Romantic Good Night Quotes for Husband/Wife

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Husband/Wife
Good Night Quotes

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Husband/Wife are lovely good night messages that you would like to send to that wonderful husband or wife, who has always been the sweetest joy of your life.


These little messages count in making a lovely relationship and put a smile on his/her face before retiring to bed every night. I want you to be the last thing on his/her mind every night, these beautiful collections of good night messages would do the magic.


Romantic Good Night Quotes for Husband

1. May the good Lord send down his angels to guide you as you sleep.


2. Rest now, for you have worked so hard during the daytime. I love you so much, honey. Good night.


3. The sweetest of dreams is all I wish for you tonight. Goodnight honey.


4. The sound of your voice filling the air brings warmth to our home. I look forward to that in the morning. So sleep well, my love.


5. Goodnight to you my king, you deserve the best rest. See you in the morning!


6. Aren’t I the luckiest woman alive to have to sleep in your arms and wake up to your warm embrace


7. May our night be filled with the grace of God, and may it see us through till the morning.


8. Every night, I am reminded of how wonderfully blessed I am to have you in my life. Have a good rest.


9. Every night with you is my best night. Have a wonderful night’s rest darling


10. You are the one I want to go to bed together every night. Have a lovely night my king.


11. I feel really safe with you during the day, and I feel even safer next to you at night. I love you and goodnight.


12. Darling husband, have a blessed night’s rest. I love you so much.


13. Having you by my side at night and in the mornings is the best time in my life. Sleep well dear husband.


14. Under the same roof together at night have become the most wonderful place to be. Enjoy your rest, good night.


15. Dear lover, you mean the world to me and I am grateful to God for giving me this blessing. Goodnight.


16. My night is made beautiful, knowing that I have you to come home to you. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, my husband.


17. A very good night to the man who brings my heart undiluted joy. I love you so much.


18. Have the best of rests, for my love, is here to stay. Goodnight.


19. You are the only one I get excited about telling how my day went, and I never want to lose that. Goodnight honey, I love you.


20. Priceless are the moments we spend together all day every day. Sweet dreams my love.


21. The night is never a dark and scary time with you by my side. I cherish that. Goodnight.


22. Like the moon in the sky at night, you bring brightness and coolness to my night.


23. I have a husband with a perfect smile, even in his sleep. Goodnight my man.


24. Thanks for being there for me throughout the days, and thanks for remaining in my thoughts at night, I love you.


25. You are the last on my mind before I sleep, and that is an assurance of a sweet dream. Goodnight honey.


26. The sounds of your peaceful breath when you sleep are my lullaby. Rest well honey


27. A good night is when we get to see each other in our dreams. So good night my love.


28. I get to fall asleep with a smile on my face, and I have you to thank for that. Goodnight darling.


29. More than anyone or anything, I love you and I wish you a marvellous night.


30. Come the days, come the night, you remain my knight in shining armour, for I find my safe place sleeping in your arms.


31. My thoughts are filled with you at night and I am more than happy to wake up to you each day. Goodnight love.


32. Sending my love and kisses to you throughout the night.


33. A simple goodnight from you means the whole world to me, it is all I cherish.


34. May your dreams be filled with me in it. Have an amazing one!


35. Feel the stress of the day melt away as you close your eyes to sleep. Sleep well.


36. Sleep well, my darling husband. I cannot wait to hear all about it in the morning.


37. As you have to sleep tonight, I hope you dream of me and all the beautiful memories we hold together dear. Goodnight my love.


38. I normally do a recap of my day every night before I sleep, and thoughts of you comprise most of it. I love you so much, my dear husband. Goodnight and sweet dreams


39. As I go to bed at night, I already miss your company. But I do not feel too bad because I know you will be right next to me when I wake up in the morning. Goodnight and sweet dreams my dear husband. I love you.


40. It is almost impossible to go to bed without thinking of you, even though I have had a long day. You matter so much to me my love. Goodnight


41. Have an amazing night and the most beautiful of dreams; for you deserve every bit of it and more. I love you so much.


42. Every hero deserves more than a good night’s sleep, and so does every knight. Have a good one, my love.


43. I love you for all that you are and be rest assured that nothing can come between us. Sleep well, my king.


44. May you go to bed with God’s love, blessings, and protection. Amen. Goodnight my beloved. I love you so much.


45. The worst of days are compensated with your presence at night. Sleep tight. I love you.


46. You have been a blessing to my days and a reward for my night. I will continue to love you until the end of my days. Goodnight darling.


47. May the peace of the night that is yours today, fill your life forever. Amen. Goodnight dear husband.


48. I will go to every length and breadth of the world to show that I love you. Goodnight honey.


49. Can’t sleep until I say goodnight to my lovely husband, you mean the world to me


50. I love to see you always my husband, you own my heart and am addicted to your love, I will love you forever. goodnight love


51. Good night my love, you are the one I have always pray to spend the rest of my life with, thank God I found you if I had known I would have searched for you long ago, every moment with you is memorable. Love you.


52. I can’t do without you, my husband. Honey, you mean a lot to me, you are the apple of my life. Good night.


53. My darling husband, I will never love another person sweeter than you, my love my everything, you are all I want. Good night.


54. You make me happy, I don’t mind spending all my time with you, I wish you good health and happiness my darling husband. Good night.


55. You are so wonderful that I can not compare anyone to you, you made me understand the meaning of love, and you are the best lover ever, goodnight my dear husband.


56. I want to love you forever, I want your love too, I can die without you in my life, so please I need more of your love and affection. Good night.


57. I can climb the highest mountain to scream your name my husband; your love is sweetening my heart. Good night.


58. My sweetie, having you is the biggest thing that has happened to me, you are all that matters to my life. I will always love you, my love. good night


59. You are all I think of, I sleep all night and dream of you, you can’t imagine how I feel about you; even words can’t explain how I feel for you. Good night love.

More Romantic Good Night Quotes for Husband

60. My sweetheart, what can I do without you, you are my joy and my hope; I will love you tonight, today, tomorrow and forever. Goodnight.


61. My husband and only one don’t leave me, I can’t leave a day without you, you are the one I love and you will always be my number one. Lovely you, you are my true love, you inspired me, you give me all I ever wanted, you are so handsome. Good night.


62. Happy to have you in my life and also happy to know you are meant for me alone. I love you. Good night.


63. My dearest companion, I love you because you love me and am glad you are mine. Good night Love you so much.


64. I have true love in you and I have realized life is worthless without you my husband, good night my sweetie and have a lovely night.


65. Loving you my husband is like food to my soul, I want to be that special person in your life, I want you to share all your secret to me because am going to keep it safe in my heart. You mean a lot to me. Have a sound sleep, good night.


66. Good night my sun shines my everything, in fact, you are the air I breathe, and without you, I will be nothing. Love you.


67. My dear husband, I love you not for what you are but for what I am to you, I will be the sunshine you see you. Have a wonderful night.


68. My love, I will forever love you and be close to you, call me whenever you are lonely, I will be there for you. good night


69. I have been thinking about how life will be without you, you are all I see in my dreams, and hope these feelings last forever. Have a peaceful night love.


70. I will love you, my husband, till the end, you would not understand the way my heartbeat when am with you. The man behind my happiness. Wish you a good night.


71. I love you yesterday, I love today, I love now and tonight, I will love you tomorrow, my sweet husband. Good night my love.


72. My Mr. handsome, you are making me go crazy, your looks and smiles kill my nerves; you are just the one I want and love. Good night.


73. The only one I keep talking about, you are incredible, and your touch and kiss take me down there where I really like to be. You are my source of happiness. Good night.


74. It’s another night and I like the way you look at me, I like the way you say my name, I like everything about you, you are my everything love. wishing you a restful night.


75. My husband, honey pie, sugar bunch you are amazing and deserve the best, let roll in love and swim in the ocean of love, I will keep my promise, don’t worry, am all yours forever. good night and Love you.


76. my love, let the light of love on and I will keep the light of love burning, the love you have always wanted is yet to be explored, you are my everything, I will never leave you, love. Wish you a good night.


77. I am indebted to you, I can’t be if there is no you, you are so amazing and wonderful, you are my dream come true, love you, darling. I wish you a super good night.


78. My love, let me be the woman that will care for you, the woman that will give you everything you want I, the woman that will hug and kiss you and the way and manner you want is me, just let be the woman in your life. Sweet night love.


79. I and you are meant to be together forever, you owe my heart and I will love you for that, you have occupied the empty spaces in my life, my love for you is forever. Good night my love.


80. It’s a lovely night and I will love you forever, I will never love another, the way I love you, you are the only one I think, you are my everything, I promise to be yours forever. Good night.


81. Good night and happy to know that you are mine, I am so jealous that even flies should not perch on you, you are my sweetest love. Have a lovely night.


82. I have enough space for you in my heart, my husband, my arms are wide open for you at all time, I want to be the one you can lay on when you to lie, loving you is the best thing in my life. wish you a night full of pleasure.


83. I love you more than you could imagine, I will not let your love down, I promise to be there forever, love you. Am not going to stop dreaming about you tonight, you are the main subject of my life, I will love until the end of time. With love, I say good night.


84. Having you in my life tells me am going to be successful, you are too handsome and intelligent, you are so smart and look like an angel, you are so special to me. have a lovely night


85. Good night my darling husband, not until I meet you I believe in dream come true, you are a priceless jewel, my love is for you or never.


86. I wish you were in my life a long time ago, I have wasted a lot of wonderful and happy moment, thank God you are here, no time for loneliness, love you, soul mate. Good night my hero


87. Having a good night is a wonderful experience when they talk about love; I smile because I know how it feels to be in love because of you. Your gentle touch makes me scream for more. I will love you always. Good night.


Romantic Good Night Quotes for Wife

1. Enjoy the coolness of the night, for you are unarguably the coolest of my eyes. Goodnight babe.


2. Every night is a blessed one having to sleep right next to you, my angel.


3. Sleep peacefully my dear wife; I will be here when you wake up!


4. Brighter than the moon, brighter than the stars, is my love for you. Have a splendid night my love.


5. Have a pleasant night. Nightmares have got nothing on you!


6. Goodnight, sleep tight, and sweet dreams. I love you so much, my queen.


7. Your presence in my days and nights defines my world as perfect. Sleep, tight honey.


8. I wish you a truckload of sweet dreams baby, I love you and have a good night.


9. I hope you can feel my love for you as you lay in bed tonight and close your eyes to sleep.


10. You deserve a good night’s rest and everything that comes with it. Goodnight my love.


11. I love the part where I wake up to your beautiful face and I cannot wait. Goodnight my darling wife.


12. Each night I say my prayers, I never forget to include your name in it. Goodnight ‘wifey’.


13. Goodnight my dear wife, close your eyes and let’s meet up in our dreams. I love you.


14. Have a good night for the stars are here to illuminate the glad tidings coming your way tomorrow.


15. There is an inexhaustible list of reasons why I love you. Goodnight babe.


16. The idea of waking up next to you is what gets me out of bed each day. Have a good night my wife.


17. A very good night to the woman of my dreams…literally.


18. Lay your head on my chest, and have an amazing night’s rest. I love you very much.


19. You are the love of my life, light of my world, and the moon in my nights. Goodnight baby.


20. Goodnight to the world’s best wife! Have an amazing rest.


21. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face in the morning. Have a splendid night.


22. As you go to bed, I pray that our love wakes up even stronger than ever before. Goodnight my beloved.


23. Thank you always, for making my house our home. Goodnight. I love you.


24. I wish you a sound and peaceful sleep, and may you feel the extent of my love in your dreams.


25. I face each day with optimism because I wake up to your bright smile. Goodnight sweetheart, hope to see you in the morning.


26. I go to bed every night thinking about you. I love you. Sleep tight.


27. The best of dreams are the ones with you in it. I love you so much dear wife. Sleep tight.


28. May God protect us from the unseen of the night. Enjoy the rest, honey.


29. I am madly in love with you and I plan to keep it that way till the end of my days. Goodnight sweetheart.


30. Goodnight my love, I will be looking forward to the hugs and kisses tomorrow will bring.


31. Goodnight my love, we might drift off to different places in our sleep, but you will always be in my heart.


32. I am sure of the fact that I want to spend the rest of my nights next to you. Goodnight.


33. Safe to say that I am living my dreams because you are the man of my dreams. Enjoy your sleep.


34. Your beautiful face is all I can think about every night when I go to bed. Goodnight my love, sleep well


35. As you go to bed tonight, I hope you dream of the memories we have had together and the good time the future holds. I love you babe


36. I am listening to songs right now and you are all I can think about. I hope you sleep well, babe. Goodnight love.


37. Time seems to fly when I am lying close to you at night, I do not ever want to leave you, baby. Have the best rest dear beloved


38. I love to watch you sleep. You look so peaceful when you sleep. I hope you dream of me. Goodnight my beautiful angel


39. Sometimes, I cannot believe you are mine. You deserve the world and I will do anything to give it to you. Sleep well, my love.


40. Goodnight my love, I hope your dreams are filled with thoughts of me. I live you for you.


41. Thank you for filling my thoughts at night, for it is what I find most soothing after the end of the day’s stress.


42. I prayed for the good things in life, and God gave me you. I love you so much, my angel.


43. Your love for me is always enough. Goodnight and sweet dreams babe.


44. Let my chest be the pillow, lay and hear every single beat of my heart as a lullaby, and have the best sleep.


45. Go to bed and let the darkness overcome our fears, and the moonlight illuminates our love. Sleep tight, my beautiful angel. I love you.


46. You have made me a happy man when retiring for the night. I love you for that and more.


47. I have fallen for you in every way. Your presence has changed my outlook on life and I thank the Lord for this blessing. Goodnight my queen.


48. Here is to wishing you a lovely sleep, free from worries, nightmares, and any form of discomfort. I love you so much.


49. Here I am lying next to you, and watching you while you sleep, and it got me thinking ‘what did I ever do to deserve this amazing soul’. Have a wonderful sleep, my world.


50. You are the woman I envision in my future, the woman I marvel at her presence, and the woman I dream about every day. Goodnight dear wife, I love you till eternity.


51. Goodnight to my wife, the beauty my life, my life will be so boring and meaningless without you; you are so special and deserve all the best in life.


52. I can’t think straight without you, you are all I see and think of, you mean the world to me, my love for you grow beyond your imagination. Love you. Good night my love.


53. Its lovely night and I hope these feelings of a sweet and happy night last forever, the feelings of love and fulfilment; I have been fulfilled since I met you, and you are the source of joy and happiness in my life. good night


54. Its bedtime and relaxation time I have always believe in you and I trust you, so don’t let me down because your love is killing me slow, slow and I want to be with you always. Love me more my sweetie. Good night.


55. Am not going to stop dreaming of you tonight because my night is going to be peaceful, and I will think of you all night because my day is splendid with you in my mind. Good night.


56. Life is beautiful with you, and life will equally be scanty without you, you are so lovely and fun to be, love you my dear. Wish you lovely wife a wonderful night.


57. I love you for who you are and not what you are; you are irreplaceable in my heart.


58. Thank God I found you, my wife, you mean a lot to me and I will remain faithful till the end of time, you are so wonderful, I love you, my love. good night


59. The best woman I have ever met is you, I can’t do without you, and my heart beats for you. I will love you forever my wife, good night


60. My heart beats for you loving wife, you are the source of my happiness, I will love you till the end. You remain my number one. Good night sweetie.


61. I can not sleep, I can not eat without your presence, you are my soul mate, and you mean more than the world. Good night loving wife.


62. The more I see you, I love you, the more I touch you, I feel the love and beauty of having you, love you, my wife. Good night.


63. I remember you like to sing every night for me, you like to make fun of me, now you can not do without me, I am happy I found you. good night


64. Calling you my wife is an understatement you are more than a wife, you make me a real man, you inspired me, I love you so much. Have a pleasurable night.


65. I want you just flora need rose, I want you just like birds need their nest, I am so used to you now, I can’t let you go. Good night my love.


66. My love for you makes me go crazy, anytime I see you my heartbeat, I love you till the end of time my wife, good and sweet night.


67. Life is beautiful with you my wife, you are so fun to be with, I am so glad we met at the best place and the best time, you are my joy, love you, my superman. have the best of the night, good night.


68. I see so many good things coming my way because you are in my life, your luck shine on me, I am so fortunate to be with you.


69. Make me your love and I promise to give you all my heart for the rest of my life. You remain my number one, and I will be with you forever.


70. In my heart, there is nothing compared to you. I have searched all over but could not find someone like you, you are so amazing.


71. I love everything you say to me, everything you do to me, I love you because I love you and I will keep the love growing higher in my heart. Lots of love my love.


72. I boring life would have been without you in my life, my existence would have been long forgotten if not for you, and you are the only man who presses the best button in my life.


73. I have all it takes to make you happy because your happiness is what I care for; you are the reason for my happiness too. love you.


74. I want to be in your arms all the time, I want to love you more than anything in this world, you are my dreams come true.


75. If I close my eyes is your handsome face I see, the only face I want to see first in the morning, you incomparable, your love is special, I love you.


76. My world is a lonely place without you, you are the missing rib, I have finally found you now, that makes me a complete woman, with you is with everything.


77. I have the image of you a long time ago, you are not just a dream come true, but a destiny to come my way. I love you.


78. I believe in love at first sight, it takes two tangles in the feelings, I have strong feelings and affection for you, and you are the sugar in my tea, my honey, my love.


79. You make me feel the way I feel, you show me how to love and I can’t stop loving anymore, I am happy I am in your arms.

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