Top Best Happy Monday Morning Greetings

It is Monday morning, the most significant workday of every week, send a lovely happy Monday morning greetings for that special person to cheer them up for the beautiful day ahead. Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Morning Greetings 

  1. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend, all the best.


2. Happy Monday to someone truly special. Someone who makes Mondays better than all the other days of the week. You always seem to brighten my day.


3. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I pray that God keeps you near me always. I love you, Happy Monday.


4. I hope you have a great week, and you are going to have a fantastic week ahead of you. I wish you from my heart that ALL of your needs, wishes, and desires will be fulfilled this week. Know that I am thinking about YOU.


5. This is the first day of a new week and a new month. You’ll accomplish many things this time around. But I couldn’t be happier to spend Monday with you, or even spend it away from you. My love for you grows more every minute. I hope your day is wonderful!


6. Happy Monday! It’s been another long weekend, I know we need a few days without seeing each other, but I’ve been eagerly counting down the hours until I can see you again. I hope your day will be full of sunshine and happiness.


7. Hey darling!! I wish you and your day be filled with love and sunshine…and plenty of kisses from me 🙂 Have a great day, my angel! Lots of love and big hugs from me to you!


8. The Monday blues are usually bad enough without going to work and facing a world that has to get up every day. I hope our Monday is better than any other we have ever had, but I know it will be because of you and our love. You mean the world to me, and I would not trade you for any gift in the world.


9. How are you, my love? My weekend has been great. I wish I could have made a stop by your house and hug you, but as fate would have it, I was completely unavailable. Your week will be great because I am sure to think about you and brighten your day with smiles and hugs! I miss you very much!


10. Every morning starts with a smile because you have made my life full of warmth and happiness. I smile a little bit more each day, knowing that I have the greatest husband in the world. Happy Monday.


11. I hope you have an amazing day, and this note finds you at the beginning of a lovely week. I think about you all day long and cannot wait to see you tonight! May this be the best day of your life, and may every new hour be better than the one before.


12. A hug on Monday will carry you through the week. Be glad that you have someone to hold, someone to love, and that someone loves you back as much as I love you.


13. Hello, sunshine! Did you sleep well? I hope so. What did you do to deserve a Monday as beautiful as you?


14. As the sun shines through my window, cheerily greeting me early, I thought of you immediately. I have always loved the morning because you and I can talk before we start our day and enjoy each other’s company without distractions.


15. I’ve been thinking about you all weekend. You are my everything, and no one can take that away from me. I love you with everything I am. Good morning beautiful!


16. Good morning sweetie. I hope you had a restful weekend. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you already. -Love you!


17.Good morning my love, plain and simple; I just wanted to let you know that I think of you all Sunday night before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up in the morning. For me, it’s always about YOU every moment of every day.


18. What a great way to start the week off! I want you to know that you are on my mind right now. I hope that your day goes lovely, as I am always thinking about you.


19. Now that the workweek is upon us, you might be feeling the effects of it. I hope this message brightens your day a bit. I love you!


20. Good morning sunshine; I hope that you had a great weekend! I want to tell you how deeply in love I am with you and fill your heart with a smile with this cute text.


21. I hope your start to your workweek is as good as you are. As always, I want to tell you how much I love you and that you make me so happy. I can’t believe that you’re mine, and I am so thankful!


22. Good morning sunshine! I love to wake up and see your beautiful face. You give me such a warm feeling that nothing in the world could match. I love you!


23. Good morning, baby! I woke up wanting to send you a love note, but I didn’t want to wake you since it was early. You are all I could ever want!!!


24. My love, I can’t wait until I see your beautiful smiling face; it makes my whole week brighter. You are so amazing to me, and I love you so much.


24. Good morning my love! Here’s a little note to remind you how much you mean to me! Have a great day at work. I can’t wait to see you this evening. Keep on smiling, sweetheart; I love it when you do.


25. Mornings are just so much better because my face greets yours every morning. We may not get to see each other every day, but we sure have a way of making each other smile. I love you so much!


26. Good morning my lovely girl. Here’s a cup of coffee and your breakfast; I’ll kiss you once you are done. I love you so much that I can’t stop smiling! Have a great Monday.


27. I will be thinking of you today as I go through my day, and when I close my eyes at night, I will still think of your face; it is ingrained in my head.


28. Good morning beautiful. I am so very proud of you. Love you, xoxo


29. I was thinking about you and how happy I am to wake up next to you. You are my soul mate, my everything! I love you so much!


30. Every week brings a new beginning and the promise of what’s to come. #blessedmonday


Happy Monday Morning Wishes

1. It is a lovely Monday morning, hope you had a great night, my prayers for you this lovely morning is a success for you in everything you do today, wishing you the best of Monday.


2. “Cock-a-doodle-do” wake up! It is a beautiful Monday morning. Wake up it is time to get ready for work or for school; it is going to be a great day for you. Good morning.


3. Last night I pray the Lord gives you another beautiful day so that I can see your lovely face again, and thank GOD it is another lovely Monday for you, it is going to be a lovely day full of many promises for you. Happy Monday, good morning.


4. My happiness for you today is that the Lord had blessed us with another beautiful Monday, hope you are awake over there, and I suppose you had a great night too, get ready to catch your blessings for today. Good morning.


5. The joy of my life is to wake up every day and believe that you are still there for me; you are such a wonderful and amazing person, wishing you a lovely Monday full of joy and happiness for you. Good morning dear.


6. Hey dear! It is a cool Monday morning, happy Monday. Get ready for work with a beautiful spirit. See you later.


7. Let your Monday begins on a beautiful note, forget about the pain of yesterday, your today holds a lot of beautiful promises for you, wishing you a splendid Monday, good morning.


8. Wake up, it is another beautiful Monday morning, let the sunshine in your life today, go out there and achieve your dreams, see you on the beautiful side of life today, good morning to you.


9. It makes me happy to know that you are awake to see another wonderful day, today is going to be a great day for you. Go out there and make the best of opportunities that await you. Good morning my love.


10. You are always an inspiration to everybody around you, hope your weekend was marvelous, happy Monday, and a brand new working day, wishing you well in all your affairs today. Good morning.


happy Monday morning greetings
happy Monday morning greetings

11. You and I have been friends for a very long time, you are so special to me, never tired of my numerous troubles, wishing you a smooth Monday and a wonderful week, good morning.


12. I woke up this morning thinking about you, I know you must be awake as well; hope you had a marvelous night. Good morning, have a nice day.


13. It’s Monday again and the beginning of a working day, wake up with a beautiful mind today and go out with a sweet spirit to catch your blessing of today. Wishing you the best of today, happy Monday.


14. The day is bright, full of hope, and a better opportunity for you. Wake up it is going to be a great Monday. Good morning.


15. Never bother of the work that awaits you today, just thank GOD that you are alive to see another beautiful Monday. Have a nice day.


16. Today, I will be part of your day to make it beautiful, never be afraid of what it holds; it shall be full of blessing and goodness for you. Happy beautiful Monday.


17. Wake up it is a great Monday morning; it is fresh and beautiful, lots of success for you today. Have a great day.


18. Thank God you are here today, isn’t it a beautiful Monday morning? Enjoy your day with great enthusiasm.


19. Unlock your happiness with the blessing of the beautiful Monday, look great for today, and go out to achieve all that you have dreamed of. Good morning, have a great day.


20. Good morning to you all my buddies, my wishes for you today are greatness, fruitful work and never get bored. I love you all. Happy Monday.


21. Always believe something wonderful awaits you today. Good morning, have a great day.


22. Our great glory is always awaiting us every day, today is going to be an exceptional day for you, wake and get started. Good morning.


23. You never know how far you can go today; just believe that the key that unlocks your success lies out there today. Good morning.


24. It’s Monday morning, good morning, have a great day.


25. Thank GOD for your life, it is another wonderful Monday, begin your week with sweetness and hope. This week everything is going to be OK.


26. It’s a great Monday morning, and it’s another new beginning for your working days, good morning, have a wonderful day.


27. Good morning, just make sure you wake in the right mood today, smile, and forget about the troubles of yesterday. Start today with a hopeful spirit, your day is going to be a great day.


28. Good morning,  focus on your goals today, don’t give up. On Mondays there lies a huge success, tap yours. Wishing you successful weekdays.


29. Good morning and happy Monday, be exceptional today, the sky is your limit. Good luck.


30. The best way to start your day is when you wake up in the morning smile and thank GOD for another beautiful opportunity of life. To be awake and healthy is a huge blessing. Good morning, happy Monday.


Happy Monday Morning Quotes for a Cheerful Day

31. Today, your breakthrough awaits you, wake up, prepare and get ready for a beautiful today. Have a lovely Monday and weekdays.


32. Here is a fresh Monday for you, make better use of it, there lies a better opportunity for you today. Good morning.


33. The weekend was great for you; wake up, it is another great day, wishing you a wonderful moment.


34. Wake up, God has a beautiful gift for you today, it is a lovely Monday morning. Have a wonderful week.


35. Wake up, take a deep breath, feel good and enjoy the blessing of today. Have a lovely Monday.


36. Good morning my dear friend, it is a great world and a beautiful morning, don’t worry about what you cannot change now, worry like a rickety car will not take you anywhere, unfold your wings, catch the breeze and the sky is the beginning of your limit. Have a marvelous week.


37. Sweetness is you, and sweetness is to face on a lovely Monday like this, good morning to you.


38. It is fresh, it is a beautiful day, it is Monday morning, time to get ready and go to work, good morning.


39. Good morning, be focus and be patient, you will accomplish much this week, have a wonderful Monday.


40. The power lies in your thinking, make sure you always think great, good morning, have a lovely day.


41. Wake up, aim high and aim well, make yourself formidable against negativeness. It’s a wonderful Monday, have a great day.


42. Do not give up, if you can see another day, you can achieve anything, just believe it, and you will achieve it. Good morning.


43. Today is another great day, my happiness is to see you later at work with a lovely smile, forget the pain of the past, and make the best use of today. Happy Monday, good morning.


44. It is beautiful sunshine this lovely Monday morning, hope you wake with sweetness in your heart today, just make sure you wear a smile now and go out gallant to achieve your goals for the day. Have a wonderful week.


45. It is a lovely and cheerful Monday morning for a beautiful angel-like wishing all your dreams come true today, have a wonderful week.


46. Wake up with a great smile on your face this lovely Monday morning, every day comes with its gift, and the ultimate gift of today is because we are awake together. Good morning to a wonderful soul like you. Have a great week.


47. It is Monday, it is the start of another marvelous week. Wishing you the best this week, have a great day.


48. It is joyful, it is lovely to look forward to seeing your wonderful face today, hope you wake up with a lot of happiness and sweet dreams. Good morning and have a lovely day.


49. May the LORD bless you and protect you today, good morning.

50. Wake up, the day is bright and beautiful, may your day be filled with happiness and goodness today. Have splendid moments.


51. Good morning, this Monday morning I wish peace, love, and a mighty blessing for God. Have a wonderful week.


52. I don’t believe that anything can’t be achieved, the fact that we fail yesterday does not mean that we will fail today. There lies a huge favor for you today. Good morning, have a lovely day.


53. Dream, focus, and belief in yourself, you are more powerful than you ever thought. Just keep doing the right thing; you will get the desired result.


54. it is a wonderful Monday morning, fresh, beautiful, and full of hope for you, don’t miss the blessing of that today brings, wake up, make yourself happy and good luck.


55. Good morning, you will get a great reward for your labor today; it is going to be another beautiful day for you. Believe it.


56. If you have a dream, plan over how to achieve it and get up to work. This Monday morning you will stumble on your success, just open your eyes and grasp any of these opportunities that will visit you this week. Have a lovely day.


57. Good morning, see today as a great and lovely day and so shall it be. Good morning, have a lovely day.


58. There lies a great joy and happiness awaits you today, wake up with a beautiful mind, if you the right mind, nothing will ever be difficult for you. Good morning.


59. My hands are held up for you in prayers this lovely Monday morning; I beseech the LORD to bless you with all that is good for your soul. Wishing you an astonishing week. Good morning.


60. Monday can be filled with activities and a lot of work to be done but is also the most strategic of the week, where much can be achieved with a great mind. I know you are always great, good morning to you.



61. No good will pass you by today. You are destined for greatness, and your greatness lies within your chest. Have a better day.


62. I do not believe in magic, I believe that we should wake up every morning and do our best, and one day we shall reap the beautiful seed that we sow today. Wake up it Monday morning, a day to start another marvelous week ahead. Good morning.


63. Wake up, Endeavor to get it right on Monday, and all days of your week will follow in that footstep, Mondays are great days that much can be achieved. Wishing you a fruitful day, have a very nice week.


64. I hope you are refreshed over the weekend, good morning, good to get back to work today, don’t worry your days shall be filled with happiness.


65. Good morning, be good and enjoy your Monday.


66. Good morning, dress up for work, it is another wonderful day.


67. Today’s work; your success shall be multiplied. Good morning.


68. Good morning, make the best use of your opportunities today; many of the opportunities we get in life only come once in a while. Have a marvelous Monday.


69. Good morning, wishing you a day that is just as astonishing as you are.


70. Yesterday was a work-free day, I hope you have gathered more energy to face the work of today, be in Great Spirit, believe in yourself and you will achieve all that you have hoped to achieve.



71. Make the best use of today, because every day is unique but what matters is how we handle it. Happy Monday. Good morning.


72. The skies are blue this morning, it going to be another lovely day for you, smile and entered the day with a great spirit. Good morning, have a lovely day.


73. It’s a beautiful Monday morning, it is your lovely day, you will achieve many great things today. Have a wonderful day.


74. It is the beginning of another new week ahead; wake up it is time to go work. Wishing you a lovely day.


75. I hope to see you looking great and beautiful today, hope you had a lovely night? Good morning.


76. Waking up and looking at your beautiful face, reminds me of a lovely day that lies ahead, you are so beautiful, life is marvelous to have you around, good morning.


77. It is a lovely Monday morning, there lies ahead of you a wonderful day. Have a great week.


78. Be thankful, because you are alive to see another great day, many have gone, but we are lucky to be alive, have a great day


79. Let count our blessing, not our loss, because the greatest blessing is to be alive and healthy. Good morning, have a lovely Monday.


80. I went to bed last night and I prayed that the LORD will bless us with another lovely day. Today is a lovely day, good morning to you.


81. The best moment in my life are those moments we spent together, you remind me that life can be so good and precious, thank you for helping to make my dreams come true. Good morning.


82. There is hope lying ahead of you this beautiful Monday, there is success awaiting you this lovely week, wake up, take a deep breath and say thank God it is another day. Happy Monday, good morning.


83. Wake up, use your time well, get ready for work, it is going to be another great moment today. Good morning.


84. I wish you joy today, I wish you success in all that you laid your hands on, good morning, have a nice day.


85. Be ready for the challenges of today, it is going to be a wonderful day, dream good, work well and you will achieve much. Good morning, have a great week.


86. Today, we begin another lovely week, I wish you a very joyous and memorable week. Happy Monday.


87. Good morning, it’s Monday, and is great to be alive, wishing you a successful week ahead, and wish you a stress-free and happy Monday.


88. I wish you that special way you have planned your Monday and pray you achieved them successfully, good morning and have a wonderful Monday at work.


89. Let me be the first to wake you up and brighten your Monday with lots of wishes, you are so hardworking and I love to be around you, wish you a lovely Monday.


Cute Good Morning Quotes for Monday

90. Happy new and a fresh week at work, it’s Monday, be strong and patient, your endless efforts will not go in vain. You will soon smile. Happy Monday.


91. The day runs fast don’t worry it’s Monday morning now, it will soon be Monday evening, wish you a delightful and stress-free Monday.


92. Have been thinking of you and how your day will be, you are so nice to people around you especially at work; I pray for endless favors for you and wish you success. Happy Monday morning.


93. Yesterday is gone, today is here, be focused and face the reality of today, hope your weekend was full of fun, good morning, and happy Monday.


94. The best wishes go to you on a bright day like this; wish you a happy Monday and a day to be remembered. Good morning, happy Monday.


95. You make my work less stressful and enjoyable, hope today will be one of those special days at work with you, fun to work with someone like you, happy Monday, and see you soon. Good morning.


96. Happy Monday friend, be cheered, and keep smiling all day, it makes you look beautiful and elegant, you are very important at work, hope to see you soon. Good morning.


97. Believe me, you are the reason I work, you are always there to keep me company and lift my spirit high, hope you will keep being there for me. Good morning and have a wonderful Monday.


98. The best way to achieve your dream is to remain focused and don’t allow anyone brings you down, you are always hardworking, keep it up, don’t relent, the sky is your limit, have a great day today, happy Monday.


99. Happy Monday morning my role model, hope to be like you someday, I want to be with you and learn the way you do your work, in that special style, wish you all you ever dream of.


100. Good morning, hope you had a wonderful weekend, wish you have a happy day today, and God favors you with endless blessings.


101. Good morning, I wish you today everything that gives you hope, peace, and a better tomorrow. Happy new day.


102. Don’t stop the race, and keep up the hard work, you will not regret it; the best shall always come back to people like you that deserve the best. Good morning.


103. What a day to express how special, kind and lovely you are, you will find favor today and be blessed. Good morning.


104. It’s Monday and the best way to enjoy a day like this is to start the day with a beautiful smile. Good morning.


105. Let me tell you something you remain the fruitful seed in the life of everyone around you, you will always be remembered and you will never lack, both in wealth and health, good morning, and start the day with a joyful heart.


106. Good morning, happy Monday morning, get busy and don’t be lazy, I trust you, and you are always hardworking. Have fun.


107. Let me be the first to wake you up and blow your mind with lots of wishes, you will get everything today at ease, you will go safely and comes back safely, you will be at the top and not at the bottom, you shall excel in your work. Good morning and happy Monday.


108. Your feet will not stumble, you’ll be awarded beyond what you ever thought of, and you shall enjoy the fruit of your labor. Good morning and happy Monday.


109. Good people are like a street light, they brighten the way and make the journey short, you are fun to work with and ease. Good morning and happy week ahead.


110. The best way to start a day is with prayers, may you be favored and blessed, may God continue to uplift you and make your path easy. Good morning and have a fruitful day.


111. The journey of life sometimes may be rough and tedious but with determination, focus, and hard work it seems short and near, may you be successful today and forever. Good morning and blessed Monday.


112. Wow! You look gorgeous and delightful today hope you find everything easy and enjoy our day, happy Monday, good morning.


113. The sun is bright as early as possible today, pray your heart is filled with joy and you have a bright day with lots of happiness, good morning, and have fun.


114. You are the best person to consult at difficult times, you have all the wisdom to solve a problem, and may you be far away from troubles and worry, have a blessed Monday. Good morning.

Awesome Good Morning Monday Quotes and Wishes

115. Because you have been privileged by God to see the light of the day, may your enemies not find you, those that envy you will always be late to where you are. Good morning and a happy new day.


116. Good morning and Happy Monday, be filled with love, joy, and happiness, and don’t allow any obstacle to distract you today at work. Have fun.


117. I choose to make you happy today, so I will want to wish you that very special thing your heart desires, the only thing that gives happiness is what will always come your way today and always. Good morning and happy Monday.


118. You are so nice and have a great mannered, you are the best person for the position you hold at work, happy Monday and have a beautiful morning.


119. A day like this is best spent with someone like you; you are always on my mind. Be successful today and always, have a fruitful Monday, and see you in the office. Good morning.


120. How was your night, hope you had a great night, wish you a great morning and a wonderful week ahead. Have a pleasant Monday. Good morning.


121. I decree today Monday, that God will be with you all through, you will be successful. Good morning.


122. Good morning, you are so beautiful with a good sense of humor you are very intelligent, do have a lovely Monday and a splendid week ahead.


123. Life is beautiful when you wake up and see people you love around you, and when you find love too, I am assuring you I will always keep the love I have high and bright, good morning and happy Monday.


124. The day is bright just like your eyes, every moment I spent with you is so special, wish you a wonderful day at work. Good morning.


125. There are more than fifty people in the place of work but your absence cause of a great vacuum, hope to see you today at work. Good morning and happy Monday.


126. Happy Monday, it is going to be a great Monday, wish you a stress-free and happy day. Good morning.


127. I have been hiding so many feelings about you but I will not let you go out today without telling you how special you are and pray to God to protect you all through today. Good morning.


128. Life is beautiful when your heart is free from worries, start a new day with joy, love, and happiness. Good morning.


129. The special way to say good morning to you is to send the birds to wake you up with a lovely song, hope you woke up well. Good morning.


130. The first day I meet you it was because of your kindness, and that attracts me to you, you remain the number one person in my life, lots of love for you from my heart. Good mornings.


131. My best wish for you today is to find peace and God’s favor, everywhere you go. You will find today as fruitful as ever. Good morning.


132. Good morning, my best friend, I want to be close to you because I learn so many good things from you, hope to see you today, have a wonderful day.


133. There are so many fishes in the river, just as we have so many co-workers but you are exceptional, you do things in a unique and special way and I love to be your partner at work. Wish you a wonderful Monday. Good morning.


134. As a friend I will support you and wish you the best in life, wishing you a beautiful day, and pray for God’s guardian and protection for you. Good morning.


135. May your life be filled with love, and may you attain the level you have always wished and prayed for. Wishing you a marvelous week ahead. Good morning.


136. Best wishes to you this lovely Monday morning and always, find the day enjoyable and peaceful. Good morning.


137. A strong person like you is nice to be with; I can’t think of a day with you, you are a superhero of our time. Good morning, have a beautiful day.


138. Long-life to you and good health, as you wake up this beautiful Monday morning, may all your dreams come true. Good morning.


139. Keep up the good work and don’t relent, you will get there soon, good luck and success all the way. Good morning and have a nice day.


Good Morning Monday Greetings and Wishes

140. People like you are very scarce; you are kind, friendly and accommodating, hope you had a wonderful night, wish you lots of fun and happiness today. Good morning.


141. Wake up it is Monday morning hope you have been energized and refreshed through the weekend? Today is going to be a great day for you, arise and grasp your blessing. Good morning.


142. Don’t worry about the loads of work that awaits you today, I have prayed that the LORD make your work easy for you. Good morning.


143. With great and happiness in my heart, I say good morning and happy Monday to a special soul like you. May your days be filled with endless joy and sweetness.


144. As you prepare to step out of the house this morning, may the LORD guide you through. Wishing you a joyful day. Good morning.


145. It is joyful, and it is wonderful to be on another day with a beautiful angel like you. Hope you had a pleasurable night? Wishing you a splendid day. Good morning.


146. Happy another beautiful day of work, remember to keep your spirit high today, don’t allow the pain of the past to interfere on your happiness today. Good morning and wishing a wonderful day.


147. Wake up, smile and say thank GOD I’m alive. You are destined for greatness and that is why you can wake up to see another beautiful day like this, not many people have this great opportunity. Wishing you all the best today.


148. Good morning dear, you reflect every that is good, wishing you a marvelous Monday.


149. Good morning, try to be at your best today, only you are capable of making yourself happy, value yourself and be kind to yourself. Happy a great Monday.


150. Mondays are for work, another Monday is here, get up go back to work in a beautiful spirit, you will be great today.


151. May the LORD multiply everything for you today, good morning, have a great day.


152. Hurrah! It is another Monday morning; get up is a new and brand new beginning, and wishing you all the best, have a great day.


153. Attack Monday with great enthusiasm and you will be great all through the day. Good morning, wishing you a marvelous day.


154. Wake up, it is Monday morning, thousands of goodness await you out there. Good morning.


155. It is Monday, it shall be the beginning of your happiness for the week, start well, look great. Good morning.


156. Here is Monday presenting you with a box, open it, it is filled with success and happiness for you. Good morning.


157. Wake up, get ready for work it’s a great Monday morning, work is good just as rest is good. Have a joy-filled day.


158. Hope your weekend was filled with fun and you had a nice time? Thank God it is another beautiful day and it’s Monday morning, it comes with lots of gifts for you. Good morning, have a great day.


 Funny Good Morning Monday Quotes

159. How come is Monday already, I just closed my eyes last night, and I’m already on Monday, hope the day will be shorter than Sunday night.


160. “I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays.”


161. Yesterday I stay quiet to enjoy my weekend, today I’m up in the hustles and bustle of this world, what a world of Mondays.


162. Like a thief, Mondays creep in unnoticed. I wish there were never Mondays for work.


163. I don’t like the yes sir…yes sir of this Monday.


164. “Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I’m a man of simple pleasures, really.”


165. You call it Monday; I call it a crazy day, where everybody is crazy man.


166. “Hello, Monday. May I ask you a question? Why are you always back so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?”


167. If you want to know how crazy is the world just take a stroll out on Monday morning, it is called the rush hour.


168. “On Monday, when the sun is hot, I wonder to myself a lot. Now is it true, or is it not, that what is which and which is what?”


169. “Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close from Monday?”


170. Make me a cup of coffee to warm my spirit, it is a Monday morning, I have to get ready for the day.


171. “Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear… Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.”


172. Today isn’t work at all, today isn’t Monday, everybody stays at home and has a greater Monday like me.


173. “The biggest thrill wasn’t in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday.”


174. I slept early on Sundays so that I can wake early on Mondays, or half-sleep on Sunday, early wake on Monday… You may get fired if you get late to work on Mondays.


175. “Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours.”


176. Rest on Sundays and go to work on Mondays, then who said life is not naturally balanced.


177. All mother of craziness is seen on Mondays, boss yelling and roaring like a lion over a little mistake. People rushing to work and pulling down everything on their way. what a crazy Monday.


178. “Give me a treat, or leave me alone. It’s Monday”


179. On Monday just keep working and keep smiling, because there is nothing you can do about it.


180. “On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men have created jerks.”


181. “What about Monday- That could be the one day we look at things the same way and wear funny shoes.”


182. Happy Monday, happy workday, I’m sure everyone is enjoying himself.


183. “If only one of the presidential candidates would make it part of his platform to do something about making Monday part of the weekend. I think he would get a lot of votes.”


184. “Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday’s code.”



Funny Happy Monday Morning Captions

Happy Monday! This day is dedicated to you. 😊

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s hoping your week is off to a good start 🤞🏼

It’s Monday – So where’s the coffee? 😏 #MondayMotivation #HappyHumpDay

No matter how the weekend went, Monday always feels better when you’re headed to #TheLooseLeaf 😎

Monday doesn’t have to feel so blah. Kickstart your week!

Morning comes. You’ve got things to do. But first, get yourself a coffee and smile at what you’ve created and where life has brought you.

Happy Monday! This cold-brew coffee is all you need to kick off the week 🍵 #gethappy

Happy Monday— put a little hustle in your grind and get to it

All we ask for on a Monday morning is to be able to wake up with you. #mondayblues

Another week is beginning! Just remember to take a moment to breathe and smile. Make every day a happier day! 😁 #mblsmonday

There’s a reason it’s called the Monday Blues 🌧#humpday#mondaymotivation#tbt

Monday feels. 🦂

Good morning, and it’s a good morning because of you. Have a great week ahead.

Happy Monday! Here’s a little oxygen to get you through the week ahead

Happy Mondays everyone! Share photos of your Monday things ⏰ 🏡 👒 #MondayCaptions

Happy Monday morning, and happy rest of your summer.

Monday, we feel you. Here’s to that first cup of coffee in the morning. 💻☕ #MondayMotivation

Good morning, Monday! We’re so proud of you 👌 #MondayMotivation


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