Heartwarming Good Morning Prayers for Friends


Good Morning Prayers for Friends (1)
Good Morning Prayers for Friends

Good Morning Wishes are the best way to start your day. It could be a common awakening call to get up from the bed and start a new day. It could also be a gentle reminder to all OF how beautiful life is, and how good you have it. It could be an inspiration to start your day with a fresh mind and new spirit.


It’s a strange thing to say, but the best way to start your day is to end it with a good night and good morning prayer for your friends. Right now it is 5:22 am, and I have just finished praying for my friends on Facebook. You too can make it a priority to start your day with some good morning prayers for your friends. I have always been a morning person, and now I am convinced that starting the day with a prayer for my friends is better than starting my day with something else.


Good Morning Prayers for Friends

• Good morning, may the Lord make today a fruitful day for you, happy to have you around on another beautiful day again, good luck.


• The blessings of God are infinite, I pray that God’s love would abide in your heart every second of your life, good morning, have a wonderful day.


• A good friend like you deserves all the beautiful prayers in the world, may the Lord continue to shine his light upon your heart, may he guide and protect you from all evil, good morning friend.


• Good morning, may all your sorrows never see the light of today, may the Lord continue to bless you everywhere you go, enjoy a fruitful day.


• May the Lord bless every single step you take today, may you be safe everywhere you go, trust God with all your heart, have a beautiful day.


• You have always been a great friend to me, I pray that God makes every single moment of your life cheerful, may He bless you with good health and happiness, good morning, happy new day.


• I pray that your day is filled with joy and peace as you wake up from your bed this morning, luck would shine on you, good morning best friend.


• You are the best that has ever happened in my life, being a friend to you is a divine favour from heaven, God bless your heart, good morning dear friend.


• I may not have gold and diamond to give you, but I have my beautiful prayers for you, I pray the Lord answered every single prayer of your heart, may you be elevated beyond what you asked, have a blessed day.


• Good morning friend, I just want to remind you that you are so precious to my heart, I pray to God to make every single moment of your life cheerful today, may you have so many reasons to say thank God at the end of the day, go out and be multiply in God blessings, have a joyful day.


• As you wake up from your bed and you prepare to leave your home this morning, I pray that the blessings of God go with you everywhere you go, keep being amazing, all the best.


• I pray for you dear friend that today be an amazing day full of God’s blessing and joy for you, may your heart find that beautiful day that gives it so much happiness, wishing you an astonishing day.


• May your day be as amazing as you wish, may you enjoy safety and security everywhere you go, I pray the Lord to guide you to and fro, good morning friend.


• Can’t afford to forget a wonderful friend like you, cheers to another new day full of heavenly grace for you, may it bring joy to your heart, good morning my amazing friend.


• As you wake up to start your day, I pray that the Lord sends an angel to guide and protect you everywhere you go, fill your heart with joy, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.


• Good morning my guidance angel, can’t wait to see you again, may the Lord make everyone your dreams come true today.


• Good morning, wishing you God infinite mercy all through your day, embrace your heart with joy and happiness.


• So lucky to have you around today, enjoy a fruitful day filled with God’s love.


• May the Lord remove every pain in your heart as you rise from your bed this morning, may he make your most beautiful dreams come true, wishing you well everywhere you go, have a beautiful day.


• God love abide in your heart as you open your lovely eyes to see another beautiful day, be inspired to greatness, keep showing love to others, the Lord be with you.


• You are beautiful, thank God for the gift of another beautiful day, I pray it brings you joy and peace; enjoy your day in the glory of God.


• God heard the aching of your heart, don’t lose hope about what you cannot change, the Lord will see you through everything, good morning.


• As fresh and beautiful as this morning comes, I pray every good thing come to you today, good morning my dear.


• Once a good friend always a good friend, I pray that God keeps you in good health and protect you every day of your life, have a lovely day.


• I dream of a beautiful day for you, full of God’s love, may all your beautiful wishes come true today, wishing you love and joy, good morning.


• There is no morning that comes that I don’t think of an amazing friend like you, you are more than all the precious treasures of this world to me, may God bless your heart with peace and joy, good morning.


• It is a new day again, and I seek God’s help and blessings for you, may every good of this day locate you, have a great day.


• So happy that I can hear your voice again today, may the Lord strengthen you all through the day, have a joyful day.


• A beautiful day has come, wake up friend, the Lord has given you life and joy, may you triumph over every obstacle in your life, good morning.


• I ask for God’s favour and help for you to live a beautiful and wonderful life today, I pray that everything that you plan to do would yield good fruit today, I love you, good morning.


• Dear friend, thank God for the gift of life, may you be counted among the living of today not the dead, may your life experience the presence of God today, wishing you well on everything you lay your hands upon, good morning, have a wonderful day.


• I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful friend like you, just waking up from sleep now, and you are the first thought on my mind, so I say this prayer for you. ‘o Lord keep my friend save from every unseen evil, bless him with a heart full of your love, make him successful in everything that he planned to achieve, you are the only one worthy of worship and praise, so help us God’s amen. Good morning.


• Lord we have no power of our own, except what you have given us, we have no nothing of our own except what you have given us out your bounties, cause the sun to shine upon our day, make the rain to fall upon our crops, o Lord make this day a fruitful day for us, good morning.


• God in heaven, we thank you for keeping us alive to see another new day, we acknowledge your favour upon our life, not everyone that went to bed yesterday night made it to see the sunshine of today, thank you for your gift and love, Good morning.


• Dear God, keep us safe as we travel in the path of life today, protect us and guide us through the journey of today, in your holy name we find solace, good morning.


• Wake up to find the most precious gift of life waiting for you, it is the joy of a new day, the joy of the sunshine and the warmth of your loved ones, the smile of a baby, and the cheerful heart that greet you good morning, God bless your heart, have a wonderful day.


• I may not have money to give you to solve your problem, but there is a beautiful thing that is a precious gift from heaven, its prayers, once answered all other problems are solved, believe in the power of Almighty God, and you would find everything with God, good morning friend, may the Lord answer all your invocations, amen.


Good Morning Blessings for Your Friends

• I beseech God to send peace and tranquillity to your heart as we entered a new day, may it bring you love and care, Good morning to you my dear friend.


• As the morning comes I pray it meets you in good health, in joy and harmony, good morning to you.


• Hear my voice this morning, I pray the Lord to bless your heart, feel happy because you are here, the Lord has given you a wonderful day, peace unto you.


• Dear friend, never give up in your dreams, hold on to the rope of God, blessed is thy heart, good morning.


• Keep on believing God, everything is possible, have a wonderful day.


• As beautiful and pure as this morning, I pray for you that your life would experience a new beginning today, may you encounter success from every aspect of your life today, good morning, cheer up.


• May the mercy of God follow you all through the day, good morning dear friend.


• As you wake up from sleep today, I say Amen to the very first prayers of your heart, good morning, have a wonderful day.


• Your friendship is one that brings joy to my heart whenever I think of you, just this morning rising from my bed your thoughts filled my heart already, I hope you had a beautiful night? I pray that God will bless your life beyond what you asked for today, keep shining, good morning.


• I don’t know of many problems you think you have, it can be a heaped like the height of mountain Everest, God is sufficient for you and he would vanish every one of your problems, I pray that every pain of your heart would turn to happiness today, feel the warmth of the sunrise, good morning, have a cheerful day.


• May the Lord’s care and love abide in your heart now and forever, good morning friend, have a lovely day.


• You have wishes and dreams, I pray that Almighty God makes your wishes and dreams come true today. I seek God for his protection and guidance over you and every member of your family, good morning, have a splendid day.


• I asked for mercy from heaven to shroud your heart, I beseech my Lord to make every one of your affairs fruitful today, go well and come back home with a heart full of joy and happiness in the evening, good morning my angel.


• Keep your dreams alive, it’s a new day and new hope and new beginning for you, the Lord is always there for you, you are beautiful, good morning.


• Never you underestimate the power of almighty God, his presence is everywhere, cry onto him this morning, he is ever listening omnipotent God, may the Lord answer every silent prayer of your heart, good morning.


• Good morning, welcome to another beautiful day, may the blessings of God abound in your life, keep a warm smile for me.


• I’m so happy to hear your voice today, it is the beginning of another beautiful day, and I wish you God infinite mercy, good morning, have a great day.


• This day, may the Lord make it a day of harmony and joy for you, Amen.


• Today is bright and beautiful, hope you are awake, I pray that it is filled with God love and mercies for you, enjoy every minute of your life, have a blissful day.


• This new day, may the Lord make it a day of peace and joy for you and your loved ones, I wish you immeasurable success in every way possible, have a bright day.


• Today as you rise up from bed, hold tight to the rope of hope, and believe in God, for with God’s help, everything is possible, have a beautiful day.


• As you step into the new day, I pray you to step into success and joy, wishing you well everywhere you go, good morning friends.


• You may not what the Lord has in stock for you, so I prayed that the Lord fill it with a beautiful gift that would change your life forever, today is a breakthrough day for you, be happy, good morning.


• The Lord has something beautiful for you today, that’s why you are here, many have gone before now, so make the best use of your time, wishing you a marvelous day.


• May every door that lead you to your success be opened for you today, let only love fill your heart, be as bright as the morning sunshine, good morning.

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