Beautiful Good Night Prayers for Him-Her


Good night prayers for him-her: For a beautiful, goodnight prayers sent to him or her would be the best way to depart in the night. Show him or her, you truly care by sending one of such lovely prayers every night as it is collected in this post.


We have you in mind why we chose the best words that would speak directly to his or her mind in a beautiful goodnight prayers messages just for your love, may God restore your soul too.

Good Night Prayers for Him-Her

1. Ever since I met you, my love, you have never changed you bring joy to my life, I thank God Almighty for giving me such a loving and caring husband, may almighty GOD restore your soul tomorrow morning, goodnight.


2. Every night that comes,  I praying to God to guide and protect you for me. Goodnight.


3. Tonight as you go to bed, my prayer for you is that God Almighty will be your defender. When you are in trouble, he will help you, he will be kind to you and save you, remember the Lord has chosen the righteous for his own, and he hears when you call to him.


4. Tremble not,  fear not, the Lord is with you, goodnight.


5. Listen to his words and he will hear your signs, he hears your voice and at sunset, you will offer your prayers of thanksgiving. God shall not allow any evil in your presence, you shall trust in the Lord for safety, because the wicked have drawn their bows and aimed their arrows to shoot from the shadow of darkness, but the lord will always protect you because He is righteous and loves good deeds.


6. The Lord shall be your shepherd, he will let you rest in the field of green grass and lead you to the quiet pools of freshwater. He shall give you new strength, and he alone will guide you in the right paths. As he has promised even if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil for thy Lord will guide and protect you. Goodnight my good heart.


7. He alone has prepared a banquet for you, where no enemies can see; he will welcome you as an honored guest and fill your cup to the brim, of milk and honey, sweet dream, goodnight my angel.


8. May the Lord never allow shame to come upon you, for he alone shall defeat the evil ones and fight for you, the Lord shall teach you his ways and make them known to you. He alone will teach you to live according to the truth, for he is the God of both heaven and earth. Sleep peacefully under the care of God, goodnight.


9. O Lord, bless the soul of my husband, as he rests his head to sleep tonight, goodnight my sweet dream.


10. Because he is full of kindness and love which He shows to all His creatures, He is righteous and good, He teaches sinners the path they should follow, He leads the humble in the right way, and teaches them His will. The Lord is so good to us and we must show kindness and appreciate him, every day and night.


11. The Lord shall teach you everything and lead you along a safe path; he will be your refuge and defense; guide you and lead you to the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. My God shall keep you safe from the traps of the envy ones; you will be sheltered under his canopy, goodnight.


12. May the Lord shield you from the evil that roams in the night, because he has promised to you safety, no weapon of the devil shall reach you, enjoy your sleep, goodnight.


13. May your enemy’s plan never be successive, for their evil plan shall be like Strawn blown by the wind, and their path dark and slippery, you would triumph over all evil plan hatch against you, sleep deeply goodnight.


14. May you have a wonderful rest this night, may the Lord bless your heart, I love you, goodnight.


15. Sleep peacefully my King, may God guard you against the evil of this night, goodnight.


16. May your heart be full of God’s love, may He bless you with wonderful rest. Goodnight my sweetheart.


17. You have gone through a hectic day, may the good Lord bless you with the marvelous night, goodnight my King.


18. Sleep tight wishing you God’s protection, may your heart find a beautiful place to recline.


19. You have always been a wonderful husband, I pray for you every day and night, may the angels be by your side tonight. Goodnight.


20. May your heart be filled with love, peace, and harmony as you go to bed tonight, goodnight.


21. Goodnight my love, I’m wishing you a lovely night.


22. Goodnight dear, may sweet sleep overtake you tonight, and may the Lord raise you up tomorrow morning with a beautiful heart.


23. Goodnight my dear husband, I commit your soul in the hand of God, sleep peacefully without fear.


24. Goodnight, I pray for a lovely night for you.


25. May your heart find beautiful rest this lovely night. Goodnight, I love you.


26. As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I pray for wonderful rest for you, may your body be refreshed for a beautiful tomorrow.


27. I wish you lovely sleep this night, may the Lord refresh your soul, rest peacefully, goodnight.


28. I wish you a good night’s rest; you are the shinny amour in my night, sweet dream, goodnight.


29. I wish you wonderful rest as preparing your mind to sleep tonight, wishing you a sweet sleep and a lovely morning, goodnight.


30. You have in thought all through the day, I hope your day went smoothly, may you sleep peacefully and full of beautiful dreams, goodnight.


31. I pray for wonderful rest for you as lay your head to sleep now, sweet dreams goodnight.


32. You are such a lovely soul, I can’t wait to be in your lovely arms again, I miss you so much, may God bless your night, goodnight.


33. Sleep like a baby, may the Lord be merciful to your soul, goodnight.


34. I pray for a wonderful night for you, goodnight.


35. Get ready to go to bed, you deserve a wonderful night, may the Lord be your strength, goodnight.


36. Goodnight and have wonderful sleep, may angels surround you with love.


37. May your night be peaceful, may your body be refreshed, and may your soul find endless love, goodnight.


38. You are the best husband in the world; sleep like a king, the Lord is your strength, goodnight.


39. May God bless your beautiful soul as you lay to sleep tonight, wishing you a wonderful rest, goodnight.


40. Smile, a beautiful night awaits you by God’s grace, goodnight.


41. You are my dream come true, I would be your beautiful guest in the dream world tonight, goodnight.


42. Just as wonderful as you are, may the Lord make your night a wonderful moment for you.


43. You would always shine in the glory of God, wishing you a peaceful night, see your beautiful face tomorrow, goodnight.


44. You would rise and shine tomorrow, go to bed with a beautiful heart. Goodnight.


45. Then I will be glad, I will be glad because of the lord, I will be happy because he saved you, with all my heart, I will say to the Lord there is none like him (Jehovah) he protects the weak from the strong the poor from the oppressors. Goodnight.


46. The Lord shall oppose your oppressors and suppress your suppressors. For fear and the terror of death shall not see you or crush you down, for you shall overcome horrors, violence, and riots. May your enemies not see you tonight, for they shall disappear like water draining away, be crushed like weeds on a path, for thy Lord will make them be like snails that dissolve into slime. Goodnight my king.


47. He shall protect you from the plots of the wicked, from the mobs of evil men, don’t fear the still night, it shall bring happy dreams upon your heart, goodnight.


Good Night Prayers for Her

48. They sharpen their swords and aim cruel words like arrows, they are quick to spread the shameless lie, but the Lord shall shot his arrows at them because of those words, all who see will shake their heads. Goodnight.


49. For the Lord will arise and scatter all your enemies, and all evil plots, plotted against you will be sent back to them if there are any bad or evil things at your back, front, side or middle, as you go into the deepest part of the night, sleep tight, the Lord shall fight for you till the end.


50. The Lord shall send his angels to guard you, he will cover you with his wings, you will be safe in his care, you need not fear any dangers at night, nor sudden attacks during the day, or the plagues that strike in the dark, just close your eye and enjoy good rest tonight, goodnight.


51. May thousands of angels keep you company tonight, sleep in peace, and rise in peace, the Lord is sufficient for you as your protector, Goodnight.


52. May all these prayers I have sent to you be a testimony in your life, goodnight prayers are not only meant for good the night or sweet dreams, but they can also mean that I think and pray for you every day and night before I go bed.


53. May your nights be full of sweet and pleasant dreams, goodnight my dear husband, and remember I love you so much.


54. You are lovely and wonderful, may refresh your body and soul, goodnight my angel.


55. Dream sweet of me tonight, you would always have my special prayer for you, goodnight my angel.


56. The night may dark, but don’t be afraid the Lord is always your protector, goodnight.


57. Goodnight my queen, wishing you God’s infinite mercy, thank you for always being, there for me.


58. May the Lord make your night a wonderful rest, be hopeful of a beautiful night, I pray for you, goodnight.


59. Honey, as you prepare to sleep now, let’s say this beautiful prayer together, O Lord as you have blessed us with a beautiful day, we asked you for a lovely, night, keep us safe through the night journey and restore our tomorrow morning.


60. O Lord in you we put our trust, bless us with a wonderful night, goodnight sweetheart.


61. You always have my heart for you because you are a wonderful wife. I may not by your side now, but my heart is always with you, may God bless your night, goodnight my angel.


62. I have always thanked God for a beautiful life with you. You are the joy of my heart, may God fill your heart with love and harmony, goodnight my sunshine.


63. I keep a beautiful prayer for you in my heart, may the Lord send his angel to protect you tonight, goodnight.


64. Our Lord we thank you for keeping us alive up to this beautiful moment, we ask you for the blessing of this night, goodnight my sweetheart


Good Night Prayers for that Special One

1. I thank God almighty for giving me such a loving, caring, sweet, and generous man like you. May he be merciful, gracious, and kind to you all the days of your life, goodnight.


2. You’re going to bed, the night is the best resting time, you shall sleep under the canopy of the almighty God, he shall be your defender and protector. He alone will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and all evil attacks. His faithfulness will protect and defend you, he will be your defender and protector, your God and so no disaster will strike you, no violence will come near you, God will put his angels in charge of you, to guide and protect you.


3. They will hold you up with their hands to keep you from hurting your feet on stone, for you shall trample down lions and snakes, fierce lions, and poisonous snakes.


4. The Lord shall save you and protect you in times of troubles and difficulty, the Lord will not keep quiet, he will not be still and let you be defeated, he will send his angels to defend you. You will come to the lord for safety, in the shadow of his wings. You shall find protection in His name until the raging storms are over.


5. The Lord will be your strength, you will not be afraid of any evil, even if the earth is shaken, and the mountains fall into the ocean depth. You will need no sword to win any battle, but with the power that the Lord has given to you, you shall triumph goodnight.


6. The lord shall not let your enemies boost about your downfall, rather they shall fall and see you rise. You have always been the sweetest part of my heart, goodnight.


7. You shall find protection under the shadow of the almighty. God will be your source of life he will not let proud men attack you, nor the wicked run you down, shine like the moon, and glitter like the star, goodnight.


8. The angel of the Lord will guide and protect you from all trouble; they will rescue you from dangers and death, sleep deep, goodnight.


9. The lord shall not let you down; he would always be by your side. He shall give you victory and restore your courage, call upon Him all the time, he would listen to your cry, goodnight.


10. You lie down and sleep and all night long, the lord protects you. You will not be afraid of any evil, thousands or ten thousands of enemies who surround you on every side, for the Lord shall rise and defend you.


11. The Lord will save you and preserves your soul; you would give strength from weakness and rise you up upon a beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight my sweet word.


12. He shall be your defender and your protector, he will help you when all refuse to help, He is kind and merciful to hear your prayers, goodnight.


13. Always remember that the Lord God has chosen the righteous for his own. He shall stand for you in every front, goodnight, God bless you your soul.


14. The almighty God shall rise up in anger, against the fury of your enemies and silence those flattering tongues.


15. May the Lord give you all your heart desires and may he make all your plans succeeds, for he shall answer all your prayers and request. For victory shall be the name of the Lord, goodnight.


16. The Lord God will be your shepherd, he will give you new strength and guide you in the right direction, as he has promised, even if you walk into the deepest darkness, you shall fear no evil, for the Lord is with you. Goodnight


17. He will shelter you from all dangers, you are under the care and protection of God, for he shall not let your enemies capture you.


18. God Almighty shall be merciful to you all the time of your life, he shall guide you in your going and coming back, and as you are going to bed no weapon fashion against you shall ever prosper. Goodnight.


19. The arrow of death shall not come close to you, the Lord would shelter you under his kingdom, for you shall not be filled with fear and anxiety. Goodnight


20. God is a compassionate God, he protects the helpless, deliver us from dangers. In distress call on the Lord and he will answer and set you free, do not be afraid for the Lord is with you. Goodnight.


21. As your enemy swarmed around you like bees, they shall be burnt out as quickly as a wildfire among thorns, for the power of God will destroy them and fiercely, for they shall be defeated. Goodnight.


22. The Lord shall protect you from all dangers; he will not let your enemies attack you. For you are covered. Goodnight about me


23. Tonight as you go to bed, may God send his merciful angels to watch over you, goodnight.


24. You would be covered with the mercy of God as you rest your head to sleep tonight. Have a blissful night.


25. An anointed night and blissful sleep await you tonight. Goodnight my darling and sleep tight and don’t forget to dream about me.

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