Good Morning Prayer Text Message for My Love



Good Morning Prayer Message for My Love, are beautiful collections of good morning prayers quotes that you would send to your lover. Everybody value a beautiful prayer to begin a lovely day, find one among these wonderful prayers to send to your husband or wife.

Good Morning Prayer Text Message for My Love

As you open your eyes this morning, let heavenly favor descend upon your life today, May thy Lord see you through the troubles of this day, have a nice day.


We may not be waking up together on the same bed right now, but as I open my eyes to see another beautiful day I pray that your eyes are open too, wishing you a marvelous day.


It is a new day, and it shall be a beautiful beginning for you today, may the Lord make everything easy for you today, good morning my love.


Wake up my sunshine, thank God for the night that has gone, I wish you a day full of peace and love, good morning, good heart.


I look forward to a beautiful day with you, good morning, wishing you God’s protection and mercy.


As you wake up from your bed this lovely morning, wake up with a smile on your face, may the Lord bless you with a wonderful day.


Today is a dream come true because we are still alive, open yours, and see another new day, I wish you God’s infinite mercy.


I look up to God for you today, rise and shine; it is going to be a great day for you.


As you wake up from sleep this beautiful morning, I pray that your dreams come true today, you shall walk in the light of God, wishing you a memorable.


May the Lord make your ways smooth for you today, in your going and coming you shall receive God’s favours and protection.


If you would be in a car today or on the plane, the Lord shall take you safely where ever you go, wake up it is a new day, good morning.


I pray that as you open your two eyes to see another wonderful day today, all your worries shall vanish and a new beautiful chapter shall be opened in your life, good morning.


May the Lord guide you through the new day, good morning.


I pray that Jehovah Lord wakes you up this morning on a beautiful soul, may your heart be purified to receive his blessings, good morning my cheerful heart.


A new day has arrived, may the Lord renew your energy and bless you with wisdom to sail your ship today, good morning my hero.


May the blessing of God be abundant in your life today, shine in his glory, good morning my sunshine.


Good morning my king, welcome to a beautiful day where everything would be easy for you today by the special grace of God.


You got me thinking of you day and night, you are everything that makes me smile, I pray the Lord to bless your heart as you wake up from sleep this amazing morning, good morning.


May you receive help where ever you go today, you shall prosper on everything that you lay your hands upon, good morning my Charm.


Your love is so passionate in my heart, which is why I pray for you every day, may the Lord make your day peaceful and joyful, good morning to you.


Wake up my darling; it is going to be a great day for you, blessed is thy soul, good morning.


Good morning my king, look through your window on the beautiful sky, it’s serene and calmly, may your heart find peace and love everywhere you may go today, I love you.


Wake up unto the beautiful day that the Lord has brought for you, the Lord is good all the time, and that good would follow you today, may your life be full of greatness today, good morning.


You are my dream come true, I’m so happy to part of your life, and thank God we made it onto a new day, it is going to be a day of happiness and joy for us, good morning my beautiful soul mate.


You are blessed today, wake up and receive your bountiful blessing that the Lord has for you, I keep you in the safe hand of God, good morning my sunshine.


Wake up and take the front seat today, the Lord has made it a beautiful day for you, good morning.


May your day be beautiful and fresh as this morning, good morning good heart, I love you.


A life of happiness and joy is what I wish you today as you rise up from sleep, good morning to you my blossom.


You are as precious and lovely as the new day, wake up to happiness and joy, good morning.


Your destiny is beautiful today, the Lord has prepared a wonderful day for you, go forth and shine in the glory of God, good morning.


Today you would be that super eagle that would soar high, believe you can do it by God grace, good morning my handsome.


As you open your two eyes this lovely morning, thank the Lord for the gift of a beautiful day, then ask Him for bounties, I pray that your beautiful heart desire would come true today, good morning my angel.


I pray that the angel is your guard and guide today, good morning my sweetheart.


May the Lord place a heavenly food on your table today, may your day be rewarded beyond what you ask for, wishing the best, good morning.


I asked my Lord never to deprive you of the fruit of your labor today and always, good morning my king, cheers.


O Lord thank you for the gift of life for my me and my love, we ask you for the good of today and any other days that follow, good morning my hero.


I open my hands to the Lord in HEAVEN, to bestow his favour upon you today, good morning my sweetheart.


Every morning when I wake up and I know that you are still there for me, I ask the Lord to bless with what pleases your heart now and always, good morning.


As we arise into another beautiful day today, may the Lord make us see this evening and beyond, good morning my special one.


Keep shining in the glory of God as a wake up this morning, I hope you had a wonderful night, good morning to you.


The purest heart in a pure day, may the Lord make your affairs purer for your good heart today, good morning my bundle of joy.


I know you blossom as ever as you rise up from sleep now, may the Lord make your heart joyful always, good morning my beauty.


The Lord knows what is good for your heart today, put your trust in Him, He would everything easy for you.


You are beautiful, rise up to a beautiful world too, good morning, wishing love and harmony today.


May God make every beautiful wish in your heart as a wake up now come true today, may you find and joy where ever you go today, good morning.


Look at the sunshine of this morning; it is as beautiful as your lovely smile, good morning, may the Lord bless your day.


Wake up beautiful angel, the Lord would make you shine today, smile and look cute.


A new day has come for your beautiful heart, may you rise above every challenge today, good morning.


May the Lord stamp the beautiful thoughts of your heart as you wake up to see a new day, good morning my princess.


I stop searching for that special girl when I found you, you are everything that a man would ask for in a woman, good morning, may your day be beautiful.


I have always prayed for you all my life, and today I pray that the Lord bless your heart with everything that would make you smile.


May the Lord make today a joyful day for your beautiful heart, good morning my sunshine.


For every moment that I think of you, I pray for you, good morning my Queen.


It is daybreak, I pray the Lord to bless you with a memorable day today, good morning my Amazon.


My beautiful flower has arisen to a new day, may the Lord make a beautiful day for you, good morning.


Keep your beautiful dream alive, you would be amazing today, good morning my angel heart.


Look up to a beautiful day, the Lord is sufficient for you, good morning my blue eye.


Surely the favour of God would follow you where ever you go today, good morning.


GOOD morning may all your beautiful dreams come true today.


Just as you have been so beautiful I wish a beautiful day, good morning.


Wake up and receive your glory today, good morning.


May the mercy and favour of God follow all through your day, good morning.


May the Lord bless you with a day full of beautiful memories; I pray that every path you follow today shall be illuminated by God, good morning.


As you open your eyes this lovely morning I pray that the Lord makes your heart without any pain and rancor, may you be filled with success and victory, good morning my angel.


There may be things you couldn’t accomplish yesterday, may the Lord open new doors of great opportunities in your life today, good morning my beauty.


Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead of you today, the Lord has prepared an amazing day for you, wake up my love, open your hands to heaven to receive your blessing to today, good morning.


You would dwell in the land of abundance today, your river of success shall overflow, the Lord shall make every beautiful thing come upon your heart, say amen, good morning.


You shall not see sorrow today, you shall not die today, you shall live to accomplish your destiny and dream, I shall be with you in the evening to thank God for a beautiful day gone, good morning my beautiful heart.


The Lord shall open doors of success for you today, you shall be raised high to a beautiful height today, every seed that you planted today shall receive God’s blessing, shine like the morning sun, warmly and calmly, good morning.


Behold! A beautiful day has come for you, you shall smile and be happy all through this day by the special grace of God, and everything shall be counted in your favour, good morning.


Smile and rejoice and you open your eyes today, a new day has come, and I pray the LORD guide and protect you everywhere you go today, may He stamp every little effort you make today.


Thank you O LORD for the gift of this beautiful day for my family and I. Thank you for keeping us alive to see another wonderful day hail and healthy. I pray that you protect us and keep us together in peace and harmony as one wonderful family and through our life. I ask for your mercy for the smallest of us and the oldest among us, in your hands are all good found.


O Lord in heaven you the highest, I praise your name just as you are, and ask for your bounties upon my home, bless my wife and my children and all around us, bring peace and love to the world and make today a better day for us, good morning my Mi Lady.


O LORD you full of kindness and mercy, have mercy upon our soul as rising up to a new day today, remove every harm on our path and make us steadfast in the worship of your name and bless our heart now and all the time of our living, good morning my love.


O heaven father, we thank you for keeping us safe through the hours of the night, for the morning that comes, we ask for forgiveness and your mercy, good morning.


Blessed is the name of thy Lord, thank you o God for making us see another day, we ask for all the good that it contains, and repel it evils for us.


Thank you O Lord for guiding us to another new day, fulfill your promise upon us today, make it a wonderful day for us.


It is the rise of sunshine today; we ask for your blessing and help, remove all obstacles on our path and make it a memorable day for us.


When the cock crow, I asked my Lord for the blessing of a new day for you, good morning my love.


The joy of having you in my life multiply every new day that God has given us, I pray for better for us, good morning my cheerful heart.


Good morning my sweet dream, I wish you God infinite mercy and blessing today, may the Lord protect you and keep all evil eyes away from you.


Rejoice and be happy a new blessed day has come for you, may God make it a day full of his blessing in your life, good morning.


Wake up, sweet love, the Lord has blessed us with a new day, may He open a new beautiful chapter in your life today, good morning.


For every moment that I looked into your eyes, I give glory to God for blessing me with a wonderful woman like you, just beautiful as you are, may the LORD make this day an amazing one for your heart.


You make me believe in true love, may the Lord put His love and harmony in your heart as rising from sleep today, good morning.


Let the sunshine of today illuminate your way to your success, for every step you take to your destination this morning, may it move you towards your success, go in peace and return in peace, good morning.


When I went to bed yesterday night, I pray that our Lord restores our soul this morning, thank you O Lord for this beautiful restoration, wishing you the good of today, good morning my love.


I pray that your soul is at peace today and all other days of your life, may the Lord make everything easy for you, good morning my sunshine.


Dear love, you care so much for me, may the Lord make all your dreams and aspiration come true, good morning.


I have asked God for infinite mercy upon you this lovely morning, don’t be afraid my Lord will take care of your needs today and forever, good morning.


As fresh as this morning is, I asked God for freshness into your life now and always, good morning wishing you a brighter day.


I prayed the Lord to protect and guide you today, say Amen. Good morning my love.


O heavenly father, descend all good into the heart of husband this morning, let find favour wherever he goes today and forever, good morning, have a cheerful day.


Let know serpent come near you today, you are under the radar of God almighty, you are protected by his will, good morning my living hope.


As you take the first step out this morning, let the light from heaven continue to guide you through, good morning.


O Lord we asked you for the best of today, it light, blessing, it support and victory upon our enemies, good morning.


O Lord help us to be upright today, place in our heart peace and tranquility. Good morning my king.


O Lord your favor is immense; do not deprive of the good of today, good morning my king.


O LORD do not make us hopeless today, let us find your favor in all that lies ahead of us, thou knows the unseen.


As you wake up by the glory of our Lord today, I pray that He continue to be your guide in whatever you are set to achieve, wishing a happy and successful day, good morning.


It is a burst of beautiful sunshine this lovely morning, I hope you wake up in great spirit today to see another day filled with joy for you, good morning wishing you all the goodness of today.


To be alive is a special gift from God; I am wishing you a day full of God glory, good morning.


The day has break, all creatures are happy and the birds celebrate the morning with beautiful songs, and my heart feels so joyous to see your lovely face again, may the LORD bless your way today. Good morning my love.


Whichever thing you lay your hands on this morning you would find it easy, good morning.


May life continue to shine brightly as the sun does every day, wishing abundant blessing today, good morning.


The best is yet to come for you, and today you would meet that best, good morning.


Let the sunshine of today bring you happiness and joy, let your heart find joy in everything that you do today, wishing all your dreams come true, good morning.


As you wake up this morning, I pray that you would accomplish all that you have planned for today, good morning wishing you a beautiful day.


It is morning, and beautiful sunrise has emerged from the east, o LORD creator of heaven and earth we seek your protection from the evil of this day, give us it good and make our ways easy for us, good morning.


Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead of you today the LORD would take great care of you, I commit you unto his hands, good morning my love.


You dreamed last night, I pray that all your beautiful dreams come true today, good morning.


The day is bright, I pray that all your work receive GOD s blessing today, good morning.


As you wake up this beautiful morning and you get set to leave your home, I pray that my LORD is with you throughout your days and all other days forward, wishing you abundant success, good morning.


Let give thanks and celebrate, another beautiful day has been delivered to us, wishing you all the best in all that you do today, good morning, cheers.


Thank GOD for the special gift of life, not many that went to sleep yesterday are awake to see another beautiful; I am wishing you an ample success today.


It is sunrise and the beginning of a beautiful day, I ask my LORD to bestow happiness to your heart, you would find favour where ever that you may go today, good morning.


As fresh and beautiful as this morning is, so shall your life be fresh and beautiful all the time, good morning my sunshine.


Life greatest joy is to be alive and healthy, thank GOD for these two gifts, good morning.


Let’s give God the glory for making us rise again this morning, I ask him for the good of today for us, good morning.


GOD is enough for us, good morning.


God is able to do all things for us, just ask and you shall be given, good morning.


Dream big, work hard and I pray GOD to bless your work, good morning.


A great day is here for you, it is going to be a great day for you, arise and be ready for the blessing of today, good morning.


My heart is full of prayers for you today, may the Lord surprise you with mighty success today, good morning.


Today would be a great day for you, wake up into a beautiful day, good morning.


May GOD filled your heart with all beautiful things today, rise up and shine in the glory of GOD, good morning.


All beautiful things wait for you today, thank GOD for the gift another beautiful day, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


Success would ambush you today, it shall be a day of celebrations and merriments for you, good morning my love.


As you wake up and begin the journey of today, I pray that you would meet with success everywhere you go, good morning.


May your day be full of happiness and laughter, believe GOD you would be a great day, good morning.


I have always prayed for you in each morning that we wake up to see another beautiful, may GOD answer all your secret prayers today, good morning.


This sunshine is a sign of good omen today; I pray that your life shines brighter than this sunshine of today, good morning.


Today move you closer to your dreams, may all your dreams come true today, good morning.


Praise be to God who gave us the gift living today, the world awaits you with beautiful presents, good morning my sunshine, wishing you a great day.


Open your eyes to two gifts this morning, the gift of good health and the gift life, may your day be marvelous, good morning.


Good morning, may your day be as bright and fresh as this morning.



Good Morning Prayer Text Message for my Lovely Husband

The morning is calm and fresh so shall you day remain today, good morning.


It’s amazing to have you around this lovely morning, wishing you a brighter day, good morning.


May heart find a beautiful world to explore today, wishing freshness where ever you turn your eyes today, good morning.


It is another beautiful day, thank GOD that we are in it together, wishing you a lovely day.


May this morning inspire you to a greater height today, go out there and do something wonderful today; the LORD would be with you, good morning.


Wake up love, it the dawn of another beautiful day, wishing you a marvelous day.


I prayed that the LORD bless you with a wonderful day, you shall reap the fruit of your work today, good morning.


Go out and be great today, life offers you a wonderful gift today, good morning.


Good morning my love, never lose hope in the favour of your LORD, today would be an amazing day for you, good morning.


Good morning my sunshine, it is great to be alive, may the LORD bless you with everything that your heart desire today.


Good morning, the LORD has chosen you among the people that would receive greatness today, believe it, have a wonderful day my sweet love.


It has always been an exceptional day every morning, and today would be more wonderful in your life, it would be filled with amazing things for you, let your heart be at peace, good morning.


I have committed you unto the hand of the kindest and the most merciful today, may GOD give you answer to everything that bothered your mind today, good morning.


Put your mind at peace, the LORD would take care of everything for you today, good morning.


It is a sunrise of hope and success this lovely morning, I hope you are wake over there, good things come will come your way today, good morning, have a beautiful day.


My prayer for you this lovely morning is, go out and you would succeed by the grace of GOD.


You would subdue the insurmountable today, the LORD leads you where ever you go, good morning it is going to be a great day.


The sky is clear, wake up love; it is the beginning of a beautiful day, wishing you a mighty success today.


There is no trouble that would come your way today; I have spent my night to ask GOD for the good of today for you my love, thank you for always been there for me, good morning.


Every day brings it is own glory and beauty, may you have a share in the glory of today and its beauty, good morning.


Good morning love, wishing you a peaceful day.


Wake up my love, cheer up; the day is full of ample love for you.


It is a beautiful morning, may the LORD turn all your failures of the past to success for you today, relax, it is going to be a wonderful day for you.

Good Morning Prayer Text Message for My Lovely Wife

You have always the jewel of my heart; I wish you uncountable success and eternal happiness today, good morning.


You were the first on my mind when I open my eyes this morning; I pray that my LORD takes great care of you today, good morning.


God bless whatever you do today, you are my bundle of you, thanks for your support and care, good morning my angel.


I have always held you in great awe, in my sleeping, and in my wake, I always pray for your safety, good morning dear, wishing you a marvelous day.


No amount of distance can take away your love from my heart, I may not see you right now, but I pray that my LORD should take care of you for me, good morning.


Thank GOD for another beautiful day, my love, may it be filled with happiness and joy for you.


Wake up, it is going to be a wonderful day for you today, by the grace of you will have a beautiful day, good morning.


Let today greet you with sweet memories, let your morning be filled with peace and harmony, enjoy under of GOD, good morning.


Today would better than any other you have spent in this world I invoke my LORD to make it the most memorable day of your life, good morning.


It a fresh morning, the birds are chirping from trees to trees, glorify God for the wake of another beautiful day, wishing a day full beauty and splendor, good morning.


Glory is to GOD, who has given us another beautiful day to breath, many are gone and many are alive but cannot lift their arms and legs, we are favoured, and may the favour of GOD never leave you for a second, good morning.


Today you will achieve all the good things that you have planned to achieve, may GOD bless you with unexpected favour as you set to leave for work, good morning have a wonderful day.


A day without you is like a year to me, I pray that God would protect you wherever you are, good morning, I miss you.


May the LORD be eyes that you see with, may the LORD be your legs that you walk, and may the LORD be your hands that you act, may the LORD be there for you wherever you go, good morning.


O heavenly father open the door of your mercy for us today, you are a merciful LORD, bless my wife and make every of her affair easy for her as she rises up today.


Thank you, LORD, you took our soul last night and you restore it back to our body this morning, you are the most merciful, open the door of success for us as we wake up today, good morning.


Blessed is thy name o LORD, I ask you for your favour today, bless me and bless my wife; in you, we put our trust.


Let the gate of success be open for us o merciful LORD, in your hands lies our destiny.


The most beautiful moment for reflection is in the late-night and early morning, we deeply reflect in your favour in our life o LORD, we ask for your blessing as we rise up unto another day, good morning.


103. May GOD purify your soul as pure as this morning is, swishing your day full of blessing and joy, good morning my love.


The best gift in life is the gift of life, thank you, o GOD, for the gift of this life, good morning my sweetheart.


another beautiful day, full of hope and blessings, may the peace of today find a way to your heart, good morning dear.


I will always pray this lovely prayer for you, today you would go out and return back safely, my LORD is sufficient for you, good morning.


Say amen to this praying, no evil would touch you today, amen, good morning.


Good morning my dearest, God knows your needs; he would provide everything for you.


Good morning, today GOD would bless and provide for you, you would never lack.


The sunshine of this morning brings goodness with it as it touches you lightly, may your success be multiplied today, good morning.


The good of today would never miss you, where ever you are, you would be positioned for greatness, good morning my dear.


Wake up into a beautiful morning, step out into a good day, may you stumble into success today, good morning my king.


Let your heart rejoice in this beautiful morning, do not worry what today would be like, it is going to be a great day for you, good morning my hero.


Light up your heart, be hopeful, another lovely day has been born; I pray that all that you do today would find the favour from GOD, good morning.


Open your eyes, smile into a beautiful morning, there is a huge success waiting for you out there, it is really going to be a great day for you, good morning.


May the mercy of GOD follow you where ever you go to today, go into the world with positivity in my mind, the sky is the beginning of your limit, good morning my love.


GOD bless you unto another new day today, your work shall be crowned today, good morning my love, have a beautiful day.

Good Morning Prayers Quote for Him

As the morning comes, I pray you to remain the one I laugh with, the one I live with, the one I dream with, and the one I love!


May the rays of sunshine that our smile brings to my world in the mornings remain forever. Good morning honey.


3. As I wake up to the thoughts of you, May the rest of the day be filled with marvelous bliss. Amen. Good morning.


4. I pray that the rest of the mornings I have to spend on earth be with you by my side. I love you. Good morning.


5. Waking up to your smile is an assurance of a blessed morning. May your day be fruitful my love. Good



6. May today become a day of fulfillment, accomplishments, hopes, aspirations, and conquers. Have a thrilling day ahead.


7. Mornings are filled with motivations and my mornings with you are filled with so much more. Have the best morning my love.


8. I wish you all glad tidings of the morning and the day ahead. Have the most fruitful day yet my beloved husband. Good morning.


9. Every morning, we are greeted with each other’s love. May this remain for the rest of our lives together. Good morning my loving hubby.


10. Good morning to the world’s most gorgeous man. I pray that this morning brings you joy and rewards as you step out today. Have a blessed one.


11. May the good lord guide you every step of the way today. May all burdens be lifted from your shoulders, and may you encounter goodwill. Good morning my husband.


12. I pray that the paths you take today to be lit up with blessings and mercies, and may you be taken far away from harm’s way. Good morning darling.


13. May your mornings remain beautiful just as you have made mine by simply being in it. Have a good morning my dearest.


14. This morning, I pray that God will bless everything you put your hands on. Be favored as you go out today. Good morning.


15. As you go out today, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May he lift you up to the highest grounds, and give you joy. Good morning my love.


I pray that God will take good care of you as you go out the door today, and I pray that all your needs be met. Good morning honey.


May God’s mercy rest upon you today, and may His guidance lead your steps today. Good morning honey.


May the joy of the Good Lord fill your heart, step out today with His peace, mercy, and blessings.


My prayer for you this day is that may all be in your favour and may you be raised to greater heights. Good morning and have an amazing day ahead baby!


Be rest assured that the good tidings will come your way today, and remain yours forever, for this is what I pray for you. Good morning darling hubby.


May joy, laughter, rewards, and good fortunes envelop your day today and onward forever. Good morning my love.


I pray today becomes the day that all doors will open for you, and may your doorsteps be adorned with success and prosperity. Have a good morning.


I pray that boundless elevation and celebration be yours today as you start your day. Amen. Good morning.


Mat the bright sun of today illuminate your paths and radiate all around you. Have blessed day honey, I love you.


May each door you open today be brought with thrills, adventures, and fulfilment. Enjoy a super awesome morning today.


May all your efforts become magnified today. May you be blessed in ways you have never imagined. Have a good day. Good morning.


I pray all negativities to stay far away from you today and always. So go ahead and have the best morning yet!


Bountiful blessings are what I pray you to reap today. May your coasts be enlarged. Good morning my love.


May all that will bring hurt to you today, be delayed and stopped, and mat all that will bring joy to you be hastened and find you! Good morning honey.


I pray that all bad things be warded off from you as you start a new day. Stay blessed sweetheart! Good morning.


I wish you a wholesome and productive day today, and may your portion be joy and fulfilment.


Bury all forms of worries as you begin your day, for all your shortcomings will be overshadowed by God’s favor. Amen. Good morning.


Having you as mine is already a blessing! So go ahead and have yourself a super blessed day! Good morning my love.


My darling husband, I pray that from today onwards, each day becomes your moment of harvests. Do have yourself a wonderful day. Good morning.


May your blessings and favor from the Almighty, never be cut short. Good morning dearest.


The good Lord shall make you soar. May your hands hold more yields than it has ever held. Amen. Good morning.


May your blessings become increasingly multiplied as you set out today, and may you be filled with reasons to rejoice when you return. Good morning.


Today, I pray that help comes when you need it, and favour comes when you seek it. Have a great day! Good morning.


As I pray for the positive things to happen in your life day, remain cheerful throughout the day! Good morning baby!


May your superiors find beauty in the work you do, and may your subordinates find a good leader in you. Good morning love.


All your enemies shall be overcome today, and all your accomplishments shall be outstanding, today and always. Good morning


May your morning be blessed by the Provider, the Sustainer, the Guide, and the Merciful. Amen. Good morning.


Good Morning Prayers Quotes for Her

The presence of the sunshine is a keen reminder of how much warmth and joy your presence means to my world. Good morning.


As the morning emerges, may we not experience any form of disappointment or downfall. May our strengths be boundless. Good morning honey.


Every break of dawn is just a reminder that we pulled through together on the days before. May it remain so. Amen. Good morning.


I hope and pray that this morning brings you enough contentedness and love you bring me each day of our lives.


I wish you a day of positive yields. Stay blessed my love, and have yourself a wonderful morning!


Have a day filled with wishes fulfilled, needs met, and prayers answered! Good morning my king.


May you receive God’s favour in all ramifications today, and may you overcome any form of obstacles encountered today, good morning.


Dear honey, my life has been a better one since you came into it. I wish you an equally blessed day. Good morning.


I pray to God Almighty that your helpers shall easily locate you today! And I pray that you head back home with satisfaction. Good morning love.


As you head out this morning, may you be protected from all evils around you, and may you come back home to us safely. Good morning my loving wife.


Be blessed with the Midas touch as you begin your morning today. Best wishes and good morning my dearest.


To kick start your daily activities, may you be bountifully blessed! Amen! Good morning.


No harm shall come near you; the Lord shall be your refuge and strength. Amen. Have a pleasant day. Good morning.


As you begin your day, bear in mind that there are good and glad tidings that come with the day and it shall be yours. Amen! Good morning!


I wish you a peaceful morning, and I pray that all evils are far away from you today. Amen.


Like the downpour of heavy rainfall, I wish you tremendous blessings and excitements today. Good morning.


For you, I seek refuge in the Almighty, from the evils of the day. May He give you a wide shield of security to protect you all through. Good morning.


We put all our affairs in God’s hands, and I pray that this morning turns out to be the most fruitful! Good morning.


Stand tall, walk tall, eyes ahead, and chin up! May the sky be your starting point, and not your limit! Amen! Enjoy your day!


Today, I pray all NOs to become Yeses, and may the evil eyes of the envious not find you! Good morning my beloved wife.


May the Lord of mankind bless and protect you today and always. May your gains and rewards become beneficial to you and your family. Good morning my wife.


I pray that the good Lord sees you through any kind of challenges you might face today. Have good morning honey.


May your successes never come to a standstill. May you be guarded against the unseen of your left, right, front, back, over your head, and below your feet. Good morning baby.


May God send down His angels to walk you through the hard parts of your day. From the north, south, east, and west may no evil befall you. Amen. Good morning, my everything.


No power of false deities shall overwhelm or overcome you. As you head out today, may you stand tall amongst everyone else. Good morning.


I pray that God will make you radiate willpower and confidence when you walk into any room. May no one look down on you, and may you prosper. Have a great day ahead.


27. Remain shielded, protected, guided, guarded, sustained, blessed, and favored this morning and throughout the day. Amen. Good morning baby.


Like a needle in a haystack, may no evil set eyes in you. God bless you as you kick start your daily businesses. Good morning my all.


I wish you a good morning, a blessed morning, a fulfilling morning, and an amazing one too! Have a nice day ahead my love.


Go outputting your trust in the good Lord, for He will see you through it all. Good morning my beloved wife.


May your happiness and blessings never be short-lived. May today give you so much satisfaction that you have ever felt. Good morning my sweetheart.


Be steadfast in the raging storm, for God will remain unshakably by your side. Enjoy your morning.


Entertain no worries this morning because today is going to be an awesome one! Best wishes and good morning!


May the peace that is greeted with the dawn, fill up your soul this morning and throughout the rest of your day. Good morning.


This morning, I wish you the type of joy that multiplies in many folds! Let God remain your strength. Good morning my beloved.


May today, and every day become the day you celebrate the wonders and blessing of God in your life. Stay blessed and enjoy your day.


Step out this morning with a deep smile on your face and luck shall smile at you today! Good morning and cheers my darling!


I pray that today brings more joy to your life than you can ever imagine. I pray that today is filled with testimonies. Have the most wonderful morning my love.


May this day become another interesting page addition to the journal of your life’s journey. And may you get the chance to someday, re-live these amazing moments. Good morning baby.


In all your keen efforts to make your family a proud one, may the good Lord shower His blessing on you. Have a rewarding morning as you step out today.


As God has blessed us with the gift of a new day, may he equally bless us with the good fruits and harvests of the day. Good morning my wife!

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