I Love You Text Messages for Him to Smile


I Love You Text Messages For Him
I love you text messages

He is very special to you, he is your husband or your boyfriend, you love him and want to make him know this over the text, send him any of these lovely I love you text messages for him.


I love you text messages for him
I love you text messages for him

I Love You Text Messages For Him to Smile

1. My love for you is made in the heavens. You bless my heart and brighten my day. I love you.


2. You add light to my life like the sun to the day and you add sparkles to my life like the stars to the night. I love you with all my heart.


3. Who needs another Superman when I have a protecting and caring superhero like you.


4. I fell in love the moment I met you and I keep falling in love all over again.


5. If only I could touch the stars, I prefer to run away with you and we will live together in the skies. I love you to the stars above.


6. You make me happy and you complete me. I cherish you and I love you.


7. I love the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you smell and the way you smile. I love everything about you my one and only.


8. In the day, I think about you. In the nights I dream about you. I cannot wait for the morning to come when I will wake up and the first person I see is you.


9. I cannot wait for the times when our kids will arrive and we will raise a lovely family and live happily ever after. All I ever want is to be your lovely wife.


10. I love you until the oceans dry up. I love you till the sun stops coming to visit the earth. I love you till the mountains cease to exist. I love you till eternity and beyond.


11. You are more than special to me. I love you with all the strength in my mind, body, and soul. You make living seems easy and you astound me.


12. The love I have for you never stop coming. The happiness you give to me never stops growing. You are such an amazing man. I love you.


13. You make my cell phone ring all the time. You make my heart go fonder and you bring nothing but joy to my life. You are caretaker.


14. I believe in fairy tales because I, have you. Impossibilities are broken because you are always there. I believe in dreams cos I believe in you, you are my darling husband. I love you.


15. When I am down, I feel stronger thinking about you. When I am lost, I get back to life talking to you. Loving you is magical. I’m just happy with you.


16. Love, they say is from the heart. The one I have for you is from my heart, body, and soul. You indeed complete me, and my whole love you.


17. I love the way you handle issues. The way you take charge of things and the way you manage everything in our relationship. I love you because you are more than a man.


18. The woman I was before I met you is very different from the one I am now. You practically changed everything about me. I love you to the heavens.


19. A slight thought of you makes my day. Thinking about us makes me happy and thinking about you makes me love you even more.

I love you text for him
I love you text messages for him


20. Loving you is like diamonds. It shines brightly and it’s difficult to break.


21. Loving you takes me to places I cannot phantom, gives me feelings that words can not capture. Loving you is nothing but amazing.


22. The sky is blue, the stars are bright and the roses are red. I’ll rather stay by your side forever instead.


23. The love I have for you is bigger than the mountains. Deeper than the oceans and brighter than the sun. You make my world go round and round again. You are the only man I have ever loved this way.


24. My love for you is like the sun, it shines every single day. It sometimes likes the trees, it continues to flourish with beautiful flower and fruits. Sometimes it feels like the oceans because it runs forever.


25. If you were a song, I’d listen to you every day. If you were a movie, I would watch you repeatedly and if you were a story, I had read about you all the time. You are just too amazing, I love you.


26. You do a million and one thing that brings joy to my life. Loving you is happiness itself.


27. When I look into your eyes, I see a million stars beaming away and then my heart races a million times.


28. When I think it’s impossible to love you more than I do, you always find a way to prove me wrong.


29. I feel happy been choked by your beauty, and beaten by your grace and tortured by your love.



30. Loving you is like a beautiful fortune to my soul. Every day you give me another reason to realize I cannot live without you.


31. Life begins to get better when you came my way. You are a phenomenon I cannot explain. Your lots of joy and happiness in my life. Thank you, my hero.


32. Good things happen to good people, I wish good wherever you may be because you are so good to me. I love you with all my heart.


33. it so marvellous to have a handsome man like you in my life, you shed light wherever you go, you are the star of the world, thank God the star is mine.


34. Thank you for making smiling graciously every time I think of you. You are such a lovely guy. I love you.


35. You are the best of all the men in the world, if we have two of your kind, the world would have been a lovelier place.


36. You sweetened my heart always; tell me your magic number. I love you.


37. Now I believed in true love, because I have seen one true love, and that is you.


38. I have never felt so good in life before until I met you, you are such a sweet miracle.


39. You are my star; you shine brightly in my heart. I love you.


Cute I Love You Messages to Make Him Melt Inside

40. I cannot explain how much you mean to me, you make me feel like a new baby, you are full of care and love for me. I wish to make you feel better than how you are feeling right now. I will be the kind of wife you will be proud of.


41. The best words I have ever heard is your sweet words, the best time I have ever spend I spent in your arms, you make my world a splendour, your love and affection have taken deep root in my heart, it is you or nothing else. I love you.


42. You are the jewels of heart, you are the man-made for me, you make me feel better all the time, and I love you.


43. If the whole world closes their heart on you, trust me I will be the last one standing by your side, I love you, I can never leave your side. My love for you is sure.


44. You gave me a reason to smile; you brought sunshine to my life. You make me a better and a lovely woman, you are like the moon and star that shines brightly on the surface of the earth and brings light and beauty to the night. My heart belongs to you forever, I love you.


45. You are the sweetness of life, you are the reason I wake every day and I said, ‘Thank GOD I’m alive.’


46. I do not know how I would have lived in this world without you; God is so merciful to me that He sent me an angel like you.


47. I have never been so blessed before until I met you. You make my world complete.


48. Loving you is like loving me because when I love you a little you love me much, I will continue loving you until eternity.


49. I love to whisper these sweet words to your ear, ‘you are my missing ribs, and thank GOD I found you.’


50. Good afternoon my love, I pray to the LORD to make your day colourful.


51. Like the beauty of the rainbow when it declined on the hillside, you make my life beautiful.


52. I swear I will never hurt you; I will jingle my sweet in your heart forever.


53. I have been looking for a perfect adjective to describe you, but I cannot find anyone that suits your personality in the dictionary of words. You are more than words can capture to me.


54. Sweet, loving and caring, that how you been to me. I love you.


55. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever seen, in your arms, I found true warmth, and in your heart, I found an everlasting home. I love you.


56. If you will permit me to make one wish, I will wish that you take me with you where ever you go, so that I don’t have to wait for few hours that seems like an eternity without you. I love you.


57. I do not know which is better, to hold or to kiss, I cannot explain how I feel in both. I miss you.


58. Hope you will be home soon, I miss you.


59. Just a glance at your lovely pictures take my sorrow away, you are my GOD sent an angel. I love you.

Love text for him
I love you text

60. I do not need anything, as long as I have you, I know I have everything.


61. The truth about what I have just discovered in my life is that I cannot live alone without you.


62. I have never been afraid of any heartbreak since the time I have been with you, because I know that angels do not break the heart of their loved one, in your arms I will be forever.


63. You came and wipe away my tears, you gave me honey to lick and ever since then my heart has been happy all the time. You give meaning to my life. Thank you, my love.


64. Everywhere I go people tell me I am beautiful, that’s courtesy you.


65. If the world has another man like you, it would have been a wonderful place. You are sweet, nice and caring. I love you from the depth of my heart.


66. Nothing I said about you is exaggerated, you are simply superb. I love you.


67. I have searched every cranny of the world; I have never found another soul like yours, so pure and lovely.


68. When I found you, I know that all my dreams have come true.


69. With you here beside me, I believe in the beauty of our future, life is going to be better for us.

Romantic love text messages for him
Love text

Romantic I Love You Messages for Him 

70. The little I know about you is enough evidence of how beautiful your heart look, in your heart flows the milk of life. I love you, my dear husband.


71. You came into my life like a thief and conquered my heart, I have given you all my heart already, do not be afraid to love me more.


72. My love is sure for you because your love has already sunk down deep into my heart.


73. You are handsome, cute, nice and lovely. You are my dream lover. I love you.


74. I love it when you sing those beautiful songs that only you know how to sing to my soul, the song in your lips and in your heart.


75. You are my food when I am hungry, you are the melody in my heart, and I love you.


76. You make every moment I spent with a memorable one, I wish I could spend every second in your arms.


77. You drive me wild and crazy when I am with you, I want to be the only woman in your world. I love you.


78. I found true happiness with you; I will always remain yours forever.


79. I am yours sincerely; I love you with all my heart.


80. You are the most beautiful soul; I cannot get enough of you.


81. Every minute I spent with you is as if I am in paradise. You make my world a splendour.


82. I love the way you handle everything about me, I want your own forever.


83. There are uncountable reasons that make me fall in love with you.


84. Your love is overflowing in my heart like an ocean, I love you so much.


85. I have this beautiful news for your love. I Mrs.…solemnly swear that the love I have for you will never seize in my heart.


86. My heart was plain you met, and now you have filled all the vacuums with your sweet love.


87. No amount of black magic can erase the love I have for you in my heart.


88. You are the sweetness of my life, I wish well in all that you do.


89. You are OK for me, you are my dream come true, I love your whole.


90. I am here for you, I was born to take care of you, our destiny is one, to live together and love one another.


91. No matter what happened, I will never stop loving you. You are my real happiness.


92. You are a round peg in a round hole; you fit in perfectly into my life. I love you.


93. No one can love you the way I do, my love for you cannot be weighed on any scale that means, I love to infinity.


94. “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

I love you

Long Sweet I Love You Text Messages For Him 

1. I had a dream last night, that I met someone special, someone, who changed my life and has a great smile. I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a dream at all. I look beside me and found you sleeping peacefully. You are my dreams and everything that brings joy to my heart, I love my darling.


2. You bring me nothing but joy, happiness, and laughter. You make me discover the true meaning of care, desires, and understanding. You give me the strength to keep moving when the going gets tough. You make me think of the wonderful possibilities that we could have been together and sharing the same spaces for long. You complete me!


3. Before I met you, I was lost. My life was dull and completely disconnected. And then everything changed when I found you. My mind became fond of you and happiness began to fill my heart. I began to feel stronger and stable. It was like a dream come true.


4. People wake up in the morning and talk to God for all the desires of their heart. For me, I always ask God to give me the strength to keep you by my side forever. He has already given me a great gift and fulfilled my dreams and heart desires. I love you forever and beyond.


5. The love I have for you grows with every second that passes. It is something I find impossible to explain but all I do is keep being thankful for it because it makes me happier every day. My greatest wish is that it never ends. I love you.


6. Anytime I think of you, it is not just an ordinary thought. It’s a deep feeling I have inside of me that I cherish. Anytime I say I love you, It’s not just the words, it’s a way I try to express the undying love I have for you. You make my life worth living.


7. You are like a special gift from the skies above. I feel blessed when I’m with you. All my life I have never had such a feeling so wonderful and sweet. You came into my world and swept me off my feet. There are only two moments I’m looking forward to. Been with you now and been with you forever.


8. You came into my life and stole my heart. I had no feelings again as they were buried deep beneath you. I look into the skies and continue to thank God for bringing you into my life. If I had a chance to choose, I’d chose you over and over again.


9. I love you and you love me. I feel glad for you and I feel free. The feelings I’ve for you is far beyond the normal eyes can see. When I’m sad, thinking about you has always been the key. You make me happy and you complete me. You make me much better than the man I could ever be.


10. When we are together I wouldn’t want to blink so I wouldn’t miss any sight of you. I wouldn’t want to miss any of your words because it’s as sweet and soothing as your voice itself. I then feel the urge for your kisses and delicate touches because it gives me memories I carry and cherish for a long time. You are my princess, my queen, my angel.

11. When the sun rises in the morning, I think of how beautiful your eyes can be. Then the birds begin to sing I remember how beautiful your voice is. The wind begins to blow and I recall how soothing your kisses and touches make me feel. I talk to other people and I know how much you mean to me.


12. Been with someone like you makes me feel safe, loved, cherished, protected, and valued. Stay with me forever so that I can have all these feelings forever.


13. It took me months to understand how wonderful a person you are. It took me weeks thinking about how handsome you’re and days to ache for your hugs and kisses. But it took me just a second to fall in love with you.


14. A minute with you is like many days spent in the heavens. Your presence alone heals the wounds in my very soul. Loving you keeps me going and it gives me the power to only love and care for more. Loving you is like a miracle and to me, you’re an angel sent to save me from my self.


15. The more I keep loving you, the more I get to understand the world. There are billions of people on earth but it takes just two to create a feeling so big and beautiful as the one we have for each other. Take my hand and let’s elope to the skies and watch the stars come out and shine through the night. They are the best examples of how the feelings I have for you glimmer deep inside of me.


16. There can be no feeling as cherishable as the one in my heart. Your smile brings the light that guides me. Your laughter heals my soul and your words amp up my feelings. It is a wonderful feeling that you give me and I’ll always be thankful for it.


17. When the going gets tough, I’ll be there for you. When you happen to fall I’ll be there to catch you. When things go dark I’ll always be your light. I just wanted to remind me of how important you are to me. Take my heart and listen closely, it’s my feelings whispering about all the happy moments we spend together. I love you now and forever.


18. Look into my eyes and you’ll understand my feelings for you. Touch me and you’ll know how much you mean to me. Kiss me and you’ll know the length I can go just to make you smile. Hold me and you’ll know how determined I am to protect you. Stay with me and you’ll know the best things I can do to make me happy.


19. Your lips are always filled with sweet words and your hands are filled with care. Your mind is always having the best plans and your heart is full of joy and affection. You’re the best partner any woman can ever ask for. You’re special and at the same time sweet and understanding. Thank you for having me in your life dearest.

love text messages for him
love text messages for him

20. I have never believed it when I heard it, love at first sight, but ever since the first day I set my eyes on you, I knew that you were the one sent to me from heaven by the heavenly father. You have never let me down; you cared for me and love me beyond what I can express. I am very happy to tell you that I love you too; I will always be the woman of your dream.


21. You are the hero of my world you make my life beautiful, I never believe I would find an angel like you. Life is so sweet having you by my side. I will forever love you.


22. Thank you for coming into my life, you make my world a wonderful place, I will always be your favourite everything.


23. Wishing you a lovely day, my most handsome man, every time I think about you I feel all the sweetness in this world in my heart. Thank you for always flocking my life with happiness.


24. You are worth more than the whole treasure in the world, you are the precious jewel of my heart, you make my life splendid, I will always be by your side. I love you.


25. When I found you, I know I have found my eternal soul mate. Nothing can take me away from you, and nothing can take you away from me, we are destined to be together. I love you.


26. You are the only man I have ever loved this way, and thank you for never letting me down, you have a beautiful heart.


27. Dear love I am here for you to love and make your life beautiful, I will always be beside you and never let you down. I love you.


28. You are the kind of man I have been praying for; my prayers had been answered; now I prayed that the LORD protect you. I love you.


29. At first, it was your handsome face that catches my attention, but now I found out that what lies inside of you is more beautiful than what a mere eye can see outside. Thank GOD, I never missed you. I love you, my sweet husband.


30. Every time we are together I feel happy, even if we aren’t talking, those silent moments are my moments of deep joy, just a mere look at your face make my heart explodes with so many beauties. You are my true love, thank GOD I found you.


31. Just sitting beside you is enough joy for my heart. There is this beautiful thought that use to overwhelm me whenever you are around. You make my life a complete one.

Sweet I Love SMS For Him

1. I perceive your sweet smell anytime I close my eyes.


2. You make my reality better than I have a dream. I don’t know how you do it and that’s what makes me love you more.


3. I am sending you this sweet love SMS to ask you how your legs are feeling because you run in my mind all day.


4. If you were a meal, you’ll indeed be the most delicious. If you were a type of water, you’ll be the purest there is and if you were a fruit you’ll be the sweetest of all. You are the handsome sweet husband that ever existed.


5. I want to sail the oceans and seas, travel through the roads and journey through the galaxies with you. You mean everything to me.


6. It’d be an honour been the first person you see when you wake up, and the last before you go to sleep.


7. You shower me with your sweetness and you take over my soul. I would still choose you in another life.


8. Your voice is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


9. When you are with me, I have a certain feeling deep in my heart and a voice deep in my head, all meaning that you are meant for me.


10. You are always the reason for the smile on my face, the joy in my heart and for the love in my heart.


11. The best thing that has ever happened to me wasn’t just meeting you or loving you. It was discovering the kind of person you truly are.


12. I see you in my dreams, and I feel you right in my feels. People will call it madness, but I call it love!


13. Vous etes le plus doux! (It means You are the sweetest in French).


14. Roses are red and the sky is blue. My life seems better anytime I’m with you.


15. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and face their world. You make me smile and you rule my own world.


16. The love I have for you makes me notice the little things; how the leaves kiss each other when the wind blows and how the stars’ glimmer at night.


17. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The man reading this text and cracking a smile.


18. If I were to save any of the alphabets during a disaster, it would be the letter ‘U’ and ‘I’.


19. Before I met you, I was out searching for love and then I found you. I dedicate my life to you, my sweetheart.

Hot I Love You Text Messages for Him

20. You are the smartest, smoothest, loveliest, strongest, bravest, cutest, and sweetest of them all.


21. If our love was an aeroplane, I would name it “THE LOVE OF ME AND YOU” and we’d fly all the way to the moon.


22. I could not think of a better way for God to give me the sweetest gift I can ever ask for- ‘You in a box made of amazing bliss and pure joy’.


23. I need you in my life like the blood pumping away in my heart and like the air, I breathe. You may call me crazy, but I call it sweet love.


24. You give me joy in my saddest times and you give me even more at my happy moments. What a man you are!


25. We could look at each other for a second, kiss for a minute, talk and hold hands for hours. However, you will always be in my heart forever.


26. It does not matter to me what you are doing, where you are or whom you are with. All that matters is that I love you and I love who you are.


27. I cherish only two things in this world, you for a day and you forever!


28. I could climb the highest mountains and trees. Swim the longest rivers and deepest oceans just to be with you, my sweetheart.


29. You inspire me and bring out the best of me. In this life of unexpected things, I’d be lost without your sweet love.


30. You are my greatest treasure because it is very rare to find. I must be an explorer because I found a woman as precious as you.


31. Only you stole my heart, and I’m comfortable with that, you are my dream come true.


32. I never want another hand to touch me but your hand, I never want another lip to kiss me but your lips, I never want to give my heart to another man but you. You are my superman. I love you.


33. If it takes me a hundred years to wait right here under the sun for you I will do, if it takes me millions of miles to reach you where you are, I will meet you. You are the one my heart wants.


34. I have never felt so happy the way I feel when I’m with you. You make everything around me beautiful.


35. Do you know what I love most about you? your charming voice, whenever you talk, I melt silently inside.


36. I will always love you; you are the love of my life.


37. When you leave, I always cry, when I see you, I will never let you go again.


38. Life is good to have you around, I thought I was in a fairy tale, but this beautiful feeling I’m having is real, and that IS because you are in my life, and you must be an angel in human skin. I love you so much.


39. I love it when you whisper this lovely word into my ear “I love you forever”. I love you forever too.

Love quote for him
Love quote for him

40. I will be your guardian angel; I will be by your side because I love you.


41. The bees like the scent of flowers, the butterflies are attracted to those colourful petals and I love you beyond the comprehensiveness of any heart.


42. You showed me that true love still exists in this world, thank you for truly loving me. I love you in many folds too.


43. You are the true hero of life; you shed light wherever you go. I am proud to have you as my lovely husband. Have a marvellous day.


44. Life is sweet and splendid with you. Thank GOD, you are mine.


45. I am yours forever, I miss you.


46. When the night approaches, I am happy, because it is going another beautiful night to fall asleep in your lovely arms.


47. The joy of being alive is because I am spending my life with the man I love.


48. You teach me how to love and to be loved; your first name is love.


49. Your smile set me in a high mood; I want to be in your arms forever.


50. You make me look like a queen with the way you treat me, you are sure the king of my heart.


51. Thank you for unending care and love you shower on me, I would not have been if you had been here. You brought beauty and sweetness to my world.


52. Every night I see you in dreams, you take me on a lovely journey to heaven, so lovely a place where we hold and cuddle each other till the hour of the morning. You are made for me in heaven and in this world. I love you with all my heart.


53. You make me feel like a real woman, only you know the silent words of my heart.


54. You are my king, you rule my world and I love it that way.


55. What more can I wish you than a lovely cool afternoon. You are always on my mind, I love you.


56. I have prayed to GOD to keep all evil eyes and evil minds away from us do not be afraid to go gallantly to achieve your dreams, you will make it to a greater height. I love you.


57. I love to feel your fresh breath when you talk, I love it more when your lips touch mine, you a darling husband, I love so much.


58. What is it in life that I do not have with you? Nothing!


59. Do you know why I am happy every day, because I have you.

i love you qoute
I love you

60. If you can see through my heart you will know much I love you, you mean everything to me.


61. I want to be your guitar so that you can play me this lovely afternoon.


62. You are the beauty through which I see the world. You are the light in my heart. I love you.


63. You are sweeter than honey and sugar mixed, you are my lovely husband.


64. I want to climb to the highest mountaintop and shout to the whole world that I love you!


65. Whichever way life goes, whatever the situation is, I will always be by your side. I love you.


66. The very first day you told me you love, I have seen the sincerity in your words; I have come to realize how truthful you are over the years. I love you more than you ever think.


67. When I realize I will soon be calling you the lovely father of my child, my heart beams with lots of beauty and happiness. You are the man that changes my world to a better place. I love you with all my heart.


68. You give shape to my life, you give beauty to my soul, I love more than anything in this world does.


69. You are the one I called a true friend; you have always been the joy of my heart. Thank you for loving me this beautiful way.


70. You have taken over my world I cannot do anything without you; I enjoy every bit of the minute I spend with you. You are the best in my life.

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