Romantic Good Night Love Message for Her


Cherish that love of your life all the time, send her a romantic good night love message to make her dream of you. Always make sure you live a beautiful expression of love in her heart every night through beautiful text messages.

Good Night Love Message for Her

1. Goodnight my sweet melody, you are the brightest part of my heart, I love you.


2. May your night be full of sweet dreams, goodnight my cutie.


3. I have always loved you from the beginning that I found you, goodnight my sweet pea.


4. You open a beautiful chapter of LOVE in my life when you came, I wished I had known you all my life, I would miss your beautiful face tonight, goodnight my cupcake.


5. You are my sugar smacks and honey bee, you make my heart sweet every time that your thought dashed through my heart, goodnight, I care.


6. You giggle so much joy in my heart, you are my little hummingbird, may the angels whisper my sweet love to your heart, goodnight.


7. You have been running in my heart all the through the day, I wish I could cuddle you a little before you close your beautiful shining eyes this night, goodnight.


8. Life is a paradise because I have you, you make every moment I dream come true for me, thankfully I found my sugar lips, goodnight my lovely angel.


9. I don’t know what would be better than spending a night in your lovely arms, I wished and prayed for that wonderful day to come, goodnight my duckling.


10. You are my cute eyes, my little dove and my rose flower, every single day that passes by; I thank God that I found you, goodnight precious.


11. You are the treasure of my heart and my sunshine, I can’t imagine a life without you, you have filled all the holes in my heart, goodnight my angel.


12. Goodnight my Cinderella, may you sleep peacefully tonight, I would miss you until the beautiful morning to come.


13. You showed me how beautiful it feels to fall in love; it is so cute to have an angel like you, goodnight my Cutie Patootie.


14. When I first saw you, I said gosh! behold this charming princes, then I prayed silently that you are mine, thank you are in my life now, every day is beautiful day ever since then, just the sound of your voice, make my heart beams in sweet love, I would dream sweet of you tonight, goodnight my flame.


15. You are the jewel of my heart, the only girl that I want to spend all my life with, goodnight my Lil Dove.


16. You are the love of my life, peace be unto your heart as you lay to sleep this night, goodnight my Juliet.


17. You are the Daisy of my eyes, bright as the sun and beautiful as the flowers, you held my heart in great awe, I love you so much, goodnight my sweet summer.


18. The choice of being with you is the choice of beauty and love, your smile cast a beautiful love in my heart, I cherish you forever, goodnight sunshine.


19. I never I would find love again until you I found you, you are my all, my spring of life, you are so adorable; I love you with all my heart, goodnight.


20. I don’t need any music if I can hear you speak, your voice is the melody of my heart, you are better half, I love you, just close eyes and sweet sleep would envelop you heart, goodnight.


21. Goodnight my Sugarplum, I would be in your sweet dream tonight.


22. I hope I’m part of your happiness today because you were part of mine, goodnight, sweet dream.


23. Life a gift and to be alive with you is a special gift, goodnight my sweet baby, I would always love you.


24. I wish I could kiss you goodnight now, but a good night with all the love in my heart.


25. Life is a game and you are my perfect match, how beautiful it is to be in love with you, goodnight blue eye.


26. You have sent an overdose of love to my heart today, as the moon shines on your beautiful face today, so shall the sunshine welcome you into a brand new day tomorrow.


27. I would never let you slip f my hand next time I see you, I want to spend every moment by your side, goodnight, and God bless your heart.


28. I wish I could be next to you where ever you are now, you love is precious in my heart, goodnight.


29. I love to see your beautiful face all the time, I will miss you so much tonight, I hope the morning would come early so that I can hold you again, goodnight my sweetheart.


30. Rise like the sun and shine like the moon, I keep you close to my heart; I love you, goodnight.


31. I see a beautiful world true your eyes, what I feel for you is true love, I hope you feel the same for me too, good smile.


32. I would travel a thousand-mile just to see your beautiful smile, you are the beauty of my soul, have an amazing night.


33. I’m just crazy about you, I can’t take you off my heart, I wish that no barriers between us this night, I would have clung onto you until the day beak, goodnight.


34. I want to shout to the world that I have found my heartthrob, you make my heart beat faster every time that I see your gorgeous face, I promise to be your beautiful life, I love you, goodnight.


35. I couldn’t without saying goodnight to you, your voice is the last thing I want to hear before retiring peacefully to bed every night, goodnight my sweet angel, see you again in another wonderful day tomorrow.


36. If I lost that I have acquired in the world and have only left with me, then I haven’t lost anything at all, you just my everything.


37. I’m counting down to a beautiful morning when I would see your beautiful face again, but first I want to wish you a lovely night full of beautiful dreams.


38. You are the angel of my heart, can you feel my heartbeat, it beats for you, loving you come upon my heart naturally. I want to cruise to dreamland with you on the angel’s wings, I love so much, goodnight.


39. You are the only girl that I have ever loved so much, you shine in my heart like a million star, goodnight, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


40. Your love glamour in my heart, like the shine of the moon, I don’t know what my life would have been without you, I would always keep a special place for you in my heart, goodnight my beauty.


41. My day was full of your beautiful memories, and I know that my night would be full of your beautiful dreams; you are one special thought in my heart, goodnight my angel.


42. You held my day in great awe and I would be in your sweet dream tonight, sleep like a queen that you are, goodnight.


43. Life is beautiful to have an angel like you beside me, you are so cute and loving, I wish that I would be by your side all the time, goodnight my queen, God bless your night.


44. I never knew that a beautiful heart like you existed in the world until I found you; you are a special gift from heaven to my life. I would be the best man you had always dreamt of, I would love you with all my heart, goodnight my sweetheart.


45. Life is cherishing, life is splendid because I have an angel like you, we may be in a different location at this moment, but I pray for that beautiful day when I would share the same bed with you. I would hold you tight, I would kiss you goodnight, until that lovely moment hour of the morning would come, wishing you a wonderful sleep, goodnight.


46. A day without seeing your beautiful face, I like a year of loneliness, my day is incomplete without you, you have always been the joy of my heart, you bring happiness and laughter to my heart, I love you, goodnight baby.


47. Has anybody ever told you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world? They aren’t flattering you; they are saying exactly what is in their hearts. I’m the luckiest king to have a charming queen like you, you would always be my sweet dream every night, I would your sweet dream as well tonight, goodnight my better half.


48. You have been the last thought on my mind every night before I sleep because I always feel good to dream of you, I promise to make life a beautiful always, your love is always shining in my heart, I love you so much, goodnight gorgeous.


49. I see you everywhere I go today because I carry you in my heart all the time. Nobody has ever made me feel so good the way you did when I think of you. I want to spend the rest of my life with the girl that I love so much, and that special angel is you, may your night be splendid just as you are, goodnight love.


Good Night Love Message to Make Her Dream of You

50. Your love is passionate in my heart, I dream of a beautiful future with you, I care so much for you in my heart, goodnight.


51. You make my heart playback every beautiful moment that we share together when the night comes, you make me believe that world is a beautiful place, I wish that I would never have to spend the night alone anymore without you, goodnight angel.


52. When the moon shines and the stars glitter, I look at the sky above, and your thought overwhelmed my heart, your love shines brighter than the moon and the star, I look forward to a beautiful tomorrow with you, goodnight.


53. One thing the makes me happy always is thinking of you, everything about you beautiful, I love you with every beat of my heart, goodnight my sweetie.


54. I would always be your sweet memory, I would always be your sweetheart, I promise never to hurt you, goodnight my shining star.


55. I have been searching for that special girl, and when I found you I stop searching, loving you brings happiness to my heart, I would anything to make you happy, have a wonderful night.


56. I dreamt of you long ago before I met you, for the first day that I met you I knew you were the angel I have been seeing in my dreams, I feel so happy to be with you, sleep tight and dream sweetly of us too.


57. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on, my love for you blossoms every day and night, as you rest your head to sleep this lovely night, I wish you a marvelous night.


58. Just looking at your face takes my heart away to paradise; I wonder how my night would be if an angel like you lay beside me, I dream of that special night when I would hold you tight, goodnight my angel.


59. I love you deep in my heart, nothing can take you away from my heart, I would always be there for you, goodnight my beautiful flower.


60. Thinking of you is one of the best things, you are my best thought of every morning, my best thought of each day and the last thought of every night.


61. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights, why I tend to hold my pillows tight and I can’t sleep without saying goodnight.


62. I wish I would be there to hold you tight, instead of saying this loving good night. The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people.


63. The night is the blotting paper for many sorrows. Don’t try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night. I know you might have had a very hectic day, but it always makes me better to see you smile, smile for me baby, goodnight.


64. I have learned that it is not what I have in my life, but whom I have in my life that counts. I go to bed smiling because you would always be my sweet dream; I sleep because you have been in my mind all day. Indeed, laughter is the sun that brings winter from the human face.


65. Even if you had a hectic day take a deep breath, it is just a normal day, not a bad life. Wishing you an awesome sleep, goodnight.


66. May the night takes our troubles away, may your heart find a joyful rest, Goodnight, sweet dreams.


67. The day is gone, the moon has replaced the sun; I guess you are about to sleep, goodnight to you.


68. Distance, indeed does not matter if we are really in love, what matters most is our honesty and trust for the relationship to work out, may the words of God bring peace to your heart as you sleep tonight, may your guardian angel watch over you as you slumber, pleasant dreams.


69. One day we will never have to say good-bye, only goodnight. I know you must be tired of this day and you need a rest, the night is the best resting time, to lay your head, place your head on your pillow and take a deep, think of me, I love you.


70. Dreams of a better world where you and I would be in each other’s arms forever, think of a night where I would lay by your side to kiss you goodnight, goodnight sweetie, I miss you.


71. You are ready to go to bed, dream sweet, goodnight my special heart.


72. The day is going to end again. It is really nice to have a friend like you making my everyday life so amazingly great, and sweet. Friends in times of distress, a friend who we never forget to send good night messages to me, a friend who never forgets to make me smile, goodnight my love.


73. It’s really nice to rest at night, realizing that God has given us the night as a resting time and the day as working time. One of the joys in life is sleeping and waking up each day with the thoughts that somewhere, someone cares enough to send you warm good night messages, goodnight too.


74. Therefore, it’s so simple to live, so simple is it to love, so simple is to win, so simply to say goodnight.


75. There may not be a guarantee of anything, but there is the guarantee of my love for you, I will never stop loving you and will never stop sending you my good night’s prayers and messages. Goodnight my angel.


76. I love the fact that I’m texting you instead of phone calls because it gives me more time to think of you and know what to write to you. A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream that you dream and we are together is a reality.


77. I pray you to find your way by moonlight to paradise tonight and I pray we see the dawn together tomorrow morning. How do you feel when you flip your pillow over and it is cool on the other side, but do not be gentle into that good night, rage against the dying of the light. Goodnight my beautiful Jewel.


78. Each passing day I live my life praying that destiny would bring us together again, goodnight my sweet love.


79. As u journey into the long-awaited night, may the angel of the almighty God be awake to guard you. Goodnight.

Good Night Love Message for that Special Girlfriend

80. My heart beats so fast for you, I love you so much dear and I will never stop loving you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.


81. When I say goodnight, it also means that I think about you before I go to bed. Smiles, goodnight.


82. Every sunset gives me more time to love you, and the only person worth losing sleep over is the one you cannot sleep without thinking about. Goodnight sweetheart I love you more every day and night.


83. The past may hurt, but you have replaced each of my sad memories with beautiful ones, every night is beautiful because I dream sweet of you, goodnight.


84. I just love when nights get here because I cherish the goodnight message I send to my lovebird, we will be locked in each other’s arms in dreamland tonight, goodnight.


85. You make my everyday special one; please make my night sweet by coming to my dreams, goodnight.


86. Being in love with you makes my everyday worth getting in bed on time. There are no bad days, only when I know you there for me, every day is good for something. Goodnight sweetheart smile once more turns the wheel of sweet sleep on.


87. Be resolute in your goals but flexible in your tactics, May the light of God shine forth upon you each day and nights, goodnight dearest.


88. I love my nights so much because you are always in my heart, I love my dreams because you are always in it, I love my smile so much because whenever I smile it makes me remember my love for you, I love my life so dearly because you are in me and I in you. Goodnight my love may all our secrets dreams come to reality.


89. Every night, every moment always remembers that our God is a God of love. Goodnight.


90. I know you must have had a blissful and memorable day, I’m sending you a warm hug in my thoughts. Goodnight dear and have a wonderful night.


91. I sleep so early because I want to see you in my dream; I smile because you have been on my mind all day, goodnight my angel.


92. I love you at sunshine and I love you when the moon turns white, and I would love you forever, goodnight baby.


93. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the wave in my ocean, and the beats in my heart. GOODNIGHT.


94. If in this lifetime, I wouldn’t get to have you, I will make sure that if I meet you in my next life I won’t have to think twice to say I love you. GOODNIGHT DEAR.


95. Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself. The people who do not appreciate the little things of life are not worthy to appreciate the bigger ones. GOODNIGHT


96. Don’t promise me the moon or the star just promise you will stay under them with me forever, making me happy does not require a lot of efforts. Actually your presence is just enough to let me love you if not for the rest of your life, then for the presence of my life. Goodnight.


97. Your presence in my life brings smiles and loving thoughts within my heart, even if I have had a very terrible day, it always makes me feel better to see a gorgeous girl smile in my dream. Goodnight my angel.


98. I sent an angel to watch over you at night, the angel came back later, I asked him why he told me angels don’t watch over other angels, indeed sweetheart you are so special, you are an angel, goodnight.


99. When am alone am thinking of so many things to say to you but when I get a chance to tell you I go speechless. Your life is a special gift from the creator. Every day may not be as you have expected, but to be alive is the greatest gift of today, Goodnight my love.


100. Every memory is precious, whether it is a good one or a bad one; they shape us for who we are today. But throw away the bad one and keep the good ones. Goodnight


101. God is the best listener and you don’t need to shout nor cry, because he hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere and open heart, Goodnight.


102. You are my joy, my smile, my crush, my every day thought, and my prayer point every night is that God should always protect and guide you for me. GOODNIGHT DEAR, may your night be filled with pleasant dreams.


103. You are my missing treasure, the secrets behind my happiness, without love we are nothing, without God we are nothing. Loving you is like breathing, how can I ever stop loving you.


104. Baby whenever I set my eyes on you, or I think of you, my heartbeat increases. I want to be yours forever. goodnight my heart


105. Go for your dreams and follow your passions. Make things happen, this will lead you to your destiny.


106. I want to take a minute, not to ask God anything but to say thank you to God for giving me someone like you. Goodnight,


107. God has something better for you; you just have to wait for the right and better time, look at the sky in the night, how the stars and the moon adorn it. Goodnight.


108. As you sleep the farthest part of the world this night, may God in his infinite mercy guide you, no evil shall befall you and no weapon fashion against you shall prosper. It’s time to say goodnight. Sleep tight dear.

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