Top Best Good Night My Dear Sweetheart SMS


Good night my dear sweetheart

Top best good night my dear sweetheart SMS is heartwarming goodnight text messages to send to that special person in your life.

We want to save your time, we could help you speak directly to his/her heart, just browse down, you would find one of such beautiful messages that you can text him/her before he/she sleeps to delight his/her heart.


Good night my dear sweetheartGood Night My Dear Sweetheart -for Him

• If I can see you now I would just kiss you and say good night my dearest.


• You are cute and lovely, your love filled my heart every time, just as you rest your head to sleep, good night sweetheart.


• You look so amazing in each day that I see you, I’m overwhelmed with joy because you are mine, good night my darling.


• Thanking you for everything that you are to me, you open my eyes to see true love, and my heart to feel it, may the Lord bless you every moment of your life, good night sweetheart.


• Most people believed that true love no longer existed, how wrong is their thought, true love is what you make feel with you, good night my love.


• I don’t think there’s any heart that is as beautiful as your heart, I’m grateful to God Almighty every day that made you my sweetheart, you are beautiful, good night my darling.


• You need to rest now, I know your day may have been hectic, but be sure that my Lord would bless you with a lovely night, good night.


• May the Lord send his angel to guard you as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, goodnight my hero.


• Our love just began where other’s ends theirs, may we sleep now and be arise together tomorrow morning, goodnight my sweetheart.


• Your lips taste like honey, your voice is the most beautiful sounds I have heard and your smile warms my heart. It’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with because I love you, good night.


• Goodnight my dearest, you would always be beautiful in my heart, may I be in your lovely arms tomorrow morning.


• You are pure and beautiful, just sleep tonight and forget your sorrow, God bless your heart, good night.


• Good night my king, may your tomorrow be better than today, I would always love you because you are special to my heart.


• May your night be full of splendour and pleasure, close your eyes, drift away in sweet sleep. Good night my sweetheart.


• Every single day that passes, your love still blossoms in my heart as ever, goodnight my dearest, wishing you a wonderful


• As the night is for rest, I wish you a beautiful rest, may the Lord enshroud you with his mercy.


• Thinking of how beautiful it would be to be in your lovely arms now, you are the best for me, good night my love.


• Life couldn’t have been more beautiful than this, you filled my heart with sweet love, I just want to say good night my prince.


• Good news for you honey this night, the Lord has sent an angel to keep your company, sleep without fear, goodnight.


I pray to see your handsome face tomorrow in another sunrise, good night.


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Add Some Inspirations tune to Your Good Night Messages for Him


• Go to bed early and rise early tomorrow morning, good night.


• Sleep now and get ready for another beautiful day tomorrow, good night my angel.


• Throw your worries away; a beautiful new day is waiting for you tomorrow, good night.


• You are stronger than you think, you are beautiful than you know, I love you just the way you are, goodnight.


• Erase every anger in your heart, forgive those who have wrong you, your happiness is more desirable to me, good night my Best.


• The strongest man is he who can manage a woman, thank you for accepting me the way I’m, you told me I’m beautiful every day I love to hear that especially from you, good night.


• Sweetheart, when you close your eyes to sleep tonight, sleep with all heart, just the way you love me with all your heart, never mind, the Lord would take care of everything.


• Remember to fasten your bed belt, the angels would shoot you to the moon tonight, I would be with you there, good night.


• You are what you think you are, always think that you are beautiful, and I know that you are beautiful good night.


• The best time to rest and unburdens your heart is now, yesterday is gone and today is going, forget what brings pain to your heart, think of the great day ahead, good night my love.


• In the game of life, we cannot win all, take what all that has happened to you today in good faith, and let’s look forward to a better tomorrow together, goodnight my sweetheart.


• Always make sure that you expect the best even in the worst situation, deep in your mind you can change a bad day to a great one by telling yourself that everything would be fine tomorrow, goodnight.


• The night before the morning matters a lot, and that is this particular moment, everything matters now, smile and say to yourself thank God for the day that has just past, good night.


• I love it when you say to me that everything would be ok tomorrow, good night my angel.


• Moonlight brings splendour to the night, just as sunshine beautifies the day, you complete me, and make me happy, I want you to be happy too, good night.


• When I looked into your eyes, I see nothing but love and hope, let’s keep the fire love burning, we can a big difference in the world.


• Good night honey, just to remind you that after darkness there comes light, for every pain, there would relief, I keep you in God safe hands, good night.


• Good night, may the morning meet us in joyful heart, I love you.


• Let’s be our brother’s keeper, let’s do one beautiful thing for a stranger tomorrow, sleep with a beautiful mind, good night.


• You would be remembered for what you do, be good to the people you meet on your way up the ladder, you might meet them again somewhere someday, good night.


• Keep candlelight everywhere you go, shed light on your way, you bring back joy with you back home, the heart has a way of recalling all that has happened every night before you sleep. It is cheerful if you have done something good and remorseful if otherwise, I know you to be a great heart, I have no fear, good night my hero, I’m proud of you.


• My heart is peace with you because you are such an amazing husband; sleep peacefully, may the Lord make everything smooth in your life.


• If anybody tells you that the journey of life would always be free of challenges, it’s not true, sweetheart all I’m saying is that no matter what happens every day, if it brings bad memory let it go with the past, and if it is good memory remember to share it with others, we owe everything to God, good night.


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Good Night My Dear Sweetheart-For Her

• Sunset reminds me of the joy of staying with you, I miss you so much, good night my sweetheart.


• Your love is passionate in my heart, every night before I sleep I use to think of every beautiful word that you ever said to me that make me smile, good night my beauty.


• In a night like this, I don’t wish for anything but for my Lord to protect you until we meet again tomorrow morning, I love everything about you, good night.


• You may not know how much you mean to me, I love you because I can’t stop loving you, goodnight my moonlight.


• I’m the fish out of the water without you, you make my every day worth living, thank you for everything that you are to me, I promise you all my love, good night darling


• I may not be saying this every day, but you are my heaven, good night.


• Smile because I’m smiling just to think of you, good night.


• Say I love you, and say good night my angel.


• I can endure anything that comes my way, but I cannot endure life without you, goodnight, God bless your heart.


• Your eyes shine with love and care, your heart is warm, I’m lucky to have you as my wife, good night.


• If I could say one thing to you before you sleep now, that would be thank you for always being there for me when I need you most, good night.


• I’m so joyful that I found you, as the day passes into the night; I want to live one word in your heart as you close your eyes to sleep now, ‘peace’, good night.


• Every single day that I spent with you is the most beautiful day of my life, and I know that we would be great together tomorrow, good night.


• As numerous as the stars are in the sky this night, I want to count your blessing with you in many folds when I found you tomorrow morning, good night.


• I love you as much as your heart can take, it gives me joy to see you smile, because you look beautiful when you smile, good night, smile for me.


• You warm my heart with love every day, I wish I never have to spend a minute of my life without you; I miss you, good night baby.


• The moon reminds of me of that beautiful light that shines in your luscious eye, I swear, you are the most beautiful woman that lives, good night my gorgeous, I love you.


• Some women are beautiful outside but ugly inside, but not you, your heart is as pure and beautiful as your eyes, I’m drunk in your love, good night my queen.


• You are a magnet and I’m a piece of iron, we attract each other, you fit me perfectly, good night my angel.


• Close your eyes to sleep, but open your heart because I would be there even in your deep sleep, dream sweet of me, good night.


• I wish I can keep vigil by your side as you close your eyes to sleep, even when you close eyes, you look stunning and beautiful, I miss you, good night.


• Good night my angel, you would find me waiting for you in the garden of love.


• As you drift in peaceful sleep, just keep it in mind that I love you; roll your lovely eyes for me, good night.


• My eyes may be shot, but my heart remains open for you, good night sweetheart, I just want to say you are beautiful.


• Anything that is more than beautiful, that is who you are, good night.


• You would rise and shine tomorrow morning, good night my angel heart.


• Life is memorable just to call you m wife; I would always be there for you, good night.


• Among the flowers in the garden, you flourish and blossom every day, good night my sweet baby.


• I’m so excited to have you in my life; you are heaven chosen for me, good night my light.


• My blue eyes want to sleep now, sleep tight and dream of me, good night.


• It is time to rest, it is time to dream sweet of you, good night my angel.


• Hold me in my arms and let us fall asleep together, I don’t want to leave you in a single moment, good night my beauty.


• You are the burning desire in my heart, you love is incurable, and I’m infected by it, smile and fall asleep peacefully, good night my paradise.


• Though I haven’t seen an angel before, I was told that they are beautiful creatures, nothing could convince me that you are not an angel, good night my sunrise.


• Good night, may this night never be the last time I would hear your voice, may the Lord raise us unto another day tomorrow.


• Just the perfect time to say good night to my queen, sweet dream.

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