I Love You So Much Quotes for Her/Him


I Love You So Much Quotes for her/him
I Love You So Much Quotes

Find our beautiful collections of love quotes in I Love You So Much Quotes for Her/Him. You want to tell your partner how much you love them; we have carefully selected some beautiful words that would make them smile when they read it.


The greatest joy in life to love and be loved back, we need to show love and commitment towards building an amazing relationship. Sending love messages to one another often time is one of the beautiful ways to instil your love in each other heart. Keep the fire of your love burning in his/her heart by sending him/her any of our beautiful collections of I love you quotes.

I Love You So Much Quotes for Her 

1. I have never been in love with someone that makes me feel so joyful as you do, you are made especially for my heart, I love you so much, my dear angel.


2. Dearest, I can do anything for you, you have made my world a beautiful place to live, I have kept a lovely place especially for you in my heart, I love you.


3. It took me an endless journey to search for a special girl like you, you are worth more than all the treasure in the world to me, I love you, babe.


4. My dear angel, thank you for your support and care, I give me every reason to thank God for the gift of a special woman like you as my wife, I love you so much.


5. Dearest, ever since I found you, my heart has always been joyful, and my life has been full of blessings, I came to realize that I love you so much; I would be the happiness of your life.


6. I have made up my mind to love you forever, you mean so much to me, and I can’t throw away a beautiful opportunity like this, just be rest assured that I would continue to love you forever.


7. There is only you that can be the love of my life, I don’t need another woman but you, forever I would your heart cheerful, I love you my heart.


8. I love you so much because I just can’t live in this world alone without you, you make every moment a sweet memory for me, I promise to make your world a beautiful place.


9. Dearest, you are an angel sent from above to my life, I have never found a single moment of unhappiness ever since the time that I found you. Above all, you are cute, gorgeous and your smile, flash a beautiful light into my heart, I promise I would never hurt you, I would do my best to make you happy every day, I love you.


10. My love, if everything fades away one day or everything changes, my love for you would never fade, nor will it ever change, I would be the last man standing by you, all because you are the only special woman in my heart, and I care for you so much.


11. When I say you are the air that I breathe, I wasn’t exaggerating at all. I have realized that I can’t live without you, even when I’m not with you, your sweet thought kept me warm with the hope that I would see you soon. You make life beautiful and I would be the man of your dream, I love you.


12. Life is worthless without you, and I don’t ever want to imagine a single day without you, your love blossoms in my heart like a beautiful rose flower, and I want you to know that I love you so much and you are so special to me.


13. Honey, you make my heart cheerful every moment that I think of you, I have never felt so happy like this in my entire life, it means the world to me and I would never let you down, your love would always thrive in my heart, I love you so much.


14. The most joyful moment of my life was the day that I found you. I’m happy today because of that special day, thank God I never missed you that day. If I missed you, I would have been the unhappiest soul in the world. Every moment I spent with you has been so marvellous, thank you for making my beautiful world, I love you.


15. I don’t care what tomorrow would be, as long as I have you I know that life will always be wonderful, I’m convinced that you are sent from heaven to me, and a heavenly gift brings no hardship upon a soul, I love you.


16. When you smile at me I feel like I’m seeing an angel before me, your smile takes my heart straight to heaven above, and fall deeper in love with you at just a single dose of your smile, I love you so much, my gorgeous babe.


17. Life most beautiful gift for me was when you came into my life, I have often likened you to an angel because you are so loving and peaceful, I find it so easy to fall in love with you over and over again.


18. Sweetheart, I may not be telling you this every time, I’m sorry because I ought to, do you know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world? I have travelled to many places in the world, and I have not found another woman that is as beautiful as you are, I’m so lucky to have you as my adorable wife, I love you so much.


19. I have everything beautiful in life when I have you, you are the salient joy that spring in my heart every morning when rising from bed, my every day is a beautiful moment because of you, I love you my dearest.


20. Everywhere I go, people tell me I look beautiful and charming, and deep in my heart I know that you are the reason behind my happy life when God bestows you to me, He bestows an everlasting joy upon my soul, I would always be by your side, I love you.


21. I have always prayed for a girl like you and I will always wish my prayer and dreams come true because is you or never, my heart hurt for you, love you more.


22. I like to hear your beautiful voice and see your pretty face, please don’t be far from me, I love you so much, am glad I found you.


23. Its feels so better to know you belong to me and I will bless that faithful day I met you, love you so much, girl.


24. I will be that man you wish for and that special person in your life, you are so pretty and I love you more and more than you love me.


25. My heart is meant for you so don’t worry you are mine and no one will take your space in my life, you are so dear to me and I love you with all my heart, I don’t want you to get hurt. My sweet girl.


26. Honey, sweetie, sugar, I will call you all the sweet names because you are even sweeter in my life, you are the source of my joy and happiness, you are the reason to my laughter, love you so much.


27. I love to see you, seeing you alone gives me so much joy, not to talk of having you so close, touching and kissing you, it just something I can’t explain. I love you so much girl, it’s you or never.

28. You are the making of joy in my life, life was unfavourable to me before I met you, and you came along, you brought happiness and peace along with you. I’m so much grateful for a beautiful gift as you in my life, I would make every point in my heart a beautiful place for your love to thrive, I love you so much.


29. Life gives me a beautiful opportunity to love you more every day that I still breathe, this is how your love would grow in my heart until the end of time, I love you.


30. I look forward to making every of your moment in life beautiful, starting from this moment on, and my love for you cannot be compared to another.


31. I have been thinking about anything that I can do for you my angel to make you happy, you mean everything to me, I would do everything possible to make sure that you are happy, please tell me what I can do to give you everlasting joy.


32. Dearest look up in the sky this lovely night, can you see the adorning beauty the stars gives to the sky above, I want to let you know that you shone more millions of times as the stars above in my heart, I love you so much.


33. Your smile is so fascinating to my heart, I have never seen a face that gives me more joy than looking at your lovely face when you smile at me, my heart feels so joyful as if it depends on it.


34. When I close my eyes in still see you in my mind’s eyes, every time and every moment that passes, your thought filled my heart like a dam that never runs dry, I love you with every single beat of my heart.


35. If there is forever, I know I would be there for you, I have made up my mind to always be by your side because you give me eternal bliss, you are really sunrise of my life.


36. In the early morning, I feel so joyful when I know that I would catch a glimpse of your beautiful face this morning, and your gives me the hope of a beautiful sunrise today, good morning my angel.


37. I keep you in my heart like the life that I have, you are my better half and my adorable babe, you mean more than ordinary words can capture, you mean just everything that has ever made me happy, I love you so much, my babe.


38. Dear love, I want to assure of my unshaken love for you, never doubt my love for you, the water in the ocean may rise and fall, but my love for you would never fall, it would keep rising until the end of my life here, and even if I leave this world, I would wait for you in paradise.


39. A paradise is a beautiful place, and that is where I wish to spend my eternity with you, but first I would like to make this world a beautiful place for you live, I would make every moment you would spend with me a bliss one.


40. Before I met you, I was alone and lost, the world was so empty to me, but know I feel good to have an angel like you in my life, and the world is so beautiful to have you in it.


41. I have crowned you the most beautiful girl in the world and the queen of my heart, you are so gorgeous my love, thank God I found you.


42. I just want to tell you that you are my perfect world, you make my world a wonderful place, thanks, my special love.


43. Dearest, as long as I breathe, I would always love you, you are the moonlight that sheds beautiful light in my life, I love you so much.


44. You give me warmness when the weather is chilled and give you give me coolness when the weather is hot, you are my perfect world, I love so dearly.


45. I would stop breathing if you stop loving me, I know you wouldn’t.


46. When I hold your arms, I feel like I’m holding an angel, and when I hug you, your love sinks into my heart like a blessing pouring down upon my soul from heaven, dearest, you are my purest love.


47. I have never found what makes me so happy like hearing your beautiful voice, your voice is like a heavenly sound to my ear, the type that I have never hear from any other person.


48. I feel like a king because I have you as my queen, you are everything, my girl my friend, you are beautiful and fun to be with, my love for you is beyond words expression.


49. I got it, being successful with you and I am blessed to have you as my girl and wife to be, you are so nice and wonderful, I will love you forever.


50. I love you the very first day I met you, the moment I set my eyes on you I knew we will make a good couple, I love you so much my girl, be the special one in my life.


51. How dearest you are, the beauty I see, the sunshine in my life, the rainbow in the sky, I love you so much, girl.


52. I will be yours forever just open your heart let me in; I will dwell in forever because your love is driving me crazy. I can’t eat or sleep without you. Love you so much.


53. Let me pretend to be fine without you, and then I will be dead the next minute because my heart stops beating without your love, I love you so much.


54. I don’t want to know what people say, and how they say it, my love for you is not going to stop and will keep following all my life because I love you so much.


55. You are my all and all, you remind me of Romeo and Juliet, two lovebirds just like us. I love you so much, dear.


56. I want everyone to know my feelings for you so I will go on and on to the scream, your name and let the world know you are mine. Love you girl so much.


57. Do you know that you are the most beautiful, sexy, and loving in the whole world, you are my choice and the best choice, I love you so much and will give you anything you ever wanted.

I Love You So Much Quotes for that Special Woman

58. It is the beginning of a beautiful sunrise; and your thoughts already filled my heart, good morning my princess.


59. You warm my everyday life, you make my heart so sweet to have you in it, dearest you all that gives me happiness, I love you with all my heart.


60. On this day and forever, I have made a never fail promise to keep your love in my heart forever, I love you so much.


61. Smile when you remember me because I smile at every thought of you, I love you, my angel.


62. You give me reasons to appreciate you every single day, you are such a priceless gift to my life, I would anything to make your beautiful, I love you all my life.


63. I have spent my entire life, praying for someone like you, it is a dream come true when I found you, thank you, my love, you are the special one to my heart.


64. Life’s greatest gift to me is you, thank you for being my beautiful world; I love you with all my heart.


65. You stole my heart, but I don’t need it back because it feels so joyful in possession, I love you so much.


66. In the rising of the sun, my love blossoms for you, and in the glittering of the moon, your love shines brightly in my heart, I have vowed to keep a special place for you in my heart because you are my endless harmony.


67. I don’t know why I love you so much, I just know that I love you so much.


68. Loving you gives me a kind blissful feeling that I can’t explain, you are my heavenly gift, I love you.


69. You are that person I want to always be with, because you make me feel so happy and I love you so much for that, thinking of you now.


70. I am so blessed that you are mine, you will be mine forever and I love you so much.


71. We are meant to be together, stick together in all condition, I promise to be with you and to love you much more than you can ever think.


72. You are just so special and important in my life, I can’t do without your love, you are the best I have been with, love you so much, girl.


73. Happy you are mine and will never let you regret having me as your man, I will love you till the end of time, my girl you mean a lot to me and I will love you so much and forever.


74. Having met you, I know it the end of my search for a perfect girl, you are my sugar pie and love more than you could ever imagine.


75. The one that makes me smile and make me feel like a man, you are that girl every man want to have, aren’t I so lucky to have you, you mean the world to me and I love you so much.


76. Thinking of you every day, I want to be with you in the morning, at noon and every night with you, am happy, you are all over me, love you so much, girl.


77. I have a special place for you in my heart, not just in the heart but where the heart blood come to play because I trust your love and I know you will not hurt a fly not alone hutting me, I love you so much, girl.


78. I will love you so much more if you keep to your promise, to love me and t stay with me forever, I don’t want to share you with anyone, I love you so dearly I mean so much girl.


I Love You So Much Quotes for Him 

79. When I said I love you, I say so from the bottom of my heart, smile for me my king, you’re your incredible love.


80. You are my dreams come true, life is so joyful to have you in it with me, thank for being my hero.


81. I have never seen someone as caring and loving like you, I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have a wonderful man like you as a husband, I love you so much.


82. You would ever keep shining in my heart as long as I live, you give me such doses of love every moment that I spent with you, thank you for being so lovely to me, I cherish you so much.


83. You make me happy, you make me smile, and you make laugh, that is what makes life so blissful for me, please don’t stop, I love you so much.


84. When I’m held in your arms I never want to let go, when you kiss me, I feel like I’m leaving in sweet paradise with you, you are surely a heavenly gift for me, I love you so much.


85. You cheer me up when I’m sad, you keep my heart warm with your love for me, you make me feel so lovely and wonderful, thank you, my love, for being my everyday happiness.


86. Honey, I would always be there for you, all the time through thick and thin, I would never leave your side.


87. I’m here to make you happy because your happiness is my joy, I see everyday sunrise through your lovely eyes, I love you so much.


88. Nothing makes happy when I see you smile, your smile reveals the sparkling of your golden teeth, I love you, my king.


89. You are the best man in the world no doubt about it, I have never had it so lovely and wonderful in my entire life until I found an angel like you, I love you with all my heart.


90. You are the hero of my life; every single thought of you gives me endless joy.


91. Good morning, you are my sunrise, I love you.


92. Dearest, I’m so thankful to the Lord for giving a costless gift as you, you are the dream man of every woman, thank you for being a super husband, I love you.


93. You are caring, and you are loving, thank you so much, my love, for all the things you have done for me.


94. For every time that your thought dash through my heart, I pray for you, for all the time that you have made me smile, I asked my Lord to bestow happiness to your heart now and forever.


95. No one has ever made me feel so happy and amazing the way you make me feel, you are a superhero, thank you, my love, for all the love and care you shower on me.


96. When I think of you, I think of an angel, I think of a beautiful life and I think of paradise these are all that you have been to me, I love you so much.


97. You make every moment of life a beautiful one, you would ever have all my love for you forever, I love you.

98. There is only one thing I wish in life, to stay with you forever because when I have you, I have everything.


99. There no better arms like your arms, there is no better kiss like your kiss, and a there no better voice like your sweet voice, there is no better place to keep my love than your heart, I love you so much.


100. I listen to with kin heart when you talk, because there is this beautiful thing about your powerful voice that hit the core of my heart with sweetness, I love you.


101. You are so cheerful to my heart, I would live with you in beautiful love forever, I love you with all my heart.


102. There are two men in the world, you and others, you are my wonderful world, and my heart is so wonderful because of you.


103. There can never be a time that you don’t live in my heart, I feel joyful to have you there, I love you.


104. You may not know how much you mean to me, you are as the moon is to the night and as the sun is today to my life, you brighten up my life with your sweet love; I would always love and cherish you forever.


105. When I found you, I know I have found lifetime happiness; you are all that makes me so joyful in life.


106. The most beautiful time of my life was when I found you, you are my endless pleasure.


107. You are my dreams come true, my beautiful world.


108. When I think of you, my heart is overwhelmed in endless joy, I don’t know what I have done to deserve an angel like you, thank you for being so lovely and caring to me.


109. You are more than the entire treasure and wealth of the world to me, and just to be with you gives me so much joy, I’m happy to be in your arms, I love you with all my heart.


110. You are life’s most beautiful gift to me, in every day that passes, I thank God for giving me a lovely husband like you, I pray that we will live for a longer time together, I love you, babe.


111. The cheering news that keeps me smiling every day is that thank God you are still mine, I would shower you with endless love, I mean all the love in my heart are for you and deserve much more than that.


112. You are my good omen, you are a lucky number, and win you to my heart, I’m so crazy about you, I love you so much.


113. Dearest, you are surely the best man in the world, I love you.


114. No one makes me feel joyful the way you do, you are a bundle of joy sent from heaven above to my heart.


115. My heart finds endless peace with you, I would always be your sweetest everything.


116. I have vowed to love you forever, thank God I found you.


117. Loving was easy for my heart because you are the one choice for me.


118. Your love is so marvellous in my heart, it blossoms so beautifully, thank you for being my eternal bliss.


119. The journey to an endless pleasure begins when I found you, you make my heart feel so joyful each you whisper my name.


120. You are the sweetest food to my heart, any time you are around, you make my heart joyful, thank you for you’re for me.

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