Good Morning Motivational SMS for Your Loved

Good Morning Motivational SMS
Good Morning Motivational SMS


Good Morning Motivational SMS are lovely collections of good morning messages that would make him or her feel how much you care. Find one of such beautiful messages here to inspire your loved ones to begin a beautiful day of hope and love.

Good Morning Motivational SMS for Husband

1. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it a worthwhile one. Good morning dear husband.


2. Arise and glitters like the sun, can’t you see! The world awaits you today with big enthusiasm, good morning my king.


3. The purest heart that I have ever find, to the man that held my world in great awe, to the only love of my life, wake up, it is another beauty of hope and light, good morning.


4. It is another glorious day, thank God for the gift of life, your life will be full glitter and success today, wake up to a beautiful day my love, good morning.


5. I dream of a beautiful day for you, now the day has come, it is going to be a lovely day full of happiness for you, good morning cheer up.


6. I believe in beautiful dreams, and my dreams for you today is ‘greatness awaits you’, wake up, go out with a beautiful mind, today is gonna be a beautiful day for you.


7. Let the beautiful dice be cast in your mind this lovely morning, forget about the disappointment of yesterdays, today is already pregnant with lots of beautiful things for you, go out and grasp yours.


8. Wake up with a cheerful mind my love, no that everything is possible, what you cannot achieve yesterday you may achieve today.


9. Arise and shine like the sun today, goodness is coming your way, good morning my love.


10. You deserve the best and the best is here for you this morning, to alive and healthy is surely the best of all gift, good morning my hero.


11. This morning is one that you can never re-live, so make the best out of it! Have an amazing one my love.


12. Every morning is the start of an awesome day irrespective of the given weather, so be inspired!


13. Mornings are a chance to right the wrongs of yesterday. Seize the chance, my love!


14. Awaken your spirits with a good cup of tea! The world cannot wait to feel your impact! Good morning darling.


15. Each day brings endless potentials, and mornings are the best part of the days to harness these potentials. Have a good morning.


16. Dear husband, just like each fingerprint, each morning is unique, so set out to make it the unique morning.


17. The beauty of the sunrise is an indicator of how beautiful and inspiring mornings are. Good morning honey.


18. The sun that rise this morning has two messages for you, that after the darkness the light would come, and your light has come, today would be full of success for you, good morning.


19. You have got the strength, the zeal, passion, and determination, and that alone I am proud of. But I know the world would be more proud! Have a great morning.


20. In order to go to bed with contentedness, wake up every morning with purposefulness. Good morning dear husband.


21. Wake up love, good morning, your life would be richer today, smile thank God for the gift of life.


22. Feel blessed this morning, because every new day opens a new beautiful page in your life. I love you.


23. Having to get up each morning might make life seem a little too tough, but know that “the key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles”.


24. Ward off doubts and scepticism, opt for your challenges and reject all forms of negativity. This morning is telling you to unleash your potentials! Good morning.


25. Good morning my dearest, be steadfast in your dreams, today is swelled with lots of beautiful things for you.


26. Dear beloved husband, the faith I have in you is boundless, and it has not failed me, so have a marvellous day today.


27. You should never think of giving up. Every morning deserves another shot. So have an awesome day!


28. As your wife, I have got a lot of cheering to give you, so give me a chance to do so every day. I love you and stay fabulous.


29. Push yourself to do it now, and not later. Provoke your inner energy. Good morning honey.


30. Morning love, think of your yesterday as your personal real-life lesson and learn from the mistakes in other to be better today and onwards.


31. Good morning love, get ready for the day, it is going to be a beautiful day.


32. Wake up my love, it is the beginning of a beautiful day, their lie’s in it for you a priceless treasure.


33. The day is fresh and beautiful, stretch out your legs if you can, then know that the sky is the limit for you today.


34. You can achieve whatever you dream to achieve, as long as you can rise up every morning, today is going to be an exceptional day for you, have a blessed day.


35. Think about it, you are awake this beautiful morning, that’s a sign that tells you everything would be great today, good morning my charm.


36. Let rejoice and celebrate for another chance to live today, good morning sweetheart.


37. Today is your day of victory, good morning my sweetheart.


38. Never be afraid to face the day with great optimism, if there is life, then there is hope, good morning my angel.


39. A journey of thousands of miles begins with a step, take a beautiful step out your door this morning, there is a treasure waiting for you to be taped today, good morning.


40. Every sunrise is a sign of another beautiful and bright day, may the day bring you good, good morning my sunshine.


Good Morning Motivational SMS for wife

1. Every night you get to dream bigger, and every morning, you get the chance to do it bigger! Enjoy your day baby!


2. Like the brightness of the morning, you brighten my life with your beautiful love for me, good morning my angel, your day is going to be beautiful.


3. Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead of you today, you are waking up to huge success, good morning my darling wife.


4. Good morning my angels, open eyes smile and be grateful for the Lord has counted us among the living today.


5. May your day be as beautiful and calm as this morning looks, your hands shall be full of unsolicited blessings today.


6. Delete all forms of worry today, because this morning holds alloy of possibility and positivity.


7. Very good morning to you my dear wife. Be sure to make every passing second count!


8. Dear wife, give no room for distractions, be focused, try your best, and become limitless! Good morning to you


9. Good morning honey. May this beautiful morning bring you inspiration. Have a great one!


10. A blue sky above us, sunrays brightens the world and restores warmth. Have an amazing morning dear wife.


11. It is morning! The time to rise and the time to shine bright as you always do. Enjoy your morning honey.


12. Have a cup of coffee and have a marvellous morning. I love you.


13. We cannot stop the mornings from happening, but we can only make it be a good one. Good morning darling.


14. As the presence of a new day is given, may you be given the will to make the most out of it. Blessed morning!


15. Your beauty shines brighter than that of the sun, so wake up! The world needs you.


16. Be inspired by the sunrise, be inspired by your yesterdays that were left unconquered, and be inspired by the love I have for you! Goof morning wifey.


17. Stay focused, hopeful, positive, patient, cheerful, and confident; and awesome will be your every day.


18. Dearest wife, marvellous is this morning for you, beautiful will the day be for you, look up at the sky they blue and beautiful, your life shall be full of beauty today, good morning.


19. You can only have a positive outcome when you have a positive outlook. Good morning my wife, have a wonderful day ahead.


20. Try not to be grumpy about the yesterdays, for they are now the past; instead, hold on to new ways and fresh ideas that are in front of you, and stay happy all through! Good morning.


21. “The darkest part of the night is just before sunrise”. Follow your heart with a positive strong will and, and you will surely reach your bright light. Good morning to you baby.


22. It is another morning and you are awake! So count your blessing and go out wearing the most promising smile! Enjoy your day my angel.


23. Sometimes, we need a different reality each day, and that must be why we’ve got new days and new mornings. So have a fruitful morning my beloved.


Good Morning Motivational SMS for Boyfriend

1. Good morning! Remember that every day is a blessing. Enjoy it!


2. Set goals that inspire you to get out of bed each day! Good morning. I love you.


3. As the morning begins, try to follow through with what you couldn’t yesterday, and make provision for a better tomorrow


4. To leave your bed in the morning might be difficult, but remember that you have got to show the world your potentials! Good morning.


5. Do all you have to do to get you through the morning and enjoy every bit while at it.


6. It is a new day where yesterday is now the past, and tomorrow is the future, so build your present. Good morning my love


7. The day is brand new! And it is yet to be narrated, so seize the day and be your own storyteller!


8. The failure of yesterday should not be a stumbling block, rather. It should be amended on this new day!. Good morning.


9. Let your future begin today. Do something that you will get to appreciate in later future! I love you.


10. Today is a good day to realize your strength and firepower! Good morning darling!


11. Opportunities are not once in a lifetime; rather, they are every morning, only if you get out of bed and get ready!


12. Rise and shine, for the future, awaits, so have the will to conquer today, and have a lovely day!


13. It is a new day, a new page, a new prayer, a fresh start, a new wave of hope and confidence; so set new goals, new desires, and new heights. I wish you an awesome morning baby.


14. Everything happens for a reason, including the event of this morning, so start on the path of making your dreams your reality.


15. Some rules might be meant to be broken, but it is certain that our fears are meant to be overcome. Make today the day you would overcome them.


16. “Paths are made by walking” so my dear, keep walking and do not relent.


17. Scared you are making way too many mistakes? Don’t be sad, because that only means you are learning faster and that is a good thing. So, wake up and learn!


18. “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” Make most of the mornings by stepping out of your shell every day. Good morning.


19. Good morning love, it is a new day and new beginning, make the best use of today, the reward is much.


20. The beauty of life is that I still find you around, the future holds many promises for us.


21. Don’t question me about yesterday because it is gone, let’s find an answer to today’s puzzle, because the present is more important than the past, we could make a difference today, good morning.


22. Let there be cheers on your face when you wake up every morning, let out the sorrow of yesterday, because a new day is new hope, good morning.


23. I may not have everything for you, but I have good news for you, it is ‘good morning have a great day’.


24. This beautiful morning, my hands are held up in good prayers for you, may everything be perfect for you today.


25. I hold you special in my heart, wishing you a marvellous day, good morning!


26. Good morning love, Rome was not built in a day, so follow your dreams gradually, each day gives a new opportunity to continue from where you stop yesterday.


27. Good morning, go out and do your best today, the sky is your limit.


28. Let the sunshine of today be a good omen for you, good more, wishing you the best in all that you are set to do today.


29. Each day is a dream come true, to be alive and be healthy is better than to be alive and be unhealthy, thank God for the gift of good health, does it means you can achieve everything you want to achieve.


30. Good morning, do you best today and your best shall bring you the desired result, God bless you.


Good Morning Motivational SMS for Girlfriend

1. They say success does not just find you; you have to go out and get it. Have an amazing morning love.


2. A good way to start your day Is with a smile, and your beautiful smile will make a good morning for everyone around you!


3. Your smile is like the morning sun, it brings forth a brighter hope, good morning, have a lovely day.


4. There are averagely 6 hours in the morning. Always make each hour count. Good morning my sunshine.


5. Good morning my sunshine, it is great to be alive, make the better use of your time today.


6. How time flies, it is another day again, wishing all your dreams come true today.


7. Life is too short to belittle, d right thing always and you shall be remembered greatly, good morning my beautiful angel.


8. We might be clueless about what the rest of the day may bring, but we can choose how our morning turns out. Good morning.


9. Wake up, take deep breaths, wear a big smile, rise, and shine, and have a wonderful morning.


10. Even though a busy morning takes a moment to bask in the goodness of the sunrise, YOU will rise above your challenges today. Have a nice day honey


11. Wake up with every intention of making your day a good one! Good morning my love.


12. Each morning presents us with an opportunity to fill up the pages of our own story. Good morning.


13. Let go of your weaknesses and embrace your strengths. You will be happy you did so today! Good morning angel.


14. Each new day is blessed with new hope. Do even the littlest things, for they make up the big days. Have an amazing morning.


15. Not even a single thought of impossibility should occupy your mind today. Do have yourself a delightful morning and day ahead.


16. Begin each day with a prayer, a cup of tea or coffee, a beautiful smile, and a set goal. I love you, babe.


17. The only limitations life presents you with are the ones you create by yourself. Remain focused and limitless. I love you so much.


18. If you can dream it, you should believe in it, and you can build it. ‘Hard’ does not mean ‘impossible’. Be extraordinary! Good morning


19. Achieved goals are born as a result of hard work and devotion. There should never be a time to consider backwardness. So get up and move on!


20. Sometimes, ‘later’ does not just seem to show up, and it ends up being ‘never’. Now is the right time! Be motivated. Good morning dear.


21. Push yourself to accept your challenges head-on! It is an upward spiral from thereon. Have a delightful morning.


22. Good morning babe, Step out today focusing on the bright side of life, and I hope you have the most wonderful day yet.


23. Good morning my love, be a cheerful giver, our Lord is very generous to bestow another beautiful day upon us.


Good Morning Motivational SMS for Friends

1. You had the whole night to dream it, now you have the whole morning to do it!


2. Having to get up each morning and make the most of the day, is a big first step on the path of success. Good morning.


3. The world is waiting for you dear friend! So get up, stand tall, and make your own mark.


4. Rise and shine! A fresh start has been made for you! Good morning and enjoy your day.


5. It is a good day to spread your wings and fly to the horizons. Good morning my dearest friend.


6. Only positive thoughts and energy is allowed in the mornings! Have a fantastic day!


7. Each morning presents us with lenses and tools to view the day on a different perspective. Have a delightful outlook today.


8. Like a mirror, the morning will smile right back at you if you smile at it. So smile on and have the best morning.


9. Become energized with breakfast, and awaken your spirit with an inspiration to you! “Great things never come from comfort zones”.


10. Do not lay on your bed, waiting for an opportunity. Go out, and create your own opportunity because I believe in you! And enjoy your day while at it.


11. A chance to be a better version of you is brought forth to us each morning. So let’s make it happen!


12. I have always been inspired by your resilient nature, and today, the world deserves that inspiration too! Good morning.


13. Every morning has got its own uniqueness, just like the stuff you are made of. So go out and soar!


14. Today tells you-you can be better than you were yesterday, for your only and biggest competitor is yourself. Good morning


15. Hey, wake up, get up, and stand in front of the mirror, then tell the person staring back at you these words; “you are phenomenal, you are rare, and you are strong beyond measure”.


16. Today is not the day to back down. Today is not the day to entertain fear. Today is the day to do the opposite!


17. The only reason you have to look back is to learn from past mistakes and to pick up the pieces and start to rebuild.


18. Just in case no one told you this today: you are inspiring, I believe in you and you are doing great! Good morning


19. When you arise in the morning, celebrate like the birds who know exactly the beautiful gift that the day has brought, good morning.


20. The day is new, it means another new beginning for you, welcome the day with a beautiful smile, good morning.


21. Let your dreams translate into reality today, make the best of your time, today has many beautiful opportunities for you, good morning.


22. Open your hands to the heavens, the heavenly father would bless you today, good morning.


23. Like the stillness of the ocean in the morning, like the sun that shines brightly every day, your life would be calm and beautiful, good morning.


24. Be positive, wake up! The day is bright, and your life would be full of success today, have a cheerful day.


25. Wishing well in all that you do today, forget about anything that makes you sad, look brightly at the beautiful day, good morning.


26. I truly care for you, as the morning would never cease to come; you are so beautiful, wake up and you are majestic today.


27. Every sunrise reminds me of the hope that every day brings, today is your breakthrough in all that you have strived to achieve, believe it, good morning.


28. I would be there to smile back at you this morning, smile and rise up with great optimism, good morning.


29. Breath out every sadness in your heart, don’t ever give room for negativity just as the sun would always shine, keep shining your life is beautiful, good morning.


30. Every step you take our away from your home today, would be counted in your favour, don’t give on what you couldn’t achieve yesterday, today hold more beautiful promises, good morning.


31. Good morning, concentrate on the work of today, not everyone that was around yesterday made it up to today; life is too short to waste.


32. The morning sunlight is always beautiful, so shall you rise to your glory today, good morning.


33. God has beautiful bounties for you, that’s why you are alive to see another beautiful day, good morning.

34. “When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows and look out upon the beautiful world, I thank God I am alive.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


35. “No matter how bad things are, you can at least be happy that you woke up this morning”- D. L. Hughley


3. “Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”


4. “There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

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