Happy 30th Birthday Funny Quotes

Happy 30th Birthday Funny: Birthdays are special days that bring fond memories. If today is your 30th birthday or for your family and friends, we have composed these hilarious happy 30th birthday quotes to make you laugh and cheerful.

Happy 30th Birthday Funny

If I had known you for 30 years, I would have called you perfect. Happy 30th Birthday.


Adorable fact: When you were born, I only listened to The Cure, New Order and Joy Division. Happy 30th birthday—I guess we kinda need to be cool now.


I don’t know if I like your 30s or not. You smile more, you laugh more and you seem to be one of those people that everyone likes. Happy Birthday!


I can’t believe you’re 30 already! Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Happy birthday, bro. #30 #Friends #Birthday


Hey, just turned 30! I thought I’d always be a teenager. Funny how life doesn’t work out the way you expect. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and I hope you make it up to the upper thirties someday…


May you live all 30 of your birthdays.


It’s so nice to see a familiar face each year on your birthday. Good luck with the next 30!


30 years is a long time, so happy birthday. Now don’t let us down with whiny tweets about how your life is over forever.


30 years of friendship is something to celebrate! 


I’m so glad you didn’t grow up. Here’s to 30 more years of staying young!


Roses are red, violets are blue… I’m 30 today.


30 years later and we still have a healthy, happy relationship. I don’t know it all, but I still think you’re perfect.


Feeling my age now that I’ve been on this earth for 30 years.


May all your future birthdays be filled with cake, laughs, and presents.


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That horrible moment when you realize that your life is actually half over #happy30thbirthday


Happy 30th Birthday! You are now one-third of the way to growing old.


I think I found my new passion…😮…👸🏻,” and my true goal in life- becoming a #30thBirthdayCalendar.


What a milestone! A 30-year-old is 30 years old—every day.


These 30 years of memories were so much fun but your best is yet to come.


May all your birthday wishes come true.


At 30 years old, you finally realize that the only person stopping you from having a better life is yourself.


This is a time to sing, dance, and have a great dinner with friends. Have a happy one!


So many more reasons I can’t believe it—I mean 30 years ago, did you imagine that you’d still be living with your roommate?


I’m older than I look and younger than I feel.


Another year under my belt. What a crazy year it’s been. I’m not worried about growing old, just about growing up.


You’ve lived a third of your life. You can finally decide what you want without asking anyone. – Steven Brust


Let’s cut the cake, but first, let’s cut the rug.


When you were 30 years old, the only thing you wanted was to be 20. But now see you’re 40 years old with no hope of returning to that lost decade. 


Wishing you a blast, baby, will you give me some space? You’re turning 30. #Happy30thBirthday


Happy 30th birthday to the cutest guy I’ve ever met.


It’s your 30th birthday, but in my head, you’ll always be the cute little boy with freckles . Wish you a very happy birthday 30.


It’s my 30th birthday. I’ve spent the first 20 wishing I was older.


I’ll miss the days when we used to spend all day together and it was just another Tuesday. Happy 30th, friend!


30 may be the new 20, but you’re still my baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only @sydneyfryar! #30thbirthday.


As I turn 30 today, I want to take a moment and look back on my 20s. All those hangovers. Feeling old at 21… now that was a good feeling.


This guy was taking longer than 30 minutes to use the bathroom. #30 #30thBirthday


Have 30 amazing years. And then have another 30.


May the next 30 be as blissfully full of adventure and accomplishment as the previous 30. Here’s to another great year, #30!


30 years ago today, I met you. And it was perfect! 30 years later, I love you even more We’re banana ba ba monkeying around eeeek.


30 years ago today, you were nothing but a gleam in your parent’s eyes. But look at you now…


It’s our first birthday together, first month, first year, first decade…and I’m so glad it’s with you. 


Do you know how much underwear I own? A 30 pack.


Happy 30th Birthday! I couldn’t think of a better person to party with on this special day, especially since you look so young.


30 years later and you still make my heart skip a beat. #happy30thbirthday


May you have a happy 30th birthday and a lot more to come. 


T’s your 30th birthday and I’m not afraid to tell you that you look every day at it! Happy Birthday #30


Today’s the day for celebrating! Happy 30th birthday, dear friend! Here’s looking forward to your next 3 decades of awesomeness.


Go to Google. Type in “30th birthday memes” and press enter. Come on, you know you want to.


30 Rock! The only good thing about turning 30 is that I get to stop pretending I’m not 30.


Turning thirty was a bit of a shock. The first thing I did was have a party and have people over 30 dance the Macarena, which is what I would have wanted to do had I been able to plan it.


The best is yet to come. And not just because it’s your 30th, but also because you’re my daughter, and there’s no one more special or loved than that!


30 years is a long time. At least, I hope not for me! But you’re looking good and feeling fine on your big day 😎 lol


May all your birthday dreams come true. #30 #birthday


I’m so old… but I feel so young. Happy 💘 th birthday! HBD!


Happiest of birthdays to my witty, well-spoken, and undeniably handsome brother. Wishing you a weekend as good as your analogies.


Today is for celebrating and reminiscing and of course, wish you had made the best of your 20s and earlier and that’s why we invite you to get started with it right now because time is running faster than ever before actually. Wishing you 30


Wishing you 30 of the best years of your life! #30thBirthday


There are too many birthdays to celebrate with you, but all I can think about is how lucky I am to have spent the last 30 years celebrating them with you


When I was born, Julie Andrews was singing “The Sound of Music.” Now she’s singing Happy Birthday to me. #30


You’re 30 years old, And that calls for a lot of cake. 


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m turning 30! I want to thank everyone for coming out and making it a memorable bash. Here’s to many more birthdays with friends! 


Wish you were here, but wish you didn’t have to go.  A little help from our friends at 30 Rock. 


When you’re a little kid, 30 is an eternity away. Now that I’m thirty I feel like a hundred.


Get ready for lots of cake 🎂! Wishing you 30 years of happiness & prosperity, my dear friend!


You have to be a good friend for a long time before you can be a boyfriend. And I’m a great friend.


I’m 30 some-odd dogs old and I have no idea what my life is going to look like when I finally settle down.


My older brother was born the year I was born. This is awkward.


There are just two more candles on your cake.


I cannot believe you are turning 30. When I was 10, I wanted to be like you when I grew up. Now that you are 30, I want to be 10 again. Happy Birthday my dearest son! #30 #30th #


Happy 30th birthday to the most genuine, loveable goofball around. You’re forever young at heart, and that’s something to celebrate! 


In 30 years you’ve never been wrong. In fact, you always come through even when the odds are overwhelming. Happy 30th Birthday!


Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, but apparently, today is your 30th birthday so… *cheers*


Birthdays were never a big deal for me, but 30 is a milestone! I’ll be the coolest 30-year-old ever.


30 years young, you’ve been around the block a few times and have this whole “life thing” figured out. Let’s check-in in 30 more years. Happy Birthday!


I’m not 30, I can’t be 30. How is this happening?


“I’m so glad I got out of my twenties alive.” – John Mulaney


hope your day is as awesome as you *insert funny meme*.


A party pretty much every day from here on out.


My memory of you isn’t getting any better.


Can’t believe it’s really been 3 whole decades since the 90s. What a time to be alive. 


I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime to celebrate these next 30 years with.


Whiskey and women, and song and dance. All good things must come to an end… Happy 30th birthday.


Happy 30th birthday, here’s to us! Here’s to 30 years of friendship, jokes, sneaking beers at the ballpark, playing games of Boggle out loud, midnight phone calls for no reason, sleeping on floors of camps


30 years ago, I asked u out and you said no…..but now, I’m glad I didn’t give up because you’re the person I want to celebrate my next 30 years


You may be 30, but you’ll always be my 30-year-old baby. Happy birthday!


Are you 30 yet? Me neither, lucky for us there’s still so much time to do so many good things. Happy birthday!


At this age, I hope you’re aware that 30 is just a number. It’s what you do with the years that counts.


Thirty isn’t old… it’s *mature.*


Now I need to ask you what’s in your genes because the way you’re aging they must be good. Happy birthday.


Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. 


We surprised him with a cake. Then he surprised us all by actually eating it.


The air smells differently on this side of 30. You can almost taste the freedom.


Ain’t no big deal, I’m just a man who got to say what the great Carl Yastrzemski once said: “I’m awfully glad it’s me and not you.”


If you find yourself in a time warp on your 30th birthday just remember, it’s better than the alternative: not having reached the age of 30! Happy Birthday!


Happy 30th birthday, babe. It’s time to fin, I mean fine…


Happy 30th birthday, from a year 29 years ago.


You’ve made it far, but I want you to know that I’m always just a phone call away. Happy 30th birthday.


Here’s to turning 30!


30 isn’t old. There has to be a rule that life starts over at 30.


Thank you for always letting me use your Netflix account and eat all your green tea ice cream! Happy 30.


I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since you shot your first gaper in the parking lot at the mall. Happy Birthday to my favorite #bro.

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