Heartwarming Happy 40th Anniversary Quote

40 years of marriage? That’s an amazing feat and probably one of the most rewarding things a couple can experience. Whether you’re still newlyweds or simply looking for the perfect way to say what you feel on your 40th wedding anniversary, there are tons of lovely sayings you can use as quotes for cards and other memorabilia.


Happy 40th Anniversary Quote for Husband

I didn’t think I could possibly love you more until you gave me two beautiful granddaughters. I love you so much that my heart might burst. You make all my dreams come true and I simply adore you! Happy 40th anniversary to the most wonderful husband ever! May this year be filled with many more for years to come!


Happy 40th wedding anniversary. I’m so thankful for you. You are an incredible father, husband, and man. I love you so much.


On this special day, we celebrate 40 years of marriage. I am so happy that I found you because life becomes more colorful and beautiful with you by my side. Through all ups and downs, we have remained the strongest couple in the world. And we only have each other to thank for it. We grew old together, but before that, we fell in love! You give me love and joy beyond words, I don’t know what I’d do without you! Happy anniversary.


My love, it has been an amazing 40 years and I am so grateful to have spent the majority of them with you. You are such a good man and I am proud of the man you’ve become. I hope that we have many more years to grow old together because I know we’re going to be the best couple on our block!


Honey, it’s hard to believe that we have been married for 40 years. It has been a wonderful 40 years, thanks to your love, support, and inspiration. Happy anniversary, sweetie.


Wow – 40 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long since we first met. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You have been the best husband a woman could ask for. You are the most amazing father and provider. I look forward to more years with you by my side. I love you!


You are my husband who gave me the best gifts and I am so grateful for your life. It has been a long time but I still can’t forget the day we first met. You are so romantic and made every day of my life full of joy, happiness, and surprises.


Happy 40th anniversary to a wonderful and talented man, who helped me through the good and bad times. He will always be my perfect man. Thanks for the joy you have brought into my life. I love you with all my heart.


You are my best friend. You’re handsome, intelligent, and strong. I love your big heart and sweet soul. I thank God for you daily. I will always admire your strength. Our marriage is a blessing to me every day, and there is nothing I won’t do to continue making it the best it can be. No matter what life has in store for us, we will always have each other to face it with. My love for you grows stronger every day.


There’s a reason why God had you come into my life. We have made our way through everything that life has thrown at us, and I wouldn’t change anything at all. I am so proud to be your wife and so fortunate to have such an amazing husband who loves me. Happy anniversary darling, I love you so much!


40 years ago; you have entered a poor girl’s life, and now you are my world. I always admired your attitude towards life. I love you.


Thank you so much for loving me. Thank you for being such a great wife and mother. I love you more today than ever before. I am so glad I have you in my life. I look forward to the next 40 years with you more than anything else.


You are a wonderful husband and father, the best man I know! Thank you for helping make life so wonderful. I love you with all my heart!


I love you more every day! The once a day I tell you how much I love you has turned into multiple times a month. The 47 years of marriage have been the happiest of my life. And I’m still in love. I can’t wait for the next 47.


I want to wish your husband a Happy 40th Anniversary! I love him more today than ever and still look forward to seeing him every day. What an amazing man he has been in my life. He is my family, my best friend, my soul mate, and the love of my life!


My husband, my best friend, my rock. I love you with all my heart and enjoy spending every moment with you. We have been through so much, but we overcame it all together as a team. You are a wonderful father and an amazing husband, which is why I always feel like the luckiest woman in the world. On our 40th anniversary I wanted to send you some of the sweetest things you have ever heard, so here is a collection of them for you.


Happy 40th anniversary to the man I fell in love with over 20 years ago. I remember our first date so well… we went for an amazing dinner then went for a walk along the beach, full of excitement and hope for our future together. We were two strangers who got lost in each other’s eyes, and from that moment I knew it was true love!


40 years ago, today, I married the most beautiful person in the world. You have been my best friend and my lover for all these years. I can’t imagine life without you. You are the love of my life, and every minute we have spent together over the last forty years has been more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.


Thanks for all the things you do to make our lives easier and better. You are a fantastic husband and father. Our marriage is stronger than ever, I love you so much and look forward to growing old with you.


During the past 40 years, I have learned that true friendship is a sacred value that applies to couples and their friendship towards each other. Love grows throughout the years of marriage as each day brings new meaning to living.


Millions of words are spoken and written every day. None of these have been found which can express the love that I have for you. I am so much in love with you, sweetheart. Here’s to the next 40 years and beyond! Happy anniversary.


To my dearest husband, I have always hoped that your 40th is your best year ever. May God bless you with love and prosperity throughout this day and the next 40 years to come. This anniversary is not just for us as a couple but in celebration of moving forward together through life’s journey. May we continue to cherish and enjoy each moment that we are given on this Earth with our wonderful children and grandchildren. I cannot imagine life without you. Happy Anniversary!


Hi honey, if I need to put this in writing, then you already know. Our love is everlasting, hello, you’re the best and you mean so much to me. So happy anniversary and take care of yourself! Lots of love from your wife.


Together for 40 years is amazing; you and I have grown up together. You are still the same handsome man I fell in love with, but so much more. You are respectful, loving, and caring. You have a giving mind and know how to be gentle with a soft touch. You are my knight in shining armor!


I love you with all my heart, my love for you grows with time. You are not only the best husband but also the sweetest dad. The memories we’ve shared together will forever be in my heart. I am so glad that I met you and that you are still here with me.


40 years ago; we took our wedding vows. You have been such a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. It is amazing to watch you raise our children in such a loving way. Your constant support and encouragement, make me want to be a better person each day. May God continue to bless you with good health and many more years of happiness. I Love You!


40 years seemed like an eternity to wait before I met you. Now that we’ve shared 40 years, I can say for certain that I could never have waited a single day of those 40 years without you. You’re my best friend and so much more; so of course, I love you more with each year that passes.


I can’t believe that 40 years have passed. Time sure flies by quickly. We have been through a lot and with you by my side I can overcome anything. Today I look at our life together as a journey, we have many new paths to travel but I know that I will always be with you, sharing the ups and downs while growing old together. Thank You for all you do to help me and for all you have done for me over the years, I am blessed!


Happy 40th wedding anniversary to the man that I have loved with all my heart since I laid my eyes on you. You have grown as a person into someone who I could’ve only imagined in my dreams. A husband, father and friend that loves me every day no matter what life throws at us.

Your love is steadfast and everlasting. Love you, sweetheart!


My dearest husband, you are adorable and I appreciate you very much. We made it thirty years and I am so thankful for all that you’ve done for me and the family. You are such an amazing man whom I cherish each and every day. You mean everything to me and words can never express how thankful I am.


Every day of my life has been better because you have you in my life. I truly do not know where I would be without you. From the first day we met to now, you have been there for me and have been the rock that keeps my head above water. I love you so much. Happy 40th anniversary!


40 years ago; I married the love of my life and my best friend. We have been through it all, good and bad, and I wouldn’t change one thing.

I am so lucky to have you as my husband for the next 40 or however many years we get together.


The saying, “good things come in small packages” is very true when applied to you. I am thankful for the day that God chose me to be your wife. You’ve given me more love and support than anyone I know. Each year we grow a little closer, a little stronger, and a lot more in love. Every anniversary makes me love you even more. May God bless you on our special day of celebrating 41 years of marriage together!


Thanks for bringing joy into my life. Thanks for being yourself, thanks for teaching me how to love and how to forgive. Thanks for being a great father, thanks for being a caring man. Thanks for supporting me, thanks for loving me so much.


It is so hard to believe that we have been married 40 years. Time really does fly quickly when you are enjoying life. We live in the same house we bought when we were first married, and we have been blessed with 3 children who have given us 5 grandchildren. Blessings abound in our life!


I’m so proud of you for making it to 40. You have worked hard and lived a long time. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. I have always been happy with you, even at your worst! I love you more today than ever before.


Happy Anniversary, I love you more than words can tell. Thank you for being my best friend and the perfect husband and father. I’m so lucky to have you by my side, as we grow old together…I love you. I’ve been a witness to your victories, felt your pain, and shared your tears of happiness and joy. God’s got a great plan for both of us, father! I look forward to these next 40 years and forever!! Love YOU.


My love for you grows stronger every day. I fall in love again and again with how wonderful you are. I never thought I could ever be as happy as I am now, and it is all because of you! You are the light that guides me when I’m lost, my rainbow after the storm, my ray of sunshine in the winter time. You are my soul mate, my world, my heart, and all that lives within me. Happy Anniversary!


I fell in love with you at the first sight. Every time we spend together reminds me of the strong feeling of love that I have for you. You are so supportive, kind, and understanding to me. You were a strong leader and always comforted me whenever I am in trouble.


I am overwhelmed by the love and joy that I feel because of you. Your life is a testimony to others, and I am so happy that God put us together. You are my very best friend and my soulmate. Thank you for 40 years of love, passion, and caring!


I’m sorry that the only present I can give you is my love for you. I might not have the ability to buy expensive gifts, but I have love gifts that will never fail. I gave you my heart when we first met. Never a day goes by and nothing reminds me of how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are my everything! Happy anniversary, honey.


Happy 40th Anniversary
Happy 40th Anniversary

Happy 40th Anniversary Quote for Wife

I’ve been married to you for 40 years, and the older I get the more you make me love you. I continue to admire your unique personality, caring ways, open heart, and the way you seem to glide effortlessly from one task to another. Your care is infectious. I’m still thankful for the chance I had 40 years ago that led Katie here with me in our life today.


Today as we celebrate 40 years of marriage, I would like to say thank you for the last 4 decades of marriage. I am looking forward to the next 40 years with you by my side. As we grow old together, I pray that God will continue to bless us and watch over us in this lifetime.


My love, my life! It’s not easy to be married for 40 years. You made this possible. If I said I wasn’t thankful for you, that would be the biggest lie in the world. I can’t imagine living one more day without you. I am truly fulfilled with my life now that you are a part of it.


It’s hard to believe that 40 years have passed since we were wed. We’ve been through everything together, raising kids and building a life full of love and laughs. I know that retiring will be the perfect time for me to show you how much you mean to me. I hope you come home to a nice warm cup of coffee in bed.


On our 40th anniversary, I love you and celebrate your legacy with me. We have had a journey for 40 years that has taken us to heights of joy and depths of sorrow that have taught us if we hold on to one another nothing can separate us. I am grateful for those years and for the years yet to come.


We’ve spent 40 years (and counting) together, and the simple fact that you are in my world makes every day a happy one. I love you more today than I did on the day we married, and I will love you even more tomorrow.


You have always been the only one for me. You are a loving mother, caring woman, unique mother, great personality, sweet wife God-fearing wife, fantastic and cheerful. I am so proud to be your husband!


I’ve got the best wife in the world! Last Saturday was our 40th anniversary. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Only 40 years!?!?


That’s nothing but a blink of an eye!”. Well, let me tell you this, we have loved each other for 40 years and it just gets better and better every single day. You are the best thing that happened to me and I love you with all my heart.


Happy anniversary to the best wife in the world. On this day 40 years ago, you and I became one as husband and wife. Your love is still exciting and refreshing. I thank God for blessing me with 40 years with you. I love you!


We have been married for 40 years. And as the last year has drawn to a close, I find myself reflecting on how glad I am that we have been together for this long. Forty years is quite something, but it seems just right because it was brought on by two people who loved each other and knew that this was the one. The love between us has always been strong and even now, after all these years, it still grows stronger with each day. Happy anniversary, love.


40 years ago; today, you came into my life and made it complete. I’ve been the happiest man in the world ever since. Thank you for your love, support, and devotion and for being the best wife a man could ever ask for.


40 years of marriage. It seems like it was yesterday. You have been by my side through the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s you I want to come home to forever. I love you with all my heart.


Happy anniversary! It’s hard to believe that 40 years have gone by. We’ve been through so much together and look at us now still going strong and loving each other more than ever! When I look at you, I am filled with joy and love. You are the most amazing women I have ever known, and words can never express how grateful I am for your love and support throughout the years.


Happy 40th Anniversary! You are the best thing that has happened to my life! I am so lucky to have you, there is no one else in the world I’d rather be with. I love you forever and ever.


40 years ago; we were babies in love. You told me you would love me forever and you have. Our lives haven’t always been easy, but in the end, it’s been worth it. We have raised two successful sons, bought a home to call our own, and we have experienced all life has to offer. I still want to be your wife another 40 years; I still want to fall asleep every day with you in my arm. Happy anniversary, my love.


My dear wife, I am grateful for the best years of my life. Thank you for your care and all that you did for me, our children, and our family. I love you, my dear wife!


Happy anniversary, dear. I just want to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. As two people who felt they had known each other forever when our paths crossed, we continue to learn more about each other with every passing day. You are the wife of my dreams, my best friend, and a woman I am so proud of.


You are my best friend, my soul mate, the mother of my children, and the love of my life. I will always love you no matter what I have to sacrifice. We have made it through 40 years of ups and downs, laughter and tears. Thank you for being with me through it all. I am so lucky to have found a woman like you.


Wow! 40 years already? It’s amazing how time flies. Our journey has been full of ups and downs, but with you standing by my side we have overcome all that life threw at us, and just look where we are now. I love you more today than yesterday, and less today than tomorrow.


Your love keeps me warm. Your friendship makes me stronger. And your smile makes everything better. I’m so lucky to have been blessed with an amazing husband! I love you so much!


It was 40 years ago that we met and it was the best day of my life. Now it is a long time, but I can say that this love has only deepened.

You’re a wonderful wife, a caring woman, a hard-working woman, a unique mother to my children and grandparents to their offspring, you are a sweet and caring wife who loves me endlessly. I cannot imagine life without you. Happy 40th anniversary, dear.


Happy 40th anniversary to my wonderful wife. All these years I’ve tried to be the best husband for you that I could be. You have been my friend, my helper, and my partner. You are the one that makes me strong; who helped with all the hard decisions; who prayed with me when things get tough. You are my best friend and left half of me. I love you more than words could ever express!


I never thought I would be sitting here typing this to you, but since we married, my life has been full of happiness and joy. You are such a wonderful mother, a caring woman I know that God chose you and sent you to me for a reason. Your smile lights up the room and your loving heart is so big. Thank you for 40 years of marriage and many more together.


What a glorious day, today we celebrate 40 years of marriage. We’ve been together through it all… good times and bad. You still keep me happy, young, and madly in love. Thanks for always being my girl and making life so special for me every day. I’m so proud to be your husband… but even prouder to be your friend. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever!


Happy anniversary my love. Forty years is such a long time, but I can honestly say that we have never been bored or unhappy for one single second. You are everything to me, I love you with all my heart.


I love you with all my heart, and I am so happy that we found each other. You are the greatest husband a woman could ask for. I feel blessed to have such a loving, honest, and kind man by my side forever. Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping the ship in order! I love you and this has been the best 40 years of my life.


Thank you for the last 40 plus years of joy. Thank you for being my best friend, my lover, and my reason for living. I am so proud of our family. We have endured tough times, but we are stronger than ever because of the love that is ours and the love that we share with each other. As I look back on our life together, I remember thinking how lucky I was to have met you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SWEETIE!


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Happy 40th anniversary to my loving and caring wife, wonderful mother of our kids, a unique woman with a great personality, being sweet and cheerful. I love you too. I love you not only because you are the most wonderful woman in the whole world for me but also because you have always been an attractive lady to me.


40 years with you, my love, thank you. Time just seems to race by; I still get the same thrill when I see that handsome face! I love and respect you dearly.


Thanks for being the wonderful wife that you are. For caring for me and our children with so much love and devotion. You are everything I could ever want in a woman, and so much more.


I love you! You are a woman of God and an angel to me. There is no one that could ever take your place. You are worth more than rubies! I love knowing that you are there for me, and I always want to be there for you. Our love is fresh and beautiful, and it will be like this all of our lives together.


Dear husband, I may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but you make me so. I may not be the smartest woman in the world, but with you, by my side, I feel like I could take on anything. You are such a wonderful man; you work tirelessly to support our family and ensure that we have a great life. I thank god every day that you were brought into my life. I love you!


Our romance should be written in poetry and our marriage a beautiful song. Let us embrace each other my sweetest treasure for I adore you more than life itself. I love you wife!


Happy 40th anniversary to an awesome and compassionate wife! Over the years we have been through a lot of ups and downs, but through it all you always take the time to listen, to care, and to help. I can’t imagine my life without your continued love & support.


Your love still warms my heart even after forty years of marriage. You are my best friend and the love of my life. I will always be there for you and love you for as long as I’m here on earth. Happy 40th anniversary!


40 years has taught me many things. The most important is that I’m madly in love with you and I can’t imagine a day without you. I think we were made for each other. You are an incredible wife, mother, woman; and my soul mate. I look forward to at least another 40 wonderful years together!


To the future, Happy Anniversary! 40 years is wonderful, but I wouldn’t change a day. You are my world!


As a wife, mother, and grandmother, your efforts and time give so much. You are thoughtful to all those around you and always reach out to others. We are so proud of the example you are to our children. You show them what it means to be a good person. As I reflect on 40 years with you, I can’t imagine life without you here by my side. I love you more than ever!


I was never alone because you were my partner in crime. I will forever have so many cherished memories of us doing things together, going everywhere together, and sharing everything together. You are my best friend, motivator, and someone honestly, I’ve never wanted to do life without. Forty years later our love has shown over time that it is truly magical and no matter what the distance; you will forever be the love of my life. Love you, sweetie!


I don’t know how it happened, but it did. 40 years ago; today I met you for the first time. There, in a white dress, your hair long and straight, your eyes enchanting me with every glance. I knew right then that we would be together forever. I was right. We have had our ups and downs. We have had serious battles to fight and tough decisions to make but through it all, we have always found each other.

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