Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes

Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes
Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes


Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Friends and Family is beautiful collections of happily married congratulations text messages to send to that special couples. Marriage is the happiest moment in our life, and you can share in his/her joy by sending one of this cute message to them.


Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Friends

1. You have chosen to go on a beautiful journey with the love of your life, and I am very proud of you dear friend. Happy married life.


2. They say our choices show us what we truly are, and our actions indicate our sincerity, and you have chosen true love above all other things, I am so happy for you that is what matter most in marriage, congratulations.


3. I am so proud of the person you have become, and the life you have chosen for yourself. I felicitate with you on your marriage, happy marriage life.


4. Long ago, you and I chose to be friends because I found everything wonderful about you, right now, you have chosen true love, I’m wishing you peace and harmony, happy marriage.


5. As we celebrate your marriage life, may we celebrate many more anniversaries to come, amen, wishing you the best of marriage.


6. To friends that turned into a family, likes to love, and dreams to actuality. Happy married life.


7. I am so glad to have gotten to know you at school. Best wishes to you and your new wife!


8. Recall when you used to lecture me on the qualities of a good husband, well, safe to say that you have found him. Best wishes now and always, happy marriage.


9. You were like the brother I never had. I wish you all the good that marriage has got to offer my dear friend.


10. Best wishes to a cool friend and her new husband on their wedding day.


11. Love, love, and more love are what I wish for you both my friends on your wedding day, and until eternity.


12. We have had so many amazing memories together! May you always make even more amazing memories with each other.


13. Here is to unending love and life-changing friendship between you and your chosen life partner!


14. Remember when we were little, and you used to play the role of a ‘wife’, now you get to do it in real life! I am so proud of the woman you have become. Congrats.


15. May your amazing love story be an inspiration, to be told someday to come. Warmest congrats!


16. May every day become the day you celebrate the way you feel about each other. Amen. Happy married life.


17. As you both grow old together, may your love grow stronger and mightier.


18. To my dearest friend, best wishes for a fun-filled and adventurous future together.


19. Like rains, may the blessings of this day pour down on your newfound family.


20. As fresh as the love resides in the hearts of both of you, may it remain till eternity. Happy married life.


21. You have found someone to hold your hand tight in any given situation. I couldn’t be any less happy for you, you deserve it girl!


22. I am delighted that you get to say “I do” to the love of your life. And I am more delighted that I get to witness it firsthand. I wish you a happy married life.


23. The heavens smile today as two wonderful souls come together as one. Have a great life!

Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Sisters

1. I consider your husband the luckiest man on earth to have you as his wife! And I mean that. Happy married life dear sister


2. I am definitely going to miss having you around me, and I am so happy to celebrate this day with you.


3. I am so happy that both of you found love, and chose love. Happy married life.


4. A hearty congratulation to the best sister one can ever have. You have made mom and dad very proud. May God bless your new home.


5. I have always admired your role as a big sister in the house, and now I am happy to admire your roles as a wife, congrats sis!


6. “Wife”. That’s a newly acquired title you’ve got there! I wish you all the love in the universe.


7. On my list of the best live events, today, you take the first row. Congratulations on your wedding my dearest sister.


8. As I welcome the love of your life to our family as a new member, I couldn’t be happier!


9. This is an exciting day for us, your family, and we wish you all the glad tidings of marriage.


10. As God has blessed you with a husband, I have simultaneously been blessed with a new sibling, and I couldn’t be more thankful!


11. Love is patient, love is affectionate, and love never declines. I wish you both LOVE.


12. May God bless your union, enrich your lives, and deepen and lengthen your love on the course of your lives together, Amen.


13. Anyone would be happy to have you as a sister, and even happier to have you as a wife! Congratulations on your wedding.


14. I pray that your lives together bring more joy to your lives than you both can imagine. Happy married life my loving sis.


15. Congratulations on your wedding! Lots of love today and beyond.


16. May each passing anniversary be celebrated with laughter-filled memories, starting from today. Amen.


17. You possess the best characters of a good sister and I am sure you also have the best qualities of a good wife and wonderful mother to be. Congrats sis! happy marriage life.


18. On your wedding day, I wish you the best kind of love- patient, fearless, sure, and understanding.


19. Marriage is a journey towards the end of time. I wish you the best journey ahead.


20. Congratulations on your new-found life, for you, are in this for the long run. May God be with you every step of the way, Amen.


21. You have always been a blessing to me. So now, go ahead and be an even bigger blessing to your husband. Love you, sister.


22. I have had my own fair share of love from you, and it will only be cruel of me not to be happy with you on this special occasion. I am excited for you! happy marriage life.


23. May your new-found love be as bright as the sun at daytime, clear as the moon at night, and as endless as the oceans. God bless you, happy new family life.


24. My beloved sister, you have been there for me all along, now am going to miss you, I will miss those lovely things you do, but am the happiest to see you married to the love of your life. Congratulations and happy married life.


25. Good to have you married, my aim is to visit a sister in another place, now am going to have a place to spend a vacation, I am happy for you sister, congratulations and happy married life.


26. You remember you said you will get married to the most handsome and loving husband, you have your dreams come to pass, you are also, beautiful, and that makes the both of you perfect for each other, happy married life.


27. The special day of your life is here, you are the most loving and caring sister, I have you in mind always, happy married life dear sister.


28. How special you are, you are my everything, my sister who has turn to my mother, you are always there for me, happily married life sister.


29. Your marriage shall be a blessing for your life, your children shall round your table, you will never regret it, it’s your day be happy, you are my lovely sister, happy marriage life.


30. Happy married life dear sister, you are the best sister in the world, I can’t wait to see your beautiful kids, I am so happy you are married to the man of your choice, congratulations, happy married life.


31. You are the most amazing person I have ever meet, you are so lovely to be with at all time, you deserve a good man as a husband, happily married life.


32. You make me what I am today, the best teacher ever, the most loving companion, am glad you are my sister, happy married life.


33. Congratulation on your marriage, how wonderful you look, I am happy for you, you look so pretty and happy on your day, you are to keep smiling for it’s your special day, a day to remember. Happy married life sister.


34. What a great feeling I am feeling and am sure you are so happy today, I will be glad to be your sister again and again if we are to meet again in another world, you are so nice and kind your marriage shall be a blessing. Congratulation and am happy for you.


35. Happy marriage life sister, you deserve a special gift today and am going to surprise you with that today, happy marriage life my dear.


36. Long live the dearest person on earth, long life my sweet sister, today is your marriage, you are just too special. Congratulation.


37. Happy marriage life, your wedding is a source of wealth and blessing, that makes you a special and important person in my life, congratulation sister.


38. I want to be the first to wish you a happy married life, you are one special person in my life, and you deserve a wonderful and exciting day, happy marriage life sister.


39. Happy marriage life sister, may the Lord bless you with a happy family.


40. I’m blessed to have an inspiring sister like you, I wish I can follow you to your lovely home, it is hard to let you go because you mean the world to us, I will check on you time to time, happy marriage life.


41. Happy marriage lives my dear sister, I owe you a lot because you made me today a great person, am glad you found true love. Happy marriage life.


42. Keep smiling, it is your beautiful day, you deserve a life of joy and happiness, you are so priceless, I can’t express how happy I’m to have you as a sister, happy marriage life sister.


43. Happy marriage life my sister, the best of sisters in the world, the most beautiful of all beauty, the most intelligent among scholar, have a day full of joy happiness. Congratulations.


44. Happy to have your marriage in my presence, today marks success and prosperity, you will not lack anything and you shall find favour every day of your life in your new home.


45. Happy marriage lives my most priceless jewels of a sister, you are my favourite; I like you so much and like spending time with you. Congratulations.


46. My sister, the only true friend in the world, I am the luckiest and happiest to have you as a sister, love you and have a peaceful marriage life.


47. I am not going to stop wishing you well and praying for you, you are the reason I smile, happy and loving married life.


48. Having you in my life tells me am going to be a successful person in life, right from when I was a kid, you have been the behind my success and you are too gorgeous and intelligent, you are so smart and look elegant, happy for you on your wedding day.


49. Congratulation my dear sister I’m glad to be part of your joy, you are the only one who has thought me the true love, I love you and I’m going to miss you.


50. Happy marriage life to the only trusted sister in the world, you are my role model, I am happy for you.


51. Congratulation my dear sister, your wedding is a good thing for me, for the family and the entire people around you, you have a heart of gold, you are so nice and kind to people, you are going to a new home, have all you ever dreamed of in your new home. Congratulations sister on your marriage life.

Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Brothers

1. I have learned a whole lot from you growing up with you as a brother, and I hope to learn more from you as a husband. Happy married life.


2. It is said that you would know when you have found the right one. Both of you are just right for each other. Congrats.


3. Congrats for you have found your life partner and teammate. May your love last forever!


4. Dear brother, thank you for the advice you have given to me over the years; now it is my turn: never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. Have a wonderful life!


5. To the best brother one could ever ask for, and his new wife; I am overjoyed to see you both happy.


6. You display the best characters of a good brother and I am sure you also have the best quality of a good husband. Congrats bro!


7. I am nothing but thankful to have a brother as caring as you, and so, I wish you and your new life partner lifelong prosperity and love.


8. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime. Congratulations to my best brother!


9. Adding a new member to our family has always been something I look forward to. Thanks for making this day a reality dear brother.


10. Sending prayers of unflinching love and happiness to you on this special day, congratulations.


11. Thanks for making the family very proud. May love continue to pour down from the mighty heavens and into your marriage. Amen.


12. As you embark on this wonderful union, may your love continue to shine through the years.


13. Anyone would be happy to have you as a brother, and even happier to have you as a husband! Congratulations on your wedding.


14. My heartfelt wishes to you on your special day. May you enjoy all of what life throws at you.


15. Wishing you a life adorned with happiness and a love that only grows firm as the world ages. I love you, dear brother.


16. You have found someone to compliment you. You have found someone that is going to be your peace, and I am nothing but happy for you. Congratulations.


Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Sister-In-Law

1. May your life together be filled with love, joy, peace, success, and laughter, and may it be fruitful too.


2. Lots of love from us! And a warm welcome to your new family.


3. What a wonderful day to celebrate my sister-in-law and her new husband! All the best to you both, I wish you bliss.


4. I am so delighted to celebrate this spectacular day with you and your new husband.


5. I am overly joyous to welcome a new addition to our family! Congratulations dear.


6. You give my brother so much happiness and joy. May you have a marriage full of love and success. Amen.


7. I have always prayed for a sister, and now I get one. Thank you for being a blessing to my brother and to our family at large. We love you.


8. Warmest of welcome to your newest family! Congratulations. Hugs and love!


9. May the joy that is yours today, always fill your lives. Happy married life.


10. Our family has just gained a rare gem I must say! Happy conjugal bliss my dear.


11. We really wanted a wife for our brother, but right now I am in a realization that we have a beautiful soul mate for him. Thank you for coming into our lives, wishing you a happy marriage ever!


12. Like a fresh breeze, you bring serenity and reassurance to our family. My God makes your new house a home. Congratulations.


13. I wish you ceaseless affection, prosperity, laughter, love, joy, and happiness as you embark on this blissful journey.


Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Brother-In-Law

1. May your marriage bring you unending joy as you start your lives together. May God bless your union.


2. Best wishes to my brother-in-law as you start your brand new life together with your new wife.


3. Welcome to the family. It feels great to have another addition to the family. We love you.


4. A long and happy life together is what I wish you. Happy married life.


5. Thank you for the invitation to your wonderful marriage, for I feel honoured to share in this day with you both. Best wishes!


6. Lots and lots of love to the best brother-in-law in the whole wide world! And his new life partner.


7. Our deepest love from the rest of my family and I. you make our sister very happy. Congrats once again.


8. As you start a new life with my sister, I wish you both all the love and all the goodness that comes with it. Hugs and kisses!


9. May God-ward off all negativities and uncertainties from your lives, today, and onward till eternity, happy marriage life.


10. To get to call both of you ‘family’, has been the best highlight of my year. I love you both and congrats.


11. We are thrilled to get to welcome the newest member to our family! We really do love you both.


12. I pray your new house becomes your new home, and I pray your new family remains your family forever. Amen. Congratulations.


13. May the years ahead be filled with endless love and smiling faces. You two deserve nothing but the best.


14. You are an undeniable blessing to both families. Here’s to a long, fruitful and happy marriage.


15. I want to hugely congratulate you on this big day. May all the blessings come your way.


16. May God who joined you both together, be with both of you all the time, every step of the way.


17. May we all continue to come together as a family to celebrate all anniversaries, christenings, and a host of other celebrations. Congratulations!!

Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes for Friend

1. I am happy you have decided to settle down now, it’s a very good thing, congratulation, and happy married life.


2. Happy married life my dear, you are both wonderful and will make a wonderful home. Happy for you.


3. As you enter into this beautiful union, may your heart desire be fulfill, you shall live together in good health and long life, happy marriage life.


4. The beautiful secret of peaceful marriage is love; let the love of one another rule in your heart, happy marriage life.


5. The wedding bell will ring forever in your lives; you shall keep being happy and loving forever, happy marriage life.


6. A new life has just started a life of togetherness, you are not alone anymore, and you have a new family, congratulation and happy married life.


7. Marriage is to cherish and honour each other, understand your different way of life that is the begging of a strong bond between you both, happy for you, and happy new life.


8. May God bless you with a home full of peace and happiness; you shall find favour and so many good luck, happy marriage life.


9. Marriage is a bond of two hearts with love and endurance; wish you all the beautiful things in life, happy marriage life.


10. Heaven rejoices as two become one, I am wishing you a successful marriage, a marriage to cherish and love by people; you shall have beautiful kids around you soon. Happy marriage life.


11. Happy marriage life dear, you are so hardworking and I believe with the support of your lovely wife you are going to do great together.


12. You are now one; you must learn to respect each other, accept each other differences and love to listen to each other at all time, happy married life.


13. I am so happy to know you are getting married today, you are becoming a father and the leader of a family, wish you long life and a happy home.


14. Happy married life my dear, I have always prayed and wished you a good husband, because you are a good lady, you are so nice and caring, you deserve a man of your type, happily married life.


15. The big day is here already, I am wishing you a happy married life, you have planned and work toward the success of this day, may it be successful and everlasting, and may you find peace and happiness, congratulation. Happy married life.


16. I am the happiest to hear this news of your marriage, I wish you bounties of blessing, and I will want to say you are the best and he is lucky to have you.


17. Congratulations on your wedding, you are as new as a baby in this union, may you live in peace and happiness, you shall grow from success to success. Happy marriage life, may you, be the best of couple ever. Happy married life.


18. Happy marriage life, my dearest friend, you a so loving and caring, and you always fun to be with, am going to miss your companies to your lovely husband, all the best, happy marriage life.


19. Marriage is a good thing, it brings two different individuals together, and you see the beauty in living together, playing together, eating together, it’s really fun, am glad for you, happy marriage life.


20. I have been waiting for this day, a day of joy, an unforgettable day of your life, may your marriage be successful and be blessed with lovely kids, congratulation, happy marriage life.


21. Today is a happy day, may this day filled be filled with endless joy, favour, blessings in your life and may you both find everlasting love. Happy marriage life.


22. Congratulations, on your wedding, you are caring, nice, kind and wonderful, you deserve a superman. Am happy for you. Happy marriage life.


23. Marriage is a good thing, and I pray you to find every single day of your life accomplishment with your heart desire. Happy marriage life.


24. it takes two to tangle, love and care endlessly fro each other Am happy for you, you have planned and work toward this day, thank god is here already. Congratulation. Happy marriage life


25. I am glad to witness this beautiful union of yours, you both are so perfect for each other, you are like Romeo and Juliet, am glad you both made it through, congratulation. Happy marriage life.


26. Marriage is an important institution for two love birds, understanding and caring lovers, I trust you because I know you always love, caring and fun to be with, wish you more love, happiness, and good health, happy marriage life.


27. Congratulation on your marriage my dear friend, I will miss but am glad you found true love, may this day be a memorable and happy day of your life, congratulation, and happy marriage life.


28. You are so beautiful and romantic, you deserved to be loved and cared for, am sure your dreams and wishes come through, congratulation and happy marriage life.


29. Your marriage shall be filled with loving memories and your union shall be the best among others. Happy marriage life.


30. Your dreams have come to reality; your long-awaited dream woman is here. You’ve got the guts to rejoice and celebrate, wish you love, happiness and happy home in good health.


31. Today is a day of celebration of love between you and your beautiful wife, don’t stop smiling, you deserve to be happy because of you a very wonderful person. Happy marriage life. Congratulations.


32. I have always wished you a beautiful marriage, you have made so many marriages a reality, now it’s yours, am assuring you of endless love and happiness in your marriage.


33. Good things easily find good people. You are the joy of our heart; we will miss you, happy marriage life, and congratulations.


34. I am the happiest to be at your most memorable day, you are always in my mind and I will continue to wish you the best in life. Happy marriage life.

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