Heartfelt Love Messages in English for Her/Him

heartfelt message in English



I rise and shine every day because I’m in love with a special person. Send a lovely heartfelt love message in English to that special person from our beautiful collection of beautiful love messages.

Heartfelt Love Messages in English for Her

1. You smile when I smile, you dream when I dream, you are everything that I cherish so much, sweetheart, I love you with every beat of my heart.


2. When my heart plays a piece of beautiful music, you are the one that plays the tone, when I’m smiling, it is your beautiful thought that pops up in my heart, my heart is ever filled with your lovely thoughts, I would forever be yours sincerely.


3. Ever since the first day that you agree to be my wife, every day has been so beautiful for my heart, just because I found an angel like you.


4. Sunlight isn’t as warm as your love is to my heart, you are my early morning sunrise, you warm my heart for a beautiful day, I love you so much.


5. You are the lantern that shed light in my darkness, you open my heart to love again, thank you for finding me worthy of your beautiful love, thank you, my angel, I love you so much.


6. I have been reading about a fairy love story, I never knew that mine is by the corner, I began narrating the beautiful love story when I fund you, you are the sweetness of my heart.


7. Every single day that I spent with you, I feel as if paradise is in my heart, it is wonderful to have a gorgeous and caring wife like you.


8. You make happy, I can’t leave my happiness, I would always be your beautiful heart for as long as I breathe.


9. My heart beats for you; I love you just as the fish love water, I never pray for a single moment without you.


10. Life is lovely, life is cherishing because I have you with me, I want to be your beautiful life forever.




11. Nothing would make me stop loving you, no one makes me feel so beautiful as you do, good night my angel.


12. Dearest, the few moments that I have spent with you in life are my most joyful moment; I pray that my Lord blesses us with long life and good health so that we can spend eternity together.


13. You are so amazing babe; you make my heart long for you every moment that we apart, thank you for filling my heart with endless love.


14. Can I borrow these beautiful phrases to define you, you are enchanting, adorable, gorgeous and heavenly, you make my world perfect.


15. You are the happiness that springs in my heart every morning when I wake up, if the sun refuses to shine, I don’t mind, because you always shine in my heart.


16. I have been I love before, thank you for being my first and true love, you would also be my everlasting love too because I want to spend all my life with you, I promise to take good care of you.


17. When I first saw you, I spent all my day thinking about you and spent all my night dreaming of you, I pray that God would bring to me again, and now thank God I found you, I love you so much.


18. I want to be the happiest thing in your heart, I want to love you like no one has ever done before, I’ m so crazy about you.


19. You are the beautiful wish in my heart every day, I wish you happiness and joy forever, I love you so much.


20. Waking up to find you beside me gives me endless joy, hold your hands in mines gives me eternal satisfaction, just when you say you love me my heart overflow in blissful joy, you are my forever angel.


Beautiful Love Message in English for Her

21. I wish I had found you earlier before now, I never believed I would be so lucky to find a lovely heart like you, I love you so much.


22. I have never found a lovely heart like yours, you make my dream come true, I would be your beautiful heart forever too.


23. I don’t need anything if I have you with me, you are just sufficient for my heart, I love you.


24. You play and a beautiful love trick in my heart, I’m enjoying every moment that I think about you when we far apart, you are always a beautiful thought in my heart, I love you so much.


25. What else do need when I have you, except for long life and prosperity with you.


26. Sunrise in your eyes every morning when you wake me up with your beautiful smile, I would ever be there for you. I love you so much.


27. Like beautiful flowers attract the bee, I’m fascinated to you forever, deepest in my heart your love lives and blossoms, I would always love you till everything come to an end.


28. My journey has no ending with you because I have beseeched my Lord to keep us in love together forever, here and in paradise.


29. I don’t care who you are, I just love you the way you, don’t bother yourself to be part, just as you are perfect for me.


30. The world may see you as one person, but to me, you are the world, I love you with every single count of my heart.


31. I can’t find a more perfect place to spend my life except in your lovely heart, I love the sound of your heart when I rest my head on your chest, paradise is close to my feet over there.


32. If you can see through my mind, you would know that I love you so much, my life is incomplete with you, you make every moment a happy time to spend with you.


33. I thought that I have loved you completely, but every time that I see you, I found a new reason to love you more, you are the sunshine that keeps my heart warm.


34. You give me a new reason why I should keep loving you every day, you a special love from heaven to my heart, thank God I found you.


35. Dearest love, do you know how you make me feel every day, you are my everyday, happiness, I love you so much.


36. I never knew that I could fall in love with someone until I met you, I’m all heart in love with you, you are the joy of my heart.


37. You smile is like a magic warm to my soul, I feel so happy just to see you smile, you the sunrise of my life every day.


38. I wish to spend eternity in your arms because you make me feel so good.


39. Only I want to love romantically forever, I think of a single moment without you in my heart.


40. I feel so joyful to have you in my life, I cherish you so much.


41. You brought sweetness to my heart, your love filled my heart like an ocean, I want to spend all my life loving you so much.


42. Good thing happen to my heart when I found you, I can’t explain how happy you make me feel when I found you, I have found a soul mate.


43. Your eye is that blue golden eyes that have my heart captivated in endless pleasure when I glance at you.


44. thank you for filling my heart with your beautiful thought, I would forever love you.


45. The morning sunshine is the just the reflection of your beautiful eyes to my heart, your love shines beautifully in my heart, you are all that I have ever wanted.


46. You melt my heart over and again just a look at your beautiful face.


47. When I’m sad, all that I needed to do is see you from my mind’s eyes, when you are not here, then my sadness vanishes.


48. You are my dream come true, I love you to the moon and the stars.


49. You make me fall in love with you all over again every single moment that I spend in your lovely arms, thank God I found you.


50. You make heart wondered in endless thought of your love when you are not here with me, I’m lost in your world forever.


51. You are my world of fantasy and ecstasy, life is beautiful because I have you as my sweetheart.


52. You make me feel like a king every single moment that I held you in my arms, it is the only king that has a beautiful queen as you as a lovely wife.


53. I have given all the love in my heart for you, you are so beautiful to my heart, I love you more than you ever thought.


54. Life became so lovely and amazing when I found you, I never knew that an angel like you still lives in this world, I’m the luckiest man alive to have a lovely angel as you as a wife.


55. You make heart cheerful when you said you love me, dearest, every single that I lived, I would always love you more, you deserve all my love for you.


56. Like beautiful sunshine, your love shines in my heart every single day, I adore you so much.


57. You are the most gorgeous woman in the world, you are so adorable to my heart, I want to live happily with you forever.


58. I would take good care of you because you are my heart chosen love, if I don’t love you, I would be like a fish out of the water.


59. When I found you, I know I have made a beautiful choice a lifetime partner, you are so loving and caring, I would always be there for you forever.


60. I feel like I need a better place to spend an eternity with you, you are my living paradise.


you are my sunshine

Love Messages for Her to Make Her Smile

61. For every time that I breathe, I breathe for you, for every time I smile, smile because of I think sweet of you, you are a miracle to my life, a bountiful gift from the Lord above, I love you.


62. Your love warms my heart, your thought filled my heart every minute, and I wish I never live a single moment of my life without you, you are the beauty of my life.


63. Before I found you, I thought that it was impossible to find true love, but I was proven wrong, I found true love in your heart, I would forever be your sweet melody.


64. If there is only one thing I pray for in life, is to always have you with me, you are the queen of my heart.


65. A cheerful heart is what I have for you, I hold close to my heart, I love you my beautiful sunshine.


66. Loving you is the best choice I have ever made in my life, it makes me feel good every single moment that I live.


67. When the night comes, you are the last thing on my mind, and when the morning comes your thought pop up again in my heart like the rising of the beautiful sunshine from the sky, I cherish every moment with you, I love you so much.


68. You make me happy every moment, you would always be in my heart, I have kept a beautiful place for you there.


69. Our beautiful love story begins where others end theirs, I have endless sweet stories to tell about your love.


70. You are so charming to my heart, I’m crazy about you, I love you with all my heart.


71. Like the moon, you illuminate my heart with your beautiful love, I want to be the best thing that would ever happen to you, I love you.


72. I begin every day by thanking God I found you; you are the happiest thing in my heart.


73. You are good news, I was lonely before you came, but now my heart found a beautiful soul mate, I would always love you no matter what tomorrow brings.


74. Your love has found a beautiful place in my heart, there would I keep you forever.


75. It is either you or no one; I’m wholly in love with you.


76. You are so beautiful, my heart finds difficult to rest when the very time that I found you until you are mine.


77. You are a star that shines brightly in my heart, you live in my heart as a beautiful soul, I would always be with you forever.


78. I’m committed to loving you forever, you are the sweetest thought in my heart.



79. I feel you in my heart every time that it beats; you are the only one that I have ever loved so much, I cherish the life that I live with you.


you are my world of fantasy

Heartfelt Love Messages in English for Him

80. I never how beautiful it is to find true love until I found you.


81. You are that magic lover that I have been looking for, finally, I got the love of my heart, I love you so much.


82. Like a dream, I got the man of my heart; I will always be your sweetest memories.


83. I have my heart loaded with so much love for you, just watch as offload my love into your heart.


84. I’m irresistibly in love with the cutest man in the world, I enjoy every single moment that I spent in your arms, I really feel every impulse of your heart.


85. You make my heart close to paradise when I’m with you, you an angel sent from above, thank you for finding me.


86. You are dream come true, how lucky I was to have you as my husband, I would forever be yours lovely.


87. I carry with me your sweet thought wherever I go ever since I found you, I have never imagined that an angel like you still lives in this world; I love from the depth of my heart.


88. For you are my greatest joy in life, even it was only a single day that I have got to spend with you, to me the joy of that single day to be held in your lovely arms surpasses the whole year that I have lived without you.


89. I cannot think of a better place to be except in your lovely arms, I miss you so much.


90. You are every sweet memory, every single day that I have lived with you ever since the first day that I found you my heart has never found sadness; I want to live with you forever.


91. For you are just too beautiful to my soul, you are the greatest thing that has ever happen to me.


92. You are my sunrise on a cloudy day, you are the wish of my heart.


93. Dearest, I love you so much, I want to be with you forever, no matter what happens tomorrow, you would always have me with you.


94. I don’t love you because you are rich, because I don’t really need your money, I don’t love you because you are handsome, I just love you because I’m happy with you.


95. In every passing day, you look stunning and astonishing to me, I more blessed for having you.


96. Look at your face early in the morning gives me so much happiness in my heart to begin a new day with a wonderful man like you.


97. You make a dull day a wonderful one by your lovely words, you make me smile when I’m sad, and you make happy forever to stay with you, I cherish every single moment that I ever spent in lovely arms.


98. I don’t know what my life would have been without you, you make every time a memorable moment for me, may God bless your soul.


99. I stop searching for the perfect man when I found you, you are the superman in my life, the hero and as well as the angel.


i love you to the moon

100. Dearest, I want to let you know that you have been so wonderful to me, I thank God that I found you, and I always pray for you where ever you may be, may almighty continue to guide and protect all the time of your life.


101. Thank God I found you, ever since you came into my life, you have got me smiling and happy every day, I love you so much.


102. No other man could mean so much to me the way you are, even if you are no more, my heart would ever go with you, thank you for making the world a beautiful place, I love you so much.


103. In the cold night, you are my warmth, I feel your sweetness deep in my heart, for you have always been my sweet memories, I love you so much.


104. I have never had to regret ever meeting you, our meeting was by divine province, nobody can take your love away from my heart, my Lord has chosen you for me, I love you so much.


105. There is no doubt that you an angel from heaven, you are the best soul I have ever come across, I’m the luckiest woman on earth to have found a wonderful husband like you, I adore you and I cherish every moment with you.


106. My heart found peace when I found you, my heart found harmony when I know you, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me, I pray our love last forever.


107. You are like the air that I breathe, you like my heart that beats, without you, I couldn’t imagine how my life would have been, thank God I found you, thank you for your love and care for me.


108. I’m a ship, and you are the captain, thank you for the beautiful sail together, you mean paradise to me.


109. Every time that you whisper some sweet sound into my ear, my heart travels on the sweetest path to heaven above, you are the man after my heart, there, I keep a beautiful place for you.


110. When you look by your side you would find me there, I would stand by you forever, I can’t live without you; you are the sweetest joy in my heart.


111. My heart jumps in happiness every evening that you return home from work, I hope you are on your way home, I look forward to a beautiful night with a wonderful husband like you, you are the best husband in the world.


112. I couldn’t ask for more care when I’m with you, you are too pleasant to my heart, I love you so much.


113. Your love rise to the peak of my heart and never falls, nothing can measure how much I love you, you are my splendid world.

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