Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Everyone


Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes
Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes


Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Everyone, are beautiful anniversary words for that special person.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Brother

1. And today, I raise a glass to you, my dear brother, to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Here’s to more years of friendship and companionship


2. It has been five years and till today, I still get to watch both of you fall in love with each other every day. Happy wedding anniversary.


3. It is one thing to find a soul mate. It is another thing to live together and raise a family. I look up to you dear brother. Happy anniversary.


4. Here’s to another year of sharing laughter, dreams, sunrise, and sunsets together. Have a wonderful wedding anniversary


5. Best wishes to the most amazing couple! May the joy that is in your hearts today, never leave you. I wish you togetherness always and forever.


6. On this very day a few years back, you celebrated the happiest day of your life! I wish you many more years to remember and celebrate that special day. I love you, bro.


7. Congratulations! On your celebration of love and life. Best wishes to you and God bless you.


8. “It does not matter where you are going; it’s whom you have beside you”. Happy wedding anniversary my dearest brother.


9. I have always known you two had something special, and I am thrilled to be by your side dear brother, as you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary. Cheers!


10. You both make a really great team in everything! Including raising my beautiful nieces and nephews! Happy wedding anniversary


11. I have watched how you and your wife fall in love with each other many times! I feel glad to be a witness to that and more. So today, I wish you all the joy the universe has got to hove! Happy anniversary.


12. I am still carrying the smile and feeling the joy I felt on your wedding day in my heart! And I am happy to celebrate your first wedding anniversary with you both!


13. It is a large cheer to the happiest of wedding anniversaries to the most amazing couple I know! May your lives always be blessed.


14. To my dearest brother, the love you share is wonderful, just as it is rare. I wish you many more anniversaries to be celebrated.


15. It goes without a saying that you two were made for each other. May your lives together continue to be blessed.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Sister

1. It has been a wedding anniversary, years after years! You two are definitely a dynamic duo!

Congratulations on this one!


2. It seems just like yesterday when you were walking down the aisle and I was holding your train! Congrats dear sister on your wedding anniversary. I am so happy for you both.


3. You both have always made an exceptional couple! Accept my congratulations on your wedding anniversary. May the celebration of this day be brought back years after years.


4. Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful sister! Wishing you many more years of love and thrills.


5. I want to pass along my congratulations to my favourite sister and brother-in-law! Enjoy your celebration and I wish you many more to come.


6. May the bond you created a few years back become stronger than ever as the years pass by. Congrats my sis!


7. Now and forever, I wish my loving sis and her husband more happy memories and adventures together. Enjoy your special anniversary.


8. Dear sister, happy wedding anniversary to you and your perfect match! I wish you more fruitful lives together. Amen.


9. To my awesome and beautiful sister, I wish you abundant blessings, love, togetherness, joy, and laughter as you celebrate your wedding anniversary, and till forever.


10. Cheers to another year of being great together and standing tall together through the tests of marriage and time. Happy anniversary sweet sis.


11. It is another anniversary of everyone’s favourite couple! Always know that the best is yet to come! Enjoy many more sweet years together!


12. A love that is built to last, and many more chapters in your love story; these and more are what I wish for you today on your 5th wedding anniversary. Congrats sis.


13. Every day is a chance to renew your love, and every year brings a chance to celebrate your love and life together. Happy wedding anniversary. I love you!


14. Today is one to always treasure. Happy wedding anniversary to my lovely sis and her accomplice in love! I wish you all the good fortune and treasures.


15. Sending you my warmest and heartfelt wishes on your wedding anniversary. May your love continue to strengthen as time goes by.


16. The rest of your siblings and I are sending all our love and best wishes. Cheers!! To your family as you celebrate your anniversary.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Father

1. Getting to witness marriage life from you has been awesome. You make it seem so effortless. Happy wedding anniversary dad.


2. With each passing year, you prove that you are an epitome of a lovely marriage. Enjoy your anniversary dear dad.


3. Happy golden anniversary to the happiest, perfect couple alive! May you continue to grow in your love for mom.


4. You make marriage look blissful than other people insinuate! Happy anniversary dad. You deserve the best.


5. You and mom are made for each other, and this cannot be any truer! Congrats to you both on your wedding anniversary.


6. May your love wax stronger, may it get lovelier, and may it get more adventurous. Happy wedding anniversary daddy.


7. You have non-arguably been the best father and best husband! Mom is so blessed to have you. Enjoy your special occasion.


8. Dad, you deserve every bit of the joy you feel today and more! May it last forever. Happy wedding anniversary.


9. The love you have for mom, and the commitment you have towards us, is truly a motivation to us your children. Congrats on your anniversary dad.


10. Dad, you have shown us the magic behind true love, and the essence of it. Have the best anniversary yet!


11. Thank you for being mom’s happily ever after. We love how you make her happy. Happy wedding anniversary.


12. You have, in many ways, inspired me to become a better husband than I am. For that alone, I am very appreciative. Happy anniversary dad.


13. I will consider myself as amazing if I ever become half the husband you have ever been! Happy marriage anniversary dad!


14. We love to celebrate your years of love together. Thank you for never failing to present us with an opportunity to do so. Cheers!


15. May your love never be overwhelmed by the tides of life; rather may your love sail, and follow the tide to the shore. Happy anniversary daddy.


16. Over the years, I have watched you build your love on a solid foundation of trust and patience, and that has led us to be here today. Congrats sir!


17. Your married life well lived and living is worth a feast! Congratulations Dad! Enjoy yourself to the fullest.


18. May the love that brought you and mom together in the first place never become rare in your lives! Happy wedding anniversary dad.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Mother

1. I have a beautiful outlook on life ever since I realized what magnanimous role you have played as a mother. Happy marriage anniversary mom.


2. You deserve every bit of joy and fulfilment this celebration brings you today. Happy anniversary mama!


3. Cheers to you, mom, for your contribution in holding the fort of your age-long marriage! Have an amazing celebration this anniversary.


4. We are proud children of a charming couple! You both deserve the best! Be sure to enjoy your special day today!


5. It has been thirty years today, and he is still your everything. That is nothing short of inspirational! Congrats mom!


6. Dear mom, I have watched you go through the worst but still come out even stronger together. I am so proud of you! Happy anniversary celebration.


7. You and dad have always been meant to be. Your love is celebrated every day! Happy wedding anniversary mom!


8. May today surround you with joy, warmth, and delight and may the memories made today be joyfully remembered on your next wedding anniversary. Congrats mom.


9. Yours is the one made in heaven! Happy silver anniversary dear mother! Enjoy the day!


10. Here’s to wishing you more glad tidings in the years to come. Happy wedding anniversary mom.


11. I grew up sitting on a front-row seat to what a healthy and happy marriage looks like. May the joy always remain in your marriage and in your lives. Amen. Congrats mom.


12. Happy 30th wedding anniversary! You and dad are the marriage jackpot! I tell it to all my friends! Congrats mom!


13. It has been 40 years and you both are still sweethearts, and perfectly complementary. A perfect example of what a marriage should be. Happy anniversary!


14. Congrats to you and your soul mate, travel companion, and best friend. Enjoy your anniversary.


15. Your marriage has got me thinking that fairytales really do exist. May your joy continue to overflow, congrats on your anniversary.

16. With you both, there is always enough love to go round! Have a wonderful wedding anniversary, for you are the most spectacular couple!


17. Each anniversary is a reminder that obstacles are not stumbling blocks but they are there for you to step on and soar in love. Have a nice one mom!


18. May your marriage remain as pure, treasured, and as strong as diamonds, till the time on earth lasts! Happy wedding anniversary mom!


Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Friend

1. “Feliz Aniversario”! Wishing you a long and thrilling life together on this grand occasion. Bravo dear friend.


2. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful duo we know! May your love grow stronger and nothing less!


3. Today is a special day for two, who celebrates their special love, trust, partnership, and companionship. Happy wedding anniversary dear.


4. May you cherish all your marriage milestones, and starting from the first! Happy anniversary!


5. Like a flower basking in the sunshine, your love blossoms brilliantly. Cheerful wishes on your wedding anniversary.


6. Your relationship is truly an inspiration. Happy anniversary! Sometime in the future, I hope to have this type of love in my life!


7. The type of togetherness that the two of you share is definitely one to be celebrated. You are best pals, a dynamic duo, and soul mates that will be together forever. Cheers! You have been married for almost a decade!


8. To my exceptional, dear friends, may today be celebrated with fascinating bliss, and here’s to many more years of oneness! Happy wedding anniversary!


9. The words ‘happy wedding anniversary’ cannot convey my joy at seeing you both spending another year of your lives together! Congrats!


10. When I spot you two together, my day turns out to be a whole lot delightful, and then I know that true love really exists and it is infectious! Happy anniversary!


11. Yours is a love we all fantasize about. Happy anniversary my beloved friends!! May your marriage continue to flourish till the end of time.


12. Getting married is not just about dancing at the wedding; rather, it is about having a dance partner and cohort for life! Dance out the day and night this unique anniversary.


13. Congratulations on another year of devotion, adventure, and thrills. Here’s to wishing you lots of, and a joyful anniversary.


14. I must say, you guys rock! It is another year of being together! Happy Anniversary! I wish you the best!


15. Never have I ever known such a wonderful couple, your love for each other is an embodiment of the meaning of soul mates. Happy anniversary!


16. May the beauty of this special occasion be forever imprinted in your hearts. Happy anniversary!


17. Real relationships are when you don’t change each other, but love each other the way you are! You’ve got a real one there! Congrats and Happy anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Messages

1. It has been 365 days since you said: “I do”! How time flies right? I wish you many more years together. Happy wedding anniversary.


2. May the rest of your days be filled with complete and unstoppable joy and happiness. Happy 1st wedding anniversary.


3. My smiles on your wedding day haven’t faded, and it is your anniversary already! Congrats on your first wedding anniversary


4. You both have got a happy and healthy marriage, and that is all that matters. Go ahead and enjoy your 1 year together celebration!


5. May you enjoy a simply happy married life for eternity. May your lives be void of sadness. Amen. Happy first anniversary.


6. Congrats on the completion of your first year together as a married couple! Happy wedding anniversary. One year down, many more to go!


7. May you both remain together with peace and love. May your happiness be everlasting in your lives, and may you be blessed with the sweet fruits of marriage.


8. Congratulations on your very first anniversary. May you bring coolness to each other’s hearts. May your love endure in each other’s hearts, along with deep joy and everlasting friendship.


9. No matter what life throws at us, I promise to hold your hands and be there by your side as we walk through it. I love you so much, happy wedding anniversary.


10. On the day of your first anniversary, I wish you more love, trust, and companionship between you two. May the coming years bear the good fruits of love and love. Congrats.


11. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing you and your partner united together in the most romantic way. May your love remain fresh. Happy wedding anniversary.


12. Today on your first wedding anniversary, I would say that your marriage is one year strong and not one year old. I wish you many more strong years to come.


13. Marriage is a blissful union, and beautiful in every sense. Both of you always remind me of that. Happy wedding anniversary dear friends.

10th Wedding Anniversary Messages

1. Living together for 10 whole years without the thought of quitting, calls for a celebration! Happy 10th wedding anniversary to you both.


2. A decade ago, I watched you promise each other life together forever. And today I celebrate that unflinching love you both have. Enjoy your 10th-anniversary celebration.


3. The memories made over the years are ones to cherish. The photos taken are meant to be framed. I wish you many more blessed years together. Happy 10th wedding anniversary.


4. 10 years of marriage and three beautiful kids! That is a blessing! And I am over the moon in happiness for you and your family. Congrats!


5. These feelings cannot be put to words no matter how hard I try! I am so happy it is our 10th anniversary! Congratulations my love.


6. Today is a very special day in your lives as you reach another milestone! I am so happy for you both. May your love remain forever. Happy 10th wedding anniversary.


7. Living together has been a wonderful experience, and all I want is to live many more years with you, happy anniversary, my love. I am still head over heels in love with you.


8. First, you were Romeo and Juliet. Now you are Romeo and Juliet with lovely kids! I am so happy for you both. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary. Cheers.


9. I celebrate every day I spend with you, and 10 good years together just calls for a feast! Happy wedding anniversary sweetheart.


10. Sending my congrats to you both on your 10th wedding anniversary. May God fill the rest of your lives with fun, happiness, and togetherness.


11. Please accept my warmest and heartfelt greetings on this special day. Congratulations on your 10 years anniversary. You both deserve all the love.


12. To the wonderful dynamic duo, the best partners for life and the most amazing couple of the decade, a very big congrats and a happy 10th anniversary.


13. I would call you both the perfect marriage models. Everyone looks up to your love, and cannot help but feel happy for you both. Happy wedding anniversary. Best wishes.


Wedding Anniversary Messages for a Spouse

1. 365 days of an unflinching show of love, romance, togetherness, and thrilling adventures, and I still want to spend more years with no one else but you. Happy wedding anniversary my love.


2. You make me beautiful with all the love you give to me. I love how your love adorns me. Happy first anniversary my beloved husband.


3. I am so blessed to have an amazingly beautiful wife, who is so caring, patient, and understanding. You are my world. Happy anniversary to us!


4. Life is beautiful because you are mine. Because of you, I love life. I already cannot wait for the rest of the romantic days yet to be lived. Happy anniversary honey.


5. I cannot believe we have shared one whole year together! Good moments surely pass away so fast. Happy first wedding anniversary to us my love!


6. We started counting from 1 and now we are at 10! My heart is filled with so much joy as we celebrate this anniversary with loved ones around. Happy anniversary my love.


7. All I want to do is strive to make you happier than you already are, and more loved than you already are! Happy 10th-anniversary honey.


8. You have been a wonderful wife, friend and companion to me for all these years we have been together as husband and wife, I thank my Lord for giving me a priceless woman like you, happy great anniversary my love.


9. Love, thank God for this beautiful day, I looked back in time and I appreciated your true love for me, thank you for being there for me, wishing us healthy more years ahead, I will always love you, cheers.


10. Today mark a beautiful time in our marriage life, it is our fifth anniversary and thanks to God for our beautiful life together, I love you.


11. My heart is filled with a beautiful thought of you, thank you for being a wonderful wife and amazing mother to the kids, wishing us more memorable years together.


12. The sun shines brightly together, but yet cool on my body, I am sure it is because we celebrating a beautiful day like this, it is being a beautiful ten years together, and our love gets stronger every day, you are one in a million to me, happy 10th year anniversary with me I love you so much.


13. I feel I am the luckiest man in the world because I have a lovely wife like you, you make my heart find true love, I cherish you, my love, I will always love you, many more anniversary for us.


25th Wedding Aniversary Messages

1. Being married for 25years holds a lot of caring, love, sacrifices, and happiness. It is a great blessing to witness this celebration. Happy anniversary.


2. It is no easy ride to journey together for 25 years! But both of you are still driven by a passion to continue the journey! I couldn’t be less happy for you both. Happy wedding anniversary.


3. Unhampered trust, unflinching love, unquenchable desire, and unending companionship are the reasons why both of you have come this far together. Congrats on your silver anniversary


4. Never have I ever come across a couple so romantic after 25 solid years and counting. You both are an inspiration to us all. Happy anniversary.


5. Loyalty and togetherness have brought you both to this very day and time. May it continue to sustain your union. Happy 25th anniversary!


6. It is another great milestone achieved by both of you! If this is not a perfect marriage, then I do not know what is! Have a great 25th-anniversary celebration.


7. Both of you have set a very good example for us your kids. We are so proud to announce to the whole world that today is your silver jubilee anniversary! Congrats and enjoy!


8. Thank you for fighting through difficult situations, thank you for compromising for us. Thank you for showing us what true love is. Congratulations and have an amazing silver anniversary.


9. You two are really living the dream. 25 years of marriage is a proud achievement to behold! I wish you a marvellous celebration to behold! I wish you a marvellous celebration today.


10. For all the efforts made, for all the compromises, for all the love shared over the years, I wish you a cheerful 25th wedding anniversary celebration.


11. Here’s to more love, togetherness, fun, and excitement. Raise a glass to the silver anniversary. Cheers!


12. The love you both have got going on for 25 solid years can last another lifetime! I wish you long life in good health to celebrate more anniversaries. Congrats!!


13. Everything about today and both of you is special in every way. May God be with you as you celebrate your silver anniversary. Congrats.


14. It has been 25 gorgeous years since the day the two of you became an item. I wish you both more love over the years to come. Happy anniversary.


40th Wedding Anniversary Messages

1. Let us paint the town ruby-red today as we celebrate 40 years of your conjugal bliss! Happy anniversary grandma and grandpa!


2. If every couple could turn out to be just like you both, the world would become such a colourful and romantic place. Congrats on your ruby jubilee anniversary.


3. Best wishes to both of you as you celebrate your ruby jubilee anniversary. May we be invited to more happy anniversaries! Congrats!


4. Hurray! It is your ruby jubilee of married life! I wish you many more happy memories to be made. Congratulations.


5. If the love you both have is taken and shared for every person alive, there will still be a great deal left! I pray for the abundance of your love in my life as well. Happy anniversary mom and dad.


6. Today is a day to be thankful, nostalgic, and delighted about 40 years of your lives together as husband and wife.


7. Today is a double celebration as it is your ruby jubilee, and all our family members are present, it is almost like a reunion! Have an amazing 40th anniversary.


8. You have always set a good marriage example for us your kids, and we get to pass it down to your grandkids! Enjoy your ruby jubilee!


9. Happy 40th wedding anniversary dear parents. As we celebrate this day with you, we look forward to celebrating your golden and platinum jubilee in good health! We love you both.


10. It has been generations after generations and both of you have remained marriage idols! Happy ruby jubilee.


11. You know you have an angel for a life partner when the worst moments of your life are easily overcome. Have a delightful 40 years anniversary!!


12. May the bliss, joy, love, and fun times come in folds of 40!! Happy ruby wedding jubilee dear friends!

50th Wedding Anniversary Messages

1. Thank you for the wonderful years we have spent together. The memories, adventure, and all the love you have shown me in different ways. Happy 50th anniversary my darling.


2. I want to grow old with you, holding your hand on the rocking chair while we watch our kids play in the front yard. And today tells us we are on our way to that time. Happy anniversary babe.


3. You have been the best part of my life’s story. I would spend another lifetime with you if I could my love, happy golden jubilee anniversary to us. I will always love you.


4. 50 whole years and all I wish for is to re-live every moment with you. You are the sunshine in my life. Happy anniversary honey.


5. I look up to you both and realize that old age should never get in the way of the freshness of your love and marriage! Happy golden anniversary to you both.


6. It is our golden anniversary! I believe I came this far in my life because I journeyed with you. Honey I want to keep journeying with you till eternity.


7. I watched you promise yourselves eternity, and I have been humbled to see it come to pass. You two are really meant for each other.


8. The words ‘soul mate’ never made reasonable meaning to me; until I watched you celebrate your union year after years. It is really an honour to celebrate this golden one with you both.


9. Your marriage is an embodiment of how marriages should be. Yours literally stood the tests of time and look where we are! It is really a blessing! Congratulations!


10. It’s been 50 years, and you never cease to give me reasons to fall for you. My heart still skips a beat anytime I hear your melodious voice, or anytime you walk into a room. Happy 50th wedding anniversary dear wife


11. Every time I look at our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, I feel overly grateful to God for you in my life, and I always thank Him for our lasting union! Happy golden anniversary my loving wife.

Happy Anniversary to Aunt

1. You have always played the role of my second mom even after you have been married for a couple of years now! You are awesome. Happy wedding anniversary aunt.


2. To my favourite aunt and hero, here’s to wishing you a happy wedding anniversary, and many more blissful years to come.


3. I have always thought of you as a superwoman, and you reaching milestones in your married life is no surprise to me at all! Enjoy your wedding anniversary dear aunt.


4. On behalf of me and the rest of your nieces and nephews, we wish you many more wonderful years of togetherness. Happy anniversary ma’am.


5. We have always thought of you and uncle John as very blessed and lucky to have you as his wife. I hope you have a lot more anniversary to invite us to! Congratulations.


6. Happy wedding anniversary to the most industrious woman I know. May the rest of your lives together be filled with the joy in your hearts today. Amen.


7. Some people can only but dream about finding a soul mate, but, you are living the dream! And you have been for a couple of years now! Happy wedding anniversary dear aunt.


8. Dear aunt, you and uncle have always been the ones the rest of the family looks up to, and look out for, during family reunions! You both are just awesome together. Happy wedding anniversary.


9. We have always been ones for the parties! Happy anniversary beloved aunty. I wish you many happy memories to be made today. I hope you throw a party!


10. Today marks another year of your marriage milestone and brings forth the start of another year to create loving memories together. Happy anniversary aunty.


11. They say every year brings the opportunity to enjoy and discover new things about your partner. I wish you this blessing this year, and many more years to come.


12. Today you get to wine and dine with a lot of people whom you love around you. Enjoy your celebration, my darling aunt.


13. Thank you for being great together, and for being role models to the rest of the family. Happy wedding anniversary.


14. Both of you are a reminder of what true love should be. You deserve all the celebration! Happy wedding anniversary uncle and aunt


15. This morning I woke up with the thoughts of what to get for you on this silver anniversary, and I cannot seem to get the perfect one! But expect a surprise! Happy wedding anniversary.


16. May your love continue to grow, may all happiness come your way. Happy 20th-anniversary dear aunt.


17. There’s no disputing the fact that your marriage is one made in heaven, and nothing can come in between you two. Happy wedding anniversary uncle and aunt.


18. To find someone to love you for everything you are is truly a blessing. Happy wedding anniversary to my dear aunt and her darling husband.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Uncle

1. True love is when you stay together during the roughest times in your lives and still come out even stronger to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Congrats uncle!


2. Through the good days, and the not-so-good-days, you both have stood the tests, and that alone is worthy of the rewards this day brings. Happy wedding anniversary Uncle Sam.


3. I never fail to tell it whoever cares to listen, that you and your wife are the marriage jackpot! Have an amazing anniversary celebration uncle!


4. Thanks to you both, I now believe in forever, soul mates, and in fairy tales. Congratulations on your anniversary. Cheers.


5. You both have given yourselves the greatest gifts of all time—everlasting love and beautiful children. And marriage couldn’t be any lovelier! Happy wedding anniversary uncle!


6. Cheers to the two flawed pieces that fit flawlessly together! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!


7. Sending my love to my favourite uncle and aunt on their wedding anniversary! Cheers!


8. Over the years, I have grown to know you two as my second parents and never have had any cause to doubt you two. You are just wonderful together. Happy anniversary.


9. I count myself as lucky enough to know you! You have been an inspiration to me. Happy 10th-anniversary sir.


10. Dear uncle, every passing year, what I see is that your marriage is not becoming old; rather it is becoming classically strong and gracefully invaluable. Congratulations and have a happy anniversary.


11. To get to fall in love with your wife every day is truly a blessing from God. Happy anniversary sir.


12. If I could make my every wish come true, I would wish to have a love like yours. Happy wedding anniversary uncle


13. You have grown over the years with love, may that love never become rare in the lives of the two of you. Happy anniversary uncle.


14. May the vows and promises you made each other on your wedding day never expire nor fail. May it not need any form of renewal, and may it remain fresh in your hearts forever. Amen. Happy wedding anniversary.


15. Tolerance, patience, teamwork, compromises and sacrifices; there and more are what I have learned over the years from both of you, and I look forward to learning more! Happy anniversary dear uncle.


16. You have always given me the best advice and admonitions, and you put your words into practice; these traits are really hard to find in people! Happy wedding anniversary to my special uncle.


17. It all seems like yesterday when I watched you two tied the knot before man, and before God. And today, it is a blessing to watch you both celebrate years of true companionship. Best wishes to you both on this awesome anniversary. Enjoy your day!


18. May the only thing you have to worry about, be the ways in which you can make every anniversary celebration better than the last! Congratulations!

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