Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Loved One


happy new month prayers
happy new month prayers


Prayers are the key to life, which unlocked the doors of impossibilities and turn a bad situation to a good one. Sending a piece of happy new month prayer messages for loved ones is a sign of sincere love and care that you have for them. Find one of ideal happy new month prayer messages under here.


Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Couples

1. Dearest, it is another new beginning for a beautiful month, this month shall bring lots of success and goodness, you shall be elevated beyond your imagination this month. The Lord will take over all your worries and turn them into everlasting happiness for you. Stay blessed, I wish happy new month my love.


2. O! Lord thank you for your love and care for us, you have given us another opportunity to see the beginning of a new month, bless us abundantly in this new month, give us good health and make our ways easy for us. Wishing you a happy new month my dear sweetheart.


3. Thank you God for the blessing of another new month for us, we appreciate your blessing over us. Make this month a breakthrough for us. Take away our sorrows and replace its eternal happiness. There is nothing that is beyond you. Happy new month dearest.


4. It another beautiful day and a new month, I wish you all the best that life can offer you this lovely month, may find peace, love, and harmony where ever you go. This month you shall count your blessing month your loss. Amen. Happy new month.


5. This month, you shall ask the Lord for anything and it shall be given. May the Lord make everything easy for you. You will work less and receive more. Blessing and good luck shall follow you wherever you may go. Happy new my love.


6. Sweetness, happiness, and joy shall abide by you this new month. May the grace of thy Lord find a permanent place in your heart. You shall not suffer any harm. Happy new month my dearest.


7. This month in your home and in your working place, you shall be successful. God will elevate above your all odds and obstacles. You will find everlasting joy and peace of mind. A happy new month to you.


8. Happy new month, may the Lord continue to be your shepherd, you shall be driven towards your success.


9. It is the beginning of a new month again, may it be filled with God’s glory for you. From the beginning to the end, you receive God’s blessing and guidance.


10. Happy new month my dearest, no matter how many arrows your enemies fire towards you, known shall hit you by the grace of God. Your effort shall be crowned this month.


11. All that you have wished for this lovely month will never be out of your reach. May the Lord bless your handwork. Happy new month my dear.


12. In your home and in your business, success shall continue to trail you this lovely month. You will find joy in whatever you do. Happy new month love.


13. Dearest love, it is the new beginning of the new month, it is going to be a wonderful month for you, and you shall harvest all that you have sown this lovely month. Happy new month.


14. Every day comes with its blessing so it is in every month. Firstly, we thank God for the gift of life and health. In addition, we ask him for all the blessing that is contained in this month. May the peace of God always find a dwelling place in your heart. Happy new month.


15. This month you shall receive multiple blessings in all your affairs, no failure will be associated with you in your work and in your family life. You shall never lack anything; thy Lord shall favour you above what you thought. Happy new month dear.


16. Every moment of this month will bring you happiness and joy, may the Lord relieve your burden and wash away your sorrow. Whatever you laid your hands on shall be fruitful, a happy new month my dearest.


17. The joy of finding a lovely wife like you multiplied every faithful day. It is the beginning of a new month and I am wishing you everlasting happiness and a lovely time. You will continue to find God’s favour and blessing. Happy new month dear.


18. This month you shall be crowned as king/queen, your status shall be elevated by the Lord. Everything shall be counted in your favour. Happy new month.


19. The Lord shall take care of everything for you this lovely month, all that you have found difficult shall be easy for you. Success shall follow you wherever you go. Happy new month.


20. This lovely month shall bring you a lot of happiness and blessings. You will work and you will have multiple blessing for the fruit of your labour. Happy new month.


21. Trust God with everything in your life, He would take charge for you. May this lovely month bring you all that is good for your soul. Happy new month.


22. You will find peace and love wherever you maybe this month. Your enemies shall be turned to your friend. Happy new month.


23. No evil will overcome by the special grace of God this month and always. Thy Lord shall continue to protect from all evils that roam day and night. A happy new month to you.


24. You will find harmony and joy this lovely month. Your work shall be made easy for you. A happy new month to you.


25. Dearest thank God we made it through another beautiful month, may it be full of blessings and wonderful things for you. Happy new month.


26. This month you shall count your endless blessing, not a loss, the Lord shall make everything easy for you. Happy new month.


27. May God direct your ways this lovely month, you shall never miss your success. All things will be made easy for you. Happy new month my love.


28. Dearest love, these are my prayers and wish for you this lovely month, good health, happiness, success, and peace of mind. Happy new month.


29. This new month, you will receive a bumper harvest from everything that you have sown last month. God will favour immensely, happy new month.



 Happy New Month Prayers Wishes 

30. Wishing you a happy new month my love, you will accomplish greatness in this month, the Lord shall bless your work and make everything easy for you.


31. No sorrow shall overtake you this month I have prayed to the Lord to wash away your sorrow and cleanse your heart with spiritual water. You will find an everlasting peace as from today. Happy new month.


32. This month you will struggle less and get a mighty result, suffering will never be your portion. May God elevate you to a glorious height.


33. Ask the Lord for anything and He shall provide, he so generous that his blessings cannot be measured. May the Lord answer all your silent prayers this wonderful month. Happy new month.


34. Every minute shall be astonished for you this new month, you will find peace, love, happiness, and success everywhere you go and in everything that you do. Have a marvellous new month my dear.


35. In your going and in your coming to the Lord shall always protect and bless your ways. Wishing you happy new month my love.


36. For every step take that you take and for every work that you do this lovely month you will find blessing and success waiting for you. Everything shall be made easy for you by the grace of God. Happy new month.


37. Happiness and warmth will abide in your heart this lovely month and forever. You will be happy and delightful at every moment of your life. A happy new month to you.


38. This month the Lord will water your garden for you, you shall have a good harvest. You have sown a seed; it will grow and flourish this lovely month. Wishing you happy new month my dear.


39. All your previous work will yield multiple successes this month. Your effort will never go unnoticed by the Lord. A happy new month to you.


40. You shall ask and it shall be given. You shall work and your work will be rewarded, the Lord is ever faithful and generous, he is willing to bless and reward you unlimited. You will be counted among those that will receive the blessing of God this month. A happy new month to you.


41. It is said that a good husband remembers his wife on special days like this. The only thing I remember about special events is the very first day I set my eyes on you. A moment that changed my life forever. This month and every other month, I would build you a castle of, joy, care, love, and affections. I want to wish the queen of my soul a very happy new month with a big smile. That’s how special you mean to me.


42. I feel like a King when I think about you and also when I’m in your presence. It’s because I’ve always seen you as my queen. The only woman capable of ruling the kingdom of ‘My heart’. I hope we keep bearing more princes and princesses. Happy New month to the greatest mother, wife, partner, friend, and lover in the whole universe and beyond. Sometimes I think that if I hadn’t met you, I would have made the biggest mistake of my life.


43. Every single day there is a new reason to smile and continue to thank God. He has done so many wonderful things for me but none ever matches the feeling and excitement you have brought to my life. It’s simply a magical feeling I can’t seem to ever be tired of.


44. A world full of gold and silver is nothing without you. Every day I always feel fulfilled and contented with a woman who will be so special to me. You are more than everything to me. Give me a chance and I will prove that I am always ready to do anything to make you happy. Happy new month dearest.


45. I have never felt emotions so deep as the oceans and so beautiful as the terrains of Brazil. To me, you are as special as you are lovely and always look it flawlessly. If I had a dollar for every time you made me smile, we would be the richest couple on planet earth. A happy new month to the woman of my dreams.


46. Dearest, position yourself for great things this month, good things are coming your way. Happy new month.


47. This month will be glorious for you, just believe it and God will make it so. Happy new month.


48. Be positive; never lose hope in the favour of your Lord. The Lord is good and he will surprise with lots of goodness this month.


49. You have been a wonderful husband over the years, so caring and loving as a husband and a father. As we count a day in a new month today, I pray that the key that will unlock everlasting success and happiness in your life will be found in this month. A happy new month to you, I love you.

New Month Wishes and Prayers for Husband/Wife

50. I wish you happiness and peace all the way, as we count from the first day of the month today to the end. You mean everything to me. Happy new month.


51. Thank God, I found an angel like you; you make everything wonderful in my life. Wishing you all the best that is contained in this lovely month. You will be successful in everything that you do. Happy new month.


52. Every moment shall be beautiful for you this lovely month, may the Lord you make one memorable moment for you. Happy new month.


53. My love, thank you for all the wonderful support and care you have given me all the time, you are like an angel sent to make my world a lovely place. Wishing you God favour and protection all the time, happy new month.


54. Thank God I didn’t miss you on the very first day I set my eyes on you. I would have missed my happiness forever. You mean more than just a wife to me, you are my everything. As we start another beautiful month today, I am wishing you a month full of peace, happiness, and joy for your heart. Happy new month, I love you.


55. Life has been so precious to have someone like you around; you are the greatest husband in the world. I pray that the Lord bless and protect you for me. This month will bring you great that you have never imagined. Happy new month.


56. With each month, my love for you grows like the trees and overwhelms me like blessings. As another new month knocks on our doors, may the Lord continues to give you the strength in knocking all your obstacles down. Amen.


57. As long as the oceans continue to flow and the moon continues to shine, I want you to always know how important you have been in my life. I want to use this opportunity yet again to pray to God to keep protecting and shielding you from all the dangers of both the day and the night. A happy new month to you.


58. For riding with me through the dangerous journey of life. What more can I ask from a fantastic partner as noble as you? I wish you many more months to come as you inspire me the as much as the way you make me happy.


59. There is nothing I would not do for someone as special as you are. A happy new month to a leader, lover, and a partner. I pray God keeps on giving you the vision and patience to achieve your goals and desires because your happiness is my happiness.


60. Thirty days can never be too long enough time to remind you of the joy and peace in which your presence has brought into my life. I have gotten so used to happiness that I have forgotten what worries and sadness taste like. I pray God keeps blessing you for all the support and kindness you incessantly give to me.


61. A new month of thanksgiving, love, care, and affection. A time to remind ourselves of how blessed our life has been. Mine has strongly been the gratitude of having the complete backing of someone who I love and care about me in this world. There are a thousand reasons to smile but a thousand more to be thankful and hopeful. A very happy new month to you.


62. A happy new month to my guardian angel that protects and sacrifices everything for me. Your smile has given me enough reasons to expect more. I wish you were by my side right now so we could watch the full moonshine to the fullest as we count every one of our blessings and plan for yet another month.


63. You are indeed defined strength and grace and I know from the depths of my heart, what it all means to me. I could count how many times you succeeded in making me happy and reminding me of how blessed, I am. I can only pray God protects you for many more months because you are already the source of my happiness.


64. Knowing you became a part of my life and all I wanted was you to be by my side always. I want you to always smile and be happy because it makes you forget the worries. I keep praying to the Lord for more of his blessings and wishes he keeps you with me forever. Happy new month.


65. This month, you shall be raised higher above your enemy, they will scheme, and God will destroy their scheming. No enemies’ weapon shall hit you by the grace of God. Happy new month dear.


66. O! Lord, protect my husband, have mercy on him, bless him with his heart desire and answer all his prayers.  I wish you a happy new month my dearest. I love you.


67. This new month will be your breakthrough in everything that you would do, just believe it and God will make so. Happy new month my dearest.


68. Life offers me a beautiful choice of you; you are such a lovely and wonderful life. Wishing you the best in life. Happy new month.


69. May this new month bring you happiness and joy. Happy new month my dear.


70. You will find all that you have been looking for this month. It shall be your happiest moment. Happy new month my love.


71. Thank God for the gift of life, it is going to be another wonderful month for you. Happy new month.


72. You will never toil hard before you get the desired result in everything you do, the Lord shall make your ways easy for you. Happy new month my dear husband.


73. You shall find God everywhere you go this month and always. Nothing shall be difficult for you to achieve. Happy new month my dearest.


74. You will thrive high in your career, your life is going to be marvellous for you, God would bless and answer all your beautiful prayers. A happy new month to you love.


75. Do not give up yet honey, and never give up at all, this month will be your turning point, you will favour unlimited by the special grace of God.


76. You shall soar high in everything that you do this month, it shall be a new dawn full of blessing and success in your life. Happy new month.


77. You will receive incredible blessings upon your work this month, what has eluded you last month will all be given back to you this lovely month. Happy new month my dearest.


78. Dearest love, you make everything beautiful in my life, this month the Lord shall elevate you high in your job. You will find favour and blessings wherever you go. Happy new month.


79. This month is going to be a beautiful moment for you, you will God’s eye in everything that you do. Happy new month.


80. The road to success may be rough, narrow and thorny, but yours will be smooth, wide and pleasurable. Wishing you happy new month my love, have a wonderful day.


81. When things are difficult, it becomes easy for you, may the Lord care and overlook your errors, happy new month my love.


82. May your life be filled with sweetness now and forever. Happy new month my dearest wife.


83. You will forever find the favour of God; no harm shall come near you. Amen. Happy new month dearest.


84. As you have loved and cared for me this way, may the Lord also love you and care for you all through your life. A happy new month to you.


85. I used to think that there is no such thing as love at first sight. Every time I look into your eyes, I seem to fall in love with you all over again and you are like the star I watch that shines brightly among other stars. The most cherished dream is to be with you till forever and beyond. Happy new month.


86. You always find a way to brighten my darkest moments and ease my toughest encounters. When we apart from one another, my world goes dour, my feelings die within me, and everything is unbearable. If only it could be possible I could spend every second of time with you, I’d be the happiest person on earth. You bring me nothing but sweetness and pride.


87. Like a goddess, you rule my heart. Like a magician, you summon the best side of me and like an angel, you bring me an abundance of guidance. Anytime I’m dreaming of you, and then I can’t wake up from my sleep. I can’t seem to let go off you when we hug tightly. I think of you and all my worries fade into the dark. Been with you is like watching the stars while time fades with it.


88. You sweeten my soul like fruits of the garden of Eden. You steady my life like a sailor and read my mind like a psychologist. You care for me like a king and you make me feel special. I could easily gaze at the thousand lights in your eyes because it always brightens my day. I pray that the Lord protect and enrich you now and forever. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Prayer Messages for Friends

89. You have been wonderful for all the time I have known you. I will continue to hold you with great esteem in my heart. Wishing you the best of every day, happy new month.


90. Happy new month, may the Lord answer all your wonderful prayers.


91. May this new month bring you a lot of goodness and success. Happy new month.


92. You are always an amazing friend wishing you all the best in life, happy new month.


93. You will never the basic things of life; your life will continue to be under the care of God. Happy new month.


94. May your never be taken away from you. Happy new month.


95. God’s favour will always find you wherever you are. Happy new month.


96. You will not suffer before you eat. Happy new month.


97. The month shall bring happiness and joy. You pray and your prayers will find quick respond from God. Happy new month.


98. May God bless you with good health and unsurpassed wealth. Happy new month.


99. Do not worry, God will take control of all your worries; he would turn your sadness to happiness and your disappointment to success. Happy new month.


100. Do not through in the towel; try one more time, probably this month is your month of glory. Happy new month.


101. Always remain on the track, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is your month of huge favour and blessings. Believe it and it shall be so. Happy new month.


102. The Lord sees and hear you, he knows what bothered you and he has answers to every one of your problems, you will find the beautiful eyes of the Lord this month. A happy new month to you.


103. You have tried your best and no result yet, do not worry you are almost there, hold on to your dreams never give up, this month is your joy. Happy new month friend.


104. Let the past belong to the past, look on to the beautiful future, this new month will be bright for you. Happy new month.


105. You will get all that you asked for this beautiful month, the Lord will answer every of your problem. Happy new month.


106. Go out and soar high, believe in what you do. Put your trust in God and you will achieve much greatness. Happy new month.


107. This month, the Lord will bring you a smile and happiness; your sorrow will be taken away forever. Thank God for you. Happy new month.


108. Dear friend, never underestimate the favour of God in your, he gave you good health, that is enough to thank him. Many are out there who cannot lift their arms nor move their legs. Wishing you God protection now and always. Happy new month.


109. Don’t worry, God will wipe your tears this month. He has a solution to every one of your problems; he solved them all for you. Amen. Happy new month.


110. Stand up, work for your success and victory, there is good news for you this month. Happy new month.


111. May the Lord make your living joyful for you. Happy new year.

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