Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes


Inspirational Get Well Prayer_Wishes
Inspirational Get Well Prayers


Inspirational get well messages prayers/ wishes are the best collections of quick recovery prayers and text messages for loved ones. The best moment to show love to someone is when they are sick, find those beautiful words that would convey your heartfelt messages to uplift his/her spirit. We have detailed our beautiful text messages in the this article to help you pass your sympathy messages and prayers across to him/her.

Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Mom

1. To the greatest mother in the world, to the sweetest love of my life, you can’t be sick and I’m well, I feel every single pain that you feel too. I prayed the Lord to restore back your health. Get better son mom, I miss you.


2. Mom smile for me, because your smile is a sign of the hope of your recovery, my prayers have reached my Lord, He shall take away all the pain in your body, you be well and rise up again mama.


3. Dearest mother, I miss you so much, it won’t be long and you would be home soon, healthier and happier.


4. Mama, rest and know that I always pray for you, the Lord would make you come out of this sickness, better and greater than before, it is a refurbish time for you, you will come out of this and never fall sick again. I love you, mama.


5. Dear mama, more strength to your soul, more energy to your body, feel good thy recovery time is here, thy Lord has answered all your prayers, he has never forgotten you.


6. Thank you, mama, for all the things you have done for me, I wouldn’t be who I’m today if not for your unrelenting effort. God will reward you with good health for all that you have done for me, wishing you a fast recovery.


7. Get well soon mama, we miss you greatly, all of us here are sick as you are sick; life cannot be the same without you.


8. I don’t know another mother greater than you in this world mama, you are the best mother I have ever seen, you are my superhero, smile and rejoice your healing time has come, you will be well again because God has answered all our prayers for you.


9. Dearest mother, I feel sorry to see you sick, I can afford to see in pain, but do not worry God will always be with you. Wishing you quick recovery, I love you.


10. God will comfort your eyes, He would bring you back home hail and healthier. Get well soon mama.


11. Dear mama, happy to hear that you are responding fast to treatment, I will home to see you soon; we will celebrate with you by the grace of God. I miss you, mama.


12. You are the joy of my heart, instead of you to be sick, let me be sick. Mama, thank you for all the love and care that you have shown us, there can never be another you in our heart. Wishing you a quicker recovery, cheer up, we love you, mama.


13. May thousand angels bring you medication from God, you will be well again, no sickness shall overpower you because thy Lord is in control of your life, He will make you happy and smile, get well soon mama.


14. You are the purest of heart that I have ever seen, in my sleep and in my wake; I pray that the Lord continue to protect you. You will be well, you will never be sick again. I love you, mom.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Dad

15. There can never be another father like you, thank you, father, for being a great dad to me, no sickness can take you away from us, and the Lord will make you well and bring you back to us in joy and in harmony. I love you, dad.


16. Get well soon dad, we miss you greatly, no joy and no laughter at home without you, in fact, everybody seems to be sick because you are sick, I know you would not like that,  get well soon.


17. You shall be back home soon dad, you shall be well again, we miss you.


18. Your good health is important to us; everyone has refused to eat because you are not here. We love you greatly and wish for your speedy recovery. We miss you, dad.


19. The house looks so empty because you are not here dad, I pray that you will be back home soon. Get well soon dad.


20. Dear Dad, I miss you really badly, your company is the best company I have ever had in this life, you are a great father, a caring man, and the most jovial person I have ever know. Thank you for the teaching and guidance you have given me. Wishing that you would be home soon healthier and happier.


21. Get well soon father, you are the hero of our life. We miss you so much.


22. Super dad, hope you are responding to treatment fast, God will wash away your pain soon and we will happy together again as a happy family. Get well and get better dad.


23. Life will bring you happiness and joy dad, you are under the care of God and He is the most caring, He will take good care of you. Wishing you quick recovery, we love you.


Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Brother

24. My brother, my friend, you shouldn’t be sick knowing too well that your presence means a lot to me, miss your play brother so get well soon.


25. The joy of being around you cannot be quantified; you are my strength, so get strong let us get back. Wish you, quick recovery brother.


26. My brother, get well soon, it feels so lonely without you, and my best wishes for you is to recover fast brother.


27. Get well soon brother, missing all the beautiful time and fun with you. Wishing you quick recovery brother, I love you.


28. The best way to say I miss you and to wish you a sound recovery is to pray for you, may God strengthen your weak bones. Get well soon.


29. My brother my number one fan, you are sick but I am weaker, please get well soon, miss you.


30. Be strong and do not allow your illness to bring you down; I know you used to be very strong and bold like a lion, get well soon brother.


31. The one and only brother I have, you were not supposed to be sick at this moment, I need you now more than ever so please get up and get well fast, missing you.


32. Today is a bright day, and so I want you to feel brightness inside you and be strong, the hard time will soon be over, get well soon brother. Love to see you again.


33. Just like yesterday when I was sick you stood by me with words of encouragement and now you are sick, what an irony, am not happy but will be by your side always, be happy for you will get well soon.


34. Get well soon brother, this should not make you feel bad, I trust you will pull through, just a matter of time you will get well soon. Lots of love brother.


35. Sad to hear you are ill health, hope you get well soon, it is going to be fine so fear not and feel relief. Wish you quick recovery brother.


36. Brother how are you feeling today, hope to hear your voice and see you around again. Wishing you a very quick recovery my beloved brother.


37. It is my prayer for you to be healthy again so we can get back as we used to be, trust God, you will be fine. The Lord is your strength don’t be afraid. Get well soon.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Sister

38. Dearest sister, I know what you are going through, I can feel the pain with you, but don’t worry remain stronger in faith God will heal you soon.


39. It pains me so much to see go through this pain, you have always been a lovely and a dear sister, don’t lose hope in God, be strong, and get back on your feet soon.


40. Dearest sister, hoping you find strength in every minute that passes. You are always in my thought. Get well soon.


41. With much hope in God, I know you will have a speedy recovery, wishing you a joyful day.


42. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery!


43. I hope each day will bring you closer to full recovery, I have always been praying for you day and night. Smile sister, I love you.


44. Dearest sister, I hold you close to my heart, wishing you a speedy recovery.


45. May good health never eludes you, may your heart find joy at the end. I love you sister, cheer up, wishing you a speedy recovery.


46. Every night before I sleep, I raise my hands to ask for a speedy recovery for you.


47. Sending you hugs to warm your day, and sending you lovely prayers to abide with you, wishing you quick recovery. I love you, sister.


48. Hope you feel better today sister, don’t worry you will be out of the hospital soon, every new day that comes will bring sunshine into your life.


49. Hope that you are recuperating fast sister, I really miss you, and you are such a wonderful sister.


50. Best wishes for quick recovery sister, you would soon be back doing what you love to do that makes you feel better. I truly miss you.


51. Dear sister, best wishes for you, you ‘re always in my warmest thought, wishing you quick recovery.


52. Happy to hear that you are recovering, hoping to see you soon, I love you.


53. May the good wishes of those beautiful messages and prayers you receive from those who love and care for you lift up your spirits, wishing you quick recovery sister.


54. You are always in my thought and in my prayers, wishing you the best of time and quick recovery, God will see through, I love you my dearest sister.


55. I want you to know that God cares and hear your prayers; He will bring back your good health. I love you.


56. Our prayers will turn to your miracles of quick recovery, cheer up you be fine soon.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Boss

57. Sir, I am sorry for your ill health, I pray that you get back on your feet soon. We have handled everything in the office perfectly, I am sure you will like it when you come. Take a beautiful rest, sir, wishing you a fast recovery.


58. My hands are held up in prayers for you sir, may the Lord restore your health the way it uses to be, wishing you a speedy recovery, have a nice day sir.


59. This ill-health will bring you peace and harmony afterwards; you will never fall sick again by the special grace of God. Get well soon sir.


60. The office has been so quiet without you, though everything is going well, we seem to be missing something, and that is a wonderful person like you. Sickness is just a moment of rehabilitation of our body, may yours be faster and perfect. I pray you to bounce back soon sir.


61. The Lord shall be your strength, fear no more, you will be healed and you shall rise to walk again. Wishing you quick recovery sir.


62. In the care of the Lord you will find peace and love, the Lord has not forsaken you, sir, either has he forgotten you, He knows the silent thought of your heart and hears the quiet sound of your words. You will be healed sir, get well soon.


63. I have never seen an amazing mentor like you sir, everyone in the workplace talked well about you sir, we have always been praying for your timely recovery. God will answer our prayers and He will give you the joy of good health again. Get well soon sir, have a wonderful day.


64. Health is wealth, may God look down at you and give you your health back, my heart prays for you every single moment sir, don’t fear, the Lord will take care of you, you shall be well again by his grace. We miss you, sir, wishing you a speedy recovery.


65. You shall receive plenty of joy after this moment, your healing has been signed by thy Lord, believe it, sir, you will get well and better soon.


66. Every single minute that counts, may the move you closer to your total recovery, we come over to celebrate with soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery sir.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Girlfriend

67. Dearest love, I know the Lord is always good to you, he will heal you and he has forgotten you, I feel every pain that you feel, wishing a speedy recovery, I love you.


68. I will be by your side no matter what happens, be hopeful and positive, you will back on your feet soon.


69. Hey! Babe, I also I am also sick as you are sick too, please get well so that the two of us will not be overwhelmed.


70. You mean so much to me, I have been praying for your quick recovery, get well my love. I love you.


71. Making you happy is my joy and seeing you smile, make me feel good, be happy and smile baby, you will soon be back on your feet.


72. It looks gloomy at first, but now it is getting better, I can see marvellous improvement in your health, may the Lord make your recovery faster and smoother for you. Get well, my sweetheart.


73. There is no moment that passes without me thinking about you, I pray for you every second for your timely recovery, God loves you and He will make everything easy for you. Get well soon, I love you.


74. Dearest sweetheart, do not lose hope in the favour of God, be strong and optimistic, God will heal every pain that you feel in your nerves.


75. My love can’t be sick without me being sick as well, my heart is always with you in this trying time, you will overcome this moment, don’t worry, God will heal you. I miss you.


76. My hands are open in special prayers for you, you will be Ok and out of the hospital soon, God has answered all your prayers. I love you.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Boyfriend

77. How a special one like you be down, I always want to see hail and hearty, so I have to go down on my knees this night to pray for quick recovery. You will well again, and I will see your beautiful face soon. I love you.


78. Nothing can take your love away from my heart, not even sickness, you remain my every time hero, and I wish you a speedy recovery, I miss you so much.


79. This period of sickness will bring you good luck afterwards; you will be well and stronger. Relax and complete your medication, thy Lord will make things easy for you.


80. I am deeply in pain with you, whatever you feel over there I feel it with you, I can only pray for your quick recovery so that I can as well be happy, as you are happy. Get well and get better soon my sweetheart, I miss you.


81. When you are down, I am also down, I don’t know what I can do without you, my life is incomplete without you, wishing you quick recovery, I miss you so much.


82. Life can tough for you now but don’t give up and don’t lose your mind, the Lord will take good care of you, you will be well again. I always by your side, I will never leave you.


83. If everybody deserts you at this moment, count me out, nothing will ever take your love away from my heart, I love you for who you are and not what you are, so whatever you are, does not really matter to me. All that matters to me now is your happiness, your smile, and your laughter. Smile my love your ill health will be over soon. I love you.


84. I will hold your hands forever, I will never let you go, my heart, my soul and life depend on you. Cheer up my love don’t be sad, you will soon out this condition. Get well soon, I love you.


85. I have been thinking of what to say that would put a broad smile on your face right now, but I think of your magic words for me. “I will always be there for you, in whatever situation that things might turn, I will cross the widest sea to meet you, I will climb the highest mountain to reach you, and I will travel a million miles to find you, wherever you are, I will be there with you.” honey, I will be here with you. I love you.


86. Dearest, every second that passes your thought dashes through my mind, I silently pray that the Lord will heal you and bring you back to me. I miss you so much; life is no fun without you here. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


87. Be strong, be hopeful thy Lord will answer all your prayers and supplications, I’m also praying for your quick recovery. You are such a nice and wonderful person, the good Lord will make you smile again, I miss you, sweetheart.


88. The world seems empty without you, I can’t Imagine alone without you; you are so Dearing to my heart. May the light of our Lord continue to shines in your life, heal every pain in your bone and in your whole body, wishing you quick recovery, I miss you so much.



Inspirational Get Well Prayer/Wishes for Friends

89. A good friend like you ought not to be the one on the sickbed, but do not you worry, it is going to be a marvellous recovery for you. Get well soon my dear.


90. I was saddened when I heard of your ill health, I cannot get to see you right now because I am not in town, hope you are recuperating faster, I will come over to your place when I returned tomorrow. Wishing you quick recovery.


91. Dear friend, may the Lord heal you, don’t worry about what you are going through now, the Lord has many good things waiting for you. This is just a test for you, it shall be over very soon and you will smile again.


92. I am truly sorry my dear friend for your ill health, you are under the care and love of God, he will see you through every hardship that you may be facing now, wishing you quick recovery.


93. Dear friend, this is how life is made, a time to be sick and a time to be well, you will come out big, better and best by the grace of God. Get well soon.


94. Every pain that touches you I feel it with you, you have been a good friend for ages, your sickness is my sickness, wishing you God infinite love, care, and protection, get well soon my dear friend.


95. Do not worry friend, this sickness will bring you back more refreshed and energized, you will recover quickly and smile.


96. I know how much you have desired your health back quick, I also feel the same thing for you, but don’t worry, put your mind at rest don’t fear, the Lord will take good care of your pain. Wishing quick recovery, we miss you.


97. Every single prayer in your heart the Lord shall answer them all, He cares and listens to you; your trouble will be over soon, you will get better in every minute that passes.


98. Dear friend, hope you are getting better over your ill health, be positive, believe in the power of healing as it is in the hand of God. Our Lord will heal every pain in your heart. Wishing you a better moment.


99. Whatever pain it is that you are going through now, the Lord will heal you soon, you will be happy with your family and friends again. Wishing you a swift recovery.


100. You have sacrificed everything over this sickness, but do not give up hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, your recovery time is near and it is now. The Lord shall heal you and replace in many folds all that you have lost.


101. I pray for you in my heart repeatedly, I can feel the pain with you, I can feel the loneliness with you and I can feel the emptiness with you. But wait a minute, I can see the healing coming for you, you will be healed soon, and you will rise and be greater than before. Hold on to hope, your Lord has not forsaken you.


102. Whatever pain you are going through now, it is only a matter of time, every pain shall be wiped away, you get up on your feet, you will walk, you will run, and we will celebrate with you. Get well soon dear friend.


103. Life will bring you time again, no troubles last forever, you will be well again very soon. Wishing you a wonderful recovery.


104. The Lord feels your pain, He sees your tears, and He knows what secret thought lies in your heart, he will heal you, and he will set you free. Get well soon there friend.


105. You are under the care of thy Lord all, you feel better soon, and you will be out of the hospital. I will come over to celebrate with you. Never again will you see such sickness. Get well and better my dear friend.


106. Life is a mix of pain and harmony, in pain let us remain hopeful and trust God because he can do all things, and in harmony let remain humble give thanks to God. May God replace all you agony with happiness. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


107. We shall smile with you tomorrow, you will be Ok and out of the hospital, just in a moment, the Lord has answered all your prayers.


108. It is going to be a moment of joy for you, your tomorrow will be better, you will be healed completely and fall sick again. May Lord comfort your soul, and bring happiness to your life.


109. I will be there with you to celebrate your recovery, it will not take too long, and you will be well again.


Best Get Well Messages, Wishes, and Prayers for Friends

110. There are many reasons to miss your presence as I have missed your horrible laughs and silly jokes. I pray God gives you the strength to keep fighting. Love yours.


111. You make me feel lonely and sad with you on the hospital bed. May the Lord guide you throughout these trying time.


112. I want to always know that I will always be there to support you and be here if you need anything. I pray to God to give you nothing but a speedy recovery.


113. I always pray for all the might to fight through this illness and I also wish you all the courage to get back on your feet. Get well soon there friend.


114. You have always been there to make me feel special and appreciated. Now your absence is felt and the thought of you been ill is grieved upon. I only wish for all the good health in the world to be with you, my dear.


115. An ally I trusted so much is down and out. However, not for too long. I wish you all the blessings and quick recovery.


116. I just wanted to remind you that good health, happiness is coming your way, and I will always be there to celebrate it with you. Get well soon.


117. If I had a wish right now, it will be you riding back on your feet in no time. I only pray that God the might to battle your way through this sickness.


118. I am sending you this get well soon message to make you feel happy and special. God loves you and will always protect you.


119. I continue to give praises to God for keeping you safe all this while. I only wish for more doses of good health as you journey your way through recovery time.


120. You make me believe in true friendship and that is why I will always remind you that I will always be there for you no matter the weather.


121. Sickness is a time of revival; do not feel sad so much, you will come out fresh, revived, happy and healthy. Get well soon.


122. I learned of you ill health from a friend, I sympathize with you, hoping to see back on your feet soon, get-well quick.


123. More strength to your body, more happiness to your soul, hope you are taking your medication well, wishing you a fast recovery.


124. Do not be sad, you will overcome this great test, the Lord will see you through, you will be well again, get well soon.


125. With a heart full of sympathy and prayers for you, I wish you quick recovery from your ill health, I have prayed for you, I am hopeful thy Lord has answered your prayers, see you on your feet soon.


126. Someone as good as you are should not be sick, may the Lord wash away all the pain in your body, you will feel better and on your feet soon, good things await you here. Get well soon.


127. It is a little time to rest, it is not a set back for you at all, wishing you quick recovery, hope to see you around soon.


128. Sickness comes and sickness goes, every mortal shall have a taste of it, but we pray that God Almighty should not try us beyond our strength, wishing you quick recovery. I miss you.


129. Sometimes being in sickbed gives us a deep reflection about life, I pray that your recovery time will bring beautiful inspiration for you to face the future. A better tomorrow awaits you here; get well soon my dear friend.

Motivational Get well Message for Friends

130. A good life is waiting for you here, the time of your bed rest is the period of rehearsal for you, and you will come out great, happy and healthier, get well quick.


131. Do not be afraid, the Lord hears and sees you, He will see through all the troubles of your life. Wishing you quick recovery.


132. I know it is a hard moment for you, but don’t worry, thy Lord will answer all your prayers; you shall be well again, happier and joyful.


133. Put your trust in God, he will be there for you when you need Him most, thy Lord has not forsaken you, get well, get better and get back on your feet soon.


134. Every minute that passes, I prayed for your quick recovery, you will come out of this condition triumphantly, get well soon.


135. As you are there on the sickbed, we pray for your quick recovery here, hope you are getting better by now, relax your mind and take your medications; you will be out of the hospital soon.


136. Dear friend, I sympathize with you over your ill health, I can feel every pain that you go through right now, put your trust in God, be hopeful and you shall come out great and better.


137. Hope you are getting better, wishing a speedy recovery.


138. I miss you so much my dear friend, life is incomplete here without you. Get well soon.


139. I share in your pain, but do not worry; your recovery time is now, you shall not be sick again, by the grace of God, you shall recover fully and happily.


140. O, Lord! Take away the pain, the sorrow and the hardship of this sickness away from my dear friend; make him healthy and successful all through his remaining life. Get well soon.

141. I wish I had all the medication that you can just take at once and get up on your feet right now, but do not worry; you will be here with us soon. The Lord will bring you out of this pain, stronger, healthier and happier. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


142. We will be celebrating your recovery soon; you will smile again and enjoy the good things in life. Wishing you a joyous time, have yourself a nice rest.


143. Don’t bother about what you left behind, we have taken good care of them, your health is what matters to us right now, wishing you more strength and energy, the Lord will be your guard, get well soon.

144. It is a great moment of test for you and I know you will pass this test of life, you have been a wonderful person and exceptional friend, and thy Lord had not forgotten you, you will be better and out of the hospital soon. Wishing you a better day ahead.


145. The most cherished of time in my life are those beautiful times I spent with you, you are a wonderful friend, wishing you a fast recovery.


146. Life will bring you happiness and joy again; you will be well and better. Wishing you a very quick recovery.


147. Smile if you are reading this message now, I dream of you last night, in my dream you were smiling gracious and happily, it is your time of recovery, you will bounce back again. Wishing you a beautiful.


148. Good health, the good life will be a gift coming your way soon, do not worry you will Ok.


149. May God gladden your heart with what good news, the beautiful news of good health and abundant wealth. You are destined for greatness and no ill health shall overwhelm you. You shall rise again tomorrow; your health shall be restored. Get better.


150. Your condition is just a little setback, God will cure you soon, and your life shall be full of richness.


151. We miss you greatly; hope to see you again soon. Get well soon.


152. I have strongly believed that you will be fine soon; you will smile and rejoice soon. May the Lord give you strength and a better life, get well soon.


153. I sincerely feel for you, may our Lord relieve you of the pain you are going through and restore your health back to you. Hold on the rope of God, there is light at the end of the tunnel, you get better soon.


154. Best of luck to you as you recover, get well soon.

155. Every part of me feel the pain that you are going through, wishing you God protect and His love, get well soon.

156. It is hard for me to cope with life without you here; your ill health won’t last long, wishing you a speedy recovery.

157. I have always been praying for you day and night for your quick recovery; God will see you through, get well soon.

158. The world looks so empty without you, you are a great friend, wishing you the best of luck as you recover fast.


159. Your absent left vacuums that nobody can fill, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Him/Her

160. You are strong, I know you will overcome this sickness, get well.


161. Just stand up and stretch your legs, get well now.


162. Despite you are down, you remain irresistible, get well soon.


163. Your years will be elongated, get well, get better, see you soon.

164. I cook your favourite today, hoping that you will eat it and get better; it is medicine for you, get well soon.


165. I’m expert in recommending drugs, though I am not a pharmacist, the painful thing is that if I recommend the medications you won’t want to take it, just a joke, get well my friend.


166. Dear friend, you will be well by tomorrow, then we can go joking again, I miss you.


167. Dear friend, please get well quick so that we can stop sending those delicious mouth-watering food to you in the hospital.


168. I am lost of words, but I have only words left for you, get well soon.


169. I am sorry that you are sick; if it can be transferable, I would not mind to carry it for you because you have been a wonderful friend, and by the way what are friends for.


170. I am waiting for your quick recovery, you always make my days swell, and I miss you.

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