Heart Touching Love Messages in English

Top heart touching love messages in English for him or her

Top heart touching love messages in English for him or her, are full collections of beautiful heart touching messages that you will find appealing to send to him or her at every occasion that warrant it. Words, when captured rightly, can go a long way to sink a beautiful message in the heart of your lover.

dreaming of you keeps me asleep

Heart Touching Love Messages in English for Him /Her

Dearest sweetheart, my nights are made beautiful because I have an angel like you beside me and my mornings are made wonderful because I wake up finding your beautiful smile every day. I rise by the day with the hope of your love still kindled in my heart. Your love had deeply touched my heart in a beautiful way, thank you for loving me this marvelous way.


You are the sweetest part of my life, loving you gives me beautiful feelings that no words can explain; I will always love with all my heart.


You have all my love for you, I live and breathe for you, and for you, I will always be, I love you.


The first time I set my eyes on you I know I have found an eternally sweet love, it was love at first sight when I first saw you, and ever since then your love has continued to blossom in my heart, I love you so much.


If you will live to be 100 years, I will wish to be 99 years so that I don’t have to live a single day without you, I can’t stay without you, you are my heartbeat. I love you with all my heart.


At sunrise I tried to find the reasons why I love you so much, all through the day you love keep getting stronger in my heart, at sunset I’m yet to find any reason why I love you, then I concluded, that I love you without a reason, I will be your special love forever.


Dearest, you can always count on me when you need a shoulder to lean on, you would always be cool in my heart because I love you so much, nothing can make me stop caring for you, I love you with the last drop of my blood.


I want to let you know that I would always love you no matter what happens tomorrow, I have always seen you in my dreams before I met you, the angels brought you to my arms, I would always be your sweet memories, I love you.


You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love. I never wish to be parted from you this day on. Pride and prejudice


I may not know many things, but I know very well that I love you, I have fallen in love with your body and soul.


What troubles my heart seems to vanished the very first day that I set my eyes on you. I cannot count how many times I dreamt of you every night before the daybreak.


All I want you to know right now is that I love you so much. Every single tickling of the clock my love grows for you, I care for you.


I have always wanted to be with you, I want to be the reasons why you smile, I love you more than you ever know when anyone asks me what I like the best in life, I would tell them it’s you.


I love it when you smile because your smile is like a beautiful light that brightens the darkest room, I want to be held in your arms now and forever, I love you.


I cherished one moment in life, the first day that I found you, and every other minute that I spent with you, you are the beauty of my eyes, every part of me feels joy when I’m with you, I love you so much.


You re my beautiful dreams come true, my nights has become a sunny dawn because of you, I cherish every moment that we spent together, it is going to be you and I forever.


Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen; I could see paradise through them. Your smile is like a cool breeze on a sunny day, you light up my world with your beautiful smiles, I love you so much.


You are the most beautiful woman in the world, so charming and adorable; I wished I had met you before now. I would paint the world in the colors of your love so that you can see me where ever you go. I love you.


Dearest, you would never be alone again because I’m here to stay with you forever and always.


I would be spending my days with you, than hooking up in the most beautiful place on Earth alone, only when I’m with you do I feel much happier.


I have just found out that my life is incomplete without you,” I would rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could”


Sweetheart, I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, you mean the world to me, my life has been better ever since the time that I found you, I would always bring you joy.


I can give up everything but I can’t give you up, no matter what happens tomorrow I would always be there by your side.


grow old with me

In a sea of people you would always stand out, you blossoms all the time, I’m the most blessed because I found you.


“I want you, all of you, your flaws, your mistakes, your imperfections. I want you and only you.”


Before I found you, I use to force myself to be happy. However, since I found you I found my lost treasure, happiness found me too, I love you.


In my eyes you are the world, I love you so much.


Nothing matters to me most than to make you happy, to make you smile, I love all over again from the beginning.


Everything happens like a miracle, I just found myself loving you deeper and deeper every day.


You are too precious that anybody can ignore, but I think the whole world conspired to help me find you, I’m the luckiest, and I love you so much.


Your love is special to my heart, I can’t help confessing my love for you, you are my beautiful world, I stop searching for love when I found you, thank you for coming into my life, I love you.


If you could count the stars in the sky at night, then you can count how much I love you, I have found my eternal bliss when I found you, I would take care of you because you are my heart chosen love.


Every night when I fall asleep, I use to dream sweet of you, and when I wake up from bed, I feel so joyful to find you by my side, my day is incomplete without you, I love you.


Your love has touched my heart, I’m forever grateful for the feelings of love that you brought to my heart, I would cherish every single moment that I would spend with you.


If you could see through my eyes you found the deepest feelings of love there, you are the warmness in my heart, I want to spend every day with you because you make me feel so good.


You are the brightest star that shines in my heart every night, you are the moon also, my morning sunshine, I need you all the time, and I love you so much.


I promise you my all, I would do my best to make you happy, stay with me let me prove how much I love you.


There is only one thing that I wish I could have forever; I wished I could have you as mine forever.


You have charmed my heart, your love-filled every little space in there, I’m every single of my life with you, I love you so much.


If the dream of having you by my side forever comes true, then I would just sit here and make you happy every single moment that passes.


Your love sprouts in my heart like a Lily flower in rainfall, I can’t imagine a world without you, I can cherish you with all my heart.


The cutest thing that has ever happened to me is when I found you, my lemon becomes sweet orange, I love you with all my heart.


I love you text msg

Stay with me let whisper sweet thought in your heart every moment that passes, I don’t know how to tell you how much I love you.


My heart overflow with love immeasurable for you, you make me cherished life again, thank you, my love, for bringing sunshine into my life, I love you.


I do know how perfectly to describe what you mean to me, I can only say you perfectly fit into my heart, I love you.


I love you to the moon, and beyond, I want to spend all my life with you, I adore you.


Thank God, you are mine, how would I have survived this life alone, God chose you as a beautiful soul mate for me, I love you with all my heart.


In every single day that passes, your love blossoms in my heart, I feel so joyful to know that you are still there for me, I want you forever, I would never leave you.


You are a beautiful gift from heaven to my life, I thank heavenly father for giving me a wonderful gift as you, I love you.

We are two hearts in one body, I can feel every single beat of your heart, and I love you so much.


I feel so happy to be with you, if loving you is a crime, I would be the first to be sentenced; I can’t imagine life without you.


You are my sunrise, you are my rainfall, you are moonlight and my star shine, you are my everything, I love you with all my heart.


If you need me just dial my number, I would always be there for you, I love you so much.


Words cannot express how much I want you, forever is the perfect time to share with you.


Everything happens like magic, I finally found you, the girl of my dream.


Because I don’t want to miss your Angel Eye, I walk around with your picture in my chest pocket, I want you close to my heart always.


I keep you close to my heart because I love you; I cherish every single time that I spent in your arms.


I love you messages

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life, and I’m the luckiest man to have you as my wife, I love you so much.


You made my living a paradise thanks for the love and care that you showed me all the time, I love you.


Waking up to think that you are still me gives me a renewed energy to face life, you are the greatest inspiration of my life, I love you.


Thank you for being there for me always, thank you for the unconditional love that you have for, I would always be by your side no matter what tomorrow brings.


I don’t worry about tomorrow if God keeps you with me, your love warms my heart like the morning sunshine in Winter Morning.


I want you to be the mother of my children; I want you with me forever.


Good to find you, you are everything that I have prayed for, I love you.


You shine in my heart a million times and over in a day, I can’t count how much I miss you, I love you.


And when I die, I want to be with you again in another life, I love you.


Your love makes me happy every day, I smile when I think big you, I have never felt so great before until you came into my life, I love you.


God bless the day that pumped into my life, it is so beautiful to be with you, may our love last forever.


You are beautiful dreams come true, you are eternal joy, I love you so much.


When you wake in the morning know that I have prayed for a beautiful day for you already, you live in a beautiful place bin my heart.


You are the last on my mind every night before I sleep, and the first person that I think of when I wake up every morning, your beautiful thoughts occupy my heart for the whole day, I love so much no doubt.


I cried a joy when I realized that you have been the one I see in my dreams every night, I’m so happy I found the girl of my heart.


There can no perfect day without you, you make me complete.


I would always be sweet memories, I would always make you smile, I vow, I would always love you.


You are the queen of my heart, your love is so sweet in my heart, I love you now and always.


I have prayed that God makes me love you forever, I would be like fish out of the water if I don’t love you.


You are my sunrise, every day is a beautiful day because you there, I wish us a long-lasting love.


I live every day with the hope of loving you more, I pray that my Lord would guide and protect you, you are the best wife in the world.


Love messages for her or him

Lord knows why I love you so much, I feel like I’m in heaven when you lay beside me every night, and when I kiss you, my heart explodes in joy.


I want to hold your lovely hands in mine forever, I want to be your sunshine, and your everything, smile for me, I love you.


I can cherish those moments that you whisper your sweet thoughts to my heart, nothing ever made feel so good like being with you, I love you every single bit of my heart.


You are the splendor in my heart every day, my heart is encoded with your sweet love, I’m ever joyful from the first day that I found you, I love you.


You leave in memories when I’m away, and is so sweet to keep your thoughts on my heart, I love my angel.


I can’t be fine without you, I miss so much when I’m away, I wished I can find myself in your lovely arms now.


Life is beautiful because I have you by my side, you are my angel, I love you.


I want to be the only one that would kiss your lips, that why I have to give you all my heart, because you are special to me.


I love you so much, just tell me you live me too, and I would give you all my heart.


Love is the silent expression of kindnesses and care, I have found the one I want to show the whole of the love in my heart, and that special woman is you


When you sleep tonight dream sweet of me, trust me, I always dream sweet of you every night that comes, you are the angel of my heart.


I don’t know to tell you that I love you so much, but I’m sure you know that because your love is written all over me.


The beauty of a flower is known by its colorful petals, and the beauty of diamond and gold are known after undergoing a series of heat, and I’m beautiful because of your sweetness in my heart, thank you for the care and the love for me, I love you too.


Like the brightness of the moon and as it cast it shining light at the sea at night, and the glittering of the stars in a dark night above us in the sky, so do your love shines and glitter in my heart, thank you for the shedding of a beautiful light in my soul, I love you.


My heart is full of your love, I smile because you smile, and I cry because I see you cry, I love you so much from the deep of my heart.


I will be by your side, no matter the condition that we may face tomorrow, I promise to never leave your side, I love you with all my heart.


I have never found someone that makes me feel so much joy in my life before I met you, you must be an angel sent from above to me, I thank my Lord for giving me a lovely woman like you.


When I look into your eyes, I always see two things, love, and hope. Your love is always rekindled in my heart every time I looked at your eyes, and the hope that you will still be there for me tomorrow is always fresh on my mind, I love you my dearest.


A deep reflection of our life together shows that we are perfectly made for one another, you make me feel heaven on earth, my heart is full of your sweet memories, you have always been an amazing person to me, I can’t wait to love you more.


When you see me cry, don’t be sad it is a cry of joy, you came into my life and turn my sorrow to joy, you wipe away my tears, thank you, my sweetheart, I promise to love you with every beat of my heart.


My heart will always follow you wherever you go, my life is incomplete without you, you make my days and nights full of sweet memories, I love you with all my life.


Time cannot erase your sweetness from my heart, I feel you every single moment that you are away, you rule my world forever, I love you, my sweetheart.


I give you all my heart full of love, you deserve much better than this, I love you.


If I have only left in the world, then I have the entire world as well, you are my world.


You look so beautiful for my heart, I truly love and care for you.


Do not be afraid of loving me, I have already loved you so much in my heart; I will never break your heart.


I didn’t know that life is this sweet until I met you. Thank you for being my sweet love, I love you.


love message for her

Cutest Heart Touching Love Messages in English for Lovers

I have been searching for my heartthrob for more than a decade, there are no places I have not traveled, and when I found you, I know I have found love, peace and eternal bliss. How wonderfully we go well together, I love you so much.


I have been hearing sweet stories about love, I have also read so many romantic love stories, now it the time to write my sweet love stories with you. You came and light up every part of my life.


I have never heard of voice as soothing as your voice when you talk, I have never felt a palm as tender as yours when you touch me, and never felt a lip as sweet as yours when you kiss me, my heart is yours forever, I love you.


There be reasons when a relationship will go sour, but mine with you is bound in heaven, my love for you will endure forever, I love you so much.


A moment will arise when our love for one another will be tested, but that moment I will be firmly beside you, I have promised to be there for you all the time, I love and cherish you, I will never leave your side.


In stormy weather I will be your windbreaker, I will be your canopy when the rain falls and your shade in when the sunshine, count on me I will be for you until eternity.


Just a thought of you make my worst day my best day, you are always a joy to my soul; I can’t help in love completely with you.


You are my sweet melody, I need only to hear your voice and get better when I ‘m tensed, thank my good Lord for sending you my way.


You showed me every beautiful side of life, I never knew that life was as beautiful as this until my heart found you. I will always cherish our love.


You are the one that makes me laugh when I laugh, you make me smile when I smile, and you bring joy to my heart. God bless the first day that I met you; I will always love you forever.


I know of Romeo and Juliet and how they love each other, but I don’t think there love is a measure to our love, I love you more than Romeo loves Juliet. You are my sweet melody.


You are the sunshine that illuminates my world, you brighten the light of my life and show deep love, I love so much too.


You are the best thing that had ever happen to me; I have never felt so good before, life is beautiful spending it with you.


You deserved everything that comes to you, you are such a caring and loving husband, and all my heart and the love that it contains I have given it to you. I love you.


Sweetness is when you touch me tenderly, life is when you whisper you, undying love, to my ear, and beauty is when you kiss me gently and lovingly, you are surely my paradise on earth.


If I have a million hearts, they will all be dedicated to loving you. You are my sweet angel.


I have never thought of meeting someone as loving as you are, God brought you to me to make my life beautiful, I will hold you tight, I will love you more until my heart will stop working.


I don’t usually promise, because when I promise, I would like to fulfill my promise, and now I promise you, I will never leave your side, I will always be in your arms forever.


My world becomes blissful when I met you, you are my adorable angel, my entire life be committed to loving you.


Being with you is the best decision I have ever made in my life, every single moment I spent with you lives a sweet memory that lingers on in my heart, the more I love you, the most beautiful my life becomes.


All my night and day, you are always on my mind, I dream of you all night long and I think about all through my day, my life is incomplete without you, I love you so much.


I was a square peg in a round hold before you came, and now you fit me, I’m now a round peg in a round hole. You just fit me, perfectly.


I thank my star for bringing you my way, without you my life wouldn’t have been meaningful to me, you light up my heart, stimulate my joy and make my world a splendor to behold, I love you with every point on the earth.


If you hear me sing, I dedicate every song for you, my heart is happy with you always, I don’t know what you have given it, I’m so joyful to be with you.



If I have to write down how much I feel about you, there wouldn’t be enough ink to do that, all I just want to say is thank God I found you.


I wish I could get you a powerful microscope that could read hearts, you will then know the level of your love in my heart, your love blossoms in my heart every single second, believe me, I love you so much.


I’m sure you know that you mean so much to me, so take good care of your self for me.


I can’t sleep if you are not by side, I can’t eat if you are not eating on the dining with me, I can’t just do anything without you, you are too special to me, I love you.


If I have the entire world and you are not there, then I have nothing. You are my everything.


I have always reserved a special place in my heart for a special person, and that special person is you, you have a beautiful place in my heart forever, I love you.


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Heart Touching Love Messages in English for Him or Her

I have fantasized you in my dreams for so long, thank God, I finally found you, and you are the joy of my life.


I’m enjoying every minute I spend with you, you design my world with beauty and splendor, you will always live in my heart forever, I love you.


There are thousands of reasons why I may have loved you so much, but above all of them is because you make me laugh so much. I have never felt any moment of sadness with you, you are true love.


If I live by your side forever, I will never feel a moment of sadness, even though I know that there may be tough times and sad moment, I promise to keep your spirit high.


The joy in my heart from the first day I found has continued to multiply in every moment I’m in your arms, I don’t know what my life would have been without you, I love you so much, thank you for being my sweet love.


You gave me love, you are so caring and kind to me, thank my darling for being my superman, I love you.


Love is enduring and love is tender, all these you have shown me from the beginning of our relationship, nothing matters most to me but your happiness, I will make you my sole crown.


At every single moment, you are always on my mind, I can’t take you off my mind, because when I think about you, I think about my beautiful love.


My love for you has come to stay, nothing will ever change it.


You have always been sources of inspiration to my life, our love had endured so much together, and this made us best couples, I know that the future is brighter for us with you by my side; I will hold you in my heart forever.


I love you now and always, no matter what happens tomorrow, I will be there for you, I love you so much.


I feel your warmness close to me every chilly night, you are the better part of my life, and I will love you forever.


The most astonishing person I have ever met in my life is you, the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen is you, and you are almost the most everything in my life. I love you.


You are sweeter than honey and sugar combined, you make my heart sweet always, I will eternally remain yours lovely.


You are the cutest and the loveliest husband in the world, I’m so blessed to have you as mine forever.


Every time I hold you tight, my joy seems endless; I would want to feel this beauty with you forever.


I will cross the widest ocean to meet you, I will climb the highest mountain if I know I would find you there, in stormy weather and heavy rains, I will find a way to reach you. I love you so much.


I pray that I never have to live a single moment without you in this world, I will always follow you wherever you may go.


My love for you is purely undiluted, you will always find me in your arms all the time, and I will make your world beautiful.


Show me the color of your love and I will paint it deeper, tell me what gives you joy and I will give you more of it, tell me where you want to be, and I will take you there, I will do everything for you.


I will be your shoulder when you cry, I will be your happiness when you win, I will celebrate you all the time.


I’m entangled in your world forever, your heart is the purest heart that I have ever seen, the way you treat me makes me feel like a king, and you are my queen, you have my love, my heart, and my whole life.


Sadly enough, I have been here without, and good enough I will be in your arms tonight, I love you.


I see you in every moment of my life, your love has been a marvelous thing in my heart, I love you so much.


The fire of your love keep burning in my heart, it will continue like that until eternity, nothing can extinguish it.


You are the biggest joy in my heart, every time I think about you; I give glory to my Lord.


I will give you all my heart, because there is nothing that can mean so much to me like my heart, and that is what I want to give you.


You make my dreams come true, I will yours come true too, I will love you like the trees love rain and the sun.


I shall cloud your world with my endless love, you feel me lovingly at every single moment I will spend with you, I’m your good news.

Love message in English

Romantic Love Messages in English for Him or Her

I want to grow old with you, and as we progress in age so does my love for you increases, I will always every day a memorable one for you, I love you.


Your arms are my warmest place, I feel comfort and safety when I’m held in them, and my heart melts away at your single touch.


You are the flower and I’m the honey bee and the butterfly, you always fascinate my heart, I’m attracted to loving you forever.


If every moment that I think about you I can see you, I will hold you forever and never let you go.


We are two inseparable hearts, we are meant to be together, I can never leave your side. You have always been the joy of my heart and I feel happy to be in your heart, you rule my world, and it’s ok by me.


Just a thought of you make me feel so cool and joyful, you have won all my heart.


You have always been a big shoulder to lean on, you care for me and help to get through at difficult times, there can never be enough words to show my deep appreciation to you, I love you with all my heart.


If I should come back to this word again after death I would like to spend my life with you again, and over there in paradise, I will ask God to give you to me again. I love with every single beat of my heart.


My heart has been filled with love ever since the time you came into my life, my nights are splendid and my mornings are wonderful spending it with you.


It is either you or no one else, nobody can make me feel better like you do, my heart belongs to you, and our love is ordained by God Almighty.


Your love creeps in my heart and filled up every space, the joy of meeting you is more than the joy I will feel if the entire treasure of the world was placed in my hands.


It sounds so good to know that I will be spending my beautiful life in your arms, you have always been the joy of my heart, and I love you with every sunrise and sunset.


When you hold me in your hands, my worry disappears, your palms are my lovely sofa, I feel much comfort in them.


You are the love of my life, I have tried to suppress my feelings for you several times, but they keep popping up on there own, I’m imprisoned in your world forever, and I love it this way, I’m enjoying every bit of my time with you, it’s lovely to be in love with you.


You are so awesome and wonderful, you make my world a beautiful place, I will always cherish you. You are an angel sent from above to me, I love you.


Making you my own forever is all that prayed for, I can’t imagine a life with you. You make everything amazingly beautiful to me.


My heart is overblown with joy, in every minute that passes I think of you more than a hundred times, and every moment I think about you my joy multiply, thank you for being my wonderful lover.


Like flowers that blossoms when touched by the mild morning sun, your love bloom and blossoms in my heart every time I think of you.


You are the last on my mind before the mighty hand of sleep take me away and the first on my mind when the mighty Lord restore my soul in the morning. You are always a living soul on my mind.


I have unlocked the love of my life for you forever. I love you.

I fall in love all over with you

Good Night Love Messages in English for Him or Her

Good night my sweetheart, you always have my heart forever, may God protect you through the night.


I will be in your dreams tonight, don’t be afraid of a nightmare, I have implored my Lord to give sweet dreams, goodnight my Cherie pie.


May the angels sing you a melodious song that would soothe your soul as you keep your head on your pillow to rest this night, wishing you a beautiful night, good night my love.


Every night is a beautiful promise of another wonderful in your life; tomorrow hold more promises for you, good night sweetheart.


As you close your eyes to sleep this night, may the Lord be your guard, sweet dreams.


You are the jewel of my heart, I cherish and love you all the time, may this night refresh your body and soul for better tomorrow, sleep tight, good night.


My wishes for you always come true, and my wishes for you this lovely night are, sweet dreams, refreshed body and sweet restoration tomorrow morning, good night.


May the stars keep shining in your life, you will rise up tomorrow morning to receive another beautiful sunshine as well, good night my love.


The night is for rest, you will ever find it sweetness waiting for you tonight, see you in dreamland, good night my love.


Each hour of this night will bring you a sweet dream, by tomorrow all your sweet dreams will come to reality, I love you, good night.


I’m always in your world, this night is not going to be an exemption, my Lord will still bring me to your world in your sweet dream, together we will hold each other’s hands until the hour of the morning. Good night my love.


May the Lord bring you a beautiful tomorrow, good night my sweetheart.


Each moment brings me a beautiful memory of our staying together, you are God sent, an angel of my life, and have a beautiful and memorable night.


May the Lord take away all your sorrow as you prepare to sleep this splendid night, tomorrow will bring you a beautiful beginning, everything shall be marvelous for you, I love you.

I love you every day and night, may rise up tomorrow morning to see another sunrise, good night.


My love for you is real, it blossoms in every moment, as you close your eyes to rest this night I’m kissing you good night, see on another beautiful day tomorrow.


May the Lord protect us this night so that we can in each other arms tomorrow, good night my love.


You are my sweet romance, you capture my heart with your sweet love, I will always love you forever, have sweet night rest.


Dearest, I thank God for a beautiful day well spent together, may He give us a lovely night so that we can have another joyful day tomorrow, good night my love.


Sleep like a baby, sleep tight my love, the Lord will be your guard.


The night shall be as peace and blissful as heaven is to you, sleep without fear I have asked my Lord to protect you, good night.


Your night shall be filled with sweet dreams and pleasure, wishing you the best night ever, good night.


I will miss you as you laid your head to rest, happy to know that you still there for me, sleep a tight, good night.


My Lord will package His blessing for you this night, by tomorrow morning, your hands shall be full of God’s blessing and your heart full of his love, good night my love.


May the nightly angel be your guard as your soul journey to heaven above this lovely night, I pray that your soul shall be returned to your body tomorrow morning so that I can see your beautiful face again, good night my love.


The night is a peaceful time, your life shall always be peaceful now and forever, good night my sweetheart.


I will remain you, sweet love, forever, wishing you a joyful night, good night.


In the hand of our Lord thus we rest our head this night, tomorrow shall be a beautiful day for us, good night my love.


Millions of good wishes for you this lovely night as rest to sleep, you see on another beautiful day, good night my love.


Sleep with a joyful heart and wake up with a beautiful soul tomorrow morning, good night my love.


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Heart Touching Good Morning Love Messages in English for Him or Her

This morning will bring you all the sweetness that your heart desire, wake up my love good morning.


Thank God we are alive, it is another beautiful day, arise and shine, good morning my love.


As bright as this morning is, so shall the favor of God shines in your life, wishing you a lovely day.


Good morning dearest love, wishing you a brighter day.


It is the beginning of another new day, wake up and embrace the beauty of today, I love you.


It is beautiful sunshine this morning, it is going to be a great day, thank God it is will be another lovely day to see your handsome face again.


Good morning sweetheart, it is a beautiful day, let’s start today with a grateful heart, I love.


I opened two gifts this morning, there is my heart to love you, and my eyes to see you, it is lovely sunshine, good morning my love.


Let create our sunshine today, good morning my sweetheart.


Yesterday is gone, we are blessed with another beautiful morning, let’s make it count, good morning my angel.


Don’t worry about yesterday, today is another promised day, good morning my sunshine.


Rise up my love, God has a new plan for you today; something new is coming your way, good morning.


Good morning, my angel lets thank God for the gift of life, not everybody that slept last night are alive to see this beautiful morning.


Good morning love, my night was full of your sweet dreams, thank God for another beautiful day; it is another opportunity to love more.


Focus on the good side of things today, smile and be great, today is going to be a beautiful day for you.


Marvel at the little birds by your window, full of life and full of thanks, marvel at the smile of a little child, ever lovely and pure. I marvel at your love for me, so sweet and tender, good morning my love, thank God for the beautiful sunshine today.


Choose to shine today, and you will be brighter as the light of this sunshine, you will receive multiples brightness in your life today, good morning my sunshine.


Lift up your eyes to the sky, what do you see, a fresh day, and beautiful morning, that is a gift from God to you.


Wake up love; it is gonna be a beautiful day spending it in each other’s arms.


I promise you, my love, in every sunrise and every sunset, my love will always blossom for you.

Romantic love message for her

Inspirational Good Morning Love Messages in English for Him or  Her

Wake up love, be thankful for another beautiful day, don’t give up your dreams.


The day is full of hidden opportunity, wake up dress up and go for yours.


“The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s a beautiful day and so are you”


Good morning, my love; be calm today, smile and say thank you to little help you receive from others, for that brings joy to the heart.


When you arise in the morning, think of those that don’t have this privilege and be grateful for this special gift, good morning my angel.


Rise up go after your dreams, today shall be great for you.


Good morning my sweetheart, see you at the top today.


Each morning is a new day for you, you are made special today, remember that what you do today matters most, so spend your day well. Good morning.


Every morning is a new beginning to start a wonderful day, begin your own with a beautiful hope of a wonderful day.


There are miracles in each day, and yours will happen today, good morning my sweetheart.


Just single thought of you brightens up my hope for a beautiful day, wishing you a day full of joy and success, I love you.


Rise up; it is a new day, meet today with great enthusiasm, it going to a great day for you.


Good morning my sunshine!


Smile love, it is another beautiful beginning, today; laugh your way through the troubles of life, life laughs at you when you can’t laugh.


Good morning love, there is always another second chance in life, what you cannot achieve yesterday you may achieve today.


Wake up sweetheart; it is another brand new day, and a happy beginning, may the sun, shine on everything that you do today.


Every morning look at your through the mirror and say thank God I’m alive. Good morning my love.


Good morning, hurry up! Catch up with your blessing today.


Wake up! Every sunrise gives us a new beginning and new hope.


Wake up! It is a new day, you have never lived this day before, by sunset you will never see today again, make the best of all things that come your way today, wishing you a joyful day.


Heart Touching I Miss You Love Messages in English for Him or Her

Every passing day, I keep looking through my window if I will catch your glimpse, I miss you a lot.


You left with my heart and happiness, my eyes are always moist with tears, when will I see you again, I miss you.


I’m tired of living here without you, nothing makes sense to me any longer, all I can do now is carry my luggage and trace you, perhaps mother luck may shine on me, I miss you so much.


You left two things when you are gone, sweet memories and heartbreak, please come back I miss you.


Every day brings me new hope that I would see you again, I miss you.


No matter how far, my heart tells me that one day I will see our face again, I miss you.


One thing that been so hard for me in life is how to live without you, I miss you.


It may be easy for you to live without me, but it so difficult for me, I can’t sleep at night, I keep thinking about you, I miss you.


The sweet memories of the time that we shared together linger on my mind, I miss you, hope you will come back soon.


Every part of me misses you, I can’t wait to see you again, I love you.


Don’t take too long to return, my heart cannot bear the pain of missing you.


I pretended to be strong when you left, but I know deep inside me that I’m going to miss you so badly.


How do face this world alone without you? I will miss you, please come back soon.


My heart goes with you as you leave now, do not stay longer than you have promised, I will be out here on that day waiting for your beautiful return, I will miss you.


I will rather go with you than stay here alone when you leave; I can’t bear the pain and hardship of missing you.


You are so special to me, life is nothing with you here, I miss you so much, please bring my joy back.


You have taken my joy away when you left, you left me with nothing, I wish you will come back to me when you read this message, I miss you.


You have brought so much joy into my life, thank you for always being there for me. Even while you are away, your thought remains fresh on my mind, I miss you so much.


It is so hard to say goodbye my love, I know I’m going to miss you so much, I will wait for you here, goodbye.


Heart Touching Sorry Love Messages in English for Him or Her

I admitted that I have wrong you, find a place in your heart to forgive me, I’m really sorry.


“I trust fate and I believe in love, which is why I know you’ll accept my apology.” Unknown


I have always appreciated your love for me, and you know I love you so much too, but some little mistake that we made can cause so much pain, I’m sorry for the way I treated you last time, I will never repeat such mistake again.


You mean so much to me, I can’t afford to see you get hurt, I take responsibility for all that happens, it was not intentionally made to hurt you, I’m deeply sorry my love please forgive me.


Dearest love, I’m sorry that I lied to you, I will never make such a mistake again, please find a place in your heart to forgive.


“Oh I’m sorry for blaming you For everything I just couldn’t do And I’ve hurt myself from hurting you” Christina Aguilera


You are the joy of my soul, what happen last night is the devil’s handiwork, I shouted at you, and I realize that I shouldn’t have done that to you, I’m truly sorry, please forgive me, I love you.


I feel like my vital part of me is gone, I’m truly sorry for making a decision that affects you so much, I never knew that it will come to this level, please forgive me.


Making you happy is all that I have vowed to do, I will never cause you any pain again, I’m really sorry.


“I overlooked your happiness in an attempt to make myself happy, only to realize that my happiness lies in yours. I am sorry, please forgive me.” Unknown


Love Messages for Him in English

It has brought us together, and it has kept us together ever since. Love is going to keep us that way forever and evermore.


I love you like my life depends on it, because my life really does depend on it! I cannot lose you. I will lose everything.


If I had my wishes come true for every dream I had, I would have you forever because, in my dreams, I am always with you.


A text from you awakens my spirit. A call from you lightens my whole mood. A smile from you blesses y day, and a day with you makes me want you forever. I love you.


Your love is worth going to war for. It is worth climbing the highest mountain or tower. It is worth slaying dragons. Your love is worth everything and more.


Your love has made me put my bitter past to rest forever. Your love has made me fill up my mind with thoughts of us in the present and in the future.


Your touch sends ripples through my body and soul as a pebble dropped in water. And your kiss is like a boulder dropped in a lake!


I am having one of those feelings that make me realize how much of a loser I am going to be if I let you out of my life. I love you so much. Be mine forever baby.


As a child, I was bad at keeping promises. But now, as a grown man madly in love with the woman of his dreams, I am more than willing to keep my promises of loving you forever.


The only thing I want to change about our relationship is that I would have found you earlier. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, and you will realize the extent of my love for you. My story is incomplete without you


The love you give is never forgotten. There can always be more, and not less of you. I have come to realize that my greatest fear is losing you. I love you with my whole being and the meanings you have brought into my life are invaluable.


You make my world complete, you make my world spin, and you bring more meaning to my life than I have ever known.


I wake up with more and more reasons to fall in love with you all over again and I never want to stop! Loving you has taught me all I thought I knew. Thank you for the sacrifices made for our love. I adore you so much.


Life might seem unsure and random, but I am nothing less certain that I want you in my life forever. I love you for all that you are and all that you will ever be.


You can count to the fact that I will never leave your side, not even for a split second! My love for you is as intense as it can get, and can survive anything! I love you without end!


I love you when you do things that no one else has done for me, show me things no one has shown me and tell me things that no one has told me. I love it when you make me feel the way I have never felt before!


I long for you, I look forward to meeting you, and I count down seconds to see you. Call me crazy, I don’t care because I am crazy in love.


Your touch and kisses bring me joy and thrills that can last existence, but I still cannot get enough! You are my obsession.


When trying to decide how sweet you are, honey and sugar have got nothing on you! I can have you forever and still not get tired!


Together we will take two hearts and make it one. I would want that more than anything else my beloved.


I completely let go of my past because I want my heart and mind to be filled up with our present and the future we shall have together.


You are my warm blanket in a cold and windy place. You are my sunlight on a cloudy day. And you are my rainbow on a rainy day. I am in love with you.


No matter how defined any measuring balance can be, there is not a possible calculation for my love for you. May every day become the day we celebrate the way we feel about each other.


I do not care if it is too soon, or if it is too late; I just feel like it is the right time when I am with you. You are the man of my dreams.


The love I have for you today is much deeper than the days before and I cannot love you any less when the next day comes.


My everything, my world, my knight in shining armor, my rock, my king, my charismatic husband, my all, my sweetheart; I love you and I will always do. Love with you is a whole new experience.


Loving you has come to be something that I would rather be doing all day long and all year long. Your love has consumed me in the best way possible, and I never want to lose this feeling not even for a split second.


You have the brightest and charming smile that changes my world, and I have fallen for you completely. I want to always make sure you are happy because you make me happy without a break.


Love is a gamble and I am so glad that I am winning, and I just don’t want to stop! I know I have found the right one and I am really grateful for that.

Love Messages for Her in English

I want you even when I have nothing to neither say nor do because I just want your fragrance to linger in the air around me and your fingers locked in mine.


My life with you has been nothing short of astonishing. You are like raindrops on a sunny day. And like a sunflower in the midst of grasses.


I intend to be with you when we are old and weak, sitting on our front porch on our rocking chairs and dishing out life lessons to our kids and grandkids; So I promise there will be no running away.


I feel even more deeply in love with you the moment I figured out how perfectly flawed you were. You are my dream woman.


I do not think you comprehend the significance of your presence in my life. To know that you are there when I turn to you, in joyful or sad times. I love you like I never had.


Early in the morning as I head out, my thoughts also head out, but it goes in your direction, and it stays with you all through the day!


Love may hurt, but I am willing and ready to love you in any way and all ways because you are worth all the risks and more.


Among the list of reasons why I love you, the first on the list is the fact that you are you. I love everything you are and everything you do and there is nothing I want to alter or modify.


You never fail to prove to me that true love really does exist in this world. I love you so much and I never want to bring to a halt. We are in this till infinity and a day more!


The spaces between our fingers are made so that they can be filled up by another person. Yours fits mine perfectly; we are just made for each other.


Every day feels like Christmas with you. You alone bring the joy and warmth of family and friends. You bake the most amazing cookies and you alone make every other thing feel and smell like home. You are just it!


I love all your flaws and imperfections. I may not get to tell you this on a daily basis but I want you to always have it in your heart and in your mind that I am crazy for you and I love you so much.


You are unarguably the coolness of my eyes and my heart. I have fallen for you in every way. Your presence has changed my outlook on life and I thank the Lord for this blessing. I love you, babe.


You are the woman I envision in my future, the woman I marvel at her presence, and the woman I dream about every day. I love you till eternity.


I prayed for the good things in life, and God gave me you. So let my chest be the pillow, lay and hear every single beat of my heart as a lullaby. I love you so much, my angel.


My day is made knowing that I have got you to come home to you. I love you for all that you are and be rest assured that nothing can come between us. You are my queen.


Aren’t I the luckiest man alive to have to sleep in your arms and wake up to your warm embrace? Every day with you is my best day!


The sound of your voice filling the air brings warmth to our home. I look forward to that all the time and I just cannot wait to have you forever.


I have always known that you deserve better love and affection than you have received in the past. And I am ready and willing to give you the kind of love you have always deserved. Give me the chance to, will you?


My day is made knowing that I have got you to come home to you. I am so glad and I cannot wait to come back home to you. I miss your smile, touch, hugs, and kisses.


Baby, I want to thank you for being my pillar of support and strength all these years. Without you, I would be lost.


Mere alphabets or words are never enough to convey how good you make me feel on a daily basis. You are my soul mate.


Your kindness and affection always make me wonder what life would have been without you. You are my queen and I love you eternally.


You are breathtaking, smart, intelligent, amazingly beautiful, and everything in between. Please stay in my life forever.


I have been in relationships, but I have fallen head over heels in love many times… always with you.


You are the last on my mind before I sleep, and that is an assurance of a sweet dream. You are the first on my mind when I wake up, and that is an assurance of a marvelous day ahead. I love you, darling.


To hear the sound of your voice every day is just as important as the air I breathe. Baby, you don’t know what you do to me. When you need someone to be there for you, I will be right there by your side.


I will always use the word MINE to describe you, and use the word FOREVER to describe us! My life has never been better, thanks to you my darling!


I keep smiling to myself without realization, and people think I have gone crazy. But I guess they are right to think so because I am wildly and crazily in love with you.


You were my wish upon a shooting star. You are the one true love that I wished for, and you have made me a believer.

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