Laundry Quotes And Captions for Instagram


Laundry Quotes And Captions – A load of wash tends to pile up fast; it’s always nice to have clean clothes and a captivating laundry captions and quote can help with that. The one thing I love about laundry, besides folding it, is the fact that you can put a caption or a quote on your image for a little more character. It truly is a wonderful thing. A good laundry caption is worth ten thousand photos of your clothes on the floor.


Laundry Quotes And Captions for Instagram

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a drag! Keep it fresh with free Starch! We’ll wash, dry and fold so you can literally put your clothes on and go.


Make sure your clothes stay clean and keep you feeling fresh with our clinical strength detergent. #FreshnessMatters


Life is dirty. Your Clothes don’t have to be.


What should I wear today? It all looks so #white and clean.


How was your day? Was it nice to be tidy?


So soft! These sheets make me wanna do laundry.


Laundry day is the perfect time to #startfresh and get organized.


It’s the little moments that make life beautiful. Like hanging out to do laundry.


Get your clothes whiter with our newest detergent.


Thank goodness it’s laundry day.


There are two kinds of laundry—the dirty kind & the clean kind.


A clean day starts with a pile of laundry.


It’s hard scrubbing but someone has got to wrangle the dirty laundry.


Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


Have you found your inner laundry guru?


Getting ready to do my laundry.


Hey, sorry we smell like laundry.


What’s your favorite thing about laundry day?


There are days when I’m out of white t-shirts, low on socks, and I run out of shirts for my dog. You know what I say to myself? Tomorrow’s another day! -Olivia Pope


If the sheets are dirty the bed is unclean, but if plants are unclean, what sort of sheets can you have on your bed? – Saint Basil


Never trust a laundry basket that doesn’t have a sock monster in it. – Dave Gorman


The best part of doing laundry is knowing you have clean clothes to wear.


No one likes to do laundry, but we’re a generous company. Washing our clothes makes them better.


It’s a perfect day for the smell of fresh laundry, the crunch of fall 🍁, and maybe a latte or two. #treatyourself


It always feels like Sunday when my laundry is done—so I guess my laundry is a religious experience. 🤔


Among the many things that must be done, laundry remains a constant. – Calvin Trillin


Work hard, play harder. You’ll need clean clothes for that.


Let’s start this weekend early. Throw in the whites and wash the blues away. 💛


Sometimes it feels like I don’t own any other clothes.


Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. It can never hurt to refresh!


Let go of everything you know and then let go of that.


Laundry Room Quotes

Working from home has been life-changing, but I’ll admit that being a cleaner takes a lot of work 😅 It’s a whole production! Here are a few laundry room quotes to inspire you in your own pursuit of clean.

Don’t allow laundry to be a boring activity, have fun by adding these funny captions for laundry room.


Perfectly folded laundry, please. We hear you.


Fun fact: The average woman spends 8 years of her life doing laundry. And that’s just for one person. That’s a lot of time #doingthewash.


Washing clothes can be hard on some fabrics, but it’s easy on your wallet. Clean sheets are less costly than dirty sheets. When in doubt, wash before you wear.


Treat your bed like the temple it is. Start by making an end to that crazy bed head by tossing your balled up dirty clothes in this bin.


There are 365 days in a year. 366, if you count laundry day.


The person who washes a rental car first is a good person.


Stay fresh ‘n clean year-round with #DownyUnstoppables.


So many socks, so little time. 😐


The good ones always seem to come home—after you’ve thrown out the bad.


There was no romance in the laundry, no love lost between bleach and buttons; there was no trust.


So fresh, so clean! All laundry washed in just one day. 😇


Get ahead on laundry with Tide PODS. The best way to clean your clothes is to do it fast. –Melissa d’Arabian


What to wear today? Start with fresh, clean laundry in the swirly spin cycle.


I can’t be responsible for your bad choices, but I will be there with a mop and bucket to clean it up #takingresponsibility


Do you ever just stare at the beautiful colors in your closet and wonder who this person is who lives here?


Life is too short to wear boring underwear.


Refresh before you put it away.


Wear it with pride.


A beautiful life lived 💗


Our laundry room is the greatest room in the house. Where else can you make a dirty shirt clean.


You’ve got enough to worry about, so let us wash and dry your clothes so they come out fresh and clean.


We’re making laundry cool again.


Everything in the washing machine is either black or white, you make the choices. 😉


Oh, the places you’ll go today, now that you smell so fresh and clean! 😊


A clean break is better than a dirty one.


Where laundry day comes light, care free and smelling wonderful.


Nothing can wipe away my smile on a nice day like a heap of laundry.


Having Laundry to do doesn’t matter. What matters is doing laundry. Tom Petty


Life is full of laundry… but at least it’s fun to fold with our products!


Washing your daily dirty laundry and putting it on display for all to see? Not a smart idea 😉


Because laundry. And because you.


Let your dirty laundry make your home smell clean again.


You know you’re living in the twenty-first century when there’s an app for finding out if your detergent is expired.


Ahh, the sweet sound of freshly washed sheets flapping in the wind.


What are you waiting for? Come relax with us.


Bold whites make everything bolder.


A clean mind is a powerful thing. 💪☝👍


What’s in the laundry room? Like, your dirty clothes, your toothbrush, and possibly cash that has magically disappeared into fibers.


With a fresh clean laundry line-up, every new day feels like the start of something new.


We’ve got your laundry, dishes, and dry cleaning under control. No sweat.


Laundry day, don’t step on my blue suede shoes.


Whether you work from home or have a few extra minutes to spare in your day, make sure you remain productive and motivated amidst the madness: remember to study and do laundry!


Yes, I am folding your underwear. Yes, you could’ve done it. But no, you didn’t.


Feels like we should be assembling a pie chart of how many shirts we’ve washed in the last year. But instead we made lists of our top 10 favorite pies. (🥧)


Treat yourself with our laundry detergent that cleans your clothes and your conscience. 😉


Wash day woes will feel like a distant memory once you’re back partying on the town 😜😛

Funny Quotes About Laundry

Sometimes I feel that I’m addicted to laundry. 😅 It’s a real problem.


Let’s face it, laundry day is a not a party 😩


It may not be Instagram worthy, but my laundry is done, folded, and put away…in the hamper.


Laundry is never going to be done. – my husband


When this much laundry has piled up, it’s time to break out the sleeves of your favorite shirt 👖


Washing your clothes opens up a whole new world of cozy.


Washing my body takes less time than washing my hair.


Do you know where your towel is?


Socks are the bane of my existence. Always missing a pair that matches. When do you think I will learn?


There is a reason it’s that small in the closet.


We do laundry so you can keep having a good time.


Oh Laundry, It’s a jungle in here!


Oh laundry day! Change this, put that in the dryer, fold the clothes when they go…off! Oh my gosh I’m so tired. Some day I want to be rich enough to pay someone to do my laundry.


Laundry… It’s in our blood! 😜


Laundry is a part of life. It’s also a chore. Accept it and move on.


It’s laundry day, but this guy hasn’t changed his underwear in three days. What do I do? #firstworldproblems #haha


Laundry is like life. You do it over and over until you get it right.


Starting fresh today with a clean slate and clean laundry.


For some reason the dirty laundry basket makes it seem like I never do any cleaning.


The dirty laundry of yesterday is the clean clothes of tomorrow.


You know what your day needs? Some new, clean underwear.


It’s time to start separating your colors from whites, colors. #whites #colors #separating


If I had my life to do over again, I would have made a rule to never waste any of my energy on worry.


Who does laundry anyway?


The day the washer repair guy finally called back… 😭😭😭


Laundry day feels like the saddest, most tedious family reunion in history.


Laundry Day: the only holiday where people don’t mind endlessly repeating the same boring activity all day long.


Is it possible to do my laundry and have a life?


The first laundromat opened in 1876 and had five washing machines and two soda fountains.


At a laundromat this week, a note was taped to the washing machine: “Please do not wash bras in here.” No one knows what they wash in that place, but they’re like my grandma.


Time to pre-soak my delicates, set the machine for delicate cycle and find some time to do my deep breathing exercises. #LaundryDay #HumansofNYC


Socks are the most difficult pieces of laundry to fold. How do they expect me to fold something so thin? #justwondering #doesitcountifyoufolditintwophalfs


I want to go swimming, but the pool is full of my dirty laundry.


I spent $7 on air freshener for dirty clothes – because, ya know, *air fresheners* solve everything.


I went out and got a new bra because I wanted one with more support. The last thing I expected was that my clothes would start fitting better.


I need a vacation from my vacation.


Your weekend plans can be whatever you want them to be. Unless laundry is one of them.


There’s only two kind of people… those who do their laundry and those who lie about it.


Laundry is not my idea of fun, but it comes with the territory.


Give dirty laundry new meaning.


Seriously, I bet you can’t wait to get these clothes into the washer, and then into the dryer. Wash day!


Holidays can get messy, but that’s what laundry is for! 🧽


Laundry should be a simple process, but somehow it becomes a big project to chalk off one’s daily To Do list.


A balanced life leads to a healthy mind and body. That is the truth about laundry.


“Life is too short to fold laundry.” – He Who Folds Laundry.


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath” ~Herman Hesse #LaundryLife


You had one job. 😒


“I’m not a lazy, procrastinating slob. I work hard all day…at doing absolutely nothing.” – Denis Leary


“You can do a lot in a day if you don’t waste time sleeping or worrying.” – Joan Rivers


Well, did you take out the trash? Are you sure? Are you positive? #laundrytips 😬


Laundry? Who do you think I am, San Diego housekeeping? Yeah right! 😉


We handle the dirty work so you don’t have to. #LaundryStores


Laundry is not just about the laundry, but the laundry man.


Nothing is sexier than a man who smells like sunshine and fresh air. Maybe except a man who smells like sunshine, fresh air and laundry detergent.


We can’t ignore the laundry… But this week is all about tuning it out ’cause the weekend is almost here.


“Monday is Laundry Day. It’s like the opposite of Sunday. It’s like…the opposite day.” ― Steven Wright, I Have a Pony


Do you ever feel like you’ve just had one too many bowls of ice cream? #laundryday


If at first you don’t succeed, try doing the laundry again.


If a little dirt won’t hurt, imagine how dirty you’ll be after a year.


Laundry Quotes for Instagram

We’re celebrating the laundry room—a place for cleaning clothes, dirty hands, and little toys. #LaundryQuotes


Keep calm, do laundry #momproblems


If you can get through laundry day without anyone’s help, you’re doing pretty good.


The laundry never lies. You mean more to me than any shirt, blanket, or card.


Can’t wait to get back into my clean clothes.


“One of my life’s rules is don’t wash a dirty laundry in public.” — Henry Kissinger.


Every morning is a clean slate; make it your best one yet with 3D Whitestrips.


Make your laundry room a happy place and it will be easy to do your laundry #laundryroomfun


If you can spend a little time in the laundry room, then you can beautify the world. – Sarah Bernhardt


Forget the dryer, let your clothes air dry with these six easy steps


When it comes to laundry, don’t procrastinate. Wash your delicates right away and your darks only when necessary.


No matter what life throws at you, there’s no denying the importance of a good, clean pair of socks. #GoSimple #JustFab #AutumnFashion


When your clothes are all in order, but your life is a disorganized mess


Sometimes laundry can look better folded. But most times, it doesn’t.


Washing is a lot less fun when you’re all alone. #justsayin


You don’t have to be bad to get clean, but it sure does help.


We put our whole hearts into it. That’s why we only use the finest ingredients.


What’s your favorite color of clothes to wash? #laundryroomquotes


If you have a laundry room, why not decorate it with something uplifting to look at while you’re folding?


“Laundry is a lot like life–you have to read the directions, separate the colors, and have a little imagination.” -Anne Tyler


I’m not doing laundry today; I’m thinking about doing laundry someday. There’s a huge difference.


Keep calm and do laundry.


Your clothes will never look better.


Put in your time when it comes to laundry. You’ll get through it faster with this set! @betterhomefurniture


All I need is love, but a little laundry detergent is nice too.


As I live a life that may be a part of me will die Keep calm and do your laundry


The only two certainties in life: death and laundry.


A happy home is a clean home.


Sometimes when you’re in a rut you just need a small change to get out of it. Yesterday I cleaned my guinea pig cage, and today I am blogging!


It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.


Life is uncertain. Wash your clothes in case it rains.


Throw out the expectations, break the rules, and make your own. #laundryroomquotes


We’re heading into a long weekend—who wants a little help with the laundry? …or a little inspiration for creativity in the laundry room?


The hardest part of my day is choosing between a mountain and an ocean view. Welcome to my laundry room


Let’s face it, laundry is a necessary evil when you have a family. Or one messy roommate. #LaundryDay


For the love of laundry, we wish we could skip it and live in freshly laundered sheets.


Nothing is more relaxing than washing away worries, one turn of the wash cycle at a time.


Feeling the vibes of the sun disappear down below the horizon, leaving us to enjoy our last few hours in paradise before it’s laundry time


Every time you do your laundry, ask yourself if there is a way to make your life a little easier.


How many of these do you have in your closet? ⠀


Home is where the clothes are.


Because he just can’t be bothered to fold. #lifeofahomeowner


When it comes to laundry, we think one rule should always apply: enjoy the little things in life.


Done #laundry day! I work hard at cleaning clothes, so you better make a good first impression if I’m going to go on a date with you.


It can be difficult to keep up with laundry sometimes. Take a moment to remember the most important person who’d hate to see you drowning in sheets—and take it easy, Mom!


Washing and drying: it’s like a compulsion, but with clothes.” – Amy Poehler


Washing lines are delicate. Embrace the imperfection.


Unloading the washer Literally take that weight off your shoulders


We all want the same thing ~ to love and be loved, to laugh often, and much. Let’s keep it real…


It’s always better to wash clothes in cold water.


Here’s to all the socks that didn’t make it back into their pairs


Let’s face it, laundry isn’t the most exciting part of your day. Make it better with Instagram-worthy sassy catchphrases for your laundry room wall!


It’s always 5 o’clock in the laundry room. Enjoy the weekend, friends.


When the clothes are taking over the laundry room, it’s time to start hanging them up!


I’ve been doing my laundry for so long. On the floor of the room whose smell I can identify, but never truly know.


Laundry day can’t come soon enough.


There’s nothing like a clean house to keep you refreshed throughout the week.


Washing your clothes doesn’t have to be torture! Be kind to your clothes – and yourself – and do both of them a favor by using the right detergent for you.


Nothing is ours, we are just keeping it for a little while. Inspirational Quote by George Carlin #keepgoing #nevergiveup


There are so many advantages to living in this neighborhood—our convenience store is open until 11 pm.


“I’m never going to be done with laundry.” – @xxxxxx


Laundry Day Motivation


Washing your troubles away.


Let’s take a moment to admire all that you have accomplished today. Ya’ know, other than laundry.


Laundry day is the first day of the rest of my life.


Wash your troubles away.


A clean house is the sign of a broken computer…


If you want it done, do it yourself.


Your laundry room doesn’t have to feel boring! We have all the decorative accessories you need to make it look as cute as your laundry.


Win yourself some time and add a touch of color to your laundry room with these high-quality fabrics from Chic Home.


#NationalClothesDay – it’s laundry day and we’re getting our clothes ready for the week! #CleanMe


Laundry day is the best day!


Laundry days are the best because you get to put up all your clean laundry.


Laundry will always be waiting for you.


Proudly display your love for laundry with our #libreoffice laundry room quotes


It’s time to take back the laundry room. #marthastewart


Making laundry day a little more bearable with some brand new sweet laundry room decor and some pep in my step.


Fall in love with your laundry.


It’s laundry day so let’s be honest, you’re kind of freaking out. #WashDayJitters


Life is hard. Washing machines are hard work. Here’s to embracing the struggle and making it look effortless


Gone are the days when I pressed out my clothes… I’m lazy now.


Nothing smells as good as freshly laundered sheets.


When in doubt, wash it out. ##get the look:


Life is kinda like laundry – don’t forget to add some bleach once in a while =)


The only show worth watching is in the washing machine right now. #boredmonday


Like this fresh-smelling, clean-looking laundry room. #LikeaLadyLikealaundryroom


We know that doing laundry is like dropping off your bare necessities… but we want to make it fun and add a little character to it.


One good thing about laundry—it’s easier to yell at when it’s in the basement.


How long should you leave your fresh laundry smelling fresh? There’s no right answer to this question, but you will find the right amount of time soon enough.


You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet…plus, your clothes will smell amazing!


Some things get better with age. Our Free & Clear detergent, for one (and you, too!)


A couple of rolls of quarters, a bottle of laundry detergent, and the hotel sink were the only things you could use to do laundry before there was ever a Maytag.


There’s no room in the laundry room for dirty laundry. #believe #cleaning


All about that bass: we like it low and deep, and the laundry room is where we keep it.


The best part about doing laundry is seeing who’s behind you when you enter the laundry room.


Let’s face it, laundry is not the most glamorous part of home organization. It wouldn’t hurt to be positive about it now and then.


You shouldn’t just “gather” laundry. You should do it with purpose.


Life is too short to do laundry.


Nothing brightens up a room like saturated hues of sunlight or bright florals.


There’s nothing like the view from behind a clean sink!


We’re wading through piles of laundry, piles of personality. laugh out loud, the most fun you’ll have with your pants on.


Bubbles wash away dirt. Rain washes away


Who says laundry has to be boring? Add some style to your laundry room


Laundry Room Wisdom


When it comes to laundry, don’t procrastinate. But if you do, have a good laugh while you conquer the mountain of clean clothes


Washing your clothes shouldn’t be a chore. It’s not just cleaning them with the latest laundry products, it also means having easy-to-use features, like our new unit with extra-large capacity—all without sacrificing.


The rhythm and sort of meditative quietness of doing laundry make this one of my favorite tasks. It’s like yoga, but it has a beginning and an end.


Wash your worries away.


May you have enough clothes to fill a clean hamper.


To create a clean slate, you have to wash the dirt away.


Laundry Day is not an oxymoron. When you have kids, laundry day is every day.


Your mind’s a little messy huh? This week let’s do a deep dive into the washing machine . You’ll be happy you did.


May all your wash days be average days.


Your clothes already wear you, so wear them proud.


Keeping #upwiththejoneses is so much easier when you can finally display a laundry room quote that you like.


So clean and fresh and lovely. Thanks, washing machine– we all appreciate you #LaundryRoomQuotes


Let’s get this week started right by treating ourselves to a little laundry room pamper sesh.


Laundry may not be the most exciting room in your house, but changing up your routine can make it more fun.


Let’s not go home tonight …but really, I promise it’ll be fun. I’ve got everything we need. (Laundry room caption)


Wash your worries away with this super-duper puzzle of a laundry basket


Laundry can be a little bland—until a ray of sunlight sneaks in through the window.


No matter what anyone else tries to tell you, there’s no better way to start your morning than with a smile and a clean set of clothes.


Chaos is found in the details. Clean the little things often, and you’ll never have to clean the big things.


There are two schools of thought on life. Let them both in, because essentially what you’re choosing to do is close the door behind you.


It’s time to switch your laundry up. (laundry quotes)


I’m in the laundry room. I’m here!


At Life’s Little Laundry, we believe in happy hands! We are your one-stop shop for laundry soap, dryer sheets, cleaning products.


What sets the laundry apart from other household chores is the unspoken agreement that it should be one as soon as possible. We at B.O.S.S understand this conundrum and we offer services that help you take care of your laundry


Wash day _ “The clothes that you wear say more about you than your rump—they’re the first thing people see.


Houston, we have a problem. It seems there is a lot of dirty laundries. Help is on the way. Hand wash will never go out of style


Double duty, times two. Keep-it-crisp shirts in the top, softies below Sometimes your whites just need a little help.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness (and we’re pretty close). – Benjamin Franklin


We’re a family that goes together, not a bunch of families that come together. #Eggelhicksfamily


Grab one favorite shirt and tell me how it feels…♬… #laundryday #laundryroom


Need to get more laundry quotes for our laundry quotes. Any suggestion? #quotes


Staying organized is a much easier task when you have a well-thought-out laundry room.


Let’s not tell anyone but my favorite part of laundry day is when it’s all done!


When there’s nothing to do, and you’re bored and lonely, and you’ve run out of TV shows to binge… What will you do?… The laundry.


Keep calm, do your laundry


If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.


Laundry. It’s a time for family bonding and quiet reflection. #homesweethome


Someday, your prince will come. But before he does, you have to do his laundry – @ericrachelwood


The squeaky clean feeling of wearing freshly laundered clothes is the best in the world!


Do laundry. And then do it some more. #SaturdayMotivation


If you’re going to hang clothes, you might as well do it beautifully.


Come home to a clean house. We’re ready to help you get there!


You’ve washed and dried it, now it’s time to organize! #organize


When I’m back home in San Diego, my mother doesn’t always take the keys to the minivan. Instead, she sends me down to the local laundromat.


Missing out on a load of laundry is like missing out on an interesting conversation. (Thanks, John Kenneth Galbraith.)


Mornings should smell like Coffee, Nights like Laundry (and vice versa)


There is nothing like a rainy day to fill the laundry with dirty clothes, and my laundry room with delightful aromas.


Check out all our laundry tips


Let’s face it, laundry is the least exciting part of home life. But, our washing machines seem to get us through!


Life happens (out of the dryer).


Don’t underestimate the value of doing laundry.


We clean so you don’t have to.


Treat yourself like your favorite t-shirt . . . wash after every wear.


Wash, dry, and repeat. #relatable


Life is short. Wash your clothes in cold water.


I like to think in each glance and in each smile the kindness of my friends is hidden. #FriendshipMonday


Make doing the laundry as fun as the day it was dirty.


Do laundry, it doesn’t get any easier than that.


The moment you say, “I gotta do laundry” out loud is the same moment your clothes tell you to


Laundry day is a perfect day to take a load off, put your feet up, reboot.


Who else is ready to change their linens? Tomorrow’s laundry day…!


My happy place has a washing machine. #whitneymuseum #laundromat #laundryday


Good things come to those who wash. Wash better things.


It doesn’t matter how much we do in life, it’s who we have beside us doing it. #favequote


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. It’s laundry day.


Laundry is the one chore that makes me feel like a grownup. – Julie Klam


Laundry is a chore but it shouldn’t stop you from being creative.


Good things happen to those who wash – it’s science


Where was this equation when I was in school? Sunshine + Clothes = Hang-Time


Laundry is never completed, it just disappears. -Judy Garland


Life is a clean slate, so wash it.


What happens in the laundry room stays in the laundry room. #noshame #laundryday


Whether you love doing laundry or hate it, sometimes a little motivation can add up to big results.


We can’t stop. Won’t stop. 365 days of laundry. We are The Laundry Fam.


It’s time to trade in those dirty clothes for some clean ones—and a fresh pair of socks.


Let’s face it, no matter how happy you are with your laundry setup, there is some room for improvement. Here at Maytag, we’re working to help.


When I’ve had a long day with the kids and late at night at work, pulling my clothes out of the dryer is one of my greatest pleasures.


If you need to do laundry, at least there’s a song in it.


“Show me a family of four that doesn’t have laundry jokes and I’ll show you a family whose laundry does not get done.


Home is where I fold your clothes with mine.


Wash it all away with Persil, the best for your family’s laundry.


Life is a dirty, wild ride. Don’t just get through it, wash it out. Enjoy the awesomeness of laundry with Fowl Fresh smelling laundry products and Laundry Bowl.


Let’s get right to the point: laundry day.


There’s something about the smell of freshly cleaned laundry that makes you want to fold it neatly and place it in a stack.


Laundry day, everybody “A house without clean clothes is a sad house indeed.” -Charles Schultz #laundryday


Do laundry, give foot massages. – John Mayer


When it’s time to go back to school, make sure your clothes smell as good as you do!!


Be grateful for what we’ve got and stop thinking about all we ain’t got.

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