Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her


Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her

Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her are sweet collections of good morning love letters that would make him or her smile when you send one to him or her, find the one that you would love from the beautiful collections below.


Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her

Dear love, a beautiful light has emerged from the darkness of the night, it the dawn of another beautiful day, let the freshness find a way to your heart this lovely morning, I wishing you a marvelous day, good morning.


Let the sun shine’s beautifully in your life today, let your heart find peace and harmony today, just as the night refreshes your body and soul for this beautiful morning, your day would be filled with happiness and joy, good morning my love, have a lovely day.


We have arisen unto another anew day, it is going to be another new beginning for us, may your love blossoms in my heart forever, good morning my cutie.


Life is beautiful to always have you by my side, thank Jehovah for another beautiful day, good morning my sunrise.


My sleep was so beautiful because I dreamt of you all the night through, I’m the luckiest woman to have a charming husband like you, thank you for making my life beautiful, good morning my King.


No matter what tomorrow brings I would always be by your side, you mean so much to me, good morning my bundle of joy.


You are life’s greatest miracle to my life, you come with goodness and happiness when I found you, I’m the most blessed, good morning.


You filled my night with a beautiful dream, I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile this new day, good morning.


Good morning my sweetheart, you are always beautiful, I love you with all my heart, wishing you a day full of joy and love.


As I opened my eyes to see another day, your thought first comes to my mind, and I prayed for you, may the Lord bless you with a wonderful day, you have always been the joy of my heart, good morning my love.


For every morning that comes, l wish that I would spend the whole day with you, I miss you so much, I keep your special love in my heart, good morning baby.


As the sunrises this beautiful morning, I pray that your life experience greatness today, my joy is incomplete without your smile, so smile for me, good morning my sweet baby.


I have asked my Lord for the blessing of this day for us, wake up my angel, a wonderful day is born for us; it shall be full of beauty and joy for your heart.


You are lovely, you are cute, welcome to a new day; full of blessings and harmony for your heart, good morning my angel heart.


Today is going to be a wonderful day for you, wake up and take your special gift, the gift of life, health and richness, good morning my hero/queen.


Last night you shone like the moon and the stars, this morning you shine like the glorious morning sun, I’m overjoyed because we made it together to a new day, good morning my special heart.


My heart is full of joy this morning because I can hear the sound of your beautiful voice, thanks are to God for blessing us with a new day, and it is going to be a wonderful day for us, good morning my love.


We dreamt of this lovely day together and the Lord had blessed us with it, may Allah make all your beautiful dreams come true today, good morning my sweet love.


You make my life complete, you make my heart joyful, thank you for coming into my life, good morning wishing a beautiful day.


Today shall be the magic day in your life, life would be splendid and most amazing for you today, wake up and take the beautiful place reserved for you, and you have a lovely place in my heart, good morning my beautiful heart.


Dearest wake up, it is a new day, may the whole world conspired to bless you today.


Good morning my beautiful Eye, life is so good because you are in my heart, I can’t imagine a world without you, all I can say now is thank God I found you in a new day.



Today is a beautiful day already, the Morning sun is warm and beautiful, and your beautiful thought warms my heart as well, good morning my beautiful angel.


The morning is fresh and beautiful, and your sweet thoughts come to my mind at once, I have always loved you more than you know, good morning my beautiful heart.


My night is incomplete without dreaming of you, just as my days are incomplete without saying good morning to you, you would always be my beautiful wife, good morning my sunshine.


May the sunshine this beautiful morning warm your heart to start today on a beautiful note, wishing you all the best as you step out of the house today, good morning my sweet love.


Some times I could not help but to imagine what life would have been without you, I cherish you every day and night, good morning my hero, I love you as ever.


Let us feel the joy of waking up together this morning, is such a beautiful gift to be counted as among the living soul of today, may the day be full of blessings for us, good morning my joy.


I wish that I’m waking up beside you this lovely morning, I would have kissed you a thousand times, good morning my cute Panda, life is beautiful to spend it with you.


Let your heart be filled with joy, let your face beam with beautiful smile, a new day has come with many blessings for you, good morning my angel sweet melody.


Love is in the air this morning, can you feel it, wake up it is a beautiful day for your heart, I love you.


My heart is full of gratitude to God almighty who has given us this beautiful day, and another opportunity to be with you once more, I love you with all my heart, good morning sunshine.


Hurrah! A new dawn has come; I wish to be in your lovely arms again, good morning my prince.


Good morning, to love someone is a choice and I made a beautiful choice, I choose you as my romantic wife, a beautiful choice to love you.


You are beautiful, you are cute, and like an angel, I find everything fascinating every time that I look into your lovely eyes. I love you today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today, good morning.


The world is an empty place without you; I hope you awake with a beautiful heart, you mean so much to me, good morning my Amazon.


I start my day with a beautiful prayer for you, may the Lord bless your heart with happiness and peace today and always, everyone that comes across you today would bring glide tidings to your heart, enjoy your day to the fullest, good morning.


Good morning my love wake up with a heart full of peace and love, may the Lord bless you everywhere you go today.


Shine unto a new day, you are always beautiful, feel the freshness in the air, every day of your life would bring you joy, good morning.



Start your day with a beautiful smile; it is so great to be alive, good morning.


Make sure you keep the right attitude as you open your lovely eyes this morning forget about disappointments of yesterday, a new day comes with new hope, good morning my beautiful baby.


Good morning my love, every single step that you take forward today would bring you a better result, I keep your special love in my heart, I love you


I don’t want to say I miss you last night because I dreamt sweet of you, but I know that I would miss you today because we are a distance apart and your thought filled my heart this morning, good morning, wishing you a brighter day.


Good morning, take off the clothes of yesterday and wear the new clothes of today, it is going to a beautiful day.


Keep going on the right track of life, keep your dreams alive, today offers you beautiful opportunities.


Open your eyes, greet the new day, it is as beautiful just as you are, good morning.


At the beginning of the day, and everything looks fresh and beautiful, feel everything beautiful today, good morning my charm.


I wish I could see your beautiful eyes now, it always shines like the morning sun, and you are gorgeous, so adorable to my heart, good morning wishing you a happy day.


You were born in the morning, that is why you look so fresh and lovely, my heart is full of your beautiful love, Good morning my love.


It is a new day, and a beautiful chapter has been open in your life today, feel the joy of being alive, happy to be with you, good morning.


As peaceful and tender as this morning, so shall all your days be, good morning baby.


May your morning start well, may your heart be filled with joy, happy new day, good morning.


Wake up my king smile and be hopeful of a beautiful day ahead, your life would take a beautiful turn today, good morning.


It’s going to be a cheerful day for you, let sweet smile beams on your face, let peaceful mood envelope your heart, good morning.


Be joyful, be grateful, it a new day, and thank God we made it together, good morning my love.


There is nothing that is as beautiful as Knowing that we are alive into a new day, many could not make it through, but we are favored, good morning.


My heart is loaded with love for you this morning, keep your dreams alive, beautiful things await you today, good morning.


I’m passionate to be held in your lovely arms this beautiful morning, I’m happy to let you know that I love you so much, be excited, be happy it is the beginning of a great day for you, good morning.



Wake up sleepy head; hope you had a lovely night, wishing you a wonderful day.


I want to whisper my sweet thought into your heart as you wake up this morning, I dreamt sweet of you last night, and I know that it going to be a wonderful day for you.


It is the rise of a new day, just as the morning emerges from the darkest night, so shall you triumph gallantry against the odds of today, good morning.


As new dawn arrives, my love for you grows, you have always been a lovely husband, I cherish you all the time, good morning my king of heart.


One thing keeps a smile on my face always it is living with you. Good morning, I love you.


Good morning my Romeo, I just want to remind you that is going to be a great day, never give up on your dreams.


May today be your best day ever, I would be your side to cheer you up, good morning, have a beautiful day.


Wake up, say thank God I’m alive and live today as if it is your last day on Earth, make every minute count and see you at the top of the day.


Good morning my love, today is so beautiful and colorful, I wish I’m right by your side now, I would hold you tight and kiss you.


Kiss the new day, be happy, and be ready to explore today to the fullest.


The joy of meeting you today multiplies, good morning my angel, I can’t wait to see your beautiful eyes.


I see the beautiful world through your lovely eyes, it has always been beautiful to stay with you, good morning; it is going to be a wonderful day for you.


One thing never left my heart even in my sleep that is your beautiful thoughts, I love you so much, wake up, it is morning already.


I’m so crazy about you, welcome to another new day, it is going to be a new beginning for our beautiful love again.


Good morning messages for her or him

Good morning my sunshine, look at the sky how beautiful it looks this morning, imagine the quiet and still oceans too, imagine the birds spreading their beautiful wings to catch the cool breeze, imagine us holding each other’s hands and kissing, imagine a beautiful world for us, I love you so much.


You are most the beautiful woman I have ever seen, and in the morning like this, your beauty shines deeper in my heart, because you always wake up with a beautiful smile on your face that shows the deepness of your beauty, I love you with all my heart, good morning.


Good morning my tender heart, I just want to tell you that you are beautiful, I love you.
Wake up and warm my heart with your beautiful smile, you are my special guest from heaven, I would always love you forever.


Dearest, thank God for the beautiful gift of life, not everyone that went to be last night with like us have the opportunity to see another beautiful day like this, wishing you God blessing and protection today, good morning!


Your beautiful smile reminds me of the sunshine every morning, thank God that I found an angel like you, who has always been there by my side through the thick and thin. You showed me care and love all the time, thank you for all these beautiful things, I will always love you, enjoy a lovely day filled with happiness and laughter for you, good morning my special one.


You are beautiful my love, have the joy of another beautiful day, today your heart would find true love and happiness, good morning.


It is a promise of another beautiful day, the weather is clear and bright, wishing you a sweet lovely day, good morning my love.


Good morning my love, wake up, arise and shine, today would be marvelous for you.


The sweetness of life is knowing that a wonderful person like you is awake into another lovely day, thank you for making my life beautiful, you are the love of my life, I would always cherish and love you all the days of my life, good morning.


May the beautiful light of this morning bring you good tiding today, be happy and smile for another wonderful day is here for you, good morning.


Good morning to my special love, life would bring you happiness and success today, be ready to receive today’s good news, you will be joyful all through your life, have a wonderful day.


There can be no better time than this moment when you arise from sleep, hope you are looking fresh and beautiful, look up to this sky aren’t day beautiful, your life shall be filled with shining light that would guide you through today, good morning.


The light in your beautiful pears through my heart each time I wake in the morning and behold a beautiful woman like you, I love to see your early morning smile, I wish I were with you every morning that comes, good morning my love, I miss you.


The sweetness of your voice gives me great inspiration for the day when I hear you speak, I’m very happy to have shared many beautiful nights with you, I pray the Lord to keep us together till eternity, I miss home, good morning my darling.


There is no morning that comes that I don’t think of you, you filled my heart with endless love and care, I can’t breathe properly without you, I Iove you so much, good morning.


My happiness belong depends on you, I promise we would always be happy to be happy together, good morning my love, have a happy day.


If you are thousands of mile away from home, I may be missing you because I can’t touch and feel you physically, but depth in my heart your kindness and undoubting love find a home, I hold you beautifully in my heart, good morning my love, hope you will come back soon.


If everything dies off one day, be assured of the one thing that will never die, and that’s my love for you, I love you from earth to the heavens, so even If we leave this world, I would re-united with you in heaven, good morning my heavenly angel.


Every night when I closed my eyes to sleep, and shortly I’m drifted away in your beautiful world of sweet dreams and merriments, that’s why I wake up each morning feeling grateful to you, good morning darling, have a beautiful day.


There is only one thing that I can’t let down in my life, and that’s your love in my heart, I would always be there for you no matter what the condition is, good morning my sunshine, have a beautiful day.


Good Morning Love Letters
Good Morning Love Letters


Romantic Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her

When the rain falls, I would form a canopy above you, when the sun shines I would be your shade, I would always by your side trust me, wishing you a beautiful day, good morning my bundle of joy.


Good morning my angel! Thank God for another beautiful day, I pray that everything you touch today shall bring you success and happiness, you will go well and return well, have a wonderful day.


It is the wrap of a new day, there lays in it a beautiful gift for your soul today, the gift of unending happiness and laughter, good morning my love, wishing you a lovely day.


Wake up to feel the joy of another beautiful day, it would be filled with a precious gift for your soul, I love you, have a wonderful day.


The weather is bright and beautiful, and the world is peaceful this morning, your heart would find peace and harmony today, good morning, wishing you a great day.


Favors would no elude you wherever you may go today, your life would always be beautiful because you’re a beautiful soul, good morning my love, have a splendid day.


Light up your heart, and light up your day, it is the beginning of a brand new day, it would be glorious for you, good morning.


Good morning love, it is another new day of dream come true, fill your heart with beautiful things this lovely morning and your day will be great.


Each morning I pray the Lord to take good care of you for me, my love, my heart, and all my life is for you, good morning, have a marvelous day.


When the day breaks, I’m happy because it is another beautiful day to see your lovely face again, just a look at your gorgeous face gives me the energy to carry on a beautiful day, good morning!


Hurrah! It is beautiful dawn with a beautiful angel by my side, thank God for the precious gift of another wonderful day with you, I love you with all my heart, good morning damsel!


Good Morning Letters
Good Morning Letters

We are still here together, and our blossoms with each morning that comes, thank God for a beautiful day, and thank God for a beautiful you for me, good morning, and be grateful today.


Good morning, love, today I wish you a handful of blessing, peace, and harmony, enjoy your day!


Life would always bring you happiness; you would go higher and higher in your career, be cool, and have a lovely day.


May today goodness never pass you bye, you would be positioned for great things today, good morning my love have a wonderful day.


Your love filled my heart each night before I sleep, and your love filled my heart each morning when I wake up, thank you for making my life so beautiful, good morning and have a wonderful day.


I will always cherish and wish you well wherever you are; I can’t imagine how life would have been without you, thank you for all the beautiful things you brought for my heart, good morning, may your day be filled with greatness.


O Lord thank you for the gift of life, I want you to protect and bless my husband this lovely day, in your hands lies every good thing, good morning honey.


My dear, how was your night and hope you dreamt about me, its another beautiful day, hope you have a wonderful day. good morning.


Good morning my endless love, my most desirable treasure, I hope you had a nice and peaceful sleep, wishing you a wonderful day.

Good morning love quotes
Good Morning Love quotes

Good Morning Love Letters to cheer Him-Her

Another beautiful day is here, it is filled with beautiful gifts for you, I love you have a wonderful day.


The joy of having you in my life makes me smile each time I think about you, be lovely and be cute, today will bring you all good, good morning sweet angel.


There can be never another man that can make me feel the way you do, my heart has been filled with joy ever since the time I found you, thank you for being the man of my dream, I love you, good morning and have a nice day.


May your heart find peace and harmony when I hold you in it, I raise my hands up to my Lord and ask for the best of today for you, good morning have a joyous day.


I hope you are fine over there, may all your work be great today, be bright because it is going to be a great day for you, good morning my dear husband.


You will shine as this beautiful sunshine today, I’m sending a lovely kiss to fill your heart with beauty and love, wishing you a marvelous day, good morning my angel.


My heart always melt just at a thought of you, I have never felt this way with any mortal except you, I’m over joyous to have a wonderful person like you in my heart, good morning my beautiful sunshine.



Inspirational Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her

Don’t be afraid of this dark night, beyond it, is a beautiful morning, by tomorrow your light will be rekindled, have a blessed and a beautiful morning to come.


The light of this morning is the light of hope, I’m hopeful, today will be marvelous for you, good morning my charm.


Don’t worry about the failure of yesterday, success will follow you in all you do today, good morning.


Look at the sky isn’t it beautiful this morning, so shall your day be filled with beauty, good morning my love, have a wonderful day.


You can’t tell what lies ahead of you today, but be positive always, you will be beautiful today, good morning.


Think great and you would be great, think richness and you would be rich, be positive all the time, don’t give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel, good morning my hero.


The epitome of life is you, I’m in great love with you, but please love yourself too, then life is beautiful, good morning my sweetheart.


Begin your day with a beautiful smile, we are alive, is the life not beautiful?


When the sunrise in the morning, it reminds me of a beautiful beginning of another lovely day, and I think of you, so I know I have a double blessing, a beautiful day and you, good morning.


Wake up! It is the beginning of a marvelous day; your treasure would be found today, good morning, and have a great day my love.


You are beautiful, I can resist your love in my heart, when I look at you at the beginning of every day, it is if an angel descending from heaven last night, you are perfect for my heart, I love you.


Be calm today, you shall reap the fruit of your labor, what is yours would never be far from your reach, be positive, do your best, and leave the rest to God, good morning.


If I have only one beautiful song, I would play it for your delight, if my love is limited I would reserve it for you, you deserve the best in life, and God would give you the best of everything, good morning my sweet love.


Good morning sweetheart, the weather is bright and cool, your life shall be marvelous today, I miss you.


Every step you take away from home today would move you closer to your success; your life would shine brightly as you have never seen before today, good morning.


Before I found you my life was incomplete, now that I found you my life is complete, thank you for always being there for me when I need you, lift up your face to the sky, the is verse, so shall your success be huge today, good morning.


Every morning is a rekindled of hope in our life; your life would be a beautiful day, good morning wishing you a great day.


Do you know that all your dreams can come true today, belief in yourself and you are halfway gone to achieving your goals, because self-trust is the first prerequisite of greater achievement, good morning my superhero.


Good morning my treasure, all sunshine reminds me of your beautiful smile, you can smile now, and let my heart feel you, I miss you, have a wonderful day.


When the morning approaches darkness gives way, every obscurity in your life shall give way for a beautiful light today, your life would find great illumination, good morning my love.


Be happy and rejoice another great day is here and we still in each other’s heart, may your day be filled with beauty and splendor, good morning.


You are beautiful; give your life a beautiful meaning today by doing the right thing, good morning my sweetheart.


Good morning my love, do one little favor today for somebody you don’t know, and God would reward you enormously, I love you.

Good morning love letters for her


More Inspirational Good Morning Love Letters for Him-Her

In every sunset there would be sunrise again, rise up with the sunrise of today, you would be marvelous like never before, good morning.


Keep shooting the arrow, you would get the target one day and it may be today, good morning my sweetie, you are my dreams come true.


Get up, love! It is a beautiful day, go out, strive for your goal, your success awaits you today.


Wake up, love! It is a beautiful beginning of a new day, in it lays your beautiful treasure, wishing you the best.


I never knew how true love taste until I met you, you are a sweet lovely soul, wishing you at the peak of your success and happiness today, good morning.


Be hopeful, never give up, today is another beautiful day to make a difference in life, good morning.


Don’t dismiss the little success that comes your way, say thank you to everybody that give you little hands today, because, from a little, you get much, good morning my charm.


You teach me never to give up in life, and it works for me, but remember too never give up, I love you, good morning.


When the light comes, darkness will fade away, you bring light into my life, wishing you a day full of God blessing and protection, good morning my angel.


You filled my heart with love, I pray that today be wonderful for you, I love you with all my heart, good morning.


In every hardship there is a relief, your relief has come today; believe it, good morning my sweetheart.


I have a phobia for waking up early but ever since I started work away from home, I wake up very early to meet with deadlines. You have always said these beautiful words to me every morning, ‘good-bye love, may your days be filled with happiness’ I miss you, good morning my love, may your day be filled with happiness too.


Cheer’s in your waking up, as you prepare to live home this beautiful morning, may the Lord make your ways smooth for you.



If I have for all my life, I have the most precious thing then, thank God that I have you now, my heart beats for you, good morning and have a great day.


Every whisper of your voice gives me unending joy, nothing seems impossible to achieve today with you in my mind, good morning, wishing you a sweet day.


If you have anything to ask God today, ask Him at the beginning of the day, let the lights of God shine upon your life today, good morning.


Marvels at the beautiful sky, and how it is arranged, marvel at the ocean and how verse it is, marvel at life and how beautiful it is wake up love and give thanks for the gift of a beautiful life.


There is nothing that is perfect, but you make my imperfection perfect, thank for you love and care for me, hope you had a wonderful night, wishing you a joyous day.


Write me a love letter in the morning and fill my heart with happiness, kiss me and hold me tight, because I love you so much, wake up my love, good morning.


I slept with your love in my heart and I wake up this morning still feeling the same way, you are my angel, good morning, have a beautiful day.


You brought glad tiding to my heart, you showed me love and care for me, and every morning my prayer for you is ‘God bless you today’, good morning.


Hold me tight, I feel you down to my heart when you hold me, look at my eyes, you will see the handwriting of your love in them, open my letter this morning I have a beautiful message of love for you, may your day be under the care of God, good morning my love.


It is the beginning of a better day, be hopeful, today would full of joy and happiness for you, good my special one.


Sometimes I think of why I have to be such happy when there is so much suffering around the world, but my intuition tells me you’re my source of that happiness. Good morning!


Yes, I do know what do future holds for me but there is no future without you because you’re my only true companion. Do have a pleasant fruitful day.



I can’t start my day without having the thought of wishing my lovely prince a fruitful day. Good morning, my love hope your night was great.


Just as the sunshine, I wish you a better and brighter day with a fascinating morning full of success for you. Do have a peaceful day baby.


My world is so perfect and peaceful because you are that special angel in my life. Do have a lovely day my dear.


When I look through your eyes I see a loving charming husband, you are my happy day, good morning darling.


My day is perfect and peaceful because when I glance at my charming husband’s eyes this morning, good morning.


My life has been so fascinating and unique just because I have you, good morning my hero.


My morning is good when it comes with a burst of beautiful sunshine and a lovely smile from an acute and adorable angel like you, good morning.


Good morning

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