Top Heart Warming Goodnight Mom/Dad Quotes


Goodnight Mom/Dad Quotes

Mom and Dad are the two angels of our life; they love us, care for us, and bring us up in the best way. No matter where you are, make it a habit every night to say goodnight to mom and dad. Don’t worry about the trouble of writing such goodnight messages; we have helped you composed some beautiful goodnight mom/dad quote to make them smile before they sleep.


Goodnight Mom Quotes to Make Her Smile


• Goodnight to the best mom in the world, may Lord bless you with a beautiful rest, I love you, mom.


• Good mom, wishing you a night as wonderful as you are, I love you mom you are the best.


• Every night that comes, I go down on my knees to thank God for blessing me with a beautiful mother like you, I hope you had a beautiful day, wishing you a lovely night as well, good night Mom.


• Dear mother, thank you for everything that you have been to me, praying for a beautiful night for you, sleep well, goodnight.


• The love that you have for me is special, I would always cherish you wherever I may be, and may the Lord bless you with a beautiful night, goodnight mama.


• Sweet mother, your love shines in my heart every single moment, can’t believe that a wonderful woman like you still lives, you are more precious than all the gift of this world, goodnight Mom, sleep tight.


• I have always known that you are a precious gift from heaven to us, thanking for your love and care for us, goodnight mother, see your beautiful face again tomorrow.


• Darling mother, I know that you are about to sleep now, you deserve a beautiful night, may the Lord send his angel to guard against the evil of this night, sleep peacefully, goodnight ma.


• Sweet mother, as we depart to sleep tonight, may the Lord restore our soul tomorrow morning, so can hold your beautiful hands again, you are my heaven on Earth, good night Mom.


• As you recline on your bed to sleep tonight, I pray that the Lord bestows peace in your heart, may he restore your soul tomorrow morning, good night cheerful heart, goodnight mom.


• My love is for you first then for others, words cannot describe how amazing you are as a mother, only God reward you for all the sacrifice you made for me, good night sweet mother.


• Mom, you are the most adorable mother in the world, I can never forget you, I have said my night prayers for you, feel safe mama, God is with you, goodnight.


• Wish I could keep watching you all through the night, but keeping you in God’s safe hand, may the descend his angel to watch over you as you sleep, good night.


• Looking for those special words to say good night to my dearest mother, of the mothers in the world, you are the most caring and loving, goodnight mama, wishing you a blessed night.


• I’m the luckiest man in the world to have a mother as amazing as heaven, dear mother, as rest your head to sleep tonight, I wish God protection and love, sleep well, may we again tomorrow.


• I’m so happy to be your son, very proud of you, mother, you are one in a million, sending my good night wishes, sleep tight God is with you, goodnight Mom.


• There is no place like home, there is where I found peace and joy living with my mama, hope your day was marvelous ma, go to bed and rest, have a beautiful night.


• I wish you love and peace, I wish you sweet dreams too, goodnight my dear mother, and may the night refresh your soul.


Trending Now Goodnight Mom Quotes

• Wish you can give me that beautiful hug and cheerful smile before you sleep Mama, you occupy a beautiful place in my heart, I would always cherish you anywhere I am, goodnight ma, have a splendid night.


• The beauty of your love shines in my heart, the thought that I have a wonderful mother like you makes me feel better every day, goodnight mama, have an amazing night.


• I have never seen another mother as excited as you, so happy to have you as my mother, goodnight mama.


• As you sleep dear mother, may the angel surround you, keep you safe from all evils of this night, sleep well mama, goodnight.


• I don’t how much thank you would be sufficient to repay back for what you have done for me, you are my angel mother, feel joy and peace, sleep tight, goodnight night ma.


• Saying good night to my dearest mother, you mean the world to me, thank you for your love and care.


• Dear mother, thank you for being the light that shines brightly in my heart, I can never forget to say goodnight to you, rest well, goodnight, mama.


• No matter how far I’m from home, I would always keep your love in my heart; nothing can separate me from you except death, wishing you a wonderful night, goodnight sweet mother.


• The night has come, thank God for the day that has gone, may the Lord Prepare a beautiful night for you, goodnight.


• I know you were so busy during the day, it is that time of the night to go to bed, don’t worry about anything mama, the Lord would take care of everything for you, goodnight sweet mother.


• Your smile warms my heart, I always want to be around you mom, in your heart I found a beautiful place to call home, and in your eyes, I see my paradise, tomorrow will bring you happiness and joy, goodnight my angel mother.


• At the end of the day, I pray for my dear mother, she is my world and my everything, goodnight Mom, God bless your heart.


• I have a wonderful mother, I have a caring mother, sweet mom before you sleep tonight, I just want to say thank you for your love and care for me, you are always the last person that stood by my side when the going was tough, I can’t forget you, have a wonderful night.


• You are the moonlight of my night and the sunshine of my day, you may not be with me here, but the lessons of life that you have taught me guides me every day, you are the best teacher in the world, goodnight my sweet mom.


• I can’t wait to see your beautiful face mom, I miss your food, your smiles, and your cheerful heart, how beautiful you make me feel mama, I love you, good night.


Goodnight Dad Quotes To Make Him Smile

• Thank God I’m a daughter to the best Dad in the world, I would make you proud of me dad, hope you had an amazing day sir, goodnight Dad.


• I’m so lucky to have a lovely and caring father like you; I live my everyday life by the light of your wisdom, thank you for giving me the best guidance, goodnight dad.


• You filled my heart with love and care, you gave me the best education in the world, not every father can sacrifice his all for their children, but you did, even if we give you the whole treasure of the world as an appreciation, it not sufficient for what you have done for us, only God can reward you, goodnight Dad.


• I have never seen a father as amazing as you, thank you for making Mom smile every day, praying for a beautiful night for you, goodnight daddy.


• The joy of having a beautiful father like you cannot be described, you brought us up with care and love, you teach us everything that we need to know, we are what we are today because of your wonderful guidance, I love you Dad, goodnight.


• I have gone to so many places, I have never come across anyone as amazing as my father, dear Dad you are the hero of our life and the lives of others around you, it gives me joy to say good night dad.


• Hope you had a great day, as you lay on your bed to sleep tonight, I wish you God’s blessing and protection, goodnight Daddy.


• Goodnight to my sweet dad, thank you for being so peaceful and loving father, you are the greatest gift of our life.


• A good father is chosen by God, you were no. 1 of the best fathers in the world; wish I can give you that goodnight hug now, goodnight dad.


• May the night be beautiful and peaceful for you, looking forward to a beautiful day for you tomorrow, look good night Dad.


• Goodnight Dad, may the angel guard you from the evil omen of this night, have a peaceful sleep.


• No matter how far I’m from home, I feel your love in my heart every single moment; you are the most caring father in the world, goodnight Dad.


• You have done your best today sir, it is time to rest, I pray the Lord to bless you with a beautiful night, goodnight Dad.


• When I was young you took care of me, I cause you pain, you never gave up on me, dear Dad, I owe you everything in my life, thank you so much, goodnight Sir.


• If there is one person after God that means heaven to my heart is my dad, he is a hero, a dear father, a caring husband, goodnight Dad and thanks for everything.


• The beauty of life is to have a father who made every single day a memorable day for you, my father is the replica of an angel on Earth, so lucky to be your son sir, I would always make you proud of me, saying, good night dad.


• Father is the best example for every other father to follow, you take the lead in everything, so happy to have you with us, and may the LORD bless you with good health and abundant life, goodnight dad.


• Every night that comes reminds me of those silent moments when you would sit me down to share life’s experience with me, I miss everything about you, dad; wishing you a glorious night, sleep well.


• You look deeply into my eyes that beautifully night and smile at me, I taught I was going to receive the bitten of my life for the wrong that I have done. But dad your words are sharper than the sword, you touch my heart with the way you handle everything about us, you have brought a total child up, thanks for your loving care, goodnight dad.


• Lord bless my father as he rests his head to sleep, refresh his body and soul, and make him smile in a new day tomorrow morning, goodnight dad.


• The more I think of my father the happiest my heart is, dad is an amazing husband and an angel father, thank you, Dad, goodnight.

• May the Lord send peace to your heart now and forever, you deserve a very good night rest, love you, good night dad.


• When I thought I was alone, I would look by my side and always find my dad there, you have always been there for me when I need you most, may the Lord be there for you too always, goodnight sir.


• Mom was the luckiest woman to have a doting husband like you, we are the fortunate children to have you as our father too, may your heart keep shining in the light of God, good night dad.


• I give glory to God for giving me a loving father like you, your love keeps shining in my heart everywhere I go, can’t wait to see you again dad, goodnight.


• Goodnight, goodnight! Dad, have a wonderful night, see you in a brighter mood tomorrow morning.

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