Sweet I Love You More Quotes for Him

I Love You More Quotes for Him

Sweet I love you more quotes for him are the best collections of love messages that would make him smile. We have you in mind while we carefully chose the best romantic words that would hit his heart at any time.

I Love You More Quotes for Him

1. It seems you think my love for you is for a joke; no it can’t be for a joke at all. It is a truth that finds its course from the innermost part of my heart.


2. My love for you isn’t the way you actually see it now; my love for you is beyond what you can ever comprehend.


3. It will not make sense to be in this world without you. I am happy to be with you all the time. I love you so much.


4. If love is sunshine, I will not mind hugging you no matter how hot your body may be. All I need is the pleasure of the true love you show to me.


5. I will be yours all my life; I will cherish you for everything you have achieved for me. I will never forget your efforts in putting a smile on my face.


6. The pureness of your heart has really affected me in a manner that makes me happy, I will be glad to spend the rest of my life with you.


7. Indeed, you are the most beloved man in my life. Look at those moments you spent with me, they are the best ever.


8. Is it possible to live without you? I can’t tell why all my thoughts are always on you. I feel great having you around me.


9. You are my person. You are not just a lover, you are not just a friend or husband. You are the best companion of my life.


10. It baffles me how you came into my world. Indeed, I used to think that the world is full of heartless people. I love you.


11. I cannot risk leaving you for anyone else. I have come to realize that your companionship is a blessing to me.


12. I own you a lot in life. Since the day you came into my world, you have changed a lot about me, more than I expected.


13. You are my dream come true. The reason is that I have seen everything I prayed for in you. I love you more than you think.


14. No word in the dictionary can explain how I feel for you. In fact, I am surprised that my heart beats this strong for you.


15. Your heart is where I wish to dwell. It is the coolest mansion I have ever seen in my life. It is so spacious, interesting.


16. Thanks for everything you have done for me. You gave me a smile when I was sad, you gave me hope when I lost it.


17. There is no time I looked at you, tears of joy-filled eyes. You are the only man that accepted me for who I’m.


18. You came to my world to change it. I used to be sad before now, but I am comfortable today because you taught me how to stay positive all the time.


19. Wishing you the most interesting things on this earth. I have to wish you good things because you are a good person.


20. I have a lot of reasons to make you smile. Have you forgotten how you rescued me when I was in trouble? How on earth will I forget you?


I Love You More Quotes for Him

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21. You have a good heart. Your attitude has said it all so I trust you so much and wish to spend the rest of my life with you.


22. It took me several years to meet you. I might have always met the wrong people because they were not meant for me.


23. A man that accepts you with his whole heart is good. You cannot deny this fact because there are lots of men out there who rejected you.


24. I am happy for being in love with you. I have not been able to meet anyone better than you since the day we met.


25. I cry silently for you. The reason being that it still baffles me that someone as nice as you still exists. Could it be that I am dreaming?


26. If I can change the hand of time. I will do everything in my capacity to take very good care of the man I love the most.


27. Your smile is a remedy to what troubles me in my heart. I am so much happy because mean the world to me.


28. I will not give up in life because I have you. You are the divine spirit sent to support me in this cruel world.


29. Living without is tough. I am used to you and hope we shall spend the rest of our life together. I miss you.


30. Behind every successful woman, there is a special man. I have not seen a man as special as you are before.


31. When you smile at me, my heart burst into joy and happiness. It means you are the missing fortune I found.


32. I chose you as my life partner because we are compatible. I see us being the perfect match for each other.


33. There is no day I don’t think of you. I feel like living without you will be too tough to bear. I love you.


34. Take good care of yourself for me. Your happiness is my strength because I cannot be to see you sad.


35. I will not let you down for any reason. No man can replace you in my heart. I love you so much, and will always be.


36. Whatever it takes to show you how important I see you, I will do. You are the only man that has ever believed in me, and this has given so much joy.


37. I am always confident that you are a shoulder I can always lean upon. There is no time I need your help, but you will surely render it.


38. During tough times, I can count on you. Time without number, you sacrificed a lot to put a smile on my face.


39. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a glorious life ahead. Can’t you see that your presence is a great blessing to me?


40. Your place in my heart is very important. I will try my best to make you happy. Loving you will no longer be a strange thing.


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41. It may be hard to forget someone like you. The entire moments shared with you is like a blessing in abundance.


42. Your special smile is what touches my heart the best. I need you to understand being in love with you is not in vain.


43. Could it be that you are the comforter of my life? I realized all my dreams through your help and support. Thank God for having you in my life.


44. Loving you is my pleasure, I cannot replace you with anyone. I cannot risk losing a blessed man like you.


45. I am so much in need of love that will keep me strong, and then a comforter came into my world. I love you.


46. I have been so happy with you. This has to do with the fact that I love you with all my heart. Your companionship is worth it.


47. You are my dream, the only dream that makes me see the real world as it is. I am happy that my dream comes true.


48. You are my better half, the most beloved angel of my life. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you.


49. Indeed, there is no reason why we should fight because we are already one. I am always in love with you.


50. Every day and night, every second and minute reminds me of the interesting man you are. I love you.


51. You could have changed my heart to bad taking advantage of my condition when we met, but you chose to change it for good. I love you.


52. My heart is full of the endless love I am willing to pour on you alone. I love you so much. You are my joy.


53. What on earth will make me forget the man that came to my rescue at the time of need? I love you so much.


54. My faith in you is very strong that I cannot deny it. I have always been in love with you since the day I met you.


55. Thanks for being a special woman in my life. Thanks for being a blessed angel that makes me happy.


56. You take good care of me, cherish me and put endless love in my heart through the leave of the One who gave you to me.


57. Love is destiny. Love is something that should be accepted by the heart. If you eventually fell in love, be happy.


58. I have always wanted to be with you to make things happen. I so much love your charisma and wish to be yours forever.


59. Until the end of time, I will not stop loving a prince of love. It has always been my happiness to spend my time with you.


60. Do you know I can’t stop loving you? You are the best for my heart.


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61. Thanks for your understanding. You have been kind enough to tolerate my bad attitude have realized I am not perfect.


62. I need you to understand that many things I have in my heart will never be forgotten until I ensure you enjoy them with me.


63. You are the cutes man I can always be proud of. Thanks for your lovely heart. Words cannot express how I feel right now.


64. I am happy that I have you in my life. My body is calm because you are part of the reason why I am happy today.


65. May your heart be set free from worries? I will try my best to ensure that you are always happy all the time.


66. I wish to be like you for the rest of my life. I wish to be the one that makes you smile for the rest of my life.


67. You have the best smile on earth. I am happy for having a person like you in my world. I love you to the end.


68. Whatever it takes to give you that joy you deserve, I will try my best on the right path to make it possible for you.


69. The way of love may be different from the way of luck but I am lucky to have a man as sincere as you are. I love you.


70. Sincerity is part of love. It is the reason why you have gained my trust more than any other person on earth.


71. A man that smiles, loves, cares and makes me happy the most. I will try my best to make you happy. I love you.


72. The way you treat me makes me blush, I feel special and hope you will actually make it to the depth of my heart.


73. I don’t want anything that will separate you and me. I just want to be around you for the rest of my life.


74. Thanks for your kindness to me. It is clear now that you are the only man who is ready to sacrifice everything for me.


75. No matter what, I will try my best to ensure you are fine. I don’t want anything to hurt your feelings.


76. If I could hug you any moment from now, I will be the gladdest person on earth. I love you so much.


77. I just want to be that partner that will never be tired of looking into your eyes. I want to be that woman that takes care of you and the kids.


78. The way I see your face has to do with love and happiness which I feel in my heart. I am so happy for you.


79. Thanks in a million ways; I will never forget the joy of having you in my life. I love you so much.


80. Your face is light, it reflects on my soul bringing out the joy in me. I miss your beautiful voice.

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