Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the World


Happy Birthday to the Best Mom
Happy Birthday to the Best Mom


Our mothers are the apples of our eyes, no amount of gratitude is enough to show our appreciation for what they have done for us. One of the beautiful time to remember our mom is during their birthday. Put a smile on their faces by sending them one of these happy birthday wishes to the best mom in the world.

Cute Happy Birthday to the Best Mom

1. Dear mom, you are the best mother in the world, as we celebrate you today, we wish you a happy birthday.


2. You are the beauty that illuminates my life, happy birthday mom.


3. My sweet mom wishing you long life, good health and prosperity, happy birthday.


4. I’m very happy for you mother because you have added another beautiful year today, I pray the Lord to continue to protect you and keep you in good health, happy birthday, mom.


5. Hurray mama has added another year today, happy birthday to most adorable mother in the world.


6. Mama, thank you for all that you have been to me, wishing you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday, mom.


7. You are the greatest and the kindest mother in the whole world, my life is incomplete without you. Thank God for another year for you, love you, dear mother. Happy birthday.


8. We wish you a very beautiful birthday, we are happy for your glorious life.


9. Mama, you have lived an exceptional life, the beauty of your soul has touched us in many positive ways, you are a dear mother, no one can take your place in our life. Wishing you joyous birthday. We love you.


10. Dearly mother, you are the foundation that keeps our house firm, you are the driver of our destiny, thank God that brought you our way, you are truly a dear rear mother. Happy birthday to you lovely mama.


11. Mama you shall live longer in good health to see your great-grandchildren. Happy birthday, ma.


12. Dad was the luckiest man in the world to have a beautiful, kind and wonderful woman like you as a wife. And as a mother, you are just too beautiful for us, we are happy you have added another year today, it’s going to be a celebration all the way. Happy birthday, mama.


13. Dear mama, may the Lord bring peace and harmony to your heart, you are an amazing mother. Happy birthday, mama.


14. For every successful husband, there is a heroine behind the scene, for every good child, there is the invisible hand of a mother. Dear mother, you have been a source of joy and inspiration to all of us in the family. Thank you for your care and understanding. Happy birthday, ma.


15. Life is more beautiful knowing that you are still here with us, wishing you a lovely day, long life in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, mother.


16. When I was a little baby you cared for me, when I was a teen you never left me, you are always there for me and listen to every bit of my complain. And now I’m an adult, mama you are still here for me. thank you for your candid guidance and lovely care, no one can be like you. happy birthday my lovely mama.


17. If I have to give up all that I have to make you happy, I will gladly do mama. No amount of anything I can do to pay you back for all the beautiful things you have done for me. I’m very happy to be here to celebrate your birthday with you, mama. You are the beauty of my soul. Happy birthday, mama.


18. You are a special gift to the world mama, I’m so proud to have a mother like you whose kindness and generosity knows no bound. You are so loved by many. Happy birthday, mother.


19. Happy birthday to the resemblance of the Mother Theresa of our time. I’m happy to have you as a mother.


20. Smile lovely mother, today is your beautiful day. Happy birthday, mom.



21. No one knows how you always do your magic, but with you around, everything goes right. You are truly an angel sent to the world. happy birthday, mother.


22. I don’t know of another better woman somewhere than you. You are so good mama, thank God for your lovely life. May the Lord reward you with paradise when you depart this world. Happy birthday, mama.


23. The beauty of your heart endeared many to you. I want to grow up and look like you, mama. You an epitome of beauty to many souls. Happy birthday, mama.


24. There is nothing I can do without first praying for you mama. I’m great today because you have thought me everything that I should know. Happy birthday mama, many years for you in good health and prosperity.


25. I wish that you will be here with us as long as we live, still looking stunning and beautiful. Happy birthday, mom.


26. Dearest mom today means a lot to me more than you, I give thanks to God for sending you to the world on this day about fifty years ago. I love you mom, you are truly a marvellous mother. Happy birthday.


27. For the rest of my life, I will continue to pray for you, my lovely mother. Happy birthday.


28. To the woman that gave beauty to my soul, you showed me care and love. I will forever be thankful to you mama. Happy birthday.


29. You are the one that stood by me when others deserted me, mama you whispered those beautiful words to me when I thought all was over. You told me to be strong and have hope in God, I believe you now mama. Happy birthday.


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30. I don’t know the kind of gift I can give to you to show my appreciation for the care and love to have shown me. I pray that the Lord continue to bless you and enrich your soul. Happy birthday, mama.



31. You’re the beauty of our home, you are the love of our life. Thanks for your love and care mama. We love you, happy birthday.


32. We wish you happy birthday mama, you have been a sources happiness to our life, we wish a beautiful celebration.


33. Happy birthday mom, you look so pretty just like the photo of yours twenty years back, you still glow like the flower touched by the early morning sun. your beauty radiates both inwardly and outwardly. I have never met a wonderful mother like you. I wish you all that will comfort your eyes and soothe your soul. I love you, mama.


34. Happy birthday mama, its 60 years on, and you still look strong and agile, I thank God for giving you this beautiful life. You are the living angel of my life. Thank you for all the care and love that you have given me.


35. Dearest mama, with happiness and glory to God almighty, I’m wishing you more beautiful years to come as you clocked 50 today. Happy birthday.


36. You are more than all the treasure and wealth of the world; your heart is an epitome of all that is good. You are so lovely and compassionate to all around you, I love you, mama. Happy birthday.


37. I wish that we will always be together forever, I don’t want to live in a world apart from you where you live mama. You are the guidance angel sent to me from above, I love you and I will continue to pray for you. happy birthday lovely mama.


38. Sweet mother, thank God for your beautiful life, we appreciate you and all that you mean to us. Thank you for your resilience in bringing us up, your strictness and care has brought us all that is good in life. Wishing you many more year in good health and in peace. Happy birthday, ma.


39. You are s super mother, you are never tired nor restless, I always marvel at your strength, you are a man in woman shape. You took full responsibility for us after the death of our father. I don’t know how to thank you, mama. Happy birthday dearest mother.


Cute Happy Birthday to the Best Mom from Daughter 

40. I’m happy to share this beautiful day with you, and all your grandchildren are around and are delighted to see their grandmother, what a beautiful life. Happy birthday, mama.



41. When I was a little girl, you treat me like a queen, but you never pamper to spoil me, today I’m a woman and all my thanks go back to my angelic mother, who has made me who I’m today. Thank you, mother, for all that you have taught me, happy birthday.


42. No one can be like a mother in the world, mother! They endure everything and still love their children even when all the world despises them. Thank you, mama, for never giving up on me. Happy birthday.


43. I can never think of a better place to be apart from home. My home where my angelic mother lives. Mother! I’m very happy to be with you at this beautiful moments. Happy birthday, mama.


44. If I’m at home I will be holding your hands and kissing you dearest mother, but still, my heart is always with you. Happy birthday, mother.


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45. Thank God that brought you to the world, I’m proud of you mama, you have made a beautiful contribution to the good of the world, you have touched several lives in positive ways. Happy birthday, mother.


46. I want to be the first to wish you happy birthday mama. You still look beautiful and younger, dad must be the luckiest man on earth to have a beautiful and caring wife like you, keep up all the good work you do mama. Happy birthday.


47. I have travelled to several places in the world, I have been to several homes, and I have not found any other woman like you mama. You are so good and caring, happy birthday lovely mother.


48. I still look back and smile and give thank to God for your beautiful life mama, I was a baby just yesterday and I’m thirty years and you are sixty years old today mother. You have not changed a bit, your smile, your caring and your beautiful laugher all are still intact. Happy birthday my beautiful angel.


49. I’m happy and grateful to God for keeping you alive in good health and peace of mind. I wish more wonderful years to come. Happy birthday, mother.


50. Every time is a moment of joy knowing that you are still alive and healthy. And today you have added another glorious year. Wishing you all that is good and happy birthday ma.



51. All the good people in the world are joining me to wish you a happy birthday. You are such a good person mother. Wishing you more fruitful years ahead.


52. Mama, smile and be happy, today is your birthday, happy birthday mother.


53. I will take the day off work so that I can spend the whole day with you, to celebrate with my loving mother on this beautiful day of your birthday.


54. Mother, I’m coming over so that we have some reminiscences of those beautiful stories you use to tell me when I was young. Happy birthday, mother.


55. I wish I was a baby again to be cuddled in your lovely arms, I still like to waft that motherly smell in your body, I’m coming over to give you a beautiful hug mother. Happy birthday.


56. Please, mother, keep those beautiful smiles waiting for me, I coming home to celebrate with you. happy birthday.


57. To the beautiful heart in the world, wishing my lovely mother a jolly birthday.


58. I will bake that have fifty steps because you exactly fifty years old today, what a wonderful year for you mama, I’m very happy for you. have a joyous birthday.


59. Mama instead of getting older you are getting younger, you still do everything perfectly as if you in your teens, I can’t believe this. Happy birthday sweet mother.


60. Mama, you are truly a superwoman, given birth to eight children and having them live a good life is not easy, meanwhile, all of us are storming home tonight with your grandchildren to celebrate with you. happy birthday.



61. I’m so happy to have a strong and wonderful mother like you, I can’t think of a better place like home, where a mother is. I’m coming home to have a swell birthday party with you. Happy birthday, mother.


62. Sweet mother, I can never forget all the care and love you showered on me. I still want to be showered by your love. Happy birthday, mother.


63. Mother, I have gathered all the beautiful soul in the world to join me in wishing another beautiful soul happy birthday. I love you, mama.


64. You’re worth to be celebrated mama, you are truly a wonderful and compassionate mother, happy birthday, may more blessing of God comes your way.

 Happy Birthday to the Best Mom from Son

65. Mama, you are truly an adorable mother, happy birthday to you.


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66. You are all that I ever have as an angel, no one can take your love away from my heart. Happy birthday dearest mother.


67. You more than the whole treasure that the world contains to me, mama you are my paradise on earth. Happy birthday, ma.


68. You are such a caring and a lovely mother, wishing you many more years in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, mama.


69. Dear mama, thank you for your wonderful work over our life, we are what we are today because of your love and care. I will ever be grateful to you. Happy birthday, mama.


70. Much encomium for you mama, thank you for such a wonderful and loving mother. happy birthday, ma. I love you.



71. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a lovely mother, happy birthday mother.


72. Words can’t express the joy in my heart on this special day mama, today is your birthday. I thank God for your beautiful life mama. No one body can surpass you in goodness, you a very special mother to the family and the world. Happy birthday, mother.


73. There is no doubt that you are the best mother in the world, I’m happy to be home to celebrate this special day with you. Happy birthday, mama.


74. Dear mother, I may not be close to you right now to see your smile on this beautiful day but know that my heart will always be with you where ever I may be. Wishing you many lovely years ahead. Happy birthday, mama.


75. My dear mother, I will always love you and pray for you all the time of my life for the love and the care that you have given me. Wishing you more successful years ahead. Happy birthday, mother.


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76. May the Lord continue to comfort your soul and soothe your eyes with what is good for you. Happy birthday my lovely mama.


77. Happy birthday mom, your birthday cake is on the way, we are coming over for this beautiful celebration.


78. Mother, you came as a miracle to the world just as you are to our heart, you are a cheerful giver. Thank God for having a wonderful mother like you. Happy birthday to my lovely mama.


79. Dear mama, you are the greatest mama in the world, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a lovely and nice mother. Thank you for your love and care. Happy birthday.

80. As long as I lived I will continue to thank God and appreciate the gift of having a loving mother like you. You are 50 today; we wish you more beautiful years ahead.



81. Thank you, mama, for all that you have taught, I can never pay you back all that you have given to me. On this special, I’m heartily celebrating with you. Happy birthday, mama.


82. You are my everything mama, I thank God for your beautiful life. I wish I could grow up and be like you. Happy birthday, mother.


83. Father was the luckiest man in the world to have a caring and beautiful woman like you. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a lovely mother like you. Wishing you all the best in life. Happy birthday, mama.


84. You are a tender and loving mother. You are so simple and selfless. Happy birthday, mama.


85. All the good people in the world are joining me and wishing you happy birthday mama.


86. Mama, I’m happy today is your day, it’s time to celebrate you. Happy birthday lovely mother.


87. Thank you, lovely mother, you have always been there for me, you never allow me to lack anything in this life, you single-handedly brought me up, you truly are a super mother. Happy birthday to you mom. I love you.


88. Mama, we are ever grateful to you for all that you have been to us. All of us are great today because of you a great and loving mama. We are living a beautiful life today because you have thought us all that are good. We are proud to be your children. Happy birthday, mama.


89. When the night comes I pray that I wake up tomorrow to see my lovely mama, and when morning comes, I pray that your day is beautiful. I will continue to pray for you my dearest mother. Happy birthday to you mama.


90. Ever since I have known you as a mother, you have never seized being good to everybody around you, if all mothers are like you, the world would have been a wonderful place. Happy birthday to lovely mother.



91. Happy birthday to my sunrise, my lovely mother. Wishing you many years in happiness.


92. Happy birthday, mama, thank you for loving and caring for us. You are the best mother in the world.

93. To my lovely mother, the happiness of my soul and the angel of my life, no amount of words is enough to eulogize you; you are so kind and caring. Happy birthday to you mama.


94. I pray that the Lord give you long life and good health, happy birthday lovely mother.


95. Happy birthday, mom, you are the joy of my heart every day of living. Wish you a long life.


96. May the years ahead be a continuation of endless joy and happiness in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, mama.


97. You are so special and I will want you to be treated as such, you mean so much to me, age with good health in love and happiness. Happy birthday, mom.


98. Lovely mom, as you celebrate today, may you find joy and appreciate life more as long as you live. Happy birthday.


99. The joy of being around you is endless and I love you. Happy birthday, mom, you will be celebrated today and always.


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100. Congratulation mom, I am the happiest daughter to have you as mom, happy birthday the best mother of the year.


101. You are the apple of my eyes mom; I can see the reflection of your mom in you so beautiful and elegant, strong and hard-working. I will always pray for you to find peace everywhere you go.


102. Happy birthday mom, and congratulation as you add another number today, wish you all you ever wanted and long life.


103. The best mother in the world is celebrating today, let all the birds on earth arise and sing a birthday song, she got the best. Cheers and happy birthday.


104. Long life and many more years to come in good health and strength.happy birthday mama.


105. The best person to be with is your mother, you are always there for me and you remain irreplaceable. Happy birthday.


106. Congratulation you are becoming older and you still look elegant, happy for mother, wish you many happy years ahead.


107. You are so kind, loving and adorable mother, what a life without you. happy birthday and long life.


108. Thank God for this day, may this moment of your birthday last forever, you will flourish like a rose flower. Happy birthday, mother.


109. I will always be with you till the end of time, happy birthday and wish you endless happiness.


110. Congratulation mama, be certain you have all that it takes to be happy, you got me and you are alive today, be happy, it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to her.


111. Happy birthday my mom, my friend, my joy, you are always in my mind.


112. Dear mom today is a special day as you become older, age with grace and have a wonderful and nice day.


113. Happy birthday, enjoy and be happy, it’s your special day. Love you mom.


114. A special day like this comes with loving memories. It is certain all of your good dreams today and always shall come true. Happy birthday, mom.


115. Mom honestly, I want to be the first person to wish you a wonderful, joyful birthday, happy birthday to the most beautiful girl.


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116. Many wishes and happy return as you celebrate this one it shall bring joy, happiness and long-life mom.


117. Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I ever known, have a wonderful and happy birthday I love you girl.


118. May this special day of your life bring special memories and happiness into your life, happy birthday love.


119. The most exciting thing is having you in my life, good morning to you and happy birthday mama.

120. Mama today is that special day of yours, a day to remember, have a wonderful birthday.


121. Let celebrate you and so shall we celebrate you mama every year, have a joyful day filled with memories and laughter happy birthday my mom.


122. Hey mama, it’s another special day of yours have a great day, happy birthday sweet mother.


123. Lovely mom today is a special day for you enjoy and be happy it’s your day, have a fun, happy birthday.


124. The special day is here again, your dreams will be accomplished, happy birthday sweet mom.


125. Mom, it’s your birthday, get busy, make a loud noise, it’s your special day, and have a wonderful day.


126. Mama, it’s your birthday so I want to be the first to wish you a wonderfully happy birthday. Love you.


127. Happy birthday the sugar in my cake, the cheese in my pizza. Lots of love mom.


128. Hello, mom, it’s your birthday have a lovely day, happy birthday.


129. My first love, the only woman that makes me happy, the best mother of all mothers. Happy birthday.


130. How sweet you are so lovely and caring, lucky to have a mother like you. Today is your birthday, be the happiest in the world. Happy birthday.


131. So long as am alive I will always wish you a great happy birthday, long life and many more years, have fun it’s your day. love to the sweetest mother.


132. My last thought before I went to bed yesterday was how to be the first to wish you a fabulously happy birthday this beautiful morning and tell you how special you mean to me, mama.


133. Life without you is worthless mama I will always wish you a wonderful and lovely birthday, joyful birthday, happy birthday.


134. I will always be that special one in your life, please don’t leave, and am so glad to be around you today and always, love you mother. Happy birthday my hearts robe, my sweet mom.


135. The very first thought that came to my mind this morning was your birthday, happy birthday has a wonderful day, may you be blessed and your heart is filled with joy.


136. Hello mama. Smile today is your birthday; I wish you the good things in life, happy birthday sweet mother.


137. Today is a very special, delighted day for you my mother, friend, my sister, my mentor, have a great birthday and wish a long life with good health.


138. Good morning mama I’m wishing you a happy birthday. Keep smiling that gives me joy.


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139. I know all you ever wish for, all you hope for in life so as you celebrate this special day may God make your ambition and wishes come true, happy birthday mother.


140. Mother its morning and also your birthday so I am wishing you all the best in life, happy birthday and have a great morning.


141. For the rest of my life, I’ll stay by you and share in your happiness, happy birthday mother, age with grace and strength.


142. Happy birthday to the sweetest and caring mother wish you happiness and prosperity.


143. Congratulation to the most beautiful and elegant mother. You will live to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Happy birthday, mother.


144. Happy birthday to the one and only mother, you know the deepest thing in my heart and you are always there for me when I need somebody to learn on. Age with grace and many more years for you by the grace of God.


145. Let’s celebrate for the apple of my eyes, let celebrate and be happy because it’s my mother’s your happy birthday.


146. Congratulation on your 50th year birthday, mom you are becoming older and more beautiful, happy birthday to you.


147. Let joy and happiness fill your heart today and always, happy birthday my loving mother.


148. Congratulations as you clock 50, wishing you long life, good health and prosperity.


149. Happy birthday to you, long life and good health, with all the good things in life.


150. Happy birthday mother, the reason why I am alive, is your care and endless love. Congratulation mother.

Short Happy Birthday to the Best Mom

152. Hello mommy it’s your day and I want to be the first person to wish you a joyful day, happy birthday mom.


153. May this day bring you joy and happiness, happy birthday mom.


154. Happy birthday, mom, I’m wishing you all the best in life.


155. From the beginning we have celebrated many birthdays and so shall we continue to celebrate more by the grace of God, happy birthday sweet mom.


156. My dear lovely mother I am wishing you a glorious and joyful happy birthday, have a great day.


157. Wow, it’s my super mom’s birthday, happy birthday has a beautiful day mom.


158. This is the most blessed day in your life is today and it’s your day have a wonderful day my dear mom.


159. You the most incredible and intelligent woman I have ever known and I’m happy to wish you a happy birthday.


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160. Happy birthday to the great woman in my life who has helped me fulfil my dreams, happy birthday to the sweetest mom ever.


161. Every child wishes to see that cool and cute smile on his or her mom’s face as he makes her happy, happy birthday to my beloved mother.


162. Happy birthday to the most special and caring mom ever. I wish you all the best in life.


163. I cherish and love you so much than anything in this world and I will do everything to make you happy my beloved mom, happy birthday.


164. Happy birthday, I pray that this special day brings you joy and happiness.


165. Mama, do you know what my last thought was before I slept last night it was how to make your birthday successful day, hope you are having lots of fun. Happy birthday, mom.


166. Well, well it’s another day you have just added into your life, may it bring joy and blessing into our home, happy birthday sweet mommy.


167. Dear beloved mom, I want to wish you a great and wonderful birthday, mama to today is your day, happy birthday.


168. May the years to come be filled with wonders and bliss for you. Happy birthday, mama.


169. Ever since I was born my greatest wish was to make you happy, so I am wishing you a wonderful day, happy birthday mama.


170. Dear mom do you know that you are that type of woman that people will always love and admire.  Thank God I’m among those who share this beautiful day with you, happy birthday.


171. I am wishing you the very best on this day and year the years ahead. Happy birthday, mom.


172. I want to be the first to send a heartwarming birthday wish to you, you are always on my mind, happy birthday to the best mum ever!


173. It’s very good and exciting to celebrate this day of yours to cheer you and make that beautiful smile

to always be there, happy birthday mum.


174. Although we are apart that very joy and happiness between a son and mother will always remain there, happy birthday.


175. Happy birthday, my angel mother, I love you.


176. As the days come and go, I pray it builds happiness and joy in your life, happy birthday mama.


177. Thank you for the love, care and support you have shown me, honestly, I don’t know how to express my joy and happiness to you, happy birthday to the best mom ever on earth.


178. Happy birthday mom, I pray that you live longer to reap the fruit of your labour, we love you.


179. Happy birthday to the most beloved mother who’s the key to my success.


180. Happy birthday, I am wishing you a great day, you are the most supportive and incredible mom ever.


181. I pray that this day of yours brings a lovely joy and blessings just as lovely and blessed as you are, happy birthday.


182. Have a wonderful and memorable day, happy birthday sweet mom.


183. Happy birthday, I hope that this day of yours should be filled with joy and happiness.


184. May this day be filled with joy, wonders, delightedness and unimaginable love and joy, happy birthday to the best mum ever.


185. Hey mum, you know that I love you so much, so I am wishing you a happy birthday, from your lovely child.


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186. We pray that you would receive numerous blessing for your sincerity, honesty and tolerance, happy birthday to the most peaceful mother ever.


187. I want to thank God for giving me a special mom like you, happy birthday mom.


188. Wishing you good in this very day gives me joy in my heart, congratulations on adding another year of glory and wonders.


189. We have all been waiting for this very day to share your joy and happiness with you, happy birthday mama.


190. May all your desire come true as this day comes true, happy birthday.


191. I pray this special day to be the key to your success, happy birthday mama you are the best ever.


192. To my most special mom in the world, I wish you all the best happy birthday mama.


193. May this day of yours be filled with wonders and joy, happy birthday.


194. I will always be thankful to God for having such an amazing mother in life, happy birthday mom.


195. Hello, sweet mom, I want to wish you a joyful day, happy birthday.


196. I am truly grateful that I have such a successful and hard-working mom ever, happy birthday mom.


197. Thank god my sweet mom has successfully added another year, day and time, have a successful, wonderful day and time.


198. Dear Mother, you are the angel of our heart, wishing you God’s love and mercies, happy birthday.


199. Today is the most joyful day of your life mom so I am wishing you a successful happy birthday.


200. Happy birthday, mom I want to be among those who will share your in your joy and happiness on this special day.


201. This very day of yours I will always cherish and adore, happy birthday mom.


202. Hey mom as long as I live I will always wish you a great and happy birthday, I love you.


203. Good morning mom, I want to wish you a special happy birthday have a nice day.


204. Today is the happiest day in your life I wish awesome birthday.


205. I pray that this day lighten up your entire household, congratulations mom happy birthday.


206. Happy birthday, mom I wish you all the best in life.


207. Hello to my pretty mom how are you I want to wish you a happy birthday.


208. Today is your day cheer up and have fun, happy birthday mom.


209. I love and share in your happiness with you, happy birthday.


210. Happy birthday, mummy have a nice day.


211. Good day ma I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday, have a great time.


212. As long as I’m alive I will always wish you a happy birthday, happy birthday mama.





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