Top 2020 Romantic Good Morning Love Text for Him

Top 2019 Romantic Good Morning Love Text for Him


 If you are looking for a beautiful message to send to him in the early morning to make him smile, we have some Romantic Good Morning Love Text for Him.


Chose from our beautiful collection the one that you love most to send that special man in your life, I have always admired two periods to open my messages, early morning when the heart is pure and fresh the early hours of the night when we unwind to reflect on the day. Take the advantage of these beautiful moments to make your lover smile over sweet text messages that you send to him.


Ignite some passion in your relationship by being romantic over the text; even if your partner is not present with you, your love message carries a lot of weight in his heart, he feels joyful that you remember him.

Romantic Good Morning Love Text for Him

1. It is the beginning of a beautiful day; wake up, it would be a lovely day for you, good morning.


2. A lovely life has begun again today; you remain as the joy of my life, good morning my king.


3. Good morning my beautiful world, I cherish you all the days of life, wishing you a wonderful day.


4. You are the sweetest melody to me, my life is incomplete with you, thank for all the beautiful things you have done for me, good morning.


5. You make my heart leap in joy every time that I think about you, this beautiful morning you are already on mind, good morning.


6. Dearest, you are truly the love of my life; my night was full of your beautiful dreams, good morning, wishing you a lovely day.


7. Arise and shine my king, hurrah! It is another beautiful day for us, good morning, do have a marvellous day.


8. You are the sunshine of my life, you bring happiness and sweetness into my life, today would be a wonderful day for you, good morning.


9. My life is incomplete without you, thank you for making my world a beautiful place; good morning, I love you so much.


10. In the freshness and the beauty of this morning, my love flourishes for you as well, good morning, wishing you a beautiful day.


11. You are as beautiful flowers to my heart, every time I see you, my heart blooms in total happiness, good morning, have a blissful day.


12. Good morning, to the sweetest part of my life, you make feel so wonderful, I’m happy to share my beautiful life with you, I love you so much.


13. Nothing makes me feel so good as the sound of your voice, you may be many miles away from home this beautiful morning, but just a call from you is enough to make me feel so good today, good morning, I miss you.


14. Good morning your majesty, wake up with a cheerful heart is the beginning of a beautiful day for you, let your heart be full of happiness and joy, today hold beautiful promises for you.


15. Good morning my love, do you know that you are my esteem happiness, I feel so joyful to be held in your arms.


16. I never pray to miss your beautiful smile every morning, you give me hope with your beautiful smile, good morning my sunrise.


17. I have no record of how many time you have made me smile, but all I know is that you are the most astonishing husband in the world, open your eyes, my love, it is the dawn of a new day, good morning.


18. Every sunrise reminds me of the warmness of your heart, I have never felt so lovely before until I met you, thank you for being my hero of all time, good morning my love.


19. A beautiful morning begins with a special person like you at heart; I just want you to know that you are so special in my life, good morning.


20. I never believed that a wonderful soul like you still exist in this world of uncertainty, I have always found joy ever since the day I set my eyes on you, thank you for being so lovely to me, I love you too, good morning.


21. If I have more than one heart they love you equally, I seek help from my Lord to give us long life so that I can love you longer in life, I would always be in love with you, good morning.


22. I would always be the one you would trust, I would never stab your back, count on me any time, I would always be there for you, good morning, wishing you a memorable day.


23. You have already given me enough reasons to love you like never before, for the purest love that you have for me, my love for you too would be phenomena, good morning, welcome to a beautiful world today.


24. Good morning my best, be cheerful, today is going to be a wonderful day for you.


25. I don’t care what tomorrow holds for me as long as I would find you there, good morning, wishing you a memorable day.


26. Good morning my handsome, I care so much about you hope you had a wonderful night, wishing you a splendid day.


27. Good morning sweetie, be hopeful for a better day, life is beautiful for us.


28. Today would be the day that you have been dreaming of, beautiful things await you, open your eye, say, thank GOD for the gift of today.


29. Be grateful for the little things, the big things would come your way.


30. Sweetheart, let us rejoice, it is the beginning of a beautiful day, thank God for this wonderful gift.


31. If I would be awake to find you beside me every day like this, then the world would ever be a beautiful place to me, thank you, my heavenly husband, for making my world a better place.


32. I hope you would wake up this morning feeling happy and great, be cheerful today would bring success and victory.


33. Never wake up from bed with a heavy heart in the morning, be cheerful, be hopeful today is going to be a better day.


34. Never say it is over, nothing is over, especially if God has given you another beautiful chance to be alive today, everything is possible, be focus my love, the sky is the beginning of your limit, good morning.


35. There is a wonderful world for your heart today; wake up my sweetheart, life is so beautiful to have you around, good morning.


36. I have two lovely gifts this morning, a beautiful husband and a beautiful day, I’m the most blessed in life, good morning my sunshine.


Cutest Good Morning Love Text for Him

Here you would find some cutest good morning SMS that would make him smile when he read them.


37. God bless you today and forever, good morning my love, have a beautiful day.


38. Dearest, I have searched every part of the if I could find another you, but no one like you, you are one in a million, good morning, have blessed day.


39. You are the sunrise in my life, you bring me joy and happiness, I will always keep you in my heart, I love you.


40. Sweetheart, you are wonderful, you are charming, and above you are so loving and caring, good morning.


41. It is you I want or no one else, good morning my shining star.


42. You are the hero of my life, I don’t want to ever live a minute with you, cheer up for a beautiful day, good morning.


43. Another beautiful day has come for us, your love blossoms in my heart like the freshness and beauty of this morning, good morning.


44. A marvellous good morning to you my king, I wish you a peaceful day.


45. It is a new day, and I wish you a day full of beauty, thank for all the things you have done for me.


46. You are my beautiful world, you give me reasons to smile and be happy every moment that I think of you, I was so lucky to have a wonderful man like you as my husband.


47. You are a sweet memory to my life, I smiled at a thought of you, already thinking about you this lovely morning, good morning, hope your night was full of beautiful dreams, wishing a wonderful day.


48. Good morning my charm, you have enchanted my heart with you sweet love; I live my life every day thinking good of you.


49. You are my life greatest joy, wake up, feel the freshness of today, your life shall be full of beauty and harmony today.


50. On a beautiful day like this, you first come to my mind, because you are also very beautiful like this day, good morning.


51. My days are blessed; my time and every moment of my life are joyful knowing that you exist in my life. I am glad to be awake just to be with you. Good morning.


52. Having seen the brightness of a new day, my wish is to see you next by my side; I want to see you as bright as the morning, good morning to you.


53. You are the best person to see every morning to make my day a perfect day. Good morning and have a wonderful day.


54. I can’t wake without knowing how you are and how you feel, hope you had a peaceful night, and feel great, good morning my dear. Have a lovely day.


55. The morning is beautiful and is meant for beautiful people like us, hope you slept well and dreamt of me. You are all I think of all night, it’s great to be alive and to be with you. Good morning.


56. Happiness is the only thing you can give to someone and have it given back to you, you deserve to be happy and I am here to make you happy.


57. The best way to express my heartfelt is to start by saying good morning to you, you are so special and lovely, you remain the special one in my life.


58. I want to say good morning to you from a heart that cares and love you dearly, you are incomparable and fun to be with, have a peaceful morning and a joyous day.


59. Good morning my dear handsome prince, hope you are doing very well this morning, you are my happiness and I love to see you smile every morning.


60. Living with you is a dream come true and waking up every day is the best thing that has happened to me, you are so charming, good morning dear.


61. I will always have that reason to say good morning to you every morning, because you are the reason for my joy and my happiness, love you and good morning.


62. Good morning to you, you are looking like morning dew, so fresh and gentle, you are my morning dew, and have a bright and happy day.


63. Having another beautiful day is by the grace of God and a cool morning is a blessing to start a long day, you deserve all the good things this morning come with, have a beautiful morning.


64. What is best to say or to wish a special person like you is a warming and cheering good morning, have a wonderful day


Sweet Good Morning Love Text for Him

Make his sweet this morning, make him think about you throughout the day by sending him any of these sweet good morning msg.

65. To me you are sweeter than honey and sugar, arise and shine, a beautiful world is waiting for you today.


66. My heart will always be with you where ever you go today. Good morning, wishing you a heavenly day.


67. No one would have a man like you as husband and would not be proud of life, in every night that comes and every day that break, I always say this prayer for you, ‘God bless every time of your life’, good morning, have a wonderful day.


68. I’m grateful for another beautiful day with you, your love keeps me warm in the cold night, wishing you a brighter day.


69. Wake up my angel, it is a beautiful day for you, I wake up this morning feeling excited and thankful to my Lord because I have you.


70. Good morning love, I need your warm smile and a cup of coffee that would make my beautiful day.


71. A day without you is like a hundred years of loneliness, I hope you are awake this lovely morning, good morning my king.


72. You are the crown on my head, and the hero of my life, thank you for your unconditional love that you have for me, good morning.


73. A morning with you is like a fish out of water, good morning my love I really miss you.


74. Every moment that passes I have your love filled my heart, there can never be a perfect day without you, I miss you, please come back soon, good morning.


75. Good morning, hope you had a peaceful night and slept like a baby, you are my love and darling so have the best of today dear.


76. I wish you all the beautiful things today brings and wish you a day free from worries, good morning my love and hope you slept well.


77. Having a morning like this is a blessing, may the blessing continue to rain in your life, good morning to you.


78. Good morning my dear you are irreplaceable. You are all I think of all night. You will remain a special one in my life forever, I love you.


79. To be awake is a gift from above, so shine like a morning light and smile to the fullest you are alive, good morning.


80. The weather is beautiful this early morning, it seems like it going to rain, I wish I am in your arms to enjoy the coolness of this morning.


81. Happy and loving morning to you, my greeting comes from the depth of my heart. Good morning my better half, you are the coolness of my eyes.


82. Like I have always wished that I wake up every morning to see you by my side, to know that you are fine and love you more, good morning.


83. Wishing you a morning filled with love, happiness, and success all the way. You are my dearest of dear, good morning and have a delightful day ahead.


84. You are all that I dreamt of last night, it seems so loving and I don’t want to wake up from sleep, good morning my heartthrob. Have a nice day.


85. I wish the morning last longer than this so we could just be in each other arms and not getting off to work. Love you and loving morning to you.


86. My love for you is special and forever, my morning is beautiful with you because you are my joy every day, good morning,


87. Good morning my sweetie, you are so close to me, you are my everything, I can’t live without you, thank you for being the first I see every morning, good morning.


88. Good morning my dear, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Have a splendid day.


89. Life is beautiful with you and I feel blessed every morning when I realize that you still exist in my life, good morning.


90. Good morning, hope you had a peaceful sleep, no worries at all because I will always be there for you, start a beautiful day with a smile.


Heart Warming Good Morning Love Text for Him

Warm your way to his heart, with a lovely good morning love SMS to him, he would be over the board with you all the time.


91. Wake up my love, do you know how much love you, I love you forever and more.


92. My heart is your beautiful home where I kept a special place for only you, arise and shine, today would be a marvellous day for you.


93. Dear love always finds a reason to be happy in each day that comes, there is an unseen benefit for you today, good morning and have a lovely day.


94. All your dreams would come true today, wake and take a beautiful step forward.


95. May your heart find peace and harmony today as you wake up into a new day; I cherish you now and always, good morning.


96. Life brings me so much joy since you came into my life, everything is beautiful and colourful, as you wake up into another lovely day today, I wish you success in every task you would do today.


97. It is beautiful beginnings today, wake up my sweetheart, be happy for a blessed day has come for you.


98. Wake up, get ready, be amazing, do have a lovely day.


99. Think greatly this lovely morning, forget about the troubles of yesterday, today is a promised day for you.


100. Make every day a memorable one by having a cheerful heart at the beginning of each. You know how much I love you, and I would want you to see you happy, good morning, wishing a memorable.


101. As days pass by, my love for you is increasing, another day has come, and my heart is joyful to be alive with you, good morning.


102. To be alive and healthy is the best gift in life, thank God for these two beautiful gifts for us, good morning, have a wonderful day.


103. As the rises today, I see the beautiful world already, can’t you see my love that the birds and all the animals in the are cheerful for another beautiful day has come, I’m cheerful and thankful too, what about you, good morning.


104. Wake up, be optimistic for a better day, and shall live a successful and an amazing life today, good morning.


105. Good morning my sunshine, everything you do today, I pray that God bless it for you.


106. Wake up, be ready for the beautiful world today, and never miss a single time of happiness today, because a happy heart is a special gift.


107. Smile at everything that bothers your heart today, never allow your day to be spoiled by things that you cannot achieve, anything you cannot achieve today, you would achieve tomorrow.


108. Good morning my hero, you have been my adorable husband, no one makes me feel beautiful as you do, I have prayed for a beautiful day for you.


109. As the sun shines this morning, I want you to shine as well, good morning wishing you a memorable day.


Heart Felt Good Morning Love Text for Him

110. My heart beats for you; I live for you, good morning to the best husband in the world.


111. Two things I want you to feel today, be happy and smile, with these two things in mind nothing would ever break your heart today, good morning wishing you a happy day.


112. The day is fresh and beautiful, be part of the beauty of today by starting it with a blissful thought, good morning.


113. Good morning, never give up today, never be sad, cheer up all the time, you would conquer everything.


114. Live up to a beautiful expectation today; don’t be down, good morning and good luck.


115. You are lovely; a lovely life awaits you today, good morning.


116. You are kind, kindness would find your heart today, good morning my hero.


117. You are dearest; everything would be dearest to you today.


118. You would receive the warmest heart everywhere you go today, good morning.


119. Good morning, make sure you wear the mask of happiness everywhere you go today, remember my dear love, that a happy mind lives joyful life.


120. Good morning my sweet chocolate, remember if the sun refuses to shine today, do make your beautiful sunshine yourself.


121. I asked God for a beautiful life for you today, I know he has answered my prayers for you because my Lord never fails in his promises.


122. Keep being inspired even by the little things today, big opportunities may not come at once, some times great opportunities are dressed up as little chances that we refuse to take, look inwardly and be patient, good luck my love.


123. I look forward to a beautiful day for you, a beautiful soul as you deserve the best, just be patient, you would achieve every goal that you have set.


124. You make my heart fond of you because of your kindness, you make my life beautiful without reasons, for all these things you have done for me, how much can I pay you back, good morning.


125. Thank you for adding value to my life, good morning my beautiful world, I’m wishing you a wonderful day.


126. As it was a beautiful night for you, so shall it be a wonderful day for you, good morning my angel.


127. Open your eyes to see a beautiful world, good morning.


128. Let your heart find eternal bliss today, you are my special love, good morning wishing you a wonderful day.


129. You fit perfectly, no one can make me feel special the way you, my heart loves you so much, good morning.


130. I’m sending a ferry loaded with bundles of joy for your heart, I’m kissing your forehead now, good morning, have a lovely day.


Blissful Good Morning Love Text for Him

131. You are my world of ecstasy, good morning my bundle of joy.


132. I’m beautiful because of your love and care, good morning.


133. You are my world of beautiful desires; I cherish you now and forever, good morning.


134. I wish to love you more now and forever, good morning.


135. Your unspoken words are delightful for my soul, and your actions are just pleasant as your promises, you make my life rich and beautiful, good morning to you my love.


136. You are a man of honour and beauty, I’m proud to be held in your lovely arms forever, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


137. When you kiss me once, you hold my heart for the entire day; I miss you so much, good night.


138. How much can I remember of all the beautiful things you have done for me, good night.


139. You are blissful life, I’m here to be melody, good morning my angel.


140. Having a wonderful person like you makes me feel like a newborn baby, sleep and wake in your arms is all I ever wanted. Good morning dearest.


141. I like to be the first to say a loving good morning, the best of the day is morning, start a new day with joy and happiness. Good morning.


142. How lovely it is to have you every morning and the hope of many mornings with you. You are indeed a friend and the best, have a wonderful morning.


143. I love it when you serve breakfast on bed, but waking up every morning just by your side is all I ever wanted most. Good morning.


144. Let me use this opportunity to appreciate you and your love towards me, it’s a lovely morning and a cloudy day, have a peaceful day. Good morning.


145. You are being nice to me and you will not regret it, you are so kind and will always care, have a lovely morning.


146. Its morning and I want to be the first to wish you all the best, good and loving morning my dearest.


147. Having you in my life is a thing of joy, I could imagine life without you, so boring, thank God I have you and I am secure. Good morning.


148. Wishing you a bright day, a day full of happiness and laughter, you deserve to be happy, as you wake today, its success forever. Good morning.


149. Happy to hear from you this morning, hope you had great and wonderful night sleep, you are so dear and thought of always. Good morning.


150. What a beautiful day we have today, its raining and I wish it doesn’t stop, you are all I want to be with, love you and have a joyous morning.


151. Thinking of you all through the night, you are at my dream and on my mind, you are all over me. Hope your night was peaceful, good morning my angel.


152. Having a bright day is by the grace of God, you are so kind and nice to alive, good morning my dear.

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