Beautiful Happy 44th Anniversary Wishes

It’s time to say Happy 44th Anniversary Wishes to the love of your life. Here you can find beautifully written happy 44th wedding anniversary wishes for your Best friend, girlfriend, wife, husband, mother and father.


Happy 44th Anniversary Husband Wishes

I want to say thank you for being an amazing father. I want to say thank you for being an awesome husband. I want to say thank you for all the love, kindness, and support you have given me over the years. Thank you for showing me what a good man is supposed to be like. Happy 44th anniversary!

I would like to say this about my husband. I will remember him as a king in our family and listen to our children about his majesty. He; is a Godly man with a great personality and uniqueness. HIS LOVE IS LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

My 44 years of marriage to you, my husband, has only increased my love for you. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if you weren’t in it. I love your dedication, love and caring and want you to know that I have been faithful to you in every way.

I love you so much. It should be illegal! You are the most wonderful husband a woman could have. We have been married for 44 years and each year seems better than the last. I love you, you old rascal!

I cannot believe the time has gone by so quickly. Have I really been married to you for 44 years? How wonderful is that! There is no one else in this world that I would rather be with than you. I would not trade our love or our family for anything. You are my strength, my rock, my hero and I will love you until the end of time!

I love you more than words could ever express, and every day I fall in love with you over and over again. You are the best husband a woman could ever ask for. I am so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. It has been such an amazing ride and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

I love you so much, my husband. And that’s why I am always giving you praises and good words because you deserve it. You are a great man, a loving father to our children and the best husband in the world! I will always be grateful for having you by my side.

My love! thank you for being such a wonderful husband and amazing father. I will always be very grateful, thankful, and most of all in love with my husband. Thank you for putting up with me these 44 years of our marriage. Thank you for your unconditional love towards me and the kids. I honestly don’t know how I ever made it without you. You are such a wonderful husband and a very loving father. You are God-fearing, hard-working and I love you dearly.

My husband is my soul mate, my other half. My love for you is endless and I will love you forever. We have been together for almost 40 years, I value every moment I have with you, in your arms and heart. God knew what he was doing when he united us into one.

I feel like I have waited for a lifetime to meet you. Thank you for being an amazing man, husband and friend. I can honestly say that I never knew true love was possible until I met you, my love.

You’re a demanding husband, but I love you. My wife, the mother of our children, the queen of my heart: You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

I love you more today than I did yesterday. And that is hard to do. There are just so many things, I love about you. You are an amazing father; a caring man and you have a unique personality that I have never come across.

On the occasion of your 44th anniversary, I want to thank God for the man that you are. I know that He is the one watching over us because if not we wouldn’t have survived all the trials we got through together. We have passed many challenges but we survived through them and become closer to each other. Here’s to another 44 years of love and happiness.

Forty-four years ago; today, I married the man of my dreams. Over the years, I’ve come to see how blessed I am to have you as a husband. You are strong and dependable, funny and kind, loving and loyal. We have built a life together filled with love and laughter. From the moment I met you I knew you were the one for me! And I can’t wait to be your wife for many more years!

There are three things I will always be thankful for God, Country and my sweet husband. You are the man I have always wanted, the man that I prayed for to love me the way he has loved me. You have been through so many challenges, but you still push forward to do what is right. There could not be a better man than you. You make sure everyone around you is smiling and feeling special and important. Thanks for making me the happiest woman in the world.

44 years ago; today we said our vows. 44 years since I have loved you, 44 years of working hard for us, 44 years together and still going strong. Happy anniversary baby, there is no one else that I would rather be with or have those memories with than you.

I know I don’t say it enough, but I am so thankful for you and our family. If I could spend every day of my life with you; I would be one happy camper. You are the best husband any woman could ever ask for. I love you so much!

I am overwhelmed by the love you show to me every day. 44 years ago; I saw you for the first time and immediately knew that you were the one. Through laughter, tears or joys we have always been on each other’s side. Thank you for the birthday trip, all the sweet notes and your love of poetry. Even after 44 years, I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever we touch.

Since we got married you have always been my pillar and rock. You’re the greatest husband a wife could ask for. Blessed our life together, happy anniversary my dear husband and may God bless us more and more every day of our lives.

Happy anniversary my love. I love you so much! Just as the years go by, I see our love continues to grow with each passing day. You are my life, my world, my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. My entire world is you and your girls. May our 44th year together always be full of love, laughter, and joy! Happy anniversary!

Perfect husband, perfect father, perfect grandfather, you are the man that I have always wished for. Like every woman in this world, I dreamed of getting married to her prince charming. My wish was fulfilled when I married my prince charming and till today; we have never had a dispute. We live together like two lovebirds knowing fully well that all we want and need is each other. You are my heartbeat, my love!

I’m so lucky I found you. You are my best friend and the love of my life. What you have given me is truly amazing. Every day you make me smile, simply with a look or a hug, or your cheeky smile. I thank my lucky stars every day that you married me 44 years ago. I love you with all my heart. This anniversary is really not as special if you weren’t here to share it with me. Happy anniversary, love.

I love you more today than I did the day before. Our day together was wonderful. You make my heart completely full of happiness and I am almost sure that there is no other person in this world that could make me any happier than you do. Through everything, you are my true love and always will be.

When I first met you; my life became complete. I knew that God had brought me the love that I needed to make my days, worth-living. You aren’t just my husband, you are my best friend, a partner in crime and soul mate.

I remember the day we met; with your infectious smile; we were friends, but so much more. You were my friend and my first love. I wish you have all the best on the 44th anniversary.

I have loved and adored you since we first lay eyes on one another. The many years of happiness that I have been able to experience because of your love are enormous. Your love grows each year, as does my appreciation for the love that you dedicate towards me. I thank God every day for blessing me with the everlasting love of a husband like you.

Happy anniversary dear. It has been over 44 years that I thanked God for you every day. We’ve been through so much and I am grateful to have you as my wife.

I’ve always thought of you as the total package. Cute, intelligent, and never afraid to admit when he was wrong. I’ve loved you since we were kids and nothing will ever change it. I hope this day is as special for you like every other day you get to be my husband. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Thank you for being devoted, caring, funny, spending time with me. Thank you for helping with chores, making meals, for keeping a smile on my face. I really appreciate it. As always; your love is unconditional and I always appreciate it. Our relationship has its ups and downs but every day is worth the fight as we learn to adapt to each other.

44 years ago; today, the timing was just perfect. But, not as perfect as you have turned out to be. You are the love of my life and I love you more every day than yesterday. I cannot put my feelings into words.

Wow! Has it already been 44 years? I know we joke about getting old but I don’t feel like it. We are growing more distant from our youth but our love is as strong as ever; the thought of you makes me smile and the thought of not having you brings me to tears. I hope that the rest of our lives together will be just as wonderful.

I love you with all my heart and soul, more than I ever thought was possible. You mean the world to me and I love you more each day. We have had our ups and downs but that has made us stronger in our marriage. You are one of a kind, loving father, caring man, unique man, great personality, sweet husband, God-fearing man, fantastic and cheerful. Happy 44 years my dear! Love you always!

You are the best man I have ever known. I only wish I could be like you in some ways. That would make my life easier LOL! Your love and dedication to us; is admirable and although it doesn’t always show, you do truly love us more than anything in the world. I hate to think about what our lives would be like without you. You will always be my best friend, and always my choice number one.

Today is our 44th wedding anniversary. You really are a wonderful and thoughtful husband. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

You are a beautiful man. I have been blessed to spend 44 years with the ideal guy. Each year I love you more and our love grows. Happy anniversary, my dear husband.

Today is our 44th wedding anniversary and I just want you to know how much I love you. We have shared so many wonderful experiences together and have grown together and changed for the better. Life would not be the same without your precious smile, your loving ways, your support and encouragement, or your love.

You are the most wonderful man in the whole world. I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy anniversary baby!

I miss you already. I do appreciate you and all that you do for me. You have such a big heart, you are patient (most of the time) and a good provider. I am so very lucky to be your wife. I can’t wait to show our children how much fun it is to be married and how much love we still have after 44 years! I love you, sweetie!

We still have so much fun together and are just as in love today as when we were first married.

You have given so much joy to me and those around us. Man, I love you. Now let’s celebrate our 44th anniversary!

Today marks our 44th wedding anniversary. 44 years ago, on this day, we said “I Do”. 44 Years ago, you were mine even then and I was yours. I remember so much about that day. While all these memories are still fresh in my mind, it feels like only yesterday.

You are my best friend for over 44 years and without you; life would be a never-ending disaster. Now I thank God every day for gracing me with your presence. I thank this wonderful God who blessed us with so many years of bliss together. I can say that I am truly a lucky man!

It has been far more than 40 years with you and I still remember when we first met, there is something about your eyes that attracted me to you. I remember how nervous I was, and those butterflies in my stomach. You made it right though by melting my heart. As each year goes by it is always like being in love over again. You are the best partner a girl could have, the best friend anyone could hope for. I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Happy 44th anniversary, dear.

I love you with all that I have in me. I thank God for letting me meet you, for giving me you, the greatest gift anyone can ask for. You completed my life from the first day I met you and I will always be indebted to you.

Without you, the world would be a sad and lonely place. All these years of marriage taught me how to be a stronger woman; thank you for your guidance and for your undying support.

My love; You are perfect the way you are, and as I watch you grow, live life to the fullest, and be a loving father, it brings nothing but happiness to my heart. You make me a better person and I am so grateful that God chose me to share my life with you. I love you!

Happy 44th Anniversary
Happy 44th Anniversary

Happy 44th Anniversary Wife Wishes

Happy 44th Anniversary, my darling! You make my life complete. I know that I will never have enough words to express how I feel about you. I love you like no other! You are my life, my love and soul mate.

My sweetheart, you are always on my mind. I think of you all the time, and this year we have been 44 years married! That is unheard of and a true miracle to me. I love you with all my heart and will do it forevermore.

My darling wife, 44 years have we been walking this earth together. On this day, it is with love and passion that I write this. You are by far the best thing to have ever happened in my life. So many times; I have thanked God for bringing you into my life, but even that cannot adequately describe my feelings for you. You make my life complete and give it meaning.

It has been 44 years and every day I am still in awe that we have been blessed with so much love and happiness. There have been many ups and downs throughout our marriage, but you give me enough reason to not give up on you and us. You seem to always be able to put a smile on my face no matter what the situation is. I love how you just know what to say or do at just the right time. You make me feel like a queen at all times.

One of my dreams has come true. I found a girl who was willing to marry me, a great wife. Our entire life has been successful and happy. I owe it all to you – your love, your strength, your tolerance. There are no words to express my gratitude and thankfulness for you. May God bless you with happiness and health!

I love and respect you more than words can say. I have been blessed to have you in my life for 44 years. I look forward to more years of love and laughter. Happy anniversary!

You’re almost the whole reason I breathe. Because you are my life. I love you more than ever I did, and never have I truly felt this way. You are my perfect wife, and I will always be your supportive husband. You’ve given me a hundred reasons to smile and laugh. Thank you for being everything for me, and a million memories worth keeping.

Happy 44th Anniversary to my life’s partner, my gorgeous wife, my best friend. I love you with all my heart. You are the perfect fit for me!

My love, together we have made it 44 years of marriage. All the years I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, for being such a great wife and understanding mom. I am so grateful for God in my life, who has given me such a beautiful marriage relationship with you.

Happy 44 years ago today, I married my best friend. I can’t imagine life without you. We have been through so much together, good times and bad. You stood by me through thick and thin. When it was hard, you were there to help me through it. Now, as we are getting older, we have become closer than ever. We have been able to share our love with the grandkids. Just remember this darling, love conquers all!

44 years! I remember the day we got married like it was yesterday. I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you. You were everything I could ever want. Your beauty is unmatched and your wisdom is a teaching tool for all women to learn from. Now 44 beautiful years have passed and our love continues to grow like the sun on a hot summer day. Happy anniversary, love.

You have been the love of my life for 44 years. The first 44 years and all that will follow. I am so proud to be your wife.

Darling, I am writing to share the best news with you; our 45th wedding anniversary is today. We are celebrating over 44 years together. There’s nothing quite as joyful as looking at a beautiful autumn sunset, warm pumpkin pie and a steaming cup of tea. Congratulations to us!

I love you so much, my love. I’m not afraid of anything in the future, because I have you. Thanks for being the best husband, father and friend a woman could ask for. Happy anniversary!

Happy 44th Anniversary my darling wife. 44 years of love and laughter is more than I could’ve ever imagined. You are the most unique person I know; you have such a fun and fantastic personality that keeps me smiling all day. I’m so happy to share this life with you. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. Thank you for being the caring woman, loving mother, and caring partner that you have been for me over all these years.

Happy 44th Anniversary to the love of my life. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and my everything. When I look into your beautiful eyes; I see all that is good in this world.

I love you so much, my wonderful wife. You have been such an amazing blessing to me and our family! I could only hope that I love you as much as you have loved me. You are an amazing woman! I know we will be together forever.

I will always love you for the rest of my life. I will do my best to make all your dreams come true. I promise you that I will spend all my life making our life a good one and full of wonderful things. Thank you for being so great! Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary. You are sweet, caring, loving. Sorry for unfaithfulness because I love you more than life itself and I miss you so much.

45 years have flown by and they have been wonderful because you are my world. I love you, sweetheart!

What I will always love most about you is how you are able to brighten up any room when you walk in. You have such a sweet, caring nature that makes people happy when they are around you. I am so lucky to have met you and since then, my life has been much better because of it. I love you so much, baby!

I love you dearly, I love you more and more, I love you with all my heart. We have been together for 44 years. These 44 years have not been easy; you were by my side always loved and believed in me till this day we are still together. Thank you for being the best husband to me.

You are amazing, I gave you all my love. Thank you for being such a wonderful woman with a great heart, always smiling and making others laugh. Thank you for putting up with me, for helping others when they needed your support. May God reward you in all you do, sweetie.

I love you more than ever! More than all the stars in the sky. Your love means so much to me, it is a thing of beauty. I can’t find the words in this world that say just how much I do. You are my everything. Happy anniversary my angel.

I will always be there for you, just as you have been through thick and thin. This is our 44th year of marriage and as they say, those are the ones that last.

Today, John and I celebrate 44 years. I can’t believe how time flies! I want to tell you that I love you and will always be your wife. I am grateful that God has given me peace, joy and health to be able to walk together with you through all these years. For my part, I will always cherish the profound sense of gratitude and realize how blessed by God we were in meeting each other.

Darling, you are the love of my life! How have I been so lucky to have you? It’s been 44 amazing years and I know that many more are to come. You are priceless and I feel blessed every day! Everything is better because of you in my life! I am a lucky man. I love you so much. Love you always!

You’re an amazing wife, a wonderful mother and the best person I know. I love every part of you, inside and out! To show you how much I adore you, please take this to heart. I LOVE YOU!

As your anniversary approaches, I want you to know that I think about the beginning of our relationship all the time. The dedication and effort that we both put in make me so happy to remember. I am also ecstatic to still be married to someone who made such a wonderful impact on my life. Happy 44 years together.

We have endured through everything and it’s amazing how much we have grown together. I will always cherish every single moment of our time together, and am so thankful for your love!

Thanks for being such a wonderful wife and mother in our 44 years together, I love you dearly!

In 44 years of married life. You are a wonderful wife and mother. I couldn’t be happier to have you in my life. I love and respect you very much!

I am so lucky to have you as my wife. I want to take this time to thank you for all that you do. You are an amazing mother, caring woman and loyal wife. You have a unique sense of humour and you always make me smile. Thanks for the many years of laughs, love and support. I look forward to more years with you by my side!

Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other. You are without a doubt the most sincere, honest, kind, caring and loving person I’ve ever known. My life would be so boring if you weren’t in it. 44 years and there is no end in sight. I love you with all my heart!

I was so lucky to have found someone as amazing and caring as you are. I knew there was something different about you the first time I laid eyes on you. You are the most beautiful woman I know and I would never change a thing about you, not even that bad habit of chewing your thumbnails!

Happy Anniversary. I cannot express adequately just how much I love you or how blessed I feel to have you in my life. It has been 44 years since we said, “I Do,” and every day of our marriage has been a joy! I look forward to the new adventures that await us, especially if we can share them together.


44th Anniversary Captions and Quotes

May your favourite memories and love continue to grow each year over the next 44 years. Happy Anniversary!

Love is a lot like a good sandwich—the more layers it has, the better. Happy 44th anniversary, Mom and Dad!”

Happy 44th Anniversary to two people who are dedicated to each other, to God, to their family, and to making the world a better place.

Best 44th anniversary wishes to my sweetie. ❤️💗 I love you #44 #happyanniversary

We’re celebrating 44 years of love, laughter, and friendship today! We hope your wedding day is filled with fun, food, family, friends and lots of dancing—the way ours was. Love you always.

Here’s to 44 years – and the journey – ahead. Celebrating your special day with you.

To our first date. And to every evening, night, morning, afternoon, weekend, vacation for the rest of our lives #happyanniversary #44

It’s been 44 years of laughter, love, friendship and family. We’re celebrating you!

May our friendship continue to sparkle and grow into a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations! #44thanniversary

44 years ago on our anniversary day, I asked my wife to marry me. Today, she is still the most precious of all my loves.

I hope that your anniversary not only makes you feel proud of what you have created but that it also fills you with a great deal of excitement and joy as you continue on with life. Happy anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been 44 years already! 🎂

There’s nothing more precious than time spent with family, and we’re grateful for your years of trust and support. 💕 We love you!

Happy 44th Anniversary to @gopaul. We hope your day is filled with love and laughter. 😘😚

From the bottom of our ❤️ Happy 44th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

So much has happened, but the memories only get sweeter with time. Happy 44th anniversary, honey! #44years #onelove #marriedlife #memories

Happy 44th anniversary to baby boomers, senior citizens, and anybody else who feels old 😁 Who’s counting?

When you’re as in love as we are, time stops. 44 years and counting!

Here’s to every happy memory we’ve shared, and all the ones that are yet to come. 💛 #HAPPYANNIVERSARY …


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