Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Him/Her


Good Morning Text Messages (
Good morning text


Romantic Good morning Text Messages for Him-Her, are beautiful collections of good morning messages that would make him-her smile.


Show daily love to one another life is all about sharing your heartfelt love; don’t think so much of that beautiful message to send to him-her, I’m sure you would like one such message as have compiled it in this post.


Good morning love
Good morning love

Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Him

Be the first to send him a good morning lovely text msg as he rises from bed today, we have you in mind why we carefully compose series of good morning messages that you can rely on to make his heart melt for you.


Good morning, the day is always bright thinking that you are there for me; I would always love you as long as l lived.


You keep me dreaming of you every night, your sweet words stuck to my heart and give fresh memories all the time, and thank God I found you, good morning.


The sweetness of my heart is to hear your beautiful voice now, good morning I miss you.


I don’t want to ever imagine a world without you, because you always make the world a beautiful place, you are the best among the rest, good morning.


One thing that keeps me awake at night is looking forward to the morning hour when I will hear your sweet voice again, I miss you so much, thank God the morning is here, I know I would see you are handsome face today, good morning my charm.


I pray for that beautiful day to come when I would wake up beside and the first thing in the morning would be to kiss your beautiful lips and say good morning to you.


The world is like an empty place when I missed you, you keep me heart perpetual joy just because you said you loved me. I want to let you know that I love too, and I would love you forever, good morning my hero.


Every single morning that comes, I said these beautiful words in my heart, ‘thank God you found me’, my life is beautiful because of you, and good morning I love you.


Yesterday before I sleep I count the stars but I could keep count, that is true the stars are uncountable, just as my love you for is unmeasured too, good morning to you the king of my heart.


When you wake up in the morning, just make sure you say thank God for the beautiful day and smile. You are always cute when you smile, good morning.


I have been waiting for this beautiful moment to say good morning to you, I want to tell that I love all of you, your perfection and your imperfection, wishing you a great day.


Today is perfectly made for you, wake with a beautiful mind, you are just lovely.


morning text
splendid morning

I’ll give my all to you. You’re my every sweet life. Open your eyes and see a beautiful day. Good morning


Your thought keeps me warm morning, day and night, I’m dying for that beautiful day when I would be yours forever, good morning.


As the sunrise this morning may you rise and never fall, wake up my sweetheart, you can be the best that you want to be today.


If I know what true love is, it’s because of you. You are so precious to me, I can’t imagine a day without seeing your warmly smile, good morning I love you.


Keep two things for me today, your smile and your laughter, good morning my Apple.


I dreamt sweet of you all through the night, it has been so wonderful ever since you came into my life, I know that our life would be beautiful together, good morning my chocolate.


My Teddy Bear is awake, can’t you see how beautiful the world look today, a wonderful day is waiting for you, good morning.


You would always have all my love for you and more, good morning my sunshine.


Good morning my sweet Amigo, I cherish every moment with you, shine and look good for the day is beautiful.


good morning
morning sunrise

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Him

You are my Bae, I love you with all my heart, and I want you to know that I’m ready to face the storm with you; our tomorrow would be beautiful together.


The morning is as beautiful as you, the freshness reminds me of the fresh sweet memories that you left in my heart, I can’t wait to see you today, good morning.


Dearest, I have come to realize that we are meant to be together forever, every beat of my heart beats for you, I love you so much, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


You are sun on a cloudy day, you are moon on a rainy night, and you are all of my sweet memories, good morning, wishing you a joyful day.


Can you see the sun sunshine of this beautiful morning? That is how your love shines beautifully in my heart every day, good morning.


Don’t forget that somebody is somewhere wishing you well this morning, open your eyes and receive your blessing today, good morning my good looking.


I’m dying to be with you every day, ever since I set my eyes on you, my life has changed, if you can read my message now, know that I heart cares so much about you, good morning my Lovebug.


It is going be you and I forever in sweet love, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, good morning my beautiful world.


I stop praying for that special person because you are my prayers come true, good morning to the cutest man in the world, I love you so much.


Dearest, I’m lovesick this morning, I need you always by side, when I’m with you I feel so alive and everything look beautiful, keep me with you forever, and I would sing you the beautiful song of my heart, good morning.


When I first saw you, I thought that you from another planet, you so cute and beautiful, my heart went on a wild imagination, and today, I’m the most joyful because you are mine, good morning.


I pray that every single step that you take away from your home this morning would take closer to your dream, good morning to the best man that has my heart.


I don’t want to be lonely again, come take me in your lovely arms; I’m waiting for you today, good morning my Panda bear.


Always and forever are two words that I want our love to thrive on, tell me how much I mean to you, I want to know, good morning, keep a smile for me today.


I have pretended that you mean so much to me, I can say up tenth times, and this morning I’m shouting loud to the whole world, that I love you!


When I said I love crazy about you, you thought I was joking, from the very first you walk up to me to tell me you love, I have always dream sweetly of you. My day is incomplete without you, good morning my beautiful world.


Good morning my angel, you are more just a lover to me, you are my every sunshine, I would be all over you today.


If I have to make one vow that would never fail, I would vow to be with you forever, everything about you makes me happy, you are lovely to my heart, nothing short of spending my whole life with you, good morning my happy heart.


Everything was cloudy and dark before you came, and you came, everything becomes bright and beautiful, thank Jehovah I found you, good morning.


Good morning, just one kiss from you this morning would blow my mind through the day, I can’t help thinking so much about you, I love you.


Every single morning that comes, I wake up bright and beautiful because my night was full of you sweet dreams, you are a special gift from heaven, I would cherish every single with you.


You would be my lifetime joy; wake up my charming man, the Lord has kept a special place for you today, good morning.


I hope your night was wonderful, I know you dreamt sweet of me because I do as well, good morning my one and only.

good morning
beautiful morning

Cutest Good Morning Text Messages to make Him smile

Good morning, just to remind you in case you forget that I love everything about you.


You are the captain and the sailor of my love, you drive me so wild and crazy every day with you sweet words, I care so much for you, good morning my Superman.


Good morning sexy, life is so cute to have you around, deep in my heart I keep a special place for you.


Good morning, just be my only Mr. Casanova, and I would be your only Cupcake forever, I can’t think of a beautiful moment without you, I love you, wishing you a day full of joy and harmony.


I accepted you with my wholes heart when I first set my eyes on you, you were lost treasure of my heart, thank God I finally found you, I would always be sweet baby, I cherish you.


I would only stop loving you when I’m no more, but as far as I’m living, and no matter the condition, you find me by your side, good morning.


I’m not afraid to face the uncertainty with you, by God willing I know that we would get through every challenge together, good morning, wishing you a brighter day.


You are like rainfall on dry land when you came into my life, good morning my angel.


If I ever think of one moment of my smile ever since I found you, you caused it, I love everything about you, and we are made to be together forever.


I already what you have on my mind when you wake this morning with me, shh…don’t say it, you want to say you miss me, I miss you too, see your beautiful face today.


You were last thought on my mind last night, and you are the first thought on my mind this morning, every day is a dream come true with you, wake sweet darling, I love you.


I love you now and I would live forever, it gives me so much joy to be with you, good morning cheerful heart.


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spectacular morning

Romantic Good morning Text Messages for Her

She is your beautiful wife/girlfriend, never let a morning pass without sending that sweet good morning messages that would make a smile every morning when she wakes up. We believe that our beautiful collections would do that magic for you.


You are my everyday miracle, good morning my love, wishing you a beautiful day.


You glow and shine in my heart just like the morning sunshine, good morning to the most gorgeous woman in the world.


It is going to be a wonderful day for you, wake up my angel’s heart’ say I’m happy to be alive.


Every morning that comes gives me a chance to prove how much I love you; I would always be by your side now and forever, good morning my beauty.


You look stunning and beautiful every day, and I know today can’t be different, good morning, see your beautiful eyes soon.


Good morning to the most beautiful and caring heart in the world, may your day be filled with love and harmony.


I can endure anything, but I can’t endure the pain of living without you, I miss you so much, good morning.


You are already on my mind before the cock crow this morning, I’m imperfect without you, and I’m perfect with you. I hope you would be by my side today to make me a perfect man. Good morning my angel.


I feel so good when I dream of you every night; I know that it is going to be a wonderful day to share together, because I’m going interpret every beautiful dream I had about you today, good morning.


Smile as you open your lovely eyes to see another new day this wonderful morning, keep your dreams alive and know that someone cares so much about you. Good morning.


When we went to bed last night, I prayed that God gives us another day, thank God we have made it to the morning. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you so much, good morning baby, wishing you a very happy day.


May your heart be filled with love and peace as you rise up from bed this morning, your beautiful thoughts have filled my heart already, thank you for being my trusted friend, good morning my love.


Wake up my angel, it is a break of another beautiful day, and your still blossoms in my heart, I can’t wait to see your beautiful eyes today, good morning sweetie.


I give you ally heart because that is the best I can give, wake up to see a fresh beautiful morning, may the Lord bless you where ever you go today, good morning.


Good morning to you my sweet baby, I hope you had a great night, wishing you the best and memorable day.


Shine like the morning sun, good morning my treasure hunt; I’m shouting to the whole world now that ‘i love you!’


Feel the joy, feel the harmony, it the start of a wonderful day, good morning, wishing you the very best of today.


One thing keeps me cool all through the night, it’s your sweet dreams, I want to in a beautiful day with you by my side, let’s get ready to cruise the day together, good morning.


Every single day that comes renewed your love in my heart, I’m broken wings without you by side, u cherish you, I love you and I want you forever, good morning.


I wake up with a beautiful smile on my face this morning because I was thinking of you, how beautiful it would be to hold you in my arms today, good morning my cutie pie.


Like the moon in the night you shine brightly in my heart, like the sun in the morning your sweet thought warms my heart, joke apart I can’t live without you, I’m so crazy about you, I’m sure you know already, smiles, good morning.


Every day is a beautiful day because you have been there for me when I looked into your lovely eyes, I see a beautiful future for us, I’m here for you forever, good morning.


My heart is full happiness because it is going to be another day to make your love shine in my heart, and a day to whisper my sweet thoughts to your heart, get ready for a day filled with love for your heart, good morning.


The first day that set my eyes on you and I know that you the special gift from heaven to me, thank God that I found the angel of my heart, good morning.


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feel the morning

Heartfelt Good Morning Text Messages for Her

The joy of stepping into another beautiful day together is so enormous to my heart, if not that sleep is fine a thing, I would have been by your side keeping vigil every night. I’m flattered by beauty every single moment that I set my eyes on you, good morning my Eye candy.


Loving you is so special to my heart, which is why I can’t do without you, just this morning I can’t count the number of times that your thought crosses my heart, good morning my sunshine.


For your smile warm my heart, for your blue beautiful eyes set heart ablaze, behold my beautiful angel, I love with beat of heart, good morning my Rose.


You so lovely, you are the kind of girl that any man would pray to have, thank I was luckiest that you love, I love too more than you love me, good morning baby.


As the sun rises today, I pray that every beautiful wish of your heart would come true, being with you gives me immeasurable joy, good morning my angel.


Good morning to the most beautiful woman in the world, I have all my love for you, keep being Wonderful.


I wished that I was rising up beside you every morning, I would kiss you good morning first, you are so special in my heart, I look forward to that beautiful day when you would be in my arms forever.


I pray to spend all my life with you, because you are the woman that my heart chooses, nothing can make me change my heart for you, good morning.


Good gorgeous, thank you for being my friend, I love you so much baby.


You light up my night with your beautiful dream, I want to be all over you until the approach of the dusk, I love you, good morning.


A new day has come, wake up let me see your beautiful face, I miss you so much during the night, thank we are here together.


Every new day that we make it together is a promising day to make our love blossom, thank you for being Jewel’s.


The moon may shine brightly every night but it doesn’t shine as your love shines in my heart every day and night, my joy knows no bounds when I found, you are my everything, good morning, wishing a cheerful day.


The angels brought you on her wings to me in my dream last night, can’t you how special you are to me? Good morning my Diamond.


Nothing can make leave your side, I promise to be there for you no matter what happens tomorrow, this is morning message for you, good morning.


My morning is incomplete without saying good morning to my beautiful heart, good morning my love, wishing you a splendid day.


Look brightly and beautiful as ever, wake up with a positive heart, good morning my princess


Today is a beautiful day, be happy as you open two eyes, many people were not given the opportunity of seeing today, be joyful, good morning my love.


Wake up, smile, and set your mind on a beautiful day, always know that the Lord loves you and I love you too, be happy, good morning.


It is so lovely to say good morning to my better half, every day that I find you make me feels on top of the world.


I have never heard a voice that’s is as sweet as yours, I have never felt a smile that goes straight to warm my heart every time I see you smile, I’m thinking of you this morning already, that’s how it is every moment, good morning


I wished that I have known you long ago, I wouldn’t a single moment of happiness, you mean everything to my heart, good morning.


A day that I stay with is like a year of joyfulness, look here I’m so crazy about you if ever hurt I would sad forever, I promise you, my love, good morning.


I don’t need anything if I have because you are my everything, wake up into another beautiful day, and keep being Wonderful because it’s going to be a beautiful day for your heart.


When you came into my life, you erase bad memories that I have ever had, every single day that passes you filled my heart with so much joy, I keep you close to my heart, I love you so much, good morning my beautiful wife.


I would always love you until I’m no more and I would be waiting for you in paradise that is going to be our final abode, good morning my angel.


I prayed the Lord to bless your heart as you rise up from bed this morning, you would always be my number one, I would die for your love, good morning.

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