening may hold, but we can choose how our evening turns out! Have a good one darling! Remain blessed as you do!


44. Even though a busy evening returning back from your day’s job, take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of the sunset, and appreciate the Lord’s doing in your life and in that of the people around you. Do have a great evening my love.


45. Let go of your weaknesses and shortcomings, and embrace your strengths and wins of the day. And you will have yourself a happy and blessed evening. Cheers, honey.


46. Each evening is blessed with new hope. Let us thank the Almighty for the hopes of tomorrow that our lives hold. Good evening my love.


47. May your evening be splendid. Say a prayer, and have a delightful evening, and night ahead.


48. Begin each evening with a prayer, a brand new goal for tomorrow, and a smile on your beautiful face. May God answer all our prayers; including the ones left unsaid. Amen. Good evening honey.


49. Any form of weapon fashioned against your success shall crash even before take-off! Amen to that! enjoy a relaxing evening my sweetheart.


50. As the sun sets, set out to make provision for a far better tomorrow, and while at it, remember that everlasting joy, blessings, and mercies shall be upon you. Amen!


51. Everything that has happened, was for a reason; including the event of today. So enjoy your evening with the thought of the Almighty God being in control of all our affairs. Have a good evening honey.


52. May you be abundantly rewarded for all your positive energy and effort put at work today. Continue to be great at what you do and the Lord shall be your strength. May you have a peaceful evening my love.

Good Evening Blessings/Quotes

1. Good evening my love, thank God for keeping us through the morning and afternoon, hope to see your beautiful face soon, I miss you.


2. I have always been saying these prayers for you, may the Lord bring you home safely as you prepare to depart work this evening, waiting for you with a heart full of love.


3. In all my life I have never met a person so wonderful and lovely like you, I wish a beautiful evening full of God’s glory.


4. The moment we step into the evening I pray that my Lord washes away all our sins of the day and bring safely back home, I love you.


5. It so beautiful to have you back home this lovely evening, life is good with you, may your heart find peace all the time of your life, good evening my dearest.


6. I cherish every moment in your arms, I love to be with you every evening, I pray my Lord to make the way smooth back home, good evening.


7. My hearts celebrate when it sees you, this evening I look up to your returning home, may the Lord bless your journey, good evening.


8. Good evening my sweet love, thank God for the gift of this beautiful evening for us, wishing you a beautiful night.


9. As the evening approaches, my hope of seeing your beautiful face increases, I can’t wait to be held in your lovely arms tonight, may the Lord guide you all throughway.


10. I pray God to make this evening the most beautiful for your heart, you mean everything to me, you are my sweet world, good evening my dear.


11. I miss you, my love, I hope you are feeling great over there, I ask my Lord to protect you now and always, good evening.


12. Thank God for the gift of another beautiful evening, it affords us the opportunity to reflect on the lovely experience of today, hope your day was memorable, wishing a lovely night.


13. As the sunset, this evening, may the glory of God set in your life too, good evening my shining star.


14. Thank you o Lord for bringing us to this evening, plant your love in our heart and make us succeed in everything that we lay our hand upon, amen, good evening my love.


15. The evening is cool and lovely, so shall life be cool and lovely too, good evening my sweetheart.

16. It is a calm evening; every creature is returning to their home, may the guide you as you drive home this evening, amen.


17. Every being found a way back home in the evening, as you set to hit the road this evening, may the Lord be your guard, good evening.


18. The evening is the crown of the day, relax and enjoy the glory of thy Lord, good evening love.


19. The sun has cast its shadow to the west as it has gone to rest in the east, may the troubles of today be cast away from your heart, enter the evening with sweet memories and celebrate thy Lord for the special of gift living, good evening my love.


20. You will always be positioned for God favour all through your life, I thank God for the gift of a lovely wife like you, I can’t imagine life with you, thank you for making my life complete, good evening.


21. Enter the evening with the permission of my Lord, He that has seen us through the morning and afternoon, would see us through the night, amen.


22. Thank you Lord for another evening full of your blessing, make our night a sweet memory for us.


23. Have a blessed evening my love, wishing you a lovely night as you take a rest from the busy world now.


24. For every evening ushers in a lovely calm night, may your night be sweet rest for your soul, good night.


25. May the Lord bless your evening with a peaceful mind and your night with peaceful sleep, good night.


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