Heart Melting Lines Text Messages


Heart Melting Lines Text Messages
Heart Melting Lines


Romantic HeartMelting Lines Text Messages are beautiful collections of lovely text messages that you can send to that wonderful person. You need to make him or her special by sending him/her sweet text messages that would prove how much you loved him/her.

Heart Melting Lines Text Messages

Heart Melting Lines Text Messages 

1. When I see your face my heart melt away in happiness, you bring joy and sweetness to my life, I love you so much.


2. “You have me. Until every last star in the galaxy dies. You have me.”


3. I can’t live without you, my heart is created to love and care for you.


4. It is going to be you and I forever, I will always bring you happiness and joy.


5. Thank God that I found a lovely angel like you, no matter what life brings upon us tomorrow, I will always remain your sweetheart.


6. I love you as fishes love water, and I love you as butterflies love flowers, you are the beauty of my heart.


7. You have no idea how much I love you, my heart races each time I see you.


8. I love to see your smile every moment I’m with you, it warms my heart each time you beam in those beautiful smile.


9. I want to be with you now, and forever.


10. Your voice is my favourite melody; it drifts swiftly into my heart each time you talk.


11. I’m enchanted into your world forever, I will always love you with all my heart.


12. Making you my eternal soul mate is what I have prayed for, I will spend all my time with you, I love you.


13. If I have one hundred hearts, they will love you equally, I love you with every beat of my heart.


14. You are my eternal bliss, I will love you forever.


15. Ever since I have met you, every moment has been joyful, I promise you more and the best times are yet to come.


16. You are my dreams come true, there can never be me without you, you hit the core of my heart with your sweet love.


17. I love everything about you; I will be for you forever.


18. I never knew I will find a sweetheart like you, you came and change everything in my life, you make every of my moment worth living.


19. Every day spent with you bring new happiness to my life, and you are a special gift from heaven to my soul.


20. I’m addicted to loving you forever, you make feel special, each moment I’m held in your hands.


21. As the glamour of the star in the night, so does your glitters in my heart each moment I think about you.


22. I’m stranded in your heart for a lifetime, thank you for always being there for me.


23. You make paradise close to my heart, I can’t stop loving you.


24. In each moment that I see you, I loved you more than before; my love for you will never diminish.


25. If I say, forever for anything is to say forever that I will always love you.


26. You are my cherry pie, my honey, and sweet candy, I can’t live out you.


27. You are the sunflower of my life, you lit my life beautiful colours.


28. You brought sunshine into my life; I will be your smile when you look into my eyes.


29. The only place I wish to be forever in your arms; it gives me warmth and happiness.


30. You make my heart melt each moment I look into your beautiful.


31. You captivate my love forever; my heart feels good to be with you.


32. You are my heart desire; I cherish you with all my heart.


33. You make speechless each moment I’m with you.


34. Just a little thought of you set my heart ablaze. You make my world a wonderful paradise.


35. I feel very much passionate about you; I would hold your love forever in my heart.


36. Life is sweeter spending it with you, no more pain ever since you have come.


37. I will live with you forever, I will never leave your side.


38. You make everything beautiful and better, I love you with all the strength in my body.


39. Each moment you are away, my heart wants so badly, I don’t want to live a day with you.


40. I’m madly in love with you, I enjoy holding your hands when I walk down the street.


41. I will climb the tallest mountain to shout to the world, that I love you.


42. You don’t know how much you mean to me.


43. No matter where I go, I will always return to your warmness, I love you.


44. Our life together is my treasure, I love every moment of the adventure I’m having with you.


45. The stars may glitter so brightly at night, but your love glitters brighter in my heart, you make me believe in true love.


46. I cherish you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be.


47. When you need someone to lean on, I will be there for you now and forever, I love you.


48. I may not be sure of everything in life, but I can promise you that my love for you will never die.


49. I always see every path that I have taken in my life as a blessing because it leads me into your heart, I love you.


50. The first day is set my eyes on you, my heart went on a sweet celebration, it rather says, wow! Here she comes, that is the girl I have been looking for, I love you sincerely.

Heart Melting Lines
Heart Melting Lines

Romantic Heart Melting Lines Text Messages to Wake Up to

51. Wake my angel; another day has come for me to love you.


52. As long as I have you beside me, we can rise again each morning to feel the bliss of today together in each other’s arms.


53. I cherish you in every single day that passes, good morning my love.


54. It is a new day, full of love and hope for you, good morning.


55. Thank God for another promised day, I will always be there for you, good morning.


56. My night was full of your loving dreams, good morning.


57. I will always be yours forever, thank God I can open my eyes to see you again today, good morning.


58. You are so adorable, I fall in love you with you every moment I see you, good morning.


59. A single dream of you sent me on a blissful journey to heaven, I love going to bed thinking about you last so that I can wake up tomorrow morning with a smiling face.


60. I know I have found true love when I always look forward to waking up beside you each morning that comes, good morning my angel.


61. Sweetness is when I wake up in the morning and I still find you beside me, your love flourishes in my heart forever.


62. Do not be afraid to face the future with me, as long as I continue to breathe, I will always be there for you, good morning.


63. Wake up love, look through your window; can you see the beautiful sunshine? Your love shines in my heart the same way.


64. My love blossom for you as the hour of the morning blossoms to begins each beautiful day, you have all my trust and love forever, good morning.


65. If everything changes, my love for you will live forever, nothing will make me leave you, I love you.


66. If I wake to see your face in every morning that comes, then that is enough happiness for me for that day, being with you every day gives me so much joy and happiness.


67. I feel great each moment that I walk beside you, I feel joyful each night that I realized you are still mine, and I feel loved when hear you say good morning to me every morning.


68. My night was full of splendour and beauty because I dreamt of you, wakes up to receive your unending happiness today.


69. When the sunset I thank God for still having you with me and I pray for your protection through the night, and when the sun rises, Iknow it is time to open our eyes to the beautiful world again, thank you for making my life complete, good morning.

70. Every one has a blessing of his/her life, you are the blessing of my life, good morning.


71. Good morning my dearest, hope you had a wonderful night.


72. My day is always beautiful when I think that you would always be there for me.


73. Wake up dearest; it is going to be another beautiful day for us.


74. Life just begins when I found you, you are the angel of my world.


75. You are the mirror that reflects the beautiful part of life, wishing you a joyful day.


76. The morning is the beginning of each day, thank God for the beautiful beginning, good morning.


77. As fresh as this morning is, so are you fresh to my heart, good morning.


78. I love you because I’m always free with you, you make me myself when I’m with you, wishing you a beautiful day ahead.


79. If I knew someone as beautiful as you exist somewhere for me for so long, I would have begun searching for you long ago, so that I could have spent many years with you already.


80. Everything you do to me pleases my heart, please tell if you an angel from above.


81. I love to see your face every time so that my happiness would keep multiplying forever, you are my everlasting joy.


82. You came into my life and conquer all my heart with your sweet love, you are always on my mind, and I love you.


83. Today is going to be another splendid day for the continuation of our sweet life; I will always be there for you.


84. I promise never to break your heart, as the daybreak so is my love for you renewed.


85. You look more beautiful each day that passes, I’m happy to find a lovely and caring woman like you as my wife.


86. I asked my Lord to bless you as you open your eyes this morning to see another beautiful day, I love you.


87. You will never far from where your blessing is located today, you will always be favoured above your enemies, good morning.


88. Wake up sweetheart, open your eyes and feel the joy of being alive to see another beautiful day, wishing you a day full of love and blessing.


89. You’re the most precious gift sent my way, such that if I have the entire world as mine without you is nothing.


90. “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” Marcus Aurelius


91. Good morning my sunshine, thank you for coming into my life, ever since the day I found you my life has always remain joyful, I will all things to make you happy.


92. I hope your morning is as bright and beautiful as you are, smile love, it is a precious gift of another beautiful day for you.


93. You are the reason I wake up with a beautiful smile on my face each morning, thinking that you are still there for me gives me the confidence to face each day as they come, good morning my love.


94. When I opened my eyes in the morning and still find you by my side, I know it another beautiful way to begin a wonderful with you.


95. Good morning my happiness, hope you had a lovely night, wishing you a marvellous day.


96. Wake up love, I want to see your beautiful again today, you are the joy of my soul.


97. My warm hands wait to embrace you this morning, good morning hope your night was full of beautiful dreams.


98. Thank you for making every morning a memorable experience with you, I always want to spend more time in your arms, so that I will remain happy all the time of my life because I have found a beautiful angel like you.


99. You are beautiful, hope your day will be as beautiful you are, good morning have a beautiful day.


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Heart Melting Lines


100. Thank God I’m thinking about you now, I know that my night will be beautiful because we are gonna lock together in beautiful dreams.


101. I marvel at your beauty, I’m so happy ever since the day I found you, you make my life complete, thank you for coming into my life, I love you, good night.


102. Everything you do to me is always beautiful, I’m sure God sent you to me, thank you for being so wonderful to me, wishing you a lovely night.


103. Another night has come again, thank God we alive, wishing you a beautiful night, good night my angel.


104. The moon and the stars are the beauty and splendour of the night, and you are the beauty and splendour of my life, good night my love.


105. Rest your head to catch the sweet sleep this night, because I want you to wake up tomorrow morning looking refreshed and beautiful as ever, goodnight my sweetheart.


106. Let’s go to bed sweetheart so that we can dream of our beautiful future together.


107. Tonight I will be there waiting for you in dreamland, it going to be a beautiful night together, goodnight.


108. Don’t fear what lurks in the night, I have asked my Lord to shield you from all evils of the night, sleep tighter, good night.


109. You are always the woman over my heart; I love you, good night.


110. Forget about the troubles of the day, tomorrow will be great for you, good night my angel.


111. I’m always your no. 1 love and I would always prove to you that I can maintain that number in your life, your love will always flourish in my heart, good night.


112. I will be your blanket against the cold night, I will be your dreams, I love you so much, good night.


113. You are the best that I have ever had; I will do anything for your love, sweet dreams, good night.


114. You are the real woman that hit the core of heart with sweetness, God promises you a beautiful tomorrow, and I promise you, my love, good night.


115. Sleeping without a kiss from you is like a space without oxygen, I miss you.


116. Your love is like living life in my heart, it flourishes every day and night, I love you more than you ever know, good night.


117. You‘re the sweetest part of my life, there is no moment that I don’t think about you, I love you, good night.


118. Ever since I met you, I have always been falling in love with you all over again; you have all my heart for you, sweet dreams.


119. I don’t know how to live without you, you are always a beautiful part of my life, I love you so much, good night.


120. Every night I lie quietly on my bed thinking of you before I drift away in sleep, you make every moment in my life a wonderful experience, thank you for being a great husband to me, I love you, good night.


121. Good night my sweet angel, I love you.


122. My soul is already soaked in your world; I will be dreaming sweet about you this night, good night.


123. In the silent moment of this night, I wish I would curl around you; I miss you, good night.


124. Spending all day around you was too blissful to my heart, I wish I could find my way into your heart tonight; I will feed it with sweet lovely words, good night.


125. Hope you are in bed already, thinking about you, good night.


126. You are always the joy on my heart; I want to spend the rest of my life with you so that we can share the same bed together, goodnight.


127. I couldn’t fall asleep without you on my mind, you always my world a better place, good night.


128. Even the brightest star does not glitter like the light in your eyes, good night.


129. Each time I looked into your eyes, I see a brighter future through them, we will be better together, sweet dream, goodnight.

Heart Melting Lines Text Messages

130. Making you the queen of my heart forever is all that I prayed for before I sleep, hope you will be in my dreams tonight, sleep tight, good night.


131. The angels will be your guard as you close your eyes to sleep, goodnight.


132. Your beauty still blossoms in my heart even in my sleep; I will always love you until the nights refuses to come, sweet dreams.


133. If we are no longer in this world, I pray that the Lord join us together in heaven so that we continue our blissful life together, goodnight my sweetheart.


134. For you I will always be, I will never leave your side and I will never hurt you, hope to see your lovely face again tomorrow, good night.


135. Your thought always finds a way to my heart, and right I’m lost in your world, wish to see you in my dreams tonight, have a delightful


136. You are the jewels of heart, I love you with everything in my life, see your beautiful face again tomorrow, goodnight.


137. Wishing you a pleasurable sleep as you lay on your bed to sleep, I will miss you.


138. I have been thinking about you all day, and now it is night and you are still on my mind, I love you so much that I can stay without you, good night.


139. I’m going to spend all my night dreaming about you, because I spent all my days thinking about you, and I’m happy to always have you on my mind, good night.


140. I feel joy the moment I see your face, there are no better words to describe you as gorgeous, sweet dreams.


141. Your handsome face dominated my mind during the day, now I’m going to be drafted in your world through sweet dream this night, have
a blissful sleep.


142. You rule my world, and I love it that way, I can’t stop loving you, good night and sleep tight.


143. Get ready my love lets go to sleep so that we can have enough time to be in each other arms this night, I love you.


144. When you lay to sleep every night always, be assured that I will be in your dreams, and you will be brighter and lovely when you wake up tomorrow morning.


145. The angels will keep you company tonight; they sing you delightful heavenly song to keep you warm, good night.


146. You have been my reverie, I’m crazy about you, tonight I will take you on a beautiful trip to heaven, we will be back to the world tomorrow morning, good night.


147. Drifting in your world why sleep overtakes me has always been my hobby, hope to see you tomorrow again, and goodnight.


148. My night is always perfect when I have you by my side, may the Lord bring back our soul tomorrow morning as we rest our head to catch a lovely sleep, goodnight.


149. It is going to be a lovelier night tonight because thousands of angels will be our entourage to heaven and back to the world tomorrow morning, good night.


150. You a perfect fit for a beautiful world for me, where I will hold your hands forever, I will always love you just as I have promised, goodnight, my angel.

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Heart Melting Lines

Inspirational Heart Melting Lines Text Messages Good afternoon Text

151. My day is incomplete without thinking about you, just want to know how your noon has been, good afternoon.


152. It has been a perfect day; hope you are enjoying your day, good afternoon.


153. Your love is as bright as this lovely afternoon in my heart, just a quick check on how you doing, I love you.


154. Rest when you are tired so that you don’t get much exhausted when I see you tonight, Wishing you a wonderful day.


155. I always wish I could be beside you this afternoon, to revitalize your energy, and I hope reading this text will do the same magic, thinking about you, I love you.


156. You are the crown on my head, you always dazzle my world with your unending care and love for me, I always cherish you in my heart, wishing you a lovely day.


157. Take enough water to refresh your body every hour, just as that water quench your thirst, so do your love elevates my soul, I love you.


158. You are my favourite everything, there is no moment that I don’t think about you, I love you so much, wishing you a stress-free afternoon.


159. Wherever life takes you to, I will always be there by your side, trust me I will love now and I will love you always.


160. I wish you could sneak home this lovely afternoon, just to give me one kiss, I love you.


161. If I’m right there with you now, I will be whispering some sweet words to your ears, but I hope your heart can heart my sweet thought, good afternoon.


162. My heart is made to love you especially, your love overflows in my heart in every minute, and I can’t help it, I will allow it to keep flowing until we are no more, I love you.


163. You amaze me each time I think about you, you are so crazy about me, I can’t help but to go gaga for your love, hope you are having a great day, see you later.


164. If I lost everything and I have you left, then I have lost nothing, wishing you a wonderful day, good afternoon my love.


165. My joy will never stop as far I can wake up each day and found you by my side, hope your doing great at work, have a beautiful afternoon.


166. I’m happy because I have you in my life, every moment I think of you, I thank God for blessing me with a lovely husband like you, wishing you a joyful day.


167. You are my one-man army, you are the armour that shines in my heart, you have always been a wonderful husband to me, God bless the work of your hand, good afternoon my hero.


168. Everything that you today will receive the blessing Of God, good afternoon my King.


169. If there is one thing, I ever wish that would come true is for me to never have to be apart from me you, good afternoon my angel.


170. If you can see true my heart, you will know how much I love you, I will always keep you close to my heart, I miss you, good afternoon.


171. Hope to see you again this evening but remain as you beautiful as ever, I love you.


172. Wishing you a day full of joy and happiness, hope you will be home tonight, good afternoon my sweetheart.


173. Time is wealth, and time is love, never waste your time, use your time well, good afternoon.


174. When you return this evening I will kill you with kisses, I miss you a lot, good afternoon.


175. You lifted the veil in my eye with your sweet love, I allowed you into the depth of my heart because I love you, good afternoon my sweet love.


176. When I found you I know that I have found my eternal lover, wishing you a fruitful day, I love you.


177. My heart can’t be at peace without hearing from you and knowing how you are doing out there my love, hope you are going well this lovely afternoon.


178. The more I think about you the happier I become, this is how it has been ever since the day I met you, you make my world beautiful, I love you.


179. You filled my heart with sweetness, I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you, you are precious to me, hope your day is beautiful.


180. Every step you take today will receive multiple blessing; you have been the sweetest part of my life, good afternoon.


181. Your affection is deep in my heart, I can’t take you out of my mind, I love you.


182. Dearest love, hope you finding it smooth this afternoon, I wish I could be there to help you.


183. This is just a quick check on you, hope everything is ok.


184. Nothing can make me forget you; I’m just thinking about you now, good afternoon my sweetheart.


185. My love for you is meant to last forever; I will always cherish you wherever you may be, good afternoon.


186. I’m sending you a lovely kiss this afternoon to cool your day, hope you will like it, I love you.


187. If you need my help please don’t hesitate to call me, you know I will always do anything for you, good afternoon, I miss you.


188. I’m counting down to spending a lovely evening with you, you make my heart sweet every time I hear your sweet voice, good afternoon.


189. I miss you, my love, hope you have taken your lunch.


190. I care so much about you, hope you will be coming home earlier today, good afternoon.


191. I know you are doing great out there, because you are always a great man, just to let you know that I’m waiting for your lovely return this evening, I will crown your day with a lovely kiss and a hug.


192. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on my task, your thought crosses my mind every second, hope you are looking good.


193. May your life be blissful this lovely afternoon, keep being at your best, I love you.


194. You are always beautiful, hope you are making the best of today, good afternoon.


195. Thinking about you, just to let you know that you have always been an amazing person, good afternoon.


196. I will spend all my life in your arms; I miss you so much, good afternoon.


197. Dearest love, don’t bother about the stress of the day, I will be here to make you forget all the troubles of today when you return home, I love you.


198. It’s lunchtime honey, how about having a lovely lunch together in a beautiful restaurant close to your office, I know of one.


199. You make my heart blissful each time I think of you, good afternoon, I miss you.

happy birthday text
Heart Melting birthday wishes

Romantic Heart Melting Lines Text Messages for Birthday

200. Today is your happy day; you look just fine and elegant, wishing you happiness and joyful life.


201. It is a beautiful day for you today; you have always been wonderful all through your life, more blessing and goodness for you as you progress in life, happy birthday.


202. I have counted down to this beautiful day with you, wishing you good health, long life, and prosperity, happy birthday.


203. You have added another beautiful day today, may your heart be filled with happiness in every moment of your life, happy birthday.


204. It is your lovely day, my heart finds all the joy that it desired in the years to come, I would always love and care for you, happy birthday my love.


205. Beautiful moments like this to celebrate a special person like comes once a year, this year I’m going to celebrate with you in grand style, happy birthday my love.


206. I’m so happy to have you as my wonderful love, a woman like you is scarce to come by, happy birthday my sweetheart, wishing you all the beautiful things in life.


207. You are always full of life and very amazing, celebrating a person like you gives me unending joy, wishing you all the best in life, happy birthday my love.


208. I have given you all my heart already, but I have an extra one to give to you on your birthday, wishing you a brighter day, happy birthday my love.


209. You have been always celebrating me, you make me feel special, and today is my turn to take you the moon and back to the world, happy birthday my dearest.


210. Every single minute I thank God for having a beautiful angel like you in my life, words can describe what you are to me, happy birthday my sweet love.


211. You look astonishing every day of your life, and today you so lovely, happy birthday my sweetheart.


212. You are so special in my life; I wish I would grow old with you, so that I can celebrate you in more years to come, happy birthday.


213. I’m happy to be wishing you a happy birthday for another beautiful year that you have added on, wishing you good health, long life, and happiness for the rest of your life.


214. I love today, I love you tomorrow and I will love you forever, happy birthday my angel.


215. I have been thinking of what great gift to give you on your special day, how about not going anywhere today, I want to be off completely from work today to celebrate my living angel, the jewels of my heart, happy birthday my love.


216. You can blow out your candle, but the fire of your love keep burning in my heart, happy birthday my special one, I love you.


217. I have the greatest gift of life when I have you, I’m ever grateful that I found a wonderful person like you, happy birthday.


218. You are the pillar behind every success that I achieved in my life, I will be there for you when you need me most, happy birthday my sweet love.


219. You make life beautiful for everyone around you, you have always been a charming lover to me, that’s the reason you been receiving so many gifts since morning, happy birthday to you my dearest.

Heart Melting Lines
Heart Melting Lines

Romantic Missing You Heart Melting Lines Text Messages

220. I can’t live without you, you are the joy of my life, please come home soon, I miss you.


221. My heart melts for you each time I think about you, I miss you a lot.


222. I have been thinking of how to cope without you here, it is not going to be easy; I’m going to miss you so much.


223. You make my life a wonderful place, living without you is extremely difficult, I miss you.


224. My heart has found a sweet attachment with you, and that is why it aches so badly where ever you are away, please come back soon, I miss you.


225. I miss you, baby, I will always wait for you no matter how long it takes you to return.


226. Your love is deep in my heart, please come back soon, I miss you.


227. Every night, I tried to force my self to sleep, but I can’t, your thoughts keep coming to my heart, hope you are fine, I miss you.


228. I love it when you kiss and hug me tight, but I hate it when you let go, I miss you so much, please come home soon.


229. I love to see you all the time, and hard to believe that I would be seeing you for some time, I miss you.


230. I fish cannot live out of the water, neither can a bird fly without wings, I have been finding it difficult to live with you, I miss you a lot.


231. I will always cherish all the beautiful time we spent together, I will be waiting for you until your return, I miss you.


232. My heart always beats for you, don’t take too long to return, I miss you.


233. I can’t love another person apart from you, no matter how long it takes you to come back, I will always be here for you, I miss you.


234. Any time you are away, you take my heart and happiness with you, I don’t just feel fine without you, please come back soon I miss you.


235. I need someone to kiss, someone to cares, someone to hug, someone to talk to and to laugh with, someone share my stories with and to make me smile, ever since you left all these things have eluded me, please bring my joy back, I miss you.


236. I will never forget all the beautiful moments we shared together, they are still evergreen in my memory, please come back baby, I miss you.


237. Though you may be thousands of miles away from me, you left me some beautiful memories that bring you closer to heart every single minute, I miss you so much.


238. I don’t know how to solve this problem of missing you, It is so difficult to adjust to my normal life without you, you mean so much to me please come back soon, I miss you.


239. I have missed so many things about you since you left, I find true happiness in your arms, I miss you a lot.


240. I slept alone in the night thinking about all the beautiful nights that we shared in each other arms, you are such an amazing husband, hope you will be home soon, I miss you.


241. My tears can’t stop flowing several hours the day you left, I have been heart broke ever since then, no one to console me and no one to cuddle me, please come take me there where you are, because I’m dying silently here, I miss you.


242. When you left, you take everything away with you, my smile, my laughter, and my happiness, I miss you so much.


243. I miss all the crazy thing we use to do together, my heart longs to see you every second that passes, I miss you like fishes miss the water, I love you.


244. I will be ready to sacrifice every to have you back, you are so precious to my heart, I miss you.


245. If I lose every and have you back, it is better for me that way, because when I have you I have everything I ever needed in my life, I miss you.


246. How I wish I could beat time, I would have fast-forwarded the day you will return, the pain of missing you is unbearable.


247. A single day without you is like a year in my heart, time tick slowly, and my heart feels so lonely, please come back.


248. It seems the world is empty If I can’t see you, you make my world and I always want to see you beside me, I miss you.


249. For how would I have to endure the pain of missing you, nothing seems working for me if you are not here, hope you will be coming home soon.


250. I love you so much, so when I miss you, I also miss you so much, so can see why I wanted to be there with you.


251. When I miss you, it is as if the whole world is gone, no one can take your place in my heart, and I love you so much.


252. Each day that passes without you left a hole in my heart when would see you again, I miss you.


253. You have all my love for you, even if you are not here with me, I will still keep my love for you, I miss you.


254. You are special so to me, that is why I feel so lonely without you, I miss you.


255. Life is harsh without you, everything seems to be still, I miss you.


256. I don’t know the best way to adjust to life now that you are not here, I wish I could turn back the hand of the clock, I wouldn’t have allowed you go without me, I miss you my darling.


257. The world looks so small in my eyes without you and looks so large and beautiful if you are here, I miss you.


258. In every sunrise and sunset, I look through my window if I can catch a glimpse of you, this is what I do every day, I miss you so much.


259. In my heart I keep all the beautiful memories of you, you are my beautiful sunrise, I miss you.


260. Every time that I think about you, I feel so joyful and wonderful, this is how I feel about you every passing day, I know you will be coming home soon, I can’t wait to be held in your arms again, I miss you.


261. I use to play your popular song to keep me warm; I miss your sweet voice and your beautiful smile, I wish you would be home soon.


262. Every time my phone peeps, I pray it is you calling, I wished that you would tell me you are on your way home, when the bell of our door rings, I held back my breath to jump into your hands if you are the one by the door, I really miss you so much, my love.


263. It looks as if there is no longer sunshine when you go, everything seems dull and fade in my life, it hurt so much to think that you are not here with me, please come back to me, I miss you.


264. If you don’t want me to suffer heartbreak please come back to me, I miss you.

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