Romantic Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her/Him


 Good Morning Love SMS in English
Good Morning Love SMS in English


Romantic Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her/Him, are awesome good morning text to send to that special person.


For a relationship to thrive you need to show some level of commitment to one another, some times you can do this through to a lovely composed love word that can melt his or heart, and do this often especially sending him/her a sweet good morning text messages.


Leave a lasting expression of love in her heart in the early hours of the morning, by choosing from our carefully selected good morning love messages to send to him/her.


Romantic Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her

Let her feel your love through this beautiful messages by being the first thing on her mind, don’t go out without texting her one of these lovely messages in the morning to make her day a perfect one.


1. I see the beauty of each day through your eyes, good morning.


2. When the day breaks, I know it is another beautiful day to see your lovely face again, good morning.


3. It is so cheering to begin a new day with you, wishing you the best that today can offer, good morning.


4. A beautiful soul in a beautiful world, you are the beauty of eyes, good morning, wishing you a cheerful day.


5. Married to a beautiful woman like you made me realize that there still exist true love, thank you for your great care and love for me, good morning my love.


6. I always thank God every morning for gifted me with an angel like you, I must let you know that I really appreciate everything that you have been to me, good morning.


7. Living under the same roof with you give me a reason to be happy, a reason to smile and a reason to thank God, you are my special half, good morning.


8. Just a look at your face every morning as I open my eyes gives me the inspiration to face the larger world with firmness, you are my sources of joy and motivation, good morning.


9. My life is splendid every day because of you, thanks for being my special love, good morning.


10. You are always on my mind, I slept off with you on my mind and I woke up this morning thinking about your first, this is just because you are so special to me, good morning.


11. Like Romeo and Juliet, we are a perfect combination of a lovely couple, I really love you, good morning, hope I was in your sweet dream last night.


12. No matter the land that I found my self, no matter the place, that life takes me, anywhere, any time, your thought always filled my heart, good morning.


13. The cheering news today is that we have made it see another beautiful day, good morning.


14. You are my sweet companion, God choose you especially for me, thanks for being so wonderful to me, good morning.


15. I prayed all your beautiful dreams would come true today, good morning wishing you a marvellous day.


16. Let your heart peace and joy today, you have spread happiness to other heart, and happiness is like a perfume, you can’t spray it in others without having waft on your cloth, good morning my beauty.


17. As far as I’m concerned you are the world, I see the beauty of the world through your beautiful eyes, good morning.


18. The reasons life is so beautiful for me is because I have a beautiful woman like you by my side, good morning.


19. It is only a wise man like me that recognize your flawless beauty; you are the most beautiful woman in the world with an unsurpassed caring heart, good morning.


20. The word beauty and care originate from your heart; I can lay my life for you because I can’t live without you.


21. Dearest, I want you to know that every moment I spent with you has brought warmth to my heart. You are a steady source of happiness in my life. I want you to know that I will never cease to love you. Enjoy the best of the day, good morning.


22. I may not be from amongst the affluent, but one thing I can promise you is that everything that I have is for you, and everything that I will do is because of you! Good morning my all.


23. The presence of your love in my life is like shine in the dark. I would be totally lost without you; please stay with me forever babe. Good morning.


24. Knowing that I have you, I can overcome any obstacle I am faced with. Let me be your knight in shining armour for I cherish you beyond words. Have a lovely morning my world!


25. Good morning my sweetheart; you make me believe in fairy tales, for you are my happily ever after.


26. When I count my blessings, you are the majority, and I cannot even consider life without you; please be mine forever. Good morning.


27. You are imperfectly perfect, you are flawed, you are stunning, you are my girl, and my heart beats for you. Good morning


28. I love the fact that you are a steadfast, loyal, faithful, respected and fearless, you are a keeper! And I am keeping you forever! I love you. Have a good morning.


29. Like the perfection of each snowflake, the accuracy of each raindrop, the precision of each ocean wave, the smoothness of the breeze and the majesty of each thunderbolt, darling you amaze me. Good morning.

Beautiful Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her

She is bundles of joy to your life, you must let her know this every day, let her fantasize you throughout the day, leave a love dot in her heart this beautiful morning, say good morning to her in a beautiful wording.

30. Good morning my darling; I hope we get to rewrite our own incredible love story, the type that would never be compared to any love stories in the world of romance!


31. We all have different stories in different people’s books, but all I am concerned about is my story in your book. You mean so much to me baby. Enjoy your morning.


32. I will never get tired of telling you good morning, or sending you a million kisses and hugs, every step of the way!


33. Baby, you support me, you encourage me, you sustain me, you are special to me, you make me whole, you are my aphrodisiac, I am just crazy about you. I wish you the most awesome morning today.


34. Good morning and thank you for the daily gift of your smile. Your smile changes my world. I have totally fallen for you. You are my poetry.


35. You might be flawed to the rest of the world, but you are perfect to me, and it couldn’t matter less. Go out and do you, I will be here cheering you up. Enjoy your day and your morning ahead.


36. I love you; oblivious of how nor why I simply love you. Good morning.


37. Good morning babe, have this quick reminder; it is not just what I feel for you, rather, it is what I feel for no one else but you. You are the love of my life.


38. Life would have been so boring if I don’t have you, you make a very beautiful in my heart, I cherish you, my love, good morning.


39. Good morning love, enter this new day with a beautiful soul, it would be a lovely day for you.


40. I don’t care if I miss my favourite coffee in the morning, or I miss my all-important flight, but it pains me so much if I forget to tell you how special you are every morning that I rise from bed, you are the queen of my heart, good morning.


41. I may cope with anything, but I cannot cope without you, I miss you so much, good morning.


42. From the many beautiful faces of the women in the world, you are the most fascinating face to my soul, good morning.


43. My heart rejoices when it reunite with you in the morning, I hope you have a lovely night, good morning.


44. I love you because you are lovely, I miss you because my life is incomplete with you, good morning my sweetie.


45. I cherish you in my heart the same way I cherish the air that I breathe, you are so special to me, good morning my love, have a splendid day.


46. The first day I set my eyes with you, you become irresistible to my heart, I know that I would be spending the rest of life with you because I see you in my dream every night, thank God that I have now, I cherish you now more than before, good morning.


47. I would like a broken wings bird If I don’t see you, I would be like a fish out of the water if I stay too long out here without you, I really miss you, my love, good morning, wishing you brighter day.


48. Like this beautiful sunrise take my love to heart, can you feel my love for you this morning? Like a waterfall, I poured out my life into your heart this morning, good morning, have a wonderful day.


49. I want to be alone with you this day in a beautiful valley that overlooked a beautiful river; I want us to feel the natural world. Let the beautiful birds sing us their song and goose sail beautifully around us, I want to love you like no any other person can do, thanks a lot, you have been a wonderful wife, good morning.


50. Dearest, I don’t know how to pay you back for your wonderful love for me, millions of thank you can not confer my heart to you, good morning, wishing you a cheerful day.


51. If love is blind, I want to be blinded by your love, and if to love is so much is stupid, I want to be stupid because I love you so much, good morning my love, I’m your super lover.


52. You are my priceless jewel, you are more precious than all the treasure of the world to my heart, in ever-rising of a new day, I wish to be there with you, good morning.


53. My addiction has always been loving you and it gives me so much joy, good morning my sweet paradise.


54. Wake up to a beautiful world of love; welcome to a new day, good morning my sweetie.


55. Today is going to be a beautiful day, arise and shine, good morning.


56. In every rising of the sun, I say my lovely prayers for you, God bless you today, good morning.


57. They said too much of everything kills, but I have been killed because I love you too much, good morning.


58. Let a thirsty man get revitalize by cold water, I get revitalized just by seeing your face, good morning my beauty.


59. At the break of the day, your love gets stronger in my heart, every new renew your love in my heart, because you are so precious to me, good morning.


60. I don’t know I would ever find a beautiful companion like you, I don’t know that life would be so joyful until I found you, I wish I had found you long ago, I would do anything to keep the fire of our love burning, good morning be cheerful.

Heartwarming Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her

She has warm her love to your heart, you love her no doubt, but you would need to prove this by being her everyday happiness, make her crazy about you every day, by sending some sweet good morning romantic words.


61. Even if I lost everything and I have you with me, then I know that I would have everything back, you are my everyday inspirations, good morning.


62. Alas! There comes a new day with you still in my arms, I’m blessed to have you in my life every passing day, wishing you the best that life has to offer today, good morning my sweet dream.


63. I will make sure I make self-perfect for you; I want you to know that I’m yours from head to sole, good morning.


64. I would fit into your beautiful world, I promise to love you forever, good morning.


65. My heart is a beautiful home to your love, you have found I truly love in me, don’t fear I would never let you down, good morning.


66. I can let go of anything, but I can never let you go, because my heart finds true joy in loving you, good morning, I miss you.


67. My world is sweet because I have you in it, my life is perfect because you complete my imperfection, I love you with all my heart, let your heart find joy in this new day, because it holds many beautiful promises for you, good morning.


68. If I’m a sailor I would sail you through the beautiful waters in the world, if I’m a pilot I would fly you to the moon, but I can afford to foot the cost to give you happiness, tell me where you wish to be, and I would take you there, good morning my sunshine.


69. You are my everyday hope, your beautiful blue eyes inspire my everyday world, and your sweet melodious voice energized me for a wonderful day, good morning, I love you.


70. Your kindness shines from your eyes, your heart is a beautiful place to find true warmness, you make me a beautiful home to sleep and rise from every day, thank you for being so wonderful to me, good morning my dear wife.


71. So adorable and lovely, I’m lost in words to truly capture you perfectly, I hope you had a beautiful night, good morning my joy.


72. Quite often time, I have always marvelled at your beautiful life, you are truly are the most gorgeous and caring woman in the world, thank God found you, good morning, have a lovely day.


73. I asked my Lord to bless you for another day has come, you are so caring and you bloom like a marigold flower in autumn in my heart, good morning, I love you.


74. When I lay close to you in the night, the angels take me straight to heaven with you, when I wake up beside you in the morning, I see the face of the most beautiful woman in the world, good morning.


75. The moment I heard the crowing of the rooster, I know that a new day has come I think of you first and asked my Lord to bless you today, good morning.


76. Every day comes with a special gift, you would never miss your gift today, good morning.


77. The blessing God would never seize in your life, because you are a special person, good morning, have a beautiful day.


78. I have never been loved the way you love me, I have never cared for this special way you care for me, you change my perception about true love, and with you I now believe that true love exists, good morning my sweetheart, wishing a lovely day.


79. A cheerful is the one that I begin with you, good morning.

Cheerful Good Morning Love SMS in English for Her

Cheer her this lovely morning, she is your little sunrise, and your paradise, let her realize this every morning when she rises from bed, your love will blossom in her heart.


80. I would never stop thinking about the beautiful moments that we shared together, I may be far away from home now, but this morning your love has risen in my heart again, good morning, I miss you.


81. God sent you to me, I would not disappoint my love, I would you until the end of my life when I’m no more, good morning I love you so much.


82. Wake and embrace the beautiful waiting to receive you, the world knows that you are beautiful.


83. It is a good morning for you, I want to let you know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.


84. Forget about the pain of yesterday, a new day has come; it brought many goodnesses for you, good morning.


85. I opened my eyes this morning to see two beautiful things, life and you, good morning.


86. I have enormous joy in my heart just to know that you have opened your lovely eyes today, good morning my sweet love, wishing you a memorable.


87. You should see yourself through my eyes, and you will never see anything short of genuine love and affection! Good morning my soul mate.


88. You are the only one who constantly crosses my mind, and you effortlessly make me smile. You are the only one I wouldn’t mind talking to all day, but I have to let you go about your own day! Good morning babe!


89. Since the very day I set my eyes on you, I realized for a fact, that I shall be living my best dreams! Have a wonderful day.


90. Good morning my love, I just want to let you know that I will always want to be your man, in this life, and if there were many other lives to come. Enjoy your day.


91. To a life filled with hope, optimism, and enthusiasm, is to live with you! Cheers to a love that feels like home. I am charmed by you, and I love you till infinity. Good morning darling.


92. Good morning my lady; I love how I can picture myself with you forever; I love how you make me happy. Every fibre of my being tells me that you are the one for me. You mean the world to me and I just love you.


93. I may not get to see you every day; I may not get to hold you as tight as I would love to, but baby, always know that you are the one I cannot let go of. Good morning my beloved.


94. If I had to rewrite the story of my life, I would find you sooner love you sooner, and be with you sooner, for every minute without you feels wasted.


95. Dear wife, you have become my last prayer at night and my first thought in the morning. Good morning and have a wonderful day!


96. Each morning I wake up thanking the Lord Almighty for gifting me with another day that I get to live my life with you. I hope you have a perfect day. Good morning!


97. Dear sweetheart, I hope you wake up this morning with the same smile on your face that your love always brings me. Thank you for coming into my life. Have a good morning.


98. I wish you knew how precious you are to me, more than gemstones, more than gold. Good morning to the love of my life.


99. Having to share smiles with the one you love is such a perfect way to start the day! Have an awesome morning, babe!


100. Hey there! Good morning! Know this: I love you with all my mind, heart, soul and body; and I do not plan to back down even at your worst. I love you and I cannot wait for us to get busy building our future together! Enjoy your day today and be limitless.


Sweetest Good Morning Love SMS in English for Him

A lovely day should begin with a beautiful smile; make your king think more about you today by roaming in his heart through sweet words.


1. Good morning to my favourite person! Your voice has become my favourite thing to hear, and your name is like melodies to my ears! I just wanted to let you know that I love you and hope you have a super awesome morning.


2. Sometimes I think about how different and uninteresting my life would be if I hadn’t met you. I’m so thankful to have you. Do have yourself a great morning.


3. I love waking up on beautiful mornings like today, knowing that I get to spend my time with you. I look forward to that every day! Good morning, my love. I hope you would have an amazing day.


4. In order to go to bed with contentedness, wake up every morning with purposefulness. Good morning dear husband. I love you so much.


5. Feel blessed this morning, because every new day is a fresh page of our amazing love story. I am glad we get to fill up and flip over pages every day. I love you.


6. Having to get up each morning might make life seem a little too tough, but knowing that I have got you to tell how my day went, makes life so much easier! You make my life better. I love you and have a good morning yourself too.


7. Ward off doubts and scepticism, for my love for you, has become the surest thing that I know! I pray this morning to be a good start of a wonderful day for you! Good morning my king.


8. Today, I want you to be assured that the good tidings will come your way today, and remain yours forever, for this is what I pray for you. Good morning darling hubby.


9. I pray joy that you bring to me, laughter, rewards and good fortunes surround your day today and onward forever. Good morning my love.


10. The beauty of the sunrise is an indicator of how beautiful and inspiring mornings can be when you are with me. Good morning honey. I love you so much.


11. You have got the strength, the zeal, passion, and determination to take over the world, and that alone I am proud of. But I am even more proud that I have you in my life! Have a great morning my love.


12. Waking up to your smile is an assurance of a wonderful morning. May your day be rewardingly successful my love. Good morning.


13. Good morning to the most amazing man I know! I pray today to become a day of your good news, accomplishments, hopes, aspirations and conquer. Have a thrilling day ahead of my husband.


14. I love to wake up next to you because mornings are filled with motivations, but mornings with you are filled with so much more than that. Have the best morning my love.


15. I pray today to become the day that all doors will open for you, and may your doorsteps be adorned with success and prosperity. Have a good morning.


16. I used to dream about you and every night I’m falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you. How did I get so lucky? Good morning, my love.


17. I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every morning when I wake up. You make me so happy– have a great morning!


18. Start your day realizing just how much I love and care for you. You mean the world to me!


19. My morning wouldn’t be just right without telling you how much I love you. I hope your day brings you as much joy as you bring me.


20. I might easily get tired of a lot of things but having to see your face each break of dawn is not one of them! Good morning my darling.


21. Nothing compares to the joy of having to wake up to a man as handsome as you and charming as you next to me. My mornings are now so much lovelier. Good morning my king.


22. You are my moon, my star and my sun. The light, soothe, and warmth you give to me is literally out of this world! Good morning and have a marvellous day baby.


23. It is great to finally put a face to the image in my most beautiful dreams! I love you! Good morning honey!


24. My wish for you this morning and for the rest of the day is that you have a peaceful day filled with thrills and bliss! Amen! Have an amazing one!


25. Each day is filled with challenges, ups, and downs; but the fear of this uncertainty is remedied by your calming face every morning. Have a great day ahead, my love.


26. Your smile each morning is just as radiant as the sun, bringing me light, warmth, and nourishment too! I would do anything to have this daily dose of goodness every day! Good morning and have a nice day my love.


27. Be rest assured that the good tidings will come your way today, and remain yours forever, for this is what I pray for you. Good morning darling hubby.


28. May joy, laughter, rewards, and good fortunes envelop your day today and onward forever. Good morning my love.


29. Dear beloved husband, the faith I have in you is boundless, and so is the love I have for you, so have a marvellous day today for my prayer for you this day is that may all be in your favour and may you be raised to greater heights. Good morning and have an amazing day baby!


30. Having you as mine is already a blessing! Waking up each day with you is a double blessing. So go ahead and have yourself a super blessed day! Good morning my love.

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