Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Smile

Love Quotes for Her


Looking for that beautiful love message to send to her at all time, we have written these ‘Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Smile’.

Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Smile

  1. My sweetheart, what can be sweeter than looking into your beautiful eyes and discover that there, the reflection of your passion and endless compassion for me? I am the luckiest man on earth having found you!


  1. My aim is to always make you smile: know one thing and it is the fact that the change in this world is constant but my love for you will never find a reason to change at any time because you are my dream comes true.


  1. The first day I met you, I realize that I can’t love any other person better that I love you. In you, I found the kind of mother I have wanted for my children. I see you as the kind of woman I have been willing to spend the rest of my life with.


  1. Today, I am ready to be the most romantic husband for you because you really touched my heart with your charming face. Without you, by my side, I think my heart will be emptier than the emptiest room. I love you.


  1. Beloved, I just want you to know that I have unconditional love for you, in my heart; I nurture a love as tall as the height between the sky and earth, my heart will never find rest until you water it with your warmth and affection. I love you.


  1. As the best and sweetest girl in the world, do you know what you deserve? You deserve a handsome, smart, caring, intelligent and loving man. Thank God that we met and since the day I set my eyes on you, your affection has overtaken my soul.


  1. The cuteness of your love can melt the strongest mountain in the world; this is not a joke because I can feel it in me. I want to appreciate you for the entire joy and happiness you brought to my life. You are so sweet my love.


  1. The most beautiful gift God gave to me is you because you really made me love living in this world as comfortably as I can. No matter how cool a day maybe it can never be cooler than any moment shared with you. I love you, sweetheart.


  1. You became the queen of my heart since the day I set my eyes on you and as a jewel; you became the mistress of my world in the realm of love. I will never deny the fact that you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Love Quotes for Her from My Heart
Love Quotes for Her
  1. I wish I could give you the most beautiful flower to show you how much you mean to me but I realized that of the entire flowers in this world, you are the most beautiful, I love you beyond imagination and will always do because you are my superstar.


  1. It is possible that a man can experience happiness once in a lifetime and I realized that you are the only happiness God has assigned for my entire life, a minute without you will cause confusion in my heart, no doubt.


  1. Through love given to mankind, the world can find peace, indeed, I have found a love for you and it is so strong because you are special to my heart. You belong to me and I will always be yours forever.


  1. I don’t think there is any other lady out there better than you are because indeed you make me feel better whenever I share a moment with you. Every day, I dream of you becoming my beloved wife already.


  1. You are my dream, come true, and I have never seen a cute and beautiful lady like you before. An intelligent, smart, romantic, respectful, understanding and sweet lady like you is worthy of been loved to the end.


  1. We both started this journey in love and affection and since we have been together our love has always been mixed with passion and success; unlimited delight shall come when our love flowers in our home bringing to us the most beautiful children in the world.


  1. I can’t remove your image in my heart because it is permanently stacked in it, it sheds tears of passion for having met you in life when I close my eyes, I see you smiling at me, thank God for bringing us together, I love you more than you think.


  1. I guess you know very well that with you, my life has always been filled with endless love. I enjoy the freshness of your breath whenever I come close to your mouth. With you, I see the world with a joyful eye.  My love for you will forever have no bound.


  1. There is nothing that touches my heart like to see you been happy whenever I wake up next to you. I love your smiling and romantic face because it gives me the kind of feeling that comfort my soul. I love you, my sweetheart.


  1. Truly love is blind but it makes me see better when it is you, love is the sweetest thing that has ever occurred to me. Coming into your life made me a better person because you are my joy.
Love Quotes for Her
Love Quotes
  1. Your smile gives me joy and happiness that brings endless passion to my heart. I love you beyond the scope of ordinary passion. You are so special to me my beloved angel. Now and forever you love will find space in my heart.


  1. The first time I set my eyes on you, little did I realize that you will bring change to my life; I wanted to be just a friend but later I realized that there can’t be a loving wife and mother like you. I love you.


  1. I wish I am as rich as Bill Gate I will have bought the whole world for you. I wish I have an ocean of gold and diamond I will have release everything for you just to see your face full of smiles but never the less, I am giving you my heart—something more valuable than all other treasure.


  1. You are my endless love and in no reason, will I have to panic for having you in my life, I have no other dream than to always see you around me to put an endless smile on my face. I just want you to know that I love you.


  1. You stood by my side when I need you most; you keep me flow as though a stream of love and affectionate condition, you are my companion when I was weak and sick.  And you remind me of how good some hearts can be.


  1. Whenever I set my eyes on you, my heart beats faster – it whispers your love in my ears and makes me want to live with you until the end of time. I will always love you no matter the condition I find myself.


  1. In the next life, I will do everything to make sure that I meet you once again. I will pray to God to put our souls together in one body so that we can always live together till eternity. You are the most beautiful thing ever occurred to me.


  1. It is true that I can’t live without you because definitely life will be so miserable and boring without you, now or in every other time your love will always be nurtured in my heart. I love you beyond ordinary reason.


  1. Your intelligence makes my heart melts further for you. I love you beyond whatever you want to think about our love and affection for each other. You belong to me and truly I will always be there for you. I love you.


  1. Anytime I sleep, my heart cries to see you soon, I dream about us and in it you become my queen in the palace whose walls are made of love—you are my dream comes true the most beautiful lady in my life.


  1. God knows why He chooses you for me, I pray to see your eyes for the rest of my life, I love you.


  1. No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing I always thinking about you, my heart yearns for your love. My life will be miserable without you by my side because you are the most beautiful lady God has given to me.


  1. Whenever I look into your eyes I see a burning passion for me and as such I love you more! I see in you the most beautiful treasure ever seen in my life. I love you so much so that I can’t stop thinking about you for life.


  1. I am so lucky that I met you in this world. A simple world full of joy and sadness. At the same time, you are my happiness and the one assigned for me by God to wipe away my sorrow! Now and forever, I will always love to be with you.


  1. The best feeling on earth is to find out that you are in love with the prettiest lady in the world. Indeed, I will always be there to make you smile no matter the condition. I cherish you with my entire heart.


  1. You are the love of my life the special lady that God granted to me as a request of endless joy. I will always love to be with you for the rest of my life; in the beginning, when I met you everything become cool with me once again.


  1. Your touch is like an ocean of bliss in my heart. Anytime I find myself beside you, it reminds me of an imaginary journey of love I had with you. You are so special and worthy of been loved till eternity. I love you, sweetheart.


  1. Since the day you find your way into my life, my mindset has changed for good. I began to feel good about myself because your presence has wiped away my sorrow. You are the angel sent to kill the past pains in my heart. I love you.


  1. I closed my eyes and prayed and then God gave you to me, you are the most beautiful gift ever, no matter what happens tomorrow, I would always be yours forever.


  1. When I first saw you, something told me that you are the one I have been searching for; you are the pearl of passion I have been yearning for. Now you are right here before me keeping me happy in every second of my life. I love you.
Love words for Her from My Heart
Love Quotes for Her
  1. I realized that the moon did not reflect today and then I looked into your eyes and saw that the brilliance of your beauty has outshined the light of the moon! I love you and pray that the Light of the Heavens and Earth bless you, uplift you because He is Mighty in power.


  1. Whenever I am with you the only thing I think is to find you wrapped on my chest to feel the passion of being a husband and wife. I will always be there for the rest of my life just to remind you of how your love has changed me.


  1. I give my heart to you so that you will in return give the entire happiness in the world to me! You are my joy the most beautiful lady I have ever set my eyes on. I love you, need you and cherish you to the core.


  1. I want to live with you forever. I want to dwell in your heart to receive the endless bliss that comes with your love and kisses. No matter what the condition may be, I want to always see you by my side. I love you.


  1. Only your presence stirs my soul. Without you, I can’t be happy. I love everything about you and truly it is the fact about what I have in my mind for you. You are my flower, the true love that has been missing.


  1. If you were a rose flower, I will never let you dry, because I can’t stop the pain of losing you! You are everything to me and I will always love you till the end of time. I belong to you just as you belong to me. I love you just the way you do.


  1. I used to think that starlight is the most beautiful thing in the world until I saw your teeth while you smile and my opinion changed. I have never seen a pearl as beautiful as you are before, and it will never be now or forever.


  1. I am hoping for the Lord to join us together here in this world and in the hereafter forever. I want to spend my entire living with you so that my life will be filled with joy. I love everything about you.


  1. You belong to me my dear angel the one I cherish with all my heart. I will always be yours forever. My love for you will have no bound. It is my aim to see us breeding our own children together. I just want to say I love you.


  1. Oh, baby, you are awesome! You captured my heart with your eyes and lips. I can’t stop thinking about you no matter the condition or area I find myself. I will always be yours in every moment of this life. I love you.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Smile

  1. I am so proud to have you as mine because you are beautiful, sweet, cute, pretty, wonderful, astonishing and respectful. I want to be with you for the rest of my life; I want to be yours now and every other time. Thanks for loving me.


  1. My good news the woman that put beauty in my life, I promise to always be your big shoulder you can lean on.


  1. I have never felt good the way I’m feeling ever since the time I met you. There is no doubt that you are the angel I have been waiting all my life.


  1. You’re my sweetest of the sweetest, nothing is sweeter than you, you are than honey and sugar combine. Thanks for your love for me.


  1. My heart is always filled with joy whenever I think of you. The memory of all the beautiful time we spent together lingers on forever. I pray that the good LORD protects us and give us a long life to be together till death do us apart. I will always be there for you when you need me most, this I promise.


  1. Through the thick and the thin, I promise to always love you.


  1. Thank you, O LORD, for giving me the most beautiful woman on the planet earth. Honey, you mean so much more than any word could express to me.


  1. Like the shining of a full moon, so come to illuminate my life, I love you with all my heart.


  1. Ever since I married you my heart has ever been filled with beauty and peace, I will be by your side however the situation might be.


  1. As the effect of rain on dry land which awaken the dead vegetation that sprouts for the beholder’s eyes, that’s how you came to awaken my love for you. I will always love you.


  1. My heart is always with you my love, no one makes me happy the way you do, we are meant to be together from the beginning of the world. Our love is bound together in heaven. Love from the depth of my heart.


  1. Thank you, heavenly Father, for giving me a heavenly woman like my wife. I love you and I will continue to love you till the end of time.


  1. My dear wife have you noticed that I’m becoming more attracted to you every minute? it because I have never found you unattractive, your love attracts me like a beautiful flower will attract the butterflies.


  1. The very first day I met you, I knew that I have met a woman that will change my life forever, you’re so nice that I’m convinced that you are the nicest person in the whole world. I think I’m the luckiest person to have found you, I will continue to love for the rest of my life.


  1. Your love is like a seed in my heart. It grows and produces beautiful fruits. Thank you for always been there when I need you most.


  1. Friends told me you’ll leave me, families me told me you’ll leave me, I didn’t believe them and I was right. They have ever since apologized, no one knows you better than I do, I thank God for giving me this magic eye to see in you what others could not see. You’re beautiful, I will ever remain you, dearest love.


  1. No one could take your place in my heart. You mean the whole world to me. Love you, dear.


  1. My friends have noticed I’m a changed person, I’m getting better every day of my life. I’m almost crashing then you come into my life and rescue me from drowning, will ever own you something I long to pay back for, that’s loving you with all my life.


  1. Nothing means anything to me like loving you with all my heart.


  1. Every second and every minute, I will always love you.


Love Quotes for Her from the Heart

  1. Sweetheart I love to see you and love to be with you, no one is like you. You make my beautiful, I’m a great man because of your love for me, I promise to always put a smile in your face. Love you like never before.


  1. Sweetheart your kiss is sweeter than the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. I’m ok just having to kiss you. Love you so much.


  1. Every time I hold you in my arms you take my breath away, then I am filled with joy to hold you for a little longer. What a beautiful woman you are! I love you with all my heart.


  1. Ever since you came into my life, I have never known sorrow. You are my angel, my good news, the one that made my world beautiful. Love you, my dear.


  1. Honey, I’m looking for some perfect words to describe you, I searched my dictionary for two years, I finally find these words, beautiful; cute; loving; caring; nice; and best. No one is like you. Love you.


  1. My dearest sweetheart for the care and your love for me, I promise to be yours forever


  1. My gift for loving you is you, is peace and endless laughter and smile, I will continue to love you.


  1. I can’t find a better place like lying in your loving hands.


  1. Sweet love, your heart is like an egg to me, which I will never break, if I break your heart I break my heart more, I promise I will never break your heart.


  1. To the world you are one, to me you are more than all the world combine.



  1. Honey, haven’t you notice how beautiful our life is? We are meant to be together. I will always hold on to your love in my heart.


  1. I have never seen someone who smiles better than you, even when I’m sad you, you smile simply take my pain away. You made me see life from the beautiful side every day. You showed me how beautiful life could be even at a hard time. You’re my rare gem, I love you


  1. Honey dear, I want to assure you that all my love is for you.


  1. I have had millions of dreams, but the one I cherish much is the dream of having you in my life. I’m blessed for having you.


  1. I long for a perfect WOMAN, prayed that GOD bless me with one, and HE gave me you, thank GOD, I have you.


  1. When I’m at work I feel like jetting home every second to tell you how much I love you… You are a special wife no one can take your place in my heart.


  1. If you can see through my heart, you will know the special place that you have occupied, I will continue to give you all the love in my heart until the end of time. And even when the world end I pray we see in paradise to continue our beautiful bond.


  1. Nothing matters to me than to see you perfectly ok. You’re more than all the treasure that the world contains. You’re my special love. I love you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. People say we are happy family, and I told them that my wife is like the moon at its peak, her heart illuminate the love that shines in my home. why won’t I be happy always, when I’m living with an angel.


  1. Wherever I travel to, my heart I kept with you at home, with you my love, I know that you will care for it tenderly.



  1. I don’t how life would have been with me without you in my life. Ever since you come into my life I have known no sorrow. You make my life so beautiful that I feel I’m living a paradise on earth. I will never hurt you, my love, I will continue loving you through the thick and thin.


  1. One face that I’m never tired of seeing is your face.


  1. When I ever walk beside you, I feel elegantly like a king with you like the beautiful queen.


  1. Honey, when I come home tonight, is going to be a beautiful night because I have missed you so much all through the day. You’re my special woman.


  1. Your smile is the medicine I need to relieve my stress, you soothe my heart like never before. And every day I experience a new beautiful life with you. Love you, my love.


  1. Thank you for the purest undiluted love you gave me. I promise to give you all the love and care in my heart.


  1. No matter the time and the condition, I will always be by your side.


  1. I have never had to trust anybody because of the distrust that is filled with the world, but I trusted you from the very first day I met you. You’re my beautiful angel, I will always give you all my affection.


  1. For all the pain, I’ve gone through in my life, there are nights I couldn’t sleep because of heartbreak, like an angel you came suddenly to wipe my tears away, you’re so compassionate and attentive, I will forever love you and cherish our time together. You’re my beauty, my love and my angel. Love you till the end of time.


  1. I do not believe that when we die our relationship ends in this world, God told us that there is paradise and I believed that there is truly paradise, I’m sure you know what that word paradise means, a beautiful abode, I have prayed to God to unite our soul together in paradise so I can continue to be with you and love you more. You’re the best person I have ever met.


Sweet Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Smile

  1. My love, with you I have a paradise at home.


  1. All that matters to me is to return home, in the bosom of my angelic wife.


  1. Like the beauty that a full moon cast on the river, you brought light and happiness to my life. I will ever remain yours.


  1. The secret of happiness is you. I thank God for bringing you into my life.


  1. The darkest days of my life were the days I was alone without you in my life, like a light you came to illuminate my life. Thank you, love, I will always be there for you.


  1. In the morning, noon and night, I’m never tired of seeing you. You make my life beautiful. Love my dear wife.


  1. My love for you is mightier than all the water that an ocean contains.


  1. If all the world will gather together to carry my love for you, they wouldn’t be able to carry it because it will be too heavy for them. No scale can measure the volume of the love I have for you.


  1. My only hope and plan are to love you forever.


  1. I will never allow anybody to come between us. I will always protect our love because you’re the most precious gift that has ever come my way.



  1. Honey don’t be sad, if you are sad I will break down completely, I know you will never allow me to break down.


  1. Whatever you feel a feel, if you’re happy I’m happy, if you’re sad I’m sad, I’m sure you know that we are ruled by one soul.


  1. My soul is ever peaceful since the day I married you as my wife. I thank God for forgiving me you as my wife.


  1. All my time, all my life, I will dedicate to loving you, my angel.


  1. If I have to cross millions of miles to reach where ever you are on foot, I will happily do so. I know how much you mean to me. I can’t afford to miss you.


  1. Letting you go on this journey is the worst sacrifice a have ever made. Please tell me exactly where you are now so that I can measure the distance, perhaps my heart might reach there.


  1. There is no face as beautiful as your face, I have never met a charming look like yours, and that’s not all, you’re so beautiful outwardly and inwardly. You made my life meaningful, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Darling, you’re all that matter to me. My duty is to make you happy and beautiful, this I will do for you.


  1. Honey, I will always make you my number one in my heart, my heart has no vacancy for any other woman, for you have occupied all the space with your love. You’re my dreams come true. For you, I will.


  1. I will be your canopy in rain and sunshine, I will never let anything hurt you as long as I’m living. I will be there for you when you need me the most. I promise to never let you down.



  1. You are my angel, you’re the queen of my heart. I made my world a beautiful place.


  1. Hugging you, kissing you to me is like paradise on earth.


  1. I promise to always treat you like a queen that you are and never to hurt you. You’re the treasure of my life.


  1. My world is beautiful because you accept me for whom I’m and not what I have, but I have something beautiful in return for you, to love you, the kind of love that you’ll never find with anybody.


  1. To me you are the most beautiful woman in the world, there is a beautiful treasure hidden in your heart, I love you


  1. Honey, I know how much you mean to me, I will protect and guide your heart like an egg, I will never allow it to slip off my hand.


  1. Sweetheart, you’re a perfect fit for my eyes. I love you so much.


  1. The first day I met you, I believe that if I have you, I have everything else, and truly I have gotten all that I ever want in life with you beside me.


  1. With you, my by side, my world is like paradise, you make me feel fabulous every day.


  1. From the depth of my heart, I love you so much. My love for you is unending.



  1. If I don’t love you, I will break down, if I don’t care for you I will be the most miserable, you’re my dreams come true, so I will always remain your sweet love forever.


  1. Honey all of me loves you, I would always do.


  1. Sweetheart, you know what; I can give up that I have for you. You’re so good to me that I have been thinking all the days of my life for the day I found you.


  1. Honey, I long to hold you tight for every time you’re in my arms, I’m overcome by this peace and tranquillity in my heart.


  1. You’re are the beauty of eyes and the peace of my heart.


  1. Sweetie, you’re so peaceful and charming. O Lord thank you for this angel you gave me as my life partner.


  1. Out of all the billions of women in this world, you alone are for me forever, no one can take your place in my heart.


  1. I’m not perfect and you accepted me the way I’m, depth in my heart your love has found a siting place that no one can remove. You will be loved forever by me.


  1. The deepest reservoirs in the world cannot store the quantities of love I have for you.


  1. Holding your hands, walking in a beautiful garden, where we are reminded of the beauty of this life by the colourful flowers and beautiful butterflies and birds, that is what I desired with you forever.


  1. Honey thanks for seeing the beauty in me, your love for me gives me confidence about myself, I never knew what quality I have until I met you.


  1. Everyone has a dream, my dream is to live with you in paradise after this life. I want to have you as my partner in paradise.


  1. My life has never been dulled with you. You’re the beauty of life.


  1. With all the passion in me, I say I love you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Tell me whatever it is that I will do to make you happier. I will do anything for you because you mean what the whole could not mean to me, my wife. I have no other wife except you.  You are my half and I have to make my half happy.


  1. Every night your smile takes my breath away, every morning your beauty made me speechless. I always say in my heart o thou Lord who is behind this beautiful angel, I say thank you Lord for giving me you, a priceless gift.


  1. You’re every gift that life brought towards me. Only you’ll have the highest gift of my love.


  1. The mother of my lovely children, you are my world, my paradise.



  1. When I think of you, I smiled. I smiled because you have made me see hope in every trouble. You’re ever a sincere soul. Love you, my angel.


  1. I’ll forever care for you and love you from the deepest part of my heart.


  1. In your heart is where love and peace resides.


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