Top Best Good Morning Prayer Message


Good Morning Prayer message is a beautiful collection of beautiful Good Morning Prayers for your loved ones. Find one such message here to send to that special person that makes you smile.


Good Morning Prayer Message

• May the Lord uplift you to a higher level as you wake up into a new world today, good morning.


• May your life be as fresh and beautiful as this morning brings, wishing you all best today, good morning.


• Wish you a lovely day as you rise from your bed this morning, may it be a day full of infinite mercy from God for you, good morning.


• May your life be full of glory and honour today and forever, may the blessings of God follow you everywhere you go. Good morning.


• May the purpose of God be fulfilled in your life today, rise and shine, good morning.


• May the morning brings you joy and harmony, may your life experience beautiful change today, wishing you God favour in abundance, good morning.


• Every day is a beautiful day to love and cherish you, but the love of God is the best for you, may the Lord send his angel to guard you against every evil omen, good morning.


• Welcome to a new day, may the promise of God be fulfilled in your life today.


• I thank God for you for the gift of life, I asked God for his blessings for you and your love ones, good morning.


• Good morning, may every door that would lead to your success be unlocked for you today, may the Lord protect you everywhere that you go, light upon your feet, good morning.


• Glory and praise to Almighty God who has blessed us with another new day, I’m praying for a wonderful day for you, keep shinning in the glory of God.


• May the beautiful sunshine of this morning bring divine light from heaven to you, wishing you a wonderful day.


• Just as the Lord opens the new day with light and freshness, may your life be full of light and freshness today and always, good morning sunshine.


• You are the sweetest memories of my heart, as you open your eyes to see a new day today, may all your beautiful wishes come true today, good morning.


• Just as beautiful as you are, I pray for a beautiful day for you as well, put all your trust in God, He would do everything for you, good morning baby.


• I’m so happy to find you in a new day today; I pray that the day brings you happiness and joy, good morning.


• As you we enter a new day now, I know you have some beautiful prayers for me, just as you pray for me, I asked God to bestow his blessings upon your heart too, good morning.


• Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face today, may the Lord warm your heart with sweet thoughts, good morning.


• As you rise from bed now, may you be counted among the living today, good morning sunshine.


• The day is pure and beautiful, may your life be pure and beautiful also, good morning.


• May every step you take today take you to a beautiful place of your glory, good morning my angel.


• Good morning, wishing that every one of your beautiful dreams and goals comes true today, I love you.


• You are the love of my life; I pray that God bless you beyond what you ask for today, Good morning.


• You are the best of everything to me; wake up my angel, a wonderful day is here to embrace you with love, good morning.


Good Morning Prayer Message for Mother

1. The morning has come, another great opportunity to see your beautiful face again mama, we thank God for the gift of life and good health. Good morning mama.


2. Thank God we are alive to see another beautiful day together, good morning mother.


3. May the Lord comfort your soul as the beautiful morning arrives. May you find peace and happiness throughout your life. Good morning mother.


4. May the LORD make your days glorious, good morning mama.


5. My Sweet mother may the freshness that this morning brings continue to be with you now and forever. May your eyes be comforted as you open them every morning. Good morning my dear mother.


6. You are the hero of my life, you make everything easy for me, as we start another beautiful day today, I wish ample success and a beautiful day. Good morning mama.


7. Waking up every morning and knowing that you are still there, Is what makes me feel so thankful to the Lord. Good morning mother, hope you had a great night.


8. Dear mother, thank you for the love and care you have always shown me. Thank God, that keeps us together to see another beautiful day, wishing the best in your life, good morning my dear mother.


9. Before I sleep every night, I prayed that the Lord gives us another to be alive. When the morning comes, I thank God because we can open our eyes again to see another beautiful day. Wishing you well mama. Good morning.


10. May the favours and the protection of the Lord never depart you. Good morning dear mother.


11. Every day is a great opportunity to see your beautiful face. Thank for the precious gift of life mama. Good morning ma.


12. Good morning mother, thank you for always being a great mother. Wishing you a lovely day.


13. May the blessing of the Lord continue to be with you throughout your life. Good, morning great mother.


14. Love is found in heart, caring is found in your soul, thank you, mother, for all the wonderful things you have done in my life. Wishing you God’s favour and peace of mind, good morning mama.


15. Last night I prayed that the Lord gives us another beautiful day, and here we are enjoying another beautiful blessing of the Lord together. Wishing unending blessings today and forever, good morning mother.


16. My hands are held up in prayers for you this morning mama my heart continues to find peace and happiness every single moment of your life. Good morning mama.


17. Dear mother, it is the gift of another beautiful day for you, may your heart desire be easy for you to achieve, and may you going and your coming is under the beautiful watch of the Lord. Good morning mama.


18. I pray the Lord to continue to soothe your eyes, I pray that the Lord always be by your side and I pray that the Lord gives you good health and prosperity. Good morning mother.


19. Today as you set to go out, and the Lord protects you. Good morning ma.


20. May single happiness never miss you today. Good morning mom.


21. May you have a successful day today mama. Good morning.


22. Good morning dear mother, wishing you a great day.


23. You are the most caring and amazing mother in the world, may the Lord continue to attend to your needs now and forever. Good morning, mother.


24. May the Lord fill your heart with happiness and joy today and forever. You make everything in my life wonderful, good my angel mother.


25. Dear mother, I spent the whole night praying for you, you have been a great phenomenon in my life. As you wake up to a new day today may greatness continue to follow you, you shall receive every that you ask for from the Lord, there would always be light ahead of you to guide your ways. Have a joyous day mother, good morning.


26. Dear mother, without you, I don’t know where I would be or what I would have become, I can’t offer you much of what you have done for me, but my token prayers will always find favour from the Lord for you. May you continue to live in good health and happiness all through your life. Greatness, satisfaction, and success will always be your lots. Good morning mother.


27. Good morning great mother, wishing you a smooth day full of God’s blessing for you today.


28. As you wake up to see another beautiful day today mama, may all the goodness that it contains never elude you. May you find ample happiness, joy, and success today. Good morning mama.


29. I asked the Lord to protect you today and forever. I asked the Lord to bless you with every good thing now and forever. May the Lord answer our prayers. Good morning, mother.


30. Mother you love is the greatest love I have always cherished, thank you for given unconditional love. As you wake up this beautiful morning, may the Lord continue to lead your ways now and forever. Good morning mama.

Good Morning Prayer Message for Lovely Father

31. Dear father, thank God for the beautiful gift of life, thank God we are alive to see another beautiful day. Wishing you a great and successful day, good morning dad, I love you.


32. May the Lord all your prayers, you will find favour everywhere you go today, good morning dad, have a great day.


33. You are the most amazing and caring father in the world, I thank God for having a wonderful father like you. Wishing you, greatness and success in all that you want to do today, good morning dad.


34. Every time I think about you, I pray that the Lord continue to keep you in good health and live longer to enjoy his abundant blessing. You have always been such a wonderful father all through time. I asked the Lord to make the days ahead easy for you as we approach another new day today. Good morning dad.


35. Good morning father, may all your activities be successful today. Amen.


36. Dear father, how much thank you can I give to you for all the beautiful things you have done for since I was born, you have always been a caring and a fantastic father. As you plan to live home this beautiful morning, I pray the Lord to guide you through in every step you take. May your day be full of happiness and joy, good morning dad.


37. You are a great man dad, today is another beautiful day for you, wishing you God favour in everything that you will do today. Good morning dad.


38. May God continue to favour you everywhere you go, good morning dad.


39. Dear father, not everybody that slept last night have the great opportunity waking up today, many went to bed last night and many never see this morning. It is beautiful to be alive dad, may you receive multiple blessing today. Good morning dad.


40. Good morning dad, may he grant you all the goodness that is in this great day. Today will work less and receive much; the Lord shall make all easy for you. Amen.


41. Good morning dad, may the favour of the Lord follow you wherever you go today, happy to know that you looking great.


42. O Lord I ask for your bounties for my lovely father today and always. Good morning dad.


43. Dear dad, thank God for your beautiful life, you are the most astonishing father in the world, I pray that all you have ever dream to achieve will come true. Good morning dad.


44. I am so lucky to have a marvelous father like you, you have sources of great inspiration to us. May the bless you with all that is the best for your soul. Good morning dad.


45. May the peace and the blessing of the Lord continue to follow you now and forever. Good morning dad.


46. Today you will be in the favorable book of the Lord, your request shall be granted every time you ask. You will be sufficient with what the Lord has given you. Good morning father.


47. I will forever be thankful for having a caring and understanding father like you, wishing you a better and fruitful day today, good morning dad.


48. Good morning dad, hope you are looking great this morning, may the Lord bless every single step you take today.


49. Good morning dad, may the Lord make your today better than your yesterday, and your every day a memorable one.


50. Good morning dad, may you receive more of God generosity than you have ever thought today, you will always be under the care and the love of God. Have a wonderful day.


51. Good morning father, I pray that more doors of blessing and success will be open for you today, may you reap abundant fruit from what you have sown.


52. You have been a great father to us and a wonderful husband to mom, may the Lord protect you and multiply your happiness. Good morning sir.


53. Good morning, dad, great blessing and success await you today. May the Lord grant all your wishes and prayers. Have a nice day father.


54. Dear father, may God make all your affairs easy for you today. Be ready for more blessings today than you have ever imagined. Good morning dad.


55. Good morning dad, wherever you go today, you will receive the blessing of God. You are always blessed.


56. May you be a source of happiness and blessing wherever you go. I have always prayed for a better life for you dad. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made in my life. Good morning dad.


57. May you never find a moment of sorrow in your life, wishing a wonderful day, good morning dad.


58. May your old age be more memorable than your youthful age, wishing the best in every day, good morning dad.


59. May any favour and blessing of God never miss you today, good morning dad.


Good Morning Prayer Message for Wife

60. Another day and another time to hear your voice once again. Another reason to stare at the night skies and give thanks for such an amazing gift in a man. You are a major reason for my happiness because as the sun sets into the horizons, it reminds me of all the wonderful moments you have given me.


61. Your smile is my God’s best gift to me; your hug is the only success I’m proudest of and your love is my greatest achievement I could ever have. I wish God keeps you safe for me every day and realizes all your dreams. Good morning!


62. Everything I do and say revolves around you. My goals, my days and evenings, my thoughts and dreams, my moments, and memories. Not a day goes by without me thinking about the peace you bring to my heart for knowing you will always be there. You are simply the perfect wife!


63. Hey babe, could you just hold my heart for a minute so you could understand how fast it beats for you? It shows how far I can go to protect, provide, and care for you. I hope you do have a beautiful morning dear. I pray you to conquer all the challenges today has to offer.


64. Early this morning, I peeked out my window to enjoy the alluring sunrise and I realized that it is nothing compared to the one that blazes beautifully in your eyes and it’s the brightest thing I have ever seen.


65. Another morning, another day. This is just another reminder that no matter what happens, where we are, thank God for the gift of life, the love I have for you will never stop flowing. A very wonderful morning to the love of my life.


66. Good morning dearest. I know I’ve said this many times in the past, but will I be of any harm saying it once more? I love you forever and beyond babe, I pray God grants you all our wishes and keeps that pretty smile on your face.


67. I have this weird behaviour that I tend to develop when your absence comes forth. I think about your eyes when the sun rises in the mornings, your beauty when it’s at the center of the skies at noon, and your lips when it sets at night. I could only wonder about the wonders you have brought into my life. I pray God keeps blessing you for me.


68. A single morning spent with you feels like a hundred mornings spent in heaven. The morning will always seem like a thousand mornings of joy and night feels like a million nights of celebrations. I wish you all the very best things in life because you always make me happy.


69. This morning, tomorrow morning, and a thousand more mornings to come, you will always be in my heart. Good morning to someone special to be called a queen. Loving you does not just feel exciting, it feels magical!


70. A moment without you feels like a very long time of loneliness and sadness where everything seems to be falling apart. Just a crack of your cute smile is enough to bring brightness to my life and it makes me more than fulfilled.

Good Morning Prayer Message for Husband

71. Morning dearest, I am sending you this message just to brighten your day. Thanks for all the good memories and the undying love we share. I pray God gifts us with more life so we can spend more time together. Have a great day filled with all the blessings you can think of.


72. As you step out of the house today, may it be a stepping-stone for guidance and direction from God to discover more opportunities and blessings. Have a great day love for running on my mind all night! My heart is all your love.


73. I hope you have a wonderful day, as it is one of the best gifts from God above. Our love is deeper than the oceans and bigger than the mountains and it would not be possible if not for his incessant blessings.


74. You have always looked to charm my heart with wonders and enchantments. Your attitude and confidence inspire me and your laughter makes me happy. I just wanted to let you know how much I feel when I think of you and always pray God keeps you by my side for as long as it may take. Have a fantastic day.


75. Hello dear, I was hoping you have a beautiful day today because my love for you is eternal and unbreakable. I always want to see you smile because it is my greatest happiness and fulfillment.


76. Good morning my superman. I dream of you throughout the night, may you be as wonderful as this beautiful morning sun. You succeed in everything you do today.


77. Constantly thinking of you is just one of a thousand reasons I love you. I feel entirely grateful been your arms and in your heart. Have a blissful morning.


78. Be it mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, and the twilight, you are always on my mind. Moreover, it is always a wonderful feeling that I cannot explain but only thank God for such an unforgettable gift.


79. My dearest husband, I am sending you this message to brighten the morning of someone special to me. I wish I will always be there to sweeten your kind heart and warm your lonely bed. I hope this brings a smile to your face as you do to mine every day. Have a lovely day babe.


80. Hasty days and long nights can be tiring and frustrating. But I will never get tired of remembering to send my queen a hearty and romantic text message. The only woman who never fails to bring smiles to my face. I hope God keeps showering with blessings and protection of this world and beyond.


81. I pray God keeps you in my mind because the thought of you makes me magically forget all the bustles and madness of a long busy and hectic day. Loving you has been nothing but roses and I hope his feeling never ends. Do have yourself a lovely morning and a great day!

Good Morning Prayers Quotes for Him/Her

82. God made us brothers and sisters and my everyday prayers for you are good health, joyful heart, abundant blessing. Good morning.


83. You have been a wonderful and inspirational brother to me, your heart is filled with love and goodness for others, may you wake up this morning in the best mood, and may the Lord crown your effort with multiple successes today. Good morning.


84. Good morning beautiful sister, hope you had a wonderful night, wishing you a marvelous day full of God blessing and glad tidings.


85. Good morning, may the blessing and goodness of today never pass you. You will receive a huge blessing from God.


86. To a caring sister, may today be filled with all the warmth, love, and blessings your heart can take. You deserve the good things that come your way and the best things that are yet to come. I love you as much as the sun lights up the entire world. Good luck and best of wishes on another wonderful day.


87. My dear sister and teacher. You have been so successful in stabling my life like the moon stables the ocean from the beginning of time. Your care and support have always lightened me up like the sky lightens the skies. You’re one in a million. I wish you the better things in life and good morning too!


88. I found all the love of the world from a single person. Your embrace kept me warm when the days went cold. To a hero, I call sister. Here’s my today’s wish for you. I’ll try to make it short and snappy. – I wish you have an awful beautiful day of good luck and surprises!


89. Your laughter kept me cheerful when the hard times came knocking. I could never be able to repay such a priceless feeling you give me. But I can only pray all your heart desires and wishes are granted because you deserve to smile always.


90. Your words kept me thoughtful in tight situations and your love made me happy all the time. Today is another special day meant for you and a beautiful surprise awaits you. Good morning to the best sister in the world. Enjoy your day.


91. ‘Behind every great person is a great sister’- This proverb might be made just for you! That is because I made it up and it makes more sense when I am reminded that I have one. Very good morning to you and I wish you much more joy and happiness in this life and beyond!


92. Good morning, as you look up to a beautiful day ahead, I pray that God bless you with the comfort of your soul today.


93. Good morning brother, today will be your most favourable day, I pray that every blessing that comes your way today will be multiplied in many folds.


94. Good morning, joy, blessing, and success all will abide by you today. Have a wonderful day.


95. You will receive abundant favour and success in your business today. Good morning and have a wonderful day.


96. You have been a wonderful sister, I am proud to be your brother, wishing you God favour and protection always. Good morning.


97. You will never lack anything that is good for you, open your hands and ask the Lord for your needs, I pray that He answers every single of your prayers. Good morning.


98. I have always admired you all the time; you are such a good and an amazing brother. Hope your night was splendid. Have a better day ahead. Good morning.


99. You will be astonished in everything you do today, you will find love and peace today. Good morning.


100. You never ask before you receive, you will find endless favour where ever you go today. Good morning big sister.


101. I have always wished that you never left home, I miss you so much. Hope you had a great night. Wishing you a successful day.


102. Good morning brother, may all your wonderful dreams come true, you will get all that you have ever wished for today by the grace of God.


103. Good morning sister, the Lord shall be your guide, your strength, and your inspiration today and always. You will receive unimaginable success today in your life.


104. You are the day will be as bright as the sun; you will find comfort and success all through your life. Good morning.


105. Your morning greatness for you today, will not ask and the Lord shall give you all things that are good for your soul. Good morning.


106. No amount of enemies’ arrow shall locate you, they will shoot but they will never get you. Good morning.


107. As you wake up this beautiful morning, may God furnish your day with beauty and goodness. Your works shall be made easy for you today. You will get unending favours wherever you go. Good morning.


108. May the Lord make your beautiful dreams come true, never be afraid of what today hold for you the Lord will take care of all your needs just believe that. Good morning.


109. You have always been a darling sister. Hope your night was splendid? Wishing you abundant God favour and blessing today.


110. Wake up dear brother, it is another great day. You shall stumble into success today, may you enjoy the benefit of your work to the fullest.


111. You will be guided by God all through your day, today will make the greatest day of your life. Wake up to success. Good morning.


112. May you always be in the care of the Lord, wishing you a wonderful day, good morning sister.


113. May the Lord wipe away your tears. Sorrow no more, today is going to be your greatest moment of joy. You will receive all blessings from the Lord today. Good morning.


114. You will crown for every little work that you do today; success will always be placed in every step that you take today. Good morning.


115. You are the one that never left me, always advised me, guided me, and always stood by me even when I went astray. Loved me, cared for me, and cherished me no matter the condition. Today and like every other day, I celebrate a wonderful woman. Good morning to my very own superhero.


116. I want to use this morning yet again to thank you for stirring with me through life. What more can I ask from a great partner and friend. I wish you much more bliss and success as we keep moving forward together through the struggles of life. Good morning and have a great day.


117. Calling me your brother/sister is like honour and an achievement that I cherish so dearly. You handle everything so effortlessly. What more can I ask for? I love you so much and forever. I’ll always continue to wish and pray for the best things of life for you. Enjoy your day.


118. Today is another reason I look up and into the heavens to thank an amazing God for giving me such a gorgeous gift I call a sister. A loving and supportive sister is the best thing that can ever happen to me.


119. I value you like the treasures of Atlantis, adore you like the million shiny stars at night, and will always cherish you like you’re the last woman on earth. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever. I pray God grants you all your wishes and all the strength to keep marching through life. Have yourself a graceful day. Good morning, dearest.


120. Good morning sister, today shall be great for you, just put your trust in the Lord and ask him for whatever you want, He will give it to you, He is ever generous.


121. Love, peace, and success are all that I am wishing you today. Good morning.


122. Your success will never be substituted for another; you will be the target of every good thing today. Good morning brother, have a great day.


123. Your work shall recognize and rewarded immensely today. Good morning.


124. You are the greatest gift that God has given me in my lifetime. A caring brother who is willing to go out of his way to make sure I’m always happy and fulfilled. If God was to surprise me again, it’ll be you been happy forever, and all your dreams and wishes been granted because when you smile, I smile too. Enjoy your morning dear because blessings await you.


125. A thousand dreams and wishes occurred across the world last night. Yet only one means everything to me. Only one I wish to be granted. Prepare yourself dearest one, for a wonderful day. Good morning to the best brother in the whole world.


126. I cherish you more than anything. Not just because you’ve been like a father to me, but because of the feelings you have brought into my life. I pray this promising morning brings you nothing short of happiness and laughter and many other mornings to come.


127. I just watched the sun go up and then light emblazons throughout the skylines. That’s exactly how my heart feels when I remember I have a wonderful person I can always look up to. Someone I can always call brother. I only pray more good tidings come your way and good health gets you up and running for plenty more days to come. Good morning.


128. The sun is at the center of the earth, but you would always remain at the center of my heart. Thank you very much for being the protector of my life. I look forward to spending many great moments of blessings and achievements beside you.


129. The brightness of your words guides my way through dark days and the strength of your courage gives me confidence. I wish all God grants you all your heart desires of today and the future because you are the source of my happiness. Happy morning.


130. I can’t count the number of times you have bought me gifts and made me feel special. Indeed, I’m always filled with delight calling you brother and that I call true happiness. I‘m glad we’re celebrating this wonderful day together and I only pray for more. Good morning.


131. Happy birthday to the biggest heart in the whole wide world. I don’t even have enough fingers on my hands to count how many times you have made me feel happy. You’re the apple of my eye and the knight in shining armor. I pray for all the best life can offer you because you are much more than special.


132. What do want for today? A blessing? A hug? A message? A surprise? I think a combination will be suitable. That is why many nights, I pray to God to keep blessing you for me because you deserve them all. Have a great day love.


133. I am always grateful to God for making us, siblings. It has been a lovely experience ever since I have known you as a brother. Nothing but joy, happiness, laughter, and guidance have come my way and I can only be thankful for it. You are as amazing as your smile. Enjoy your day with all the love and care.


134. Today you will find everlasting favour wherever you go. Good morning.


135. Good morning, go well and God back well, may your ways guide by guided by God Almighty.


136. Good morning, hope you had a wonderful night, may the Lord replaces every one of your fears with happiness today.


137. Be joyful that the morning is here, you will grace with the Lord today. Good morning.


138. Give thanks to your creator for the gift of life and be hopeful for his blessing today. Good morning.


139. Good morning, let your heart be filled with endless joy, because today is going to be a great day for you.


140. The Lord knows all you ask for and what you never ask for, may you receive all of His grace today. Good morning, have a nice time.


141. You will be the shining star of today in everything you do. The Lord will always be there to guide you through. Good morning.


142. Every minute that count today shall be in your favour, your works shall be rewarded beyond what you ever think of. Good morning.


Good Morning Prayer Message for Girlfriend

143. Every sunrise, you deserve a beautiful morning making you forget all the worries, nightmares, and sad memories. As you rise up and face yet another day, I wish the angels look over you and the good tidings follow you wherever you may go. Good morning.


144. Whenever you feel down or things go awry, I want you to think of me because I am always here to dry your tears and will do my best to make you happy. I pray things get easier for us and we keep growing from strength to strength. Have a lovely day!


145. I want you to picture us on the bed with the sounds of early birds chirping through the windows and a good breakfast even when I may not be by your side always. It’s because I always cherish you even more than you can ever think of. I pray for what is best for us. Good morning.


146. We might be far away from each other now but the wait to see your pretty face is always worth looking forward to. I wish for you, only a lovely morning and a wonderful day long.


147. No amount of message and calls have been enough to prove to you how much you’ve always meant to me. I pray God continues to shower your life with blessings and good opportunities because you flood my heart with plenty of love and touch my soul with care and affection.


148. I hope you wear that gorgeous smile on your face all evening because you are the reason the word ‘beautiful’ was invented. I pray you have a great time as you step out into the world today. Good morning, love.


149. Your unbelievable eyes are difficult to describe. Your voice only brings me sweet feelings that no words can express. You feel my heart with undying affection that the word forever cannot.


Good Morning Prayer Message for Boyfriend

150. The first thing I did this morning was thinking about you. Its evening and you are still on my mind. It was the best decision I made today because it kept me smiling all day! I hope you did the same? Have a great evening.


151. The sun shines brightly above the skies and it reminds me of your eyes. It sometimes hides beneath the clouds and it reminds me of your protection. It kisses the sea at sunset and it reminds me of yours. Good evening dearest!


152. I sensed you had a long day today wish I could send a hundred fairies and a thousand angels to watch over you while you sleep soundly tonight. Have a good evening love.


153. Hey! Sweetest look out your window. Do you see that wonderful sunset? That is exactly how beautiful you have made my life ever since I met you. I hope you have a good evening filled with happiness.


154. Another good morning to the most incredible man in the world. You never failed to bring happiness, joy, and laughter to my life. I love you forever and beyond.


155. My mornings are made of your smiles. My evenings are made of your care and affections and my nights are made of your kisses and hugs. You make my day. Have a lovely evening dearest!


156. Today, someone asked me why the sun was so bright today? Then I told him that someone special is smiling somewhere out there! Good morning.


157. When a day passes and I do not talk to you, my nights are always long and unbearable. So before you fall asleep I want to say Good evening to an amazing sleepy head like you!


158. As you prepare to shut your eyes after a long day, I just want to wish you all the blessings and good things of life and to put a smile on your pretty face.


159. My mornings are lovely and my evenings are even lovelier with you by my side and in my thoughts. Have a good evening my love.


160. You deserve a peaceful rest, my sweetheart, for you have been spending your whole day making me feel special.


Good Morning Prayers Wishes for Friends

161. Good morning always put your hope and trust in the Lord, you shall never regret knowing him. May you enjoy all the goodness that comes with today.


162. It is the beginning of another beautiful day, arise and shine, the Lord is with you. Good morning.


163. Good morning, wishing you a great heart, God blessing, and protection today. You shall find today a wonderful day.


164. Peace, goodness, and success all will be waiting for you today. Good morning.


165. You are such a wonderful friend, in your going, and in your coming, may the Lord continue to guide and protect you all the time. Good morning has a joyous day.


166. Good morning, wake up to a blissful day that the Lord has kept for you. You will find everything easy today.


167. Good morning, wishing you a lovely and wonderful day, may the Lord make everything easy for you today.


168. Good morning, embrace the blessing the day, the Lord has added you to those that would be favoured today.


169. Good morning, wake up, today shall be bright and beautiful for you, you will be rewarded beyond your imagination today because the Lord is with you.


170. Good morning, I will always remember you as one wonderful friend, I am wishing you all the goodness that today brings, and the Lord shall continue to make your world a wonderful place.


171. Good morning, do not give up on God; He is always there for you. Wishing you abundant success today.


172. Dear friend, thank God for the special gift of waking up this morning, many were around yesterday but this morning they are no more. It was not because we are better or purer than they are, but it is because we still enjoy the favour of God. Wishing you a better day, good morning.


173. To be living is a huge blessing from the Lord, wake up my friend, it is going to be another wonderful day for you.


174. Good morning friend, you will always above-board today.


175. As you prepare to leave home this morning, may your day be full of happiness and joy.


176. Today will work a little and get multiple rewards. Good morning.


177. Good morning, go out there and be excellent today, may the Lord watch over you.


178. Good morning friends, may your entire burden be put under arrest today and every other day. You will live a virtuous life full of goodness and beauty.


179. You will receive blessings from the Lord, believe it and it shall be so. Good morning, have a wonderful day.


180. Good morning friend, the Lord shall surprise you with many blessing today. It is going to be a marvelous day for you.


181. What good you do today, it shall be rewarded beyond your imagination, good morning friend, just be good.


182. You shall not ask too often before you will receive your blessing, because the Lord has chosen among his own people. Good morning, have a fruitful day.


183. Good morning, you will receive all that you have asked for today, just ask the Lord for anything and believe, he will do it for you.



184. I pray today will be your turning point; your life shall be great today, say Amen. Good morning.


185. You will never be starved of good things that are destined for you. Good morning, go out with hope, and today is going to be another great day for you.


186. Wake up it is another beautiful day, good morning and good luck.


187. Good morning, farewell as you embark on another journey of life today. May the Lord make your way smooth.


188. It is another beginning, are still in be? Wake up; huge blessing and success waiting for you today.


189. Good morning, may your light continue to shine brighter.


190. Good morning, get ready to receive your blessing today.


191. Wake up, your joy and blessing await you, it is going to be a beautiful day for you today.


192. May the Lord will make your day a most memorable one, good morning, good people.


193. Today will bring you happiness and joy; you shall go above your target today. Wake up, it is the beginning of a great day for you.


194. Good morning, for every step you take today, the Lord shall be your guide.


195. Good morning, for every decision you make today, the Lord shall be your counselor.


196. Today, you will find help and favour with God, you shall never lack anything. Good morning great friend.


197. Yesterday is gone, today is a promising day for you because you are alive. Good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


198. The Lord shall be your voice and your strength today, you will never find anything difficult to achieve by his grace. Good morning and have a great day.


199. Today will be full of blessings for you because you are a wonderful friend. May God acknowledged you today. Good morning, have a successful day.


200. Good morning, you shall receive the stamp of the Lord in all that you do today. Wishing you a stress-free day.


201. No mountain will be too high for you to climb today, may the Lord every obstacle out of your ways today. Good morning, have a joyful day.


202. I have not found another amazing friend like you. As you wake to see another beautiful day today, may your wishes and dreams come true.


203. I am glad to know that you are hail and hearty this beautiful morning. Today shall be a great day for you. The Lord shall take control of all your affairs today. Good morning.


204. Good morning, make the best use of today. You will reap good fruit from all that you have sown.


205. The fruit of your labour shall not be given to another, God bless your handwork today. Good morning.


206. Every decision you make today shall be fruitful, you will receive more than you have given. Wake up, go out, and grasp your success. Good morning.


207. Today is full of beautiful promises for you, make the best use of the day. Good morning.


208. The ways to a successful life is to work hard and ask God for help and he will bless your work. Good morning, have a wonderful day.


209. Time wait for no one, yesterday is gone and we are in another new day, make the best use of today and your effort shall find favour with Lord. May the Lord make all your work easy for you. Good morning.


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