Romantic Good Night Sweet Dream Messages (2020)


Good night sweet dream
Good night sweet dream


Good night sweet dream messages for husband/wife are those lovely text messages that make him/her feel so good and think about you before bedtime.


Make your thought one warmest thing in his /her mind every time even as she closes his/her eye to sleep this lovely night.


Do you want to be the last thing on his/her mind? then choose from our best collections of beautiful good night message the one that catches your eye for that lovely angel of your heart, good night everyone here.


good night my daisy, sweet dream

Good Night Sweet Dream Messages for Wife

Your wife is your treasure, a gift from heaven, she deserves love and smile, sends her some sweet text messages to make her night beautiful.


• The night has come, it is beautiful to rest your soul, goodnight my angel, wishing you a wonderful night.


• May the Lord bless your heart; I would always love you with all my life, good night my dear heart.


• Your love radiates in my heart like the moonshine in the night, you mean so much to me, I pray the Lord to bless you with a sweet night, good night my love.


• You make me happy every time that I think of you, may the Lord make this night a beautiful time of rest for you, goodnight, sweet dream.


• You are my lifetime partner, I cherish forever, good night my sweet paradise, may God protect your soul.


• You are the everlasting joy of my heart; nothing would ever make me stop loving you, good night my Angel Eye.


• Your love is passionate to my heart, thank God I found a beautiful wife like you, may the keep you safe throughout the night, good night my sweetie.


• You are sweeter than honey and sugar, I never pray to spend a day without you, I love you so much, goodnight, my beautiful world.


• God bless you, my beautiful wife, your love stuck to my heart forever, as I close my eyes to sleep tonight, I wish you a beautiful night, I would dream of you, goodnight.


• You are the beautiful woman in the world, you are the angel of my heart, I love you so much, goodnight my joy.


• Life is so sweet because I have; you are a marvelous wife, good night.


• Your blossoms in my heart every day, thank you for being my beautiful wife, goodnight dream sweet of me tonight.


• I can never forget every smile that you have brought to my face, you the light that shines brightly in my heart, goodnight my sweet angel.


• The Lord of majesty has brought you forth to another night, I wish love and peace, good night my angel.


• I can hear your heartbeat from here, you are always on my mind, I love you with every beat of my heart too, good night, may the Lord bless your soul.


• May your night be filled with sweet dreams; sleep like a baby, good night my sunshine.


• You would always have my love for you as fresh as snow, good night my Daisy.


• Your love is one powerful thing in my heart, it makes me feel good every moment that I think about you, thank you for being my paradise, good night my sweet baby.


• I cherish every moment that you are in arms, I wish I can I see you now, but be sure that I would be in your sweet dream tonight, goodnight my Flower.


• I never knew that life would be so nice spending it with you, thank God I found you, good night my sweet love.


• Everything about you is amazing; your love shines in my heart like the full moon of this night, good night.


• I would be cool tonight because I think of you and your love is so beautiful in my heart, good night my dear wife.


• I can’t imagine life without you, ever since I found you, you have always been my sweet joy, good night my sweetie-pie.


• Your sweet thought is kin to my heart, I miss you, good night my Honeybun.


• Your love shines in my heart like gold and diamond, I can’t be fine without you, I miss you, good night my special Lady.


• The more I think of you the more I cherish you, I love you so much, good night my heaven.


• If I spend one night in your lovely arms, it gives sweet dreams of a hundred night, you mean so much to me, good night.


Sweet Dream Messages for Wife

• I can feel you close to my heart; I know it is going to be a lovely night for us, good night my Dear.


• God knows why he has chosen you for me, He knows that we would complete each other, good night my beautiful soul mate, may the Lord restore your soul by dawn.


• Keep shining, keep looking astonishing, I can’t keep my eyes off you more, I love you, just like the first day I saw you, good night my Boo.


• Life can never be the same if I had missed you the first day I saw you, ever since that very moment your love has always shone in my heart, you are paradise, I love you, goodnight my Cutie.


• I need be to be fine all the time, it so beautiful to have you as my lovely wife, just close your eyes, sweet sleep would envelop you, good night.


• Every moment that I spent with you is like a dream come true for me, there can never be another you, you are so cute and special in my heart, good night my Smiley.


• You keep me on my toes for love, how can I ever thank you for being my sweet wife, may God Almighty bless you soul tonight as you rest your head to sleep, good night my Sunshine.


• If every wife were like you, then the world would have been a paradise, you are the best wife in the world, good night Angel.


• You keep me cool and happy by your sweet thought, I’m nothing with you, may my love blossom in our heart to, sweet dream tonight, goodnight my cheerful heart.


• When I looked up the sky in the night, I’m trying to find the brightest star among the stars, and that is you, you are the brightest wife, thank you for everything that you have been to me, good night my sweet Candy.


• It is beautiful to be with you, why didn’t I found you since I was born, thank I would be spending the rest of my life with you, good night my Sexy.


• When I was growing I use to fantasize a beautiful world with my family, thank you for making my dream come true, you are such a lovely wife and caring mother, I love you with the last drop of my blood, good night my sweet dream.


• I want to live every moment with you because I’m away from home, my heart would never let be, it always asked of her soul mate, I miss you my beauty, good night wishing you a joyful sleep.


• You are my living paradise, I wish that we would never have to say goodbye one day, and if we do, may the Lord unite us together in Heaven again, good night my beautiful heart.


• I every day that passes I use to thank God for the precious gift of a beautiful wife like you are such a beautiful and caring heart, good night my Sweetness.


• At the break of the day, my heart was filled with you sweet thoughts, and all through the day, you keep shining in my heart. Now the night has come, I sure to dream sweetly of you tonight, thanking for filling my world with happiness, God bless you, good night my Angel.


• You are as beautiful as the angel is, though I haven’t seen an angel before, we use to hear beautiful stories about them. You make every day a happy day for me, and I promise to love and take good of you forever as long as breathe, good night Heaven.



• Every moment that I think of having a beautiful wife like you, my heart is filled with immeasurable joy, what have I done to deserve a wonderful woman like you? All I can say is thank God for the gift of a precious wife like you, just close your eyes and drift away in sweet sleep, good night my beauty.


• The night’s angel is waiting for you to take you in their arms, may your night be splendid for you, good night my Adorable.


• Like rays of beautiful light from heaven, your love brightens my heart, and broaden my smile, I don’t know what I can do without you, good night my Angel Heart, I love you.


• I keep you close to my heart just you did, you make my world a better place and I promise to be there for you forever.


• I choose among the women in the world because of you the best among the rest. You are my beautiful life; I love you so much, good night my love wishing you a glorious night.


• As the moonlight becomes full and brighter into the night, I wish sweet and deeper sleep, good night my angel, may the Lord keep safe until the morning comes when I would see your beautiful face again.


• In a night like this before I sleep, I playback every beautiful record of your beautiful thoughts in my memory, you are lovely in my heart, good night my angel, may the Lord bless you with the wonderful night.


• For every moment that looked into your eyes, I see my paradise there, you are precious to me, thank God I found you, I love you, wishing you a splendid sleep.


• I couldn’t have imagined a world without you, good night my sweetheart.


• Tomorrow is another day to hold you in my arms again, for now, I keep your sweet thought in my heart, good night.


• Your love blossoms in my heart like a rose flower, it makes me overcome the greatest fear in my life, you are a costless gift from heaven, goodnight my Sexy baby.


• You are my happiest life; everything in my life is beautiful because I have an angel like you, good night, make sure you dream of me.


• I don’t care what tomorrow will bring, as long as I have you with me, I know the Lord would furnish a place for us, good night my love.


• You are my beautiful world, you look so gorgeous and wonderful every day, I miss your bright smile, sleep well this night and dream sweet of us, goodnight my Yummy.



• “I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone”. Goodnight my angel. J.R.R Tolkien


• You are too beautiful for me, I feel like a king when I walk by your side, you are utterly the most beautiful woman in the world, so cute and gorgeous, good night my sweet love.


• I chose you because you special, I love you so much because you are precious, and I would any for you because you are dream come true, I love you so much, god night my Mi Lady.


• I have prayed that you would be mine forever, you shall have my special love for you every moment, I love you with the last drop in my vein, good night my special one, may the Lord bless you with a beautiful night.


• Angel of my life want to sleep now, I may be miles away tonight, but your beautiful thoughts filled my heart, I would kiss and hold your hands in mine when I see you again, good night my sunshine.


• The joy of having you in my life is enormous, your smile warms my heart and your voice soothes my soul, good night my angel, I miss you so much.


• You are the apple of my eye, you turn me on every time that I see your beautiful face, thank God I found my soul mate who would be by side forever, good night my angel, I love you so much.


• My Diamond wants to sleep, I wish you a night full of sweet dreams, may your soul be refreshed for another beautiful tomorrow, good night.


Good Night Sweet Dream Messages for Husband

Make your husband hungry for you always, set the passion of your love in his heart, and keep it burning by sending him a romantic good night message before he closes his eyes every night. That would be so amazing.


• The Lord had made the night for rest, may you rest peacefully and your night filled with sweet dreams, good night my Superman.


• I stop dreaming of another love somewhere the first day that we met; thank God, I’m in your loving arms today, goodnight my handsome.


• You teach me what love truly means, I’m the luckiest woman on earth to have found a caring heart like you, I would be by your side forever no matter what tomorrow brings, goodnight my sweetheart.


• I found an angel as a husband, he is so cute and nice, good night my paradise, may the LORD bless your soul with a wonderful night.


• Just your sweet voice, spend happiness into my heart, so I wish you could call me up now before you sleep, I love you, my Hero.


• Lord blessed me with a wonderful husband, everything that you do is ever so lovely to my heart, I cherish you so much, close your eyes and feel the sweetness of the night, good night.


• If there are many of you in the world, it would have been a wonderful place, you are so precious to my heart, thank you so much for making feel so good, good night my Panda bear.


• Just a smile from you take away my sorrow, and when you hold and kiss me, I forget everything that ever makes me sad. I don’t know why I love you so much, you are my beautiful world, thank God I found you, goodnight.


• I wish you could kiss me goodnight now, but just a lovely text from you now would send me to a world of sweet dreams, good night my Soul mate.


• I would forever be you, lovely wife because I cherish every single moment I spent with you, I want to spend my life in your magical hand, may the Lord bless you with a majesty night.


• it is not my lips that you kiss when you kiss me, it’s my heart that you blow with endless joy, good night my Cutie.


• My Penguin wants to sleep now, you are the cutest man living, thank you for bringing happiness to my life, good night wishing you a wonderful sleep.


• My joy multiplies when I think of you, you are the only that ever make me feel this way, I would love you forever, goodnight my cheerful heart.


• I do not think of a better place than I can be now than in your lovely heart, hope you can feel me there, good night my Sugar.


• Only you can interpret the language of my heart, even when I’m silent, you read my mind accurately, how perfectly you fit into my world, good night my Romeo.


• If there is another world to come, I wished to spend it with you, I can’t imagine a life without you, you are the joy of my heart, good night sweet dream.


• You make feel so special when I’m by your side because of the way to treat me, you called me beautiful names that make my head swells, thank you forever being my guardian angel, good night my Honey Boney.


• I would be your sweetheart forever until death does us apart, may the God almighty bless you with a splendid, good night, my sweetheart.


• I have never spent a night without dreaming of you, I would always adore you until the end of time, you are so Dearing to my heart, good night my cute bear.

May your night be filled with sweet dream


• Love is always in the air when you stay by my side, you make me feel as if I’m living in paradise, dream sweet of me as you close your eye to sleep tonight, I would also dream sweetly of you too, good night, God bless your heart.


• A day is like a year without you, how amazing you paint my world, like the moon, you shine brightly in my heart, good night to you the captain of my ship.


• Good night Mi Amor, you hold my world in great awe, there can never a better place to lay my head this night your lovely arms, I miss you.


• When I think of you, I thank God that I found you; you have always been the joy of my heart, good night my sweet soul mate.


• My sadness vanishes when I hear your sweet voice, I have been so joyful in my entire life until I found you, I will always be the girl of your heart, goodnight my Dear.


• Like a miracle I fall in love with you with all my heart, I know the meaning of true love because of you, thank you for sending a lot of warmness to my heart, I cherish you every day, good night, may God shine his light in your heart.


• You spread love in m heart, I wish that I never have to miss you one single day, I beseech my Lord to bless you with a wonderful sleep, sweet dream, goodnight.


• Love is when you whisper some sweet words to my heart every night before I sleep, life is so beautiful to spend it with, I love you, good night my sweetheart.


• Good night, to you the king of my heart, thank you for making my heart joyful, I love you.


• You are my smile when I smiled, you are my laughter when I laugh, you are everything that ever makes me happy, goodnight my Honey Bunch.


• You are the most caring heart I have ever seen, I’m blessed because I have you as my husband, for every moment that passes, your love shines brightly in my heart, goodnight my Heart.


• My heart is packed with sweets memory of you, I love it when you called me your angel, good night my dream lover.

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