Long Romantic Text Messages for Her/Him

Long Romantic Text Messages for Her/Him
Long Romantic Text Messages

These best collections of long romantic text messages for her/him are the ideal love messages to send to your crush any time. Romantic Words if properly used improves the state of your relationship with your loved ones. Do not let go of a single day without finding here some of these sweet and romantic text messages to send to him or her.

Long Romantic Text Messages For Her/Him

1. I used to feel alone, lost and incomplete until the day I set my eyes on you. Since then, my feelings, thoughts, judgments, perceptions and many things have changed in my life. I’ve then always believed that you’re the one for me. Hold my hand and I promise to take you to places you’ve never dreamed of.


2. I think about you, talk about you, dream about you and everything else is about you. When I look into your eyes, I see the fire burning through my veins while my heart keeps pumping for you. It’s a feeling I find hard to explain. My friends and family would say its madness, but it’s simply called love.


3. Your voice sounds like good music to my ears. You smile is like a priceless image to my eyes, your lips taste like the sweetest juice on this planet. Your words are my inspiration and your arms are the safest home I can ever be. I feel fulfilled falling in love with someone so special as you.


4. If I stood at the top of Mount Everest and your love was like a flowing river beneath, I won’t hesitate to jump and with a big smile on my face. I’ll keep falling in love with you, over and over again till the end of time and beyond.


5. I had to write you this little letter to inform you about some pressing issues. You would have to stop smiling because it drives me crazy. You will have to stop being gorgeous because it makes my heart beat without control. You’d have to join the coming Olympics because you run in my mind all day!


6. I used to be flabbergasted sometimes by the overly outlandish viscera you have given me. I cannot stop but peruse at the alluring beauty of your visage and the uncommon diadem of your and you practically make me speak in tongues!


7. To me, the world used to just be a planet where humans reside. But then like magic, you brought sparks to my life since the moment I found you. It was a needle in a haystack. An uncommon gem lost beneath the earth. An extremely rare gift of nature. A treasure lost between worlds. A once in a lifetime opportunity and the perfect gift from above.


8. I feel like the luckiest one on earth to have met you. Many have met you but none had found the magic that is been buried underneath your heart. The way you speak, understand, walk and smile cannot be overemphasized. You are like diadem that I’m willing to proudly wear for the rest of my days.


9. When I’m around you, I simply forget the world exists. When we talk, it is like I suddenly run out of words to say. When we touch, I don’t seem to feel it on my skin but deep inside my heart. It’s magical to fall in love with someone so special. I cherish and appreciate you from the very bottom of my soul. I love you.


10. If you happened to be a cab driver, you’d drive me crazy. If God made you an athlete, you won’t stop running in my mind all day. If you were an astronaut, you might fly me to the moon and beyond. If you were a potter, you’d make me fall in love with you again and again.

Long Romantic Text Messages to Your Crush

You love your crush, she/he means everything to you, then send him/her one of these long romantic text messages to make him/her smile over the text.


11. When the night approaches, I prayed that the LORD gives you a wonderful night rest, so that I can wake beside you tomorrow with a beautiful smile on your face. Thank God my prayers has been answered because I know you are smiling graciously to wake up to this beautiful message, hope your night was wonderful my love? You mean everything to me, I love you.


12. Waking up beside you every morning gives me this special joy that no words can explain, you are more than the entire treasure of the world to me. I thank GOD for giving me a special woman like you. You make my world beautiful and I promise to make your paradise on earth. I love you.


13. Sweetheart, I hope you dream well of us last night. You know, you are always in my dreams, because a night without a sweet dream of you is incomplete for me. You are precious to me, one can take your place in my heart. Good morning, I love you.


14. Dearest love, you are always the last on my mind every night before I sleep and the first on my mind every morning when I wake. I can’t just stop thinking about you because of the joy of my heart. I will always be by your side no matter the condition in life. Good morning my love.


15. I have secretly placed this letter under your pillow so that it will be the first words you will wake up to. You are all these few words I can muster, you are fine, handsome, nice, good looking, splendid, marvellous, caring, superb and above so loving. Good morning my dearest, I love you.


16. The first I set my eyes on you, I couldn’t sleep that night, I was thinking about you throughout that night, and when a little sleep comes, yet it was you that occupied my dream, it is over seven years now and every night I still dream well about you. Thank GOD that brought a special angel like you to me. I will always love you with all my heart. Good morning my angel.


17. What else can I wish you my lovely angel than, a sweet night rest every night and a wonderful morning for you, packed with hope and soaked with love. Good morning my love, you still remain my special everything.


18. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on, you make me feel so happy when I’m with you, I don’t know what I can do without you. You make my night splendid and my morning wonderful, because it gives me a greater joy to sleep and wake beside an angel like you. Good morning my angel, hope you feel the same way as I do.


19. Love is always in the air when I’m around you. You turn my world to a paradise. You make everything perfect before my eye. You are my superhero; my life is incomplete without you. Good morning my love, hope to wake up with lots of joy in your heart.


20. I feel like a majesty KING to sleep and wake beside a gorgeous woman like you. You are sorts of an angel that I don’t understand, so peaceful inwardly and outwardly. You give my heart peace and love. I will never hurt you, my love, good morning my lovely angel.


Long Love Text Messages for Bae

Everything will be beautiful if we can value each other over a lovely text message. Look down send any of these lovely text messages for him or her.

21. I used to think that a beautiful girl like you never existed until I met you, you hold spellbound by your flawless beauty.


22. You feel like a missing puzzle to my life’s piece. A mystery in my life I’m yet to uncover, a part of me I haven’t met and an adventure that I’m destined to embark on. I keep falling in love with you over and over again and it keeps growing with every passing day.


23. I can swim the Entire Ocean and seas and walk the farthest desert to be with you. Jump from the roof of the tallest building and climb the highest mountain just to see you smile. The thought of you makes me happy and at peace. Give me a chance to show you what loving truly is.


24. They said it takes two tangle and two hearts to fall in love. And am here, already carrying it all on my shoulders with a smiling face and a happy heart. It’s the heaviest thing on the surface of the earth but it feels a lot lighter when I see you break a smile.


25. I’ve had countless dreams about you but yesterday felt clearly different. You appeared through the moonlight with your hand wide open and your gorgeous face smiling down at me. On one hand, was my heart and on the other was a star! Indeed, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


26. You’re the light that leads my every way through my dark days. You give me a reason to crack a smile when I feel sad. A reason to love and a reason to trust. The treasure that feels more valuable than gold and silver.


27. Knowing you have become a part of my lifestyle. I always want you to be by my side. I want you to always smile, always be happy and safe from the dangers of this world. You are the attractive of the roses in the garden and the sweetest fruit in the tree of my soul. I love you, dear.


28. I can’t stop loving a woman solely made to amaze me. You bring me nothing else but care love and affection. I’ll go to any length to protect you and make sure that you always remain happy because your smile is enough to make me travel around the world and back.


29. Everyone has a motivation for waking up and facing the world. Mine has always been you and you forever. You are my queen and my alibi. I’ll build a hundred castles around you. You make me happy as a woman should. If there was to be another life, I will choose to live it with no one else but you.

Long Love Text Messages to Husband/Wife

He or she is the jewel of your heart, then let her/him know over a lovely love message to him/her. Try it she/ he will be all over you.

30. I always feel better when I’m with you, what a beautiful life we can have together, don’t be afraid to trust me with your love; I will never break your heart. I love you.


31. I didn’t know why I love you so much, and since I don’t know why I don’t want to till eternity, I’ll continue loving you because I love you.


32. Life greatest gift to me since I was born is having you my wife; nothing is so precious to me as you. You make my world complete by making it a wonderful place for me, no other woman will find a bearing to my heart except you. I love you with all my heart.


33. Dearest love, when you feel lonely, just dial my number and let me tells you how much I love. I love you beyond what every soul in the world can comprehend, no one will ever know the secret of my love for you, because it’s a natural thing, and it flows naturally in my vein.


34. You are all the reasons I’m happy this way, why wouldn’t I love my happiness with my entire whole? Don’t bother about anything else, I will be there for you always, and this promise I will always keep in my heart because you are my everything.


35. My love for you is a wide as heaven and earth, and what it contains, maybe you don’t know that I love you so much. GOD sent you my way, and you make a perfect wife, so why wouldn’t I love you the way I do?


36. don’t about heartbreak in this relationship, because if I break your heart, I break mine too and I break my entire world, so why would I want to break my heart and break my entire world.


37. I realize that life was so sweet and good ever since the time I found you, you are the one made for my heart. And my heart will always love you any day at any time.


38. my love for your is beyond space and time, I love you even after my death because I know that the LORD would join us together in paradise after we depart this world, so I love beyond the shore of this life.


39. Dearest love, stay with me, don’t go, you can never find another one that would love you the way I do. Maybe you don’t realize how much I love you, I wish you have a microscopic eye to view how your love flourishes in my heart. I love you beyond what the eye can see.

Long Romantic Text Messages for Her/Him
Long Romantic Text Messages

Long Love text Message for that Special Person

I love it when my crush smile over a  piece of a message sent to her that cost me nothing, learn to put flavour in your relationship by sending her simple romantic text messages that would always make her /him feel better.

40. Dearest, things may be tough now, but my love for you will never diminish. My love for you will always flourish because of it pure and it is not attached to any condition. I love you unconditionally.


41. I wish that you will agree to be my wife, I don’t want to live a single moment without you. I want to show you in every second how much you mean to me and how much I love you.


42. I will stay by your side, I will never leave you, I have never loved another man the way I love you. If I live your side, I will be like a fish out water, and you know, that’s suicidal.


43. Don’t you feel the joy in the heart, don’t you see the smile on my face, and don’t you notice that I’m so beautiful because I love you. Dearest I’m made to love you because you are like the blood that flows in my vain and without blood life is gone. I love you so much.


44. I will love you with every palpation of my heart till death comes calling because that is the only thing that can take me away from you.


45. When I thought that all was over, you appear to me like an angel and wipe away my tears, ever since then my life has changed to better, and this is the reason I can never stop loving you, you were my GOD sent, and I will always love you with all my heart.


46. Forget about heartbreak from me, count me out of ever thinking of hurting you, maybe you don’t realize how precious you are to my heart, you more precious to me than anything else in this world, I will always love you.


47. Just a single hug and one-moment kiss from you, make me OK for so many days, even when you are not with me, I still feel your hands around my waist, even when you are not here, I still feel the sweet smile on your cheeks. And the smell on your skin is so cute and attractive, you mean everything to me, I love you with all my heart my dearest husband.


48. Everything was small in my eyes before I met you, and when you came into my life everything became big and beautiful. I will always love you because you make my world perfect.


49. Sweetheart, don’t fear life, because the LORD had brought us under his protection, don’t fear love, because the LORD had put his love in our heart, and whatever the LORD has done, he does it perfectly and put a seal on it, the LORD has sealed your love in my heart. I love you.


Long Romantic Sweet Words Her or Him

50. I can stand on top of the mountains and proudly tell the world that I’m the luckiest man that has ever lived for you coming into my life. You bring me nothing but pure joy and unimaginable bliss. I’m ready to love you to the end of times.


51. When I have a bad dream, I wake up and see you by side. I have a bad day and come look into you and all my problems go away. I get angry and then you calm me down with your words. I feel sad and I remember that I have a wonderful woman by my side. You are my queen and someone made perfect for me.


52. I never understood what beauty was all about until the day I set my eyes on you. I never knew what affection felt like until we got to really know each other more. I didn’t know the true meaning of life until I fell in love with you. Loving you sometimes confuses, but it kept growing inside of me.


53. Finding you was like discovering a box of treasure buried underneath the earth. Then knowing you feels like learning a great knowledge of the world. and marrying you was like conquering the entire universe.


54. You became my favourite piece of art, like the first painting made by Pablo Picasso. Then my favourite story, like one of the works written by William Shakespeare. You became my best song like it was sung by Michael Jackson. Finding you indeed was a beautiful destiny which shows how special you are!


55. My dear love, life wouldn’t have been better without you, you accept me the way I’m and make my imperfection to become perfect. You always tell me you love me so much and I believed you because you do not just utter those sweet words but you also put them in action. I love you with all my heart and I will always be by your side.


56. When I found you I fund life, love and I found true home and eternity with you. You make my life blissful, I have never seen another wonderful person like you, and you must be an angel sent from above to care for me. I will always cherish you and thank GOD for giving me a priceless gift like you. I love you so much.


57. There is no doubt that this relationship has been planned by the Mighty LORD above, you are so flawless in everything you. My heart finds eternal bliss being in love with you. I have been looking up for a perfect word to describe you in the dictionary of all languages and I have not found any. You are simply too amazing, I love you.


58. No one makes me feel better the way you do, no one make me smile the way you do, and no has ever loved me the way you do. You have all of my heart; it is the most precious gift that I can ever give to you. I love you.


59. If I say I love you so much, it is an understatement, because I know I truly love you more than too much. I can’t breathe without thinking about you, you are a special woman.

Long Romantic Text Messages
Long Romantic Text Messages for Her/Him

Long Sweet Text Messages to Him/Her

60. I have been looking for a perfect opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me. You are more precious to me than the water is to the fish, and you’re as priceless as the oxygen that keeps me alive. I love you.


61. Every time I think about you I’m overwhelmed by too much joy, no one makes me feel this way except you. I wish I could hold your hands all the time and play around in the garden of love.


62. Like the beauty and the splendour that the stars cast on the sky in the night, like the glittering reflection of the moon on the ocean in the night, your love shines brightly in my heart. I love you from the bottom of my heart.


63. Nothing will ever make me leave you, you have all my love. You are the one chosen for me from heaven; I will make your world as pleasurable as you can ever think. I love you so much.


64. I can’t live without you; you make my morning marvellous, my noon fresh and my night pleasurable. I love you, my sweetheart.


65. The happiest moment of my life was when I found you; sweet strange feelings suddenly crop up in my heart, ever since that wonderful day I have been having the same feeling when we. I love you so much.


66. You are the queen of my heart, you swept my feet with a beautiful smile the very first time I met you, nothing makes feel better like having to spend the whole day by your side, I miss you.


67. Whatever the price of having you is, I’m ready to pay, and there is no sacrifice that is too much to have an angel like you in my life. You are so good and wonderful, I love you so much.


68. My life was blessed with you, I will always be grateful to the LORD who bestowed an angel like you to me. You keep me warm all the time. I love you.


69. If can speak all the languages in the world, I wouldn’t mind moving door to door to announce to everyone that I have found a special angel that make my life beautiful. You bring happiness and peace to my heart. I love you.


70. I will be your best everything; don’t be afraid, your love is secured in my heart. You mean everything to me.


71. I don’t know what true love means until I found you, you make me believe in the word ‘love’. You loved me not because of what I’m but because of who I’m. I have nothing when you came along; you have always urged me on. Now I’m something and it is a payback time for me, just tell me what you want, I will do everything for you.


72. No matter the distance between us, I will always find a way to reach your heart, it as I’m the only one living in this world when I’m away from you. But the fire of your love keeps burning in my heart. I love till eternity.


73. It is so good to love a wonderful person like you, you never make me have I single moment of regret of having you in my life; I truly appreciate your love for me. I love you with all my heart.


74. My dear husband, You are the best man I have ever seen, no one make feel good like you do, I thank my for making us see that fateful day that I met you, you filled my heart with beauty and love.


75. It you or no one else, my love for can be giving to another person. I love you with all my heart, I can’t live without you.

76. At first, people say I’m infatuated to you, they said my love for you isn’t true, but over the years I they come to realize that what is between us is pure love, I have always cherish you, I love you with all my heart.

Sweet Long Paragraphs for Her

She is your idol, then let her know how much she means to you, it is a great way to show our love over a sweet text messages sent to her.

77. Every day you give me another reason to smile and look above to be thankful to God. He has done so many amazing things for me but none matches the feeling and excitement you have brought to my heart. It’s magical as well as overwhelming.


78. A world full of diamonds and riches is nothing without you. I already feel fulfilled and wealthy with a woman who will be so special to me. I value you more than anything as you are worth more than a thousand jewels. Give me a chance and I’ll prove to you what I can do to make you happy.


79. My feelings for you are as deep as the oceans and are as beautiful as the terrains of the savannah. You are special and lovely and you always look like it. If I had a rose flower for every time you made me smile, we’d be walking through the largest garden on earth.


80. Hey there, I just realized that there is no such thing as love at first sight. Every time I set my eyes on you, I seem to fall in love with you all over again. Your beauty is like the sunrise that experience every morning and your smile sparkles like the star lights I watch to sleep. My most cherished dream is to be with you till my last breath.


81. You always find a way to darken my bright moments and sweeten the bitter experiences. In your absence, my world is dour, dead, and dull. If only it’s possible that I could spend every moment of life with you, I’d be the happiest man on earth. You bring me nothing short of wonders and amazement.


82. Like a queen, you rule my heart. Like a witch, you summon the best side of me and like an angel, you bring me blessings. Anytime I dream of you, I can’t wake up from my sleep. I can’t let go off you when we hug tightly. I think of you and all my worries seem to go breeze away. Loving you is like watching the stars while time fades away.


83. You sweeten my soul like honey and vinegar. You steady my life like a sailor and read my mind like a psychologist. You care for me like a queen and you make me feel special. I could easily gaze at the thousand lights in your eyes because it always brightens my day.


84. I had a dream last night, that I met someone special, someone, who changed my life with a great smile. I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a dream at all. Looking beside me, I found you sleeping peacefully.


85. People wake up in the morning and ask God for all their greatest wishes and desires. For me, I always ask God to give me the strength and longevity to keep you by my side forever. He has already granted me my greatest wish and has fulfilled my dreams and heart desires. I love you forever and beyond.


86. Before I met you, I was lost. My life felt dull and completely blue. And then everything changed when I found you. My mind became a home for you and happiness began to fill my life. Bad experiences and moments came along but all I did was let them flow and kept on been grateful for you. It was like a dream come true.


87. Ever since I met you, my worries had begun to subtract, my love for you has begun to add and my blessings have since multiplied. People say it takes two to tangle, to me I feel like I’m already tangled to you and the firm is a grip that there will be no need for you to. You are my special one.


88. Love felt like it was just a web of letters and the sweetest of fantasies. Then your laughter became my blood; without it, I found it difficult to beat. Your smile became the air; without it, I can’t breathe. Your kiss became my peace; without it was hard to sleep. You are the queen and ruler of my emotions indeed.


89. Your voice is my favorite sound. Your scent is my best type of aroma. Your thoughts are my only source of inspiration. My world rotates around you and my life is nothing without you. It felt like a dream at first, and then all my fantasies became reality. Leave your windows open tonight, because I’ll be sending you a kiss to keep you warm while you dream of me.


90. You make me forget how to breathe, how to think, how to sleep, and how to care for any other else. You are mostly the reason for my smiles and laughter and you put me on top of the world with your care and affection.


91. You bring magic and wonder to my life and always feel new every moment we spend together. I’m always thankful I chose you out of the uncountable faces I’d met all my life. If the chance to choose comes again, I’d still choose you.


92. Your voice sounds like the sweetest melodies that is been sang merrily to my heart. Your kisses seem like the sweetest feelings that can ever be. You give me all the confidence, drive and inspiration any man would need to venture through life with a broad smile on the face.


Long paragraphs for her or him to wake up to

93. Another night passes by filled with many thoughts about your eyes, your lips, your voice and the moments we share. I never knew that Falling in love with someone special would feel like a dream. My biggest dream I’ve always continued to ask God for fulfill is for me to be yours and you to be mine for as long as life takes us.


94. Dear love, we thank GOD for another beautiful day, as you laid your head to catch a sweet sleep; I’m wishing you the LORD protection through this night and forever. You are so precious and special to me, I can’t let anything hurt you, and what is outside my power, I will beseech my LORD for you. Good night love, I love you.


95. People thought that I’m crazy when they noticed how much I love you, but they are making a greater mistake because they don’t know how much you mean to me. You filled every space in my heart with love and care. You are such a wonderful person, and why won’t I love you beyond their comprehension. I’m wishing you a wonderful night my love, good night.


96. The only thing that matters to me most is your safety and happiness, may the LORD send you thousands of angel to be your guard through this beautiful night. Good night my sweet heart, I love you.


97. You are everything that I have ever wanted in life; GOD answered my prayers and brought you my way. As you set to rest your head this lovely night, I wish you a splendid night.


98. The greatest for me in this life is because I found a special woman like you, thank you for being there for me when I need you most. Your kind exist one in ever million, so I’m lucky to have a wonderful person like you as my wife. Good night my love.


99. What else again do I need in life when you are already mine? You make everything beautiful ever since the time you came into my life, I can’t believe that life would be so pleasurable to me. You are my super hero. Good night my love.


100. Every day I recount the blessing my LORD in my life because HE sent me a lovely wife like you. You are so caring to me and to the children, why I called you the best wife in the world, the children are calling the best mother in the world and all tittles fit you perfectly. Wishing you a wonderful night, good night my dear angel.


101. There are no comas or full stop to your generosity, sometimes I use to think, what kind of different human being are you. Nothing annoys you, you are so cool, calm and peaceful, and I’m the luckiest woman on the planet earth to have a wonderful husband like you. I’m wishing you a wonderful night as you set sleep tonight, sweet dream, good night my dearest.


102. As long as you are still here with me, ever thing make sense to me, I didn’t know that life can be so beautiful not until I found you. You have been sources of joy and inspiration to my life. I love you with all my life, good night my sweet heart.


103. I woke up staring at the sunrise shyly creep out of the landscapes. And it could only remind me of the way brightness trickled into my life since the first day I saw you. Great Peace, many kisses, too much love and abundant affections is all I could remember ever since. I promise to be with you forever and a day more.


104. I love and cherish your smile. I sent you a thousand angels to watch over you through the night while you basked in your pretty sleep. I dream about you, and I don’t want to wake up. Then I can’t explain how much I feel when I wake up by your side. You simply drive me crazy and I can’t seem to get enough of you.


105. Last night, I had a dream. A woman came to me with her eyes as bright as the stars and a smile that could move mountains. She looked down upon me and then I saw your beautiful face. I like it when I think about you all the time. I like it when you make give me a reason to love. Good morning.


106. It’s always my sole responsibility to hold you when you fall, light up your mood when you are sad, kiss and hug you when you need loving, and always be there when you are lonely. What more can I do when you already fill my heart with unimaginable wonders and priceless affections.


107. When I have a nightmare, I wake up and see you by side. I have a bad day I pick my cell phone to talk to you and all my problems go away. I get angry and then you calm me down with your sweet words. I feel sad and I remember that I have a wonderful woman in my life.


108. I never understood what beauty really meant till the day I saw you. I never knew what affection felt like until I got to really know you. Loving you sometimes confuses but it keeps growing inside of me. Your presence entices me and there is nothing I won’t do to make you happy.


109. When you speak, you take my instantly take my breath away. When you smile it brightens my day and when you look into my eyes, like magic all my problems go away. This text meant to tell you how much you mean to me and I can’t ever get tired of loving you.


110. A day might be enough to count the sad times, a week might be enough to count my blessings. A year might be enough to count all the people I’ve met. But forever isn’t enough to count the times you’ve made me happy. I love you to the stars and beyond.